My Friend Joey Junker

You know how my critics said that you tea partiers got me through DWTS?  Well, it’s time to activate again!  :) 

My friend Joey Junker is competing in the FOX “Redefine Your Limits” Slednecks 15 Breakthrough Performance Contest!  Slednecks makes outerwear, apparel, gear, clothing and snowmobiles.  The company selected him as having one of the best performances in Slednecks 15, and now it’s up to fans to decide who’s the best!

Joey is locked in a tight race right now… he can really use our help, so will you take a moment to vote for him online?  All you have to do is go here, enter your email address, and select “Joey Junker!”

The winner of this contest will get a sponsorship from FOX and join Slednecks riders Chris Burandt, Kalle Johansson, and Paul Thacker as FOX team riders.  I know what’s it’s like to be in an intense competition, and the support from friends and fans means so much!  Go, Joey!

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    tinytwotoned, Glad to hear you are having a Merry Christmas… you have a life of your own, maybe you need to get one. The Palin’s are doing fine and they will have a very Merry Christmas. Why are you following Bristol’s blog worrying about their Christmas. You seem to think that everyone has a dysfunctional family just like you!!!!