Thank You, Veterans!

Track says goodbye to Tripp at the airport when he went back to Afghanistan.

To be completely honest, I never “got” Veteran’s Day until Track told us he was going to enlist.  We were a little surprised!  But Track had a very strong dose of the independent spirit my parents instilled in him, and he knew exactly what he wanted to do.  He and his friend from high school enlisted into the United States Army as infantrymen when Dad was working on the slope.

Everyone was so supportive – yet emotional – about his decision.  I knew he’d be a great soldier.  He loves to help people, he loves his country, he’s a very hard worker. he’s very athletic, and he’s really smart.  What a perfect way to apply his skills by serving his country!

He and his friend took the oath at the military recruiting office in Anchorage on September 11, 2007 as my mom and his friend’s mom blinked back tears.

As his little sister, I beamed with pride at the thought of Track serving his country.  But part of me wanted to just have him here in Wasilla forever.  He had always been the kind of brother who watched out for his sisters and helped us in ways to numerous to mention.

Now, he’s not only served in Iraq, he’s also served in Afghanistan.  Happy Veteran’s Day to everyone who has proudly put on a uniform.  We’re so thankful for you!

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  • Ruth

    Thank you to your brother for his service to our country!

  • I greatly appreciate these sentiments, and have re-Tweeted them.

    I served in the Air Force, as did my uncle and grandfather. Today I work for the Department of Defense and talk to vets and active duty all the time.

    Keep up the good work, Bristol! Tell Chuck and Sarah that I said hi!

  • Thomas Hubbard

    I thank you Track and all other’s who have served our country. Bristol lets not forget those who perished at Fort Hood, as so many have.

  • Thank you to, Track and all those who serve. My family and I appreciate all you do.

  • Mike

    The Lord be with you Track, and go before you, and keep all US soldiers safe…thank you Track and keep all the Palin’s safe!

  • I’m very thankful to all of our military. My husband is 91 and a WWII vet. One of the restaurants in our little town is providing a free meal for all vets today and we’re going. I love to see our vets supported.

  • Palin2016

    With your brother’s service, must say that when your mom speaks about American exceptionalism & w/ a sincere patriots heart it’s so believable & admirable bc/ she, as opposed to many of today’s politicians, has “skin in the game” (strange non of Romney’s five sons served & Obama doesn’t even know a proper salute never mind his glee when cutting from defense &his abandonment of navy seals & other Americans in Benghazi.) I know your mom is very humble & believes she can help this country w/o a title, but Bristol please encourage her to run for 2016 bc/ as you say she “gets it.” While a vacuum looms, we need Sarah to help save our counry w/ her courage, smarts & incorruptible commitment to the constitution. Blessing to the palin family of true patriots. Thank you Track for your service…stay safe.

  • sodakhic

    Thank you Track. You and your Dad are amazing people.

  • Curt Wilson

    Thanks to Track and all others now serving our country. Thanks to all veterans for keeping our country free. Freedom is what makes our country great. May God bless all U.S. soldiers past and present.

  • Joseph

    Thank you, Track, and all those who serve and have served our country; thank you all for keeping our country the land of the free!

  • Mary Buttry

    Thank you Track and all who have given much of your lives to serve and protect your country and keeping this great land of freedom to worship and pray strong, free and safe from harms way! We Salute you one and all, Vets of previous times served and those of you who are now actively serving now!!!! You all ROCK! 🙂

  • candy

    I think we should pull together. In a world of billions of people, surely there are 20 who care about what Bristol thinks. Lets unite & get at least 20 people to respond.

  • candy

    candy I agree & am proud to be number 10 to respond. Bristol needs us at this time! Her fame is fading & those of us who thinks she is wonderful need to show our support.

  • caty

    and now the time is here”, and the Palins are history.

  • Claude Nickerson


  • caty

    only need more to get 5 more in the world to care about Bristol! We can do it!!

  • caty

    remember, Sarah does blacks & whites. She does anyone!

  • caty

    Bristol is an undeucated underage Mother. She is someone everyone should look up to. Todd & Sarah are very proud of her. Even better Track also knocked up his wife before he married her. Of course Todd knocked up Sarah before he married Sarah. Sarah’s Mother got knocked up before she got married. It is a family tradition!

  • caty

    Palin rock! They do everyone at anytime.

  • caty

    Palins are the best. Everyone should try to be like them. Baby Daddies everywhere. Wasilia rocks!

  • caty

    I we cannot shoot & kill it, we screw it. PALINS ROCK!!

  • caty

    What will Bristol blog about next?? Maybe about her life? Having chilrem with no Father. She is so cool!!
    Bristol ROCKS!!!

  • Mike

    Caty please get another hobby…

  • tinytwotoned

    I’m also thankful for our military. What else would we do with all those half-wits. Plus, when they are overseas they can’t breed more cannon fodder.

    • Andrea in Atlanta

      tinytwotoned, it’s the military, not your government, that ensures your right to be an out and proud jackass. And it’s also the military that saves you from being cannon fodder, though I wish they’d take a holiday from that duty. You sound like a petulant child and you might want to cover up. Your government education is showing and it’s not pretty.

  • nicholas_1

    Wow, that’s a cool family. Good on you Bristol, and a heartfelt thanks to all our veterans.