Why I Prayed on Thursday

Why I Prayed on Thursday December 2, 2014


I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving!

I love getting the whole family together and eating a great big meal.  This year, my mom and dad hosted Thanksgiving and had over 50 people! It was a blast, but now I’m excited for Christmas and Tripp’s 6th birthday!

As much fun as it is to be with everyone, I hope I don’t get caught up in the fun and food and forget what Thanksgiving’s really about. Being thankful!

Thankful for our freedom in this country.

Thankful that I’m not imprisoned for my beliefs like many around the world.

Thankful to our soldiers who are away from their homes this holiday to protect us.

Thankful for the best parents, awesome siblings, and my precious son who’s growing up so fast!

Thankful for ALL the blessings in my life.

And how can you be thankful without actually thanking God who gives us all those good things?

When you really think about it, the prayer right before eating dinner is what Thanksgiving is all about!

I came across this article from last Thanksgiving where Anne Lamott talks about why we pray before eating. Her family didn’t grow up praying for meals, but she loved how her friends’ families said “grace.” She talks about the different kinds of family prayers there are – like the little kid trying to get everything in one word, “GodisgreatGodisgoodletusthankHimforourfoodAmen.” (I’ve heard that one!) Or, when someone prays too long while everyone’s stomach growls! Then she says why she really loves “saying grace,” and I totally agree:

I think we’re in it for the pause, the quiet thanks for love and for our blessings, before the shoveling begins. For a minute, our stations are tuned to a broader, richer radius. We’re acknowledging that this food didn’t just magically appear: Someone grew it, ground it, bought it, baked it; wow.

We say thank you for the miracle that we have stuck together all these years, in spite of it all; that we have each other’s backs, and hilarious companionship. We say thank you for the plentiful and outrageous food: Kathy’s lox, Robby’s bûche de Noël. We pray to be mindful of the needs of others. We savor these moments out of time, when we are conscious of love’s presence, of Someone’s great abiding generosity to our dear and motley family, these holy moments of gratitude. And that is grace.

So the next time you sit down to dinner, take a second to think about how amazing your life is. Things might have been tough, but you’re still here! You’ve got food to eat and people to eat it with. Life is full of love and laughter if you just stop to see it!

Take a minute to thank God for everything He’s given us.

Then you can get to eating all that great food!

Here are three more family photos from Thanksgiving:

Photo One: “Everyone, Say Cheese!

Photo Two: “Bows on Chairs Plus a Basketball Goal

Photo Three: “Family

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