I cannot believe these photos from SandyAlso, I heard that a fresh blanket of snow has made recovery even worse.

Let’s remember to pray for all affected by this weather.

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  • Kristen

    We were out of power for 9 days and so much destruction is all around us on Long Island. We appreciate the prayers!

  • Michele Bango

    My son lives in Jersey City…he had to come home b/c lack of power and subway…he said things are still such a mess. As of yesterday there were boats at the feet of Lady Liberty!
    (BTW it took a hurricane to get him to come home… ;-) )

  • Rira

    Kristen, I will Pray for you and all who is dealing with this. I have a cousin there. She too is out of power. Prayers for all!!

  • Thomas Hubbard

    There’s whole lot of praying to the Lord for all of you, it only goes to show you that America will learn to depned on him, not man ( Obama.)

    • BlueVA

      Oh, get over it, Thomas. This is a post about a natural disaster, not the election.

  • Robin

    and now I heard they have been hit by snow. So terrible. I pray for them!!!

  • kathy

    Bristol, now that you have some money from selling your car, why don’t you donate some to the American Red Cross and help the people you are praying for.

    • Dee

      She probably already has, have you?? Keep it positive please, such posts have no place on here. Thank you

      • Betcham


  • Gregory Russo

    Actually The best option is for Bristol, and the palin Family to spread awareness to the situation of this in the North east in Particular the areas that are the most affected. Specific Community/ Faith based, Red Cross salvation Army. Ask what their particular need or priorities they need first. Long Terrm donations are better then short term or quick donations.

    I used to volunteer at a local American Red Cross.

    Alot of prayer is helpful right now.

  • http://FB Cricket says

    Bristol, thank you for bringing the real story of people in need to our attention. Prayer is definitely helpful right now.

  • David

    A disaster like Sandy is rough to deal with in warm weather – cold weather makes it a lot rougher.
    We were without Power for 8 days after Katrina, but the weather was warm so that made it easier to deal with.
    The Sandy victims need a lot of help and prayers right now.

  • Brianna

    I live in jersey and some of my family is still out of power. I have friends in ny and her entire street burned to the ground. I think her whole city did. It’s so hard. Now with the snow… Thanks Bristol for your well wishes.