President of Liberty University Has a Great Plan to Prevent a Mass Shooting on His Campus

President of Liberty University Has a Great Plan to Prevent a Mass Shooting on His Campus December 7, 2015

The President of Liberty University had a great response to President Obama’s call for more gun control after the San Bernandino shooting. “It just blows my mind,” were his exact words — but then he went further. He encouraged his students to get their concealed carry permits. There will be no mass shootings on this campus if he has anything to say about it!

Jerry Fallwell, Jr., will not let his students be victims. If anyone comes in here trying to shoot people, he told the student body at a weekly convocation, “Let’s teach them a lesson.” You can imagine the cheers and applause of about 14 thousand students in response!

He went on to say that he has a permit himself and was even carrying at the time. Then he recommended a free course that Liberty offers for students!

(Virginia law gives permits to people over 21, before you get worried about 14,000 armed college students walking around the campus.)

Granted, he should have said this preparation would defend against “terrorists,” not “Muslims.” We know not all Muslims are terrorists, even though the fact is also undeniable that most terrorists are Muslim. But that’s the only word I’d change in what he said. He agrees: “That’s the only thing I would clarify” — but of course, it’s the key word that mainstream news sources like CNN choose to focus on.

But Fallwell is absolutely right — only having armed citizens already in a targeted location will stop someone who’s determined to kill a lot of people. Police can only be in so many places at once, and emergency responders can only respond so quickly.

He said he’s received an overwhelmingly positive response from students who feel like their opinions aren’t reflected in statements by the mainstream media. And over 100 have asked the campus police about that class.

The message is clear: Not on our campus!

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