A Letter to Liberal Single Moms

Dear Single Moms,

A new Gallup study shows that there’s a marriage gap in the Presidential race.  Married people tend be conservative, while singles tend to be liberal.  If you’re a single mom supporting Obama, then please don’t believe these media myths:

1.    Conservatives will judge you and hate you because your family doesn’t fit the ideal stereotype:

Well, I’m living proof that this isn’t the case. I wish Tripp had both a mom and a dad in the same house, but he doesn’t. Conservatives have always treated me kindly and lovingly.  If you look at the comments section of any of my blog posts, you will see that liberals are the ones who call me every name in the book.

2.    The government will take better care of you than you can take care of yourself.

Everyone needs help in life.  A lot of single moms have it pretty tough.  But no one knows better what’s best for you and the kids than you do.  One of the worst parts of government help is government control. It limits your chances for you and your kids to succeed.

3.    Conservatism is a men-only-club.

There are many wonderful conservative women role models.  In fact, I think my mom is the best example!

I know how hard it is to be a single mom, but please don’t fall for these media myths.  Be a strong, conservative, single mom!  There are more of us than you think.

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  • Cathie

    Great post, Bristol! I raised two kids on my own (with the support of my faith in God and my family) and they turned out to be great kids. I am as conservative as you can get. Without the help of anything from the government, I put my kids through private schools and provided for all their needs. I am living proof that it CAN be done!

    Thanks for all you do, Bristol! You are an inspiration to me!

  • Reallynow

    You will be treated like you treat others Bristol. In many of your blog posts, you pit liberals against conservatives. You make us feel that you and your religous Conservative Bretheren are in someway BETTER than the rest of us. You make us believe that a hand up is a hand out and therefore bad. You preach Bristol, plain and simple. You cannot, like Mitt Romney, really understand the lives of most poor people, single mothers or otherwise. You will always have the comfort of money in the bank or parents that can help you out in emergencies. You will never have to worry about putting food on the table, clothes on your son’s back, housing in safe areas, good schools for your kids, trasnportation, a job that will pay you enough to keep you just living. IF you did, you would understand that sometimes government is necessary. People like your mother and Mitt Romney would cut programs that give people a hand up. A hand up that would help them on the path to independence. Try to be less preachy and less divisive and you will create much less negativity on your blog.

    • James

      Her mom can’t see it… I don’t think Bristol will either.

  • Jessika Gonzalez

    Hey Bristol,
    I just want to let you know that you find treatment like that in every part of your life. Whether it is in a political party, a racial community or even in your own home. I notice that when I watch your show, that your mother treats you with more regard than she treats your sister Willow. You are the one that is getting your mom more political and media attention than your sister is. So she does more things for you so you can help keep her in the spot light. Does that mean that the type of mother that Sarah is to you is a better type of mother than she is to your sister Willow? I think not! That is just how life is. I am of Mexican/America decent. When I go down to visit my family in Mexico, I get a lot of discrimination because I am American. When I am her in Arizona, I get a lot of discrimination because I am Mexican. Should I just lump ALL Mexicans as racists because of the opinion of a few? Should I just lump all Americans as racists because of an ignorant Sheriff? I think not. Just because at this point in life, you get better treatment from conservatives, does not mean that they are any better than liberals. It just means that conservatives really like your mom because she represents them and they want to stay on her good side. Had it not been for your mother and her political power/affiliations, believe you me, you would have been branded with a Scarlet Letter when you were 17 for being pregnant with that beautiful little boy. We are all going to face adversity in our lives. Unfortunately, because of who your mother is, you are going to face more than regular people. Ask Chelsea Clinton what she went through as a teen. I personally feel horrible for you and all the things you had to endure as a teenager and all the things you still have to endure as a beautiful, intelligent young lady just because your mother was brave enough to stand up for her convictions and beliefs and go national with them. You did not deserve that from anybody. Your private life is your own. However, since your mom chose to go public with hers and tried to make a career out of you, you got the backlash of the hand that she was dealt. Now, as a young lady, you are making your own views an opinions know. You have decided that you also want to go public with your views, beliefs and opinions. When you decide to do this, you have opened yourself up to be judged, criticized or loved by the whole world. But just like high school, there are more opinionated, vicious people out there than there are nice, whether they are Conservatives or Liberals or those who don’t identify with either. I myself and a Liberal and I hate what people and the media say about you. I think that you are an intelligent, beautiful young woman. You are strong and independent. From what I see, you are a great mother to Tripp and you are doing a good job raising him. I don’t care for his dead beat father to much, but I love the MAN that Gino is trying to be for you and your son. I just ask that you have an open mind to people and individuals, and not judge them for what you think the represent. Be they White, Black, Hispanic, Straight, Gay, Lower class, Middle class, Upper class, Republican, Democrat, Christian, Non-Christian, American, Non-America and everything in between. There is good and bad in all distinctions. Look for the good, stand up against the bad and be the best Citizen/Daughter/Mother that you are capable of being.

  • Dave

    Well said Bristol, keep doing what you are doing. Don’t let the negative idiots get you down.

  • http://WeAreTheVoicesInYourHead.com Dan Oblak

    (from my own post pointing to this one… am trying again because the site told me I was posting too often even though I haven’t been here for at least a couple weeks…) We hear a lot about how the Democrat Party has worked diligently over the decades to 1) keep a large contingent of the population depended on the State, rather than on family, community, etc. …and… 2) keep reminding voters that if Republicans win elections, all that State assistance will go away because Republicans Hate You! In this regard, the statistics and anecdotes are usually centered on minorities and income levels — but were you aware that included in their agenda (again, for DECADES) is an effort to foster BROKEN FAMILIES? How on earth would they do that? Well, consider all that has been done through pop psychology to denegrate the worth of the family, all that has been excercised by ‘mental health professionals’ to minimize the known positive influence of nuclear families, the efforts of the media to make every husband on TV and the big screen into a raging buffoon, the hard work that the self-agrandizing Feminist Movement has done to inform men that they are no longer wanted/needed/appreciated — how long do you think it took for those efforts to impact little boys as they are growing up? The little boys who eventually grew up to be your boyfriend/ex-husband/friend with benefits — who was wholly bereft of the qualities necessary not just to be a good Father to your child — but being totally unprepared and DISINTERESTED in growing up to be the Man that you could be glad to have in your life. Instead, both Mommies and Daddies can now look to the State to be the adult — and our children will be raised by ‘babysitters’, now that the government has (by judicial degree) begun to inform parents that they have LESS RIGHTS to determine how their children are raised than those who squeezed them out like little writhing watermelons.

  • Gilly

    Trust me Bristol if you were a nobody the conservatives at your church would be trashing you behind your back and calling you “every name in the book”. Only an elitist living in a bubble would not know this to be true.

    • Lori

      to Gilly: I disagree with what you’ve said here. I am a conservative, fundamental Independant Baptist. I have known a number of single moms through the years, known them through church. They have been treated with love and compassion, just as the Lord would have us treat each other.

  • bellagrazi

    Right on, Bristol! Keep preachin’ it!

  • Azaria

    The idea that conservative single moms are better than liberal single moms because they don’t rely on the government is utter nonsense. When I was eighteen I had a baby to take care of, was working full time, and was receiving government assistance. I was receiving government assistance because my salary of $14,00 a year wasn’t nearly enough money to take care of myself and my baby. I was not lazy. I was not a “freeloader”. I was working extremely hard to try to provide a better life for my child. Luckily, when I was 20 I was offered a full scholarship to college which I gladly accepted. I have since graduated and found a much better job that offers a much better salary. I am no longer receiving government assistance. If it weren’t for the government giving me money during those tough couple of years, I don’t know where I would be right now. When every private charity and church had slammed the door in my face it was the government that reached out to help. It did not “limit my chances to succeed”, as you put it Bristol. It helped me get out of a terrible situation.

    • Rae

      Your comment made too much sense for Bristol and her followers to understand. You can’t teach someone who is unwilling to learn.

  • Kevin ray

    Just a note to liberal moms out there. If you love your families, vote conservative. Obama is a wolf in sheeps clothing, please study his background before your vote for the man a second time.

    • Gilly

      Kevin this only applies to mom’s not in the 47%. If you do fall into that category Mitt Romney said he doesn’t care about you because you don’t take personal responsibility nor care about your life. Remember that when you vote.

  • Joseph

    Great post, Bristol!