Thank You, Veterans!

Track says goodbye to Tripp at the airport when he went back to Afghanistan.

To be completely honest, I never “got” Veteran’s Day until Track told us he was going to enlist.  We were a little surprised!  But Track had a very strong dose of the independent spirit my parents instilled in him, and he knew exactly what he wanted to do.  He and his friend from high school enlisted into the United States Army as infantrymen when Dad was working on the slope.

Everyone was so supportive – yet emotional – about his decision.  I knew he’d be a great soldier.  He loves to help people, he loves his country, he’s a very hard worker. he’s very athletic, and he’s really smart.  What a perfect way to apply his skills by serving his country!

He and his friend took the oath at the military recruiting office in Anchorage on September 11, 2007 as my mom and his friend’s mom blinked back tears.

As his little sister, I beamed with pride at the thought of Track serving his country.  But part of me wanted to just have him here in Wasilla forever.  He had always been the kind of brother who watched out for his sisters and helped us in ways to numerous to mention.

Now, he’s not only served in Iraq, he’s also served in Afghanistan.  Happy Veteran’s Day to everyone who has proudly put on a uniform.  We’re so thankful for you!

  • caty

    I we cannot shoot & kill it, we screw it. PALINS ROCK!!

  • caty

    What will Bristol blog about next?? Maybe about her life? Having chilrem with no Father. She is so cool!!
    Bristol ROCKS!!!

  • Mike

    Caty please get another hobby…

  • tinytwotoned

    I’m also thankful for our military. What else would we do with all those half-wits. Plus, when they are overseas they can’t breed more cannon fodder.

    • Andrea in Atlanta

      tinytwotoned, it’s the military, not your government, that ensures your right to be an out and proud jackass. And it’s also the military that saves you from being cannon fodder, though I wish they’d take a holiday from that duty. You sound like a petulant child and you might want to cover up. Your government education is showing and it’s not pretty.