What Cold Looks Like

This is what cold looks like!!!

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  • mike

    It looks pretty cold!

  • TexMex817

    No, dislike, I can feel the wind chill from here -Texas

  • Thomas Hubbard

    Keep it up there, Washington. When I was his age I grew up in Northern Penn. and remember a many cold and snowy winters!

  • Tawny Jones

    Nice seasonal photo of mother & child.

  • Sheila

    Hey Bristol remember when you said this about gay marriage
    “we know that in general kids do better growing up in a mother/father home. Ideally, fathers help shape their kids’ worldview.
    Sometimes dads should lead their family in the right ways of thinking. In this case, it would’ve been nice if the President would’ve been an actual leader and helped shape their thoughts instead of merely reflecting what many teenagers think after one too many episodes of Glee.”

    Does this include your brother Track?

    • kathy

      Just wondering if that also applies to Bristol’s family, where Tripp’s other parent could be part of his life, too.

    • MiddleRoader

      Kind of a low blow, don’t you think? I suspect Bristol doesn’t think Track’s applying for a divorce is “ideal”. We don’t know the circumstances of Track’s marriage, but the news article that I read said that all property and child custody issues have been resolved, so it looks like it’s being handled with civility. I hope he does right by his little girl. I don’t agree with Bristol’s view on gay marriage, but Track has chosen to stay of the media spotlight for the most part. I see no reason to drag him into a perfectly legitimate discussion of gay marriage.

      • Sheila

        It’s not a low blow at all. Conservatives like the palins constantly remind the rest of us that marriage is sacred. Maybe they should start practicing what they preach or stop lecturing the rest of us about how to live. At this point with 2 kids who have had children out of wedlock and one who never married and the other divorced after a year Sarah needs to worry more about how she raised her children and less about gay couples rights.

        • Sally

          Although I think it’s unfair to drag Track into the spotlight when he clearly avoids the Palin way of selling their (fading) celebrity, Sheila does have a good point about absent dads and failed marriages amongst heterosexuals. And some Conservatives don’t have to
          look very look very far to see it.

      • SucksToBeYou

        From what I read it was a joint filing.

  • Kara B.

    Snow! Send some my way!!! We didn’t get any last year :(

  • sodakhic

    I’m sure Obama loves to see the legalization of pot coming to the states, so his daughters will have a choice to partake, since he was the #1 pothead on the islands.

  • Sally

    Really “sodakhic” ? The #1 pothead? Well gosh, imagine what he could have done with his life if he hadn’t been!

  • Sally

    Oh hey, is that what grifting looks like too? What was Tripp’s cut of the half million Alaskan tax dollars that went to six Palins ( and Gino?) for their part in Briatol’s ” reality” show? Pretty sweet deal Sarah Palin set up before leaving office to have reality shows. Awesome example of crony capitalism Sarah. Hypocrite!

    • SucksToBeYou

      Are you a bit jealous, sally? Sarah Palin didn’t set anything up. Please learn how government works at the state level.

    • Tremblay

      Just read about this. Bristol, Willow, and Sarah’s wages from this failed reality show paid for by the taxpayers of Alaska. How do these people face themselves in the mirror each morning. Total hypocritical grifters. Shame on them!

  • Sally

    And speaking of crony capitalism….. Mat Su Maid Dairy.