My Friend Joey Junker

You know how my critics said that you tea partiers got me through DWTS?  Well, it’s time to activate again!  🙂 

My friend Joey Junker is competing in the FOX “Redefine Your Limits” Slednecks 15 Breakthrough Performance Contest!  Slednecks makes outerwear, apparel, gear, clothing and snowmobiles.  The company selected him as having one of the best performances in Slednecks 15, and now it’s up to fans to decide who’s the best!

Joey is locked in a tight race right now… he can really use our help, so will you take a moment to vote for him online?  All you have to do is go here, enter your email address, and select “Joey Junker!”

The winner of this contest will get a sponsorship from FOX and join Slednecks riders Chris Burandt, Kalle Johansson, and Paul Thacker as FOX team riders.  I know what’s it’s like to be in an intense competition, and the support from friends and fans means so much!  Go, Joey!

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What Are Your Thoughts?leave a comment
  • Misty

    Sure thing, Bristol!

  • Justine Stewart

    Voted for him!

  • tinytwotoned

    He already won, he is tripp’s new daddy.

  • Sally

    Oh tiny, hopefully Bristol learned her lesson after Gino not to encourage Tripp to call her next boyfriend ” daddy”.

    • tinytwotoned

      Disqualification. you used “Bristol” and “learned” in the same sentence.

    • BGB

      She didn’t encourage him. :/ Get a life.

      • tinytwotoned

        She did say when childishly throwing Geno out of the car “we’ll find you a better daddy.” Of Course Tripp has a father already. Yes, Levi. For better and for worse. I’m sure Joey “I’ll do anything twice” Junker is sky rocketing with these 14 votes. Keep hope alive-Bristol Aileen Wournos Paylin-junker. Quite a ring to that.

  • georgia

    I just voted for your friend Joey, Bristol! I wish him the best!

  • mike

    God bless him 😉

  • I just voted for Joey, hope he wins!!!

  • blackbird

    Joey’s in 3rd now with 749 votes. Go Joey.

  • CJ

    Voted for Joey! 🙂

  • Tremblay

    Just voted for Carly, go Carly!

  • crash43

    Saw some pics of Tripp and his baby sister on Levi’s Facebook..can we say totally awesome and cute.

    • Tootie

      His baby sister? Please.

  • Sharon

    Voted for Joey!!

  • Kirstin Fitzgerald

    Just voted for Joey! Good luck to him!!

  • Thomas Hubbard

    I’ve already voted for him. Now I have something to say When you posted What Cold Looks Like, I asked you to keep it up there well it’s here snow and cold! Just ask your Uncle Chuck how I feel about cold and snow. I’ll check in with Chuck later today.

  • Liz

    It’s kind of pathetic that grown people are going to this website to vote for this Joey man just because Bristol tells you to. I very bad for the other people who are in the contest. Maybe Carly Davis is the best and deserves to win this prize. Is it really fair to the other contestants that maybe the best will not win, but Joey will because people blindly follow the Palin ‘s no matter what?? Sad.

  • Liz, you are the one that is kind of pathetic…..why do you follow Bristol’s website to tell everyone else they are pathetic??? Glad to hear that you think Joey will win!!!!

  • mike

    I voted for Mr Junker and think it’s always great to help out a friend when you can. God Bless you Bristol…don’t even worry about the trolls, they have something wrong with them to attack you for no reason just to get thought of or mentioned in another response (the term get a life comes to mind)
    We always love to hear how and what you are doing…a great mother and friend to have = Bristol

  • mike

    Oh sorry merry Christmas 😉

  • blackbird

    Merry Christmas Bristol.

  • tinytwotoned

    Ahhh, The Palin Christmas. Just like the ones on Walton’s Mountain. Throw in some Red Bull, illegitimate children, lot’s of chinese toys made by children around the same age as the recipients. A narcissistic grand mother with no use for her own children let alone the spawn of said children. Grandpa frenetically trying to get one of his alleged “massage” therapists to do a “date” on xxxmas and you begin to understand what the day is all about. Don’t forget to vote for joey junker bc chrystal doesn’t want to lose Tripp’s newest Daddy. Ho Ho Ho never fit so well.

  • tinytwotoned, Glad to hear you are having a Merry Christmas… you have a life of your own, maybe you need to get one. The Palin’s are doing fine and they will have a very Merry Christmas. Why are you following Bristol’s blog worrying about their Christmas. You seem to think that everyone has a dysfunctional family just like you!!!!