“Breaking it Down with Bristol”

Thanks to Kevin Scholla for the first episode of “Breaking It Down with Bristol,” which originally aired on SarahNet Radio!

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  • Ella Senter

    I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I can read all the comments but I want to read the Blog from Bristol and can’t.

  • Bianca

    You look great and you danced beautifully! So glad you are doing this radio show with Kevin!

  • Michele F

    Thanks Kevin Scholla and SarahNET Radio for these weekly updates. Bristol is a great young woman. A true role model. Happy to see the Gov and Todd and Tripp there! Nice interview Kevin!

  • Rachel

    Girl…you’re awesome on DWTS! But…let loose! :D have FUN and don’t worry about judgements from others! :))) letting loose is good for the soul…. :D

  • Jacinda

    Loved it! You did a great job and look fantastic! Can’t wait to watch tonights episode!

  • Antoinette

    You are such a real person! You can tell by how you talk to Kevin Scholla on the show. We are rooting for you on DWTS!

  • http://www.mamagrizzlyscubs.com/ Elizabeth Hawkes

    I love this interview you did with Kevin…Congratulations, Bristol, you danced your heart out and you were simply gorgeous doing it.

  • bellagrazi

    Super excited that Team Ballin made it through the first week! Congrats, Bristol!