“He doing incredible. He’s getting out of ICU soon. He’s well on his way to healing,” said Mindy Seay, Lincoln’s mom, who works as a paralegal in Anchorage.

“Lincoln is doing well and will soon be moved from the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit to the Surgical Unit, where he will continue to recover until he is able to go home,” said Alyse Bernal, the hospital’s interim public relations manager.

Lincoln was born on July 14 in Portland, Ore. His parents knew when he was 20-weeks in utero that he had Heterotaxy syndrome, a birth defect that can result in a malformed heart. Anchorage doctors were not equipped to treat Lincoln so they referred the family to specialists in Portland.

I love reading that the Seay family’s doctors, not only encouraged them, but helped them find the best possible resources to give their son a chance at life.  After multiple surgeries, many scares, long nights with a huge team of specialists, and eventually a transplant, the Seay baby is on the road to healing.