Along with all of America, I’m heartbroken over the horrific news out of Connecticut. Please pray for the victims and their families today — and for a long time to come.

  • Cheryl

    Who is Bancy French and why would she or he write Bristol’s blog? Bristol please settle this. Thanks

  • Luciana

    Knowing you, you will probably suggest that if those poor elementary school students had guns, they would have been able to better protect themselves…When are you going to realize that people can kill people because they have GUNS to help them!

    • Michael

      @Luciana – people also PROTECT people b/c they have GUNS to help them. Somehow, we never seem to hear about those cases.
      @Sally – if one of the adults had had access to a firearm when the bad guy stormed his way into the school, he/she WOULD HAVE BEEN in a position to stop this guy before he killed all those kids. As for why the teacher had those guns when she had a son with a mental illness, you’d have to ask her. As for why people “need” guns, all I can say is this. I’ve never owned a gun in my life, but I grew up around them. If I wanted to own one, and I followed the law while owning it, then WHY I have it is really none of your business.

      • Tremblay

        That is such crap! To solve the problem with more guns, arming everyone is psycho. Should this principal have been walking around school packing heat? And do you think that in the confusion she would have been able to pull out her gun, aim and shoot before she was shot? MORE GUNS, MORE DEATH, SO SIMPLE TO REASONABLE THINKING PEOPLE. The U.S.A. is a crazy gun loving country. I feel sorry for the normal, reasonable non NRA gun loving ted nuggent/sarah palin type citizens. Take back your country from these freaks people!

  • Eddie Greenberg

    Thank you Bristol for this comprehensive report. I shared it so that my friends and neighbors will be aware.


  • Sally

    Michael that is crap. In these assaults, citizens with guns have not stopped the carnage. And that is not the solution. AND there is no reason for assault weapons to be allowed. When I asked why the a kindergarten teacher owned such weapons, it was a rhetoric question. There is no good reason why. Ban them. Tell the NRA to go to hell. And if you cant go that because it infringes on your own ” personal freedoms” then you have no business saying your heart goes out to these poor little slain children and their families.

  • Sally

    Michael there is ni need to own assault weapons. Ban them. Tell the NRA to go to hell. And if you cant go that because it infringes on your own ” personal freedoms” then you have no business saying your heart goes out to these poor little slain children and their families.

    • Susan Ward

      Sorry to hijack your heart-felt post Bristol, but apparently “Sally” is going to continue with her lies until the actual facts are posted. China has banned all guns, yet in the past 18 months there have been numerous attacks in schools resulting in the death of 25 children and 117 seriously injured children by knife-wielding individuals, some even using an axe or a hammer or a box-cutter and one using a cleaver to murder 7 kindergartners and their teacher. Just yesterday, 22 Chinese children were slashed by another knife-wielding man at their school. Those are the only recent reported incidents, the actual cases may be higher because the Chinese have scrubbed their sites. (Read NYTimes “Fifth Deadly Assault in China on Schoolchildren in Two months)
      Norway, Scotland, England, Finland, France, etc, have some of the strictest gun laws in the world. In Norway at a summer camp, a man shot 110, killing 69 adolescents and he also set off a bomb in Oslo which killed 8 and injured 209 people . In Scotland, 17 children killed at Dunblane Primary School. In England, 12 killed/11 injured in Cumbria. In Finland, 8 killed at Jokela School in ’07 and at Kauhajoki School, 10 killed.

      • Susan Ward

        Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, yet there were 480 homicides in Chicago in the first 11 months of 2012, 192 shootings in Nov alone, a 49% increase from last year. It’s ludicrous to think disarming law-abiding citizens will remove guns from the hands of criminals.
        “In a nation where there are over 50 million legal gun owners, there is no clear reason how the outbursts of violence by mentally unstable individuals whose weapon of choice is a gun, can be used as a rationale to curtail constitutionally protected Second Amendment rights. The two are not even logically synonymous.” It wasn’t a lack of strict gun control laws that failed the dear children and teachers in CT, so please take your ridiculous, naive arguement elsewhere.

        • Melissa Kelly

          Today, in southern California a gunman fired more than 50 rounds at a busy shopping mall crowded with holiday shoppers at the time of the shooting. California’s landmark Assault Weapons law, which went into effect in 2000, bans the use of handgun magazines with more than 19 bullets. So much for gun laws!

        • Sheila

          Tell that to the parents in CT Susan. You people are horrible. Your obsession with guns is sick. You claim your Christians. Oh and don’t forget it was your hero Ronald Reagan who shut down out mental institutions.

          • Melissa Kelly

            And Sheila it was your hero, the current POTUS, who allowed 1 billion dollars in School Security Funds to lapse out of budget concerns before the Sandy Hook shooting. School safety initiatives and key security programs that could have saved the lives of the children in CT.

        • BlueVA

          That shooter wasn’t able to kill because of a lapse in school security funds. We need to explore much deeper than that. He was a mentally ill young man with access to legally owned guns. Why did his mother need semi-automatic weapons for self-defense? She couldn’t have imagined in her worst nightmare that those weapons would be used to kill her — by her own son. The culture of keeping and bearing arms being a G-d-given right is the problem with this country. It’s not about animal heads hung on walls and bear pelts draped on a certain ex-governor’s couch. It’s not about preserving a right to own guns and, in school, praying that no bad guys get a hold of them. That doesn’t work. Gun-rights advocates need to rethink their priorities.

          • Melissa Kelly

            BlueVA, get back to me when you do some research on your own rather than being a sheeple and believing the lib meme. Start with the brilliant Charles Krauthammer who writes, “This is the problem of evil and it’s been struggled with forever” or read Breitbart ( and look at the statistics in states like VA where gun sales went up 73% and at the same time gun-related violent crime fell 24% compared to Chicago, that is, if you truly want to learn the truth about gun control laws.
            Governor Palin or her husband may have legally killed a bear (btw, are you wearing a shoes or a belt?) but thank the Lord Governor Palin didn’t kill her unborn child.

          • BlueVA

            Melissa Kelly, I have done my research. Get back to me when you can argue with respect for other opinions and not name-call. In the meantime, I’ll leave you to practice your gun idolatry, like good “Christian” conservatives do these days. Cling, girl! Cling!

          • Liane

            Abortion, Melissa Kelly?! Did you just drag abortion into this discussion? Well, congratulations. You and Victoria Jackson are officially the two most tone-deaf and possibly blackhearted people on the planet right now.

  • Joseph

    My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families of the children and adults that were killed in Newtown, CT. May God be with them.

  • Julie

    Being anti-gun is OK. Blaming this senseless tragedy on people who are pro-second amendment is NOT ok.

    Praying for these families is OK. Using the deaths of these precious souls to further an agenda is NOT ok.

    Leave the agenda alone. Pray for the families. There is plenty of time to debate later. Doing it now makes people look like heartless fools. We are better than this.

    • Z

      Exactly. Each side is claiming the other side is politicizing this when both sides are doing it. The hypocrisy needs to end.

      And when it comes to the empirical evidence for or against gun laws, the overall evidence is still inconclusive. People will pull out trump cards, like Japan, but then the opposite side can pull out Switzerland. The fact is people are just cherry picking data to support their view. Nobody really knows for sure what will happen with new gun laws. Maybe crimes will go down or go up, nobody can say for sure.

  • Sally

    Susan and Melissa, true that no matter how strict the laws they will never totally eliminate gun violence. But have you looked at the statistics? This country owns half the worlds guns. And as a result we have hugely higher numbers of gun deaths than other countries per capita. And there is no need for civilians to own assault weapons . Period. If the deaths of these 20 little children is not enough for you to reconsider your supposed need and god-given right to bear whatever and how ever many guns you want, then you have no place saying this breaks your heart, sending prayers and hugs, and asking how can such a thing happen??? It is high time Washington said FU to the NRA and their campaign dollars and banned automatic and semi automatic weapons, and did whatever else is is needed to reduce gun violence in this country. Other countries do it. Why can’t we? So much for this being Thd ” greatest country on earth”. What a crock.

    • ScottCA

      Sorry to keep this acrimonious debate going but hey anti-gun crowd, do you know that Dem Sen. Chuck Schumer, one of the most anti-gun Senators in D.C., obtained a permit to carry as well as Dem Sen. Barbara Boxer who also used her influence to secure an elusive concealed carry permit from California, even though both Schumer and Boxer regularly employ armed guards for their personal protection? Just because a politician recognizes that being armed makes THEM safer, doesn’t mean they support OUR rights to keep and bear arms, hypocritical don’t you think?

      • BlueVA

        I don’t think that anyone wants to completely eliminate the right to keep a gun. Maybe I speak for myself, but I’m concerned, not with hunters or law enforcement or single women who keep a gun legally, but with people who feel the need to stockpile all kinds of weapons. Semi-automatic weapons? Why are they necessary? As long as we have folks who would “defend their Second Amendment rights to the death,” then we as a country need to take a good hard look at who is really paying with their lives. It’s people who are sitting in movie theaters and mothers asleep in bed and children building gingerbread houses in their kindergarten classroom. Charlton Heston died safe and sound. Ted Nugent probably will too. I’d rather let those types pay with their lives, since they’ve offered themselves up for the cause many times.

        • Z

          I don’t get all this talk of ‘semi-automatic’ weapons. That just means that the next round loads on its own but you still shoot one round at a time. There’s not actually much difference between that and a pump action gun for example in practice.

  • Steph

    In my opinion the Israelis have it right: arm the teachers, and you have one dead gunman instead of a bunch of innocent children and school personnel. Of course, the Israelis live in a war zone, but it doesn’t make the argument any less valid.

  • marie

    A gun is a tool. It takes someone to load it, point it, and pull the trigger in order for it to do any harm. It is an object unable to feel hate or have intent. The problem is in the minds of the murderers, this countrys mental health…and the fact that it is swept under the rug, no one wants to talk about it our deal with it. Gun control simply DOES NOT work! The gunman was violating a slew of gun laws already; obtained illegally,age restricted,gun on school grounds, etc. The criminal pays no attention to laws! Countries with bans still have gun crimes, murders, assaults. Tim McVeigh killed countless people and children; no gun. Its time we do something about mental illness and stop immortalizing these murderers with the fame and recognition they get in the press.