Hate in the Name of Love, Bullying in the Name of Tolerance

Hate in the Name of Love, Bullying in the Name of Tolerance May 14, 2012

Well, I stirred up a hornet’s nest.  You know you’ve struck a nerve when even J-Woww tweets insults at you.  But the thing that most amazes me is how few people actually addressed the points I made in my recent blog post.  They were pretty simple.  Conservative women like my mom get grief because people think they can’t make decisions without their husband, but Barack Obama gets applauded for changing his mind on a huge issue after consulting his wife and young daughters. The double standard amazes me.

Oh, and in that post I also said generally kids do better with mother/father families – the kind of family I’d like to have for Tripp one day.

That’s it.  That’s pretty much the post.  (Yes, I made a little joke about Swiper the Fox, but anyone with a brain would know that wasn’t serious.)  You see arguments like that all the time in political magazines.  It’s not a big deal, and the people who make arguments like that don’t stir up much controversy.

But I’m not a pundit.  I’m just a mom made famous in one of the most intense and embarrassing ways possible – by having your teen pregnancy announced in the middle of a presidential campaign.  Oh, and I was a finalist on Dancing with the Stars, one of the most-watched shows on TV.  But all that means I’m more a part of pop culture, the culture that creates the television we watch and the music we listen to.  When real pundits write blog posts, they don’t pop up in Us Weekly… but mine do.

And I’m glad.  Why?  Because pop culture needs a little bit of debate.  It needs a little bit of disagreement.  Because not everyone who watches their shows or listens to their music thinks the way the directors, producers, and actors think.  When you’re in Hollywood you’ll meet some great people, some terrible people, and many somewhere in between.  In other words, they’re people just like everyone else.  But what you won’t find is any disagreement about things like gay marriage or abortion.  For those folks, there’s one way to think, and anyone who disagrees is stupid, hypocritical, hateful, or bigoted.  (Of course, I’m not the only one facing the wrath of the Hollywood-type sheeple – there are some celebrities bold enough to speak out, and they get attacked and ostracized too.)

If you read the almost 3,000 comments after my controversial post, or read the entertainment magazines, you’ll see some of the most terrible words against me, my mom, and my entire family.

You’ll see hate in the name of love. People claim they’re just trying to protect the right of two people to love each other – a right I don’t contest, by the way – and then spew the worst words imaginable at someone they disagree with.  If the agenda is love, why do you hate so intensely?

You’ll see bullying in the name of tolerance. Bullying is in the news lately, for good reason.  It’s horrifying to see stories of young people taking their own lives because they can’t see past the hate of others.  Around Hollywood, there’s lots of concern and great initiatives to try to encourage more kindness in this world.  Then why do I get so many messages telling me I should die?  Here’s a sampling that we didn’t put up on the blog:


And if you read the comments we let through, the only word that really sums them up is “bullying.”  They treat me as if I’m not human, as if they are somehow proving how great they are by (always anonymously, the cowards) tearing me apart with their words.

Here’s the thing.  In the articles and comments, I saw a lot of hate and a lot of bullying, but you know what I didn’t see much of?  Arguments.  In fact, this reminds me a little bit of the incident in an L.A. bar that went viral several months ago and will be shown in its entirety in my upcoming new reality tv show.  There, a guy started yelling at me and called my mom terrible names, but couldn’t tell me one decent reason why he was filled with so much hate.

Here’s a news flash, guys.  Your hate and bullying don’t work.  People see through it, and they don’t like to be pushed around.  You think it’s completely obvious that you’re right, but this younger generation is more pro-life than their parents, and voters just keep defending traditional marriage.  Why?  Why would we if you’ve been telling us what to think for all these years?

Because we think for ourselves.  And we’ll keep thinking for ourselves no matter what you call us.  So keep sending the hate, but realize that hate doesn’t win arguments.
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  • Joseph Russo III

    Would it be possible for you to address the few people who made valid points or are we just going to take examples of the many who did not in order to make points about bullying?

  • Joseph Russo III

    “Oh, and I was a finalist on Dancing with the Stars, one of the most-watched shows on TV.”

    So, everybody who is on a highly rated tv program should go around commenting on politics?

    The Cake guy on TLC?
    Swamp People?
    Kate and her kids?

    People should comment on things on which they are knowledgeable and because they have a genuine interest, not because the happen to be famous for whatever reason.

    Pop culture has seen a serious decline since being famous for being famous became a way to make money and stand on a soap box giving opinions on everything going on.

    • Sarah Cameron

      I think its great! Now more “every day” people can have a voice, instead of the opportunity being limited to the likes of George Clooney.

      Dialogue is good.

    • blueniner

      Jealous much? Your a fool……

    • section9

      Well, no genius, the point of the First Amendment’s proscription against regulation of Speech by Congress is that we don’t have gatekeepers regulating speech.
      This whole point appears to have been lost on Liberals since Obama won in 2008.
      I suspect that you have no problem with people on the Left who are actors and actresses opining on the Great Issues of the Day, so long as your ox is not gored.

      • Joseph Russo III

        “Well, no genius, the point of the First Amendment’s proscription against regulation of Speech by Congress is that we don’t have gatekeepers regulating speech.”

        Actually the First Amendment prevents Congress from passing laws restricting speech by citizens:

        “Congress shall make no law respecting…”

    • mom

      Mr. Russo, she is a citizen of this country, so she has a right to comment on politics. Your comment makes no sense.

      • Joseph Russo III

        When did I claim that a citizen of the U.S. doesn’t have a right to comment on politics?

        I said that citizens who are commenting on politics should do so if they have knowledge on the topic they are talking about.

        Not simply because they are famous and “in the popular culture.”

    • Jenifer

      So, Joseph Russo III, you believe we should leave the politics up to the pundits? Are the common people not allowed to stand up and have a voice? Only the elite few who got the right education? How about the Housewives who are raising the next generation? They should stay in their place and keep their mouth shut? I believe they have stayed silent for too long.

      As one of those “Housewives,” I don’t want to listen to the elite and the Godless try and tell me and my family how to think, feel and act. I appreciate hearing from Conservative moms, who know what it’s like to try and raise a moral child in an increasingly immoral society. According to the 1st amendment, we are allowed to speak our minds too.

      • Joseph Russo III

        I stated clearly that anybody is free to have an opinion as long as the qualifier to give that opinion is knowledge concerning what they are commenting on. Ms. Palin states that because she was on “Dancing with the Stars” she is qualified to engage in a debate occurring among those who make up the popular culture. She claims not to be a pundit and just a mom made famous “in one of the most intense and embarrassing ways possible.” However, she has appeared on television news programs giving her opinion on matters (first it was abstinence not being realistic and then morphing magically into the way young women should live, maybe she discovered the money to be made taking up this stand). She claims that she was only made famous by going through an embarrassing experience, and I agree with this because it must have been very embarrassing. However, she then turns what she claims to be embarrassing into her sole reason for being famous. She gives speeches netting thousands of dollars, writes books, and has a reality tv show based solely on the fact that she is an unwed teenage mother.

        When she starts going into Camden housing projects (for free) and speaking to the young mothers there who don’t get to have reality tv shows, millionaire parents and book deals then maybe she can have more credibility.

        As of now it should be clear to anybody that Ms. Palin is simply living off her one “achievement” in life — the “achievement” that makes her part of the “debate within popular culture” with the likes of JWoww.

    • Donna McGrath

      She grew up around politics most of her life…I would say that qualifiesher as being knowledgeable. And I would also say that because of that, she has a genuine interest. And I would also like to add that just because the people who host the shows you listed and are famous do not make them less political or knowledgeable about in the least. The show’s made them famous, but their views on our society, our government, etc are intensely personal. Try to seperate their famous persona from their personal ones and you’ll find they are real people, with real opinions and care about the world we live in.

      Bristol was doing nothing more then sharing her opinion and welcomed a discussion on it. What she got instead were people who spewed vicious insults at her simply because they didn’t agree with her, thus the point for her blog today.

      Bristol…keep sharing!! 🙂

  • R Lauk

    It is a proven fact that most of those on the left have no tolerance for anyone who disagrees with them. They never practice what they preach. They are hateful, spiteful people. They are the very essence of what they accuse the right of being.

  • Jeanette Slade

    I am impressed with your intelligence and maturity every time I read your blogs. I know your parents are proud. Please continue to be the bright, articulate, independent young woman you are. Keep on putting people’s ignorance to the light of day test.

  • Millie

    Atta girl Bristol! Your comments make for good debate. The haters make for good trash. Their trashy comments pollute the air.

  • Sue Lynn

    Keep up the great writings….We people of love have your back and the Haters are exposed again. Prays for your family daily!!

  • scott

    i shouldn’t be surprised at the comment’s , but i am at the depth of or lack there of civility. so sorry your family has all these people spewing poisonous and hateful word’s.Your family, though i don’t know them look’s to handle it well but it still has to hurt

  • kristina

    Good post Bristol! Don’t let those comments bring you or your family down. Thank you for speaking out.

  • zjemptv

    Why Bristol Palin is Wrong on Marriage
    Perhaps the most irritating thing about the Palin family is their followers: the fanbase of sycophants who endlessly praise their “bravery” whenever one of them is rightfully criticized for being ignorant, prejudiced and wrong. They serve to refocus the media’s narrative onto the Palins themselves and the controversy surrounding their personal lives, with copious opportunities to portray them as the victims of liberal “attacks” when anyone disagrees with them.

    Nowhere is this more evident than in Bristol Palin’s vacuous critique of President Obama for supporting marriage equality, which apparently warrants attention simply because she is Bristol Palin. Now that she’s set the standard for intellectual depth, we’ll be forced to endure endless coverage of Twitter replies from celebrities and unoriginal jokes about her own family structure.

    But if Palin really wants to talk about marriage, then let’s talk about marriage. She opens with the observation that conservative Christian women running for office are sometimes asked if they would be subservient to their husbands, whereas liberal women usually aren’t. (You might be wondering what this has to do with same-sex marriage, but we’re getting there.)

    While it’s absolutely inappropriate to question someone’s ability to lead just because they’re a woman, there’s a reason why conservative women in particular face such inquiries: Republicans are more likely to take the Bible literally, and it has plenty to say about women’s obligation to be silent, obey their husbands, and never hold authority over men. If nothing else, this offers them an opportunity to reject these parts of the Bible and repudiate outdated beliefs about women’s roles.

    So how does this relate to Obama? Palin clumsily parallels this with his statement that Sasha and Malia have friends with same-sex parents, and they see no reason for their friends’ parents to be treated differently. She proceeds to make this the centerpiece of her argument, seemingly under the impression that Obama’s daughters’ attitudes are the centerpiece of his. (Had she read a few sentences earlier in the very paragraph she quoted, she could just as well have chastised him for being influenced by college Republicans.)

    As Palin sees it, the president “made a massive change in a policy position that could affect the entire nation after consulting with his teenage daughters”. Such a claim is so ignorant of context it can only be a deliberate misrepresentation. Never mind that Obama also mentioned his personal support for equal rights, his experiences with gay staff in the White House, and his insistence that all servicemembers should be treated fairly. Palin would rather portray his principled stand as a capitulation to the whims of teenagers.

    That alone is dishonest enough, but then things take a turn for the truly ugly. Realizing her argument can’t rest solely on a brazen distortion we all know to be false, she suggests that Obama should “explain to Malia and Sasha that while her friends parents are no doubt lovely people, that’s not a reason to change thousands of years of thinking about marriage. Or that – as great as her friends may be – we know that in general kids do better growing up in a mother/father home.”

    Hiding behind “thousands of years” is certainly easy, but let’s not forget that disregarding tradition is the longest tradition of all. For all of the undeserved deification of the past, as though it could somehow hold the answers to every issue we’ll ever face, we’ve often managed to admit that tradition has actually been wrong. No longer do we resist the idea of treating women equally in marriage, or allowing people of different races to marry – and this progress has been made at the expense of tradition.

    Our society’s conventions are surely not eternal; they once had to be justified like any other idea. If there are good reasons for a tradition, these reasons can stand on their own merits, with no need to appeal to longevity. Using the past to veto the future is often the hallmark of those who just don’t have a better argument.

    However, Palin’s contention that the children of same-sex parents are worse off than those with a mother and father is a decidedly empirical matter. This is an active area of research, and the results are not in her favor. Though the sample sizes have often been small, existing studies show no significant differences in the children of same-sex couples. They’re just as healthy, psychologically well-adjusted and academically successful. (The study most commonly cited by anti-gay conservatives to show that “kids do better growing up in a mother/father home” didn’t even include any same-sex parents.) The evidence-free expectation that gay couples must be inferior parents has no possible basis outside of simple prejudice.

    But this argument isn’t just incorrect – it’s also completely irrelevant. Even if it were demonstrated that same-sex parents tend to be worse for children than opposite-sex parents, this still shouldn’t matter, because proficiency at raising children has never been used to define who has the right to get married. The institution of marriage isn’t limited to whichever demographic groups have shown optimal parenting ability.

    Children of families in poverty are more likely to have adverse outcomes, but there’s no income qualification for marriage. Even prisoners and convicted child molesters retain their right to marry – as long as it’s to someone of the opposite sex. This is a standard that no one else is subject to, and Palin’s demand that same-sex couples alone must meet this requirement is purely an artifact of homophobia.

    Most disturbing of all are the implications of her attitudes: she’s actually blaming the president for not seeing happy, loving, normal same-sex parents as unqualified deviants who are irreparably harming their children. And she expects him to teach his own daughters to view these innocent people with doubt, suspicion and fear – the same distrust and disrespect Palin has often faced as an unwed teen mother.

    Our families deserve better than this. I believe our children do best in a world where my partner and I aren’t seen as a threat to them just because we love each other. I believe they should get to grow up in a country where the other kids don’t think they’ve been damaged by having two caring and devoted parents. And I believe they deserve to say with pride that their moms are happily married.
    #ignorance#homophobia#LGBT#politics#Barack Obama#gay marriage

    • blueniner

      You know many of us are soooooo tired of this Gay crap, hes gay, shes gay, their gay, there is much bigger issues going on in the Country today, like an economic calamity, jobs, debt, security etc. This topic that the President has used to instigate as a wedge issue is so overused, and folks are getting tired of it, its overkill and lets knock it off, and get to bigger fish to fry!

    • Josh

      I would respond, but it’s a lot of fluff, mixed with insults towards Palin or people you disagree with. Tighten it up, and get to your points faster.

      • Mrs. Sixx

        You won’t respond to zjemptv because “it’s a lot of fluff”? Seriously? What zjemptv wrote is a very well-written, cohesive discussion of the points Ms. Palin wrote in her original blog post on the subject. Zjmptev takes the post point by point and proceeds to show how each point is “spun” to adhere to Ms. Palin’s own beliefs, which in no way mirror the actual facts of President Obama’s comments about equal rights in marriage. In fact, Zjmptev’s comment is beautifully and intelligently written — which is more than I can say for Ms. Palin.
        Let’s be honest, Josh. You’ve posted several times here. You’re obviously a fan, so don’t intellectually dishonest as well.
        Have a great day, sir!
        Mrs. Sixx

        • Josh

          Mrs. Sixx,

          I find the post long, boring, difficult to read and full of needless insults.

          I’ll show you in case you actually are opened minded:

          “Perhaps the most irritating thing about the Palin family” (insult) “is their followers: the fanbase of sycophants” (insult) who endlessly praise their “bravery” whenever one of them is rightfully criticized for being ignorant, prejudiced and wrong. (insult unless he can prove it which he doesn’t). “They serve to refocus the media’s narrative onto the Palins themselves and the controversy surrounding their personal lives” so ridiculous, like the Palins WANT the attention on their personal lives? Are you kidding me? “, with copious opportunities to portray them as the victims of liberal “attacks” when anyone disagrees with them.” They aren’t the victims of liberal attacks? And he uses attacks in quotation marks as if the Palin’s haven’t been attacke? Are you freaking serious? Death threats, called the worst names anybody could come up with, attacking their brother who has down syndrome, attacking under-aged daughters, the mean-spirted jokes and portrayals, saying that Sarah Palin was at fault for Gabby Giffords because she had a target on her webstie, a reporter moving next door to the Palins so he could spy on them in their personal lives, and almost zero support for their basic dignity as human beings from liberals who almost exclusively just laugh or chuckle and say “oh they deserved it”, “they had it coming” and this guy wants to make it seem like they haven’t been unfairly treated and that they haven’t REALLY been attacked, it’s just a fabrication by them to distract people? Are you serious with that Mrs. Sixx?

          After that complete garbage and shameless smut, how can I take anything this guy says seriously? He’s obviously a political hack that mischaracterizes things to fit his liberal agenda with no regard for the INTELLECTUAL HONESTY that you claim to champion, even while praising a very intellectually DISHONEST and disengenious post.

          so I hope you can see why I wouldn’t want to take the time to respond to the other 20 paragraphs, it’s not good.

          But if you want to debate with me, then post on a more recent comment.

    • otlset

      zjemtv: Would your male children coming of age necessarily have to look outside your female same-sex family unit to find a role model?

  • Huntingmoose

    Write more !

  • Nicky

    Bristol, you are so smart and brave. Why are the libs so filled with hate? Could it be because they have no God in them to bring spiritual peace? I really find it ironic that they preach for equal rights for gays so vehemently but the rights of innocent, unborn babies are ignored. It’s simply because they think only of themselves and throwing hatefulness at you makes them feel important and intelligent. Stay strong you beautiful and intelligent lady.

  • Sammie Mecum

    There is nothing wrong with gay marriage in my opinion. Something I had noticed is that more often than not gay marriages last a lot longer than a traditional marriage. It’s a shame to me that we would stop two people who love eachother and are willing to devote themselves to eachother from getting benefits and the “title” they so crave.

    As far as bullying goes, I think it’s all crap. I don’t understand why people insist on tearing others down. You are free to believe in what you would like, as am i, as is the president. With that being said however, if he chooses to change his mind on his standing in something he has the freedom to do that.

    With that being said, I like your mom, and from what i’ve seen of you Bristol I think you are a good mother. Someday you will give Tripp the family you want him to have. Until then, he has a great support system in your family and he has you and thats the most important thing.

  • Joey

    Bristol, well said. I completely agree with your points about hate in the name of love and bullying in the name of tolerance. People can disagree, but do they have to do so with such a violent hatred? This type of attitude doesn’t help anyone or solve anything. It only makes people want to fight much, much harder for what they believe.

  • John R

    Bristol, you’re dealing with petulant children. If they don’t get their way, if you challenge their prejudices just a smidgen, they have no recourse but to wallow in their own anger and bitterness. When your son doesn’t get a thing that he wants, what does he do? He throws a fit. A temper tantrum. That’s what you’re dealing with here. And we’ve been dealing with it on a national level since these very same people lost the 2000 elections. Somewhere in the ‘evolution’ of our national discourse, it became acceptable to not have to defend one’s position the historical and factual merits and just throw insults and call for your opponent to be silenced. Such are the tactics of these, the champions of ‘freedom.’ GroupThink rules, they exist in their own echo chamber and dissent it prohibited. All things they accuse conservatives of, by the way. Project much, Liberals? Orwell would recognize who the pigs are on this Animal Farm.

    All the best to you and your family, Bristol.

    • Donna

      Well Said, John R. I agree with you. And I feel Bristol has been a much better example of a person who is tolerant as well as a better example to young people than any of the Hollywood types that profess to be.

  • Sarah Cameron

    I couldn’t agree more Bristol. I believe those who hold liberal views preach a lot about tolerance, but are some of the most intolerant people. I am often fearful to share my conservative views because of the hateful responses I would receive. Thanks for articulating your points so well here. It is what I’ve been thinking for a while.

  • denim

    Keep it up Bristol, its funny how people can’t understand that though some may not agrre with gay marriage they don’t have a problem with gay relationships, I myself am one of those people. My sheriff recently came out and he has been slaughtered in the media, mostly by democrats and the support for him has come more from the conservative side. I personally could care less your sexual oreintation as long as you are a decent person. Let the shallow people keep digging their own graves, people are seeing thru it!

  • Raven Winters

    Well said. Nothing grates my ass more than people who hate and bully someone because it’s popular to do so, as if that makes it acceptable. Hatred and bullying are NEVER acceptable. Never. I don’t give a damn who you are or what your belief system may be. Hatred not only breeds more hatred, it serves no purpose whatsoever except to make the person spreading the hatred feel a little more self-righteous. There’s far too much of it going on from all sides, and it’s time to put an end to it.

  • K Lewis

    Bristol isn’t “commenting on politics”, but expressing her opinion. I think it’s great that someone in the spotlight can come out after a backlash being positive. I personally don’t see how it’s fair that the gays get to share their feelings to the point of riot, but when people who doesn’t exactly support them shares their opinions, we’re homophobic? No. I was always told to hate the sin, not the sinner. People still feel (and im sure always will) feel that it is wrong. Bristol wasn’t judging, just casting her opinion. I also feel there is no reason to “praise” P. Obama for his passing gay marriage, this is just a way to get a majority of the votes.

  • Phil

    Miss Bristol, you’re right that we need debate–especially on such important issues as good and evil–but what you’re getting here is far from debate, and I’m sorry you’re taking so much flak for this. You’re spot-on in noting the lack of argument from the other side. These bullies are more concerned with doing what feels good than what is right. And it’s shameful that you’ve received such treatment for speaking the truth. It just goes to show how much they want you to stop making an argument that they can’t win. I do hope you’ll keep on speaking out. You’ve clearly struck a nerve, and you’re speaking for the majority of Americans. Best wishes to you, your son and all your family!

  • Richelle

    You keep shining the light and writing. We’ll keep praying for you.

  • Theresa

    This is her BLOG people, she can write whatever she wants to write about, and if you don’t like it, don’t read it! Or at least learn to make intelligent arguments and not hateful insults.
    Keep on keepin’ on, Bristol.

  • Well put Bristol. It seems the so-called “tolerant” is only tolerant of those who support them. There’s a few terms for that. We get it from them but they get angry when we use them ON THEM. Intolerant and narrow-minded.

    Tables turn. It’s a revolution when “free-thinking” leads people to your view, but when it becomes your opposition it’s “radical.” Relativism is great, until my relative truth says your relativity isn’t truth. It’s acceptable as long they accept it. If they don’t, THEN it becomes acceptable.

    There’s one more word for it. We’re used to hearing it, they’re used to using it: Hypocrisy.

  • Liz

    Great and insightful post- keep it up! 🙂

  • Wendy Nemec

    I am a 47 year old woman that has been in a 10 year relationship with another woman…. and I happen to support your right and in fact everyone’s right to their opinion regarding gay marriage. Frankly, I think marriage in general has become somewhat less then admirable. Straight or gay, people don’t value marriage like it was once valued. Divorce is too easy……but heck, have at it if that’s what people choose. I don’t need gay marriage to be happy. There are a lot bigger issues that need solving in the world right now!
    I also agree that the liberal Hollywood hypocrites should shut up and act. They don’t represent me and I know they don’t represent the many other conservative gay and lesbian people across the world that do have similar view points and happen to support you and your Mom too!.

    • John R

      Bravo, Wendy. Well said!

    • Marco

      I agree. Also gay and in a 14 year relationship.

  • Jenifer

    I just wanted to echo your sentiment, that Hollywood, while controlling our entertainment, does not get the last say on our morals. Christians believe in high moral standards, and that does not mean they are bigots or haters, or backwards. I believe the infamous “Silent Majority” should be silent no longer. We need to stand up for what we believe to be right. Let’s have the discussions of which you speak, because Hollywood’s values are not America’s values. Keep up the good fight, Bristol. We need more courageous people like you out there in pop culture, in all culture.
    From one mom to another,
    Thank you!

  • Well put Bristol. It seems the so-called “tolerant” are only tolerant of those who support them. There’s a few terms for that. We get these terms from them, but they get angry when we use these terms ON THEM. Intolerant and narrow-minded.

    Tables turn. It’s a revolution when “free-thinking” leads people to your view, but when it becomes your opposition it’s “radical.” Relativism is great, until my relative truth says your relativity isn’t truth. It’s acceptable as long they accept it. If they don’t, THEN it becomes unacceptable.

    There’s one more word for it. We’re used to hearing it, they’re used to using it: Hypocrisy.

  • Charlotte Ottilo

    Bristol, I am so glad to see that you let ignorant comments roll off your back. (I’m sure it still hurts and as a mother I would be outraged as I’m sure your mom is). Today, Stupidity for what is wrong in this world runs rampant. We have become a society of “What’s right is now wrong and what’s wrong has become the Norm”. For more then one person to call for your “death” boggles the mind. Wow! I am a human being, a woman, a wife, a mother, a daughter, and a Christian. I have always had faith in the human race but this type of “terrorist” chatter is disturbing to me and should be, even to those who completely disagree with you. Agreeing to disagree civilly is what our Country was founded on. This kind of bullying leads to one kind thought pattern, “agree with me or we’ll kill you”. Come on people we aren’t a Communist Country..YET!
    Bristol, You keep on doing your thing! Whether anyone would agree or disagree, you have the God given right to express your opinion’s and I respect you 100%!! May the Lord bless you and bless our Country! ; ))

  • Kimberly Lindsey

    Congrats on yet another great blog….Unfortunately I have seen these hateful comments and more about you and your family. Your blogs are well written despite not having a college degree. You are schooled in life, and have an excellent teacher in your mother on how to rise about the “noise”. Great job Bristol

  • Johnny Mac

    You’re absolutely right and I was kind of shaken by some of those comments–I can only imagine how you feel (And I am sure you have to deal with this kind of crap every freaking day). There does seem to be a growing trend of intolerance against so-called intolerance. People who oppose me on the issue of marriage don’t argue, they name call. It is the lowest form of discussion and yet they pride themselves on being intellectual (and moral) superiors. Just take comfort that you’re on the right side of things. And that hey, you got 3rd on dancing with the stars; that means A LOT of people love you 🙂

  • Joie C

    You are wonderful! Keep writing more. You are in my prayers!

  • Kim C.

    Bristol, I was thinking these same things when I read some of those comments. I’m glad you wrote this. I don’t understand personal attacks in the name of “tolerance”. Death threats to get some one to change their mind about gay marriage…really? What are people thinking?

  • Katelynn

    Without even pointing out the blatant hypocrisy in this blog, I would like to say you would have a much better chance if you wrote your blogs with proper grammar. It is common knowle dge to never start a sentence with a conjunction, this is what the semicolon(;) was created for. Before you climb on your soap box to tell other people how they have gone wrong, you should probably make sure all your i’s have been dotted, and the t’s crossed. While I disagree with 90% of what you stand for and say, I will say that I agree with you on your stance for bullying. In a new age of cyber conversations that take place in real time, people hide behind their computers and use that sheild to say things that would normally not say to someone’s face, or they would at least re think their wording. People are abnormally cruel, as we can see from the comments you received, espeically when anonymity is provided. It’s cruel and unnecessary. I am sure this will be the only thing you and I ever agree on, but none the less it is a valid point. I just wish you would take the platform you have and use it in a way to create a stronger movement for your beliefs. You would be a much stronger voice if you proofread and use proper grammar. Hey one day you may even change someone like mine’s opinion.

    • Chris in Ottumwa

      what is knowle dge?

      Guess you better use your own words of wisdom and proofread?

      You talk about how cruel people are and then point out a very common grammar mistake that people make?

      That is the same thing the others are doing in less harsh terms…

    • SKH

      Here we go with the armchair grammar police. Puh-lease stop.

    • Speck in your eye

      “And why behold you the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but consider not the beam that is in your own eye?”
      So, let me get that beam for you. (1.) “common knowledge” – spelling/typing (2.) “with a conjunction. This is” – run-on sentence (3.) “dotted and the” – uneccesary comma (4.) “cyber-conversations” – hypenated word, not two separate (5.) “say things which” – improper use of “that” (6.) “say things which they would normally” or “would normally not be said” – improper grammar (7.) “rethink” – spelling/typing (8.) “Hey, one” – interjectory clause (9.) “change the opinion of someone like me.” – complete grammar failure

    • RefudiateObama2012

      I’d bet that you don’t even know where Bristol or her mother stand on the issues, so how could you claim to disagree with 90% of what she stands for?

      BTW, since you want to be the grammar police, your last sentence is a mess.

    • Karen

      Pretty passive aggresive there Katelynn.

  • You are an intelligent young woman, Bristol, made WISER by your experiences in life. As long as there are people like you who refuse to give up the right to think for themselves, there is hope for America. You’ll be in my prayers so God will always keep and protect you and your family.

  • nichole

    Although I admire you for stepping up to the plate in terms of being a single parent and helping teens from making the same ‘mistake’ you took…were you really that surprised that people wrote what they did? Sure, not everyone is going to agree—however, you’re famous, and whether you like it or not, when making statments of any sort espeically on the topic of ‘homosexuals’, you’re going to have nasty comments like that (no matter where you stand with it)….it just comes with the territory. Does it make it right?!—Not at all. No one you should tell you to die, or you’re an awful mother…It just goes to show how truly awful some people are, and really just how disturbing it is that people like that are probably parents.

    I am for homosexuals having the same right as others and I am a believer in Jesus. Why? Well for one, we live in America, where we are suppose to be a free country with this ‘ideal picture’ that we should have equal rights no matter who we are—a picture of hope for all those who are facing discrimination in other countries. However this is not the case, we are from it. Politics and relgion do not mix by any means—there should be a seperation becuase in America not everyone is from the Christian faith….we have all sorts of religous beliefs, it’s the beauty of America. To push the Christian faith onto everyone in America is wrong—really, the way I see it, if you’re going to do that, you should take down the Statue of Liberty and become more of a socialist country or something. More importantly, those of us who are Christians don’t think the same in terms of our religous beliefs. If someone was to use the ‘religous’ argument that God created ‘Adam & Eve’ so therefore gays shouldn’t be allowed to marry….my argument against that is…… there is two creation stories. Genesis 1 & 2. Two completley different accounts of creation. Anyone who has ever taken a religous studies class is/or should have been aware of this (and other contradicting stories). What does this prove…that it’s a myth. A story by ancient people who were trying to understand where they came from—a tradition that is still being told to this day. You can’t use a myth to argue against that (not saying you did, but you did want facts—and religon is always used against homosexuals). Although I could go on about religon, I’ll just end with that.

    Overall, although you don’t have to be for what everyone else is, you should be aware of the consiquences of your comments. I know if I post something political on my facebook account that I’m going to have a billion comments arguing against or for my statement…so if I’m not wanting mean things said, I’m not going to post it. It just appears that in some way, you’re playing the victim in all of this when really you had it coming (not the hateful comments, but arguments against what you said)….

    Best Wishes.

    • Chris in Ottumwa

      what the Bible says…God does approve of sex outside of marriage and clearly states that marriage is only between one man and one woman…any sex outside of marriage inlcuding adultery of any kind, self sex etc ses with someone of the same sex or opposite sex…

      People try and make it seem like Christians hate homosexuals etc…that is not the case with most Christians. The case is that most Christians hate it (the sin) when we see anyone doing things that will slow down their reaching of God’s best for them.

      anyone that does not agree with that, should not call themselves a Christian at least in the sense of it meaning a follower of Jesus Christ….

      People of course are free to disagree etc. but to call some one names, tell them to kill themselves, etc. becuase you have a different opinion just goes to show how messed up our world is!

    • Josh

      Nicole, by your logic and definition of civil rights, equal rights and liberty, then we should also allow polygamy, we should allow people to marry their pets, we should allow any age to marry any age, we should allow incestious marriage, etc etc. Because why not? Because they should have just as much rights as anyone else, right? We may as well take the statue of liberty down if we don’t allow anybody to marry any person(s), animal(s) or thing(s). That’s your words. If you don’t agree with all those different combinations, you are being discriminatory. That’s your words.
      And about Bristol “having it coming”? Well maybe Bristol believed despite her own experiences of receiving “hate” on the presidential campaign and receiving “hate” on Dancing with the Stars (among other places), not to mention witnessing her Mother receiving possibly more hate on a presidential campaign then any other person……………… maybe Bristol is still shocked by the “hate” of people. And maybe Bristol doesn’t want to believe that people will act that way or stand for people acting that way when they do. So maybe the people that are “hating” on Bristol shouldn’t be surprised when people who believe like Bristol, including me call them out for their hypocrisy. Which is what Bristol is doing and what I am doing. Don’t be surprised by it. Seems like you expect people with a certain point of view to act like turtles, do you? Seems like that’s just a more subtle and covert form of bullying. Don’t be surprised when that doesn’t work.

  • Ken lowery

    Bristol my dear, you are truly a Palin. A chip off your ma and dads block. I love the way you and your ma are handling the lamesteam media distractions, then setting what the narrative should be. You my dear are doing a great service for the country. While you deal with the distraction from the social progressives, you ma deals with what the narrative should be and it’s importance to the nation. This tactic is allowing her more time to bring to the folks attention what needs to be done. Conservative candidates for Congress. It’s a brilliant strategy. What a team!!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks for making great points, I agree with everything you said in this blog post. You have an amazing family. God bless you and your loved ones. Keep it up Bristol, I appreciate it.

  • Chris

    I want to begin this comment by saying that I am a republican and have voted as such for the last 5 years (because I am only 23 at this moment). That being said, it is not your right nor anyone else’s to criticize who can and cannot be a parent. It would be wonderful if you could cite an example of an unfit homosexual household but I know that you probably do not know of any such thing. I think that the only thing that your article and the resulting comments show are defensiveness which does not lead to progress. I do however agree that you should be able to share your viewpoint without having death threats, but it seems that this is inevitable in the age of anonymity across the web.

    • Chris in Ottumwa

      it easy…their are things that moms teach their kids and things that dads teach their kids and when you only have one or the other, its not the best….plain and simple…Men do things differently than women and Women do things differently than men.

    • Josh

      @Chris “it is not your right or anyone else’s to criticize who can and cannot be parent”. Are you serious? Bristol or anyone else doesn’t have that RIGHT? Do you mean it’s illegal and there is no free speech? I don’t think you meant that did you? You really meant that people SHOULDN’T say who is a good parent or who is not, correct? Well Bristol didn’t say any specific people, did she? No. She made a general statement about the superiority of male/female parents vs same sex parents. She doesn’t have that RIGHT? Of course she does. And everyone knows she is correct about that assertion, even the approximately 50% of the public who might feign outrage agree with her deep down, everyone knows Dad/Mom is the way it’s supposed to be and best including you.
      And about Bristol “citing an unfit homosexual household”. Would that really satisfy you? If Bristol in fact knew of one and gave you that example, would you then change you mind and agree with her? Probably not. So dangling that red herring out there is kind of disingenious on your part.
      Bristol was obviously making a generalization and only in a very liberal day and age and media blitz of pushing homosexuality to put it on par with heterosexuality could a statment supporting the traditional Mom/Dad family unit be considering controversial.
      You say you are a republican, then how could you fall so easily for the media and hollywood’s wizard of oz trick? Come on man, you’re not 3, you’re 23. Wise up.

  • Jack

    Bristol, if people can’t win on arguments they resort to name-calling and other insults.

    Keep up the good work Bristol!

  • Sharon K

    A three pointer. Nothing but net. Brilliantly done.

  • Lisa

    Bristol, I want to start by saying I am pro-choice and all for gay marriage BUT I LOVE that you speak your mind and I love your family! I’m sure there are members of my family that dont agree with me but that doesn’t mean I would spew such hateful words towards them. Keep strong and never let people bring you down to their level. You’re so right on the bullying issue, it’s disgusting that people would think these things towards you and the little precious babies! I’m waiting to buy your book and I appreciate all your blogs. Keep up the good work and stay strong! 🙂 Good Day!

    • Chris in Ottumwa

      While I disagree with your pro choice pro gay marriage stance, I wanted to say that its very refreshing to see civil discussions between people that disagree without resorting to name calling, hate filled posts etc…and to point out grammar errors as if that proves anything about the topic of discussion unless we are all back in English class at school..

  • Chase

    Bristol, nothing you say or point out can be taken seriously, given that you refuse to call out Bill Maher specifically for his “bullying”. Crying to Obama for a phone call is just pathetic (do you really think he will speak to you?). Unless you confront a “bully”, the “bullying” will continue. Do the right thing and call Maher’s diatribes out.

    • Me

      Aren’t you just going to call Bristol a professional victim if she calls him out on it, hypocrite?

  • Bristol, when someone mentions wanting you dead or hope you die, etc that should be reported as a threat against your life and you should forward these to homeland security or your local police. The senders should not get a free pass on this . Thank God for freedom of speech but these threats or death wishes cross the line.
    It is sad that they are so childish. Finally, let me pray this over you and your family: No weapon formed against you shall prosper,every tongue that raises up against you in judgement will be put to naught; God will contend with those who contend with you and vengeance is His, He alone will repay. Keep praying this prayer and watch how God will move on your behalf. Keep their feet to the fire as they are two faced rascals.

    • Alberta Brett

      You are so right!

  • shirley

    It all comes down to hypocrisy. They’re all for everyone expressing an opinion as long as they agree with it. If they don’t agree then it’s perfectly OK to say the most vile and crude things their small brains can think of. People like that are an argument for evolution: with the things they say I can believe they come from slime.

  • bellagrazi

    Oh my God, Bristol, that was supremely awesome! Keep it up, girl. Your haters are losing their shit, because they know you will never back down. And your fans are cheering you on for the same reason. You are definitely striking a nerve in this country with your posts. Palin haters are the most vile people on earth. To wish harm on a child is disturbing, to say the least. (to wish harm on anyone) These are the people with serious PDS. I’m so glad you posted their comments, Bristol. People need to see what your family goes through on a daily basis. Keep using your voice, Bristol. You definitely have a lot of Mama Grizzly in you. We’re so proud of you, BP.

    • Barbara

      Thanks bellagrazi I could not have said it better myself. Keep your chin up Bristol, millions of people do not hate you or your Mom. I for one greatly admire your spirit and commitment, you are a great role model for kids coming up today. Keep fighting Sweety, when I can I got your back with my words.

  • Joni

    Well said Bristol! More people need to say what you are saying.

  • Megan H

    Bristol- It’s sad that this is what the world is coming to. Unfortunately people are so insecure with themselves that they have to poke fun and say awful things to other to build themselves up. Someday they will see the errors of their ways. It doesn’t matter how you got to where you are, God has made a place for you with authority to voice his truths. I’m proud of you! Being a mom is hard enough as it is. I’m so glad you have the support of a Christian family behind you and your son. My husband and I live in Montana with our two little boys and enjoy a lot of the things your family does as well:) It’s a different way of life but we love it! Just remember you have people behind you, supporting you all the way. But most importantly you have God and he is the only opinion we should care about, Satin can try his hardest to weave a web of his lies and break us down, so pay no attention to those comments those people wrote… apparently they see you as a threat:) You must be doing something right!!!

  • Diema Roth

    Amen! Go Bristol! I’m 23, married, with 4 children. I used to be incredibly liberal. Then, as my hubby’s college professor said, I grew up, my eyes were opened. I think using your platform to stand firm on your beliefs is FABULOUS! More from our generation need to stand up and proclaim Truth. Push through the garbage! As stated, you struck a nerve, shoving a knife in the enemy and God is proud!

    • L3

      Yes, the Old Testament God sure would be proud of Bristol “shoving a knife in the enemy”. Jesus, probably not so much.

  • Alberta Brett


    I can’t even imagine what this is like. I was bullied as a child in school, but cannot compare this with what you go through. I want to tell you that I applaud you for addressing this situation. Thank you for taking a stand and looking these people and their posts in the eye and telling them YOU WILL NOT give in to their hate – you will stand and rise above it with grace and dignity – just like your mother has shown you. What an example you have to look up too!! As I’ve said in other responses to your posts, I too am a single mom. I became a single parent in 1991 – and being a single parent at that time was still frown upon. I than had my second child out of wedlock in 1993. I do not consider either of my children a “mistake”. My daughter is studying to be a DR! Let me stand up and tell all those that had it out for me that they were wrong! I have 2 wonderful children, raised them alone. They are the light of my life, my pride and joy. I thank the Lord for them everyday. Don’t give up, keep fighting – your an inspiration to single parents all around the world.. I’m 43 and you inspire me!

    • Lisa

      Good for you Alberta! There are many single mom’s out there that have done a great job – and it looks like you’re one of them.

      I’m a parent of children that were bullied. I know what that’s like – and that’s why I stand up to bullies every day.

  • Carol

    Couldn’t have been said it any better Bristol. I’m sure you are well aware of the fact that Hollywood is primarily made up of liberals, and all those nasty tweets….likely came from mostly liberals…if not all.

    Two of my best friends are gay. They have been in a relationship for nearly 20 years. They are two of the best people I know. I truly love them. However, I am a married Christian woman to a Christian man. We have been together for 10 years and have two beautiful girls. We support a marriage between a man and a woman and not same sex marriage because of our Christian beliefs. The Bible is our word and we try and live our lives as closely to that as possible. Because we are not perfect, we will continue to sin and make mistakes but bottom line is we believe what the Bible says and I will just leave it at that. Keep going Bristol. I think you, your mom and your entire family are great people and both God and Jesus have your backs.

  • Nicky

    The comment about you not having a college education is ridiculous. I have noticed that obtaining a college degree doesn’t make you smart, it just makes you think you are. And as far as Hollywood stars’ opinions, they live in a world of make believe. Why should I care what they think?

  • Wow…just read your first blog that got all the atten
    tion. What a great blog! I loved the line about how maybe the dad should be shaping the minds of his kids not the other way around. Such great stuff!

    Keep it up…

    • L3

      I hope that this means that Bristol gives Levi equal time in shaping the mind of little Tripp, since Dad’s are so important.

      • section9

        Yeah, but remember, Levi has to come around and show up first. I hear he’s spending time tending to his new child, “Baretta”.
        Or is it, “Sturmgewehr”?

  • chinaman

    hey bristol:

    i am sorry people write to you like that. you don’t deserve that. no one does. don’t fret and put on a smile.

    as for the content: i do think it is ironic given that your theme is hate and bullying. i would never name call. but many of us, i am not gay, just a believer in equal rights, think that not allowing same-sex couples to get married come from a place of hate and is a type of bullying. i hope that maybe you might see my point and be willing to extend your love, understanding, and forgiveness to some of God’s other children, the homosexual community.

    thank you and best wishes.

    • MaryInMinnesota

      I try my hardest not to bully or hate people for who they are… I am a Christian, and I believe in God and Jesus, and I do honestly believe that God created one man and one woman for the intentions of procreating. If God had wanted the people of this planet to die off, go extinct, then he would have created either two men or two women, but he did not. As a Christian, I was taught that God is a forgiving person, so maybe in his eyes, he will forgive the gay people, but we will not know that until Judgment Day. So in the meantime, I am firmly against giving gays the right to celebrate the marriage of two people before God. The intentions, the purpose, of a marriage certificate, is to join two people, one man and one woman, in the sanctity of marriage to procreate before God. I am not against giving them legal rights as they are all saying they want, and I am not against giving them “civil rights,” but not marriage certificates. The big war is all about whether to give gays marriage certificates or civil rights… let’s give them their civil rights and end this war.

      • Me

        The homosexual rights people are not going to end this war if we change the definition of marriage. Look at how the homosexual rights groups are bullying people who disagree with same sex marriage in Canada and it’s been legal in that country since 2005.

        • John

          Look out for the big bad bullying gays! You guys play the victim so frequently it’s almost as if its the only card in your entire deck.

          The whole logic behind that is so retarded. Derp gays bully us so they are just as bad as us Derp.


      • Mary,
        Well said!!!!!

      • MattZuke

        ” I do honestly believe that God created one man and one woman for the intentions of procreating. If God had wanted the people of this planet to die off, go extinct, then he would have created either two men or two women,”

        This is where your argument falls apart. What if god introduced homosexuality to keep population under control.

        “The intentions, the purpose, of a marriage certificate, is to join two people, one man and one woman, ”

        There is no marriage certificate in the bible, and there is not a lot of monogamy either. It’s perfectly okay to have 700 wives, and 700 concubines.

  • Lisa

    I do not agree with your view regarding the President’s views on same sex marriage at all. However, I don’t think anyone should wish you dead. That’s just stupid and counterproductive. We can have a discussion without threats. If we can’t then we aren’t adults.

    Grow up people.
    Keep in mind – I don’t agree with you, but I don’t wish you any harm. We are all entitled to our own opinions. That’s what makes America great!

    Have a great day!

  • Justine Stewart

    Bristol, I don’t know how you keep your cool! I get so mad for you when I see hateful things about you or your family. But you have freedom of speech just like everyone else so keep posting! 🙂

  • Julie Choat

    We are all sinners in need of a Savior! The only Person that can fill that void in our hearts is Jesus Christ! The fact is everyone is looking to fill that void with something or someone that will eventually let them down! The bible says marriage is between one man and one woman! It’s true whether you believe it or not! I’m proud of you, Bristol! Keep living for Christ, and use the platform you’ve been given for His glory! God bless you!

    • HFK

      it doesn’t matter what the Bible says when it comes to public policy because not everyone in this country agrees to live according to your religion, particularly those who do not believe your religion- Jews, Hindus, Atheists, Buddhists, etc. This is a free country, where “congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of a religion” (1st. Amend.), not a theocracy. Your Bible also says that it is forbidden to eat pork or steak, and that women who aren’t virgins on their wedding night should be stoned to death. You and every other Christian chooses what you want to obey and not obey when it comes to the Bible- so why choose to limit other people’s equal treatment under the law? Why choose to hate on and hurt other people based on who they love? You don’t have to choose to hurt gay people, and it doesn’t do you or anyone else any good to do so, so you should just do the loving, moral thing and treat us with respect and equality under the law.

      • Me

        Except loving, moral, respect, and equality are just your definitions of those terms, which normal people don’t accept.

        She’s not hurting homosexuals by opposing same sex marriage. That’s just you playing the victim card like you always do.

        • Lee

          The victim card is a double-edged sword. Personally, I feel that same sex marriage does not hurt the Christian religion if it’s allowed because it would be a strictly government ruling. I now see why people say “don’t like gay marriage? Don’t have one”.

  • Anonymous

    The statement that “Conservative women like my mom get grief because people think they can’t make decisions without their husband” is blatantly false. Quit lying, and then calling other people bullies who call you out on your lies. Also Nancy quit pretending to be someone you aren’t.

    • MaryInMinnesota

      Why are you hiding behind the name of Anonymous? People who don’t hate others are not afraid of showing their names.

      One of the many reasons that Bristol made the comment of: “Conservative women like my mom get grief because they think they can’t make decisions without their husband” is a FACT. The reason Bristol is saying this is because the media and others who dislike Sarah Palin have chastised her for this very reason. Haven’t you read the horrid things they say about her? Go Google it and you’ll find page after page to back up what Bristol is saying. Bristol was not lying, and she has the right to defend herself, and that my dear is not called bullying in any book. I hope you have a day filled with love. Mary

      • John


        Sorry, but when you step into national spotlight with the intention of taking control of one of the worlds largest stockpiles of nuclear weapons and you show yourself time and time again to be a HUGE fool everytime your mouth opens up PEOPLE ARE GOING TO SAY NEGATIVE THINGS.

        That’s why it’s important to know yourself very well before taking on something so massive because the fact is she comes off as someone who is woefully in over her head to the very group of people she wants to lead. I know a lot of conservatives and die hard Republicans who don’t want her in office for the exact same reasons I don’t.

        Einstein expressed great remorse at the end of his life having given the nuclear weapon to people who he realized would not have sound enough judgement to be responsible for something of that magnitude. Imagine how he turned in his grave the moment Palin announced her VERY misled aspirations to the world. He would have thought us all completely insane to even entertain the idea that Palin could be in charge of armageddon.

        I wish for just one second they could truly see how the world sees them. To that effect they sound delusional. They say something incredibly stupid and get the reaction you would expect from incredibly stupid comments and their response is allways to blame a conspiracy or the “lame stream media”. Fact: Small Town America has no clue how stupid it really is. Neither does Bristol or Sarah.

  • Anonymous

    How do you think Malia and Sasha feel that you picked on them for supposedly watching too many episodes of glee? You and your family are a bunch of mean people.

  • Good Morning Bristol…. Here is something I always say in defense of your Mom when people speak their “Lies and Hate.”
    “These people don’t hate Sarah because of the lies,…the lies exist to justify the hate.” …..
    God Bless ……. 😉

  • bbmomof3

    You are very courageous!! And please know that you have MANY people on your side!!! Thank you for not being afraid to speak up in the midst of such an evil and hateful world. When you speak, you are representing many people that don’t have your platform but refused to be forced to comply with an agenda that we truly have a sincere conviction about. It is not about hate it is about conviction and our opinion should be respected.

    • HFK

      limiting other people’s rights is not “courageous”. There is nothing to be admired about that.

      • Me

        Except marriage is NOT a right in this country.

  • Stephanie

    Sure…if you call denying fellow human beings the same civil liberties those that have them seem to take for granted “thinking for yourself.” I call it bigotry and unwillingness to accept the fact that change is happening, everywhere, all around us. I am still confused as to why it’s traditional for Britney Spears to get married for some 72 hours, or J.Lo to be able to get married (AND DIVORCED) 4 times. I don’t understand how they are at all upholding the sanctity of marriage. Or how about the fact that the divorce rate in this country has pushed its way past 50% for first time marriages–and don’t worry, it just gets higher for 2nds, 3rds, and 4ths. I’m confused as to why, statistically, gay couples who wed in civil unions vs. straight couples who get to actually call it marriage, actually have proved our relationships to be more long lasting and have defied current divorce rates (despite the fact that, legally, we can’t marry or divorce the same way the rest of the country can), yet we’re still told that our relationships aren’t “traditional” and we couldn’t possibly understand what it means to “uphold the sanctity of marriage.” You want an argument, Ms. Palin?

    I proposed to my long time girlfriend last friday and I guess, most of all, I’m confused as to why, despite all of the science, logic, facts, and beyond prime examples to dispute what you like to call an “argument” (really, it’s a point of view, but okay, we won’t go there) yet all you people who feel the need to “think for yourselves” want to consistently deny me and the woman I love the civil liberties you were all entitled to simply by being born, which you continually take for granted. You, Bristol Palin, are one of the worst offenders. And you can claim embarrassment all you want, no one will ever be more embarrassed than I in having to read this pointless, ignorant, one sided drivel so self righteously passed off as an intelligent opinion.

    We’re not asking for GAY RIGHTS–we’re asking for HUMAN RIGHTS. But I can see how hard that would be to grasp by someone who gets to enjoy them so freely and openly.

    • Lisa

      Good for you Stephanie. I agree with you 100%. Until a person is the recipient of discrimination, they will never understand.

    • Josh

      Stephanie, how can you deny the civil rights to others? Unless you agree with allowing polygamy, marrying family members or marrying kids, then you also are a bigot by your own definition. don’t you see how wrong and false that language is? It’s not helping anything and it makes you look irrational by using the over the top illogical language. Not to mention the insults mixed in.

    • john.frank

      Actually, the European High court on Human Rights has ruled that same sex marriage is not a right.

      • Joe

        Josh – How are polygamy and and incest in the same category? Homosexuality is only an issue because people make it one. If conservatives and the pro-religious didn’t make it an issue, it wouldn’t exist. This is separating traditional male-female marriage from homosexual marriage, which, if you can’t see, is quite the example of bigotry. Secondly, her post has nothing to do with her own personal belief in anything other than her lawful right to get married, something most homosexuals in this country do not legally have. Third, incest has known detrimental effects to the genetic makeup up future generations, something homosexuality DOES NOT have.

        John.Frank – Is that surprising? Europe is traditionally strongly religious, and so it should be no surprise that they would segregate some people based on religious beliefs and tell certain people they don’t have the same inalienable rights that others have. It is religious tradition to separate the people who are “worthy” and the people who “aren’t”.

        • Me

          Only demented psychopaths think it’s bigotry to state that marriage is between a man and a woman.

          Why incest and polygamy are in the same category is that you Marxists claim that marriage is a right and here you are not advocating for their rights to get married.

          And if you’re worried about the genetic effect of incest, does that mean that people who can pass on genetic defects shouldn’t be allowed to get married, hypocrite?

          And homosexuals have every legal right to marry someone of the opposite sex as heterosexuals. Heterosexuals also can’t marry someone of the same sex either.

          • MattZuke

            “Only demented psychopaths think it’s bigotry to state that marriage is between a man and a woman.”

            Because it is bigotry.

            “Why incest and polygamy are in the same category is that you Marxists claim that marriage is a right and here you are not advocating for their rights to get married.”

            Incest and polygamy are permitted in the bible. Hell, Eve seduced one of her sons.

            “And if you’re worried about the genetic effect of incest”

            Gays can’t make babies on their own.

            “And homosexuals have every legal right to marry someone of the opposite sex as heterosexuals.”

            Sure, and you don’t see how this is oppressive? Man marries a woman, all the while seeing their true love on the side? You think that’s healthy?

    • MaryInMinnesota

      Stephanie: You have stated that gay people want their HUMAN RIGHTS. Well hun, you have them. No one has taken them away from you. The definition of HUMAN RIGHTS is: The basic rights and freedoms to which all humans are entitled, often held to include the right to life and liberty, freedom of thought and expression, and equality before the law.

      That definition is the legal definition of HUMAN RIGHTS. The definition does not say anything about marriage certificates, and that reason is because marriage certificates are a form of HUMAN RIGHTS WITH GOD, and GOD ONLY. Gays are confusing their legal rights with their Christian rights, if they have any Christian beliefs.

      Where was the first mention of the word MARRIAGE? Can you answer that? The answer is the BIBLE. When our government was conceived, it included the word MARRIAGE from the Bible, and it included in it’s laws what the Bible states marriage is; one man and one woman giving their lives to God, to procreate and give plenty to the earth he created.

      I don’t understand why Gays are demanding from our government, what only God can give them, which is the sanctity of marriage before God. So the Gay fight should not be with those of us who believe that marriage is between one man and one woman, their fight should be with God.

      I wish you a life filled with warm memories of everyone you love.

      • cage

        Then if that is the case, that marriage comes from God, then you’re argument is the government shouldn’t recognize them? And that only marriages performed by a minister are valid?

        And by your very argument, what have you to say about Bristol and her child?

        And how do you justify speaking for God? Check out what the Bible about people who dare to speak for God, and what happens to them…as well as those who judge in His name. It’s something about a fiery lake, I believe.

        • Me

          Jesus said that marriage is between a man and a woman in Matthew 19:4-6 and Mark 10:6-8.

          Why don’t you advocate for other forms of marriage such as incest or polygamy, hypocrite? You’re the one who’s claiming that marriage is a civil right after all.

        • Christians believe in grace and forgiveness. Bristol has presumably repented and learned a hard lesson and accepted grace and forgiveness, been washed clean and restored to right relationship with God. We forgive her also and treat her as our sister forgiven and restored to right relationship just like the rest of us. We’ve all messed up and made mistakes and we all need to be allowed to get back up when we fall and keep on running.

          The bible’s verses on judgment are widely misunderstood and taken out of context. It primarily condemns hypocritical judgment where we’re condemning in others sins we ourselves are unrepentantly committing ourselves, judging by appearances and when you don’t have all of the facts, and making judgments not in line with the Bible–ignoring behavior that the Bible clearly calls sin in a fellow believer who has accepted Jesus as Lord as well as condemning one another on matters of personal conviction, that is, on disputable matters and there are plenty of matters covered in the bible where you have to do what you personally feel God telling you to and it’s okay if not every Christian has that same thing.

          In my experience, all humans of all political and religious stripes have to fight a tendency to judge what we shouldn’t judge and to tolerate what we shouldn’t tolerate. We all have to fight a tendency to pick out in others the things we most hate in ourselves and judge and tear them down rather than dealing with our own issues. We all have beliefs that we filter new life experiences through, we all think our own beliefs are right and that beliefs that contradict our beliefs are wrong*, we all are protective of our filters by nature and will be tempted to think behavior and statements that violates our filters must mean the other person is a malicious, a liar, or stupid rather than simply having different filters/beliefs than we do. We all have an easier time seeing the other guy’s faults than our own. We all want justification/validation, we all want love and respect.

          Also, a lot of Christians may not know this, but we are only supposed to hold other Christians accountable to the teachings of the Bible and to only discipline and “judge” our own. We are supposed to leave to God’s judgment the outsiders who haven’t accepted the teachings and Lordship of Christ. We are so supposed to be kind and respectful to and do good to and have a ready answer for you about what we believe if you want to know about it. If we do warn outsiders of God’s judgment, we should make sure he is actually sending us to do that.

          As to speaking for God, actually, Christians are called to be Christ’s ambassadors and represent him. We’re called to go forth and teach others what he has taught us, to share his words with the world. It is falsely representing him that the Bible condemns, false teachers and false prophets aren’t following the real Jesus and hence aren’t on his team and thus won’t share in his victory when his team wins. For real believers, though, failing to represent and “speak for God” can actually be a sin (depending on personal convictions and calling–we each have a unique function in the body of Christ, so not all of us are mouths.)

          *Some reading this may have a belief that all beliefs are equally valid/true and none more right than others. If you believe you are right in that belief, and if you believe the belief that not all beliefs are equally valid/true is wrong, then you have proved my point. To disprove me, you have to believe all beliefs are valid, including the belief that not all beliefs are valid and you must also be able to prove you are thinking logically. To believe all beliefs are valid is logically impossible; you can at best logically believe all beliefs are valid except the belief not all beliefs are valid. To sincerely believe anything is true, you have to disbelieve all beliefs that contradict your belief. This reality doesn’t stop anyone from being respectful, peaceable, and kind to people we disagree with, however.

        • Lee

          If marriages are strictly a religious institution then all the legal aspects regarding marriage should not be acknowledged by the government or any legal institutions not associated with the religions that support the idea. In other words, if you have property issues to deal with in a marriage then only a lawyer associated with the church should be allowed to handle that. And if you wish to see your spouse in a hospital it better be a religiously-supported hospital.

      • PamelaDeville

        Very well stated, Mary. I have yet to understand why gays want to partake in marriage, since the clear definition of marriage is the union between a man and woman.

        • Me

          They just want the government benefits and to try to destroy Christianity in this country.

        • MattZuke

          ” I have yet to understand why gays want to partake in marriage, since the clear definition of marriage is the union between a man and woman.”

          Because men live together AS married partners, but DON’T get the same medical benefits, tax benefits, and have a harder time adopting kids.

          You know, it’s like why women wanted the right to VOTE, they COULD vote out west, but not in the east. Gays can marry out west.

  • Diema Roth

    Nichole, claiming Christianity, I suggest you reread Gen 1 & 2. As I just did, you will see that Gen 2 is specific story of the creation of man as outlined in Gen 1:26. They do not counter each other, but simply give a detailed illustration. If you believe in the Bible and it’s Truths, you know that contained within, it says that ALL Scripture is inspired by God to be used for instruction, teaching, and correction. Based upon that,if you believe it is inspired by God, you’d see that nothing in it was written without His inspiration. When putting things of faith under the microscope, we have to be careful not to isolate a few Scriptures… To make a solid argument on our point, whatever the topic may be, we need to use the whole thing. It’s belittling God to pick and choose which parts we will allow to guide our lives. In regards to the Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve phrase that has escaped into the world, it is not the only Scriptural base for the argument of conservatives, or at least it shouldn’t be. There are MANY times in Scripture(I have 4 children and a garden to tend to or else I’d find them all for you) where God says that the people turned against Him, going against the natural way, man with man and woman with woman, so He let them go, in their drunken stuppors. If you are familar with God’s character, you are aware that God will allow us to make choices, even if they aren’t His ideal plan, in order to test our hearts. He will allow us to see if our way, disconnected from Him is better in eternity.

    With all that said, it is not a Christian’s job to judge others, but it IS my job to share Truth in love, never belittling, always praying for others, no matter what path they have chosen. We are to be stedfast in our faith, no matter what others say about us.

    • Joe

      The entire use of the bible as a tool of belief is a fallacy. Please explain to me why you believe that the bible is a tool to dictate others lives so strongly? Did you come to the conclusion of the bibles use on your own, or were you taught over years and years of being parented, through friends, through church, and through society, that it is truth? Do you know for a FACT that the bible was inspired by God? No one does. As I always say, only God can speak for God. What you call truth others see as punishment for being who they are. And the expectation that everyone should believe what you believe and follow YOUR beliefs is worse than most sins you preach against. You are entitled to your beliefs, but when you tell others how they should live and what they should believe, then you cross the line.

      • Me

        You lefties tell other people how they should live and what they should believe, hypocrite. What do you call anti-discrimination laws?

  • Erick

    You didn’t hear the one about Sarah Palin being an “idiot” for asking “first dude” for advice when she was gov of Alaska? She was grilled for it yet Obama is given all the leash in the world when he asked Michelle. (Sorry, did I say leash?)

  • Nicole White

    It is a double standard for the far left Libs who blame the world’s problems on conservatives. The issue of Obama only now agreeing with gay MARRIAGE, not the being treated like every other human being, but the MARRIAGE.. is hypocritical. He is our President and we should hope he directs our country in a way that is positive. But if we go back to all of his statements back when he was even Senator you’ll notice he is “against” it then his next stance is “on the line” and next “his Christian beliefs feel he should be open to it” then he’s “not totally for it”. So he has given us multiple answers and when it comes time to get votes he is for it 100%. Marriage is meant for man and woman and marriage is sacred. I know some put the whole “let’s make divorce illegal then!”.. well you know what, the Bible addresses that also! Let’s make it illegal then. You can divorce when there is adultry. It’s too easy now days to get one. And PHYSICALLY marriage is created for a man and women. Look at the anatomy of each sex! But seriously it’s to the point of horrific in the double standard that conservative women like the Palin ladies to be slammed for every word out of their mouth. Hollywood does support what the feel is good and right and hate those who disagree. If you want to tweet an insult then that tells me you’re too insecure in backing up your beliefs with facts and reason to say the insult to that person’s face. I like debating (not hate comments or tweets) polotical issues on my local news and get slammed for my comments. Here is the thing is that I DON”T CARE if you insult my beliefs because I know what happens in the end. And I mean the end of this life… judgement day. In the end my faith wins. Bristol, as a young mid 20’s mother myself.. I support your stance. I have supported the faith and confidence you and your family shows in today’s cruel world. Not all of us get to be noticed but it so comforting that some of us do. Keep going strong! =)

    • Joe

      You know nothing. There is a difference between believing and knowing. You BELIEVE you know what happens at the end. You don’t actually know. You can agree all you like with what she says, but the bottom line: it’s wrong to segregate people based on what YOU believe. Who cares what you perceive as a double standard for the President. He came out in support of gay marriage openly. I’m sorry that bursts your little, Christian bubble, but guess what, the entire world doesn’t adhere to your beliefs. Sadly, Christianity has enough followers that the church has (as it always has) the power to dictate the way of life for so many. And guess what: in the 60’s, you would have been against interracial marriage because at that time religious leaders dictated it was so. But get it straight: the world doesn’t revolve around you, your bible, or your religion.

      • MaryInMinnesota

        Joe… She believes she knows what happens at the end because of FAITH.
        1. belief or trust: belief in, devotion to, or trust in somebody or something, especially without logical proof
        2. religion or religious group: a system of religious belief, or the group of people who adhere to it
        3. trust in God: belief in and devotion to God

        Do you get the drift about believing in “somebody or something, especially without logical proof?” That is FAITH. She has FAITH. I have FAITH. Now the question is, do you have FAITH?

        I hope you have a beautiful day with beautiful thoughts and beautiful memories.

  • Sean Clark

    Here is something I don’t understande. Bristol Palin is a fornicator (child out of wedlock). I don’t personally care, but fornication is a BIG SIN in the xian religion. Why then, does this ‘fornicator’ take so much damned liberty condemning other ‘sinners’?

    The hypocrisy of so many xians is beyond stunning.

    • Josh

      Everyone is a sinner. Does that mean that since you are a sinner that you can no longer comment about right and wrong? Why are you condenming her and about 1 billion people when you yourself are not also perfect? That seems pretty hypocritcal as well, is it not?

      • Joe

        His point was that Bristol is, herself, a sinner condemning other sinners she feels are beneath her. He was merely pointing out her hypocrisy, not condemning her and “1 billion people” and comparing them to himself. Please re-read what he wrote.

        • Me

          And you left wingers don’t condemn other people who you feel are beneath you, hypocrite?

  • Dan Rowley

    I for one, will continue to follow a couple of 2000+ year old goat hearders that found The Truth, and pursued love even to their deaths. God Bless you and your family. Keep on fighting the “Good Fight of Faith”.

    • MaryInMinnesota

      I love your reply Dan Rowley! From one Christian to another, may your days be blessed, and may you have much love and laughter in your lifetime! Thank you for supporting Bristol and her family.

  • Georgia

    Bristol Palin, I am so very proud of you. You are spot-on regarding this issue, which includes Mr. Obama’s comment regarding using his little girls to make such a major decision. Considering all the states (at least 30), which voted against homosexual marriage, it is clear that “Sheeple” is the appropriate word for those who send bogus messages regarding support for homosexual marriage. Actions speak louder than words, Bristol BRAVO! FYI:

    NEW: CBS Homosexual Marriage Poll
    Only 38 percent of those who responded to the survey said same-sex couples should be allowed to marry, a whopping 33 percent said there should be no legal recognition for same-sex couples and only 24 percent support civil unions.
    *The actual article title seems a bit deceiving to me.

    • Joe

      Please tell me what is bogus about denying homosexuals the right to marriage? Are people not allowed to love anymore? Should we deny people this right? You know, there was a time when people also said that we had to segregate people by race, women couldn’t vote, and interracial marriage was wrong. We now don’t believe those are right. Should we go back to those beliefs? The country feels the way they do because our leaders tell us what to believe in (political, religious, parents). But those of us who can think for ourselves know that it’s wrong and will continue to support HUMAN RIGHTS.

      • Me

        Except that marriage is NOT a right in this country. And apparently you can’t think for yourself or else you’d know that.

        Don’t pretend that a sick perverted lifestyle is a civil right.

  • North Carolina voters support the marriage amendment defining marriage between one man and one woman by a whopping 61%. The media is now free to call all residents of the this state ignorant rednecks, who yes, should kill themselves. Liberals are tyrannical and I maintain the liberalism is a mental disorder that should be classified in the DSMV

    • Joe

      61% of North Carolina is most likely Christian and yes, bigots. I would imagine this same 61% also feeds into the divorce rate, the unwed mother rate, the teen pregnancy rate, etc. The rights of homosexuals to marry isn’t simply liberalism, they are BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS. What about this do you not understand? When someone is allowed to marry 4 TIMES, marriage no longer has any sanctity.

      • Me

        Marriage is NOT a human right in case you missed it. If you claim that it is, then why aren’t you advocating for other forms of marriage, hypocrite?

  • Sarah

    well I find it ironic that she is now upset about being bullied, when the bullying of her is in response to her bullying of others

    • Josh

      @Sarah, how was Bristol comments bullying others? Saying your opinion is not bullying. Telling someone they should die, calling names, or cursing people out is bullying. That’s what people did towards Brisol (no, presidential debate, DWTS, and to her Mother even worse). When did Bristol do that? And apology on your part would not be inappropriate for your misnomer accusation.

      • Joe

        Telling people what rights they have and do not have is bullying. This entire country is bullying the homosexual community by telling them how ‘unworthy they are of the sanctity of marriage’. If, for example, we were at a school and there was a child there who wanted to use a pink crayon but the entire school told him he couldn’t because they believed that if he used the pink crayon, he would be a sinner, would you not consider that a form of bullying? That is no different than what is happening in this country.

        • MaryInMinnesota

          Joe, The entire country is not telling the homosexual community that they are unworthy of the sanctity of marriage, the BIBLE IS. Pick it up and read it some day, then you might understand God and his laws. The fight against homosexuals is not a fight against their civil unions, or their legal rights, it’s a fight for what God and Jesus deemed what a marriage is all about. But you nor others like you with your state of mind will not understand that until you read the bible. The fight between homosexuals and other’s is not a LEGAL FIGHT… it is a CHRISTIAN FIGHT. So read the bible please, then read it again and again. The whole fight is about RELIGION, GOD, GOD AND HIS LAWS, JESUS AND WHAT JESUS DEEMED A MARRIAGE, and nothing else. The homosexual community is trying to change the beliefs of Christians and it will never happen. The homosexual community cannot change the words of the bible, so they cannot have the institution of marriage in the eyes of God, but they keep fighting for it, and we Christians are fighting for God’s laws. Do you understand that? Do you understand why so many of us Christians are saying we don’t want homosexuals to have marriage certificates but they can have civil unions? If you can’t answer those questions, then you are blocking out what I and millions of other Christians are trying to tell you and the homosexual community. The fight is for GOD and what GOD deems is a marriage. Not what you or I deem marriage to be, but what GOD DEEMS MARRIAGE TO BE.

          There is a saying that goes like this; There are Christians who read the bible and have faith in God and Jesus and THEIR laws, and who are unafraid to die, and then there are those who were not Christians, nor did they read the bible… until they knew they were going to die.

          Don’t wait until you know you are dying to read the bible.
          Hoping your day is so sunny that you want to kiss the world and everyone on it!

          • cage

            So, why don’t we outlaw divorce and make adultery a crime?

          • Me

            Cage – Why aren’t you supporting incest or polygamous marriages, hypocrite? Or are they not deserving of civil rights.

    • ceil

      she didnt bully anyone!! Sarah….give an example please. Bullying is only going one way….directed at Bristol and others who agree with her.

  • Victor Orozco

    Sarah Palin raised a daughter of good character in relating this wonderful post. Bless you Bristol Palin, continue your absolute best in the defense of what is right.

  • Linda Shook

    Bristol, this world is getting more evil by the day…surely a sign that our Lord is getting ready to come back to earth in great power and great glory. As an older Christian woman, I’ve discovered that those who say they’re against bullying are the same ones who are spewing their hateful and vile words against anything they don’t agree with. Good grief, the Hollywood liberals are still bad mouthing George W Bush…seems to me he hasn’t been President for sometime. We all have to stand accountable for what we say and do in our lifetime. Hold your head up high Bristol, you’re ok. You come from a great family ~ don’t let the liberal media or any others get you down. Hug that sweet boy closer….

  • Patriot

    Please stop feeding this woman’s ego. This is all about self-promotion. She has a reality show she wants people to watch so she writes something controversial in order to start buzz. I promise you her 15 minutes are about up. In 5 years we will be asking our selves what was the name of that woman’s daughter from Alaska? Brittle? Birther? You know….the one who was desperate for attention.

    • Erick

      Yet here you are, giving in to the tantalizing “self-promotion”.

    • Jack

      If you don’t like Bristol’s post , why are you here?
      By the way, I see a lot of envy in your post and no arguments.

    • Vanessa Stockwell

      What are you talking about? This young woman has put herself on the line in the most selfless way possible, she’s taking on the job most people wouldn’t, standing up for what’s right. Bristol speaks up for all of us who choose to follow Christ. That’s one of the bravest things anyone can do. Just look at what people are doing to her, the threats, insults, relentless attacks not only on her, but her entire family! Even on her young siblings and her child. Open your eyes and read it for yourself, the hate is overwhelming.Who is standing up against these hate filled attacks on her?

      • GrizzlyMom

        Oh Vanessa how childish you are. If Bristol Palin is the best Christians can do than seriously GOD help you.

        • Vanessa Stockwell

          God will help us, and that’s not a good thing for those against us. Learn the truth before its too late for you as well. Wish you the best 🙂

          • Bullseye

            Nice. Typical Christian…first u threaten then you wish us the best. You must be from the south also.

    • MaryInMinnesota

      Patriot of what? I consider myself a Patriot and a Christian, so I will ask you this; what is the 9th commandment?

      You just committed it against Bristol.

      Have a wonderful beautiful sunny day with lots of love sent your way!

  • aaron krohn

    Want to correct someone’s mistakes??
    Contact your beloved President about some of these:
    1. I…um…uh…uh…want to….say…um….this about….um….”
    2. Europe is a COUNTRY…….
    3. In the AUSTRIAN language……”
    4. I’ve been to…um…..fifty SEVEN states, I think, with one or two more to go!”
    5. These CORPSEmen….these patriotic CORPSEmen……these wonderful CORPSEmen…..”
    And so many others!!
    Before you think of correcting ME, let it be known I’m a WRITER, and have been for over 46 years!!
    One of the “rules” of writing I follow is:
    KNOW the rules before you BREAK them!!
    I KNOW the rules!!
    GREAT post, as usual, Bristol!!
    Written clearly, concisely, eloquently, and with great wisdom!!
    Blessings to you, Tripp, and your whole family!

    • aaron krohn

      The above (by me) was supposed to be a reply to “Katelynn”s comment from 10:54 a.m. today!!

      • MaryInMinnesota

        aaron krohn: 🙂 I think your forgiven by everyone but Katelynn. Too funny when we make a mistake, but at least you corrected it!

  • Jess

    Bravo Bristol!! Thank you for saying what needs to be said!! This country needs a wake up call, just like you said. God bless you and your entire family!

  • GrizzlyMom

    I am so sorry you were attacked like this! How awful! It reminds me of all those Christian teenagers who were so bullied in school that they took their own lives to escape the pain.

    Oh wait…those were GAY teenagers.

    Get over yourself.

    • Me

      So you’re ok with making death threats against Christians? How very tolerant and open minded of you, pinko.

      Get over yourself.

  • mmcmanus

    Excellent Blog post!

  • David Dempsey

    Bristol, you really did stir up some hornets. They are a Foul-Mouthed bunch for sure. But they have been instructed by their Sheep-Herder Bosses to post their Trash on any Conservative Blogs that they find. They think that if their language is Foul enough and their Insults are bad enough that they can Shut-Up Conservatives like you and your mom. The Left already has control of most of the News Media — but they can’t control the Internet — and that is what makes them so mad. They know that you and your mom can reach a lot of the American People through the Internet and that makes them furious. Please keep doing what you are doing!

  • Vanessa Stockwell

    I’m with you Bristol. Marriage is between one man and one woman only and that’s the way it will always be no matter how vile these bullies get, they’re not going to bully us into submission. The only one I’ll submit to is GOD.

  • Chase

    Here’s a small refresher as to what bully Bill Maher said about you and your family:

    Called your Mom a C— (as a regular standup routine) and T— (on his HBO show), said you f-ed your ex till a baby dropped out, called your family inbred weirdos, attacked you as rednecks for naming your children, said you emulated Teen Mom by having a child, had your baby’s father on his show to talk trash and get more dirt on your family, and much, much more.

    Even after saying all this, Bill Maher attracts a lot of conservative female guests to his show.

    Unless you directly call out this vile stuff, many of us can only conclude that you are staying silent for publicity.

    • Me

      How do you know she didn’t call out this vile stuff?

      And if she did, you’d be whining about how she needs to stop being a victim.

  • Amber

    The thing is Bristol, there were plenty of comments being made on your facebook page that WERE arguments being made against what you were saying. Nothing mean, nothing bullying or anything and what did you/your people do? You deleted them and then blocked the people so they couldn’t respond anymore.

    While I don’t agree with people sending you death threats at all, you’re doing nothing but crying wolf here. You delete any comments that are not agreeing with what you have to say and keep all the comments that are praising you and your viewpoint. You clearly cannot take any comments that are criticism of any kind and the way you manage your facebook page shows this.

    Lastly, you’re not pointing out any kind of hypocrisy on the side of the liberals because your side, the conservatives do the exact same thing and sometimes far worse. I’ve never seen you call out some of the disgusting things that conservatives have said about gay people, minorities or women. Did you respond in solidarity for anything that Rush Limbaugh said about Sandra Fluke? NO. Not once. Instead you bashed President Obama for making a statement in support of Sandra Fluke and made it all about yourself by whining that President Obama never called you when you were being attacked. But guess what? Meghan McCain, a republican, actually DID stand up for Sandra Fluke despite the fact that Fluke happens to be a liberal. You know why? Because it wasn’t about politics and party. It was about standing up for what’s right. Meghan McCain has my respect, you on the other hand, do not.

    How utterly hypocritical of you to call out the “Hollywood Liberals” just because some stupid people sent you some mean messages, yet you never step up and call out anyone in your own party for the hateful messages they spew against the liberal side. Until you can learn to be fair and objective in your criticisms, then you’re no better than the people you constantly rail against in my opinion.

    • Susan

      Amber, have you heard what some of those “Hollywood liberals” have said about Bristol Palin and her mom?

      • Amber

        Susan, have you seen what the fox news conservatives have said about Obama, his wife, his children, gay people, minorities and anyone else who doesn’t think the way they do?

        It’s a two way street my dear, and my point is still completely valid. Bristol had the audacity to call out president Obama for not sticking up for her, yet she NEVER sticks up for any liberals who are being trashed, demeaned and insulted by her own party. That’s called hypocrisy. Plain and simple.

        • Josh

          Amber, I don’t know what Bristol did or didn’t do about deleting posts.

          But I do know from the ones she posted, from the treatment Bristol has gotten in the past, from the treatment her Mom has gotten in the past and her family……. in the media, from Hollywood, from prominent or not prominent liberals that the hate is obviously there, the mean-spiritedness, the name-calling and personal attacks are all there and are clear.
          I’ve also seen that specifically in regards to the gay marriage issue. Liberals tend to use hate in the name of love, intolerance in the name of tolerance and incivility in the name of civility all the time just as Bristol said. Very well I might add.
          But your assertion that conservatives do it just as much is ludicrous. For one, Hollywood has a virtual monopoly, so how can conservatives do anything? It’s completely one sided out of Hollywood, that assertion on your part is totally false. In the media it’s very similar about 95% of the media is pro-gay marriage and although not quite as hateful as Hollywood tends to be, it still crosses the line quite often. And you want to say that “fox news conservatives have said about Obama, his wife, his children, gay people, minorities and anyone else who doesn’t think the way they do?” That is the biggest farce I’ve ever heard. You probably don’t even watch foxnews. I watch foxnews occasionally and they don’t do what you said. They don’t curse out liberals. They don’t use hate speech. They don’t wish that liberals would die. Or anything about Obama’s kids? Are you serious? You know, just saying something doesn’t make it true, you know that don’t you? Because what you said is utterly untrue. Can you find one comment by one person somewhere at some time that shows a conservative crossing the line? I’m sure you can. Conservatives are not perfect. But the difference is SCALE. As a consistent MO liberals use the mean-spirited, name-calling, demonizing attacks. It’s part of the “Rules for Radicals” that Saul Alinsky, the father of modern liberalism encouraged liberals to use was ridicule. It’s practically part of the liberal bible to be so hateful. And many liberals follow that commandment very faithfully. As exemplied by Hollywood, much of the media and everything the Palin family has experienced.
          and you have the audacity to accuse Bristol of hypocrisy for not saying something about Sandra Fluke? What happened to Sandra Fluke is about 1/10,000 of what the Palin family has gone through although it’s received probably more publicity then from the media (except foxnews) then all of the mean-spirited attacks in total on the Palin family.
          so you should really check yourself and do your research instead of just making baseless claims made up out of nothing.
          I would like to have that debate. I would like to have the pro-gay marriage/anti-gay marriage debate. But it’s very difficult. The hate and name-calling is so ingrained into the pro-gay marriage mindset that it makes it very difficult to have a debate with anyone. As exemplified by what just happened with Bristol for making one comment about believing that Mom/Dad is the ideal, you’d think she made an assassination attempt or something.
          But until liberals straighten up their act and stop with the hate speech and ridiculous claims like you were making, it’s going to be difficult to have the debate.
          But you want to know a secret? Liberals don’t really want that debate. Because liberals will lose the debate. So they have to resort to the name-calling and hate speech. and distortion and false claims like you just did.
          Because on even footing in a respectful and honest debate, liberals will lose. And most would rather lie and spread falsehoods then do that.

          • Amber

            Josh, you really should take your own advice. Just because you say something doesn’t make it true. Your entire post is full of nothing but lies, false information and willful ignorance. To say that conservatives don’t say terrible things because Hollywood has a monopoly? What dream world are you in?

            Clearly you live in a bubble where you’re too hypocritical to point out the nastiness and vitriol in your own party, which just proves my point even moreso.

          • Josh

            Amber, you are very short on backup, but long on accusations.

            I said Hollywood is monopolized by liberals, therefore Hollywood is 100% for LGBT and the mean-spirited hate speech by Hollywood is undeniable, 100 – 0, slam dunk, it’s not equal at all in HOLLYWOOD. Of course conservatives have said things. But how could it be balanced like you said or more from conservatives when Hollywood is 100% liberal and media 95%? Are you serious? You’re the one living in a dream world if you think it’s balanced. But instead or waking up, you just made up lies about foxnews, which is a small portion of the overall news media. Give me a break. E-mail me when you wake up.

      • L3

        But Hollywood gave them both reality shows…I guess they shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds them? I remember when Levi was called “Ricky Hollywood” by Sarah Palin. Now we have Bristol Hollywood and really, the whole clan of “Palins Hollywood” after Sarah Palin’s Alaska aired. I can’t help but think that there has been some financial recompense for this family after having these reality shows produced and filmed by the Liberal Elites in Hollywood that are so denigrated by this family.

        • Josh

          Their shows are not political shows, and they don’t engage in hateful speech towards others. They are more like documentaries of their personal lives.
          How are they “biting the hand that feeds them?” How does that even apply here? Please don’t just repeat things, I saw that in a different article somewhere and it has nothing to do with the OP here.

        • section9

          Dude, Palin never called Levi “Ricky Hollywood”. That’s a name he gave himself.

        • Cathy

          No, Hollywood is the biggest capitalist on earth! It’s all about ratings and Palins get ratings to soar. Ratings sell advertising and dollars flow as a result. Sarah recently brought Good Morning America the best ratings they have had in years. She did the same for Oprah and FOX uses her to bring us back…. Pease, love and happiness…..

  • Lipstick

    Am I suppose to know who J-Woww is? Guess I’m just not that into him…or her….or the hate and ugliness he/she must have spewed at you and your family because you have a different opinion.

    God Bless You and your family. May He protect, guide and provide for you all. There are many more who support you than the ones who promote ugliness towards you and your family.

  • Mr.L

    Good post. Nasty tweets from JWow huh? She will be JWho in a few years. Oh yes, the ever so tolerant left. And the gay people in this country and in the media, those like Dan Savage who brow beat average Americans, Christians etc., who do not agree with their lifestyle choices but overall have a “live and let live wish no ill will” attitude toward these lifestyle choices. We’re intolerant they say but then Savage is allowed to go on Bill Maher’s show and call for all Republicans to be killed. The gays in West Hollywood who in October 2008 hung a mannequin from their roof that was dressed to look like your mother that they claimed wasn’t hate speak—no—it was “art”. Yeah…right.
    Obama is a hypocrite and the people in the media and in the gay community who believe that what he said last week was something when it wasn’t are moronic. Like your mother has said about Obama in the past: pay attention to not what Obama says, but do at what he does. His statement on the subject was mere window dressing. Good intentions masked as an accomplishment or a real decision. He still hasn’t signed the nondiscrimination executive order. He sees what has gone on with voters in NC on the issue and he once again is playing both sides of the fence.
    He hasn’t done what your mother had to do in Alaska. Yes she was against gay marriage but she took heat from both sides when she vetoed a bill that would’ve barred same-sex partners from receiving state employee benefits under grounds of the constitutionality of the measure. She based her decision on the frame work of the state’s constitution, not on the idea of how much cash in political donations as Obama did. Reagan did something similar in the 1980s when he opposed the Briggs Initiative which banned gay teachers from teaching in schools. Not because he agreed with the lifestyle, but because that a man’s right to work was his/hers constitutional right and the government whether right, left or middle shouldn’t get in the way of that.
    What does Sarah Palin and Ronald Reagan have in common on this issue? Even though they’ve actually stuck their neck out politically on gay RIGHTS—unlike Obama—they have been called “homophobe” “bigot” “anti-gay” etc. by the very community they stuck their neck out for. Why? Because they, like I, do not want the traditional definition of marriage altered. And that’s not a right. Marriage is traditionally and anciently defined as between a man and woman and that belief spans several different world cultures and religions. Also, marriage is not a constitutional right. Who else thinks so? Obama—sans evolution on the subject—did. And they have him on tape saying so.
    Here’s my main point: The debate on gay marriage has become less about “gay rights” per se and more about using the subject and debate to re-define a long standing tradition one in which many leftists, gay or straight, see no value of, or downright hate in American life and culture. It’s also used as a tool to destroy political figures or celebs who don’t agree with gay marriage. They figure if they can call good people who simply disagree with them on an issue “homophobe” “bigot” “anti-gay” etc., and they do it loud enough, then they will likely get more people to be on their side.
    And aside from being legally married or serving in the military, what rights don’t they have in America? They have the right to pray, demonstrate, make TV shows & movies that have gay issues in the story or characters who are gay in them. Just this past year, a transsexual was allowed to fly on a plane in panties and a bra with no discrimination against him, but the same airline didn’t allow a black football player on their plane because his pants were “sagging” around his butt. Where’s the outrage?
    And I’m sorry but, the slippery slope argument that most of us have against it, while cliché, is relevant. If you start claiming that this group should have certain special rights, than you’re opening up the discussion to others such as pedophiles, bestiality, people who want to marry multiple people or children, etc. don’t think so? Recently, a New York Court of Appeals has ruled that viewing child pornography is legal, thereby dismissing one of two counts against a professor. Six black robes decided that James D. Kent, professor of public administration at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, should not have been convicted of viewing child porn, seeing it as different from possession. Ok? So it’s happening already.

  • Lucy

    Just because your baby’s father is having someone else’s baby doesn’t mean you should direct your anger to the idea of a loving gay couple getting married! It’s funny how you bemoan this “double standard” when you were immature enough to say something like “I don’t want him to go to elementary school with 10 half-siblings” about your child’s father to the public. Great mother indeed.

    • Truth101

      You are a clown.

    • Susan

      Did Bristol display anger/hate towards gay people? The only anger I saw was coming from the Obama supporter.s

    • Jack

      There is no hate or anger in Bristol’s post.
      Because Bristol disagree on same-sex marriage that does not mean that there is anger or hate in her post.

      But there is much anger and hate from people who disagree with Bristol; showing their intolerance for a different opinion.

      • james f barry

        The fact still stands that Ms. Palin is an old fashion “whore” and your child is a “bastard” but I wish you both long healthy lives.

        • 56Survivor

          james f barry, the only fact in your post is, you are obviously obsessed with Britol. Proof of that fact is, you are still here and still holding onto your hatred. You continue to prove Bristol’s blog post is fact I’m sure we all appreciate you being here and once again doing more harm to your cause. This is no way to ever gain validation. Just so you know…….

        • hrh

          You do realize Mr. Obama’s mother is what you are calling Bristol?

          And Mr. Obama himself is what you are calling Bristol’s son?

          You do realize that, don’t you?

          So are those the names you call Mr. Obama and his mother?

          • L3

            I don’t believe that Obama’s mother cared very much that she was unwed in the christian sense when she became pregnant with her son. Generally, single motherhood is not considered to be a big deal in non-christian circles. Bristol chooses to bring to light the fact that she is an unwed mother and has recently been speaking of a conversion to christianity. If a person chooses to embrace that religion, thus embracing all of the taboo that is placed upon people in her circumstance, then that person must also suffer the sling and arrows of those christians that take offense at her single parenting. Those of us that live without the christian faith don’t have the burden of the strong testaments against such things as premarital sex and producing children out of wedlock. When one chooses to affiliate with christianity, one must bear the burden of the old testament rules of morality and behavior, if those are the rules that you choose to live by.

    • ceil

      Lucy, she is a GREAT mother!! She is a very articulate, smart young woman. Something you should aspire to I might add, and stop all the hate mongering that spews from all you liberals. You all hide behind hate an dont give any concrete reasons why she should agree with you….just one reason would be good.
      Lets see if we can get ONE well thought out argument in this post.
      Bristol, you are amazing…..I love you and your mother!! soooooo much to be admired in you both.

  • Jim

    Great blog Bristol! In response to TRUTH, they are responding with hate and bullying since they have no logical counter-arguments. Keep it up. You’re saying things that need to be said. God bless you and your family!!!

  • Barbie

    I applaud you for standing up for what you believe in. In today’s society, so many people just tend to follow the crowd and do whatever they can to not cause any controversy. What happened to the freedom of speech? People are allowed to believe in what they believe. Keep your head up and keep saying what you feel!

  • Elizabeth

    Bristol, Thank you for such a well written post. It is so ironic, as you illustrate, that their speech is so hate-filled, yet is considered acceptable because it is directed at conservatives. It is incomprehensible how disagreeing with actions or words can be considered “bullying” when direct threats or statements wishing someone harm are not. It is encouraging to see you and the younger generation stand up for your convictions when encountering threats and vile condemnations. I look forward to your posts as they are thoughtful and thought provoking. Best wishes, Elizabeth

  • Tracy

    Well said. The comments were horrible! I hope you don’t ever take them seriously. Take them for face value – $0.00. No one deserves the kind of treatment those people were posting. It’s people like that who always ask the questions about why we can’t all just get along and get upset when others discount THEIR opinions. It’s ok for them to have their opinions, but you can’t have yours. Sad. Keep up the good work. You are a light in a dark world.

  • Its what they do the pot calling the kettle black…. as my grandmother used to say… Hope you two mama Grizzleys can make it to the Rally for common sense and outside rally in Jefferson City,Mo. on the 19th of this month,its coming up but we need our “Espirit de corps”… Thats U and your Ma… Hope to see ya there,till then keep on truckin… U Betcha… ~

  • vincent s

    who cares what a drunken j who says anyway, i mean really? bristol you are amazing and dont ever change, you are a real american girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you and god bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rachel

    Hate the sin not the sinner. It’s words to live by, and most people do. I find it ironic that the left whines, insults, and then preaches tolerance. Tolerance only if you agree with them 100%. Maybe it’s time you all take a page from your own book instead of saying “do as I say, not as I do”. As a former solider, who fought for freedom, not just in our country, but abroad as well, I think it only fair that we are entitled to our opinion and not be trashed for having one. Ironically the majority of American’s do not believe in or agree with abortion, but it is still legal? We voted against a smoking ban in many of our states, won, and it was passed anyway? Making religious organizations pay for birth-control and government funded abortions? Really? You all are taking away the freedoms our forefathers and I fought for. Maybe you’ll wake up when America is a third world country, fighting with China to repay our debts and losing our land. I am a Catholic and I do not have a clear conscious knowing my tax dollars are going towards demonizing my religion and my troops.

    PS do the math, right now every American, 18 and older would need to pay $155,000 to cancel our national debt…. pissed yet? Me too! VOTE RED!

  • Robin

    It’s the same kind of bullying that hundreds of LGBT youth encounter every day, and not just from blog posts, but from simply being who they are. You are who you are, and I accept that. I know quite a few people who’ve had children outside of wedlock, and while the Bible has a lot to say about that; I don’t judge them. If you actually read the Bible you’ll see that it says to love everyone more than it says anything about homosexuality. I’m a gay christian who wholeheartedly believes in God, and I don’t think he would agree with anything that could even be considered “bigotry.” If you really think that when you go to Heaven, God is going to say “Thank you for making people feel insignificant and wrong, and for making such an intolerant nation that pushes children to kill themselves.” I don’t know how much of a Christian you really are. I hope maybe that one day you can actually read the Bible before you post any more blogs. God Bless.

    • 56Survivor

      Nice try.

    • Jack

      The intolerance is with the people who want to push their agenda and trashes people who disagree with them.
      Read the hateful comments on Bristol’s post; it is those people who are making a intolerant nation; not Bristol.
      By the way, did you said the same thing about Obama before he flip flopped on this issue?

    • Josh

      @Robin “the same type of bullying” Bristol is against that type of bullying. The people of the LGBT movement display that type of bullying all the time as exemplified by the attacks against Bristol as well as Hollywood and the media slandering and demonizing anyone with a different opinion. That’s who you should be upset with if you are truly against bullying.
      “the bible says to love everyone more then it talks about homosexuality.” And your point being? Since the bible says more about love then that makes homosexuality ok? Are you serious ? The bible is very clear about homosexuality in the old and new testiment. If you call yourself a Christian, you must know you are living a lifestyle against what the bible says. That’s sin.
      “bigotry”. Is your definition of bigotry someone who disagrees with someone elses lifestyle choices? Because if so, then every holy man in the bible was a bigot and that makes God out to be a bigot as well. You really are not being clear and have a big fuzzy logic problem.
      “Thank you for making people feel insignificant and wrong, and for making such an intolerant nation that pushes children to kill themselves.” oh my gosh. ‘making people feel insignificant’ is against love, I would agree there. ‘making people feel wrong’. Don’t agree there at all. Jesus rebuked people in the bible as well as other holy men in the bible AND God told people they were wrong. You are again saying something against the bible while claiming to be a Christina. You need to go read you bible and get some sound understanding because your post and mindset is riddled with inconsistences and beliefs that are contrary to the bible, even if you purport to support love, which is about the only thing I agree with you about. But your definition of love as being never judging any behavior, or never saying that something is wrong is completely off, false and not what the bible says. “making such an intolerant nation” Should we not be intolerant against sin? Was Jesus being ‘intolerant’ when he knocked over the trading tables in the temple? “pushing children to kill themselves” oh my gosh. Guy, you need to really get a hold of yourself, this logic is the most illogical thing I’ve seen in a while. If anyone is encouraging people to kill themselves, that is obviously wrong. But the thing is, the LGBT community towards people just did that towards Bristol and you don’t seem to be so quick to condemn them. If you truly don’t want people to “push people to kill themselves”…… then go talk to the people who are blatently and literally saying exactly that. There are plenty of people on the LGBT side who you can talk to about that.
      But first, you should go do some searching and reading about what the bible says about homosexuality, how you are not defined by your desires, how you don’t have to be a slave to your desires, about who you are in Christ, about judging and what the bible really says about judging, not to never judge, but to not judge hypocritically or overly harsh, but to use good JUDGEment about what is right and wrong…… really understand what the bible says and stop using the bible as a buffett table to pick the parts you like and to discard the parts you don’t to fit a sinful lifestyle that you would like to live because that is not Christ-like. I hope that by me telling you that you are wrong that you can move upwards in your understanding and improve. That’s the value of telling someone they are wrong, it might actually help them.

    • Me

      There’s no scientific evidence that you’re born homosexual. And the Bible does condemn homosexuality even in the New Testament.

  • 56Survivor

    Bristol, I read some of the hateful posts you are referring to. It is amazing that the gay community is trying so hard to gain validation of their lifestyle from mainstream Americans. But, by posting the type of vile and viscious comments they did, they are doing great harm to their cause. Always remember this dear Bristol, other people’s words can NEVER define you. Their words can only define themselves. And from what I have seen in their posts, these people don’t deserve any kind of validation from me.

  • Cathie

    Bristol, your maturity and ability to withstand horrific insults from the dregs of humanity is an inspiration! Why people hate you and your family is still a mystery to me. I can see why they would disagree, but what’s with all the HATE?!? It seems like those calling for “tolerance” are the most intolerant. PLEASE keep doing what you are doing, and that is being a beacon of light in this ever-darkening world!! Thanks, Bristol, for your bravery!! I know it can’t be easy for you…

    • Zach Cordane

      Its a mystery to you? Really? A pathologically lying, borderline delusional, moralizing, white supremacist piece of trash for a mother. Bristols main accomplishments in life amount to spreading her legs in high school and making an imbecile of herself on Dancing With The Stars.

      • 56Survivor

        Zach, you do realize that Obama’s mother got pregnant and while not married, right? She then married a polygamist who she divorced later. She then abandoned Obama when he was very small. By all accounts, she was a despicable mother. His grandparents were left to raise him.

      • WDT

        Perfect example as to when someone has a differing viewpoint(s) they can resort to only filth spewing instead of respectful disagrement. That poster can make no meaningful agruement…the trashiness of the post left any words stated null/void. The End : )

  • MC

    What’s a J wow?

  • I disagreed with you on the homosexual marriage issue, but I did so with arguments, not insults. As Jesus said, “The kingdom of the Father is spread out over the earth, but people do not see it.” (Gospel of Thomas, Saying 113)

    • hrh

      The Gospel of Thomas does not record what Jesus said.

    • Me

      Jesus said that marriage is between a man and a woman in Matthew 19:4-6 and Mark 10:6-8.

  • Corrie

    Bristol, I applaud you for standing up for yourself in this very well-written post, and I agree that double standards are present in this situation. While I may disagree with a few of your comments, I also disagree with hateful comments directed toward you. As well as you write, I’m wondering why you don’t go to college? It seems to me that college makes more sense than having another reality tv show. You have a platform and I think you have the potential to be a lot more than what you are, and I offer this one piece of constructive criticism: when you dumb yourself down to reality tv stardom, it makes it very easy for hateful people to attack you. I wish you the best in your future endeavors. God bless you.

  • Susan

    Black ministers across the country, Catholics and Muslims have come out against Obama’s decision to support Gay Marriage…and yet all the hate/death threats are being directed at a twenty-two year old single mother.
    I guess what we’ve learned here, Bristol, is that if you are a young woman in the United States, you do not have a right to oppose President Obama… and, if you do dare to disagree with him, his hate-filled fans will come after you.

  • Corrie

    @Robin, I agree with you. God would rather us be kind to one another than point out sins and bully people who are different. Great post.

  • robert roberts

    “Around Hollywood, there’s lots of concern and great initiatives to try to encourage more kindness in this world. Then why do I get so many messages telling me I should die? ”
    With all due respect, what does that have to do with the price of tea in china? Do you take your cultural cues from “Hollywood”? Should anyone? Not at all clear on what kind of point youre trying to make. Unless, of course, you are merely trying to generate traffic, much like your mother with her facebook page. You must be careful, young Bristol- you seem to become more like her each day…

    • Josh

      @Robert, the point she was making is to point out the hypocrisy of Hollywood and not just Hollywood, but many or most people on the pro-homosexual agenda.
      And then to accuse Bristol of other things with zero evidence as well as insulting her Mother? I think you’re one of the types of people Bristol was talking about.

  • Joseph

    Bravo, Bristol! It really sickens me how people can be so hateful towards you and your family. Bristol, don’t let the haters get you down. You are a beautiful, Christian woman with an adorable son and a wonderful family! And I may add that you are a wonderful dancer! One of my favorite dances of yours and Mark’s that I fell in love with was your Waltz in week 9! My prayers are still with you guys, and I’m lookin’ forward to your reality show! 🙂

  • Crystal

    Bristol, I have to say YOU GO GIRL! Keep up the good work. This world is so twisted! Thank you for your blogs. Thank you for being brave enough to swim through the muddy waters of hypocrisy from society. I’d hug you if I could 🙂

  • Izzy

    Way to go Bristol. No weapon formed against you and your family shall prosper. More power to you girl. We love you.

    • Nana2SB (Connie)

      Bristol, I applaud you! For such hateful remarks and you still hold your own and go on. Proud of you girl and I wish I ‘d of had a daughter like you. You are right, hateful remarks and bullying but they don’t have the guts to actually discuss/argue/defend their position. Such immature beings. You go girl!

  • Bristol, you cannot possibly be playing the victim card. I do believe that the death threats were a little much. I respect that you are standing by your beliefs, however narrow minded that they may be. The aforementioned victim card, is a little egomaniacal. You have gone out of your realm of expertise to pass judgment on a whole community of people that I am sure you know nothing about and, you aren’t being discriminated against, you are participating in the group effort to keep an entire race of people down (high five for you). I am pretty positive that the Bible mentions something about judging others (Mathew 7:1-5) or you might want to check out Leviticus 27:3-7 (God places a dollar value on human life; with women worth less than men.), so I guess your opinion (and mine) is useless to share anyway. My advice to you, is that if you cant handle the criticism of your “admirers”, then just keep your opinion to yourself, because who are you really to give your “theories” on someone else’s life.

    • WDT

      Just an observation. I don’t recall Ms. Palin playing the “aforementioned victim card” as you so put once in her blog post. I see someone calling things like they are…those screaming at the top of their lungs bullying must end turning around and bullying those with a differing opinion. I also don’t see judgement passed on an entire community…I see someone who believes differently…and since WHEN is that not allowed in this country? “Keeping an entire race of people down”…that is in my view dramatic. Nobody can keep another person down…one can hurt someones feelings…but a person is in control of their own emotions. You quote judging others from the Bible…yet your post is riddled with judgement. I feel it’s more than obvious Ms. Palin can handle the criticism from others…she is simply calling out the blatant hypocracy of “it all”. The violence in the examples she posted…however…is something that shouldn’t have to be tolerated by ANY human being.

      • Nana2SB


    • “Victim card”?

    • Susan

      So if someone doesn’t want to get “death threats” for stating their opinion they should just “shut up?” Seriously? That sounds like Communist China or Communist Russia or the Taleban to me. Here in the United States someone should be able to voice their opinion without the threat of being murdered.

    • Nicky

      What race of people is she trying to keep down?

    • Jack

      Some people accusing Bristol of “narrow-minded” because of her opinion about same-sex marriage.
      But until recently Obama had the same opinion about same-sex marriage as Bristol (Obama was against same-sex marriage) but those people didn’t call Obama “narrow minded”

  • D.L. Brandon


    I apologize for some of our community’s reaction to your comments, most of us understand meeting bullying with bullying is not the correct way to go about things. You absolutely have the right to voice your opinion re: same sex marriage and most of us would die for your right to do that.

    That being said, I wish you would educate yourself on the facts of this issue instead of just repeating what you’ve been told in error. Children do thrive better in a two parent household, however the statics do not support that gay family’s children are worse off then straight’s. In fact the statics support that they thrive equally as well and in some cases better.

    I understand this may be a religious issue for you but if you go by the literal bible you would have been stoned to death for your pregnancy with your son. I’m sure that bit of the bible you take issue with. We all have our crosses to bear, so let’s not just let each other drag them around and be spit on. Let’s help each other know that God loves every one no matter what. If your marriage is threatened by mine you need a therapist or a clergy person not a law prohibiting me from my happiness and my freedom of religious beliefs.

    Homosexuality exists in nature there are 1500 species of animals that have practiced some form of homosexuality but only one discriminates against it and that’s humans. If you really trust in God you should be trusting in all he created, not just what makes you comfortable.

    • Me

      Any scientific proof that homosexuality is born that way?

  • Sam Adams

    When I read through these, at first I was shocked and angry.
    I kept imagining how i would feel if it were me this stuff was said about. But after the 4th or 5th one, I started laughing.
    How pathetic and immature; those comments all sound alike.
    I hope all those folks aren’t gay who wrote that hate.
    Cause if they are, the rest of us are in real trouble.
    Who cares enough to get that worked up?
    And you’re right, there was no logic in their reasoning. No argument worth hearing.
    Just ignorant rage.

    • Nicky

      Yep, exactly!


    Keep up the good work Bristol!

  • Ed Baker

    Bristol, you impress me. Here is the simple truth of the whole gay marriage debate. Marriage is an institution. It exists to promote an “Ideal Standard” for behavior to support an orderly society. Hundreds of civilizations over thousands of years tried it many, many ways. Pretty much all of them came to understand the the best “standard” was one man and one woman in a union for life, monogamous and dedicated to support each other and the offspring of that union. So, traditional marriage was accepted as the best way to go. No one has to be married. But if you want the support and recognition of society, you must adhere to the “Ideal Standard”.

    Once an ideal standard is recognized, it cannot be changed. There cannot be more than one ideal. To do so is to render the “standard” meaningless. There is no flaw in the standard. It applies to all. No matter one’s sexual orientation, every adult who isn’t already married or closely related to their partner and are of opposite genders can marry. The law applies equally to gay and straight alike. It’s just that gay people do not meet the standard if they choose someone of the same gender. Same goes for Straight people. We cannot marry someone of the same gender either.

    • D.L. Brandon

      @ ed actually the standard was a man basically purchasing a women… don’t think we want to keep that Idea around either.

      • Me

        And you have no problem with adopting the so-called modern standards that people should go to jail just for opposing homosexuality.

  • Keep you chin up, Bristol. I get the same thing, on a much smaller scale. When I left the Democratic Party, because it became the Progressive Party, whenever I say something that does not follow the hard left of the party, I get called such terrible names also. I’m constantly accused of being a far right Republican loon, when I’m an independent; however, the liberals have gone so far left that even moderate liberals are considered far right. Over the passed 30 years, I’ve found my morals and principles actual do follow the conservative view over the liberal/progressive view. What I think is the oddest thing about Hollywood…They throw temper tantrums on the thought of a puppy being euthanized, but champion abortion…so to Hollywood, a puppy is more important than a human being?

    But, I get it from all sides, because I wrote a book that honestly critics the bible, and you should hear all the attacks I get from Christians too…so, you know, while what I get is nothing like you get, I think I can honestly say I know how you feel…even if just to a limited extent….of course, so far, no one wants me dead for my book. They just want me dead for not being a progressive/liberal lemming…

  • Sean Chitwood

    Ms. Palin, there are many things I despise about you and your family BUT death threats are unacceptable and uncivilized. I cannot apologize for the people who did this, but I want you to know that I will do my best to prevent this from happening in the future.

    • Josh

      why do you say that you “despise” them? Why can’t you just say that you disagree with some of their opinions? See, this is part of the problem, you think you are being conciliatory, but you’re still being mean-spirited about it. That’s not a civil discourse.

  • janet

    You are a breath of fresh air. I for one would like to say thanks for putting this blog up. It is a darkness that covers there eyes and I don’t think they can see their hate…I have tried to talk to someone, and made a friend until he could no longer come up with a argument and then blocked me from his fb page. Truly we had many thing to talk about and had a blast going back and forth, but just could not get past his hate of conceratives. It makes me sad for them because in the end they will just hate more and more. Darkness will continue to over take them. I for one have given up…God Bless them

  • Luda

    You and bring up some very interesting points. I have seen and even experienced bullying in the name of tolerance and acceptance (two ideas that are by no means identical). Some people say that we should accept everyone and everything and then don’t accept what I have to say because my beliefs are different from theirs. Keep standing up for what is true!

  • Paula

    Bristol, thanks so much for your thoughts! As a mom, I would be proud to have you for a daughter! You are thoughtful, kind, well-spoken, and sensible (sadly lacking among many young people today). My daughter is 18, and her dad and I have hopefully given her a strong moral foundation, but hopefully she also knows that if she makes mistakes, we still love her and support her, just as your parents have shown you.

    It constantly amazes me (although by now it really shouldn’t) how intolerant the voices of the left truly are. You know what, folks? Do unto others. Oh wait, that’s religious, and therefore anathema to the left. How about, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all? Or is that too logical? It boggles the brain that there are so many trolls out there who have nothing better to do than wish harm upon people who disagree with their ideology. We can only hope that whoever keeps a list to tick off of anyone vaguely conservative who makes a (perceived) threat might also spend some time looking at ACTUAL threats. But that probably won’t happen.

    • Maggie

      Gee, thanks lady. Thanks for making me feel pigeon holed. Guess what? I’m on the left. I’m also a Christian and from Nebraska. I don’t hate Bristol. Rather, I think she is rather brave. I have heaps of respect for her. So don’t generalize people. The left is NOT just a bunch of rich assholes who go around screaming about perceived religious threats. I am so much more than my political party – I am a Human Rights Activist. I’m from Nebraska, but I am also from a city. I believe in God and Jesus as my Savior. I watch RuPaul’s Drag Race.

      Here’s my proposition for us:
      Take out religion, abortion, and all of those social issues, and get right down to the policies. Don’t you know that Karl Rove and Newt Gingrich tricked Evangelical Christians into being Republicans in the 1990’s? Basically, by using abortion and gay marriage as these huge issues that everyone fights on, they get elected into office to do whatever they want, even though it’s typically not in the best interests of people in small towns to use these Republican policies. Did you know that these little towns in Kansas are falling apart, because these Republican law makers are cutting taxes for the rich? It’s a trap, one that so many people have fallen into.

      Seriously, though, I wish you the best. Try reading some books about it. I recommend “What’s the Matter With Kansas? – How Conservatism won the Heart of America” by Thomas Frank. It’s a great read.

      • Josh

        If you think the left is a good indication of Christian principles then you are the one who is tricked.
        100,000 babies are aborted in this country a year, and you don’t think that’s an important issue to weigh your vote on? If Karl Rove could have “tricked” more people, then maybe we could have saved a lot of babies from being killed, but too many people like you were too wise for that? Wow, that is so backwards. I don’t think the bible advocates eliminating the unwanted, does it?

        come on lady.

        And the stuff about economics, you really need a lesson because the free market capitalism, small government has worked over history to proudce wealth and prosperity, big government liberalism has the opposite effect. Liberals I suspect have tricked YOU into thinking you were being compassionate by voting for people who promised to help the poor and sick through bigger government. But what is the outcome of that? do you ever ask the question of whether it works or not? Don’t weigh the success of compassion based on intention and flowery words. Weigh the success of compassion based on Outcomes. The best outcomes have come from conservative principles, and probably much more conservative then what the Republicans have advocated for, because in fact, Karl Rove, George Bush and others have been somewhat liberal in their economics if you compare them to our founders and libertarians in government of the past.

        I don’t know how Christians can be on the left in this country, I really don’t. But with the media in control of 95% of what you see, and Hollywood 100%, maybe it’s hard if you never see the other side of the story.

        I urge you to go look and do your research so you can make more wise decisions about what you support and who/what you vote for. That’s being a good stuard of your vote and influence.

    • Bette

      Bristol, if you were my daughter, you would certainly not be the uneducated, close-minded, ignoramus that you are–and then I would be proud of you. But as you are now, certainly nothing for anyone to be proud of. Love those Daisy Dukes!!

      • Me

        You should look in the mirror if you want to see someone who’s uneducated, closed-minded, and ignorant.

  • @JimForbes_Pasco

    Bristol –
    Damn right!
    Straight on!
    and . .

  • KJ

    The Palin family has been known* to “salt” polls, comment sections of their local newspapers, and social networking sites such as Facebook with fake derogatory comments and “death threats”, just to elicit more fan reaction condemning the negativity.

    I don’t doubt for a minute that’s what’s happened here in this latest response to Bristol Palin’s ignorant, puerile (the Dora the Explorer and Swiper the Fox comment) unsolicited opinion about President Obama’s basis for declaring his support for same sex marriage.

    *proven in the reluctantly-given-up state e-mails released by her chosen successor Sean Parnell.

    • RefudiateObama2012

      Simply stated, YOU LIE KJ.

  • alysia d

    Bristol you and your family are great!. Don’t let the jealous haters bother you! You and your family are beatiful to see! Keep up the good fight kid!

  • KL

    “Conservative women like my mom get grief because people think they can’t make decisions without their husband, but Barack Obama gets applauded for changing his mind on a huge issue after consulting his wife and young daughters. The double standard amazes me.”

    — No, your mother gets grief because she’s an idiot. The apple obviously does not fall far from the tree. It is not a double standard. President Obama was not saying that his decision was solely based on his daughters, he was offering an example of how open-minded the younger generation is; and of how the idea of same-sex couples being treated differently does not even dawn on them. Hate is learned. Be a better example for your son, hell need it growing up without a father.

    • Me

      If anybody is an idiot, it’s you.

      Only idiots would think that kids being raised by same sex couples is good thing.

  • Mary

    You equate your single teen parent status to being a pop star and you’re wondering why you’re getting death threats? The fact of the matter is that you brought up an opinion that goes completely against what you yourself represent. You tell people to believe in “values” that you yourself failed to follow. Until you are willing to at least admit to your own hypocrisy, don’t expect the death threats to completely vanish. I don’t condone them in anyway but I feel you’re blinded by the real issue as to why you got those threats to begin with.

    • RefudiateObama2012

      You seem to have a problem with reading comprehension.

  • Fran

    You would be surprised by what I find in my comments moderator bin. And my blog is about computer graphics tutorials! There are people in the world who want people they disagree with to feel their aggression personally, and it’s sad and disturbing.

    The more you are in the public eye, the more people like this will bob up to the surface, and it doesn’t matter what your politics are. There are ardent supporters of a cause and then there are extremists – extreme to the point where they threaten harm and actually could be a danger to you. The ones who “tell” you what you should do or who just call you names are only venting and are likely harmless (aside from the fact that it’s not fun to be called names). Try to ignore them.

    If you can, have someone else sort through the comments and do the filtering. I’m sure your parents or the authorities can help determine which of the comments represents a true threat and should be noted or acted upon, as opposed to ones that are just typical meanness.

  • Tyler

    Bristol, you are a horrible person.

    • Hefmier

      Care to expalin, or are you too irrational, to try to do that?

  • ElektroFreak

    Bristol, there is nothing wrong with keeping an eye on reality, and not allowing delusions to become your reality.

    The reality is that your words make you out to be hypocritical, uneducated and backward.

    The delusion is that you are anything but a 21 year old child who has made MANY mistakes in her short life, but yet feels that she is ENTITLED to tell the rest of us that we’re doing it wrong..

    You have no “moral authority”, yet you feel that your words should be valued and treasured by all who read them as a shining light to follow in this dark world, the very idea of which is outright laughable.

    Keep your smug delusions of grandeur Bristol, fortunately there are MANY of us who are far too smart to fall into your delusions with you.

    • BKing

      Bristol is entitled to her opinion and that is what her blog is, her opinion. You comment is your opinion and you are entitled to that. However, name calling because you do not agree with her opinions makes YOU the hypocrite, not her. You and those others that share your views like to go on and on about tolerance and acceptance but as soon as anyone has a differing opinion you bring out the hate and the name calling. So much for tolerance and acceptance eh? And therein lies your hypocrisy….

    • Josh

      You are exemplifying the hate that Bristol was talking about! In no part of your post did you make any substinitive arguements about the issue at hands. Only personal attacks. Hate in the name of love indeed.

    • Jack

      There you go again; name-calling and personal attack but no arguments.

      • ElektroFreak

        @Jack: Name calling? Please, by all means, point out the “names” I called your poor victim.. lol.

        @Josh: You want me to “make substAntiaTED arguments”, but that would be like arguing with a brick wall. Bristol’s attitude will be it’s own educational process.. no help necessary from me or anyone ;).

        Lol.. I knew participating in this commentary would be good comic relief.

    • James Miller

      Where does Bristol invoke herself as a moral authority? She is expressing her opinion. Doesn’t she have the right to free speech? You obviously don’t understand the meaning of the word ‘hypocrite’ but you demonstrate in your post that you are one.

      • ElektroFreak

        @James: Where did I say or insiuate that Bristol Palin doesn’t have the right to free speech? Or are you just not aware that it goes both ways? I’m going with the latter lol..

        • James Miller

          @Freak You imply, by your words, that she is not entitled to express her opinion and that she should keep her delusions (to herself, I reckon) and you said she has no ‘moral authority’ even though she has made no such pronouncement about herself. That’s in inference you chose to make in order to tear her down. Free speech does go both ways, and Bristol’s speech shows her her class, yours shows you’re crass.

          • ElektroFreak

            Really? So her ranting is “better” than my ranting?

            LOL!!!! I just love conservatives..

    • 56Survivor

      And yet you are here reading her blog. LOL!!!

      • ElektroFreak

        Let me repeat a sentence from my second to last post above since you obviously can’t be bothered to read a complete post:

        “Lol.. I knew participating in this commentary would be good comic relief.”

  • BKing

    Well said Bristol. Stand strong in your beliefs and ignore those hypocrites that would tear you down in the name of ‘tolerance’ and ‘acceptance’. Ironic to say the least and pathetic how they refuse to see their own hypocrisy.

  • James Miller

    Bristol, I love reading your blogs. I think you have a lot of courage in laying out your thoughts in an honest, cogent fashion, something your critics are incapable of doing. These drones are nothing but parrots, echoing charges of “hypocrisy,” because they don’t understand the meaning of the word. They are vile, spiteful people who are so stupid they don’t realize they are validating your decency by their hateful, bullying statements. They hide behind the anonymity provided by the internet, a bunch of infantile cowards jumping on the bandwagon leading to a total breakdown of our society. Keep up the great work. I pray for many blessings for you and your family. I admire you so much.

  • A

    I can’t even begin the way I would like as I am laughing at your ridiculousness. Your rants are the equivalent to a neighbor dog barking that won’t stop. It is atrocious to think that you are part of pop culture or that you even have a leg to stand on.

    You’re proud of your 3000+ comments on a shitty comment about the president and his family? He should have ripped you to shreds in his campaign. Whether you agree with Obama or not, at least he has class. Here’s the link for the definition of the word, I am sure you have never heard it before: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/class

    Instead of spending your day writing a blog, why don’t you spend it with your son? I cannot express how pleased I am that a SMALL majority of people actually agree with you. Otherwise our society would be doomed. I hope that your son can open your eyes to the way the actual world works versus the one your mother has fictitiously created for you. You are a plague to the web and an annoyance to society and your 15 minutes was up awhile ago.

    P.S. https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash2/74752_355544031178342_268330443233035_966641_556985625_n.jpg

    • Josh

      Another person confirmed what you wrote about Bristol. They just keep lining up! It’s actually kind of funny, I’m not even sure if they know they are doing it.

    • Vanessa Stockwell

      “A SMALL majority?” That doesn’t make sense. Research how many states voted to define marriage between one man and one woman and by what percentage passed it. A majority, huge majority.

    • Jack

      Did you say the same thing about Obama ? Until recently Obama had the same position on same-sex marriage as Bristol.

    • Janet Kraft

      Your comments simly provide confirmation that Bristol is 100% correct.

    • ceil

      your desperation in realizing that the big O will probably lose this november is showing!! tsk tsk

    • A,

      If you only knew how large her majority is that agrees with her you would crawl under a log. She
      has many fans. She is well respected for standing up for what she believes in. Start respecting
      yourself better and quit putting out hatred. You will feel alot better about yourself. Debate your
      opinion don’t just holler your hate.

  • Maggie

    I live in Nebraska, I’m a Born-Again Christian, and guess what? I’m liberal. I support gay marriage, but I have to say – I’m going with Bristol on this one. She seems brave, smart, and kind, and all she did was voice her opinion. Sure, she did stupid stuff in the past, but we all do stupid stuff when we are teenagers. It’s not hypocritical. She never called you a dumb fuck (which, by the way, doesn’t make a bit of grammatical sense). Stop doing it to her.

  • Vicky

    Keep up the good work, I admire your courage! The posts/tweets that you are getting blasted with are from people who “claim” to be against bullying. Yet they are bullying you, they are trying to make you feel inferior, beneath them and thier higher morals, (that is if they even have morals). When will people look into the mirror and see that unless change happens within themselves it will not happen? Stand proud, you have many who support you and agree with your view point. People have to attack what they fear, these people fear you and your family. I feel sorry for the lot of them, fame doesn’t make them superior it’s makes them forget who they were before they were famous. LOVE YOU GIRL!!!

  • Kelsi

    While you don’t deserve the death threats it doesn’t make you any less closed minded.

    • Jack

      Until recently Obama had the same position on same-sex marriage as Bristol ( Obama was against gay marriage) . Did you say the same thing about Obama before he did a flip flop on gay marriage?

    • Josh

      Then why are you so closed-minded to Bristol’s opinion? Don’t disagreement with closed mindedness because that would condemn you to be closed-minded as well.

  • We are now near the end of Obama’s first term , and up until a few days ago, Obama was AGAINST gay marriage. No one said “boo.”
    In other words, being against gay marriage for over 75% of your first time when you’re Obama, a Democrat: good. Being against gay marriage when you’re a Palin (Sarah, Bristol – don’t matter), and are conservative: bad. Another double-standard.
    Sarah Palin in her first month in office UPHELD domestic partnership benefits in AK after reading the State Constitution. Some of the social conservatives wanted her to deny the benefits and make a grandstand. She did not do it. In VP debate, the former Alaska Governor also said that while she is opposed to gay marriage (as Obama was at the time and as noted up till a few days ago), she supported the right of consenting adults to choose the relationships they see fit. Bristol enunciated this same line of thought. Sarah Palin is beloved among many openly gay people – including some on the LEFT of the political spectrum. That’s the record.
    Reasonable people can disagree on an issue. Disagreement should not devolve into personal attacks, threats of violence, and death.

    • Grammatical correction: 75% of your first TERM, not time.

  • Chris Medlock

    Bristol, I applaud you with a standing ovation. This bullying stuff has gone on way to long. Their needs to be more stricter punishment. If you threaten a staff member in schools you are kicked out. A student, nothing. Why is it that a staff member is more important than a child. A student should have the same rights. Thanks for standing up.

  • Lauren

    The problem with your blog post was that your main argument was flawed. You sum up your thesis as such, “Conservative women like my mom get grief because people think they can’t make decisions without their husband, but Barack Obama gets applauded for changing his mind on a huge issue after consulting his wife and young daughters. The double standard amazes me.” The thing is, that is not a double standard. There is a difference between a woman answering to her husband, and simple family discussion. President Obama didn’t say “Malia and Sasha made me say that I support gay marriage.” He simply made a comment as to how “generational” this issue is. His kids have grown up in an age where it is okay to be gay, just as you have grown up in an age where every race is considered equal. Yes, part of his decision was based on the fact that his daughters, as well as many people their age, do not see anything wrong with gay marriage, but by no means did they tell him what to do or make his decision for him.

    As for President Obama being an “actual dad and leader,” I personally think he was. He told the free world that every human being deserves the same rights. I don’t think he could possibly set a better example for his two young daughters.

    • Josh

      you didn’t really refute the double-standard. A woman “answering” to her husband is not really a slave situation like maybe you think. It’s more about a “family discussion”. The same type supposedly Obama had. And why he was not criticed as a man when conservative women are criticized for the same thing? Seems like something else is going on here. sexism, double-standards, media bias, liberal hypocrisy, maybe all of the above.

      “generational” issue. oh boy. You sound like Jay Carney with this flowery interpretation of events. Since when is right and wrong a generational issue? If we have a leader so flimsy to the blowing of the wind, is that really a leader or a follower? OR, and let’s be real here, or, he just did this entire thing for political purposes. Because he was starting to look dumb for the “evolving” line, even liberals questioning the believability of that and then Biden coming out in support of gay marriage kind of forced his hand. You’re making it out to be some Martin Luther King civil rights thing, I think is kind of silly in light of what we know about how much of a selfish self-serving political opportunist the president has shown to be.

    • blackbird

      Lauren, there is a glaring double standard in the Media when it comes to conservatives and liberal politicians and more so of Women no matter their political affiliation, certainly you must see this. Michele Bachmann was asked “…As president, would you be submissive to your husband…”

  • blackbird

    Excellent post Bristol, you write very well in articulating your ideas, I am impressed. I am sure any of the conservative new media sites would love to have your perspective and the traffic your unique position would bring, maybe have a weekly column say over at breitbart.com.

    These liberal hypocrites have no argument they are actually bigoted opinionated yuppies, frauds to the bone in their fantasy world.

  • Angie

    I wonder how many nasty emails and threats President Obama (and now his young daughters thanks to the snarky mentions in your post) received? How much of the negativity directed his way has been inspired by your mom’s, and now your attacks and insinuations? You could have stated your views on same sex marriage in a respectful manner, and left his kids out of if. Civility goes both ways. The reaction you got was the exact one you hoped for. Nothing sells like victimhood. Another right-wing Joan of Arc is born. Great publicity for your upcoming reality show, right? You’ve been taught well. My advice would be to be the change you want to see in others. Be blessed.

    • Josh

      Come off it Angie, Bristol made a joke, not at the daughters expense and the joke was not about the daughters. The joke was about how Obama would get his policy advise from kids. That’s silly was the point of the joke and that’s fair game. The president’s behavior is absolutely on the table to talk about.
      And you want to blame Bristol or Sarah Palin if Obama got any bad e-mails or threats? Are you serious? If that happened, that’s on those people. But if Sarah Palin, or Barak Obama, or anyone else gives their opinion in a fair debate or forum/interview/blog and then other people go and take it too far with hate speech? How can you blame Palin or Obama for that? That’s ridiculous.
      You have no idea what reaction Bristol hoped for. That’s crazy for you to state that. Nothing sells like victimhood? You don’t think the Palin’s have been victimized by your far-left zealots? Inspired by your beloved Obama and the Hollywood liberals who engage in hate speech themselves and applaud others who do the same? And you have the nerve to criticize Bristol for standing up for herself?
      Give. Me. A. Break. You need to get real and get some perspective because you are off lady.

    • Contard

      Thank you Angie., Bristol and Sarah will cry and whine when confronted with their intolerance and bigotry., but they don’t care that they stir up the obama haters over and over again.

      • Josh

        Why are you lying Contard? Bristol and Sarah are objecting to death threats, people calling them horrible names, sexism, some reporter moving next door to spy on them while they are trying to live their lives, people making fun of their son and brother because he has down syndrome, etc etc. Sorry if they are “crying and whining” about that. I guess they should just shut up and say thank you for all that? I mean how cold are you Contard? Are all Canadians like that?
        “Stirring up the Obama haters” I think Obama does enough on his own to generate people not liking the way he governs.
        But I’m curious, who can I blame for your awful and hateful behavior on this thread? Because obviously you aren’t at fault, someone inspired you. Was it Obama? Or Rachel Maddow? Or Keith Olberman or someone in Canada that I’m unfamiliar with? Who’s at fault, I want to know who to blame for your terrible behavior. thanks.

    • Gwen

      <<<I wonder how many nasty emails and threats President Obama (and now his young daughters thanks to the snarky mentions in your post) received? How much of the negativity directed his way has been inspired by your mom’s, and now your attacks and insinuations? <<<

      President Obama gets death threats on a daily fricking basis and you don't see him whining online about it.


      Read it and weep for our Country.

      • Me

        Yet you lefties whine about how homosexuals get death threats, hypocrite.

  • Contard

    So I hear that Bristols new reality show is about her living with her boyfriend to see if things will work out before getting married. Nice that you get to decide that isn’t it Bristol. Yet you would deny a loving committed couple of the same sex the same thing.

    I don’t wish any harm on anyone., but you and your mother’s popularity is based on people despising the both of you. I sure wouldn’t want that kind of popularity for any money in the world.

    • RefudiateObama2012

      You heard wrong. She has made it clear, here at her blog, that the story about a “trial marriage” is untrue.

      For those of you who despise the Palins, you do so out of ignorance. You believe the lies and make no effort to learn the truth.

    • ceil

      wouldnt you libs just love to have that story line….NOT going to happen, so crawl back into your bullying holes.

    • Josh

      Contard, you would also deny people that are in love to get married would you not? No? You would accepted polygamy, incest, and adults marrying kids? Why are you denying them their rights? Why are you so hateful and intolerant? what kind of a hatemonger are you anyway? You aren’t really any of those things are you? You’re entire starting point was wrong wasn’t it? Glad you could see that now.

      • Contard

        Grow Up, since when is child able to consent to marriage., You people use the same, tired old arguments like next they’ll want to marry their dogs etc. You equate homeosexuality with pedophiia. Why do you care if 2 consenting adults of the same sex get married? How exactly will effect your marriage?

        Also, here we go, Bristol has to mention her new reality show in this latest blog. All she is doing is trying to keep her name relevent. To promote another Palin money making project. Grifter thy name is Palin.

        • Josh

          Contard, and you keep misinterpreting the “same tired arguements”. If you would finally understand it, then you probably would stop hearing it.
          Let me help: It’s not equating. It’s an example. And example to prove a point. the point being that we have laws restricting marriage in this country. Laws that you agree with per your response. Does that make you a hatemonger or evil person? No. That makes you a conscientious objector. Right? Once you get that you are not a hatemonger, then maybe you can realize that other conscientious objectors are not hatemongers either. Then maybe we can have a real, civil and constructive debate in this country. Because honestly, 95% of people on the LGBT side use the names of evil, hatemonger, intolerant, etc, and all those names can be turned around on them like I just did to you. But they don’t understand that. And instead of understanding the “tired old arguements”, then falsely interpret the arguement as ‘equating’, which it is not. See the bad loop you’re in?
          But to do it again and show another illogical loop you’re in, how does a polygamist affect your marriage? How does 2 cousins marrying affect you? How does a 24 year old and 16 year old getting married affect YOU? See how it works ?

          • Contard

            Well.. I’m glad I live in a country that does not discriminate against any of it’s citizens when it comes to equal rights for ALL.

            And guess what, nothing has changed. Life still goes on. My marriage is still my marriage.

            Proud to be a Canadian and thankful not to be an American.

          • Josh

            Oh sorry Contard, I am not familar with every Canadian law, do they allow polygamy, incest marriage and marriage to children now?

          • Josh

            Because that would be equal rights for ALL, right? Or are Canadians still the evil discriminatory haters that don’t allow people to be married to who they love ?

          • Contard

            Your crazy, Joshy boy. Same old tired christian right crap. And it’s funny you mention polygamy, incest marriage and marriage to children., as those practices are done by so called christians. Christians who use the bible to justify those practices. The same christians who use the bible to justify their believe that 2 consulting ADULTS (get that joshy boy ADULTS) of the same same cannot marry. Disgusting bigoted hypocrites, the lot of you.

          • Josh

            Contard, why are you being a religious bigot now? I didn’t even say anything about the bible.

            I’m just using logic Contard boy. I don’t know of any Christians that use the bible to justify incent or marriage to children or polygamy except a minority of Mormons.

            Yes I get ADULTS, I think polygamists can be adults, as well as incest can be adults, get that Contard boy, ADULTS. Why are you being such a disgusting bigoted hypocrite about it? 🙂

            And why do you hate children under 18 years old? Why don’t you give them the same rights as ALL? Why do you hate, they only want love. Is that why you called me boy, you really hate children and that’s a diragagory term to you? You really are intolerant.

          • Contard

            And you really are sick, bringing up children and incest so much. That is kind of creepy. Must give you a bit of a thrill, thinking about it.

          • Contard

            “I’m just using logic Contard boy. I don’t know of any Christians that use the bible to justify incent or marriage to children or polygamy except a minority of Mormons”

            You proved my point Joshy boy. A Palin type christian is a cafeteria christian. Pick and choose what to follow in the bible.

          • Josh

            I don’t know, you’re the one who brought up boys and how you hate them so much.

            “Palin type Christian, pick and choose what you want to follow out of the bible” Well that’s an accusation. But the backup is lacking. I guess when you’ve already decided upon your position, the facts or logic really don’t matter anymore.

          • Josh

            sorry if I exposed what you thought to be true as false. But isn’t that an opportunity to grow? Maybe what you’ve been told before was false. Wouldn’t those people be the more appropriate people to be perturbed by? Not me, whose telling you the truth and unspinning the spin that has you?

          • Contard

            Joshyboy. I have 3 adult sons. 2 completing their University education. We are not christians. We live in a small christian community, where they faced bigotry and hatred by the so called christians all through their school years. My boys have turned out to be fine young men. They are not bigots, they are not hateful and they are respectful.

            People like you and the Palins do nothing to create a kinder more compassionate society. It’s a new world and soon you and people like you will be left behind to wallow in your bitterness and bigotry. Thank goodness for that.

          • Josh

            “faced bigotry and hatred by the so called christians all through their school years. ” I don’t know anything about your sons or your family. But I do know about what your definition of bigoted means. Which is someone who disagrees with your behavior. Which you also disagree with people’s behavior in incest, underage marriage and polygamy. So you are also a bigot by your own definition are you not?
            “They are not bigots, they are not hateful and they are respectful.”
            They don’t take after you then.
            “People like you and the Palins do nothing to create a kinder more compassionate society.” You don’t know me. You don’t know what I do in my personal life. I’m posting to get more understanding about this issue. To defend Bristol Palin after she’s been unfairly and personally attacked. That’s not very kind of you and others to attack her is it? Get some more understanding about an issue that is very misunderstood and exemplified by your constant logical dead ends. Because when people don’t understand the issue? They are more likely to respond in hate and lashing out. Also exemplified by you.
            You talk about bigotry as if that applies. Yet you don’t see the inherent bigotry in your own opinions about other alternative lifesyles. (I don’t believe it’s bigotry, but by your definition it is). And you don’t see the bigotry and intolerance of your own haterid and bitterness towards people that happen to disagree with you. You are a walking talking contradiction my friend. Just like a lot of people who believe like you do. Also exemplifed on this comments section.

    • contard,

      Here you go putting out bad information that you got from the left wing media. No such thing
      is happening, only in the minds of the left wing media who will put out anything, even make it
      up just to bash Bristol, and you fall for it!!!!!

  • Megan Henry

    So what you’re saying is that its ok for YOU to bully people who are genetically different and its ok for YOU to bully people that YOU don’t understand, but that when the same thing happens TO YOU, its outrageous? Those comments you received are nothing compared to what gay men and women are dolled every single day of their lives, and they don’t even CHOOSE to live in the spotlight. Next time, before you start criticizing the gays and criticizing the people that stand up for them, maybe think of that christian golden rule. Think of what those people are saying about you, how it makes YOU FEEL to be told horrible things like “kill yourself”. Look at the number of suicides ANNUALLY caused by Harrassment due to homosexuality, then come back and blog about how gays are undeserving or how its so hard for YOU to be here, or how its not ok for national leaders to support and stand up for people who are discriminated against.
    Really Miss Palin? Did you not think of any of that?

    • Josh

      Megan, how is Bristol Bullying anybody? She’s stating her opinion. Is that ok? In the United States of America is it ok to express you opinion without having people send you death threats and call you every name in the book? If you are worried about REAL bullying, then you should stick up for Bristol. But you’re not doing that are you? you don’t really care about bullying do you? Why not? Why do you think it’s ok that a person YOU don’t understand gets bullied?
      “Those comments you received are nothing compared to what gay men and women are dolled every single day of their lives” exaggeration police, you would get locked up if they saw this comment. Every day of their lives, people who live a homosexual lifestyle get death threats? And get thousands of messages of hate? Excuse me, that’s really true, it’s a massive exaggeration. Seems like society has gotten a lot more respectful to people who choose a homosexual lifestyle which I agree with, I agree and want people to be respected based on their being human beings. But I don’t think that requires me to approve of every BEHAVIOR that every person does. Does it? Because I don’t approve. And I have good reasons why I don’t approve. As does Bristol Palin. As does Sarah Palin. As does about half of America who also don’t approve of that behavior. And me, like most people that don’t approve of that behavior, still believe in showing courtesy and respect with people who we disagree with. Isn’t that the real definition of TOLERANCE. Agreeing to disagree and respecting one another.
      And btw, why is it not ok for Bristol or me or anyone else to disagree with other people’s behavior….. but it’s perfectly ok for YOU and others to disagree with OUR behavior? Why is that the double-standard and how is that consistent, how is that fair, how is that equatable and how does that make any sense at all?

    • Me

      What scientific evidence is there that homosexuality is born that way? Oh that’s right, none.

  • Linda

    Maybe people were concerned about your “conservative” mother taking orders from your father because he was running the government when she was governor with an official email account and regular presence at her office. Concerns about that point were not misplaced.

  • Ashley

    I want to know why you are SO against gay marriage? you havent said anything intelligent defending your opinion except attack a man for standing up for human rights. If its a religion thing lets talk about that. If it were “gods plan” to only have woman and men marry,there would be no gay people after all god created all of us right? so why then are you so against it? you had a child before you were married, thats a sin in gods eyes..but you are the exception right? At the end of the day we will always love who we want, its just a shame that you use any publicity you can to try and make that impossible for those who deserve rights just like the rest of us. Not to mention that most heterosexual couples do not take marriage seriously..the devorce rate is through the roof. Just know one day your son will grow up and fall in love and what if its a man he loves? or will you raise him to be just as ignorant as yourself?

    • Josh

      You’re not listening very well then. Because the arguements against gay marriage aren’t new. You can google it pretty easily if you are really that flabergasted and confused as to why anybody would disagree with gay marriage.
      But to answer your pre-rebuttal: “If it were “gods plan” to only have woman and men marry,there would be no gay people after all god created all of us right? so why then are you so against it?” God created people with all types of personalities and make-ups. With good qualities and faults, did he not? I don’t doubt that people who live a homosexual lifestyle have real desires. Maybe even real love. But I also don’t doubt that someone who commits assault doesn’t have real feelings of anger or hate. But does that feeling of desire justify the assault? (have to pre-respond to the typical non-understanding of my analogy I AM NOT EQUATING ASSAULT WITH HOMOSEXUAL BEHAVIOR. I am using an example to prove a point). Point being that your real desires are not the only thing to consider when thinking about whether a behavior is good/bad, healthy/unhealthy. Also to be considered is how that behavior affects you and others around you for good or for bad. Just like the assault example, that behavior is a bad behavior is it not? “but he had real desires. Maybe he’s just a hot blooded person. God made him a hot blooded person. So why fault him for that?” Because he’s responsible for the good or bad outcomes of his behavior. Whether he desired to do that or not is almost irrelivant. Same way with homosexual behavior. Is that behavior good or bad for the person and for the people around them? That’s the key question. And that’s the arguement that I would like to have. But it’s very difficult when almost every person on the LGBT side just name-calls, tells people to kill themselves, doesn’t listen, isn’t very logical usually, and just spouts media talking points and parrets hollywood sensibilities. It’s very hard, it’s like an invisable wall to get through. But I would still like to do it, some people are open I guess.
      “you had a child before you were married, thats a sin in gods eyes..but you are the exception right?” that’s kind of a low blow. Bristol has already admitted to making a mistake. She’s apologized and has advocated for girls not to commit the same mistake that she did. You bringing that up sounds just mean-spirited.
      “At the end of the day we will always love who we want, its just a shame that you use any publicity you can to try and make that impossible for those who deserve rights just like the rest of us. ” Like you have no choice in the matter. It’s the same thing as before, “I will get angry at who I get angry at, so my assault on people is inevitable”. Don’t you see how silly that is? It’s a complete lack of responsibility and accountability and what you are doing unknowingly is for people to not be disciplined in their thoughts and actions. Just do whatever you feel right? That’s not a good philosophy and it’s not a recipe for health for a person or society. Can you imagine if every person had that mentality? That would not be good.
      “Not to mention that most heterosexual couples do not take marriage seriously..the devorce rate is through the roof.” So since some people are not successful at heterosexual marriage or take it seriously enough maybe….. why does that justify homosexuality? How does so called bad behavior justify other bad behavior? Would another possible solution be to find out why the divorce rates are so high and maybe work on understanding that? Maybe there are some issues to work through there, people who get married are not perfect either.
      “Just know one day your son will grow up and fall in love and what if its a man he loves?” Well would if a person grows up and they just love to play with fire? What then? I mean, we could come up with hypotheticals all day, what does that have to do with anything? The point is, whether that behavior is good for them and whether it’s good for society. I’m sure Bristol will try to steer her son in a direction that she believes is good for him and good for society. Just as anybody would.
      “or will you raise him to be just as ignorant as yourself?” It seems like you are the ignorant one. It doesn’t seem like you’ve thought about these issues very deeply. It’s so easy to just say “I support love” or other sentimental things. But you’re missing the bigger picture. Is this behavior good for the people involved and is it good for society is the real question. Once we can debate that in a respectful way, then maybe we can get somewhere. But as long as you and the LGBT community want to name-call, accuse, make death threats, bully and demonize people who are conscientious objectors to homosexual lifestyles, we’ll likely not have that constructive debate.

  • janet


    • M Baker

      Janet you’re being a bully by using all caps and trying to silence people who simply have a different opinion than yours. Your statements are a clear example of being a “bully”. If you can’t handle what others say, don’t read the comments. You’re also not writing anything of substance when you make such comments, and you’re not adding to the conversation. On your statement to Jean, you tell her she doesn’t know the truth, but why are to believe you know the truth? Hopefully, you’ll understand my comment and reflect more on your message.

  • janet


  • janet


    • Josh

      what’s lust and not love Janet?

  • Joseppi

    You are exactly like your mom.
    You want to dish out the criticism, but you throw a baby fit when you have to take it.
    I notice that you have no answer to your critic’s either. You do not have the courage to answer the questions that your critics pose to you. You hide behind your own hate and homophobia by calling others who call you out haters. Well, guess what… you aren’t fooling anyone.

    I’m sure there were a few crazies who you chose to highlight but the majority of the comments had plenty of “argument” and plenty of criticism of your opinion. They pointed out the hypocrisy that you and your mom have oozing from your pores. You want to call it bullying, then you my friend are the queen bully.

    • Susan

      So you think that Bristol pointing out the Death Threats against her child is throwing a “baby fit?” Indeed, the only people throwing “baby fits” these days are the spoiled college kids in the Occupy Movement who smear their feces in order to show the world how “mad” they are.
      And again, where exactly is it that Bristol posted “hate” against anyone in her blog post? Just because she doesn’t support gay marriage doesn’t mean she “hates” anyone. For example, I don’t support abortion…but I don’t “hate” those who do. In fact, I think the only people who HATE folks who don’t agree with them are people on the extreme Left.

      • Susan you are right on. Couldn’t have said it better!!!!

    • Josh

      Joseppi, there is a difference between fair criticism of someone’s policies and behavior and then unfair criticism of personal attacks. A person absolutely has the right to stand up and defend themselves from a personal attack like a death threat or people calling you names, do they not?
      “You hide behind your own hate and homophobia by calling others who call you out haters”
      How do you know what is in Bristol Palin’s heart. You characterize her positions as motivated by hate and fear….. when you have no way of knowing that……. and you are not alone, most people on the LGBT side do that as well…… and you don’t even give her the basic common courtesy of respecting her views. You don’t have to agree, but basic decorum I think is due, is it not? If not, then you are just hating. And Bristol is right about you or anyone who uses the type of language you do. Take out the hate and disrespect, and maybe you’ll get a response. I wouldn’t respond to someone coming at me like you either if I was a public figure. Why give someone that platform?
      BTW, if you are truly looking for an honest debate there are plenty of people who you can debate with on this issue. If you truly want to vet the issue fairly and constructively you can do that, you don’t have to look far or complain that 1 person out of 160 million people you could debate on this issue is taking a breather because of the level of disrespect and hate she’s received based on a few fair comments.

  • Bristol, we have a soundtrack…


    (We are on the road to Tampa! Run Sarah Run!!!—Pete Petretich, Cleveland)

    “Stevie Wonder: Isn’t She Lovely?”

    “Def Lepard: Undefeated”

    “Rascal Flats: Life Is A Highway”

    “Bob Dylan: Positively 4th Street”

    “Enya: May it be”

    “Bombshel: Fight Like A Girl”

    “Christina Aguilera: The Fighter”

    “Johnny Kahn: American Heart LIVE”

    “Marhta Reeves: Wild Night”

    “Crazies for Sarah Palin Hey Hey”

    “Elvis Costello: Pump It Up”


    “B.B. King: Better Not Look Down”

    “Roy Orbison: Pretty Woman”

    “Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: American Girl”

    “Sarah Palin: America”

    “The World’s Greatest”

    “Heart: Barracuda”

    “Shania Twain: She’s Not Just A Pretty Face”

    “The Minstrel Boy”

    “Nancy Sinatra: These Boots Are Made For Walkin”

    “Dolly Parton: Nine to Five”

    “Bob Marley: Exodus”

    “Dylan & the Dead: I Want You”

    “Video/Audio Content for Grizzly Fest”

    “Van Morrison: Someone Like You”

    “Natasha Bedingfield: Pocketful of Sunshine”

    “At the convention anything can happen!” —Jim Taylor, party boss; 4 minutes 20 seconds into the

    “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington (1939)”

    Full Movie:


    If this primary season ever gets you down then I recommend watching this hilarious film, which is one of Sarah’s favorites! Every Palinista needs to see it at least once. The film contains many clues about what has happened in the past few years, AND about what’s going to happen on the road to Tampa…

    “Palin About Open Convention – Anything is Possible!”

  • celia

    Bristol has had some amazing opportunities but they may not counter her negative experiences over the long haul. I don’t understand why she agreed to allow someone else to blog in her name but I hope she reads the comments and will consider my recommendation to read “Drama of the Gifted Child” by Judith Miller.

  • Brandi

    Bristol, I just wanted to say that you are a smart young lady. I may not agree with you 100% on every issue but that is what makes us human. It is sickening how much bullying both sides throw about sometimes. I applaud your boldness to stand firm against the storm. Keep standing for what you believe in and remember that most people who agree with you don’t take the time to post what you already know. When you feel like you’re alone and everyone hates you remember that is a lie from the pit of hell and there are those who stand beside you!

  • janet


    • M Baker

      Still YELLING again by using all caps I see. I don’t expect you to care what I think, but I was just pointing out to you that you were being a bully which was the topic of Bristol’s post. I see you haven’t learned anything.

  • janet

    LMBO…..Now I’m a bully because I used caps and kept my comments simple? Give me a break…

  • Bullseye

    Republicans = Professional Victims

    • Contard

      Yep, and Palin’s live for it. That’s how they make their money.

      • Me

        And you Marxists aren’t professional victims and don’t make money that way?

    • Me

      Communists = Professional victims.

  • Bush lover

    Uh oh. A new poll released today shows 70 percent approval of gay marriage amongst 18-49 year olds. All the old timers must be frustrated that once they are gone gay marriage will be the law of the land. Sorry Bristol you are one the wrong side of history, but god bless anyway.

    • Me

      Any proof that it’ll be that way? And who cares about being on the right or wrong side of history? What matters is being on the side of God.

  • Ray

    Bristol, here is some backup for you. I wrote this a year ago about the Left and their hatred and intolerance. It comes from my own experience of once being part of this backwards and destructive mindset. It is about a gay man in San Francisco who decided who decided it was time to defend your mom.


  • Julie

    Bristol, I don’t hate you. I don’t want to bully you. In fact, I really don’t care very much about you, or your mother, or your personal life choices at all. I didn’t come on here to try to spread hate in the name of love, or treat you inhumanely. I don’t believe in any of that as a model for productive discussion.

    I came here because I was affected by your words, just like so many of those who wrote to you angrily. The truth is that what you wrote was ignorant. This has nothing to do with you or your mother or your political stance — it’s just the truth. The President had made up his mind about marriage equality a long time ago. The comment about his daughters was supposed to be anecdotal, a side note about changes in the younger generation at large that he feels supports his decision. He never claimed that Sasha and Malia made the decision for him.

    All the issues about Obama, his and your credibility aside, I’d like to say one more thing. The people who have posted horrible things about you and your family are in the wrong for doing so. You do not deserve any of the abuse you received — you have every right to say what you believe, and I’m sorry on behalf of those posters. However, I hope all of this controversy has encouraged you to open your mind a little. It was not fair of you to spread words about the President that weren’t backed in fact. I also hope you can see that the reason so many people were enraged is because their liberties and choices are at stake. No, it is not okay for anyone to bully you or wish awful things for you, nor is that at all conducive to proactive conversation and change. But that doesn’t mean — and I hope you can try to understand this vital point — that people don’t have a right to feel angry. Your post was connected to an issue that affects the way people, real people, are allowed to live and express themselves in this country. If there was a law against single mothers being allowed to raise families, and your liberty to love and care for your child was at stake, you would be angry and emotional, too.

    • Patriot

      Excellent points Julie and well stated! Thank you for posting.

    • Josh

      Thanks for keeping it respectufl, but with all due respect you are the one who is ignorant. You talk about an alternative lifestyle as if that is enlighted. Well if homosexuality is enlightened, what does that make polygamy? What does that make incest? What does that make an adult marrying a child? Are those steps towards even further enlightenment?
      I’m not being flippant, I’m being real with you. I understand people get upset because maybe they truly believe in same sex marriage and maybe they want to do that. (Although they do already have the rights to a civil union which gives them the rights as a married couple does. So the outrage seems kind of more about forcing people to accept their lifestyle which to me is hypocritical because the LGBT community is always preaching tolerance, yet forcing people to accept something seems pretty intolerant, but that’s another point).
      But I understand the anger and upset at least in theory even if I think they are being contradictory to the tolerance ideal they claim to stand for.
      That’s ok, it’s ok to be angry. That anger doesn’t mean they are right or correct. It’s just an emotion. Other people on the other side are also angry. Some people don’t want to live in a society where homosexuality is commonplace. Some people don’t want the government to slap a seal of approval on homosexuality. Why can’t you understand that? Some people think homosexuality is wrong, unhealthy, bad for society and a bad influence. Can you understand that? You dont’ have to agree, but you seem to be about understanding the other point of view, why can’t you understand Bristol’s or mine?
      But I’m sure there is real anger and real emotion. That doesn’t make anything anybody posted towards Bristol ok, does it?

      • Julie

        Josh, thanks for the comments. Obviously people’s feelings against homosexuality and marriage for the LGBT community are backed in religion and other deeply felt emotional places, so my comments probably won’t change your mind. However, I just want to counter a few points you made, for the sake of furthering the conversation:

        1) Even if you don’t personally think that the LGBT lifestyle is your cup of tea, if you believe in freedom, you can support gay marriage.
        2) In one of your points, you likened supporting gay marriage to supporting child marriage. I cannot stress enough how different these two things are: a child cannot give consent!! That is why we have consent laws concerning sexual intercourse. In the eyes of the law, children cannot make informed decisions, which is why they cannot vote and why they cannot consent to having sex. The same goes with animals. The argument has been made by a number of GOP party members that allowing gay marriage will open a pathway to beastiality, but animals cannot consent to marriage!! Two adult gay people, however, can consent. It is a very different thing.
        3) Civil unions do not afford couples the same rights as marriage. If you are interested in the differences, you can check out this article: http://www.glad.org/uploads/docs/publications/cu-vs-marriage.pdf
        4) Contrary to what you may think, the LGBT community, by asking to be allowed the right to marry, is not asking you to accept its lifestyle. All that the marriage equality movement wants is for gay couples to be treated equally under the eyes of the law. There are definitely branches of the LGBT movement that are interested in changing public opinion, but the push for marriage equality is not one of them.

        As to your last point, I never said anything anybody posted towards Bristol is okay. In fact, I said quite the opposite. I think the things that were posted towards the Palin family were disgusting and intolerant — things I don’t stand for.

        • Josh

          Julie, I don’t think you have to be religious to not agree with homosexual marriage. There are plenty of non-religious reasons to not want homosexual marriage to be made legal.

          But to your points.
          1. The same arguement could be made for polygamy, incestious marriage and an adult marrying someone under 18. It may not be your cup of tea, but if you believe in freedom you should agree with those things correct?
          2. I am not equating anything with homosexual marriage. I am using the other examples to prove a point. The point being is that everyone believes in constraints on what we should allow and what we shouldn’t allow correct? But the problem is that the LGBT community wants to demonize people, and often bully people who believe in constraints. My point is, everyone believes in constraints unless you are a person that believes anything goes, you believe in constraints. And that doesn’t make you a bigot. Otherwise, everyone would be a bigot. Does that make sense? It doesn’t make you a hatemonger. It doesn’t make you intolerance or that you hate those people who you don’t want to be allowed to legally marry. That’s my point. It’s usually a starting point. Because a lot of people who are pro-homosexual marriage don’t have any respect for the other side. And they often times will use those kinds of names to demonize and diminish the other side. And from that place no conversation can take place. So using that example to show them that constraints are ok and good is a starting point for a constructive arguement.
          Who said a child cannot give consent? In Alabama I believe the age of consent is 15, not 18. I met a girl that was 15 and married and she was from Alabama or a state from the south. She gave consent. So…… the rule about age and what age should be allowed seems ambigious. And someone could accuse YOU of denying love and like the daughter in Dan in Real Life Said “you are an enemy of love!” or something. It’s kind of silly, but these are the nonsensical arguements to have with most people from the LGBT side. Don’t you see that often?
          3. For tax purposes I’m talking about it’s the same. Financially I was talking about.
          4. I don’t really believe that the LGBT side doesn’t want to force it’s beliefs on everyone. And I believe they do it quite forcefully and use intimidation tactics to smear and demean anyone who opposes them. Dr. Laura, Ms California and Bristol Palin are 3 great examples of people who spoke out and were attacked visciously. That is not tolerance Julie. You seem like a level-headed person, but you must know how lowbrow and how awful the behavior from the LGBT community has been. I’ve never seen rhetoric THAT bad, that demonizing and over the top on any issue before.

          I understand the wants of the LGBT community I just don’t agree. I don’t even agree with civil unions. And for me, I am opposed because I think it’s a bad road for the people that are on that path. The more the government and society places stamps of approval on that road, the more people are likely to go down that road. Why would I, as a person who thinks it’s a harmful road for them, want laws in place that would likely encourage more people to go down that path? How would that be loving of me? That would be like if I worked at a Roller Coaster park and I knew one ride was safe, and they other was rickety and unsafe. why would I want signs and rules in place that said that both rides were equally safe? I wouldn’t. That would not be LOVING of me, would it? And that’s what making a sign that said both are equally safe would do. That’s my opinion. Whether both ways are equally good, safe, healthy, good for kids, I would LOVE to have that debate. But unfortunately the poor behavior on behalf of pro homosexual marriage people usually doesn’t allow for that. It’s too much emotion and personal attacks. I hope that changes. But then if it did, the LGBT arguements would be defeated because they can’t stand up to a fair debate. That’s why they resort to the lowbrow smear and bullying tactics, don’t you see that?

          • Patriot

            Hey Josh. You ever read any of the comments when there is an article about President Obama? There is plenty of hate on your side too.

          • JustAMom

            So based on your logic Josh it would also not be loving of you to let people drink alcohol, eat fast food or drive cars as those also can lead to suffering and or death. See you’ve made a conclusion that people choose to be gay and to you that is a lifestyle choice which cannot bring happiness. So why aren’t you advocating for banning guns and violent video games? People choose to use those things and certainly they can also lead to death or unhappiness.

  • Eileen

    Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it Bristol. You say something that’s extremely controversial then get upset when people disagree with you. As for the death threats, anybody who has spent 15 minutes on the internet knows that those are trolls who don’t mean it. Go onto youtube, click on ANY video, and I guarantee you there will be at least 3 comments that say “fake and gay” or “go kill yourself fag”. The internet is filled with comments like that and you shouldn’t take them seriously. I went through a lot of the comments and most of them were very polite and had plenty of arguments. And no, disagreeing with you is NOT bullying. Bullying is when you pick on an innocent person who hasn’t done anything wrong and who can’t defend themselves. You said something extremely offensive, so people argued back and you call that bullying? Give me a break. It’s not bullying to point out the hypocrisy of your statement, saying that kids should have a mother/father home, yet you haven’t made any effort to reach out to your baby’s daddy. YOU are the bully, for saying gays shouldn’t have the right to marry in the first place.
    By the way, thousands of years ago you would have been stoned for having a baby out of wedlock, so don’t give that “tradition” argument.

    • Josh

      There is a difference Eileen. There is such a thing as a fair debate. Then there is personal attacks and character assassinations. And there should be an underlying unspoken understanding of unwritten rules.
      But it seems like the LGBT community and supporters have through out the rule book. It’s like “anything goes.” Hate in the name of love. Visciousness and attacks in the name of tolerance. Which is exactly what Bristol wrote and was quite right about.
      Yes you are correct about the internet and it does go both ways. Does that make it right? And maybe you are forgetting the background her. It’s not like the Palin family hasnt’ experienced this kind of hate in the past from non-internet people, have they not? And it wasn’t all anonymous people either, some celebrities tweeting nasty things about Bristol publicly. That’s all stuff that’s below the belt, it’s not fair debate. It’s wrong, it shouldn’t happen and Bristol is well within her rights to call them out for it which she did.
      I didn’t see any of the comments you’re talking about, but I’ve seen the ones on here. I’ve seen very few that were of the respectful variety. almost every one had insults to some degree. So please forgive Bristol for not sifting through the all the garbage to find a morsel of a legitimate debate.
      You say that Bristol is a bully for disagreeing with gay-marriage, but earlier you said that “no, disagreeing with you is NOT bullying. ” Well which one is it. It can’t be one way for one person and another for the other side. That’s not fair of you. Come on.
      “You said something extremely offensive” give me a break. Don’t feign offense like that, that is so absurd. Over half the country believes like Bristol does, just saying you are offended does not mean she shouldn’t say it. I’m offended by you saying you were “extremely offended” What does that do? Nothing. Because I’m not really offended, I just think it’s really really stupid for you to characterize her statement as offensive when it’s a legitimate opinion. You guys on the LGBT side always want to demonzie. You want to name call and smear and delegitimize. THAT is bullying. Trying to deprive Bristol of her opinon? THAT Eileen is bullying. You just did it.
      And talking about how Bristol hasn’t called her babies Daddy? What?? Are you serious with that? That is not your business and you have no idea what that situation is like or what’s going there. That also could be characterized as bullying, you’re attacking her for something that has nothing to do with the debate at hand and something you certainly don’t know what you are talking about. Keep it above belt, my gosh, you know, the further you go in the gutter doesn’t make it better, it makes it worse.
      “By the way, thousands of years ago you would have been stoned for having a baby out of wedlock, so don’t give that “tradition” argument.” Ugh. Your post was one of the worst I saw all day and I read most if not all on this entire thread. Tradition doesn’t make something right or wrong of course. There are plenty of reasons to oppose homosexual marriage if you are open minded enough to see them. But if you just continue with your bullying name-calling and mischaracterizations and wanting to silence people by feigning offense, then you’ll probably remain in ignorance of that.

  • Odie

    Hey nancy, you messed up and left ip addresses on the original bully comments. They all start with 10 which shows they come within your own local network. In other words FABRICATED. Busted again LOL.

    • M Baker

      Great score on that one!

    • KCF

      I was scrolling through the comments to see if anyone had caught this. Sad. I imagine most (if not all) of these most vile comments came from the admin’s local network. Was this just another ploy for attention? Make a very provocative post, wait for the negative comments… then if they’re not quite negative enough, create them yourself… then you get to play the “victim”. How juvenile.

  • Anika

    So, what I’m getting from this, is that you wrote something offensive about homosexuals and President Obama and then got all offended when people were offensive to you. Don’t insult an entire group of people and the President of the United States, and expect no backlash. The fact that you’re trying to make yourself look like a martyr in this post is laughable.

    • DeeInHouston

      Your ignorance is amazing. She wrote nothing of the sort. Try reading her entire piece rather than getting your news from US magazine. And thanks for making her point about the hate.

    • john.frank

      Wrong. Bristol expressed her views. She did not insult gays or lesbians. Instead of debating her on the merits, people responded with hate and bullying tactics. These are classic communist tactics used to shut down any debate.

      • nikki

        I totally agree!!!! True this!

    • section9

      I think Anika is building a REALLY offensive straw man argument.
      See, if you had just mentioned Hitler or called Bristol a Nazi, that would have officially Ended the Thread, at least according to Dr. Godwin.

  • M Baker

    I have been paying attention to the new posts and watching ones they don’t like disappear. One that suddenly disappeared, noticed that all of the “threatening post” all came from the same geographic area. and accused Nancy of fabricating the comments. So now that we know there is some heavy screening of comments, it’ll be interesting to see how long this one stays up. It’s now 10:34 east. t.z.

  • kim

    I won’t tell you to kill yourself…that’s stupid…
    but please…you can’t say what’s right for the “marriage” image when you had premarital sex, wich is also wrong according to the old book you all seem to obbey…just when it suits you better.
    Stop with the stress, take a deep…deep breath and let people live and be happy.

    • Jan

      We still have freedom of speech.

  • Kevin Piatt

    Bristol stay strong and stick to what the good Lord and your gut is telling you is right . You didn’t stir nothing up. you have that right to say whatever just like Rev.Write does or D. Letterman does or what ever he is bill M you know does and nbc abc msnbc cbs etc does you have that right and no one from the left can and will take that away Bristol don’t let these mostly left Idiot’s get too you, you also know what the Bible says and not what some want it to say and mean to make it right when God clearly has said it is wrong buttom line. Obama wants and needs votes thats why the change because he knows he can’t buy as many as did last time like he did with ACORN and his other groups . OVER 5 TRILLION IN DEBT HE HAS TURN HIS BACK ON ARE SOLDERS ARE AMERICAN WORKERS DITCHED ANY IDEA OF DRILL BABY DRILL DOES NOT SEEM TO HAVE A CLUE, BUT ALL YOU LEFTEST CARE ABOUT IS PLAY THE BLAME GAME BUSH, OR THE PALIN’S EVEN OBAMA KNOWS HE CAN’T RAN ON HIS RECORD CAUSE ALL THEY REALLY DONE IS TAKE VACATION’S AND HAVE PARTY’S AND MAKE MORE MONEY AND THEN TAKE CREDIT FOR KILLING VIN LADIN JUST BROKEN PROMISES I KNOW BUSHES FAULT BUT OVER 5 TRILLION IN DEBT AND COUNTING . Bristol there is only one that I’ll ever vote for and you call her Mom

  • Jan

    WELL SAID, BRISTOL!! I agree totally with you. I hope your show airs soon. TV needs some more REAL reality like your mom’s show.

  • Katie

    Here’s an arguement for you sweetheart: You comment on such heated topics and know that you will get some backlash… So first things first- stop trying to act like a victim because you asked for it by writing such an ignorant, offensive blog about one of the biggest topics in America right now. Second, how can you preach about a mother and father shaping a child’s life when you are a single mother? Come on, you can’t be serious. In an age where divorce rates are high, children are born to unwed mothers, and same sex couples can adopt children… How can you make such a naive comment? …Especially when you are a single parent. And why people hate you- well that’s just simple- you used a presidential campaign and a pregnancy to gain media attention and attempt to make a career out of all of it. Plastic surgery (“for medical reasons” …must be some new condition no one’s heard of before), tv appearances, unintelligent blogging and reality shows are just proof in your attempt to remain in the public eye in any way possible. You need to learn to keep your mouth shut because the more you talk the more America hates you… Hunny, just stop talking.

    • Me

      Sorry pinko but we live in a country with freedom of speech. And the only people that hate Bristol Palin are disgusting extremist Marxists like you.

      How can you lefties preach tolerance and diversity when you support silencing points of view that you don’t like?

      If anybody is a professional victim, it’s you radical lefties and your supporters.

  • Eva

    For every 1 that hates you there are 10 that love you. Not because we agree with everything you do and say but because we are not afraid to disagree in a civil logical and dignified way.

  • Sherman

    I really enjoy your point of view Bristol. I don’t think it’s right that people persecute you for your opinions, but I guess that’s the beauty of our America, that we’re all entitled to our own beliefs. Thanks for sharing. God bless you.

  • Loved this post.

    Keep on living, and do not ever bow to liberal pressure.

    Common Sense Values will always win in the end. GOProud, and IWHP are examples of how we will prevail by seeking neutral ground.

  • soldier79

    Do not let the children of the left bully you. For now we can still speak our minds in the once great land.

  • Eileen

    Let’s point out several things. When referencing “thousands of years of thinking about marriage,” I hope you realize that marriage originated as a social construct that allowed family patriarchs to facilitate the transfer of property. Thousands of years ago, said property included daughters and they usually had no say in the matter before being handed over to a complete stranger to become his loving wife.
    Why did we change that again? Oh yeah, it sucked!
    Much like slavery and women not being able to vote, two loving homosexual adults not being able to enjoy the rights and benefits that two heterosexual adults enjoy as a married couple also sucks.
    You also claim Obama is not “an actual leader” because he listens to different viewpoints other than his own when considering his stance on a civil rights issue that affects millions Americans. I hate to break it to you America’s sweetheart, but that’s exactly what a good leader does. In fact, our entire government is set up to avoid one person shaping our thoughts!
    Last, but not least! The only crime Glee is guilty of is introducing strong homosexual characters to audiences that may be sheltered from such diversity. Based off of your writing, it sounds like you should watch more of the hit show so you can learn a thing or two about acceptance!

    • section9

      Only…..Obama didn’t really do that. Especially on Health Care Reform and the Stimulus. I know you want to believe that Obama listens to different points of view, but it’s all Kabuki Dance, covered up by a pliant, obseqiueous news media that is desperately trying to paint a failing, left wing President as some sort of centrist moderate.
      Obama never gave Paul Ryan’s fiscal warnings about the traps of the HCR legislation the time of day when they met at Blair House back in 2010. The Stimulus Bill turned into a pork fest for Democratic Client Groups. There were no prosecutions of bankers for the 2008 disaster, because Obama made sure that the Department of Justice was staffed with people who used to defend white collar criminals (that would be bankers like Larry Blankfein and Jamie Dimon) at Holder’s DOJ. There was no real effort to craft bipartisan legislation as there was during the Clinton years, because Obama is a left wing partisan.
      Liberals think that voters don’t see this. Voters are smarter than liberals think they are, and I suspect that these voters will turn Obama out in 2012, even though the alternative is the hapless Mittens.

      • Well said, section9 🙂

    • Meghan

      WELL SAID, Eileen.

    • jose

      Marriage is much more than “a social construct that allowed family patriarchs to facilitate the transfer of property”. Please, read this book: J. Gaudemet, Le mariage in Occident. Les moeurs et le droit, Paris 1987.

    • sean

      This ‘gay right’ this is a strange deception.It’s as if the denizens of Jonestown asked for a second helping of cool-aid. When we redefine the definition of marriage as it is currently held we weaken any definition to the failure of political correctness. Let’s just redefine every word. Lets ignore that words have meaning and that those meanings are rational. “Hey, look at that car!” And point to a wall. “Your kids are cute”, then point to their shoes…. Does that mean we can have a different interpretation of the meaning of any word when it doesn’t suit us? Oh, and by the way,equating gay marriage with civil rights cheapens the struggle blacks went through to obtain equality.The fact is homosexuals have the same “marriage rights” as heterosexuals – they can marry anyone of the opposite sex they want because that’s the definition of the word. Civil unions, on the other hand, can have the same benefits of marriage without redefining the word. But that’s not the point is it? The homosexual community needs to bully everyone into accepting them , or else! Is that the new definition of bullying? Seems it should , because it’s my choice and it fits what I want. I’ve refined bullying to accommodate the bullies!

  • Peter from Australia / Boston

    Bristol Palin expresses ultra-right wing, homophobic, intolerant views and then whines when people respond. As she exploits her toddler to make money on TV. Incredible. She is a poster child for the Republican Party. So young, yet so adept at hypocrisy! Jesus weeps.

    • jose

      And what about you?

    • wait, you just described the left and accidentally said the right lol the right is for the greater good of America, the left is set to destroy it.

    • Sandy

      Respond???? Is that what those hateful, disgusting comments were??? They should be ashamed of themselves. Obviously they are the scum of the earth, who troll the internet just to leave their disgusting replies wherever they can. Intelligent people use discussion, not threats or degradation. Says alot for the Liberals. Those of you who responded so viciously need to look into your families….I bet everyone of you have some young person who has gotten pregnant or done worse. Shame on all of you!!!

  • Kelly Parker

    Bristol, I certainly wish you no ill will, but I think you should get an education before you continue in the Palin tradition of vitriolic discourse on the internet. You say things that make no sense. You proudly display your ignorance. You have little real life experience and almost no formal education. You show no respect for the office of the President. Is this something you picked up from your mother? You are guilty of the same nastiness that your mother displays when she talks about people who don’t agree with her. You don’t practice what you preach when it comes to your child. Hanging around Hollywood exploiting him in reality TV is just plain shameful. I am a conservative parent of a 22-yr old daughter who is about to graduate from College. She would be a much better role model, and a much more qualified voice than you. However, she would never do what you’re doing because she has something the Palins never seemed to have heard of. It’s called HUMILITY. You should be ashamed of yourself for putting yourself up on a pedestal and presenting yourself as something you are clearly not. You need to seriously look at who you are and TRULY get a life. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something that will make people appreciate you and be proud of you. Time to grow up and do something REAL with your life.

    • Sandy

      Kelly, Don’t be so sure about your daughter. She is only 22. What you just said could come flying back in your face if God forbid, your daughter got pregnant. You think you and your family are better than everyone else?? Geesshhh…..Shame on you!!!!

      • skepticalinquirer

        Excuse me, Sandy but Palin got pregnant much earlier. And yes, people do get to call out someone who thinks she’s a better president than the President.

        • Me

          Yeah, how dare that she have an opinion that’s different from Obama. She should be sent to jail for disagreeing with him.

  • jessa

    If all these commenters hate Bristol’s blog so much why do they keep reading it?!?!?

  • lcym723

    Totally agree with you here, Bristol! Nice work! Thanks for standing up for what you believe in and not being afraid to take some flack. Reminds me of your mother?!

    • I agree completely, keep it up, Bristol! Don’t let the bullies stop you. They are the big mouth minority. You are a wise young girl and I love reading your blog 🙂

  • Callie

    Agreed Jessa! This is a blog for Bristol to write her OPINION on issues she feels strongly about. We read it because we agree with her and have the same beliefs. If you don’t agree with it, then why in the world do you keep coming back and reading it, just make hateful, useless comments that don’t even pertain to the post and what was even being said??? As for the death threats, we need to lift those people up in prayer and ask the Lord to have mercy on them. NEVER should it be ok to threaten someones life or their childs life for that matter. I commend you for having the courage to stand up for your beliefs and expressing your opinions. Good for you that so many people are reading it and commenting…….thank you for shedding light on the real situation with the current administration. Maybe all of these haters, will see the light one of these days……well we can only pray that they do! Keep up the good work Bristol!!

  • Jack

    The left has no logic when it comes to the Palin family ; so they resort to what they know best-personal attacks

    • Sandy

      Amen to that!!!!

  • Barri

    Bristol I am glad you are so hot ( culturally speaking of course ) too . You are right that nobody else hit on your angle and you own it . The hardest hit on the Obama excuse . This blog is right on too . Thanks for turning a little fame , some talent , some opportunity , the hand you are dealt and putting it together like you do . A trait of your Moms is that it seems like everything just falls in her lap but over time it starts to look more like good luck starts with planting the right seeds , finding the blessings in the tares , building a brand name on truth I hope America follows the Palin family lead , putting our best foot forward and then taking the next step with courage , I think God would bless our nation if we did and its as simple as pop culture , a trend . Bristols Blog is a best foot forward in the collective conscience of American new media . If the whole world sees it I am proud it is an American institution .

  • Jack

    Bristol, the people who attack you have nothing of substance to add, so like mindless children they engage in insults and personal attacks.

    • Sarah

      Excuse me? I’ve just briefly scrolled down the responses to this page and most of the disagreements I’ve seen are rational arguments pointing out the hypocrisy of Bristol’s statements. I even commented on her FB page regarding the original post, not personally attacking her, but questioning her reasoning behind the mother and father as only acceptable household and also noting that her quoting Obama as only being influenced by his teenage daughters as incorrect (check out the whole quote and see why). My post was immediately deleted. Most of the posts left from those that disagree with her are the violent attacks, rather than the ones that try to argue rationally and do not resort to name calling. And yes, I think these are terrible and just part of the ongoing back-and-forth hate speech that gets us nowhere. My primary problem with Bristol’s comments is not that she has an opinion, which she is certainly free to express, but that if anyone disagrees with her, it’s a “personal attack.” Don’t you think it’s hypocritical of her to speak out against the president, and in doing so, against equal rights for homosexuals, and then say “oh, anyone who speaks out against me is a liberal hater!” I do not hate Bristol Palin or her mother. What I do hate is the state of political dialogue in this country and the fact that some of my closest friends are treated as less than equal because of their sexual orientation.

  • Hey Bristol. Causing trouble again, I see. 😉

    So let me get this straight regarding one of your examples of a hater: Unwed mother + meth capital + no college degree = A hubristic idiot who has no right to question the position of someone with a law degree from Harvard. Hmm, let me think here: Pride + college degree + feeling of superiority over perceived ’uneducated idiots’ = Hubris on the commenter‘s part. Wow, it’s amazing how I came up with that one, isn’t it? By the way, if the commenter is using the word “hubris” wrong. Just sayin’.

    Which all leads to the question: Why debate someone on the issues when you can just reduce your argumentation to ad hominem attacks–showing your complete ignorance? (And I am more left leaning, mind you.) The disparaging comments you disclosed are normal, sadly; it‘s something I have dealt with when running blogs. I have noticed people who attack in this manner fall into two levels: the person who believes the internet gives them anonymity, which makes them feel free from public castigation when saying nasty things–and thereby gutless; and the person who gets a perverse pleasure by insulting someone, as though they really nailed you with a sucker punch. If someone disagrees with someone else, all anyone can ever ask is to be respectful about it. It rarely happens. Bill Mahr is this prime example.

  • Bob Woelfel

    I’m 81 yrs. Old and have a very jaundiced view of the ” modern” thought and actions of so many of the younger generation. I have read several of your comments over the past few months. It gives me hope and encouragement that there are some younger folks with “uncommon” common sense and grounded in moral and spiritual values. Perfect, no none are, but struggling nevertheless to be what we were born to be . I truly appreciate your forthrightness and honesty. Do your best to ignore the disparaging, spiteful, and downright disgraceful remarks by those who do not or will never understand the goodness and blessings we enjoy !! They are to be pitied <]:o)

    • BellaItalia

      I second that! My son is a graduating high school this year. He and his friends also give me hope!

    • Bob Woelfel

      These comments from the community of “gay” people is stark comparison to comments and attitudes of those who have a more conservative and Christian view of our world and humanity in general. I know several of these “gay” folks and they do NOT seem to have a true joy of living or real happiness in their hearts. They spend a lot of time and effort in defending the indefensible and their “style” of life. We can only pray for their enlightenment

      • Joe

        Sorry, the world doesn’t run on your archaic, conservative, Christian agenda. The world is a place of many colors, races, creeds, philosophies, and religions. You are not superior to anyone and God has not personally come down to you and told you what is and isn’t right. Your bible is a 2000 year old book of unknown origin and your beliefs were preached to you by the people around you. If you has a brain, you’d probably be able to think for yourself and realize that condemning people for what is in their heart is wrong, but you don’t, so you will continue to view the world as if the only people who get to dictate it are those sheep that follow these religions that make an agenda out of separating society into those that are “worthy” and those that aren’t, instead of viewing the entire world as all God’s children and loving and respecting humanity whether they are homosexual or not.

      • Bob Woelfel

        One person speaking for the right and good thing is the majority over the 20 that argue for the wrong though popular thing!!!

      • Adam

        Good gravy, where to begin…
        First as an out proud gay man (no quotation marks required), I’m as offended by the hateful and violent remarks towards Ms. Palin as you are. However, I am no more a part of that group than you are a part of the conservative and Christian folks who called in bomb threats to two national LGBT organizations (http://joemygod.blogspot.com/2012/05/bomb-threat-at-hrcs-offices.html). The right is equally capable of hate; ask the young man who was expelled for bringing a stun gun to school to protect himself from bullies who was then beaten up simply for being gay (http://www.theindychannel.com/news/31061805/detail.html).

        Oh, and for the record:
        “preference” is wearing boxers instead of briefs
        “choice” is selecting chocolate instead of vanilla
        “lifestyle” is being a vegetarian

        When you can tell me when you tried out homosexuality and decided it wasn’t your cup of tea, you can refer to my sexual orientation as a ‘style’.

        • groupthink

          thanks, adam. well said.
          the typical conservative agenda invented the term “gay lifestyle” to divide us. they see homosexuality a sex-positive lifestyle, rather than an orientation.
          the rest of the world will expose “christian” conservatism’s long crusade of corruption.

          • Me

            There’s no evidence that homosexuality is born that way.

            And there’s plenty of evidence that exposes your left wing crusade of corruption by means of the government.

  • out of Hibernation

    So using your public platform to say that an entire population of people don’t deserve certain rights or respect just because of who they happen to love isn’t bullying? I will say that most of the people were responding to a rash gut reaction and weren’t thinking clearly. I was almost one of the people who did a gut reaction comment in disgust to your post but I restrained myself for sake of civility, its unfortunate others couldn’t have done the same. But that is not how the internet works, its immediate and people can say whatever they say as soon as they think it without a moment of reflection and look like idiots doing it. The reason why you are especially getting such a back lash is because in many of our eyes you have been made famous by circumstances and not by merit, and just because you are famous does not qualify you to try and belittle a moment that for many of us was very major, even if it was not for you. And it does not help that your arguments are the same re-fried gripes that have been analytically disproved, especially that children need both a mother and a father (which is offensive to the many of us who grew up in single parent house holds and offensive to yourself). Every study has proven that a two parent household is Ideal but the gender of the parents never matters, in fact children who are the product of same parent household often do better, not because gays are better parents, but because they want it more and have to work harder for it. Also how can you possibly insinuate that no parent and living your entire youth as a ward of the state is better than having two parents who want you very bad and just happen to be both of the same gender.

    If you want to continue to be a public figure for however long you can milk it, then you have to learn that it comes with plenty of pains. Pundits do get plenty of backlash, but you may not notice it if all you watch is Fox News. Any one in any spotlight, who says anything is going to get backlash of some sort, and if you can’t handle it, then maybe you should step off the stage. I respect your right to say and believe in what you want (which is one of the great things about this country), but when you mess with the Bear expect it swipe back.

    God Bless

    • Adam

      Well stated. And when the opinion in question isn’t “I don’t like your choice of shoes” but “I don’t think you deserve equal treatment” you’d better be prepared for a response. Not all of it will be pretty (on either side) but don’t think you’re getting a free ride just because you think you’re famous and above it all.

  • Courtney

    I don’t know..I’m from the left and would never say such things, but I saw the majority disagree with you. Maybe it is you that has something wrong on your end… Oh yeah..and I have your evidence for you… You’re not a very good example for people of what they can do in their bedrooms, and you’re sort of a disgusting person for thinking the way you do, but I have no ill-wishes towards you or your family. And you’re wrong, the majority are for gay marriage and abortions.

    Proof; no ‘bullying’:

    “The Public Religion Research Institute has released new research on the attitudes of millennial youth (18-29) toward abortion and a number of other social issues including gay marriage.

    It’s important to note at the outset, that millennial youth favor abortion access in their local communities by a significantly higher percentage than any other age group in the population — 68% for millennial youth compared to 58% for the general public. It’s also important to note that millennial youth are generally more supportive of abortion across all the other categories measured in the poll compared to other age cohorts.

    The question is, why?

    As a millennial who has been active in both the abortion rights and LGBT movements, I have my take.

    The LGBT movement has grown in size and in political power as more and more people, including young people, have come out. In the lives of millions of Americans, the movement has a personal face – one that we know, recognize, and respect. It’s the face of our friends, family members, fellow students, and work colleagues. The thought that these people should somehow be denied the same rights and privileges that straight members of our society often take for granted is a moral outrage. I think I am like the majority of my generation in that I don’t arrive at this position via ideology or politics: I arrive at this position from my personal experience with the people around me and the core assumptions of empathy, equality, and social justice that are the hallmarks of my generation.”

  • BellaItalia

    Bristol, You are much smarter than that Harvard graduate. You may not have the credentials which this world values but you have the credentials God values and that is what is most important. In the words of St. Augustine of Hippo (354-430AD)…. “When the word of God increases, the words of men fail.”

  • philip

    yea, because every gay couple is going to adopt children. think about what you said: “…generally kids do better with mother/father families…” first of all ‘generally’ was a poor word choice because that is already working against you. there are plenty of children who have a mother and father who are absolutely not fit to be parents but because they are free to reproduce as they please they can have as many children as they want so you should put them into this general category as well. you should throw in families where the mother or father is absent/seperated because that child would have done better with both parents in the home. gay couples can not reproduce on their own so basing your argument over the fact that most children do better in a mother-father environment is absurd because most gay couples do not get married to have children they get married to share their lives with each other in a way that is recognized legally. and you wonder why you’re being “bullied”? expect harsh comments aimed against your ridiculous views because you are bullying gay people by not regognizing that they have every right to get married and go through the adoption process like any other couple. people hate you so intensly because you feel as though gay couples should not be able to share their ‘documented’ love. take a step back bristol, take a big look at the world from more than a few perspectives. put yourself in their shoes, start by asking yourself: “why is marriage important to me? what if the state i lived in did not recognize “conventional” marriage, would i want to live my life and raise my son without being able to take advantage of the legal aspects of marriage?” stop denying these people their rights just because YOU are uncomfortable with them or how their children might feel. live your life, let others live theirs.

    • Me

      Yet you won’t let Christians live their lives, hypocrite.

      And marriage is NOT a right in this country.

  • Andy Sandoval

    Yes, Bristol! You nailed it! Nuff said!!!

  • Bristol, You and your family have taken so much abuse in the name of conservatives all over this country. Bless you an your family.

  • In the name of tolerance

    I am not tolerant of intolerance, Palin. So I will tell it without hesitation: the one bullying here is you, with your stupid lies of Obama and your ignorant, hateful crap about same-sex families.

    So shut your fucking mouth.

  • BristolMunchsMeat

    You’re a dumb hoe. Everyone in America hates you

  • BristolMunchsMeat

    dumb skank

  • Beth

    I have a hard time hearing advice from a woman who got hundreds of thousands of dollars to appear on a TV show solely because her mom is famous/infamous, then squandered it on plastic surgery instead of getting a college education. That tells me what she really values – appearances over knowledge.
    Get a college degree, Bristol, before you try to enter the public discourse. A high school degree doesn’t qualify you for much except maybe a $10/hr job flipping burgers.

    • Me

      Why, so she can be as stupid as you are? LOL

      A college degree doesn’t qualify you for a higher paying job.

  • Joe

    Oh the irony. So it’s okay for you and your family to “bully” homosexuals by telling them how wrong they are for who they are, but when someone criticizes you for your views, they are the real bullies. Of course it’s okay because you believe you are right. Your bible tells you what to think and your parents and church guide your moral beliefs. Yet, you have no solid stance for why your beliefs are right. In fact, of the many homosexuals I have known in my life, most have been a better role model than you will ever be. They have been successful in their lives and provided good homes and have good families without having to exploit their children or the media (hint, hint). They don’t need to go on DWTS to do good in the world or be plastered all over magazine covers to get a message out or be successful or do good in this world. They do it by leading successful lives and proving that many gays can be better than their right wing, conservative counterparts. The lashing out against you has nothing to do people bullying you over your comments about how Obama consulted his children (something you took out of context anyway). It has everything to do with the fact that a teenage mother whose father is no longer in the picture had the audacity to make a moral judgement call for other people while not abiding to the same moral regulations. Get it through your head: someone in your position has no right to tell other people how to live. Ever. Forever and ever. The best thing you can do for people is to shut your mouth and step out of the way.

  • One Helluva Conservative

    Thanks Bristol! We are America and founded on being different. Different beliefs, opinions, and views are what makes us better. You are right about Pop culture. Either you are on their bus or you are somehow a hater, homophobe, hypocrite, or the one I like most is “uneducated”. Most of Hollywood are uneducated, but speak of “right” from their perspective, not the common American. How can you speak of an opinion about common Americans when you make several million dollars a year and live the high life?? They can’t. Thanks for speaking your mind as every American should….

  • One Helluva Conservative

    Thanks Bristol! We are America and founded on being different. Different beliefs, opinions, and views are what makes us better. You are right about Pop culture. Either you are on their bus or you are somehow a hater, homophobe, hypocrite, or the one I like most is “uneducated”. Most of Hollywood are uneducated, but speak of “right” from their perspective, not the common American. How can you speak of an opinion about common Americans when you make several million dollars a year and live the high life?? They can’t. Thanks for speaking your mind as every American should….

  • JSW

    “In fact, this reminds me a little bit of the incident in an L.A. bar that went viral several months ago and will be shown in its entirety in my upcoming new reality tv show.”

    Aaaaand, the entire point for this post. ^
    Bristol, I’m sure it must be upsetting to say hypocritical things and then have people point them out. It must be so hard to live a life that is completely opposite of what you apparently “believe” in.

  • G.A.W

    This post is effectively an act of bullying, and you’re complaining about bullying. Hello Pot, meet Kettle, he’s black, but you shouldn’t call him that because you’re black, too.

    What you failed to do with this post is actually defend your arguments with further arguments. All you did was state how you, as a conservative, are breaking the apparent ‘norm’ of questioning those like Obama who have changes of heart regarding an issue; that issue being gay marriage and the right of gay people to get married. Well that’s not a good argument to make, since it carries no water whatsoever but only serves the purpose of self-aggrandisement.

    I suggest you try again, but really, I think you and your family has had too much fame in the past several years to tolerate. Not to mention, it’s all been flat-out stupid fame as well. Do or say something worth a damn and I will give such, but this only perpetuates the somewhat negative limelight you and your family are in.

    When you make a post about Obama changing his mind on the issue of gay marriage, which he previously stated he personally disagreed with (but left out of his political machinations, which is appropriate), yet you also bring up how someone like Michelle Bachmann being asked if she would be submissive to her husband (in reality, it’s the other way around, in their case) as if its a relevant analogy, you have failed. That was, unfortunately for your original post on this matter, the only tidbit that resembled anything considered an argument. At the same time, it was an allegation, a quotation without ANY source whatsoever! Debate class would laugh you out of the room with that mistake.

    To finish, maybe its just that I dislike the corporatist media at large (CNN, CBS, [MS]NBC, FOX, ABC, and so on & so forth) and take what ANY of them say with a grain of salt, but I have never heard of anyone suggesting that your mother listening to your father too much was somehow a bad thing for your mother & her political credibility. Was that really quipped by someone in the “liberal” media (source, please) or is that just another failed attempt at an argument?

    Hell, what do I know, I’m just “bullying” you with counter-arguments that you neglected to address. I am never impressed by people who cry victim because of their own mistakes; celebrity or not, you are not above criticism and since this is the internet, you should be ready to see an onslaught of trolling & other, nastier material. Have a gut day.

  • lawlinglibertarian

    Here’s an “argument” for you, Bristol.

    1) Support of legal recognition of same-sex relationships continues to increase rapidly, and conservatives risk marginalizing themselves by basing their platforms around denial of equal rights to gay couples. Disagree? Let’s see the data.
    2) America is continuing to become less religious and more secular at an increasingly rapid pace. “No religion” has been the fastest growing population for the past 30 years. By catering to far-right evangelical Christians that discriminate against gays, Republicans alienate independent and moderate conservatives, and risk becoming a fringe party. Even top Republican strategists realize this: look at this week’s news.
    3) Evangelical culture wars issues don’t even resonate *with Evangelicals*. Evangelicals get divorced at the SAME RATE as the general population. Religious Americans/conservatives massively engage in: MASTURBATION, SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE, COHABITATION. These aren’t arguments you will *win* among an increasingly open-minded, secular population when you can’t even convince your *own* group–see BRISTOL PALIN as an example–to follow your moral tenets. All evangelical culture does is encourage hypocrisy–people who claim to be pious, “godly,” and then scramble to apologize and make amends when they’re exposed as hypocrites. See BRISTOL PALIN as an example.

    Christianity is a relic of the Bronze age, when people invented supernatural explanations to explain mundane phenomena, when people mistook the mentally ill’s demented visions as “prophetic,” and whose governments were highly vested in having their population’s believe that “God” wanted them to be in power.

    People were waking up on their own, but the vehement and vitriolic hatred and discrimination of gays by evangelicals is only serving to drive young people away from the church more quickly–wasting what little political capital the church has left.

    AMAZING PREDICTION: Bristol Palin will NOT be calling my response in her NEXT blog post.

    • Mike Jones

      1) Support of homosexual behavior is growing in *your* world, not the real world. So far, 31 of 31 states have approved the definition of marriage being between one man and one woman.
      2) You are correct, but that has no bearing on truth. Truth is immutable.
      3) Also correct, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a God who created the world in six ordinary days about 6,000 years ago has He said He did. Regarding your definition of Christianity, you no nothing of what you are talking about. Read ‘Evidence that Demands a Verdict’. I’ve read your materials, you read mine.
      Summary, you provided very weak arguments based on wishful thinking and repetitions of what you’ve heard. Come on, be bold and investigate God for yourself. Don’t be a sheep.

  • MrG

    I certainly don’t agree with anyone wishing you or your family harm. But Bristol, you have to realize your hate speech has consequence. And YOUR words cause real hurt to people.
    Those comments were wrong, but you shouldn’t be surprised that hate begets hate. You shouldn’t say something so hateful in a public forum and then be surprised when you get a hateful reaction.

  • Paul McMichael

    Bristol, no one should be using those kind of words. it goes without saying. Anonymous message board does not constitute anything like the bullying meted out to gay kids by their peers or the harsh words of Pastor Harris, ‘give him a good punch’ in the name of religion.

    Your arguments would merit debate if they were supported by evidence. They aren’t. What you cite, (kids do better with a mom and a dad) are, in the vast proportion, studies that compare marriage with single parenthood. Your persistence with such a mis-leading falsehood makes it difficult to debate anything.

  • MaryInMinnesota

    I am speechless regarding the horrid comments some people have made towards you and your family. I am so sorry that all of you, especially you Bristol, have been attacked in this way.

    As an older adult (oh how I dread saying that, because my brain tells me I’m still 16 and a rebel), I have learned to analyze people, and I am very good at it. I see a pattern in the vicious comments made to you, and that is that probably 100% of those people are not Christians, have never read the Bible, and have been born with traits of violence. I firmly believe that we are what we are, because it is what we have taught ourselves to be.

    When I say my daily prayers, I tell God & Jesus that my faults are from what I’ve taught myself. I am the owner of my thoughts and my actions, and no one is responsible for those except myself. So these vicious people have taught themselves to be vicious, and it is they that will one day be judged themselves for their actions. Because I believe that these people are not Christians, and their souls are somewhat or heavily blacked due to their actions, they don’t care about anyone at the time of their viciousness. And since they more than likely do not believe in a Judgment Day, then it is we who should feel sorry for them. So I say, let’s give all of the vicious people some Love. Respond back to them with comments such as, I’ll see you at Heaven’s Gate, and there you can repeat your comments to me. I’ve notice that if I comment back to a rude person with a loving comment, they shrink, they stumble, they stutter, they try to find words to come back at me with, and they fail, and I just continue with the loving comments. It irritates them, and eventually they just go away. So let’s start a Shrink the vile people with Love day! I’m game for that! Stand Tall Bristol, you are who you are by your actions, and your actions show a pure loving heart! God Bless you and your family honey!

    • JustAMom

      MaryinMinnesota – You said “So I say, let’s give all of the vicious people some Love. Respond back to them with comments such as, I’ll see you at Heaven’s Gate, and there you can repeat your comments to me.”

      So thats responding to people with LOVE? Hmmm seems more like a threat to me. I don’t see anything loving in that statement at all. Care to explain?

  • Hey, Bristol. I’m so sorry that you felt bullied by some of the abusive comments that were left on your original post. They are indeed awful and inexcusable.

    That said, welcome to the world that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people live in every day. In fact, according to an exhaustive analysis of FBI hate crimes data by the Southern Poverty Law Center, LGBT people are at a greater risk of being targeted for a violent hate crime than literally any other minority group — more than twice as likely to be attacked as Jews, 2.6 times more likely than African-Americans, nearly 4.5 times as likely as Muslims, almost 14 times more likely than Latinos, and 41.5 times more likely than whites. In large swaths of our country, gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender youth are regularly teased and beaten up for who they are (or who their peers *think* they are), all the while living in a culture that shames them into silence. Many of them have homophobic parents or guardians, so they can’t even turn to the people who are supposed to love them unconditionally. LGBT youth are four to five times more likely to attempt suicide than their straight counterparts because of the malicious bullying and crushing hatred that they’re surrounded by every day. I should know: I attempted suicide myself at age 16.

    Do you know why that world of bullying, death threats, verbal and physical violence, and murder on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity exists? Do you know why my community, the LGBT community, faces such a grave threat of hate-motivated violence? Guess what – it’s because of religion-based bigotry. I work for an organization that fights the “ex-gay” myth (propagated, incidentally, by your own Assemblies of God church, among many others), which is the lie that it’s possible to change from gay to straight – to “pray away the gay” – through a mixture of prayer and so-called “reparative therapy.” Anti-gay pastors and religious profiteers across the country peddle this lie to scared, self-loathing teenagers and homophobic parents who’ve internalized the vicious anti-gay rhetoric they hear from the pulpit every Sunday. The claim that gay people can become straight is denounced by literally every single reputable medical and mental health organization in the country because it has no basis in research, doesn’t work, and can actually be dangerous to its victims, but that doesn’t stop the evil charlatans who cash the checks and make bank while holding out false hope for change, oblivious to (or utterly careless about?) the lives that they ruin in the process. And before you even *dare* to doubt that lives are ruined, I’d like to challenge you to walk in my shoes. We hear from people who bear permanent emotional and mental scars as a result of the “ex-gay” myth. Many who attempt suicide as a result of their guilt about their inevitable failure to “pray away the gay” bear physical scars as well. We also hear from many parents, siblings, and relatives of those who are no longer alive to tell their own stories – people who killed themselves trying to live a lie in order to accommodate the religion-based bigotry of people just like you.

    So while I am truly sorry to read about the abuse that’s been directed your way since your anti-Obama blog post, I strongly object to your attempt to cast yourself as any kind of a victim. To the contrary, you, your mother, and the putridly anti-gay Republican Party are the ones who are victimizing LGBT people. And spare me the line about how your anti-gay views are unassailable because they’re your firmly-held religious beliefs. It’s utterly hollow. Hate wrapped in the name of God is still hate.

    In closing, I must submit an important correction. You wrote about the “younger generation” in the context of abortion, then continued in the same sentence about how “voters just keep defending [so-called] traditional marriage.” If you meant to imply here that the “younger generation” — *our* generation – supports the continued exclusion of loving same-sex couples from full civil marriage equality, you are wrong. Seriously, no, *incredibly* wrong. In fact, you couldn’t be more wrong: repeated polling consistently proves that our generation OVERWHELMINGLY believes that EVERY American deserves the freedom to marry the person they love, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. You’re free to hold any views you like, no matter how bigoted they are. But you are *not* free to misrepresent the truth. And the truth is that when it comes to marriage equality, the jury is in – and you’ve lost. The anti-gay mistakes of our parents’ generation (anti-LGBT marriage discrimination amendments, laws that marginalize and persecute the LGBT community in the areas of employment, housing, etc.) will be fixed by our generation, if they aren’t rectified even sooner than that. Despite your own personal homophobia, ours is *not* a homophobic generation; your anti-gay views are already a minority view among your peers. The day will come, very soon, when the loving marriage (of six years and counting!) that my husband and I enjoy will be recognized from coast to coast, and our nation will be the better for it. My hope and prayer for you is that someday you’ll be able to stop your homophobic bullying, let go of your own bigotry, and come to embrace your lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender friends, family members, and fellow citizens as equal Americans and full human beings.

    • Me

      So speaking out against same sex marriage is homophobic bullying? Apparently you don’t like freedom of speech or freedom of religion.

      And homosexuality is NOT born that way, liar.

  • Sam

    First off, if you don’t want to receive death threats, don’t be an ignorant fucking bitch. Second, your opinions don’t matter, so hun, next time shut your fucking mouth. Third, do your fucking biology homework and learn that gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals are humans. It’s not a “choice”, your born that way. If you want to start an argument on this there’s countless studies and scientist that back it up. The Bible has nothing to do with this because in American there’s a separation of church and state. Saying being gay is a choice is like saying because Bristol Palin is a teen mom obviously she didn’t receive any education. I mean you do talk and act like you haven’t passed the 8th grade so maybe that statement is true. Regardless, if you want tolerance and respect stop saying discriminatory things. Also, maybe you should, I don’t know, grow up a little. 50 years from now your gonna be sorry you said any of this, so you should just stop now.

  • thecreakyattic

    I’m an old lady who loves your mom. I am so very proud of her for standing up for what she believes in. I had hoped to see President Palin in 2012 because she is a brilliant lady; I look at her as our country’s Margaret Thatcher. She is attacked mercilessly because she strikes the fear of God into the Left. I read one of your posts several days ago and told my son that maybe we might have two President Palins in the works. God bless you and your family…

  • HFK

    you think you should be spending your time limiting the rights of other people and to treat them like they and their families are not equal to you and yours because of prejudice, and you have the audacity to think that people objecting to such efforts & statements somehow victimizes you.
    Sure, some people made mean comments on your blog, and I don’t like that either. People make mean comments on every blog or youtube post- there’s always trolls out there. But people have legitimate objections to what you said, too, and you shouldn’t just ignore that.
    You think two fathers shouldn’t be able to get married because their partnership is, in your view, inferior to that of a man and a woman- while you yourself raise a child without a husband. That’s hypocritical in addition to being cruel.

    • Kait

      thank you for a educated answer. There are trolls out there that cannot seem to express themselves, so it makes the rest of us with a point disappear in the midst of the madness. Bullying her into submission is only going to make it worse.

    • Jean

      Death threats are more than mean comments. You better check the voters becaue everytime same sex marriage is put on the ballot it is voted down.

      Bristol has the right to her opinion just like you have the right to your opinion.

      Marriage is between one woman and one man only. Deal with it.

      • JustAMom

        Actually Jean we don’t have to “deal” with it. We will use the courts to fight for our freedoms that we are ENTITLED to – no different than you. In the meantime your side will lose more and more as your hatred continues to be exposed. What happened in NC just makes us that much stronger.

        • 56Survivor

          Justamom, very time the iss is put to a vote of the people, it fails. Thirty-two states have said “no”. The few states who do allow GM do so because of liberal activist judges or pressured legislatures. American people say “no” to gay marriage. It is what it is.

          BTW, less than 6% of voters consider this an important issue. It is a losing issue for you right now.

          • Pete Moss

            You do realize that elections are not the standard by which we grant or take away civil rights, don’t you?

            How many people voted in these elections you hold up as the measure of society’s opinion?

          • JustAMom

            56 – This is because its a generational issue. As older people die off our numbers will increase and it will be overturned and gay marriage will become a reality across the nation. Polling shows that the younger demographic are turning away from organized religion and one of the core reasons listed is discrimination of gay people. Christians who think they are doing gods will are actually turning more people away from the church. And like the many many countries that have already accepted gay marriage and didn’t’ fall into the ocean people here will begin to realize that they have been lied too and manipulated with fear by christians. It is what it is.

          • Sky


            It was an ‘liberal activist judge’ who got rid of segregation, too.

            The US is a democratic republic, meaning the majority cannot vote out the rights of the minority. Sometimes the courts are used to strike down unconstitutional laws such as the case of Brown v. Board of Education (separate but equal) or Loving v. Virginia (interracial marriage).

            Would you like to live in a country where interracial marriage is still illegal? Women cannot vote? White and blacks are ‘separate but equal?’

    • ceil

      the left can “feel” that it is over for Obama….and they are desperate, like the comments from HFK . All you can do is spew hate. Bristol is a bright light to many many people who agree with what she says. She and her mother are beacons of truthfulness that liberals are blind to see. They are so hate filled and threatened by the Palins it is actually quite amazing to see!!

      • R. Martin


  • Demetrius Cavendish

    People lampoon you because your opinions are ridiculous. It’s easy to cry “bullying” instead of issuing an argument, but it is also incredibly cowardly, especially when plenty of thinking people have put forth arguments against your position. Here, I will:

    1. There is no reason to believe that something is right simply because something it’s traditional. The question is, are there SECULAR arguments against gay marriage that stands independent of Christian belief? I would contend that there are none, and therefor anti-gay legislation is illegal.

    2. Even if gay people don’t bring up great kids (which I know that they are capable of doing from experience), that doesn’t have anything to do with whether they can get married or not.

    3. According to the president, his decision came about after THINKING about the principle with respect to his daughters and talking to college Republicans (I’m sure that isn’t the full story, but it’s the condensed campaign version). He’s basing policy off of his own experience of gay people, not what his daughters want. So, your blog post was just wrong on that point.

  • Sam

    I still think you are being hypocritical on criticizing Obama for supporting equal marriage for gay and lesbian couples when you aren’t exactly in the place to be criticizing in the first place. It is alright that you have your beliefs and I don’t mind what you have to say, but if you aren’t living by example, then your criticism don’t hold much weight, if any. I don’t condone what hateful words have said to you but maybe you should learn not to hit the hornet’s nest so hard when it comes to people’s rights.

    Lastly, I want to comment on your quote.

    “…and voters just keep defending traditional marriage.”

    We’ll see about that. There is a difference between “defending traditional marriage” and legalizing marriage for gay couples. All 30 states except Maine, California, and Hawaii, voted on defining marriage. The other three states I listed voted on the issue of gay marriage or gave the legislature the right to keep marriage as one man and one woman. California and Maine were close so it will be interesting to see if time has played well for gay rights supporters in Maine and possibly Washington and Maryland. Hawaii can technically allow marriage between gay couples because of how the 1998 amendment was worded.

  • Brian


    Study after study reports that there is no difference in quality or results of children when raised by a same sex couple or a opposite sex couple.

    around 2900 words, a few sentences describing how his daughters felt on this topic. Unfair to surmise that he based his evolution of opinion on his daughters opinions.
    Unfair to imply that he didn’t make his own mind up, based on a number of reasons, one including his observations of how future generations will view same-sex couples.

  • Maria Dorsey

    Bristol, I would love to speak to your first “point.”

    You wrote: “Conservative women like my mom get grief because people think they can’t make decisions without their husband, but Barack Obama gets applauded for changing his mind on a huge issue after consulting his wife and young daughters. The double standard amazes me.”

    This is not a double standard. Let’s look at the reason “conservative women like {your} mom” are questioned about listening to their husbands. The problem lies in how your mother has stated she views Christianity and the Bible. Both your mother and Michelle Bachmann have professed publically to be “Bible-Believing Christians.”

    I know what this indicates, as do the reporters asking them these questions about their husbands. Your mother and Bachmann are Biblical Literalist; meaning they believe the Bible is delivered directly from God.

    It is a conundrum for them. If they really believe what they say they believe, being in charge of anything (even their households) is problematic because of Ephesians 5:22 (“women submit to your husbands”). That is why journalist are asking the question.

    If your mother denies that verse, many will accept that she can lead politically. But if your mother denies that verse, many will know that she is not, in fact, a Bible-Believing Christian. Some other type of Christian, maybe, but not “literally Bible-believing.” Those people will judge her harshly for it.

    Your mother and Bachmann (and maybe others) are stuck on the horns of a dilemma.

    I personally do not know of any female democrat politician that is a Biblical Literalist. They can reap the understanding of the “symbolic, metaphorical narrative” of the Bible (a good thing), and guidance from God, without being burdened with the exacting rules of a document written by old men in a dusty place far, far away.

    In general, the people on this planet are influenced by others in their life. Obama was influenced by his children. It happens. You and I make decisions every day with this influence; his just happen to be bigger decisions than yours or mine.

    But he is not legalistically or moralistically bound by a dedication to a dusty old manuscript to allow all decisions to be sanctioned by his spouse like a Biblical Literalist would be.

    (Even as a Biblical Literalist he would not have the same problem as the women politicians, simply by the nature of his gender. I know, this double standard is irritating to me too. That’s why I stopped being a Literalist. The Bible taken literally doesn’t make sense to modern society…it barely made sense to their society 2000 years ago.)

    Your comparison of your mother and Obama’s influence is not a proper comparison. Do you understand now? Do you have any questions? Please ask if you do.

  • Aggelos

    “In fact, this reminds me a little bit of the incident in an L.A. bar that went viral several months ago and will be shown in its entirety in my upcoming new reality tv show.”
    So this is what all this is about? To promote a lame, stupid reality show?
    You just said “Oh, and I was a finalist on Dancing with the Stars, one of the most-watched shows on TV.”
    You know that just by saying that in such a sarcastic way you simply make us think the worst of you, right?
    You should first ask yourself WHY all this people are telling you to kill yourself and then start crying because 3000 people are telling you to die.
    Its because of the way you promote yourself. As an unmarried teen mom who cant miss an opportunity to get a hold on a bunch of money. Wake up. Think of what you said and done, then criticize the people around you. You are no better than them. But you should know, some people understand what you are trying to do. Promote yourself as the concervative, yet slutty daughter of a failed politician just to promote a stupid book or a kardashian-like reality show. Get over yourself. You are nothing.

  • Aggelos

    By the way, no. You shouldnt kill yourself. People like yourself make others feel smart. Thats a plus for humanity.

  • C

    I would like to know one crucial thing – where exactly do you get your credible information that children do better when they are raised by a mother/father family? Do you have ACTUAL, hard proof that kids with gay parents turn out any differently from kids with straight parents? Where is the so called proof that gives you the right to say that these children are being raised better? You can’t just walk out here and say “oh generally kids are raised better when they have both a mom and a dad” with no valuable proof to back up your claim. If you could actually show people some hard evidence to back up this ridiculous notion of yours than maybe people would take you somewhat seriously.

    But the fact of the matter is Bristol, that you can’t prove that. You can’t go around taking surveys of all children in the world with gay parents to find out if they “were raised better” then all the straight raised babies in the world. You were raised by a mother and a father and YOU got yourself pregnant in your early teens. Which to you is apparently okay because you have a vagina and your partner has a penis, so your child is totally going to turn out better than oh, let’s say, two loving hard working men who contribute to society who love each other and have been together for 10+ years and want to start a family. Oh and unlike you, Gay people can’t get pregnant from being irresponsible and not using birth control 😉 they actually have to spend time, money and a lot of emotions to have children not to mention most of them save babies through adoption. I hope one day you stop being so blind and ignorant, really I do, for your own sake Bristol. So to sum things up in the politest, most honest way I possibly can muster: “Please wake the fuck up or shut the fuck up.”

    • Me

      So you’re one of those idiots who denies that gender differences exist.

      No surprise that you hate freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

      Marxists like you tend to.

  • Ted Edwards

    Bristol – there’s been a 20% swing in American opinion on gay marriage since 2004, and far more than that on civil unions and gay rights issues generally. In other words, you’re losing, and you’re being a dick about it.

    Part of what inspires such vitriol in liberals when it comes to you and your family is that none of you have accomplished anything, and you’re being condescending dicks to those who have. If you can do something with your life besides trading on the fact that you’re the daughter of a politician your tone towards people like Obamam might be justified. Until then – and I say this sincerely – please try and speak to people more respectfully, and with a greater sense of awareness about your lack of credibility.

    • 56Survivor

      Ted Edwards, your post is a joke. Every time gay marriage is put on the ballot, it fails. Thirty-two states have said no to the issue. The handful of states that allow it, do so because of liberal activist judges or highly pressured legislatures.
      Your second paragraph is so incoherent that the only part of it I feel needs addressing is when you tell a 21 year old young mom to “speak more respectfully to people”. YOU sir, have no credibility. “Dick” is not respectful.

  • MsDanielle

    So, Bristol, tell me if I’m correct: I am supposed to believe that children who were raised in a mother-father household have happier childhoods and turn out better than children raised by two parents of the same gender. Right? Well, I guess you could also say that children physically, emotionally, and/or sexually abused in a mother-father home are better off than they would be if being raised by a loving, nurturing same-sex couple. Who can honestly say that that’s true? What everyone needs to realize is this– children don’t have any more or less of a ‘better’ childhood based on what their household is comprised of. I’ve seen kids from same sex families turn out better and have a happier childhood than kids from a mother-father home, and vise versa. What you have to try to understand is that it doesn’t matter what gender or orientation the parents are. What matters is the character of the people raising the child, regardless of sexual orientation. And wouldn’t you know it: gays and lesbians are no different than straight people in any area of life, including parenting. Open your eyes and see that there is so much more to the world than what you perceive. And look; I’m a bleeding-heart liberal and I expressed my point to you without wishing death upon you, your mother, or your child, and without insulting anyone’s personal beliefs.

  • Some Guy In Ireland

    As an Outsider to the US, I’ve watched all the different Attacks from both sides and I have to say this:
    Christians spend more time thinking about Gay sex then gays do.
    Same Sex Marriage is not about Religion, but rather the Legal aspects, such as Property and Adoption Rights.
    Besides, It’s no longer a Religious thing anyway, but a Social Contact.

  • R. Martin

    I am no fan of any of the adult Palins but those offensive comments are ridiculous. Bristol, I don’t want you to shut up. As a matter of fact, I think the more you speak, the more it advances my opposing ideals of acceptance. I believe in your right to express yourself. Freedom of speech only really means something when you can fight for that right in the face of speech that truly offends you. I really wish you had approached this topic with equal disgust for both the left and right. The right is cold, cruel, and mean in debates on the Internet. I would not expect you to be impartial on this topic since you are never impartial. You are ALWAYS partisan. I am surprised you do not blame all this on President Obama. I am assuming that post is in production.

  • Eileen

    You want to talk about death threats Bristol? Why don’t you talk to your mom about those crosshairs?

  • Bonny Batman

    It is utterly amazing to me — HOW and WHY — people think they have the right to get into anyone else’s life, and life decisions. Until you have walked a mile in an Indian’s moccocins you have no right to citicize the Indian. So where do all these self absorbed, self righteous, misguided, nasty people get the guts to hide behind writings, and tell other people to die. Is that suppose to be a look at their higher intelligence? The same people who would vet Sarah Palin to death, – But not ask for the Presidents records? — Something wrong here!! Why should we be subject to lies, hate, and misinformation on one hand, and put up with insults, stupidty and disception on the other hand. Enough with these low lifes. Thank You Bristol for your input, information, and decent truthful way of presenting material.

    • Jon

      “It is utterly amazing to me — HOW and WHY — people think they have the right to get into anyone else’s life, and life decisions.”

      Ha, yeah, you know, like when people think they have the right to get between two people of the same sex who love one another and wish to get married. Utterly amazing.

  • adrian

    People talk about preserving the sanctity of marriage however I haven’t seen a boycott of CBS for airing The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. CBS took marriage and turned it into a game show and people are fine with it. If marriage has already been reduced to a tv game show manipulated by network producers, is there really any sanctity to protect?

  • The problem is that you didn’t actually make any coherent arguments.

    “Conservative women like my mom get grief because people think they can’t make decisions without their husband, but Barack Obama gets applauded for changing his mind on a huge issue after consulting his wife and young daughters. The double standard amazes me.”
    It’s not a double standard it’s a different standard. If you literally follow the bible (as conservative women often claim to do) a woman can’t make decisions without their husband. Obama isn’t a biblical literalist and so the standard for him is different.

    “also said generally kids do better with mother/father families”
    This was a claim without evidence. In fact the gender of the parents makes little difference to a kid’s success.

    That’s it. That’s pretty much your entire post, entirely wrong. However none of that makes the comments made towards you appropriate. Unfortunately, if you post things online there will be haters no matter what you say or who you are.

    • Ryan

      A double standard refers to two people with a different background doing the same thing and receiving different results, one positive and one negative. This is what she illustrated in her statement. The bible does not have anything to do with it. Also, because you start out a statement with “In fact” does not make it a fact. You also did not produce any support for your opinion.

  • Ryan

    The reality of the situation is that the human species is the only one on the planet that goes against the laws of nature and then claims that it is not abnormal and should be treated with respect and sensitivity. There is no way for a same sex couple to reproduce. This is a fact and the same principal that marriage and relationships were (and are) built upon. Reproduction is at the core of any true husband-wife relationship. This is not someone being intolerant, rather it is someone acknowledging human nature. There is no reason in the world for ANYONE to force opinions or spew hate and profanity in any situation. These people would never speak this same hate if it weren’t for the internet shield that they sit in front of far more frequently then they should.

    • K

      Right on, Ryan! Your logic and understanding of science is impeccable! Just a little quibble, ~ 10% of all species are homos. But you are absolutely correct that no species besides humans go against the laws of nature and then demands respect and sensitivity for their aberrant “lifestyle”. You never hear the homo dogs or turtles or rabbits or wombats, etc crying out for equal rights! They follow the laws of nature and Jesus and keep their traps shut!
      All of those post menopausal married women and infertile couples should be called out and shamed for not having true husband-wife relationships! States are right to push for bans on childless marriages since they defy the laws of nature! Hopefully, we will elect Sarah Palin president someday and she can spearhead a federal ban on all marriages that aren’t true husband-wife relationships as they threaten the very foundation of traditional marriage and family in this country!

      • Ryan

        There are always going to be exceptions to the rule. No, nothing should be held against those unfortunate couples that cannot have children, but to compare them to post menopausal women and infertile couples is ridiculous. There is NO WAY, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES that a homosexual couple can produce offspring. This means that homosexuality is merely an anomaly and to treat it as a normal part of society is ignorant. It is really no different then pedofelia in the sense that it is a sexual deviation from the norm ( a perversion, if you will). The only difference is that a large group of bleeding hearts in our society have decided to accept homosexuality as a part of life. If we continue down this path, then pedofelia will be the new homosexuality in less then a decade. Do we really want do head down that road?

        • K

          You are right again! I stand corrected. Comparing couples who cannot have children to post menopausal (married) women and infertile couples is ridiculous! Just because post menopausal women and infertile people cannot have children is no reason to lump them in with those unfortunates that cannot have children! I feel so silly now that you have pointed out that homosexuals cannot produce offspring UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES unlike couples who are infertile or who marry after their child bearing years! And of course, since only 10% of humans are gay I should have realized that they represent an anomaly that should never be treated as a normal part of society, just like southpaws, since only 10% of humans (not sure what percentage of other species are lefties, since they won’t tell us) are left-handed! I shudder to think of how many left-handed humans have been accepted in society as though they are normal! When will our elected officials address this abomination and pass laws that ban southpaws from marrying!?! I naively thought, until reading your brilliant comment, that the difference between homosexuality and pedophilia was that adults (homo or hetro) are able to consent to sexual relationships in a way that children (or animals) are not. I now feel like such an ignorant, bleeding heart liberal! You have shown me the light! I absolutely DO NOT want pedophilia to be the new homosexuality in the next ten years! Where can I sign up to prevent this from happening!?!

          • K

            Am totally wigging out…..just found out that Barack Hussein Obama is left-handed!!! Is he also gay!?! We. Are. Doomed.

  • John

    Dear Bristol

    I apologize for all the hate directed towards you.

    I am gay and a liberal and I am dissappointed in “my own”. I never knew we were capable of so much hate. I don’t know what to say. Hard to believe from all the comments, but we are not all like that.

    • ThePhDScientist

      Dear John

      Don’t be sorry for Bristol. I agree that some of this hate is despicable. But so is her blatant use of misleading information to put forth a bigoted agenda. She says children do better in a home of one mother and one father – not true. American Psychological Association finds children do better in a two parent household regardless of the sex of those parents. Perhaps this is why people think she’s a bit FOS. Not to mention she is the one who got pregnant as an unwed teenager – is this traditional family values?

      • Me

        Apparently you’re not a real scientist since gender differences among men and women exist and it makes an impact on raising children.

    • Jan

      John, My gay daughter expressed the same feelings about all the hate towards the Palin’s since 2008. She even noticed how gay bloggers and posters really attack all the Palin children. Bristol blogged her opinion. She did personally attack anyone.

    • J Stratford

      HELL NO!

      If Bully Brilstol thinks that she can muzzle opinions against her bullying by name-calling her victims, then she has one thing coming. We are not dumb.

      When a victim fights back the bully, the bully can not then cry and say that me fighting back is bullying. But then again most bullies are insecure, so her behavior fits a bully’s profile.

      If she thinks gays should abide by the old testament, then she got off light because all she had were words. According to the old testament, she should be stoned for being, according to the bible, a harlot.

  • Cheryl

    Keep writing, Bristol!!! You’re awesome!!! When I’m up against haters, I remember they hated Jesus first!!!!

    • April

      So you’re glad they hated jesus more than you? You know your argument makes you sound like you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    • Sandy

      Most people don’t hate Jesus, they simply don’t put their faith in a fictional character. And if you’re basing your arguments on whether or not your opponents share the same beliefs as you, you’re going backwards before you start. But that said, I’m sure many of Bristol’s ‘haters’ are Christian (or simply religious, because you know, there are other kinds) and don’t throw Jesus under the bus to defend their backwards thinking.

  • sue freivald

    Bristol, I admire your courage and patient perseverance! Keep on keeping on — your parents must be proud of you, and as a mom and grandmother, I would be most proud if you were my child. You speak for many of us and you speak well. It’s difficult sometimes to comprehend how people who share a different life style/beliefs can so purposely misquote, misunderstand, misapprehend what you clearly say. Not many would be able to stand tall as you do and return love for hate, prayer for vituperation, intelligent discourse for irrational diatribe. You are awesome.

  • kathleen

    You are an idiot with zero business giving romantic advice.

  • April

    You say the younger generation is more pro life than the older gen. Who died and made you spokesperson? Please don’t speak for us. When you do we all look bad. You can’t say a single thing that doesn’t make you look hypocritical. Seriously, children need a father figure? Did you stop to think about your own situation before saying these things? Did you think there wouldn’t be some kind of negative reaction? And it wasn’t just the gay community you insulted but every person who grew up without a father. Like maybe we’re all going to turn out killers, wanted by the police, have children at 16, etc. I’ve done none of those and I don’t plan to start now. So on behalf of everybody you insulted I just want you to know that your argument is invalid. Oh by the way, calling a guy in a bar a “faggot” is an insult. Exactly what you’re crying to everybody about in this post. It must be okay though since it was you doing the insulting. You lead a double standard life.

  • square

    Wow really..”Oh, and in that post I also said generally kids do better with mother/father families – the kind of family I’d like to have for Tripp one day”
    1) you name your kid tripp…expect him to get tormented in life for that one
    2) why did you not wait to have the family before having the children. Welcome to being another degraded statistic for young girls getting knocked up before being able to drink. Congrats on that one…if it wasn’t for your status in life you’d be a welfare mom like the rest.

    Learn from your mother sweetie, stay out of politics. Neither one of you have the head/brains for it. Stick to your reality trash shows and leave the real world to the rest of us.

  • Katrina

    You’re right. No-one should receive the type of comments you received. People don’t realize that when they make comments like that, they only do two things. 1. They make themselves look ridiculous and 2. They make their cause look ridiculous. You had some great ideas in your bog the other day. Women running for office, regardless of the party lines, should be judged solely on their views, and what they would accomplish. I feel that should have been discussed a little more, as it could help usher in more equality for women in a political office. And equality for women is something we can all agree on. However, your views on same sex marriage are incorrect. You are entitled to your own opinion (that’s what’s great about America). But, studies have shown children in same sex marriage fare no worse that children in a home that has both mother and father. In fact, gay and lesbian couples tend to plan children and not have a surprise bundle of joy. I wish you luck on your search for a good father to your child. My deepest wish is to meet someone one day who will love my daughter and help raise her to have good morals and a strong sense of self worth. She needs more that a Christmas dad in her life, and I’m sure you have the same desires.

  • Kathleen

    All I can say is, too many people doth protest too much at what Bristol said. If it was all so settled as some claim here, why bother to come and give Bristol grief about her views? Better to just leave her alone to “wither on the vine.” Instead, one gets the feeling that her comments hit too close to home.
    If she’s just a stupid ignorant Christianist, and her views are on the losing end, why all the fuss?

  • Jan

    Keep speaking up, Bristol. You have the right to an opinion and most of America agrees with you.

  • MattZuke

    While I can’t condone some of the things said about you, you are a bully and a bigot. You assert “we know that in general kids do better growing up in a mother/father home” without citing any evidence to validate your position. This kind of makes you a hypocrite as you are a teen mother, rather than being in a stable relationship.

    Here’s the bottom line with gay marriage, allowing gays to marry would open up like 800,000 homes per generation to unwanted children. This is in excess of how many children go unadopted. Demand would be so high that gays would have to adopt from overseas, children slated for infanticide. This would be a huge net win. But your opposed to this, showing that pro-life is a pro-death philosophy. Pro-life promotes abstinence only sex education which does nothing to reduce unplanned pregnancies, thus increasing abortions, and given the choice of having gays take kids who otherwise would be killed, you’d rather the children are killed.

    I am not going to assert the value of straight parents over gays as there is NO data on this subject. But as gays are picking up unwanted children from kids like yourself, I am willing to wager gay parents trumps unstable teen mother.

  • Patrick

    Bristol – This post is genuinely looking for a response.

    While I don’t agree with people saying genuinely hurtful things to you, I do, genuinely, believe you’re not very smart and ignorant as long as you can push your own agenda.
    Answer me this: At what point did it say Barack Obama consulted his wife and daughters? Where does it say that? I want to know where?

    By the way, even if he did consult them and bend to their will, it’s much better to go through life being able to see and agree with someone else’s point even if it conflicts with your previous belief. Not always, but sometimes.
    According to your ideals, if a cure for down’s syndrome were available, you’d decline it’s usage.

    • Me

      And you lefties aren’t pushing your own agenda?

      I genuinely believe that you’re not smart.

  • Michael W. Dean

    I could post on the internet that I think kittens are cute and I guarantee somebody out there would flame me for it. Bristol Palin, by cherry picking a few rude responses, is making a highly disingenuous attempt to characterize all pro LGBT rights people as bullies and haters. From there, one may conclude that LGBT rights are invalid.

    This is wholly fallacious. People being rude to you on the internet only proves that there are rude people on the internet…nothing more, nothing less.

  • Tara G.

    Bristol, you go girl! Ignore the haters.. it IS truly amazing how obnoxious and cruel they TRY to be.. they just make themselves look stupid and ignorant, which is probably what they are since they can’t produce a valid argument to your points. I agree with your views in every entry to your blog I’ve read so far. It take amazing strength to put your beliefs out there & take all that heat, but remain strong. You’re Momma (& Daddy) raised you right! Stay strong!

    • FailinPalin

      Many valid arguments have been produced throughout the replies. You just don’t want to see them because, like Bristol, nothing would change your mind. Sad, very sad that you probably believe that your religious views trump all. Not everyone is a Christian who cherry picks bible passages to suit their bigotry. Bristol, you and anyone else can express your bible based bigotry, doesn’t mean we have to except it or bow down to it.

  • Angie

    Bristol, I admire your courage. No matter what they think of your views, no one should say the things they do to you and your family… or to ANYONE else. We owe each other respect and the opportunity to practice freedom of speech. It’s unAmerican to think otherwise. Keep standing strong!

  • Tyler

    Bristol, more can be said for your character than that of your enemies.

  • Ella

    Bristol, you are an incredible young woman. I admire your bravery and willingness to take a stand. You are honest about your mistakes. Love is NOT tolerant and permissive. Life, liberty, and freedom are all basic rights… redefining marriage is NOT a right.

  • Colleen

    Is Bristol writing this column herself? I would really be interested in reading what Bristol thinks. Not her mom, not her ghost writer…

  • Debbie B

    Thank you, Bristol. Thank you for your transparency, and thank you for being so brave. Most Americans understand your humanity, but the bullies out there are intent on changing the world…and not for the better. If folks just like you aren’t willing to change the narrative, then most Americans will feel out of touch and intimidated in their own country…because the bullies speak very loudly and the rest of us mostly want to mind our own business. However, the time has come where we must understand that there are only two ways to deal with bullies, and this goes back to the lessons we learn on the playgrounds at school. First, you can either pacify the bullies somehow, buying time, and hoping everything will remain calm until another bully episode. Unfortunately, I’ve learned that this only empowers the bullies and creates an even bigger monster. OR … you can once and for all stand up against the bully and refuse to be bullied any longer. That might look like many different things to different people, but it must first start with the narrative (just like this post) where we speak out against the bully and let people know they’re not alone in feeling bullied and they’re sick of it! You are so right on so many levels, and being a mom myself, I of course give credit to Mom 🙂 Anyway, my daughter and son are both actors in Hollywood (long time friends of the Massey’s in fact). They have been raised in much the same way as yourself. I see fruit in them despite their mistakes, and I hope that when backed in to a corner, they too will find your courage. March onward, Sweetheart….you are loved and appreciated.

  • Jeremy Bosco

    Maybe if you weren’t just about as stupid as your retarded and worthless parents, on top of being a bigoted piece of crap that hates a sector of human beings based on intentional misinterpretation and outright lies, you wouldn’t be getting the harsh feedback you rightfully deserve. Just saying.

    • Me

      The same things you posted about Bristol describe you to a T.

      I genuinely believe that you’re not smart.

  • Nicki

    I don’t condone the hateful words of others. I think people need to respect the opinions of others. I’m of the opinion that consulting your significant other on important decisions is probably a good idea. NOT let them make decisions for you, but a good discussion never hurts.

    At the same time, I do not think you are qualified to preach about what a true family should be like, nor do I think you are qualified to tell anyone how they should raise their family. As for Obama changing his mind on gay marriage because of his daughters… You learn new things because of your children. And it seems Obama learned some tolerance. Perhaps you should try it sometime.

  • Matt

    Playing the victim card is basically the number one tactic for conservatives these days, especially when it comes to gay rights issues. You can stand back and oppose gay rights, being careful to dress your position up with the nicest language possible to make it seem less intolerant. After expressing your views some pro-gay commenters will inevitably say something mean (as will happen in every single comments section of every political post ever) and then the conservative will immediately go “SEE, YOU’RE THE REAL BIGOTS.”

    I certainly don’t condone that hateful comments that people left on your previous post but things really need to be put in perspective. You and other conservatives are dismayed by the hateful comments you can get online and in Hollywood for opposing gay marriage, but at the end of the day they’re just words left by anonymous nobodies. Meanwhile in the real world thousands of gay couples are denied the 1000+ rights that come with marriage, adding significant complications to their family life especially if they have kids. Many thousands of gays live in real fear of losing their jobs and livelyhood just because of their sexual orientation. Thousands of gay teens around the country live in constant terror of bullies and commit suicide at alarming rates. These are REAL problems that eclipse being called names on the internet in every way yet conservatives oppose trying to solve these problems at every turn. Sit there and preach all you want about tolerance and respect but I can see right through it, you being called names by anonymous people online is not comparable to the terrible injustices that far too many LGBT people still face in their daily lives.

    • Me

      And you Marxists don’t play the victim card? And marriage is NOT a right in this country nor should children be allowed to be corrupted by sexual deviants.

      • MattZuke

        “And marriage is NOT a right in this country nor should children be allowed to be corrupted by sexual deviants.”

        Actually marriage is a civil right, sorry. Christians like yourself supported eugenics, which included sterilizing prisoners, and non-whites. The Nazi’s got their ideas from US, specifically from the Virginia Eugenics programs. Regardless, it was ruled that we can’t sterilize prisoners because they do have the human right to get married and have children. The same right WASN’T spelled out clearly for non-whites, but as the NAZI crimes came to light, eugenics lost its popularity.

        No one suggests children should be corrupted by sexual deviants.

  • Kokoro

    Word of advice on the Internets, Ms. Palin, if you’re going to dish out biased opinions, you better be pretty damn prepared to take them at the same time, especially from the groups you offend in the process.

  • Kokoro

    “You’ll see hate in the name of love. People claim they’re just trying to protect the right of two people to love each other – a right I don’t contest, by the way – and then spew the worst words imaginable at someone they disagree with. If the agenda is love, why do you hate so intensely?”

    First off, Ms. Palin, many of us here do not hate with as much intensity as you claim. We are defensive against what we believe is a universal right to love whoever we wish. The people who are against this sacred right are people like you, Ms. Palin, who do not believe that two men or two women could ever love each other and have a family as loving as one with a man and a woman.
    Our mothers and fathers before us told us to think for ourselves about what we think is right. That is why we feel this way about love between two men and two women.
    Frankly, if you are going to put out your opinions and beliefs on the Internet for the world to see, you better be pretty damn ready to take the opinions and beliefs of others.
    Koko out.

  • Maria Nell

    So glad you have a blog and so ready to watch your new show this summer! I admire you for many things. Keep it up <3

  • Wendy

    To be frank, Ms. Palin, it’s very hard to take your stance on this issue seriously, given that you are a single parent who has actively strived to keep her child’s father from having a role in the child’s life.

    If it’s so important for a child to be raised in a household with their mother and father, why did you not marry your child’s father? Why are you still single? Why did you not give your child up for adoption to a married couple who could provide the two-parent household you claim every child so desperately needs?

    Your words don’t match your own actions, dear. That’s why there’s backlash against your words. You’re telling the nation to do as you say, not as you do. Doesn’t that strike you as foolish, or hypocritical?

  • bow down

    you were bullying the lgbt community in the first place telling them how to live there lives you stupid bitch

  • Victoria

    “Hate in the name of Love, Bullying in the name of Tolerance” ???? – What an interesting choice for a blog title considering all the things you have previously stated..

    You are not experiencing hate or bullying Bristol darling, what you are experiencing is the pain of what your words can do to someone. Hate is when you are told you are less then the rest of society because you are gay and therefore cannot marry your partner of 20 years. Hate is when family and friends abandon you when you tell them you are gay because society has taught them and the rest of the world that being gay is not normal. Bullying is when you are repeatedly mocked at school to a point where you (a child) feels that death must be so much better than this life. No Bristol, you have not experienced hate or bullying. We are fighting and will win to change thousands of years of what marriage was like because that is the right thing to do. When white people had slaves for years and years, no one taught anything was wrong with that at the time… but that changed because people stood up and said that just because IT IS this way does NOT mean that it is the RIGHT way… when women could not work because that’s just the way it had been, we changed that too.. Separate is NOT equal. What you think and feel is irrelevant because the times are changing, but I feel bad for your child. He will grow up hearing one thing from you and seeing whole other thing in the real world. He will struggle and I hope at the end he will have half the brain to the RIGHT thing – to make a difference for the better… You are a hateful person and you use your “celebrity” pedestal to promote hate. You Ms. Bristol, are a hateful bully.

  • Margaret Whitestone

    You dish out intolerance then you expect puppies and sunshine in response? Typical bigot.

  • Zinnia Jones

    Bristol, I’m ready to have a serious conversation on the issues. Are you?


  • Gilly Mac

    LMAO! You are such a douchebag, Bristol. You step in a hornet’s nest, say a bunch of hateful and untrue things about gay people and our President, and then you whine when your karma comes back to you. I doubt those comments are even real, anyway. Stop being your mother’s tool, stop trying to be famous, stop dressing like a skank, and maybe pay attention to your child. Maybe you would of turned out better if your mother hadn’t neglected you all those years.

  • Averne

    “You see arguments like that all the time in political magazines. It’s not a big deal, and the people who make arguments like that don’t stir up much controversy.”

    Hi, Bristol.
    First of all, I want to say I think it’s wonderful that you’re blogging your ideas out of a true sense of conviction. I’m a professional writer and have been putting my ideas to paper ever since I knew how to hold a pencil.

    But if there’s one thing I’ve learned about good writing over the past 26 years, it’s that you need to back up your most passionate points with facts and statistics to effectively connect with the audience you hope to persuade. You can’t toss around wild claims like your quote above without some solid evidence to back it up.

    Where did you hear that children do better in a mother/father home? Can you link to any recent research or clinical studies of the happiness and well being of children who grew up in a mother/father home vs. a mother/mother home, father/father home or single parent home?

    THAT is the difference between your blog post musings and “political pundits.” Those pundits you talk about always have solid statistics to back up their claims. You, on the other hand, toss out inflammatory statements with no statistical backing and expect your readers to swallow it as truth.

    In today’s world, bloggers are the new journalists. Responsible journalism carries rigorous standards of backing up your claims with reliable, tested facts from unbiased sources. Responsible blogging must follow suit. You’re passionate about your beliefs, and that’s a wonderful start. But if you REALLY want to persuade people and make an impact with those beliefs, you need to lead your readers gently along with reliable facts that support your thesis. You may think you’re spouting wisdom, but without any evidence to support your claims, you sound like a total fool. And your foolishness ultimately hurts and marginalizes the very kinds of families that you claim to stand in support of two paragraphs later.

    Grace and peace be unto you as you continue to find your way to a place of responsible wisdom.

    • Truth101

      Bristol is not a polical pundit. I will let you in on a secret. The political pundits are nothing but liars and crooks.

    • Jenny C

      EXTREMELY well said. If only any of the Palin’s would take your advice to be responsible in their discourse, and back themselves up with facts and valid research. It seems obvious however, that it’s “not their thing.”

  • Abby

    Bristol, the reason people got upset is because you wrote a blog post that in its core could have been reasonable, but you wrote it in the absolute stupidest way possible. You set yourself up for this, kid. You should know that an unwed teen mother will NEVER be taken seriously in an argument on the sacredness of marriage. People sent you angry messages because you were a hypocrite, not because they were bullies. Please do not publish again. You are not very good at it.

    • Truth101

      She already has pulished again. It must be shit being you.

  • Orange County California

    Bristol, you’re typical of bullies. Always call people who stand up to bullies bullies. You’re a spoiled little bitch who doesn’t know when to keep your mouth shut. And to hell with your stupid fans and supporters as well. The reason you did well on DWTS is because your momma flooded the phones with tea baggers, not because you’re a good dancer. The viewer who shot his TV set should sue you for a new TV.

    • camille


    • Truth101

      Right back at you, bitch.

    • Me

      If anybody is a bully, it’s people like you.

      You want to silence anybody who disagrees with you.

  • Orange County California

    Another thing Bristol. The idiot pundits at CNN, especially that stupid woman Gloria Borger, make stupid comments that “both the left and the right are equally responsible for the bitter partisanship that is dividing this country.” That is B.S.! This “moral equivalency” nonsense is something only an idiot like Gloria Borger can come up with. The harsh fact is that the right is by far the more arrogant, the more vitriolic and the more belligerent of the two. And if you think my comments were biased and slanted, here’s what you don’t want to hear: both facts and truth have a liberal bias. Deal with it. The left is right, the right is wrong, kiss my butt, smooch.

    • Linda

      Your last sentence tells me everything about you. Who are you to call someone stupid, arrogant or belligerent. Funny thing that really sticks out in these comments – all of you think you’re the smartest fool in the bunch. Get a life and leave others to their beliefs. Each of us have different views on “right and left, right and wrong” and that’s our right!!! Sweep around your own back door before you try sweeping someone else’s. These would all be really humorous if I thought you were for real but you’ve simply been badly misinformed and refuse to look around and take off the rose colored glasses.

  • Brian Real

    Bristol, I was one of the hundreds people whose comments were deleted on your Facebook page. And, I don’t considering logically questioning your arguments “bullying.” And you weren’t just pulling down the key examples of people blowing up at you. You also pulled down every reasonable sounding statement that was posting to your page. In fact, you pull down a lot of the reasonable, level-headed arguments and left some of the unreasonable ones throwing personal insults.

    This isn’t just about you criticizing Obama. This is about you arguing against civil rights and equality for a portion of the population with some very shallow arguments. The concept that we should keep opposing gay marriage because we have kept that tradition for thousands of years doesn’t hold water, considering that institutionalized discrimination was the status quo until about 50 years ago – with Bible passages often being held up for the justification. Likewise, if you go judging people by Biblical standards, we’re going to have to persecute everyone. I mean, the same book of the Bible that comes out against lying with other men also sets getting a tattoo as an equal level sin.

    However, if you say that the only proper environment for a child to be raised is a household with a mother and father, you’re going to be personally criticized for not creating that environment. You can’t criticize people for a lifestyle you don’t live yourself. And, there’s no evidence backing up what you say. Studies – or, actual facts – have repeatedly found that there are basically no difference between kids who grow up with straight parents vs. those who group up with same-sex parents. You had people trashing and judging you – and your child – for your life and your family situation. You’re complaining about this sort of situation for yourself, but you’re saying that it’s okay for you to teach your child to judge other children and their parents. I’m not saying that this is hypocritical to be mean. I’m saying this is hypocritical because it’s hypocritical.

    Yes, there were some people who argued against you without disputing your basic points. However, you deleted hundreds of comments who made pretty clear and convincing points that the viewpoints you were making can’t be backed up by actual logic and that you are promoting sexual-orientation based discrimination. And, considering that it has become pretty clear that being gay is not a choice, you are promoting discrimination that is no different than racial or gender-based discrimination.

    The government isn’t in the religion business, with marriage in the government eyes giving certain legal protections to couples who choose long-term, intimate co-habitation. Like, access to shared health insurance, a somewhat minor tax benefit, the ability to see a partner in the hospital is that person is in intensive care, et cetera. You are promoting the denial of those rights, and offering the same thing by calling it something else (civil unions) is saying that these relationships are lesser in the eyes of the government. If churches wan’t to deny gay marriage, fine, their call. But, the government shouldn’t be in the discrimination business. You may not be arguing against people’s rights to love each other, but you are arguing against their civil rights. And you’re saying that the President should teach his children why such discrimination is okay, while you also add in that it’s okay to teach children to hate based on religion.

    To quote Jesus on homosexuality, ” .” He did say a lot about tolerance, and plenty of stuff that contradicted the Old Testament’s push for vengeance, though.

    • Me

      Marriage is NOT a civil right in this country. And what makes you pinkos the determiners of what civil rights are?

      There’s also no proof that homosexuality is born that way.

      Jesus also condemned homosexuality in Matthew 10:15. He also stated that marriage is between a man and a woman in Matthew 19:4-6 and Mark 10:6-8.

  • Jack

    It’s unfortunate that people like you are able to breed, Bristol.

  • camille

    The palins are a disgrace to America. When Sarah Palin ran for VP that was not just proof of a corrupt and malicious system, but an insult for what it means to earn what you have. They are an insult to intellect, and women everywhere. I lose hope in this country every time i see or hear them speak. i encourage people to troll the palins because they are nothing but a destructive distraction. TROLL THEM SO THEY LEARN TO STAY OFF THE AIR, OUT OF OUR FACES, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY POLITICS.

    The Palins are worthless, stupid, pieces of shit…maybe except the baby, but being raised by them makes its a matter of time.

    • Truth101

      You are one sad, hateful person.

  • boston99

    Bristol, I’m sorry but you can’t be serious with this? are you? and you and your mother do the same thing: You spout off with your opinion, but give no backing as to why, actually you don’t even take a real stance, for the most part you just tear into who ever it is you see as being against you at the time. Then when you get called on it, you demand drama! and please don’t say you, nor your mom want the drama, you are on your 3rd tv show!!!!!! By the way… There is nothing wrong with that, but please stop trying to act as if you are a politician because neither you or your mom should be considered that. I sincerely believe you are probably great people, but you absolutely, 100% do not belong in politics, please leave that to others.

  • Christina

    You are wonderful Bristol, the Lord’s blessings on you and your family!

  • Sandy

    I wont take the high road on this one so I’ll just say that you are total trash and a whore 🙂 Happy Thursday!

  • Sandy

    I usually take the high road but you are a WHORE and total trash! Happy Thursday and god bless!

  • boston99

    This is crazy, you can’t NOT post comments because you don’t like them. I purposely stated my opinion in a clear, concise, and non judge mental way and you still won’t post it. You cannot make an ignorant (ignorant meaning: no thought) comment to attract attention, and then set people up to say “i’m being bullied” No personal offense intended, but you and your mother just spew hatred, and buzz words to get people hyped up and pissed off, and you are great at it!!! You guys are on your 3rd or 4th reality tv show, keep it up, but please just leave the politics, and issues to the people that have made a living out of this, people that are much more able than yourselves. that is not a personal dig, I’m not that person either, I’m just smart enough to realize it.

  • Scratch a liberal, find an intolerant, hateful, bigoted, vulgar, violent hypocrite.

    • FailinPalin

      Scratch a contard, find an intolerant, hateful, bigoted, vulgar, violent, hypocrite, racist, homophobic, evil, lowlife scumbag.

    • FailinPalin

      Hey Jay, checked out your website. You call yourself a christian? Hahahahaha

      And the Obamacare rant is classic. Obamacare has nothing to do with your insurance rates, but any half-witted idiot knows that. You just want to blame Obama for all your woes. Blame yourself for the problems in your life.

  • Tulsi

    Brisol Palin, you bully against Gay parents.

  • Tulsi

    Also, you calling people “Cowards” is being a bully.

  • You_are_wrong_factualy_and_morally

    “Oh, and in that post I also said generally kids do better with mother/father families”

    Oh, you also said that did you? Was it just a “by the way” sort of thing? Not a big deal, maybe?

    That is a hateful lie and I don’t know how you can’t see that. First of all, of course, it’s not true. Every peer reviewed study on the issue has come to the opposite conclusion you’ve presented here. The only studies that ignorant (or purposely misleading) anti-gay advocates cite to defend this statement are ones where “mother/father families” are compared to single parent homes; no mutli-parent homosexual households were considered. Having two parents is undeniably better than having one, but every study on the topic has concluded that it doesn’t matter what gender those two parents are. If your concern were really how the kids do better, then you should should advocate making single parent homes illegal before you get too deep into advocating preventing homosexual couples from adopting.

    What kind of reaction to you expect when you post hateful lies about an entire several dozen million strong group of people? Some people (a small minority, in fact) posted angry hateful responses right back at you; that’s how life goes hate begets only more hate. You’re the one with the platform, you’re the one with the greater responsibility to end that cycle of hate, but instead you’ve decided to further demonize those you hate and play the victim.

    • Me

      So it’s hate to say that children would be better off with mommy and daddy and that marriage is between a man and a woman? You really need to get a thicker skin and grow up.

      Excuse me if children shouldn’t be living in households where the parents are sexual deviants.

  • Sarah

    You said you couldn’t find any arguments or “decent reasons” people were giving in their responses. While I do not support the name-calling and death threats in some comments AT ALL, I saw plenty of reasonable arguments citing civil rights, equality, and logic in many other comments.

    Meanwhile, can you or your supporters cite a SINGLE reason outside of your religious beliefs, something in the Bible or what you think God wants, for why gay people should not be given equal rights? Because until you can give a “decent reason” without religion, that’s all this boils down to. In a country founded on a vital belief in the separation of church and state, the only ones left standing against equal rights for everyone are the fanatics that think their interpretation of Christianity and God should be made law for everyone else.

    • Me

      And what makes you the determiner of civil rights? And what is equality based on?

      And marriage is NOT a right in this country. There’s also NO Separation of Church and State in the Constitution. You should read it up sometime.

      • Sarah

        What kind of questions are those? Clearly, I am not the determiner of civil rights…I don’t have to be, because many people (though sadly, not you) have a pretty well-defined idea of what civil right are already. In fact, the US Supreme Court agreed on them in 1958 during the Virginia v. Loving case with an interracial couple: The court ruled that Virginia violated both the Due Process Clause and the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. And here’s the kicker! Look at what the Supreme Court said in their decision: “Marriage is one of the “basic civil rights of man.” You should read up on it sometime.

        I’m not even going to bother responding to your question on equality. I’m so sorry that you don’t have a basic understanding of that word and its meaning, but possibly that’s where you’re problem lies. I’m assuming by asking what it is “based on” you’re trying to argue that liberals/gay right advocates have some sort of convoluted definition of it? As if their definition of equality–equal rights for all men and women as long as they don’t harm the happiness and lives of others–is…wrong? What’s yours?

        Also, you must have forgotten that I asked for ONE argument against gay marriage that is not based in your own personal belief system. I’m waiting.

  • David


    I am so sorry you have had to endure the hate you have endured at your young age. God bless you for your courage, and your willingness to stand up for your beliefs. It’s really sad that more of our fellow citizens who have a different belief system are unable to just expres their disagreement with you, without spewing hatred and venom.
    We all make mistakes, and it’s not hypocritical to make a mistake and then advocate not doing what you’ve done before others, so that hopefully they will choose a different path. If they don’t, then so be it, that’s their choice.
    Again, may God bless you!


  • auh

    Bristol do not take seriously the insults and vulgarities of the haters here. The fact that they visit and read your blog posts sends a different message. You had a baby when you were 17 so what? At least you did not abort and your family who loves you supported you all the way and that’s what matters. Only people who are sinless can throw stones at someone – but there is none.

  • Well, I don’t see any hatred in Bristol’s blog article above, but I see tons of vile hatred in many of these comments.

  • Erin

    As you seem to be confused by the criticism, and even hatred, that you’ve received, let me help explain it to you. There are many things to criticize in your original post, some of which you’ve addressed here. A. Obama never stated that he consulted his daughters in this decision, only that they allowed him to see how the younger generation, of which you are unfortunately a part, is increasingly tolerant and loving of their fellow human beings in all walks of life. B. Your argument that a traditional nuclear family is the only healthy environment for a child is laughable, given that your happy traditional family upbringing still led to your unwed teen pregnancy. And don’t even get me started on abstinence-only education, considering how well that worked for you. But beyond these valid points is the fact that your original post reeks of hatred. You hate homosexuals so much that you want to deny them the right to marry the partner they love, to visit them in the hospital, to share important life decisions together. You’ve received hatred in response to your post because you hated first. You hate people who are different from you, and you are using a media pulpit, which was handed to you on no merits whatsoever, to prevent other human beings from having the same rights as you do. I’m not saying this justifies the ugly responses you’ve seen to this article, but to put it bluntly, you started it.

    • QuoVadisAnima

      Disagreeing with someone is not the same as hating them – though clearly some have difficulty distinguishing the two.

      Homosexuals already have the right to marry the partner they love & can arrange the legal rights for the rest. But you are not arguing for those rights, or else you would simply be demanding something to simplify acquiring the legal rights you seek (as Sir Elton John has suggested would be the better course) – however, you are instead arguing for the right to change the definition of marriage for everybody else.

      Problem with that is the unavoidable consequence that catering to the demands of this very small but very loud & threatening percentage of the population has already proven repeatedly to deny the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS of others (not just Christians as ALL the major religions of the world reject homosexuality) to free speech & the free practice of religion. So it is you who are trying to deprive others of their rights.

      • Steph

        Buddhism, Taosim, and several other “major” world religions DO NOT reject the idea of homosexuality AT ALL. I suggest you do your homework. And allowing homosexual couples to get married WOULD NOT change the definition of “marriage” for anyone else. Your argument is completely invalid.

        • Dana

          Um, what is the only other MAJOR world religion besides Christianity?? You forgot to mention Islam, hun. Islam is even MORESO against gays than Christians. They are rapidly spreading across Europe. How do they spread their religion?? By threatening Jihad. I suggest YOU do your homework.

      • Mary

        So gays getting married is somehow denying Christians their rights? I’m sorry but we never asked you to stop preaching your beliefs or building your churches. The only thing that upsets Americans is when the church imposes their beliefs on the government to make everyone else in the country follow. That is where you cross the line between the separation of church and state. The only thing we ask is to not let religious beliefs control the rest of the country who doesn’t share them. You will still have the freedom and right to deny all the gay weddings you want from occurring in your churches. But the legal aspects and government recognition of said marriages should not have to be so complex for gays couples just because your beliefs define marriage in a different way.

        • Dana

          Then call it a “civil union” then. Don’t call it marriage….which was founded and is valued in many religious institutions, not just Christianity. Too many out there don’t want to see what has been held valued, sacred, natural, and beautiful since the dawn of humanity….perverted and mocked for younger generations to come. Since when have mere selfish desires become rights?? Consensual or not… marriage is NOT just about expressed love…but the groundwork and foundation of FAMILY. Nature itself ordained it so that this can ONLY happen between a man and woman, and a LOVING mother AND father is ESSENTIAL for a child’s complete health in social and sexual maturity.

    • Mike Stokes

      Bristal, these vicious pigs will not stop insulting you. I hope and pray the Lord will protect you and your family. Thank you so much for having the courage to speak up for traditional marriage, which is an institution God created that was in the best interest of the family structure, which made our country what it is today. There is tons of evidence that proves the traditional family; a mother and father living under the same roof, raising and providing for their children, is best for husband and wife and the children and society at large. Thank God for the family, and thank God for you.

  • Kat

    Wah wah wah, cry us all a river you dirty little hypocritical whore. Go eat a hot pile of STFU already. Stop wasting your time typing and go take care of your fatherless kid, or better yet, get an education on diversity and ethics and maybe this will help expand your narrow little mind. Don’t attack the president if you can’t handle the country’s counter-attack on you…dirty whore. Now go away and disappear, no one likes you, they’re all faking it.

    • Anna

      “hypocritical whore”? You have just proved Bristol right.

    • Rhoda

      You know what, I disagree with Bristol Palin but you will never change anyone’s mind by calling them a “dirty whore”.
      If you insult someone by calling them a dirty whore you are a misogynist. Yes, even if you are a woman yourself. How can you speak up for diversity and yet call someone a whore?
      Please use reason.

  • Cherie

    This blog is hilarious. I love it when stupid people don’t know how stupid they are, and just keep going. Please Bristol- never stop writing this crap!!! I especially love your christian fans who sound like vicious blood thirsty mutts, ready to tear the throats out of anyone who calls you on your bullshit. Yay Jesus!

  • Kristen

    It is sad that she can only pick out the few that went to the extremes, but not answer the people who made valid points. If Bristol is going to state her opinion as fact, she needs to prove it. She is talking about Hollywood, if she wants to be in that business, she needs to be aware of who toe she steps on. Hollywood is full of Gays. Her actions contradicts her message. How can she say that a home with a mother and a father is a better up bringing than a home with the same sex marriages when she was born in a “traditional family” setting and she still made poor choices that affects her son? People who wear plastic should not play with fire.

    • Dana

      I’m so sick of everyone pointing to Bristol’s parental and conservative status as a single mom to undermine her points as “narrow minded.” It doesn’t take rocket science and scape-goating to religion people to know that a child’s sexual and social development hinges on a father AND a mother figure. It doesn’t take nothing but common sense to realize that 2 men and 2 women can’t NATURALLY build a family for a reason. Nature itself (whether you want to admit to a higher power or not) ordains it so! Stop pointing to heterosexuals with character problems and poor decision making as reasons to justify an even more perverted view point! Problems don’t justify problems. By your theory, the world is already screwed up. So why not screw it up even more! So stop thinking about your own selfish desires that you want to deem as “rights” and think about little ones who don’t have a voice! Think about what this will do to FAMILY. What is best for a child is a LOVING father AND a LOVING mother. Bristol herself admits that and hopes to eventually find a caring father to partner her in raising her son. Marriage itself was NOT founded in government but in religion, and ALL major world religions (not just Christians) oppose gay marriage out of COMMON SENSE. To do otherwise is to MOCK and PERVERT the mystical union of differences between a man and woman that has been the framework and foundation of family for ALL CREATURES since the BEGINNING OF TIME. If you want to criticize Bristol Palin for her obvious concerns, then you might as well criticize thousands of moral law-abiders since dawn of humanity. I rest my case. Now all of you leave that poor girl alone and let her have her senses.

    • Mary

      Kristen, your post sums up the whole problem perfectly and accurately.

  • PamelaDeville

    Ignore the haters, dear Bristol. Love to you and your wonderful family.

  • Ms. Palin, I am just interested to know what you think would be an acceptable alternative to marriage for homosexuals? How is marriage defined by you? Would it not be ok to give these couples the same rights and call it something like a civil union? I just want to know what rights as a couple you would not agree with homosexuals having. Insurance? Will? Taxes? Adoption?

  • Me

    Those people who are whining about Bristol Palin’s comments are just hypocritical professional victims who are trying to eradicate freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

    Those people who think that it’s bigoted to say that marriage is between a man and a woman or that children should be raised by married heterosexual couples need to get a thicker skin and get a life.

    • Jenny

      Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from criticism. Bristol made factually incorrect statements in support of an incoherent argument, while flaunting her hypocrisy about her own lifestyle. She’s absolutely entitled to do that. But if she’s going to sit at the grown-up table of ideas, she’s gonna have to wear her big girl panties and take responsibility for her words.

      • Dana

        Of course freedom of speech can mean freedom of criticism. Then what would be the point of freedom of speech? lol. How do you think the revolutionary war started? How do you think the constitution was born? Because people CRITICIZED a suppressing COUNTRY. Put on your big girl panties, and brush up on your English/American history, hun.

        • LMA

          Jenny wrote, “…freedom FROM criticism.” Put on your big girl panties and brush up on your reading comprehension, hun.

  • Bristol, I writing to encourage you and to bear witness to what you have said. I have a dump truck load of some of the most vilest threats, filth, and vomit too disgusting to even show to other people. All of it from homosexuals and their supporters. Please dont expect any rational argument from them because they do not possess that capability. Their intention is only to dump the filthy darkness in their minds on you. In their real world avatar life, you would probably shocked if their identities were revealed. As it says in the bible: Gird up the loins on your mind. Standing for truth means that you will have to endure the rage of sinners who hate God, hate his truth and hate you for being identified with the truth. All of this talk of tolerance, acceptance, ending bullying and the likes is nothing more than a thin, one sided smoke screen.

    • FailinPalin

      What a disgusting pig you are gcmwatch. I went to your disgusting and vile blog. You are a sub human piece of garbage. And fuck you and fuck your bigoted, hateful christianity that YOU USE TO PROMOTE HATE AND INTOLERANCE. FUCK OFF TO IRAN, YOU WOULD FIT IN VERY WELL THERE.

      • Dana

        LOL. You just proved the person you fired that comment too. Yeah, that’s right….BREW in your own disgusting anger. You might as well fire that same emotion to millions of other people that have upheld traditional marriage since the dawn of humanity. BREW AWAY, my angry little rebel.

  • Amanda

    I think we should all be proud of Bristol….It’s not easy to be so retarded and achieve such a level of recognition. You go girl!!!

  • Anthony

    Oh Bristol Palin, how terribly well you play this publicity game. Firstly let me say that death threats are wrong and you are right to label them as bullying. However you should also realize that the delivery of your critisim was on many levels awful. As an unwed teenage mother (mind you I’m not judging you for that I know many great teenage mothers myself; Mary for example) you know best of all how it feels to be marginalized for socially unacceptable sexual behavior. Jesus. Himself loved every single sinner, sin and all. In addition I would expect someone with a child to respect the want to raise that child in a loving environment wether it be single parent, gay parents, or a priory of celibate monks. Your comments about how the institution of marriage is threatened by this want to love and share this love with a child was insulting to all marriages because love is the defining factor in a marriage not physicallity. Needless to say the one thing I will agree with you on is that this generation is more free thinking but unfortunatly I do not believe you should be counted among the enlightened. For the record I am a catholic teenager who supports both the right to life and the right to love so I do hope that fits your requirement for a valid argument. Anyways best of luck on finding your own ideas and bless your child.

  • Lea


  • Jw
  • As long as many supporters of gay marriage feel the need to resort to violent attacks and name calling rather than a rational exchange, we’re not going to get anywhere of value. If you have a valid argument, make it like a civilized human being. Though I understand the sentiments of those who seek to legalize gay marriage, the insistence of so many of them that those of us who defend traditional marriage are nothing more than hateful bigots is dishonest and unworthy of public discourse.


    • Bristol I couldn’t agree more! Keep up the great work, I got persecuted too for speaking out against gay marriage but I will keep on speaking out. I am not a people pleaser, I am a God pleaser!

  • LMA

    Bristol and her mom often criticize (incoherently at times) the President and the first lady. I hear their words. I even hear what the Palin haters shout back. But what resonates with me — and with MILLIONS of others — is how the Obamas do not respond to the Palin attack machine. And THAT is truly courageous. Obama 2012.

  • Lee

    The people who are insulting you are not upset with your celebrity status as they are with your failure to admit that your beliefs are not reflective of the choices you yourself made as a single unwed teenage mother with no correlation to what you consider to be a traditional family. If the idea was that you wanted people to learn from your mistakes, then just say so. By devoting this whole entry to a few death threats, you give people the wrong impression that either you’re trying to stir the argument away from having to address the hypocrisy or that you are completely missing the point.

  • A

    While I don’t condone the body-shaming or bullying you’ve received because of your post, I still believe you were completely wrong in making it. You said that it was a double-standard that Obama is praised for listening to his kids, while your mother is criticized for listening to her husband. The problem is, Obama never said that he was directly “taking orders” from his daughters, so there is no need to ‘Hail to the Chiefs.’ Here is what Obama said:

    “There have been times where Michelle and I have been sitting around the dinner table and we’re talking about their friends and their parents and Malia and Sasha, it wouldn’t dawn on them that somehow their friends’ parents would be treated differently. It doesn’t make sense to them and, frankly, that’s the kind of thing that prompts a change in perspective.”

    He does not say that they told him what to do, he talks about drawing inspiration from his daughters, about experiencing a change in perspective. To be honest, I don’t remember any controversy with your mother taking orders from your father, but I do remember there being much criticism against Michelle Bachmann, because she said that she went into tax law because it was her duty to be submissive to her husband. That is the key difference between the criticisms. Obama never said that he was being submissive to his daughters. I do not expect, nor should anyone else expect, Obama or any other politician to make decisions completely within their own selves. Every politicians draws inspiration for their policies and decisions from their families, communities, and the entire world. When we vote for somebody, we are voting for who we think is drawing from the right inspirations.

    As far as attacks on the hypocrisy of your statement on children who do better in mother-father homes, while you yourself are a single mom, I don’t think it’s fair for people to attack you based on your single motherhood. I do think it’s unfair to every single child who has grown up in a “non-traditional” family for you to say that children do better with a mother and a father. There are so many kids that have grown up raised by 1 woman, 2 women, 1 man, 2 men, grandparents, aunts, uncles, whatever it may be that are so successful. Zach Wahls, an Iowa college student, gave a speech a few years ago about how being the son of 2 women has had no effect on his upbringing. If you watch the video of Zach’s speech, you can see he is a very successful, very well-spoken young man who is doing just fine. I would’ve hoped that, while you may prefer and hope to have a family that includes a father for your son one day, you wouldn’t have made an argument against “non-traditional” families, when you yourself do not live in a traditional family.

    What always confuses me is why people are so threatened by gay marriage. Who does it hurt? I don’t understand any of the arguments against it. If someone thinks that gay marriage damages the “sanctity of marriage,” then why aren’t those people also arguing against divorce? I cannot imagine anything that ACTUALLY damages the “sanctity” of marriage, more than something that ends marriage itself. For that matter, why don’t we also go after elopements? Or start intervening when there is a couple getting married that doesn’t seem to be compatible? Republicans argue so much against big government involvement, but then, what are they doing when they want to ban gay marriage? They are getting directly involved in the personal lives of Americans, who are just wanting to participate in society like everybody else.

    Now we have this follow up post, where you do nothing to acknowledge any actual arguments against your original post. While it is awful that there were so many hateful messages, they were absolutely not the only type of feedback you received, but your refusal to acknowledge any of the arguments made only goes to show that you may not even have a leg to stand on with this issue. Otherwise, why not counter the intelligent, and well-thought out arguments with any of your own, rather than playing the victim?

  • Shannon

    Everyone makes mistakes, unfortunately yours were very public. I applaud you for standing up for what you believe in. I get so sick of Hollywood thinking we as conservatives hate and have no will to think for ourselves. It disgusts me. I am a stay at home mom to 3 kids and yes, my TV is on Disney channel most of the time, but I also read and do research and keep up with the news. And as you know being a mom is the hardest job there is. We all want better for our kids. We strive for that, and fall short. Not because of a lack of love for our kids, but because that is life. Stay strong and keep speaking for your generation.

  • The outrageous reaction this post generated from the “tolerant” ones is mind-boggling. In fact, it reminds me of a video put together by Tradition Family Property Student Action. Their members and volunteers were assaulted physically many times for simply stating that marriage = the union of 1 man + 1 woman. How radical is that? But the pro-homosexual crowd just can’t practice what they preach, apparently. Watch this footage and you’ll see just how bad it’s getting out there.


    God bless!

  • Fantastic post. Brilliant!

  • Thank you for being a lightning rod for us Conservatives. Many of us share your values and opinions. You have become an attractor for the vile hatred of the left wing. Abortion, gays, whatever the issue on the surface, I believe that all can be traced back to some basic conflit: Right vs Wrong, Good vs Evil, Christianity vs Nonbelievers, which all reduce to God vs Satan. I think you are on the right side.

  • Karen HoganKL

    Your son does have a father. You just aren’t married to him. I have no problem with your not marrying him, clearly you didn’t think he would make a good husband — he wasn’t the man you wanted to share your life with. I can see why.

    However, clearly, being raised in a home that had a mother and father at home did not keep you from getting pregnant before you had a mother and father child in which to raise him. You are lucky enough to have been able to turn your teenage pregnancy into a career that has been pretty lucrative.

    There is no double standard here. You simply have a prejudice against gay relationships that is based on ignorance. This prejudice leads too many young people to commit suicide. Your comments hurt people.

    Stop whining.

    By the way, I am a heterosexual woman in a happy marriage. Same sex marriage has not done anything to degrade it.

  • You will always be hated for who You are because of the American People’s seemingly instiable lust for Stupidity and Immaturity which was ignited by the Child, Albert R. Gore, Jr. after failing to win the Presidency.
    You are doing a Great Job with Your Son and His father should be consigned to going down the Memory Hole.
    Bullying would not be a problem if the sexual perversions that so many teens are taught are OK would be kept in a private state and not flaunted like something normal.
    God Help Us All.

  • Jessica Foster

    I can’t say that I agree with her views on that last blog, but I do agree with one thing: the double standard. I think it’s good for people in leadership positions to consider the advice that his or her family or friends give them. Sometimes they see things that you may not. Just something to think about.

    A morally left-leaning, fiscal conservative atheist. 🙂

  • meow

    That last comment is spot on, as well as the NYT article slamming you

  • PSPoolside

    “Conservative women like my mom get grief because people think they can’t make decisions without their husband…” What? What a crock of self pity. I don’t recall any mention of your father (former First Dude) having anything to do with your mother’s half baked Alaska political beliefs. I think it was generally believed she, and she alone, was singularly responsible for ever idea, every word, every scheme that ever were uttered from her lips.

  • Patrick

    I notice you posted, then subsequently deleted, mny post requesting you explain yourself.
    So I’ll ask again.

    Where does it say that Obama listened to his hildren regarding same sex marriage?

    I want you to point that out to me

  • Ed Robbins

    Missed u & your family at Rolling Thunder in DC. this year.

  • Knowbody

    Bristol, if you really want to focus on the actual arguments themselves, how about you address these points:
    1. You have no evidence to support your assertion that children raised by same sex couples are statistically worse off.
    2. In regards to bigotry, it is more bigoted to deny people’s rights in the first place, than to respond with criticism against those who deny people’s rights.
    3. By choosing to respond only to the worst comments, and painting “libertarians/the left” with one brush, as opposed to understanding that there are entire spectrum’s of people and opinions, you put yourself in no better position than those you criticise.

  • It’s true and sad. I am glad you can enjoy being near your family in Wasilla. Glad to see you holding your head up high and speaking up for the value of life! :))

  • It also amazes me how many people get mad that we defend unborn (and born; baby survivors) babies’ lives and their right to live. Because, technically, we are defending their right to live also. Which, somehow they view as being mean? Maybe someday they will realize that defending the right to live also included them. Why they call the people who believe in abortion their friends is interesting…because abortion consists of horrible deaths, and I guess they rather rag on prolifers than those who believe it would’ve been okay for them to die any of those possible horrible deaths as a baby. I pray they see it that way someday. We are not their enemy, nor do we want to be.

  • HFK

    Yeah, they actually REALLY DO KILL GAY PEOPLE for being gay in theocratic countries. I don’t feel sorry for you that you got some dumb comments, Bristol. That happens to every public figure. I might feel care if it weren’t for the fact that you’re treating us as less than human by acting as if we are bad people, our relationships don’t matter and we shouldn’t be treated equally. When you do that, you are contributing to a culture of hate. You’re not “defending” your marriages you’re screwing up ours. All that isn’t very “nice”.

    • ERL

      HFK I feel for you 🙁 It’s funny how people only choose to practice certain parts of the Christian faith. They claim it is wrong for two people of the same sex to marry yet they skip over the part about loving and embracing everyone different or not. It all comes down to ignorance and being uncomfortable with something you have never seen before. Get over it that’s how the world evolves things change, it’s all about coexisting. That is why we were all placed on this planet to coexist!

  • HFK

    Bristol, I wrote an argument against what you said that was polite and well-stated. Here, again, is an argument against your position:
    (1) Gay marriage in no way harms or even effects straight marriage- in fact, it makes a positive impact on the community. Right now there are many gay couples that are married, if not in name then certainly in practice, with monogamy & children, and their happiness does not diminish their neighbors, it adds to it.
    (2) Gay people pay taxes. As tax payers, we are entitled to the same right as other people. If straight people get the right of having their marriages legally recognized by the State, so should we.
    (3) How we have sex, how long our average relationships may last, or whether we have children has nothing to do with it, as none of things things are a prerequisite for straight marriage. Straight people can get married even if they hate each other, even if they engage in kinky sex acts, even if they don’t want any kids.
    (4) Gay people who have children need to be able to protect those children the same way straight people need to protect their children. Things like insurance, hospital visitation, and child custody make a huge difference.
    (5) Granting Gay marriage would literally save lives, by allowing spouses to be insured.
    (6) It is not morally acceptable, wise, or pro-freedom to deny a segment of the population a right because another segment of the population has prejudices against them. This is not a theocratic country, it is supposed to be a free one. Many people in the population do not believe that it is wrong to be gay, just as many do not believe that women are inferior. Just as we do not deny women the right to vote bc some people think women are dumb, neither should we deny homosexuals the right to wed because some people think our relationships are icky. Get over it.
    (7) This is not a theocratic country, and legal marriage is not based on your religion. Buddhists, Atheists, Muslims, & Jedi can all legally wed here in America.
    (8) Scientific data does not support prejudice against homosexuals. The APA does not consider it a disorder, but a normal, healthy part of human diversity. Biologists are identifying biological underpinnings. Scientists who study animals note that homosexuality is part of the animal kingdom. Anthropologists note it exists in every culture on earth. Historians tell us it existed in all times. Studies show that homosexuals are not monsters, but humans, that we make good parents, that our reliationships are valid, that being homosexual does not somehow make one miserable or sick or a rapist or any of the other stupid, horrible things people make up.
    (9) Gay people are good human beings. Some are very monogamous. Some are religious. Some are living saints. Gay people save lives, they give to charity, they make their friends and family happy, they love them and laugh with them. We’re people, just like everyone else. Why can’t you see that?
    (10) Treating homosexuals as though our relationships are not equal to yours is simple cruelty. It’s hatred. It’s not nice, Bristol. It makes people unhappy. It makes their life harder. It does no good in exchange for that hardship. Why do you think that this is a good thing to do? Why do you want to hurt people like that? I just don’t get it.

  • Jamie

    First of all I completely agree with Bristol in that name calling and telling someone they should die or kill themselves is completely unacceptable and could certainly be described as bullying. By spouting such mindless hatred these people are simply undermining their own arguments and frankly make themselves appear a bit stupid which isn’t exactly helpful in promoting their point of view.
    That said however, I find it incredible that a girl like Bristol, who is clearly intelligent and articulate, can honestly, hand on heart make the statement:

    “While it’s great to listen to your kids’ ideas, there’s also a time when dads simply need to be dads. In this case, it would’ve been helpful for him to explain to Malia and Sasha that while her friends parents are no doubt lovely people, that’s not a reason to change thousands of years of thinking about marriage.”

    Not so long ago in this country, women were seen as second class citizens and denied the right to vote. Black people were slaves. Children were sent to work in mines. If we don’t challenge ‘thousands of years of thinking’ how will we ever evolve? So what if in this instance it was Obama’s teenage daughters who opened his eyes? To be honest, so what if his daughters had been even younger? Sometimes it takes an innocent, uncomplicated child’s view of the world to really make you question the values you’ve long held without ever really knowing why.
    And where is your evidence, Bristol that children do better in traditional mother, father families than in same-sex ones? You can’t simply go around making statements like that without backing them up. Every single case is individual and unique. I grew up with a mum and a dad and I can assure you with absolute certainty that my life would have been far better had my dad been out of the equation. He is not a very nice man nor a very positive influence. If he had indeed ‘shaped my worldview’ I would be a very different (and not very pleasant) human being. Meanwhile my female cousin and her girlfriend are in a healthy, committed relationship and any child would be blessed to have them as parents. Yes I’m sure that there are some individuals amongst the gay community who would make terrible parents. You know why? Because they are just people. Normal people. Some are good, some are bad. Just like people in the straight community, white community, black, asian, christian, islam, vegetarian, nudist, whatever the hell… some good. some bad.
    Why anyone would want to deny the basic right of two people, in love, to stand up in front of their friends and families and declare that love, and have it recognised by law, is beyond me.
    In a world filled with some much anger and hatred and destruction, why hinder something as wonderful as two people in love? Why not celebrate love and happiness every chance we get, no matter what form it comes in??

    • Very well said! Couldn’t agree more. If we hadn’t questioned years of established tradition, we wouldn’t even be a country. Challenging the status quo is such an important part of democracy. I know that marriage equality is simply a matter of time, just like previous forms of discrimination you mentioned — such as abolishing slavery, ending segregation in schools, and allowing women to vote.

      As you said, people are people… gay, straight, liberal, conservative, man, woman, white, black, etc. Our labels don’t define our character. I try to keep an open mind about all types of people, with the hope that others will do the same for me.

      I was also born into an unhealthy, unstable straight marriage. Many years of violence and personal struggles stemming from my ‘traditional’ family have shown me that straight marriage does not equal superior marriage.

      Good to see some very valid (and respectful) arguments!

  • God

    Oh boo-hoo, bitch. You wanna be famous and in the public eye? Deal with it. You ran your mouth and were felt with.

  • Sigh… I don’t really think she actually understands the term “bullying” or “intolerance”. She’s always been a part of a perfect world and has even been made famous by her imperfections. The majority of people don’t have that luxury. I went through awful awful bullying throughout 13 years of school and have experienced awful intolerance after I came out at age 21. The pain many are subjected to at a young age that continues into adulthood can never be fully understood by those that never really experienced it firsthand. I don’t hate, I don’t even dislike… I just become sad that environments simply become worse because the people that are actually in control are the ones that haven’t experienced the problem themselves and never really think it’s as bad as people say. It’s ignored while more kids (and adults) commit suicide or worse… kill innocents because of their pain.

  • John

    “Here’s the thing. In the articles and comments, I saw a lot of hate and a lot of bullying, but you know what I didn’t see much of? Arguments. ”

    I can’t speak for everyone else but my initial response to almost everything that I’ve come in contact with since seeing your blog falls under “not deserving to even be dignified with a reply.” I can tell you with complete confidence that I could take every paragraph and every sentence you write and effortlessly deconstruct it and show you how your points are flawed, not well thought out and ultimately insanely ignorant.

    Your own perception of the situation and tendency to continually play the victim is hilarious by the way. Yes I saw the post where you claim you are not but it’s exactly what is happening. You are not being bullied for anything aother than your stupid attitudes and incredibly stupid words…. and in that respect the hate is almost justified! This comes on the heels of you doing probably one of the most bullying things possible, you were being anti-gay. Here’s a group of people who feel the brunt of so much undesrved hate and malignment that its common for them to not even be able to admit their own identity to themselves and also all too common for them to commit suicide because of it. You’d like for them to not have the same rights that we have. I get that.

    Now people are not legitimately arguing you because you “won”? You sorry sorry girl. It’s because you miss the point so completely that most people would not even see the value in engaging you in any kind of discussion.

    Take Obama’s stance on gay marriage. Just about anyone with even a below average level of IQ right OR left wing knows this is a textbook case of election year pandering and for you to take his comments so literally as to think that his two daughters completely dictated this policy to him and THEN to make an entire post and discussion revolving around this laughable concept comes off as really stupid and really childish.

    So that’s why you have so few “argumentative replies.” As an idiot, you have no concept just how stupid and ignorant the things you say sound so you assume, like an idiot, that it must mean your logic was unassailable and its quite the opposite. It’s because your arguments are so bad. Honestly if I were to have this discussion legitimately with anyone I would hope as a prerequiste they would understand that Obama’s remarks were a very obvious facade. Ultimately though, that’s what politicians do at election year. Just like Mitt Romney pandering to the NRA when he’s actually pro-gun control. In short, People say shit so they get elected and most people realize that. Still I know in the back of my mind that even though Obama might be insincere about gay marriage there is still a MUCH better chance he will make some progress there then any other candidate so all this talk about Obama selling out the gay community is stupid ( which is directed not at Bristol but at another commentor) also because clearly he is still their best option.

    You really don’t get people’s reaction to you and your mom either. Speaking personally, it is chiefly because she sounds like such an idiot everytime she opens her mouth. It’s not my main intent to be hurtful or insulting but that adjective, idiot, describes perfectly for me what I am seeing in front of my eyes. You think she’s getting an unfair rap because she’s a woman conservative and yet to me it’s amazing someone so ignorant and foolish could have held any level of relevance whatsoever.So the rest of the right wing is worried about your mom. It’s because if she ever were elected it would be the biggest left wing election victory in years! Every stupid thing she says and inevitably does would stigmatize the Republicans for years! Look how much mileage people got off Bush and he was at least twice as intelligent sounding as your mom! Trust me the fact that your mom is not bright is something BOTH sides of the aisle see very clearly.

    You two need to stop blanketing yourself in the protection of your left wing conspiracy theories. You make it sound like every bad reaction you and your mom gets is the result of an orchestrated attempt to put you guys down and marginalize you. WHAT?! You guys never had a level of importance that deemed any necessity for any kind of a real smeer campaign. Why would anyone bother when she makes it so EASY?! LOL! Seriously there is no negative political add campaign that could compare to the effect of her open mouth! It’s not simply because I disagree with her. If I heard anyone else speaking like her I’d think they were idiots even if they shared my opinions. It just becomes such a spectacle though because she is on TV in conversations


    The entire world was watching these things in disbelief and amazement. “Is McCain Senile?” “Is this entire thing rigged and the GOP is actually not trying to win this time?”

  • Bristol – I couldn’t agree more than hate is no way to get a point across, and those people making death threats and calling names should be ashamed of themselves. I love your TV show and I think your family is awesome, even though I disagree with many of your mom’s positions. She is clearly a great mom and a cool lady, regardless!

    I’m not a Democrat or a Republican, because both sides have good ideas and bad ideas. I think it’s so silly that we have “sides” in this country. However, I guess you could say I am “liberal” on most social issues. (Unfortunately I’ve noticed that word is sometimes used on your show like it’s an insult! I do love that Willow has a liberal friend in Arizona, though.)

    I support gay marriage because I think somebody else’s marriage is none of my business. It doesn’t harm me or you, but it brings so much joy and happiness to gay people who love one another, no different than any straight marriage. Who am I to stomp on anyone’s happiness?! Although it seems a little strange to many people, being gay isn’t a new phenomenon at all. In fact, homosexuality was widespread in the ancient Greek culture! And many, many animals and species demonstrate signs of homosexuality — not just humans. The way I see it, it’s just another option that God invented, like having brown hair or blue eyes or dark skin. Also, there is no evidence that children in gay households are any less happy, healthy, or loved than other children. Especially in this era where we see so many teen moms, single parents, and broken families, I believe that two homosexual individuals are every bit as capable of caring for one another and for a child as anybody else.

    As for President Obama, I’m glad that his opinion “evolved” enough for him to say it out loud. Just like your Dora the Explorer comment was a joke, I don’t think anyone “with a brain” really believes he is taking political advice from his teenage daughters. I think he was simply saying that the love he has for them, and the love they have for others regardless of sexual orientation, has helped him to realize that love is love; gay or straight. If his kids can come to that realization away from the pressures of being an adult, a policy maker, and a public figure, then surely he can too.

    In your blog post, you said this: “[According to many people in Hollywood] there’s one way to think, and anyone who disagrees is stupid, hypocritical, hateful, or bigoted. ” This is true of many people — not just Hollywood people, but even Alaskans, too — and it’s so unfortunate. I would challenge you not to fall into that same trap, especially regarding topics like gay marriage, abortion, guns, and other issues. As much as I love you and your show, sometimes it seems like you, too, believe there is only one way to think. I wish you would acknowledge that even “liberals” may very well be intelligent, kind, respectful citizens and human beings who want the very best for their families and their country. A good attitude and an open mind go a long way, and I hope we continue to see more of that on Life’s a Tripp! Thanks for helping to spread kindness and set a better example for the haters out there 🙂

  • Dorothy

    I can’t begin to tell you how ashamed I am of these people. I don’t have the same views as you, but that doesn’t mean I wish you any I’ll will. To each their own I always say. But what I found to be the most disgusting thing written on there was that someone actually wished death upon a baby. Tripp is an innocent as the day is long in this controversial debate. He doesn’t know one way from another and at his age that is the way it should be. So for someone to wish him death makes for a very bad human being. I am not saying that wishing it on you or the rest of your family is right either, but defiantly not on that baby!! I’m sorry some people have no morels and. An not see past their own hate to realize that their protest against you puts them in a catagory of protest itself…and you called or right…bullying!!

  • Bristol just stumbled onto your blog and I’m so happy that I did, I’m a huge fan of your mom and I loved the show she had about Alaska and really enjoyed your show as well! I’m so sorry people say such horrible things to you! If they don’t have anything nice to say why say it at all? I find myself usually agreeing with what you write and I love that you’re never apologetic for your beliefs or opinions and that you always present them in a respectful way. So nice to see someone being mature and acting their age! Good for you Bristol, I really respect you hope you have a great dancing with the stars season! God Bless!

    • I absolutely couldn’t have said it better, Marie. Bristol, you keep keepin’ on and forget about the naysayers. It has taken brave and hated men throughout history to make this country what it is and if they had given up because of some terrible bullying then we would probably be speaking another language now or not living in this great country that has afforded these people such freedoms to speak to you so hatefully. I love that your mom so supports your father and vice versa and I love that you have been so selfless and brave and chose to have your child when you probably felt very afraid. It is the values you and your family hold that have formed this country and made it free. May God protect and keep you.

  • Heart is broken

    Here’s my story about Hate. Someone wrote up a fake Facebook status using my name and real picture. Of course I WOULD NEVER say what it said, but my real Facebook account got flooded with hate speech and threats by people who knew NOTHING about me, period. I was so surprised by the language people used and saying it all “in the name of love” thinking they’re defending my “son”. I say “son” because I really do have a son, a THREE year old for goodness sakes, too young to even walk anywhere with out me. And of course I’d never say or do that to him, even if that were a real situation here. I am still getting hate mail and I’m a complete know body. I’m just a mom, a loving mom, and proud wife, and now my name is all over the internet related to such hateful words and a complete lie. My heart breaks for those who felt that was the best way to “teach” me a lesson. http://www.todaystmj4.com/news/local/170789656.html

  • Love your blog!

  • Keelea C

    I love reading your blog and I thoroughly enjoy and support you as well as your mom and your family as a whole. Your father is probably one of the hardest working people in America and more young people should learn from his example. After reading your blog post I was curious what all the fuss was about so I began to read the comments that others have written on here. Most of them, not all, but most are disgusting, literally they make me sad to be an American. It is sad when this is how we think we can use technology, to demeane, to belittle, and to hurt people like they aren’t even human beings on the other side of the computer screen. It is shocking to me this point that we have come to in America when this kind of behavior is acceptable and I truly hope history does not repeat itself… words have been essential to brutal acts of injustice in this world like holocausts, genocides, slavery, Jim Crow segregation, terrorism, civil wars, and crusades in the name of Christ. Words are powerful. They hurt but they can also spark terrible atrocities. We need to think about this. We need to THINK about what we are saying and what we are typing and whether or not it really is useful in building someone else up or if it will only tear them down. So many of the comments are not building anyone up. It is one thing to disagree, it is completely acceptable and encouraged to have our own opinions and to share those opinions with one another… that is how we learn, that is how we grow as individuals. We gain knowledge and empathy when we disagree because we can learn so much about how others view a particular issue or the world at large. But saying things like “Bristol should put an asprin between her legs and shut the f*ck up”, how is that productive? How is that even an argument? How is that even worth typing? It’s amazing to me how we can teach our children the Golden Rule: Treat others the way you would like to be treated, but we can’t even seem to follow that rule ourselves as adults. It’s sad. We need to learn that the internet is not a place to attack people viciously with our words but a useful tool to build ourselves and others up in knowledge. If you really think Bristol is wrong and you disagree with her stance help to educate her on why she is wrong, don’t just cut her down and in the process cut yourself down! —Bristol you and your family have a courage and compassion that so many need and let critics say what they want, you aren’t doing something right if you aren’t being criticized! 🙂

  • Lily

    Where is all of tolerance and compassion these people have saying these terrible things? Bristol, I am so sorry you have to deal with these things, as a young conservative woman, I love reading your blog and read your mothers facebook page. You are both amazing women!

  • Curtis Wilson

    Bristol, I’m glad you have the confidence to know you’re OK, your Mom is OK, your family is OK and conservatives are OK. I fully support you and your family.

  • PhantomBook

    I really can’t say I can empathize with you. You just downgraded over a quarter of the people of this world, and when people tell you that you’re wrong, you blame them? Bristol, you really are making a big deal out of this supposed ‘hate’.

  • Trudie Day

    Bristol……I think you are amazing I have 19 children and I think you make any mother proud!!!! Don’t step back on your approach your a great woman with a voice that should be heard!! All my children are taught to speak their mind to. Your mom has done a great job of raising you with your values and opinions! I appauld you!!

  • mollysdad

    This is what sodomites are really like, and it’s why the Old Testament provided for the extreme penalty for their perversion.