Surrogate Mother Refused to Abort Child

Surrogate Mother Refused to Abort Child March 8, 2013

This is an amazing — and complex — story.  So glad this surrogate mom stood up for – and protected — the baby she was carrying!

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  • Thomas

    Three cheers for Chrystal and for you Bristol for standing on your conscience for what is right. On the haters do not even bother to comment on their actions and continue with your creative writings!

  • steve till

    Most people don’t I hope know the violence associated with abortion. I applaude this women and pray that more will see the light.

  • MiddleRoader

    I think this is one area where pro-lifers and pro-choicers can agree: It is the woman’s body and her choice to bring it to term. That said, she did violate the terms of the contract that she signed with the couple and should be liable for that in some way. I’m having trouble understanding why the couple wanted custody of the baby if they were planning, (after finding out that she had imperfections), to give her up for adoption. Kelly also planned to give her up for adoption, the only difference being Kelly knew the adoptive couple (and presumably trusted them more than someone a state agency might choose.) I’m happy the baby is an home with parents who love her.

  • Sue B

    Beautiful story of courage. I’m so glad she gave the little girl life. It’s what God would have wanted her to do.

  • Tootie

    That’s good but I wish people would have children in the natural way and, if infertile, adopt. There are so m any children who need a home. They are with us now and want to be loved and taken care of.

  • Justinemee

    I’m sorry but you people have it wrong. I am not an pro abortionist by any means, however I am sorry this chick was selfish, ignorant and wrong. She stole these people’s baby and money (which she admitted is the only reason she did it) and has the nads to call herself a hero? She is not a hero, she is a thief! Not only that, but she forced a baby to live a life of disability for her own selfish reasons. You guys are blind sheep who think she is all goodie two shoes, will that change when her book comes out and made for tv movie? Or her multiple appearances on heaven knows what shows to rake in more bucks? She used this child and the situation plain and simple. She had a contract which she was fully aware of, and signed. If she had objections to those plans she should have said so. In that vein, I hope they sue the pants off this selfish, ignorant itch.

  • simarsingh

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