Who Wants to Buy My Car?

Faithful readers know I love Craigslist!!  So, when it came time to sell my car, that’s exactly where I went!  Here’s the information about my car:

2010 Dodge Challenger R/T HEMI
14,510 Miles
Just had custom black and white leather seats installed.
When not in use it stays in an air conditioned garage
Tinted Windows
Not one scratch or ding
Title in hand

See my Craigslist ad here!  Anyone interested?  Let me know through Craigslist!

(Cute boy in above photo not included!)

  • Kate

    I wish I could afford this! I’d be honored to drive it

  • http://livinwrightfarm.weebly.com Jaqueline

    Clicked where you said to click to see the ad, and it says “Page Not Found”.. :-\

  • Justine Stewart

    Oh my gosh, I literally just bought a white 2011 Dodge Avenger on Saturday! So weird! I’d like that Challenger more though ;)

  • Harshglare

    Hope you ditching the Dodge of a fine Ford: it’s the only truly American car company left and one that is run by one of the most AWESOME CEOs, Alan Mually….

    He brought Boeing from the brink of failure and is doing the same for Ford: check him out, you might find his outlook refreshing…

    And PS Bristol: I hope no freaks buy your car…

  • Annita

    Beautiful, wish I could afford it! My niece, single Mom of 3 really could use this and would love it.

  • Jane


    Make sure you use take extra precautions when selling to strangers on Craigslist.

  • daisy51

    My that is beautiful!! Wish I could afford it but ….. Good Luck! It is a beauty!

  • chris

    Id love too just cant afford it :(

  • NanaJ

    Nice looking. I hope you get a good buyer.

  • Shawn

    How about the hot girl in the pic? Is she included? for a date? lol