On This One, I’m Team Hillary

On This One, I’m Team Hillary May 11, 2012

Recently, the Drudge Report put a photo of Hillary Clinton’s face at the top over the headline: “Au Naturel.”  The photos were snapped in Bangladesh and India over the weekend, and people began chattering about how she didn’t look as polished as normal. Though she was wearing red lipstick – and cool glasses! — she didn’t wear foundation.  After the Drudge link appeared, the Washington Post said she looked like a schoolgirl, the Atlantic approved of her appearance, and Fox News said she looked “tired and withdrawn.”

Isn’t it crazy how a little decision like, “should I wear my foundation today?” ended up getting so much national attention?  I’m not a Democrat or an important leader, but it seems a little overdone.

When I was on Dancing with the Stars, I was only nineteen years old. I was active and fit, but I did gain five to ten pounds over the course of the show.  At my heaviest, I was still thinner than a lot of girls my age, but heavier than I am now. I’m not saying this because I’m somehow proud of how I looked on that show. Rather, I’m saying that I’ve been the brunt of jokes, speculation, and criticism about my appearance, and it’s not fun.

When people choose to mock young impressionable females and even more mature national political leaders, it spreads the lie that the value of women resides in their appearance.  As women, we should resist the urge to laugh at our sisters, both Democrats and Republicans alike. Plus, Hillary looks good! I think we should give her credit for not having a make up artist following her around and for being comfortable in her own skin.

And speaking of no makeup, this is what my mom looks like 90% of the time!

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  • Chris

    Your momma is a beautiful woman!!! You should be so proud. Thank you for sharing your life with us all.

  • What does it matter what she looks like as long as she is doing her job. For that matter who is to judge what is beauty and what isn’t.
    By the way your mom is beautiful, smart and funny. I can see her in you! Keep up the great posts Bristol.

  • Ketha

    Awesome! Hilary just fine, and mama bear is always a beauty!

  • Justine Stewart

    Great post Bristol!

  • Bristol, as a PUMA ex-Dem who enthusiastically supports and voted for your mom but still admires Hillary deeply, THANK YOU! You understand sisterhood, something self-labelled feminists used to understand but have completely forgotten about today.
    You are a great role model not just for young women but for all women everywhere.

  • J. Elizabeth

    Totally agree. Plus, she was in Bangladesh and India–her make-up would have been a mess in the heat and humidity and the media would have criticized that. Must have been a slow news day.

  • bellagrazi

    I don’t know how much support you’re going to get for this post, Bristol. Politics is so polarizing right now. But I’m Team Hillary, too. I think it’s important that women support one another regarding this kind of criticism. You were criticized for your weight on DWTS, your mom for being too feminine, and Hillary for not being a super model. It’s time all women stand up for each other (no matter their political leanings) otherwise, this will continue. By the way, your mom looks incredible in that picture! If that’s the way she looks 90% of the time, she is blessed.

  • Jan Page

    Well said, Bristol. By the way, your mom is absolutely beautiful.

  • Taylor

    I am so glad you posted this. I had an extreme leftie professor at wku my freshman year, and he always challenged me on your mom and her beliefs…. I always won but somehow had a C and I truly think it was because he disagreed with my love for Christ and politics. (oh and my palins!) anyway I had to write a 12 page paper on this very thing. It was a topic he gave to me. I must’ve done amazing though because he CALLED ME congratulating me on my huge grade change from a c to an A JUST because of how well I wrote this paper. He even said, I made him agree with me because I plead my case well! Anyway, the point of this is, this topic puts fire in my belly!!!!!!!!! Do people not understand we have bigger issues in this nation rather than worrying about Hilary’s lack of foundation???! She’s a leader, not a model. People have forgotten the roles of our nations leaders obviously. I couldn’t agree with you more Bristol!!!!!

  • Vanessa Stockwell

    Sarah Palin in one of the most beautiful women on earth, both inside and outside. She’s my role model. I look up to her. And Bristol you are just like your mom! Beautiful in every way. How gracious you are Bristol even to Hilary who has laughed at disgusting cruel jokes about your mom. *Impressed*

    • Laura

      Hillary never has said anything bad about plain,even in the campaign she said she did great in the debates.It was plain who in her book commented again about the bake cookies we’ve heard for years,plain is a good woman, but Hillary is the most extraordinary leader this country has produced (most admired woman in America for 16 years) and respected all over the world!

      • Vanessa Stockwell

        Hilary thought a online meme of hers was hilarious, she even met the guys who came up with the idea. Something about Hilary texting, it shows a pic of Sarah Palin saying “We almost had the same job” and Hilary responds, “Bitch please” and Mrs Clinton thought it was hilarious. NICE. Hilary is no different than any other hatefilled liberal.

        • LMA

          Damn, change the record, please. Thankfully, this is one post for which the hate-filled rants aren’t catching on.

    • Laura Bush

      An ugly heart is not beautiful. $arah and Bristol Palin have ugly hearts. Hateful, bigoted, money grubbing lowlifes.

      • sue

        I imagine that their hearts are not so ugly that they obsessively post, under a fake name on the blog of someone that they hate. I’m thinking that you are looking in the mirror, when you see ugly.

  • Jack

    Totally agree with your post , Bristol.

  • section9

    Good for Hillary.
    And your mom!

  • Good Post…get to see your Ma ma Grizzley sr. today at salt talks ,vegas Hoo – Raa… ~ !

  • KK

    I was pleasantly surprised that it was a nice posting.

  • David Dempsey

    Bristol, good photo of your Mom and good post, too. I’m a fan of going ” Au Maturel”.
    More photos of you and your Family, please.

  • David Dempsey

    Sorry, that should have been “Au Natural” – not “Au Matural”. LOL
    I will try to do better from now on.

  • Diane Kristy

    She’ll look even better when she adopts Bill’s ‘plant-based diet’ (your mom, too). You would LOVE the energy, Bristol. You were wise to not like fish (hard to do in Alaska!). See http://www.forksoverknives.com or http://www.drmcdougall.com or Julianna’s book, ‘The Idiot’s Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition’ A whole new way to change the world!

    • I agree with Diane. Plant-based eating is the way to go. It is healthier for you, kinder to the animals, and easier on the environment. If you have been eating as an omnivore, it IS a big change, but there are big rewards too. Try it for just three weeks and see if you like the results. With regard to eating animal products, we are at the stage we were decades ago about tobacco smoking. The medical evidence is beginning to accumulate, but it hasn’t reached the general public yet, and there are important business interests afraid of losing customers that want to obscure the truth.

    • Maleena

      My sister is doing this diet for her whole family and LOVES it!!! She has gotten great results. Not just weight loss but MORE energy. I am thinking of trying it out. Just have to get it in my mind to just do it!

  • Aaron

    There are so many things wrong with this. You are one of the MOST ignorant people out there and I am very sorry for you.

    • Amie

      How about a substantive post with actual rebuttal rather than resorting to unsubstantiated name-calling?

  • Katherine

    AWESOME post. This is an issue that liberals and conservative women can agree on.

    I am a liberal but I spoke out against sexist remarks against your mother when she was running for VP. They were in fact often “compliments” because she is indeed very attractive but I thought it was so inappropriate and demeaning that people kept talking about her appearance when we needed to pay attention to her politics (which, again, I disagreed with, but I still respect her as a human, which is more than I could say of these other people.) Some remarks were also not compliments but just plain gross and unacceptable.

    When will we finally respect women as professionals? Will it ever happen?

  • Shirley

    I am a 30 year old woman, and I never wear make-up and never have. Society has taught women to believe that we are not pretty without it. Why is it that women are God’s only creation not beautiful the way he created us? We do not paint the flowers, trees, birds, pets, or babies around us. Why? They are beautiful just the way God created them. What about the men? They were created perfect, but we weren’t? No…i don’t think so….I’m surprsied that so many women, in a world of empowered women, have bought into this lie. Paint is for barns and I am NOT a barn. I am God’s artwork.
    I work in a dental office and work closely with alot of people daily. I get so many compliments on my beautiful skin and youthful appearance without makeup. I have women patients that call and need an emergency appointment but will often tell me that they cant come right away because they haven’t put their makeup on yet…and I’m happy to tell them to come on up anyway, they’ll be in good company because I’m not wearing makeup either… I’m proud to showcase my God’s artwork and not cover it up. ;o)
    Good for Hilary…I’m loving the natural look. And yay for your mom too! You are all God’s beautiful artwork! I’m a huge Palin fan! Love you guys!

  • Leroy Whitby

    Well, yesterday the haters were out in force about your right to talk about children. I see some of them are even attacking this post. You are a fighter Bristol and I’m glad your skin is thick enough and your shoulders broad enough to keep on going in the face of these haters.

    • Christian

      Hmmm well Ms. Clinton not so much, but your Mom, beautiful as always!! Thanks for sharing the photo. God bless.

  • Maleena

    Must say I’m TEAM HILLARY on this one also!!! She is doing her job. Who cares if it is with or without makeup! There really are MORE important things to worry and report about. So GO HILLARY!!

    BTW, Governor SP is beautiful as always!

  • Megan M

    Loved when I saw Hillary with those glasses on and no make-up. I thought she looked awesome – let’s remember that she is older (in her 60s right?) and looks awesome! Go Hillary!
    And could Sarah be any cuter?! With or without make-up, she is gorgeous! Thanks for the photo Bristol 🙂

  • Alisa A

    The camera angle is too close to her face. She looks great for her age but if they zoom that close into anyone’s face, imperfection would show. I hate how we do this to women! Love your mom.

  • Elaine

    Thanks for posting this. Now that I’m temporary in the Deep South taking care of my parents, it’s more important than ever to go out with “my face” on…at least that’s what they think! My precious 16-year-old son, who is an introvert and doesn’t comment about much, said to me the other day, “Mom, I don’t know why you’re so worried about always having your makeup on. You look better without it, if the truth were told.” Needless to say, he got a BIG HUG from me. Go, Bristol…

  • Sue Himel

    I am not sure why people come to this site and then trash Bristol and the Palin’s. Maybe their PDS forces them to do it.

    When you accuse the Palin’s of lying you should at least back it up with some sort of proof.

    And, this blog is not about politics – it’s about life from Bristol’s point of view, perhaps different than your point of view, but legitimate none the less.

    Keep up the great blogs, Bristol.

  • Bristol,
    Great post!! Your mom is beautiful with or without makeup. You both are beautiful inside and out.
    Stay true to your faith nd beliefs. You are a wonderful mom to.

  • Jan

    Your Mom is beautiful inside and out. I know all 5 of you will show your appreciation this weekend to her. I noticed your photo in the cowboy boots and this one looks like they are taken in an AZ styled home. I hope you’re enjoying a break in the SW if that is where you all are.

  • Jan

    FYI: I am team Hillary here also.

  • speppers69

    I’m with Sarah!!!

  • Georgia

    Your heart is so good, Bristol. Never change.

  • LuvGuvSP

    I’m sure your Mom is gonna LUV that you posted that pic of her! 😉 I enjoy your blog – keep standing up & speaking your mind!

  • Michele W.

    You’re a good girl. 🙂 If I looked quite as good without makeup as your mama I’d go without it more often! Have a great weekend sweetie and Happy Mothers Day to you and your mom. xoxo

  • john.frank

    Well stated Bristol.

  • Lisa

    I agree with you on this. Hillary looks just fine, Sarah is very pretty too. I’m 49 years old and don’t wear makeup unless I’m going out now. I think I’m beautiful with or without makeup and so does my husband. Women need to stop being slaves to makeup – it ruins your skin.

  • Izzy

    I love the Palin family…make-up or no make-up, they are very easy on the eyes.

  • WMCB

    Good for you, Bristol. This crap isn’t about politics, it’s about women being okay to be themselves. Wanna wear makeup? Go for it! Enjoy! Have a day when you don’t want to bother? Enjoy that too! I’m tired of society acting as if a woman without makeup is some kind of major horrible offense to all that’s decent and good. Get over it.

  • Connie French

    I wish people would focus more on the issues than WHAT a person looks like. I gave up makeup 4 years ago and at age 60, people mistake me for my daughter’s sister rather than her mother. You are a wonderful person and a great Mom. I am so proud of you. Happy Mother’s Day to you and to your Mom.

  • YOU are a wonderful young woman with a great head on your shoulders! Best of luck to you and all you do!
    PS Your son is adorable!
    Author Sherry Gammon

  • Kathleen

    I’m no fan of Hillary Clinton or her politics, but I was like, “say WHAT?” about the recent flap over her looks. It was ridiculous. Clinton’s obviously comfortable enough in her own skin to look the way she wants. I don’t see why it should make any difference. Actually, it kind of reminded me of how she looked in college: http://www.myhero.com/images/guest/g215828/hero55740/g215828_u61791_hillary_in_collage_image.jpg. I didn’t think she looked bad at either time. My objections to her are political, not anything to do with her looks.

  • HillaryClinton looks like shit

    • Paul Kay

      Let’s see what you look like, stupid. Do not forget to go to church on Sunday, to let people see what a nice person you are.

    • linda

      so do I. who cares?

  • I respectfully disagree with most conservative (Republican) viewpoints—but I have never criticized the appearance of someone or their personal life to make a point. Why some satirists, pundits, etc need to fall to this level is distasteful and wrong; and anyone who does this should suffer public castigation—yet they won’t. Why?

    Because women ARE judged by a different standard when it comes to leadership and celebrity positions, which is unfortunate and wrong. I remember watching the news when your mother was chosen as a VP candidate; there was more fuss made above her shoes and outfit more than her viewpoints, or her political career.

  • Vanessa Stockwell

    Too bad Hillary doesn’t have class like the Palin’s. Hillary thinks refering to Sarah as a “bitch” is LOL funny. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/04/10/texts-from-hillary-clinton_n_1415551.html

    • Paul Kay

      Well well, maybe little strong, but she is and stupid as well. What class? Maybe 5th?

      • sue

        And you’re the Governor of which state, Einstein?

  • I agree with you that we need to cut all women alittle slack. Hilary is in a foreign country and they may not use as much make up as Americans. She is an older woman too who has been through alot and looks pretty darn good. To me, Brad Pitt looks like a bumb most of the time yet every magazine says how hot he looks. Women just don’t get judged by the same standards as men.

  • Laura Bush

    And to think the Wasilla hillbillies were so close to the Whitehouse. Scary shit.

    • Jean

      Is that the only think that ever comes out of your mouth?

      • Laura Bush

        Don’t cry Bristol. (Posting as Jean)

        • Jean

          You are so funny.

    • Paul Kay

      Right on the money,LOL you are right. Scary shit.

  • Susan

    You know something Hillary and Sarah both have in common? They were both TRASHED in the book, GAME CHANGE which depicted Hillary as mentally unstable, emotional and angry. I suspect if Hillary had primaried Obama for the 2012 nomination, the HBO movie would have been made about a crazy HILLARY instead of Sarah.
    I also remember the Media denigrating Hillary when she was competing against Obama for the 2008 nomination. Remember how Hillary was painted as a racist too?
    Both women (Sarah and Hillary) stood in the way of Obama…so both had to be smeared in order for him to be anointed by the media.

  • kate

    Miss Bristol, well written. Loved the photo of your mum. I’ll join Team Hillary with you on this one!

  • Vanessa Stockwell

    I don’t think very highly of Hillary Clinton becuase she thinks its ok to refer to women as “bitch.” Hillary thinks its funny. She even thanked the men who call Mrs. Palin a “bitch.” Really Hillary? Sorry but idk why any woman would praise Hillary. http://textsfromhillaryclinton.tumblr.com/page/4

    • LMA

      You do realize that those texts aren’t, um, actually written by Hillary Clinton?

    • LMA

      You do realize that Sarah Palin praised Dr. Laura, who used the n-word on air and was subsequently forced off her show? That Sarah Palin praised Rush Limbaugh AFTER he used the word “retard”? That Sarah Palin once criticized Hillary Clinton for “whining” about negative media coverage (pot, meet kettle)? So why can’t Bristol side with Hillary?

      • Vanessa Stockwell

        Bristol can because she’s amazing, the Palin’s have class. Hillary doesn’t deserve any praise from women, she thinks its funny when men refer to women as “bitch.” A couple of men wrote those jokes, Hillary met them and thanked them personally for writing them.

        • Laura Bush

          O.K. Bristol. P.S. How many nicknames can you and mommy $arah come up with?

          • Jean

            You are one jealous fruitcake.

      • Vanessa Stockwell

        LMA, did Sarah THANK them for that? Did she think they were FUNNY? Did she say those comments made her LOL? No, she didn’t did she? Get a clue.

  • Bonnie

    Oh my God. Some of you actually think the Texts From Hillary tumblr has ACTUAL texts from Hillary Clinton. Are you KIDDING ME? I have obviously stumbled into the ignorant part of the internet again. Excuse me.

    • Vanessa Stockwell

      No Bonnie you moron, of course they weren’t from Hillary herself. But Hillary gave the men who wrote the jokes a pat on the back and THANKED them for making her laugh. Hillary Clinton thinks that calling Mrs. Palin a “bitch” is funny. What a classy lady that Hillary is. Not.

    • KCF

      Bonnie, the Palinistas are very thin-skinned. Sarah talking about cajones = cool and classy. Hillary telling a couple of internet guys their website made her laugh = classless.

      All that aside, I wish Bristol would tell her mom’s groupies over at c4p about not attacking women on how they look. They regularly attack Hillary (and anyone else they perceive as a threat to sarah) on their looks, weight, clothing… Now that’s classy.

  • Jessica Pierce

    I think your mom rocks! Hope I look like that when I am a bit older!

  • aaron krohn

    Long ago (1977-79), I had a girlfriend who has a HUGE dark purple birthmark on her face, extending from her eye down to her upper lip!! Sort of like the one Mikhail Gorbachev has on his forehead!!
    Well, she would NEVER go out the door without first putting on GOBS of makeup to try to “cover up” the “blemish”!!
    Yet all that makeup, which took her a half hour to put on (Just to go to the grocery store!!!), did NOT cover up her birthmark!!
    You could still see it through all the LAYERS of goo she put on her face!!
    In fact, it made the birthmark STAND OUT, not hide it!!!
    And to me, a guy who was very much in love with her, but was always totally honest with her, I thought she looked BETTER and SEXIER withOUT the makeup!!!
    (She’d take it off before going to bed!!)
    As people say about Richard Nixon and Watergate…….the cover-up is worse than the crime itself!!

  • Can someone please explain to me what your qualifications are for becoming a pundit?

    • Ray

      Bristol tells the truth…THAT makes her qualified to be a pundit!

      • LOL One truth makes not a Pundit !

      • It appears that she has no qualifications except the mere fact that she has an opinion. Sounds like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Maybe she can also opine about physics, geology and quantum theory.

        She’s entitled to express her opinion. I can’t argue with that. However, her lack of an ability to make a coherent argument or point should disqualify her from being taken seriously.

        • Steve

          Excuse me Esquire, stop whinning!!!

        • Mark

          Lester, if you don’t like Bristol’s post why are you here?
          You act very childish.
          Get a life and stop nagging and complaining.

          • Bristol puts her opinions out into the world.

            Childish is to demand that those who disagree should leave. Are only the people that agree with her allowed to read her blog?

            I have no complaints, I’m simply pointing out the flaws in her argument. What’s wrong with that?

        • Nely

          What’s wrong with you Lester? get a life and get out of here… even a 1 year old has the right to voice out their opinion. This is what happen when conservative try to voice out their opinion, the liberals are always on attack mode…. shame, shame, shame……

        • sue

          Then exactly why are you here?

    • Lester, you don’t need any special training, no high advanced degree to have an opinion and to be free to express it. In this particular blog frankly Ms. Palin expressed a very simple position and one that frankly maybe the country and the world would be better off recognizing and that is simply that a woman is more than their looks. I have little to no doubt at all if two women of equal qualifications were running for a political seat and one just happened to have the looks, the figure, and wore make-up she would beat the woman that didn’t. That belief is proven actually with a Presidential Debate. In the 1960 election the people who listened to the Kennedy-Nixon debates on the radio tended to believe Nixon won. The ones who watched to on TV believed Kennedy the winner. Sadly, looks matter too much in electing our officials when it is not a beauty contest. Aaron who commented earlier even remarked how in a way attempts to use make-up accentuated issues. But back to my initial point, no one has to go to college, and then embark on a professional career to be a pundit . And another really cool fact is that if you don’t think a person is in a position to be a pundit you are not held at gun point and forced to read their blogs. Kind of like not liking the program on TV, you can change the channel or turn the TV off.

      • Bristol undercuts her own “point” by ending her post with a picture of what her mom looks like 90% of the time. So, hey, looks don’t matter, but look at how good my mom looks.

        • Mark

          Lester, thats your interpretation.
          Quit making things up.
          The only reason you are on Bristol’s blog is to nag and complain about Bristol.

          • I didn’t make it up. Read the post. What is the point of posting a picture and remarking that this is how she looks 90% of the time? Either A) the point is that her mother looks good 90% of the time, or B) there is no point to the picture.

            People are obsessed with the way female politicians look and that plays into their electoral popularity. Perhaps that’s why her mother was elected as many before me have speculated.

          • Jean

            Come on Lester! Hillary is 62 years old. Palin is 48 or 49 years old.

            Palin got elected because she had the right message for Alaskans. Not only the right message but once in office she actually carried through on the promises she made during her campaigne.
            How about that.

        • Rebecca

          Lester, her point is that her mom doesn’t wear a lot of makeup 90% of the time, not that she looks better than Secretary Clinton. That’s not hard to figure out.

    • Susan

      It’s called FREEDOM OF SPEECH. If you don’t like her opinion, don’t come to her personal blog to read her personal thoughts.

      • The JillyBean

        Same could be said of her comments on Obama’s thoughts on gay marriage.

        • sue

          Obama is the p-Resident, she is a citizen- she is free to comment on his words/ actions just like everyone else.

    • Ernst1776

      Her qualifications are ‘you are here reading and commemting’ on her punditry.

      • Dittobugs


    • Cyndi

      Esquire? Seriously? Everyone has a right to an opinion, Lester. What is your right to challenge it?

      • Dale

        How about his right to an opinion. Your not the sharpest crayon in the box are you?

        • Lori

          Speaking of sharp crayons Dale, “your” is spelled you’re. Learn English!

    • Jack

      Lester, you may disagree with Bristol , but she certainly has the right to speak her mind.

      • Of course she does. But President Lincoln said, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.”

        • Karma

          And yet here you are having a battle of wits against someone you consider less than worthy. 😉

        • sodakhic

          You have to admit Lester, that Bristol is more tolerant than any lib blog. One word against their thinking and your toast. Because of Bristols grace, we’ve had to read your stupid comments

  • Ray

    Bristol, thanks for having the courage to defend Hillary. I thought the exact same thing when I saw the pictures. I may not agree with her on some issues, but that doesn’t mean I have to trash her when she decides to do something brave herself…like show the world she is comfortable in her own skin. Women defending women no matter what side of the aisle they are on. Thanks for showing the rest of the women in this country how it should be done!

    • Dittobugs

      Right on! Anyone recall pretty boy John Edwards? Not so pretty. . . .

    • Ko

      Why does Hillary need defending again?

      • linda

        exactly what i was thinking. why does anyone need to defend Hillary?


    Damage control.

  • Katie DiFrancesco

    Right on, Bristol. I don’t see anything wrong with not wearing makeup. I only wear makeup when I have to do a photoshoot for a photography assignment that involves lots of lights (really rare) and when I have blemishes on my face because I got stung by a bee and have a big event coming up (only happened once). Other than that, I never wear makeup. I’m generally more concerned about my hair because it’s hard to manage when it gets really thick! God Bless You, Bristol! And your mom looks great too!

  • Thomas Hubbard

    Not only she did not wear make up she made this statement in a speech!
    She stated before a group Muslims taken from a Mike Savage article:
    “It wasn’t Christians who came over on the Mayflower; it wasn’t Christians who wrote the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution; but it was Muslims.”
    Is this her concept of being politically correct?

    • Dale

      I’d bet your a Briebart fan, the truth does nothing for you does it. Ever think it’s not being reported because it didn’t happen.

    • KCF

      That isn’t Clinton’s quote — that’s Savage’s quote about what he thought she meant. Stop spreading lies.

  • Thomas Hubbard

    Taken form a Mike Savage Article: Hillary in a speech before a group Muslims stated:
    “It wasn’t Christians who came over on the Mayflower, it wasn’t Christians who wrote the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution, but it was Muslims.”
    Hillary’s concept of being politically correct.
    Notice this was not reported by the MSM.

  • Dale
    • Jean

      Dale, I don’t get it. Is there something wrong with the pic?

  • I like you, Bristol. 😀 You’re cool, and as a 14 year old girl you are an inspiration to me.

  • Craig Phillips

    Hey Bristol, good call and thanks for defending Hillary which shows some non-partisan class.
    I love your comments and wish you all the very best.
    PS – As far as I’m concerned, you are always qualified to share your mind and I appreciate you doing so.
    Your fan from down under!




      HUH? I must have missed the splitting of the eastern sky…I didn’t know you were back. I think my Saviour, Jesus Christ would find your comments intelligible. If Liberals like you could bash George Bush, and say vile things about him (he wasn’t my president either) and then resent it when other people call Obama an abomination to the country. He is doing the will of Satan, not of the Lord. So, stuff it, please. I am sick of Liberal trash talk.

      • YouBetcha!!!

        And I am sick of cafeteria Christians, like YOU, and the Palins.

  • An interesting point about Hillary Clinton:


    Bill Clinton is quoted as saying over a year ago that Obama is an amateur and he tried to convince Hillary to run against him in the primary. She refused.
    I find the matter of how Hillary made herself up or not to be inconsequential. It’s her right as a woman to use cosmetics or not as she sees fit…as is your mom’s.
    In the picture of how your mom looks 90% of the time, the aspect that stands out most to me is her smile, which reflects a genuine happiness, which in turn reflects everywhere else. You can see the pure, positive and uplifting energy that resides within her.

  • Michael

    Like you, I am an Alaskan and even though I disagree with almost every belief you have, I commend you on your ability to write a public blog. You are eloquent, succinct, and quite readable. We could all benefit from reading contrary opinions. I applaud even more your willingness to put you, your past and your lightning rod Mom out there…even when she’s not wearing makeup !It takes a level of courage few of us have. Well done, Bristol.

  • $aint$arah

    After yesterdays blog, I wouldn’t take anything you have to say seriously. You Palin’s will do anything for money. Just fuck off already.

    • Doris

      You are a foul mouth idiot!

      • $aint$arah

        O.K. Bristol (posting as Doris) Hahahaha


      Your comment is out of line and repulsive. I don’t get to read Bristol’s blog all the time, but when I do I find it written intelligently with great insight. She has no problem at looking critically at herself. I agree, we all have the “right” to wear or not wear makeup as we wish. Not all of us look like Sarah Palin without makeup, but not all of us have her heart or soul. Hillary can do whatever she wants without it becoming a national incident. It’s okay for the likes of Ellen Degeneros to advertise make up for those over 50, have a TV show and make millions, but you speak ill of “the Palin’s” for making a buck? Liberals, can’t talk to them, they don’t make sense. You sound like a broken record. I can’t imagine ever hearing a positive comment from you.

      • YouBetcha!!!

        Oh, blah, blah, blah…holier than thou.

    • MotherLodeBeth

      $aint$arah/Doris cant you express a thought without the need for foul language?

    • 56Survivor

      SaintS, get over yourself already. So you didn’t like Bristol’s blog post about gay marriage yesterday……….so what? Are you really going to come here everyday and spew more vile comments? LOL!!! Bristol has got to love the power she has over some of you loser lefties.

  • worldlyprofessor

    Fortunately, I have a close friend in Alaska who has kept me abreast of the failures of the Palin family along the way. For Bristol, unwed mother of illegitimate son, whose father has a stripper for a girlfriend, to make any disparaging remarks about our President and his daughters is laughable. Bristol needs to start paying attention to what she does before she can criticize anyone else. Last time I heard she was shacking up with two African American brothers. Good for them.

    • Jean

      I have a friend in Alaska that told me you are full of bullshit.

  • YouBetcha!!!

    For YOU to even mention Hillary Clinton makes me want to throw up. You nor your mother will EVER come close to being fine women like Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama. They are not hateful, spiteful nor mean spiritied.

    • sue

      Oh, no not at all . Ha Ha

  • Joseph

    Well said, Bristol! Yes, Hillary does look good, and your mom looks good, too! And so do you, of course! 😉

  • God

    Aww!! I’m glad you’re proud to be ugly, Bristol! That’s the spirit! Don’t let anyone hurling truth at you get ya down!

    • 56Survivor

      Jealous much? meow….hiss….hiss…..

  • MotherLodeBeth

    It is so sad how women are expected to be pretty or nice looking, to have attention paid to them. And the fact women can be so mean to other women bothers me greatly. Someone pretty, beautiful can have their looks taken in five minutes if in an accident or due to cancer. Then what? If they don’t have some inner strength sans looks they wont survive.

  • 56Survivor

    Bristol, I agree about the unfair standard women are held to in regards to their appearances. My daughter is 28 years old and never wears make-up. She is a brilliant young woman and so beautiful. But, she isn’t aware of it. She is comfortable in her own skin and with herself. If only we could all be like that. I believe Hillary and your mom are the same way. And, you too Bristol!

    Good for you for stepping out like this. You will have great success in your life. Just stay true to yourself and keep your eyes on the goal.

  • SusanSays

    Good for you Bristol. I’ve enjoyed your blog when I get a chance to read it. I have kids your age and I am proud of you for putting yourself out there with your thoughtful blog. With this post, you’ve also shown that you can put aside partisan stuff and make a fair observation and give kudos where they’re due. You show your maturity beyond your age by recognizing the real beauty of Hilary and your mom. Thank you and keep it up!

  • huntingmoose

    foundation is a misleading word. it is she did not apply a mask to hide her foundation which is a window to the inner person.

    Your mother’s inner has already beauty and there is no need to mask that.

    Compare that with those 20 beauticians that have to do their utmost hiding all the ugliness and anger that oozes out of Michelle Obama’s pores.

    Hillary Clinton looks tired and that has nothing to do with beauty but with the work she is doing

    • Ellen

      Seriously huntingmoose??? Michele Obama oozes ugliness and anger? Perhaps you shouldn’t post comments until the LSD wears off. Just a thought…

    • YouBetcha!!!

      huntingmoose, why don’t you go hunting with Dick Chaney. And take Sarah with you.

  • MississippiMother

    Bristol I would like to say excellent article. Another true gem! Loved it so much I read it twice.

  • anonymous

    With all the things that Hilary Clinton has done (treaties that she’s putting together) … one would think that at the top of the news stories regarding her would be the amount of make up she wears with glasses. What a waste of time and news print. Bristol Palin on the other hand is an barely High School grad, and t.v. reality midget, why should anyone care what she has to say. I am sure Hillary just read her comments and yawned. – before you go criticizing the president Bristol,look into your own back yard….you had sex in the woods at age 16 and had an child out of wedlock for christ sakes..which is also against the Bible.

    • Goldi Diamond


      • sals

        wow, a bot who loses control easily…watch out or you will become obsessive! wow. crazy!

    • christopher finley

      hey if you dont care what she has to say then why did you bother to read it?And why comment? And in the grand scheme of things , your just another worthless liberal and no one really cares if her criticizing the president hurt your feelings.

    • Lydia

      Bristol acknowledges her ungodly adolescent mistakes. Read her book. She admits to bad decisions. What kind of person are you to judge anyone, or worse, to not let people move on with their lives once mistakes are made?

      You obviously have no idea what Christianity is.

    • Sandra S.

      Who exactly are you trying to help here? Speaking from the Left: Shut up. We don’t need friends like you. Be civil or shut your mouth, you damage all of our credibility.

    • Jean

      Look in the mirror.

  • Bristol,
    Do you believe people should be able to get divorced?


    • Jean

      Are you for real? The girl is 21 and has had every hating liberal trashing her for over 3 years and you want to know if she believes in divorce?

  • agnes kline

    Why on earth would you show a photo of your mom like that?
    Look at the reflection in the mirror!
    You almost have a crotch shot there. Was that the ONLY getting on her running shoes photo you had of your mom? Quit displaying her as some sex pot. A few posts back all you went on and on about were how SEXY her SHOES were. Why Bristol? WWJD? What would Jesus Do?

    Hillary Clinton’s photo was all about a facial close-up.
    Your mom’s photo barely shows her face but zeros in on her BARE LEGS with that mirror reflection.
    I swear I see a crotch shot just waiting to happen.

    Girl! Do you not have any decency?????

    • sue

      Apparently you’re the one with a gutter mind. I didn’t even notice, and I’m sure Bristol didn’t either. You kinda remind me of that weird chick in Alaska that complained about the Gov’s skirts, then went around taking pics of her legs. Jealous much?

  • paige

    I think the point of the picture of sarah was not “hey, look at how good my mom looks” but rather “hey, look, my mom doesn’t dress up a lot”. She’s in work out clothes and a messy bun for goodness sakes! Anyways, thank you bristol for standing up against the judgement of girls (and grown women) for their looks

  • blackbird

    I remember when I used to tie my sneakers like that.

  • Sheila

    I am amazed and disappointed in some of the comments on this page. My mother always told me, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” There is no reason for the hatred and downright nasty comments left on this page. You people should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • Sheila

    Lovely article Bristol. I always enjoy reading them.

  • CoolChange80

    Even without makeup Governor Sarah Palin is one beautiful lady. The emphasis on women politics looks by the media needs to stop . They insult your mother’s hairstyle, her clothing, they try to sexualize her, heck Newsweeks cover was the most sexist and vile garbage.

    • YouBetcha!!!

      She posed for that picture, asswipe

      • sue

        For a Running magazine not for a political one

      • CoolChange80

        Newsweek took a picture from Runner’s World, You Asshole.

  • CoolChange80

    Great post. Yesterday I agree and have defended you a lot on twitter and here, but this case is absurd. You are being too kind to Hillary. Hillary was never a world class beauty or even remotely attractive. Sarah Palin without makeup looks better than 90% of women with makeup and hair well done. That is a fact Sarah Palin is beautiful lady with or without makeup. Tons of makeup and hundreds if not thousand on clothing and stylists can turn a Hillary Clinton into a Sarah Palin. That is a fact.

    • YouBetcha!!!

      That’s right, Sarah Palin is a spiteful vindictive bitch. Beauty fades for all of us. And Sarah Palin will lose her looks and then be ugly inside and out.

      • CoolChange80

        You are psychotic. Get help, take your disgusting stupidity to the Trig Truther blog you sub-human slimeball.

  • Jean

    I see you have made a lot of new liberal friends.

  • CoolChange80

    Hillary Clinton and Bubba have grifted away about $100 mil. yet looks terrible especially for someone with millions of dollars and a team of stylists. Heck maybe you and Willow could give Hillary a makeover. It wouldn’t hurt.

    • cromagnon82

      Speaking of grifters, how ’bout that $arah Falin and her trailer-trash floozy daughter? Now they know how to grift. But as they are well aware, there’s a sucker born every minute (that would be you) and they intend to profit from it!

      • YouBetcha!!!

        Oh yeah!…… The Failin Palins are like phony tv preachers. They know who they can scam and they do it very well.

        • sue

          I see the obsessives with Palin derangement syndrome have shown up with their democrate sponsered talking point. The funny thing is that they run Palin-hater blogs- doing what? oh yeah scamming people and promising some breaking scandle is right around the corner, just send in your money.

  • Norm

    I wish my wife looked half as good as your mother does without makeup. Hillary is not good looking and neither is Michelle Obama but the media will overstate “style” and beauty. I admire you Young Bristol. This post reminds me of what your mother said when the Today creeps were mocking Jessica Simpson’s pregnancy weight gain. Your mother defended Jessica Simpson saying she looks beautiful.

    • YouBetcha!!!

      What a disgusting thing to say about your wife. And that’s why Bitch Bristol posted that picture of her bitch mother. To say…look at my mom, she looks better than Hillary Clinton. If Bristol believed what she writes she wouldn’t be at the plastic surgeon getting crap done to her face.

      • otlset

        Childish post. This is the liberal left folks, using their typical name-calling and ad hominems in lieu of rational argument. You know, because the left “cares” so much.

    • 10kMom

      Norm said: “I wish my wife looked half as good as your mother does without makeup. ”
      Norm, is that you, Bill Clinton ?

  • Jean


    Sarah Palin at #SALT2012: “Hello one percent! More power to ya!”

  • 10kMom

    There was a time when every liberal news outlet raved about how absolutely stunning Hillary Clinton looked, conveniently ignoring the concealing effects of pancake makeup. That was before she decided to run against their deity, Obama. Now these same liberal media outlets relish magnifying a close-up of her face without makeup.

    • Karma

      You clearly didn’t pay attention to the media’s coverage of Hillary. And it got worse when she became the Senator for NY. They followed her everywhere and relished in the fact she no longer had a WH hairstylist on duty. They showed all kinds of pics of her within various Senate committees with flat hair, and unflattering up the nose shots. They ridiculed her hair bands and every day that she didn’t look exactly like she did in the WH. They noted the bags under her eyes getting bigger and hounded her to see if she was really doing the work or riding on her husband’s coat tails. They’ve always made fun of her pantsuits after hounding her for years about cankles. We all know if she ever dared to ware a skirt the cankles bit would start up again. It’s been endless with Hillary just like it’s been endless with Gov Palin.

      Contrast that with how Obama, the new Senator from IL was covered. They barely noted when he wouldn’t show up for committees. Which was often. They certainly didn’t tear down his hair style, eye bags, or manner of dress. Geez….they practically gave him a medal for wearing old shoes in the WH and on the campaign trail.

      • Karma

        typo…..’wear’ a skirt.

  • Mark

    Excellent article!

    You are right; women are more than their looks and your post also shows non-partisan class.
    Your post also shows non-partisan class.

    Keep up the good work ,Bristol

  • Nova

    Two things Bristol:
    1. Hillary is not god looking in any way.
    2. The women Bill Clinton raped and abused Hillary called sluts and bimbos. Hillary is not pro women , she’s clinging on to her rapist husband because that’s all she is and all she got. She’s Alinsky evil. She got a rapist to thank for all of her political opportunities.

    • YouBetcha!!!

      Yeah…she’s nothing all right.

      And what do you do Nova? Probably rubbing vaseline on your ass in your mother’s basement right now. Or picking yor pimples or something important like that. Loser.

      • Nova

        If I did , that would still be better than Hillary.

        • YouBetcha!!!

          Maybe Bristol can fart in a jar for you and you can cherish it forever and ever. Loser

          • blahblahblah

            “Probably rubbing vaseline on your ass in your mother’s basement right now. Or picking yor pimples or something important like that.”

            Gee that sounds like the Obots/Occutards daily routine…………………….

  • The pastor felt he may be going blind. His doctor did not seem to be of much help. He mentioned it in a moment when he was not pastoring, and I was guided to tell him, “Maybe God wants you to start seeing things in a different way now.”

    Paul tells about seeing through a glass darkly. It appears, Bristol, even in your early years you have begun to see past the illusions of the world. It is a blessing indeed.


  • Brett&Kyle’sMom

    Kudos to you, Bristol! I for one am sick and tired of all the petty, rude and immature sniping that is going on today in the world, especially amongst the media who claims to be so cultured and educated. We need to get back to basics – beginning with “never judge a book by its cover.” A beautiful package could still contain a deadly cobra.

    • Raz

      ” I for one am sick and tired of all the petty, rude and immature sniping that is going on today in the world ”

      Then I suggest that you disavow anything and everything Palin, They are the immature, Petty , Rude champions of the world, Lest we forget their blatant whorishness, Like Mama like daughters !

      • Susan

        Another Obama supporter who uses the word “whore” to describe women. Obama must be so proud.

        • Contard

          Another Rush supporter, who approves of women being called sluts. Didn’t hear Sarah condemn Rush for that did ya. She’s a hypocrite.

  • John Kelly

    Ms. Palin,
    You are absolutely right.

  • I am strongly against Hilary, but not because she does or doesn’t wear make-up, but because she is a socialist. Let’s discuss ideologies not cosmetology 🙂 The ideology of the liberals is not merely “liberal” — it is not American. America has a basic ideology and redistributing the wealth is unAmerican.

  • Diane Kristy

    Foundation is OUT! ‘Bare Minerals’ is the thing for pretty women today. Google it. You can look pretty and natural at the same time without smearing cover-up paint all over your dace and pores.

  • 10kMom

    According to the article, the Washington Post thought Hillary Clinton looked like a schoolgirl. Interestingly, that was the same assessment by North Korea, which had this to say about Hillary Clinton:
    Pyongyang: “We cannot but regard Mrs Clinton as a funny lady as she likes to utter such rhetoric, unaware of the elementary etiquette in the international community,” a foreign ministry statement said. “Sometimes she looks like a primary schoolgirl and sometimes a pensioner going shopping.”
    It is remarkable how communists think alike, whether in North Korea or at the Washington Post.

  • Susan Williams

    You and your mom are beautiful people, both inside and outside. Happy Mother’s Day to you both and all the Palin women!

  • Susan Williams

    On a funny note , in my classroom the answer to one of the questions was “the Plain Indians.” As I was walking around the classroom, I noticed that one student accidentally wrote “the Palins!” I laughed and just gave him a “star” next to his answer!

  • Joseph Russo III

    What is the purpose of this post? That people shouldn’t judge others (particularly women) by their looks and everybody should be proud of what they look like? Maybe judge them only by their accomplishments?

    So why are you comparing your appearance on Dancing with the Stars (and we are being generous with the word “star” here) to a woman who is the Secretary of State?

    Also, didn’t you have plastic surgery on your face?

    This is comical.

    • Joseph,
      You need to read material that can be trusted. Bristol had jaw surgery. You read too much of that
      left wing stuff.

  • B Maher

    “Bristol Palin accused Obama of pandering to teenagers who watched one too many episodes of Glee – says the girl who got knocked up after watching one too many episodes of Teen Mom.”

    -Bill Maher

    If you don’t respond with conviction, you are a coward and a failure.

    • mountaingirl

      Maher, are you saying you and Sarah Palin are the same in this way?

    • sue

      Bill Maher is a foul-mouthed fool, with nothing of any value to say. It amazes me that people watch him – anybody can act like a 13 year old bully-boy.

      • Chase

        Since Bristol doesn’t have the conviction to stand up to this “bully,” what does that say about her? She should go head to head with him, instead of crying to Obama for a phone call.

    • 10KMom

      Bill Maher panders to people who are stupid and ignorant like him.

      • Michael Harris

        Amen,he is just about as stupid as Al Sharpton and just as worthless

    • Ron Paul 2012

      Hey Bill how about that Ron Paul sweep of delegates so far? If I remember correctly on your show you are a fan of Dr. Paul or atleast like some of his ideas. O’Romney is going down for the count if the GOP fraud doesn’t continue that is.

  • Jon

    You make me cringe hearing your name and actually make me recoil seeing you or your mom’s picture.

    • sue

      Yet here you are. Sarah Palin- BOO. Scared you, didn’t I?

    • Susan Williams

      Happy recoiling!

    • 10KMom

      Jon said: “You make me cringe hearing your name and actually make me recoil seeing you or your mom’s picture.”
      Bristol must be right — for her to have the effect on Jon, that a cross would have on an excrement-sucking vampire like him.

  • Jessica Blank

    Keep talking, it makes you and your family look crazier with each new headline.

    • DebinNY

      What, may I ask, is “crazy” with this headline or post? You (I’m assuming by the name, ‘Jessica’) are a woman. What in this post do you disagree with?

      Just curious…

  • Sam Adams

    Bristol; Some BIG differences between your Mom and Clinton.
    1) Your Mom exercises, eats organic, and has a husband who respects her.
    Notice the corresponding health in her face – no cosmetics needed.
    2) Your Mom shows no signs of alcohol use – deadly for women, in particular, and to their skin.

    Hilliary shouldn’t be criticized for her looks but for choices which affect her looks.
    I cannot find anything to emulate there.

    • FailinPalin

      I hear Sarah likes to take an ass pounding every once in awhile, while rubbing raw moosemeat on her face. Maybe that’s the secret!

      I bet that turns you on eh Sam! I bet you love sarah, don’t ya Sammy.

      • FishAK

        You sound like an IDIOT!

  • Michele

    Your mom’s really pretty without makeup, I don’t think you can compare her to Hillary without makeup…. But great post!
    And your previous post about Obama consulting his daughters is pure gold.

  • Llew

    Keep writing Bristol! Very intelligent!

  • Eric

    No one can mock young women, but you can discriminate and hate on gays. Makes sense.

  • Tulsi

    Maybe if you do more post like these, you won’t get critized as much. I actually like this post.

  • Failin

    Your mom look gross, like she got a horrible spray-on tan and drawn eyebrows.

    • Ron Paul 2012

      Did you just escape from a mental hospital?

  • Ed Robbins

    You & your mother are both gorgeous!

  • J.C,


  • Reeve Baily

    If you are going to compare apples to apples as a footnote… please post another photo of your mom…an extreme close-up, taken at an unflattering low- angle, one that she would never approve of herself. Because that’s what they did to Hillary. I liked the post, but then the photo at the end deflated your point.

  • KapoleiDave

    Wow. I can see the trolls are out in force.

    “Let me remember that the impact of criticism is often not the intent of the critic, but when the intent is evil, that’s what the ‘block’ button is for.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYlCVwxoL_g

  • Crystal

    Your mom is beautiful. You looked great on dancing with the stars. And idiots commenting on how any female looks in a negative manner are repugnant

  • I don’t understand some of these comments! Bristol has never said she was a political figure or was even trying to be one! I want you to take her last name out of all of this and then think about her views! If she wasn’t a Palin you wouldn’t care. For everyone that has posted something mean or hurtful I want you to think about your neighbor or a friend at least one of them is republican and probably has the same view points as Bristol. Honestly what is the point in saying such awful things. In all honesty both parties are to blame for the situation we are in! I don’t agree with what the Palins say all the time, but I admire the entire family for being able to push through the crap they get and to continue to voice their opinion. Its people with that kind of drive that get things done! The fact that you guys are making a big deal out of Bristol complimenting a democrat is crazy. Shouldn’t you view that as a win? Stop being so freaking judgemental and listen to the way you sound. She’s human just like you!

  • Donna Thorsrud

    Very good point, Bristol!
    Lester, will keep you in my prayers because you must be so unhappy with your life. Someone who thinks themselves so superior to others must have a hard time connecting with your clients.

  • John Lennon

    I agree with you 100 % Bristol today girls and women tend to overdue the make up. A beautiful girl like your self should be proud. For some reason people like to see beautiful girl like you tear apart less attractive girls its in human nature.