Why I’m Not on Twitter

Why I’m Not on Twitter June 12, 2012

I’m not on Twitter, but my name is definitely mentioned in Tweets.  For those of you who have read the comments on posts like “Mr. President, When Should I Expect Your Call?” and “Hail to the Chiefs: Malia and Sasha Obama,” you’re familiar with the hate that is thrown my way.  (You know, bullying in the name of tolerance and all.)

However, someone brought Michelle Malkin’s tweet to my attention tonight. She tweeted that it’s Time for a Bristol Palin HateFest on Twitter.

That, my friends, is why I’m not on Twitter. I love talking to you guys on Facebook and on this blog, but that’s as much of an internet presence as I need now.  For those of you who are on Twitter, please feel free to tweet out my posts and to spread some love for me there.

You can tell I need it!

UPDATE: Yes, I know she was pointing out the Twitter hate. Thanks, Michelle Malkin for pointing out the liberal hypocrisy! I appreciate your work!

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  • awww i still hope you do get on twitter eventually. i like twitter, it’s fun and i follow a ton of great conservatives on there (including your mom!!)

    and… haters gonna hate. =)

  • I don’t blame ya! Looking forward to your new show..love you AND your momma!<3

  • R Lauk

    The world has some horrible people in it, no doubt. I for one am proud of you and your whole family. It is hard enough being a single mother, let alone having to put up with disgusting hateful remarks. Just ignore them. They are jealous. 🙂 God Bless you and your little one and your family.

  • Regan Mies

    Seriously? Don’t let this rent space in your head. We don’t know each other and who knows if you’ll even see this, but it popped up on my Facebook so I figured I’d respond. Wierd that they have such strong opinions of you… I doubt any of them know you. If they’re wasting their time talking about you…you’ve already won!

  • Tommy Hansman

    Nothing but respect for you Bristol

    p.s. you’re very easy on the eyes (just thought i’d throw that in there)

  • Kimberlie Morris

    Awwww…..Bristol honey, I am so sorry. Please know that there are more of us who LOVE and RESPECT you, than feel like the MORON’s who say such hateful things. {{{hugs}}}

  • amber


    I don’t agree with half your views, I didn’t vote for your mom, nor am I a Republican. But I have RESPECT for you as a human being. You handle every situation head in, but with grace, which is nearly extinct these days. The fact that anyone wants a hatefest of any kind is disgusting and sad. This world needs nicer people and more love. Keep being you Bristol.

  • Hey Miss Palin. I just want to first give you a little support from the cheap seats. You are a brave young woman who sticks to her morality. Your mother’s fierceness runs in your veins. My fiancee was a young, single mother who kept her child despite cries to abort. She, like you, never accepted welfare, and is about to complete her graduate degree in psychology.

    I do want to say one thing about Michelle Malkin’s TWITCHY site’s article. Those who don’t follow the link may assume that Mrs. Malkin was directing hatred towards Bristol. That is not true. For the record, Mrs. Malkin was just following in Andrew Breitbart’s footsteps and exposing the hatred and hypocrisy from a certain segment of society.

    I know Bristol gets this, though she has had more than her share of insults thrown her way. There are quite a few conservatives out here (and a few liberals, too) that don’t condone the hatred that has been slung your way.

    You didn’t choose this fight, this fight chose you. Don’t ever hang your head, and don’t ever stop fighting for who and what you believe in.

  • Scott Taylor

    Malkin’s site, Twitchy.com, did have that headline, but they chronicled the hate on the left against you. Then they concluded with “Where are the civility police when you need them? Don’t ask Pig Maher’s boy and Obama SuperPAC operator Bill Burton.” So they’re on your side. Still. you sure don’t have to be on Twitter if you don’t want to.

  • upcdeb


    I dont blame you one bit and it is a good thing you or your mom don’t see most of what is going on out there on facebook. There are many Sarah Palin groups but sadly your mother and you would be ashamed and embarassed by the things that are being said,not about your mother but because so many want her as our next president,there are Sarah Supporters attacking each other. It is past time I believe for people to move on,delete these groups which have only become an embarassement and instead,Pray for our nation show love to our neighbor. Whatever Gods Will is,it is not ours that come to pass but his. Pray for the Palin family,pray for our nation and ACCEPT that Sarah follows what the Lord leads her to do!!!

  • Those comments are vile!! Holy cow, I’ve never seen so many hateful words in one place and all for a respectable young woman like yourself. Kudos to Ms. Malkin for shedding light on liberals’ hypocrisy and those awful comments–it’s so sad to see that kind of hate speech being tolerated like that! I’d personally love to see you on Twitter, but I get it: why give losers even more chances to undeservedly bring you down? Keep up all your good work, be a great mom and daughter, and may you continue receiving wonderful things.

  • Laurie S

    You are smart to avoid all the negativity, Bristol. There are lots of other folks out here who care about you and respect you and your family. I can’t believe how some people are still carrying on. Seriously…like do they even KNOW you or your family? How stupid.

  • Joseph

    I don’t blame you, Bristol. Besides, I’ve heard from a friend of mine at work that if you have a Twitter account, you have to keep updating it like several times a day; it’s not like Facebook where you can update it anytime you want. Just thought I’d give you a little tip. 😉

  • Renae Deacon

    I have to agree with Regan Mies, if they are wasting time talking about you, then YES you have definitely already won. I don’t understand how anyone thinks that they the so called tolerant group can trash and bash someone they don’t know. It would be different if you had went and killed someone or assaulted someone, then maybe you could say that you deserved it, but you did nothing but TRY to live your life. Shame on them for thinking they are so much better. It’s alright though it will always come back and bite them in the butt later. Sucks to be them is all I can say.

  • Scott Sanders

    Bristol, just know that if you ever need help or defense, many of us unknown to you have your back. The 1% will always throw barbs because they live in fear. Stand tall and dish it right back at ’em!

  • John L

    You don’t have to explain anything to normal people we all see what has been done to you and your family by all the open (hating) minded left. Just take care of that Child teach him right like we know you will to love and fear(respect) the lord. May the peace of our lord by with you and yours forever and ever amen.

  • Theresa Schuler

    I was glad to see your update, I would have been very disappointed in Michelle if that were not the case. You are wise to take control of what you allow in your life, there are sooooooo many good things to fill your time. Love you Bristol your future is bright.

  • Pepper Layne

    I don’t blame you one bit, Bristol. Probably the only thing you’re missing on Twitter is knowing for certain that you live rent-free in so many of these vile people’s heads. Your blog is wonderful and you do so many amazing things in spite of the crap that you encounter. Keep doing what you’re doing and we’ll keep the Twitter sharks at bay 🙂

  • Ditto Scott Sanders! Hang in there girl! Keep focused, be wise as a serpent, and enjoy life!

  • I don’t blame you for staying away from Twitter and avoiding all that negativity. If that’s all those haters have to do, then they must lead some pretty boring lives. Whenever someone tells me that a person is “talking about me”, I just think this: If they’re talking about me, they’re giving someone else a rest!” Keep your head up, walk tall and kill ’em with kindness!

  • Julie

    Twitter is full of rude and ignorant people. Most of them are desperate for attention and seem to forget all manners when they get behind a computer screen. Don’t even bother reading what they write because caring about their opinions is like caring what fleas on rats think.

    You have always been classy and civil in your posts, and that makes me think very highly of you. It’s hard for me to understand how the left can claim the right is making a “war on women” when lefties themselves say such disgusting and hurtful things. I may not agree with you on everything, but I certainly admire you for always being civil. Never let them bring you down; you are a strong, beautiful woman who has been blessed with a beautiful son. Human interaction is so much more important than expressing feelings through a keyboard, anyway…

  • Lori Martori

    Thank you Bristol for bringing this to light. It is really ashame that so many juvenile people are on Twitter. There is too much hate talk and that is all it is but unkind words do hurt. It is crystal clear to me that these folks have not taken the time to get to know you through your words and photos. You are an outstanding young lady and I will continue my support for you, your mother and family on Facebook. It is time people te-evaluate there thinking and what they are saying no matter what their political affliliations are. This is a huge reason why this country is changing and not for the best. Keep on rockin lady and thank you for your honesy and keeping it real. Lori

  • Ian


    Your point’s crystal clear and well made.

    “Illegitimi non carborundum”


  • 100% for Bristol. Time some men stood up and defended women, children and all people who are targeted by these internet cowards for merely holding a different worldview than them. If you disagree with them they so the most VILE things imaginable. They are FOUL MOUTHED PERVERTS and have ZERO sense of shame. It is really too bad that many people in our country have lost the ability to blush. I know these people do not represent the majority…but they need to be exposed for the cockroaches they are- shine the light on them and they scatter into the night like all creatures of the dark.

  • Cassia

    Haven’t lost your baby weight??!! Who are they talking about? lol. NOT you! You look fantastic Bristol! I wish you would never have to see any of those disgusting comments. And it boggles my mind how these people are all probably against bullying and then do that. Ugh. Anyways, I think you’re wonderful and a great mom! I’m not a creep stalker promise lol. But I live in Fairbanks and have two boys, Knox is 3 and Kenai is almost 2, if you are ever up here and want to get together for a play date! Oh my hubby deployed with the 1/25 when your bro did too! Different units… but anyways. You keep strong!! -Cassia

  • Peter Gerardi

    Love you Bristol! Stay strong!

  • Shawn

    Notice most of those comments are from under 25? Mainly high schoolers. Something seriously wrong with that generation. Throwing around swear words like is second nature to them. Sad. Ignorant brainwashed masses. I love ya Bristol…don’t let it get to ya. They are the 99%….of ignorant fools.

  • Taylor Kula

    Amber-thank you for being honest and a decent human being! I don’t pay much attention to politics but I am more on the conservative side and whenever I say I like Bristol/the Palin family people come at me left and right! Thank you for being a good person and even though you don’t agree with Bristols beliefs at least you dontak ale low blows and hate.

    I’m kind of disappointed Bristol isn’t on twitter but I can’t blame her and I can’t wait for her show! 😀

  • Taylor Kula

    At least you don’t make low blows and hate*** this phone keyboard sucks! Lol

  • Mark H.

    You and your son are absolutely lovely. The haters hate because they don’t have the support and love of a family such as yours. God bless you and your family.

  • Thomas Hubbard

    America is full of hateful people and they call themselves Tolerant and Liberal.

    • LMA

      Except for one of those people. He calls himself “Thomas Hubbard.”

      • GrizzlyMom

        yeah and I’m pretty sure Thomas Hubbard believes he is a compassionate conservative LMA. The hypocrazy on the right is mind numbing.

        • otlset

          You’re pretty sure huh? You know Thomas Hubbard?

          You’re ‘generalizing’ and badmouthing here like your hypocritical acolyte LMA. Which of course is an ironic yet unwitting confirmation of the general theme of Bristol’s post topic.

          • GrizzlyMom

            No otlset I do not know Thomas Hubbard…but I’m “pretty sure” based on the other posts that he has written which are full of biblical wisdom. So no generalizing and for it to be hypocritical you would have to know that I am a Christian which you do not and I have never claimed. Thanks for making my point though. Religious conservatives like to constantly tell everyone how to live (based on their religious beliefs) while rarely following what they preach.

          • GrizzlyMom

            Oh and one more thing otlset. My comment about religious conservatives not practicing what they preach it not a generalization. Its based on a lifetime of living in the south amongst an overwhelming majority of baptists.

          • otlset

            “…it not a generalization. Its based on a lifetime of living in the south amongst an overwhelming majority of baptists.” Then you are generalizing about southern Baptists.

            gen’er.al.ize” v.i. draw conclusions from varied evidence. — v.t. consider as or arrange by classes. From my well-worn Webster’s paperback dictionary.

  • bellagrazi

    Twitter is where haters live. I’ve defended you more times than I can count on Twitter, Bristol. And I always get the last word. These people usually run out of lies before I run out of facts. Michelle Malkin posted just a sample of what is out there. It’s much worse than you can imagine. But I have noticed that a lot more conservatives have joined the fight. A lot more support for you out there than there used to be. Conservatives have finally found Twitter, thanks to people like your mom. She’s got a very strong presence on there. She’s inspired millions of other conservatives to use their voice in social media. Sarah Palin is a pioneer in more ways than one.

  • We love you on FB, Bristol. Absolutely love your posts on your blog and enjoy following you and your family. Thank you so very much for your strength and integrity. I have three children, 21 and 19 year old daughters, and a 16.5 year old son. They are awesome, and I am happy to say that they follow in your footsteps of integrity and strength and love of God and man.

    It’s biblical. There will always be haters out there. In Exodus, God is clear, “The Lord will fight for you. You need only to be still.” I cling to that verse when people, who don’t know me, say bad things about me or my family. I can’t imagine all of the hate speech that you have to endure. Praying for you. Love you all.

    • CJ

      “I am happy to say that they follow in your footsteps of integrity and strength and love of God and man. It’s biblical. There will always be haters out there. In Exodus, God is clear, “The Lord will fight for you.
      You need only to be still.”

      BEAUTIFUL, Shari! I couldn’t agree more 🙂

  • VL

    Hang in there, Bristol!

  • Dennis McHale

    Twitter is for people that don’t think.

  • CrustyB

    I don’t blame you, sister. I quit my account last October. Twitter is where intelligence goes to die.

  • LeAnne

    I am on Twitter to be a voice for Christ & Conservatives and there are millions on there like me. I have found many like-minded friends on there and we support you, Bristol and will always defend you and your family and those who stand for what is Right! If we quit, the big mouth minority will take over. Our voices need to be heard and they need to know they can’t stamp us out so easily. @lifefades (life fades, eternity doesn’t).
    Keep up the awesome posts! 🙂

    • GrizzlyMom

      And from your words here I think Christ would be horrified that you are representing Him here on earth. You did read the part in the bible about not judging ?

      • otlset

        Thus GrizzlyMom judges LeAnne.

        • LMA

          Oh, what a tangled web we weave! Bristol calls out…well, everyone who doesn’t love her, and then LMA calls out Bristol, and then otlset (who secretly loves LMA) calls out LMA, and on and on and on!

          • otlset

            None of which would be necessary if you would just have some restraint and not come here to her blog and start trashing her and her supporters. Unless of course you’re on the DNC/Soros payroll, which makes it a work ‘assignment’.

          • LMA

            I don’t trash Bristol — I disagree with Bristol. In fact, I have posted a compliment about her lovely son in a past post. Which didn’t get your attention, of course, because you’re so angry that a liberal who might admire Bristol as a scrappy young mother but doesn’t agree with her politics would dare to come here.

          • GrizzlyMom

            🙂 otlset is definitely in love with you!

            And yes otlset I was judging Leann! I don’t believe in the bible so I don’t have to follow those rules…thus I’m not a hypocrite as you so like to call me. And like LMA I disagree with Bristol and post when I do….however…go look in the comments sections on the posts about naming her dog. Not a word from me….or the posts about her family…not a word. Political commentary is fair game..and by calling out her on her constant whining about people saying mean things about her is constructive even though she may not realize it. Trust me…even her most dire hard fans will desert her if every other post is her complaining about someone saying something unkind. She needs to grow a thicker skin if she wants to have such a public presence on the internet. A little less hypocrisy would be nice too 🙂

        • GrizzlyMom

          otlset – I’m curious why you do not feel the need to police the conservative hypocrites that post here? Clearly when I or others post you jump right on it and say..”hey your doing the same thing you are complaining about”. If thats true and you are so offended by it then in all fairness it should apply to everyone. I’ve explained why my posts are not hypocritical…and i could certainly spin my wheels and counter every criticism of yours as doing the same thing you are calling me out on…but how silly that would be. I tell you what…I will save you some trouble and start every comment with : ” Hi my name is Grizzly Mom and the post you are about to read will be considered hypocritical by otlset”. Hows that?

          • GrizzlyMom

            Actually otlset just disregard everything I’ve said here. I read your comments on tammybruce and your nothing but an ignorant racist. I will ignore you from now on. Feel free to be childish and comment on any and all posts I could care less and will not respond to someone like you. You are a waste of time not worthy of any attention.

          • LMA

            Interesting, GrizzlyMom. Where on tammybruce did otlset leave a racist comment? I’m curious to know!

          • otlset

            I would consider any post from you as hypocritical only if it is. And I’m not one to lay back and just put up with the distortions, put-downs, and name-calling from you and your fellow blog disrupters who show up here only to be dissonant and cause trouble, which you are apparently allowed to do.

            Oh good, more blog traffic for Tammy Bruce! Yes I’m a TAM, and I fight back. Go ahead and name-call all you like. It’s typical from the left these days and a cowardly way to end any discussion.

          • LMA

            Well, otlset, for my part, I haven’t seen any of your racist comments, so I’ll put that aside and give you the benefit of the doubt. But know this: you keep complaining about my commenting here (as well as GrizzlyMom’s commenting here), but this is cyberspace, kid. Unless you’ve got connections on the moderator’s board, then we can post our comments here all we like. You can reply, of course, but my skin’s pretty thick. Unless you’re literally in my face (and again, that’s unlikely, since this is the blogosphere), I don’t give a shite how much my comments bug you. Also, for the record, my husband served in Operation Enduring Freedom when Dubya was in office — Army Special Forces. That means I’m an Army wife. That means I’ve got skin in the game. Tell me I don’t have a right to my comments and opinions. Now stop crying like a b–tch and saying that we’re name calling when that’s not at all what’s happening here.

          • otlset

            I appreciate your husband’s distinguished service to the country for which we are all indebted, and honor you as his wife.

            And of course no one can stop you from posting here, but I for one will respond on Bristol’s and SP’s behalf as I see fit, kid. And I’ll continue to complain about such posts that compare me to a b–tch, for example.

          • GrizzlyMom

            LMA – otlset scrubbed his/her comments….not surprised that this person is a bigot but was surprised they are a coward.

          • otlset

            FYI to one and all — once a post is up at Tammy Bruce’s site there is no way I can “scrub” it, much like here. Only Tammy or her site administrator can do that.

            “Bigot”, “coward” — name-calling again. You should try to ween yourself of that bad habit GrizzlyMom.

  • jose

    I’ll always defend you. I keep you in my prayers, Bristol.

  • Will continue to tweet your blog.
    God bless!

  • LMA

    “Thanks Michelle Malkin for pointing out the liberal hypocrisy.” Yes, because only liberals are rude on Twitter…no God-fearing Christian Conservative would tweet anything rude, right? Sheesh. Bristol, your posts remind me of that scene in “The Crucible,” when Abigail, after her schemes and lies send countless innocents to the gallows, juts out her chin and says to John Proctor, “I am but God’s finger.” Not that you’re a liar or schemer, mind you, just that you seem to think it’s your purpose in life to call out others when none of us is as pure as the driven snow. Who’s to say your sins aren’t as heavily weighted as anyone else’s?

    • otlset

      Another rude put-down post from LMA as he ironically makes Bristol’s case.

      • LMA

        Nope, not rude, just an honest opinion. You’re so sensitive.

        • BigRMV

          LMA, not an honest opinion–a made up projection. She didn’t say only libs were rude on Twitter. You inferred that. Then you inferred that, because you attributed your inference to her, she was akin to a fictional self-righteous character.

          When is the last time you spoke with her? Went to church with her? Had tea with her? What’s that–Never? Huh. And SHE’S the judgmental person in your “honest opinion,” right?

          Your post only served to prove her comment re: Liberal Hypocrisy. If you can’t see that, you’re either lying to yourself or don’t understand the language.

          • LMA

            Sorry, BigRMV. You’re right. She DIDN’T say only libs were rude on Twitter. She calls ONLY liberals out. And I didn’t “infer” that she was akin to a fictional self-righteous character; I didn’t “suggest” that at all. I came right out and wrote it. As for speaking with her, going to church with her, having tea with her…I’m not suggesting that she’s unworthy of these things. I simply take umbrage with the fact that she generalizes when she refers to “liberal hypocrisy” and “liberal hate.” Not everyone who likes Bristol is a Conservative, and not everyone who hates her is a Liberal.

            I get that sometimes things come off as meaner than the writer intends when communicating over the Internet, but you folks are just rabid.

          • otlset

            “…you folks are just rabid”
            LMA demonstrates *again* his hypocrisy by…wait for it…generalizing.

          • GrizzlyMom

            Agreed LMA. And why does Bristol want to come across as such a victim all the time? She’s obsessed with what people say about her on the internet. IMO conservatives tend to have an entitlement mindset. They expect everyone to agree with them. They refuse to listen to opinions (and often FACTS) that do not reinforce their belief system. And they love to play the victim. Its me me me all the time. Personally I find it fascinating to watch but its a shame that these same people are allowed to vote.

          • otlset

            Generalizing again. Tsk tsk. Just what LMA came here to criticize Bristol for! I get a kick out of the irony.

        • Joseph Thomas

          LMA get an education! You call Bristol names and use fiction to justify your statement: opion, yes; rude, yes. Is Bristol’s blog simply your leftist assignment?

          • LMA

            I didn’t call her a name at all. I wrote, “not that you’re a liar or schemer, mind you…” That means, “I’m not saying you’re a liar or schemer.” The problem here is that you all read even one word that doesn’t fit into your sentiments of adoration, one word of disagreement, and you see red and nothing else. I don’t hate, Joseph. I simply disagree. I disagree with blanket statements that malign and label all Conservatives or Liberals.

    • GrizzlyMom

      Isn’t it ironic that Bristol is thanking Michelle Malkin of all people? She is the ultimate “Mean Girl”. A person who is known for her mean-spirited rants and who has attacked many people over the years especially women..including conservatives like Meghan McCain.

      • LMA

        Not a stretch, GrizzlyMom. Think about it: SP rushed to the defense of Dr. Laura, who was no fan of SP. She also defended Rush Limbaugh, who unapologetically used the word “retard” on the radio. Michelle Malkin, being of Asian descent, has written a defense of Japanese interment camps used during WWII, which is just nuts, and she suggests that Arab Americans deserve the same. In fact, she was forced to publish a follow-up to her book about those camps, correcting all the falsehoods. To be sure, she’s not known for her insight and scholarship. I think Michelle is much less concerned about Bristol and more concerned about mudslinging. It’s unfortunate that Bristol was drawn into that.

        • otlset

          It works both ways. Here (the soon-to-be-defeated-come-November) Obama praises Nazi sympathizer Gertrude Stein…

          • LMA

            True enough, otlset. And Sarah Palin quoted Westbrook Pegler at the Republican National Convention. Look him up, if you don’t know anything about him. He called for the death of RFK, who was assassinated three years after Pegler’s rant. So…yes, it works both ways. Which has been my point all along. So why must we point fingers at one another?

          • otlset

            Goes to show you can give props to someone for a stance or statement on an issue without endorsing that person’s entire career, political orientation or reputation — which is a common smear tactic — berate the source (and implied association) rather than just the statement or stance from said source as referenced. Which was the tactic of accusation you and GrizzlyMom tried to pull above on Bristol and her mom.

          • LMA

            Otlset, I don’t even know what you’ve tried to say here. Please restate…clearer.

          • otlset

            Hmmm, clearer. Okay, quoting Westbrook Pegler does not mean SP agrees with or supports him on anything other than her purpose for using the quote, especially calling for the death of anybody.

          • LMA

            Okay, I’ll give you that SP likely didn’t know about Pegler’s past (and probably didn’t write her own RNC acceptance speech, either), but what about her support for Dr. Laura? What about her support for Rush Limbaugh? She’s not likely to denounce anyone unless she’s toeing the party line.

  • Colleen

    Hi Bristol, Our whole family loves and admires you and your family and we’re really looking forward to your new show. Our daughter is also a hardworking young single mom to our 3-year-old adorable grandson. And we share your love of Alaska – my husband’s family is of Tlingit descent and most of them are still in AK. We lived in Sitka for several years when our son was young. If the Palin haters ever get you down, just remember all of us who are behind you and your beautiful family.

  • No Worries, Bristol … I only Tweet when I have something important to say (like telling people about “Life’s a Tripp debut at 10pm Tue June 19th on Lifetime) and normally don’t bother reading too many Tweets … we, your friends, got you covered

  • Dittobugs

    I am on Twitter and I will spread some love out there whenever I can! 🙂

  • David Dempsey

    Stay Strong, Bristol. I have not joined Twitter yet either. I have stired-up some Hornet’s Nests on USA Today by some of my comments, but nothing like what one of your Posts stirs-up on this Blog.
    I may join Twitter just to check-out those Palin Haters because your New Show will just give them something else to attack.

  • I’m not on Twitter. In my circumstances, the costs seem to me to outweigh the benefits.

  • Barbara Landi

    Who needs Twitter? Just another easy forum for sick people to post anonymous hate

  • Kim Jarvis

    Bristol, I have been a big fan and supporter of your mother. I am also a mother of a daughter and basically raised her alone since she was three. She is now a grown independent woman like yourself. I admire how your mother raised all of her children to be self sufficient and independent. You have grown up to be a wonderful role model for the current generation. I can tell you take after your mom and that you never let all this bad stuff effect you. The ones who criticize, are the ones who didn’t have good strong family values instilled in them growing up. Best of Luck Always.

  • Bristol,
    It’s not my place to tell you what to do, but I’m going to present a strong case for you having a Twitter account and having it verified as being YOURS. Right now, a number people are using YOUR name for Twitter accounts and tweeting garbage. Having a Twitter account, even if you leave it dormant at least leaves a mark that that there is only one real Bristol Palin on there – because your account would be verified. That would immediately put the world on notice the others are fakes. You could have your blog posts auto-Tweet there and never have to post a manual Tweet unless you absolutely want to. It’s something you set once and forget.

    Hate is all over the Internet. Facebook has more than its share of garbage – specifically hate pages and groups directed toward your family, so I wouldn’t let that be a deterrent to using Twitter. Your mom uses it with telling effect.

    Regarding the hate fest tweet you referenced, the originator is an outfit called “Twitchy.” In examining Michelle Malkin’s timeline, I see a number of ads for Twitchy. Just a few tweets after is one from them telling conservatives to “shut the (expletive redacted) up.” Malkin has not turned to the left, and these tweets are out of character to the rest of what’s on her timeline. It appears to me that Michelle Malkin’s account has been compromised. I don’t think a conservative commentator such as Michelle Malkin would call for a hate fest against you in any forum, and she is speaking at the same conference as your mom on Friday.

    Twitter does have security issues – you have to be very restrictive about what sites and applications you permit to access your account….otherwise what is happening with Malkin’s account is exactly what can happen. Malkin needs to change her password and delete the Twitchy tweets.

  • OC

    Bristol, Those tweets are disgusting and you have every right to be insulted and even hurt; however, I have wonder why it’s assumed that the idiots behind them are liberal? Is it not possible that they be conservative? Just a thought.

  • Kevin

    Stay strong, young lady….millions of us support and love you and your family.

    The foul-mouthed trailer trash haters are intellectual midgets (my apology to short folks) who generally have pitiful lives.

  • There is a wonderful website, Women Made New, that is a gift of healing from relationships, rape, sexual abuse for women based on “Behold I make all things new” (Rev.21:5). If you click on “Demand Your Dignity” it is an excellent youtube video about how women are shown in commercials, movies and magazines, and how our dignity is from God.

    Just wanted to share this beautiful gift! God bless you and your beautiful son. Kathy Schlenz

  • Phea Croissant

    Oh Bristol. Let’s be honest, you are not on twitter because you can’t handle not being able to delete people’s comments to your ignorant rants. Little girl, before you start spouting your hate, be prepared to expect normal rational reactions. Yes, I said normal rational reactions and NOT bullying. You and your mother are actually the bullies. You expect everyone to be okay with suppressing the civil rights of your fellow man. And if any of us speaks out against your hate, you call us bullies??? Really sweetie? You and your entire backwards thinking family need learn how to keep your hate behind closed doors back in Wasilla. How extremely entitled and bigoted of you to think that it’s okay for only some to get certain rights and the rest are just going to have to deal with it. This is not YOUR America, it’s OURS. So you deal with it. Deal with all the backlash you get for having the right to speak your ignorance. Deal with your son growing up and experiencing the same backlash that your mother has put upon you from passing on her ignorance onto you. I’m sorry you were raised in complete disillusion and I’m more than sure you really don’t know the detrimental impact you’re having on your son. Tell me, what are you going to say to him when your son ask why people hate our family so much? Stop and think maybe it’s because your family hates us way more. Or maybe you’re hoping he grows up to be like his father? Knocking up little girls left and right and having a good laugh about it on talk shows? How would you feel if some moron wanted to ban single parenting because of their personal beliefs? Ridiculous and kind of scary, right? But I’m sure if that ever did happen, you’ll be totally okay about it because, “kids do better growing up in a mother/father home”. I mean you wouldn’t want to be called a bully for standing up for your rights or anything crazy like that, right? So tell me again Bristol, are you, the unwed teen mother who moved her son thousands of miles away from the father of her child while complaining he doesn’t see his son enough, living that nuclear family life that you and your family hold so dear??? Hmm….? Fact is, you and your mother the biggest hypocrites to ever walk this earth. You preach about one thing and live completely contradicting lives in the public eye and when people call you out on it you cry “BULLY”. This is not Wasilla, this is the real world. And in the real world when you come around thinking you can tell people how to live their lives but it’s okay for you to live yours however which way you please, be prepared to get what you deserve. I grew up with very narrow-minded racist parents and I thank my friends and society for teaching me to value every human being and not just the ones who look like me or think like me. It’s obvious your mother’s teachings is not doing much for the both of you, besides a few sad stints of reality shows and being the joke of the nation. I pray for you and your son. In fact I pray for the entire Palin family. God knows ya’ll need A LOT of help.

    • otlset

      “Fact is, you and your mother the biggest hypocrites to ever walk this earth.”

      Lol! Looks like this croissant got left in the oven and overcooked!

    • Rhonda Craig

      Let me get this straight, Phea. You are “praying” for Bristol and the Palin family because they need “a lot of help.” So you have nothing but goodwill and love in your heart for them when you go before the Lord in prayer and hold up their names to Him? Because you truly care and aren’t “narrow-minded” and you yourself “value every human being?” Good gracious, my dear, what a mouthful of nonsense from someone screaming that the Palins are hypocrites! Have you learned the word “irony” at any point in your (obviously poor) education? You should look it up in the dictionary, along with the word “disillusional” (which is not a word at all).

      You don’t have to be the Almighty to see by the tone of your post that you are just another misguided individual who is driven by an unhealthy anger toward people who disagree with your ideology. I know the Lord hears all prayers, though, and you might be surprised what He does with yours. He knows what is really in your heart when you “pray” for the Palins. Maybe He will choose to work on YOU instead, and heal some of that anger and bitterness you carry around.

      God Bless You
      God Bless the USA, where even “disillusional” people like yourself can have their say

      • Pam O

        I agree! The Lord works in everyone’s lives and I pray that he helps “Phea” come to reality and quit believing everything he/she hears in the media. Do your own research and quit depending on society to tell you what’s right/wrong, etc.

    • Mirror Mirror

      Since when do you handle what she handles? Pretty sure you don’t have a ton of people yelling hate at you when you do or say something good and of value? Or maybe…you don’t stand for anything good? Sympathy is not your strongsuit by any means. Leave her alone.

    • Revenna

      Listen up Phea, You have no right to say that. You’re the one praying for Bristol and her family “because they need a lot of help”. How are Bristol and Sarah bullying? Technically you’re the one who is bullying, spouting off all this bullshit. If you don’t like her, why are you on her website? It is high time you stop being a hypocrite and go bullyrag someone else.

    • Michelle

      Phea: Get some counciling…..soon

    • paul muller

      my how incredibly tolerant…. no name calling here…backwards…ignorant … irrational … bigoted and racist…for example- and no bullying here either -hummmm
      Phea Croissant, my dear-
      it seems the old adage ….you just can’t fix stupid applies here.

    • Cindy

      Pretty sure that by calling Bristol and her mother names in every sentence makes you a bully. stfu. people are allowed their own opinions about life. why is it ok for the liberal dems to force their idea of tolerance and acceptance of things i dont agree with on me?? thats why we live in America. So we can express our own ideas. Grow up ! i think its great she decided not to use Twitter…some people actually act like adults….maybe you should learn a lesson or two how to do that.

  • Robert Mugabe

    Sadly, Bristol, neither you nor your mom seem to have yet realized that when you CHOOSE to make yourself a public figure by, oh, I dont know, starring in a REALITY SHOW, you no longer have control on how the public perceives you or what they choose to say about you publicly- it doesnt even matter whether what they say is fair or not. YOU chose to accept the paycheck and step into the public arena, and it’s called an “arena” for a reason. In short you sold both your right to privacy and the right to be the sole arbitor of how others view you. Many people rightfully see you and your mother as grasping publicity hounds and we can only laugh dismissively when we see you whine over the kind of attention you get. Shut up and take it. it’s ostensibly what you wanted in the first place.

    • Ruth Friesen

      Dear Bristol: I think you are great…..and so is your mother. I wouldn’t know why people hate you….they must be sick or something is wrong with them. Hang in there….love your son, your mother and your family.
      I think you are great and wonderful! There are a lot of sick people in this world…please do not listen to them.

  • Raffaela V. DiBella

    Michelle Malkin is on your side, Bristol. I know you realize that. BTW….your blog on Fathers Day was awesome! Going to repost it!

  • Love your blogs, Bristol! Keep them coming!!

  • Tina

    Bristol, you are probably better off NOT being on Twitter.

  • Jami

    Honestly I look up to Bristol as being a role model! Everyone had bumps in their life and getting pregnant at a young age is not something she planned but look at her! She makes the best out of her life and I’m so proud to call her a role model! Keep being a fighter!

  • Monique

    Bristol my family LOVES your new show. I am so proud of you & all that you have accomplished thus far. I was also a single teen mom (thank goodness for family support). I did not allow me having a baby before my time slow me down & I have made a positive life for him. My son is an awesome kiddo w/great values and will be graduating from high school this year (insert tears). I love your family, you have to be the most down to earth people in that crazy circle of of what is “our government.” My hubby wanted to beat the hell out of the guy that got in you face, but like I told him we would appear to have no class as well. I have many friends who are gay & even they agree he made the gay community look bad. Keep your head up kid, stay strong & don’t ever forget your little man is always watching you so make him proud 😉

  • Gina

    Hey Bristol! Don’t listen to those meanies! I have a fan twitter for you called BristolPNation. I support everything you do and don’t understand how someone could hate as nice of a person as you. Keep up the good work!

  • Piscean Gal

    I like LMA, LOL..It’s funny, when Bristol calls people out, its “go Bristol, we unknowns got your back…blah blah blah,” but when someone calls out Bristol, her supporters can’t handle it, LOL…STAY STRONG LMA!

  • Jasmine

    Hey Bristol, I love you a lot and I think you’re an amazing person inside and out. Stay strong! Hope to meet you soon. -hugs- God bless!

  • Brian McAndrew

    That’s all right, Bristol. You don’t have to be on any social media sites if you don’t want to. I can just like you on Facebook. I just wish I could comment or like your posts on there! Your page isn’t letting me.

  • Hey Bristol, I had my 1st daughter @ 17, & like Tripp, she had an absent father, looking back now that my daughter is 18 years old, I know her father was just too weak minded, & had NO SPINE. – Once a girl is pregnant we already know, we are going to be a Mother, guys on the other hand have a choice to walk away, I can tell u from 1st hand experience, men that don’t step up into that Father role Truly Regret it, because eventually, like Andy ( Willows friend) said at the end of the day he is just a name on the birth certificate. Kids eventually give up the dream of having their real dad, ACT LIKE ONE. & When the real dad comes around, after all the hard work, heartaches, all the snotty – noses, head- holding puking all night, 105 fevers & sleepless nights in the hospital alone we have went through with our babies … Our babies will always remember WHO WAS & WASN’T THERE WHEN THEY NEEDED THEM MOST, & eventually our babies don’t even aknowledge their biological father. & that is just another heartache, we MOMS have to walk our babies through…. Stay Strong, don’t listen to the hatred cause, THE ONES THAT MATTER DON’T JUDGE & THE ONES THAT JUDGE DON’T MATTER. – I Hope & Pray nothing but the best for u, Tripp & the rest of your family. God Bless u All!! Sincerely , Brandy, Andi, J.p & Payton.