The Dinner Table

Mom linked to this on Facebook, but I’m posting it here in case you missed this very powerful ad! 

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  • bellagrazi

    Yeah, I saw it on your mom’s FB, Bristol. It’s absolutely heartbreaking.

  • Trey Mays

    What a sad and depressing ad. We can’t afford four more years!

  • Thomas Hubbard

    Bbeautiful if you have truly read my comments on other sites, you’d notice that I have many Black supporters. If you noticed I have provided historic documents and hardly ever comment. As a matter of fact I was invited to join the Frederick Douglas Foundation and I’m a Whitie! The FBI knows exactly who I am and know that they can not touch me as a racist, as a matter of fact there’s those who back me! I even have my own former Secret Service Agent who backs me and watches over my home.

  • Sheila

    Exactly bb! And conservatives conveniently forget the large portion of the stimulus that was approved by Bush. Not to mention all the spending that was approved by the previous administration that was inherited by Obama. And while were at it do any of you have anything to say about the creation of Homeland Security – the largest expansion of government since the Great Depression? Or how about Bush’s medicare expansion? And of course as bb said those 2 very expensive wars that we never paid for. Why weren’t conservatives complaining then? Did you really believe your side when they told you we’d be greeted as liberators and that Iraq would pay us back?

  • Christine

    Thank you very much for your insightful comments on this blog. They have been very appreciated by many!! I would not waste your time on sheeple like bbeautiful & Shiela. Your WISDOM is needed by those who are human, have a heart and actually care about this country.

  • Christine

    BLAH – BLAH – BLAH – BLAH – BLAH. Bush is not on the ticket!!! It is pathetic that after 4 years, people like you still blame him. Can you not be more creative? What has Obama done for you?

    “Despite all that he inherited, President Obama did not repair our economy, he did not save Medicare and Social Security, he did not tame the spending and borrowing, he did not reach across the aisle to bring us together.” Mitt Romney

    “The issue is not the economy that Barack Obama inherited, not the economy as he envisions, but this economy that we are living.” Paul Ryan

  • Sheila

    Congrats Christine you get to wear the dunce cap again. The point of bringing up BUSH is that he and the republicans did SO much damage to this country that no one could fix all of it in 4 years.

    And whats funny is you will be at the front of the line if (Romndy wins and things aren’t better in 4 years) chanting Obama created this mess and we can’t correct it in 4 years.

    Republicans are HYPOCRITES!

  • Sheila

    BTW you can hardly blame Obama for not “reaching across the aisle” to work with republicans considering they refused to work with him on any issue because they didn’t want to give him a win. Boehner stated that he got 98 percent of everything he wanted in the debt deal but backed away from it at the last minute because his side didn’t want a victory for Obama.

    Republicans hate America.