First full family picture

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  • Sally

    It’s good Trig has Todd.

    • Tremblay

      Yep, you never see his mother holding him. Looks like he is very attached to his Dad though.

  • Sheila

    Who puts a tv on top of their fridge? Is this a trailer?

  • Carmen

    How cute. Your family rocks and I hope you please post some Christmas photos of the whole family as well.

  • Lex Luther

    Is your brother’s wife in the picture? I heard they are getting a divorce. I guess prayer wasn’t a strong enough glue to hold it together? Will the ex-wife be treated like Levi?

  • Caroline

    I don’t usually read comments, but for some reason I scanned down the page today. I’m so shocked and disappointed by how ugly people are sometimes. And, apparently, how bored, that they choose to invest time on snarky comments. Do something more productive, folks. Learn a hobby, for crying out loud.

    God bless you guys. I think your mother’s one of the most fascinating things to happen to American politics, by the way. If history books were written objectively, they would record that her candidacy for VP forever changed this country. Her influence has been far-reaching. I’m sorry she’s not in the White House. Merry Christmas!

    • Danielle Dupuis

      Totally Agree

  • john norton

    Its a Good thing to see u’s with family at Navidad…sme of wish we cld be so lucky…