Vote, Vote, Vote!

For most people, politics is way down on the list of priorities…  myself included!  But as the election draws near, I hope you all research the issues and vote on November 6th.

This is a very important election, and we don’t want to mess it up this time around!

Here’s a video of some cute kids that encourages people to vote!  It’s called “Vote for Somebody” and it was done by the fourth graders at Harlem Prep, to the tune of – what else? — “Call Me Maybe.”


 (H/T Waiting for Superman)

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  • James

    Excellent! Thank you for that totally refreshing non partisan encouragement to participant in our election process.

    Now go vote for Obama…lol

  • rob hart

    It’s great to see kids smiling, singing, and enjoying music. I give them two thumbs up!

  • Sheila

    History proves that our economy does better under Democratic leadership. Don’t mess up and give the power back to the people who put us in this mess.

    Vote Obama!

    • James

      Thumbs up! We are on an upward swing, keep the momentum going!

  • Kim Castro

    We got our votes in early Bristol! Praying for a return to moral values! Have a great weekend!

    • Sheila

      Speaking of morality. Its pretty clear how Jesus felt about the sick and the poor vs the money changers.

  • SueB

    This is a very important election. We need to stop the Chicago politics train and turn this economy around with the Romney/Ryan ticket.

  • http://FB Elwanad Burrell

    I wish I was voting for you Mom…..thanks for reminding me to vote.

  • kim

    i love it! thanks for posting, Bristol!

  • Justine Stewart

    Election Day is on my birthday….boo!!

  • bellagrazi

    Oh my gosh, super cute! I usually don’t like when children are used to sell a political candidate, but this is awesome! Fair & Balanced. PS: I flippin’ love that song! I was really hoping that you’d get the chance to dance to it on DWTS: All-Stars, Bristol. So when Shawn and Derek got that song, I was super excited. But at least you got to dance to one of my other favorite songs – Blow Me (One Last Kiss). The Cha Cha was my favorite dance out of your four dances this season, Bristol. Awesome choreography, Awesome costume, Awesome performance! (and, of course, Awesome song!) You were beautiful, sexy and super confident. That’s our girl!

  • Laura Lucas

    Oh my gosh!! That’s so great!! I love that kids are being taught to care.
    I’m going to be sharing this one everyone.
    If you get to this & read my comment, I’d really appreciate if you could check out my blog…
    We’re on a mission to find people & having eyes on it would help!!