Along with all of America, I’m heartbroken over the horrific news out of Connecticut. Please pray for the victims and their families today — and for a long time to come.

  • Kirstin Fitzgerald

    It’s so tragic and heartbreaking.. I can’t imagine what the poor parents must be feeling..

  • aaron krohn

    EVERY killing of innocents is sad, incomprehensible, tragic.
    But of CHILDREN???!!!
    The photo you posted of an empty swing says it all!
    (Reminds me a bit of the “riderless horse” in the funeral procession of President Kennedy!)

    This day is a(nother) day that will “live in infamy”!!

  • Thomas Hubbard

    We need to put the Bible and Christ back in the schools.

    • Liane

      Oh, Thomas, shut it! That’s a cliche response.

      Every one of those murdered innocents could have had their heads lowered in prayer, and the murderous monster would have killed them any way. There’s more to this tragedy than prayer being taken out of schools, and until we know the back story, your platitudes do no good. Since you love to pray, join Bristol and millions of others who’ll say one for the babies who died too young!

    • Melissa Kelly

      Exactly Thomas, as the Presidential Prayer Team wrote today, “Heavenly Father, We cry out to You for comfort and healing for the children, parents and staff of Sandy Hook Elementary School. Guide the police as they investigate the crime. Bring about clarity of the facts of the crime. We repent for our nation taking You out of our schools and communities for it is You who made our country great. Forgive us, Lord.”

    • CJ

      AMEN, Thomas :)
      I couldn’t agree with you more!
      You don’t need to “shut up”. We need to continue to shout it!!
      Beautiful prayer, Melissa. AMEN!

      • BlueVA

        I don’t need to see prayer in schools. It will take too much work time out of our students’ day, considering all the religions who would need their own time to worship. I do not lament the fact that my kids don’t pray in school if I’m guiding them to start their day with prayer at home. And I don’t see how prayer in schools will prevent these tragedies. I’ll bet these murderers are not believers.

        On the one hand, people against gun control say, “Gun control won’t stop these mad men from these acts.” Then they say, “Prayer in schools and arming teachers will stop these mad men from these acts.” So prayer and loosened laws are the remedy to stopping the murder of children in schools and shoppers in malls? I don’t get you guys.

  • Gina

    I live in CT. It was too close to home. So sad. Please say an extra prayer for the victims and their families tonight. And please hug your kids a little longer and a little tighter tonight. Many vigils are being planned in towns across the state tonight. I’m trying to find one close to me.

  • Sally

    This post bothers me in two ways: it is disrespectful for someone pretending to be Bristol Palin to write in response to this very real, heart wrenching tragedy. Secondly, this country needs more than prayers. It needs to have real dialogue about why our country has more gun violence and more mass shootings than others and see what we can do better.

    • tinytwotoned

      That’s a blood libel doncha know and that too also.

    • sodakhic

      Get of your high horse Sally. You are such a liar, Bristol is writing everything in this blog.

  • Susan Ward

    Leave it to the ill-informed trolls like Sally and Tiny to come crawling out from under their rocks at a sad time like this to accuse Bristol of not writing her own post as they attempt to politicize this devastating tragedy.
    Thank you Bristol for reminding us all to not just pray today and tomorrow for the families but continue to pray for a long time.

    • tinytwotoned

      Don’t retreat, reload. It’s a blood libel against MEEE! That was how she reacted to gabby giffords mass shooting. That’s why they don’t let her near a computer and why fox news has put her on the third string. Now she is just a wasilla valley grandma of two, not yet 50 and neither kids married. And not a single one college bound. Just wait until piper pulls her shenanigans, yikes. great parenting.

  • http://FB Cricket Nichols

    This is a very sad tragedy….can’t imagine the pain the victim’s families are going through. It will be a sad Christmas for all involved. God Bless these families!!!

  • Sally

    Susan., Bristol dies not write this blog. Bancy French does. And this is not ” politicizing ” the tragedy, this is about this country having way more gun violence and mass shootings than other countries. When this happens in other countries they have looked at the reasons and s risky done something about it. How many children and others need to be killed before America agrees we font need assault weapons and we need better gun control?

    • Z

      The reason is because not everyone agrees with your analysis. The data is inconclusive. No side has a monopoly on the statistics. All I’ve heard everywhere are anecdotal evidence of this country or that country. When you look at the data as a whole, it’s inconclusive.

  • David

    All of us need to Pray for the families and friends of the victims.
    All of us need to pay closer attention to the people around us.
    We have to get Mentally Unstable people off of out streets
    and put them in Mental Hospitals where they can be Treated.

  • Christine

    Loving God,
    Gather to your heart the victims of violence and hate.
    In the wake of unexplainable suffering, walk with us.
    Comfort those who lost loved ones unexpectedly and needlessly.
    Renew their hearts with your grace. Wash them with your tears.
    Breathe your life into their spirits.

    Guide us through our fears and anxious moments.
    Bless us with the knowledge of your presence always.
    Raise up among us those who will tirelessly work for unity and reconciliation.
    May we all become agents of your peace.



    Guns do not kill people, spoons do not make people fat and pencils do not misspell words. Another horrific tragedy that will be molested by the liberal agenda!

    • BlueVA

      Great prayer, Christine. It touched this liberal, until you instructed me that I have an “agenda” to “molest” this tragedy. Eww…