News Flash: Twitter is Full of Haters

Remember when I didn’t want to be on Twitter?   (Read Why I’m Not on Twitter as a refresher!) Later, I caved and put this blog on Twitter, so I could communicate better with you guys, and it’s been interesting so far.  The reason I didn’t initially want to join was because Twitter seems to be so full of haters.  Recently, a study showed that my gut feeling was true:

The survey tank’s latest findings sum up a year’s worth of comparisons between the reactions of the general public to breaking-news events and the tenor of the reactions on Twitter. The main takeaway isn’t surprising, but it’s worth noting nonetheless: As much as the media leans on Twitter as an instant public-opinion barometer, the microblogging site’s users really aren’t representative of the nation at large.

Twitter users skew young and left—they leaned hard toward Barack Obama during the election and for gay rights in California. But the most consistent bias that Pew found was not toward liberals or conservatives. It was a bias against, well, almost everything. For instance, the Twitterati were heavily against Obama’s nomination of John Kerry for Secretary of State, and they thought the president’s 2012 State of the Union speech was a stinker. (In both cases, Pew found the public as a whole generally supportive.) And while they evinced more hate for Romney than Obama overall, negative comments toward both “exceeded positive comments by a wide margin throughout the fall campaign season.” In Pew’s words:

At times the Twitter conversation is more liberal than survey responses, while at other times it is more conservative. Often it is the overall negativity that stands out.

So, what do you think?  Do you guys who are on Twitter love it or hate it?  This blog is on there… for now, though we get lots of mean Tweets from people.  If you’d like to follow me there, please go here… and show me some Twitter love instead of hate!

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  • Kirstin Fitzgerald

    I like Twiiter but I try to keep to myself! I do follow you and you RT’d me one time! I’m one of your Twiiter supporters so if you see @KirstinPaige1 know it’s someone on your side :)

  • Thomas

    If I were to go on Twitter and post my historic documents it would blow their minds!

  • Sunny

    I don’t do twitter, don’t do facebook, don’t do hate.

  • john norton

    Pss … : Ignore the Drones BP , keep on truckin ,U _ Betcha … ~ !

  • Monique

    I am on Twitter but rarely post on there and keep my account private for the most part. It is an easy place to hate I think because you can in few words and not really pay the price for it. Interesting article you found about it though. It does not surprise me.

  • TrueBlue

    Go to Huffington Post and read the article about Gabby Giffords. Then read the comments there from haters who mock her even as she continues on her arduous and brave road to recovery. And then let us know if the political left has a lock on social-media crassness. NO ONE should be subject to that.

    • melory

      Those haters at HuffPO are very likely liberals. It was a liberal who shot her after all, because she was too conservative for him. Other liberals hated on her for the same reason, remember Daily kos poster said “Giffords is dead to me”, etc.

      Much as people want to say conservatives fight as dirty as liberals, it is just not so. We tell the truth and we have the facts on our side, which liberals do not have, that is why they resort to hate.

      Example: Liberals are constantly fearmongering. It is not hate to say that, it is stating a fact. Here is a 3 minute 1995 video of the same old same old tactis- where have we heard this before?

      • Dawn

        Oh brother. You are too far gone.

        • melory

          So did, or didn’t a liberal shoot Ms Giffords?

          Don’t have to answer, have a beautiful day!

          • TrueBlue

            A crazy person shot Gabby Giffords, you crackhead. Have a beautiful day!

      • melory

        Nope, Ms Giffords was shot by a LIBERAL, there is no getting around that one!

        You libs are the ones obsessing with the political affiliation of the shooter, until it comes out that the shooter is a liberal ( as usually is the case) then suddenly you don’t care about political affiliation anymore.

        Fact is – liberals in Tucsan failed Ms Giffords and the other victims.

        They all knew the shooter was a danger to himself and others and they did nothing to get him off the street. His dad knew; the police knew (sherrif a liberal); college officials; Ms Gifford’s husband and staff also must have known – the shooter has stalked her for at least three years before he finally shot her.

        And now they are using the tragedy for political gain – like you did when you brought her up – have you liberals no shame?

        • melory

          The said liberals knew she was being stalked by a deranged liberal, they should have at least provided better protection for her.

  • melory
  • minnesotaguy

    I love twitter but i am also saying the same about you Bristol it is filled with hate but those that show a lot of hate on twitter i just delete them. The plus about twitter that i like is a lot of people share photos on twitter. For example i am a big sports fan and i follow a lot of pro-athletes and media members and like that i get to see different pictures and stats that i would never know of if they did not have twitter. So for my argument Twitter is good and the haters that are on there you can block and delete from seeing what they have to say about you.

  • CJ

    It breaks my heart to see you and the family subjected to the venemous, malevolent stench that I see all over the place these days! Not only is it on Twitter, it’s EVERYWHERE now and many, many wonderful people just like YOU, are their targets. You surely aren’t alone, not that knowing this makes it any easier to deal with. It is beyond despicable and begs the question as to what compels people to choose the darkness over “the light”……to spew hatred and filth instead of kindness and love?
    Their behavior is within their control yet, they opt to demean and defile themselves by their viscious actions without ever considering the major consequences of same which will most assuredly befall them when they least expect it. Then what? Will they have the intelligence to recognize that what they have done to others is rightfully returning to them ten fold? I can only hope and pray that they are able to make the connection, repent, and change their ways before it’s too late. But, sadly, way too many people are living under demonic deception and in denial of same.
    Their self righteous arrogance and sense of superiority alone is enough to identify who’s running their show and stealing their souls!! To them I say “WAKE UP”!
    To YOU, I say……..stay strong in the exquisite LIGHT OF CHRIST, meditate on Psalm 37, and PRAY for your enemies. They’re in bondage.

    Much LOVE always, and a great BIG Hug,


  • melory

    Great advice from CJ!

    Bris, you may also find helpful Dr Schlessinger’s book – How to survive a shark attack.

    I am not a fan of her, but I saw the title and I remembered the libs wanted to silence her with their lies and your mom defended her. Like with your mom, the libs have been trying to silence her for decades because they do not like her message, what is new! She talks about the attacks and how she has learned to deal with them with great wisdom and humor!

    Hope it will help.

    PS: You don’t have to be on twitter. Perhaps the Lord is calling you to a quiet place with Him, that is why He never allowed you to become too comfortable with the whole twitter thing.

    He can show you where and how to use social media more effective! All that chatter becomes a distraction and we end up fighting our battles in our own strength. As Christians we must be involved, but we need to get away from time to time to spend time with the Lord and hear what He has to say about all these things, and how He wants us to proceed!


    • TrueBlue

      Yep, that good ol’ Dr. Laura, lost her long-running radio show for her N-word rant! Mrs. Palin thought she had a right to say it all day long. Luckily, “Bris” doesn’t show any racist tendencies, so I think she’ll probably ignore this post, too.

      • melory

        You are quite the race baiter!

        Typical liberal, you don’t care about the facts, just spewing out the LSM version of events. Did you listen to her show that day? Of course you did not – that is why you call her a racist. Had you listen to her show that day, you would have been ashamed of your fellow liberals for twisting the facts.

        • TrueBlue

          You’re soooooo angry, Melory. I heard a recording of Dr. Laura’s horrible rant. In the digital age, pretty much all public recordings are readily accessible long after the fact. Do you live in the “holler” and still use an outhouse and Ham radio?

          • melory

            I am not a liberal – so I don’t get angry!

            So you are sure you have heard it all in context – and liberals would never think of editing any recording? Like ABC edited George Zimmerman’s 911 recording to make him look like a racist? Libs are good with this kind of thing, you know!

            I have wasted too much time on you already – you are just another brainwashed liberal, so: