All That Really Matters

Thanks, Grandma!

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  • jwNYC

    Bristol, you’re so much fun to watch…I hit replay on your cha cha & quicksteep dances many times. Hope ABC is paying you mucho bucks for all the pricey exposure you are giving them bc/ of that palin charisma & ratings boost. Honestly, you are the biggest “star” on the show, at least w/ the most recognizable name & audience draw, & your fellow professional dancer & olympian contestants should be grateful for all the added exposure you are giving them as well. Yours is the only name I recognize from all the dwts contestants & am only watching bc/ of you. Stay happy w/ your brilliant smile & stay confident & courageous. Very proud of you & your all-American palin family.

  • Grant

    Bristol, I am sure you have made your family proud of you!! You were great!! Every Redneck family hope their child continues the family tradition.

  • Grant

    I forgot to mention I voted for you!!! Bristol you will be the winner!!

  • Ron Devito

    Bristol, the Palinista community, including msyelf echoes your mom’s sentiment. That’s all for now.

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  • NanaJ

    God bless Sally Heath and you. We voted for you. After seeing Joey and some of the others dancers’ scores, it was clear that the judges were making sure they kept your scores the lowest to make sure you get eliminated tonight. If that happens, SMILE and show them they did not rob your happiness.

    • Reallynow

      Are you kidding! Typical conservative victim mentality. Joey and ALL the other dancers deserved the scores they got and Bristol deserved the ones she got. I don’t know what show you were watching.

  • Kevin

    Bristol, you need to charge your battery.

  • sodakhic

    You’re safe Bristol. The left can’t vote for one person until the final show.

  • RefudiateObama2012

    Bristol, follow your Mother’s words: “May you always be happy and your enemies know it”.