Another Great Photo from Dancing with the Stars!

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  • Joseph

    Very nice!

  • georgia

    I no longer watched DWTS. I only watched during Season 11, because of you and Mark, in spite of the fact they treated you so badly. After you were eliminated on DWTS All-Stars, the show held no interest for me. You did a wonderful job, Bristol.

  • bellagrazi

    Gorgeous Ice Princess/Queen! Bristol, you are as beautiful as your mother.

  • Darren

    You are a beautiful Chess Queen, Bristol. You did very well Bristol, and I am very proud of you. I didn’t like the fact that the judges lowballed your scores. And that the network redirected your toll free hotline to a Bahamas promotion on the East coast or in the Eastern Standard Time Zone. I know that I and millions of others was denied our votes by phone. But I did get my votes in for you by computer. I believe the show is fixed so that the Hollywood moguls can play the numbers in Las Vegas.

    All the people in this photo are beautiful, warm, good natured people. But, Mark Ballas, IMO showed a difference between you and a unknown Katherine Jenkins and you. I think he was mocking you or just being goofy. To suggest that you two wear a bunny suit to do the Hop in your Rock N Roll dance is nuts especially for All Stars. I’m glad you said NO to that. And some his statements in your video packages really wasn’t supportive of you. But with Katherine Jenkins, Mark was supportive, promoting, and not making her the butt end of jokes. As you can tell I am more of a fan of yours than of his. I like Shawn Johnson in this photo, even tho she sang the National Anthem at the Democrat National Convention, in 2008 I think, but I believe Shawn wasn’t old enough to vote at that time. You will have some terriffic memories of DWTS to tell Tripp when he grows up.

    I’m curious, will you be going to college or starting another project in the near future? Cause I was kinda hoping that ABC/Disney would pull out “The Love Boat” TV series and have you play Cruise Director. As the role of Cruise Director you can cast OneDirection, DWTS Pro’s, Paula Abdul, and others to do cameos on the show. ABC tried it once before but didn’t have exceptional scriptwriters and known celebrities that dazzled the audience nor directors that stayed on budget. It flopped. Ron Howard or Henry Winkler would be good directors. If you want us to, we your fans can petition ABC network to bring back this show only if you can star on it. 🙂 Just saying.

    You know, I just realized you’re probably tired of being in front of the cameras. Wanting privacy and anonymity. For being thoughtless, I do apologize. But please keep the blog.

  • Bristol, Can’t wait to support you on your next project!!!!!