Mr. President, When Should I Expect Your Call?

Mr. President, When Should I Expect Your Call? March 18, 2012

Dear President Obama,

You don’t know my telephone number, but I hope your staff is busy trying to find it. Ever since you called Sandra Fluke after Rush Limbaugh called her a slut, I figured I might be next.  You explained to reporters you called her because you were thinking of your two daughters, Malia and Sasha.  After all, you didn’t want them to think it was okay for men to treat them that way:

“One of the things I want them to do as they get older is engage in issues they care about, even ones I may not agree with them on,” you said.  “I want them to be able to speak their mind in a civil and thoughtful way. And I don’t want them attacked or called horrible names because they’re being good citizens.”

And I totally agree your kids should be able to speak their minds and engage the culture.  I look forward to seeing what good things Malia and Sasha end up doing with their lives.

But here’s why I’m a little surprised my phone hasn’t rung.  Your $1,000,000 donor Bill Maher has said reprehensible things about my family.  He’s made fun of my brother because of his Down’s Syndrome. He’s said I was “f—-d so hard a baby fell out.”  (In a classy move, he did this while his producers put up the cover of my book, which tells about the forgiveness and redemption I’ve found in God after my past – very public — mistakes.)

If Maher talked about Malia and Sasha that way, you’d return his dirty money and the Secret Service would probably have to restrain you.  After all, I’ve always felt you understood my plight more than most because your mom was a teenager.  That’s why you stood up for me when you were campaigning against Sen. McCain and my mom — you said vicious attacks on me should be off limits.

Yet I wonder if the Presidency has changed you.  Now that you’re in office, it seems you’re only willing to defend certain women.  You’re only willing to take a moral stand when you know your liberal supporters will stand behind you.


What if you did something radical and wildly unpopular with your base and took a stand against the denigration of all women… even if they’re just single moms? Even if they’re Republicans?

I’m not expecting your SuperPAC to return the money.  You’re going to need every dime to hang on to your presidency.  I’m not even really expecting a call.  But would it be too much to expect a little consistency?  After all, you’re President of all Americans, not just the liberals.

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UPDATE: I’ve gotten over 1,700 comments since I posted this!  Please keep them coming and see my response to some of them here.

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  • Wow, that was a bold statement.

    I just shared it with a bunch of Palinistas all around the world…

    • Canadian Observer

      Yes, a bold statement indeed, Bristol, but since it was not President Obama who insulted you, don’t you think your letter should have been addressed to the person who did?

      It doesn’t seem fair for you & your family to be attacked by stand-up comedians but the sad fact is when you present yourself in the public arena you become a target for these folks. Maher might be exercising his right to free speech, however, making disparaging remarks about Trig shows him to be a truly dispicable person.

      I don’t think the President has any control over who donates to his SuperPAC.

      • Brad Karr

        Are you kidding me or What?????

        Obama for all practical purposes is encouraging this type of behavior ( against Republicans )

        • pol

          Dude, you say “for all practical purposes” with nothing to support your comment. How ’bout some proof?

          • soggy01

            Pol, the proof is in his actions…if my dog bites two of my neighbors and I apologize and make amends to one but to the other I say nothing and in fact take no action to ensure that the dog does not bite them again…what message would my neighbors recieve from that action? Lets make no mistake..Bill Maher is Obama’s dog and if Obama were to take even the most meager efforts to show displeasure in Maher’s sexiest and obscene comments then Maher would not continue. The fact that Obama refuses to condemn his comments and welcomes his money tells him and everyone else that Obama is fine with Maher attacking young conservative women in the most vile and degrading ways.

          • anita

            He is an idiot and people that don’t open their eyes and do the research to what he has done to our constitutional rights, his inconsistency and double standard are equally an idiot. Has nothing to do with judging, facts are facts, get them straight so you don’t humiliate yourself defending an idiot.

          • Yvonne

            POL…..”how ’bout some proof”….are you kidding??????? READ AND OPEN YOUR EARS…all the proof you need is right in front of your eyes (unless you are a two faced blinded liberal)…

          • E. Volkoff

            Proof? Proof is he called Sandra to apologize yet he hasn’t called the Palin’s. What more do you need for proof…duh!!!

          • VeteranCitizenChristian

            COME ON PEOPLE. He doesn’t REALLY mean to give him facts. I have given liberals page after page after page of facts, with references. They refuse to research any of them, or find out any truth at all. They never come up with a single positive fact at all on BO. The only statement I’ve actually heard is that BO has brought us out of the depths of recession despair even greater than the Great Depression. Well… how’s the economy working for you all? They call this fixed? Since they have have different dictionaries, encyclopedias, and reality, I guess BO has “fixed” the entire universe (or would if God would just get out of his way). Wow, that one isn’t even Bush’s fault, it’s God’s fault. Most just tell me to shut up, say I’m too serious, call me profane names, etc. I guess that’s their facts. I’ve got news for them. They can call me all the vile names they want to, but I get the last laugh. They’re the BO liberals. PH…..EW. They just want to follow him blindly. But, they will be the first to slaughter. Real people will still be fighting for our country. It’s really is like one of the current statements on the internet today. Trying to reform a liberal is like trying to pick up a turd by the clean end. BO has no clean end, he just stinks, and makes us nauseous.

          • VeteranCitizenChristian

            Sorry, there are a couple of typos here that it won’t let me edit. But, they don’t change the message.

          • @soggy01 – and you call yourself a conservative? A real conservative would realize off the bat that Maher is solely responsible for what Maher says. No one else holds any sway over him.

          • Diana

            Pol, I do not know how old you are or whether or not you have children, a home, a car. I don’t know how you feel about our military troops out there fighting for our freedoms, your faith in God, or gas prices. But I know how I feel and I know how many other people feel. Our “President” is so busy putting fires out that he started that he has no clue what he is doing. He apologizing to our enemies!!! He blames everyone but himself for the economy we are suffering right now. He has people blinded by his smooth talking and funny antics. I’m sorry, but the President of the USA should NOT go on Dave Letterman or the View. It is below his status. This president promises things that are lies. Try getting a student loan, home mortgage refinance, or health care. It is all lies. I know because I am living it. Our Country has never been like this even during the depression of our grandparents. When has it been acceptible to curse and be downright rude on television and radio? It is wrong and it shows our children a wrong impression. We would lose our jobs if we ever said the “N” word, but the “C” word is okay? I am confused as to how we got so low. This President was a bad choice 3 years ago. It would be a major mistake to allow him to remain for 4 more years. If I could post pages of proof here… I have just the document to post. All I can say is do some research and quit watching Talk Shows.

          • Mac

            Open your eyes and start paying attention as to what is going on in this world

          • gman

            Dude the example is in the artical

          • William Roderick

            Mac ,Pol cannot see because he has cranial rectalitus!!!!!!!!!!

          • retlaw

            Proof that Obama encourages his supporters to “get in people’s faces” and go after his “enemies” in a personal manner, Pol?

            “You can’t put lipstick on a pig!” Obama said on the campaign trail right after Governor Palin’s speech at the GOP Convention in 2008. What a funny take-off on Palin’s signature line on hockey-moms and lipstick.

            Obama referred to the Tea Party as “teabaggers”. Gee, is the smartest, hippest prez ever not in on the filthy joke behind that?

            At the first Correspondents’ Dinner, a comic hoped for Rush Limbaugh’s kidneys to fail, and Obama, right there on stage with her, laughed uproariously – yes, how funny death wishes are! (With his laughter, was he not calling for more of the same?)

            His White House website has gone after the Koch brothers repeatedly – a public official calling out private citizens who have committed no crime. A president doing that is unheard of.

            Has he ever, ever called off his dogs? Miss Palin is right here – if he can manage to call Fluke and condemn Rush, then it’s hypocrisy not to do the same for Bristol and Maher.

          • Douglas

            you really that dull or just cloud dancing

        • Canadian Observer

          He is? I believe the President is a decent human being but if you have proof that he is actually encouraging this type of behavior against Republicans, I wouldn’t be adverse to seeing it.

          • Ed

            Sorry, but the “president” is a piece of shit.

          • Big Daddy

            You also believe in Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy. The president has 100% control over the money he chooses to keep you obamappologista.

          • TMatt

            He apologized to Fluke FOR Limbaugh but didn’t apologize to Palin FOR Maher for calling her a C*nt…

          • Concerned

            @Canadian Observer

            Obama is encouraging this behavior by not taking a stand for ALL woman and returning Bill Maher’s $1,000,000 contribution.

          • SemperEquitas

            Is Andrew Sullivan, who was invited to the white house last week, the same blogger who said all those vile and filthy things about the Palin’s, and to this day claims trig is Bristol’s baby.

          • Tracy

            “I believe the President is a decent human being”

            One of your many mistakes judging by the rest of your postings here.

          • SanDiegoJulygem

            The President is decent only as it is politically expedient to him to be so.

            It was pandering and expedient for him to call the Fluke woman to apologize, when she was the past president of of the LSFR, “Law Students For Reproductive Justice”… and had in the past openly voiced her reason for enrolling in Georgetown being to stir up JUST such a controversy. She is a leftist radical PLANT, nothing more, who was invited by Nancy Pelosi to speak before this so-called committee.


            The double-standard exhibited by this so-called “President” is beyond reprehensible.

            Bristol Palin’s blog is concise, wonderfully worded, without the use of a single epithet, and is irrefutably accurate and logical.

            She takes after her mother in regards to her intelligence, despite what all of the liberal media ‘talking heads’, evidently both here AND in Canada, have to say.

          • rjh

            Decent human beings do not lie every time they open their mouths.

          • David

            Obama used the term “tea-bagger”. Do you know what that refers to? He’s a disgrace.
            He never takes responsibility for anything…it’s always someone else’s fault.
            Everything he says has an expiration date…campaign finance reform? Yeah, right.
            He’s a hypocrite. Show some curiosity…don’t rely on the Major Networks for all your information.

          • rosetta

            Go do some searches, HEY I WATCHED HIM, joking around and laughing with a guy in a shirt that said “Palin is a C***” during the 2008 campaign, he has slandered conservative women before.

            Head in the sand is hard to see the truth.

          • Deninor

            The president has a great pulpit to discourage this kind of behaviour but he has not used it. He is complicit. Michelle O is going to be on David Letterman, another truly despicable person, soon. Will she take him to task for all his offensive remarks? I bet not!

          • just sayin

            BS, the proof is in what just happened you fool

          • Evaluator

            Do you have a dog in this fight or do you just come here when you need decent medical care??? It won’t be that way much longer,
            when we start OBAMA-CARE in our country.

          • If you don’t get by now, you won’t. You’re willfully blind, deaf, and dumb.

          • O2BNTEXAS

            Please don’t feed the trolls…

          • VeteranCitizenChristian

            Here are typical BO supporters. Is this what you are or what you want to support. If this is what you want to support, do it with YOUR money, not OURS. When you can only use YOUR money, let’s see how long you want to continue to contribute. Oh sorry, with BO, YOU don’t get the choice.


          • Nana

            How could you NOT see that Obama is encouraging this type of behaviour against conservative women??? If he was really a decent person, he would stand up for ALL young women, regardless of their polictical views! And that brings me to the difference between Sandra Fluke and Bristol Palin: Bristol is a courageous young woman who made a mistake and is taking responsibility for herself and her child; Sandra Fluke is trying to get the hard-working tax-payers (just in case you weren’t aware we are the ones who will have the ‘privilege’ of paying for those whiners like Sandra) to support her dubious life-style. Obama also told SF her parents should be proud of her. Would he be proud if his daughters were all over the news asking someone else to pay for their contraception???

          • Whatever

            Ed, nice racist website you have there. Wow, just wow. And you are a big Palin fan aren’t you?

          • sablegsd

            What action has he done that makes you think he is a decent human being?

          • Texas001

            Just look into his eyes, he is pure evil. Look here but don’t look too long.

          • Scott

            He is not a decent human being……NO decent human being would vote to end the life of a young child that has already survived attempted murder.

          • Linda

            Dear, Did the “decent human being” call Bristol and apologize for one of his donors comments about her and her family? Or is that only for whom he chooses?

          • Dorothy

            Dear Canadian observer, I too am a Canadian observer, and I am shocked at your response. Come on, really, what news are you watching? Just reading Bristol’s blog and watching Mahar’s remarks about her family is enough to make me sick. Clearly Mr. Obama has double standards. I will be shocked if he gains re-election but nothing surprises me anymore.

          • tom feher

            L isten hey,
            Stay up there in the frozen tundra and Ice fish or take slap shots at some toothless old goalie.

          • SinCityVRWC

            Whenever BO talks about civility, he is only talking about the GOP, the Tea Party and Conservatives.

          • Ohiochristian

            In defence of Bristol Palin in 2008 from President Obama

            “How a family deals with issues and teenage children, that shouldn’t be the topic of our politics, and I hope that anybody who is supporting me understands that’s off-limits.”
            Bristol Palin, a senior in high school, is about five months pregnant, according to an aide to Sen. John McCain who asked not to be named. Were you married at a young age?The aide said the Palins and the McCain campaign decided to reveal the information now because of rampant Internet rumors that Sarah Palin’s 4-month-old baby, who has Down syndrome, was actually Bristol’s.
            Obama became annoyed when asked about a Reuters news service report that quoted an unnamed senior McCain aide saying that Obama’s name appears in liberal blogs speculating about Trig’s parentage “in a way that certainly juxtaposes themselves against their ‘campaign of change.’ ”
            “I am offended by that statement,” the Illinois senator retorted, not letting the reporter finish his question. “There is no evidence at all that any of this involved us.
            “We don’t go after people’s families; we don’t get them involved in the politics. It’s not appropriate, and it’s not relevant,” he added. “Our people were not involved in any way in this, and they will not be. And if I ever thought that there was somebody in my campaign that was involved in something like that, they’d be fired”

          • wayne chandler

            Canadian Observer , if you feel that strongly about Obama, he will be looking for a new job in a year , so we will be happy to give him to Canada….lol
            Then we will see if you still think the same way in three years….lol

        • Clark

          President Obama did stick up for Bristol Palin–during the 2008 election. When questioned about Bristol’s pregnancy, Obama said:

          “Let me be a clear as possible…” “I have said before and I will repeat again, I think people’s families are off limits and people’s children are especially off limits. This shouldn’t be part of our politics. It has no relevance to Gov. Palin’s performance as governor or her potential performance as a vice president. So I would strongly urge people to back off these kinds of stories. You know my mother had me when she was 18 and, you know, how a family deals with issues and you know teenage children, that shouldn’t be the topic of our politics and I hope that anybody who’s supporting me understands that’s off limits.”

          To read the article:

          • Canadian Observer

            I still say, the President is a decent man, and reading his words in what you have posted here, Clark, goes to confirm it even more.

          • myj

            Thanks…. He did stood up for you Bristol and made sure no one else come to him critizing you or your family. He has no control over what others may say and do, but he have kept his mouth off of your mother and your family. People tried to get President and First Lady Obama to talk about your mother, they have dissed them off, even Barbara Walter. He told her, he not thinking about your mother and shutted her up.

            The President is a decent, lovable, classy human being and handle everything with class and respect.

          • Luann

            Agreed, he did back he in 2008. What happened, Washington happened and since then he can’t say a decent thing about conservative women. He ows the Palins’ a huge apology for his actions and that of his party.

          • Endangered American Species (Free man)

            Bristol did acknowledge Obummer’s defense of her in 2008. That was then and now is now. It was a smart political move then but now he could care a rat’s butt about her or any conservative woman .

          • Debi Page

            Of course he said it, for appearances..he was campaigning at the time!!

          • Mary

            It seems to me that he has already addressed how Ms. Palin should be treated by the media and others in regard to her situation. I don’t see how him calling her directly could address it more plainly other than to serve as fodder for more nastiness on a number of fronts. Too bad this pettiness will detract from the very serious issues at stake for all women, Ms. Palin included.

          • Gwen

            Yes he did, Clark. And this is the thanks he gets. Not to mention the last 3.5 years having to listen to her mother spout lie after lie after lie about him and his wife, our wonderful, intelligent First Lady.

            I don’t blame him a bit for leaving this family in the dirt. Let them fight their own battles.

          • Laurie

            Right, he did …… then. Bristol mentioned that in her letter when she pointed out his inconsistency.

        • Don

          I’m sorry, I missed the part where Obama attcked Fluke. Oh! That’s right! He didn’t, but he still called her anyway.

          Perhaps you are too far north in Canada to understand that Obama called Fluke after Rush Limbaugh said “bad” things about her, but didn’t call Bristol after Bill Maher did the same.

          • Donna

            Bill Maaher is an athiest looser- who watches that idiot anyway?? He’s a SICKO!!

        • Ilene

          Is Bristol serious? Is that what you mean? I surely hope so. To compare the two is utter idiocy — but then again, it is Ms. Dancing with the Stars talking ….

          • jk peearson

            people like you are the reason we are in this posistion. This country is going to hell in a handbag. I have lived for 60 some yrs and never have we been so low….

        • PEOPLE pay to listen to Bill Mahre’s remarks.Rush LIMPDICK is on the free AIRWAVES. BIG Differance, DON”T YA THINK…………

          • Brian

            Wow, you win the award for stupidest comment I’ve seen on the thread! And you gotta love the juvenile name calling; how old are you, 13?

          • I would not pay one cent to hear maher’s attempt at comedy. I could listen to Rush all day long.

        • Dee

          You’re twisted. She’s yet to call President Obama from 2008 to thank him for defending her and her mom when the media was talking about her being a pregnant teen all the while her mother Palin was spitting venom on him. They both need to thank him and apologize for all their hateful speech towards him.

          Her and mother has convinent amnesia.

        • Donna Hess

          Bull, a comedian pretty much can say what they want. Limbaugh actually represents the Republican Party. They pay him. Obama has nothing to do with what Bill Maher says it is his opinion. The girl who spoke about insurance companies covering birth control was not a politician she was not running on family values and abstinence then end up with a teenage daughter pregnant. Sara Palin was actually brought on us by a man I used to respect, John McCain. Shame on him for not caring enough about America then to do that. She is an idiot, I believe she is mentally ill and so does McCain and his entourage. When you set yourself with a bunch of phony baloney images to project “Christianity and family values” pull some of the stuff Palin did you are just such an easy target for comedians. I don’t like some of the nastier things Maher says but it has nothing to do with President Obama. He can’t police the comedians from making jokes about the Palins. Have you listened to some of the things that comes out of Sara Palin’s mouth. Talk about a nasty bitch.

          • Barbara

            WOW, just WOW! As a female, it’s truly embarrassing and flabbergasting to read the comments written by “women” on this site. Surely someone on the left pays you gals to come here and write such ugliness. Then again, perhaps I’m wrong and the level of intelligence among American females really has declined to the point that we turn on one another in order to support our current MALE (?)leader(?).

      • jjk

        You totally missed the point! Obama phoned the woman who was called a slut by Limbaugh, so Bristol is asking where the consistancy is in calling her or in speaking to the press about the horrible nature of what is all said about conservative women. He does have a responsibility to not be so blatenly obvious about who he gives a crap about.

        • Andy Sandoval

          U ROCK, Bristol!!! Your whole family ROCKS!!!

          • lynn

            Yes they do!! Unfortunately we live in a world where honesty, morals, and religion are considered a flaw!!! Thank God for people like the Palins. My only hope is that they can stand up to all the attacks that will follow them into the future. Funny how Sara is considered so stupid by the liberals yet she has such a following AND the libs are right there to find out what she is up to!!! Interesting isn’t it??? She is so smart that she knows just what she is doing and she has raised Bristol to do the same thing!!! Love that Tripp too!! He is a trip! She is such a good Mother!!

          • I agree, your whole family rocks! Ignore the haters Bristol and know the love and prayers that surround your family daily. He is the most unpresidential President to ever lay foot in the White House.
            We are so proud of you!

          • James

            The Palins are a bunch of dolts.

          • U Rock Bristol

            Bristol, What you wrote to the Obamanation was crystal clear, you really do Rock! He, unfortunately, will never call because you can’t help him win. Keep on writing your blog. You and your whole family are “THE BEST”! and the only reason I worked for the party in 2008. God Bless you all!

      • Robert Johnson

        Um….the Fluke woman was insulted by Limbaugh and Obama called her to commiserate. Bristol is just asking why no call call for her. See? Its so simple. But then apparently so are you.

        • pol

          Um…Robert. In a word, wrong.

          • just sayin

            what is pol, piece of lib?

          • Stan

            Um, pol. In a word, right.

            Let’s compare, a girl that is the child of the politician, did not inject herself into politics, used by hack comedian propaganidist. The other a 30 yr old lifelong radical activist that deliberately put herself in the politica arena as a propaganda tool.

            They are not the same, Bristol’s is far, far more sympathetic.

          • Yankee

            pol—in a word–dense!

        • Ilene

          Here’s the simplicity. Sandra Fluke was testifying in front of Congress as a private citizen. Dear little Bristol was no such private citizen. Sandra Fluke and millions of other women in this country were called “sluts” b/c they use birth control. Pretty simple. But then again, so are you.

          • Um, that’s not nearly as “simple” as you make it out to be. First of all, she testified in front of a jury-rigged, impromptu, staged “event”; her request to testify before the original committee was denied because SHE HAD NO RELEVANT INFORMATION TO BRING BEFORE THE COMMITTEE. It wasn’t until the liberals staged her “testimony” that we arrived at this place. And second, private citizens just don’t get invited willy-nilly on whims to testify before Congress; and, when it does happen, for whatever reason, that person then becomes a part of the public discourse, whether she wants to or not. In other words, Sandra Fluke made a conscious decision to leave the realm of private citizenship when she went before a camera; with all of the consequences that may bring to her “privacy.”

          • Seriously?

            She was not called a slut for using birth control, she is looking for someone else to pay for it. How quickly we get off point.

        • Gwen

          Um….Michelle Bachman and numerous other celebrities and politicians have been insulted by LATE NIGHT COMEDIANS, why aren’t they all whining about a phone call from the President of the United States of America?

          Rush isn’t a COMEDIAN. Most Conservatives consider him a news source.

          Please tell me there are some Republicans who can see through this BS and that they still are capable of thinking for themselves. I know you’re out there. Come on. Speak up while you have the chance.

          • brwneyedgurl

            Uh….Bill Maher isn’t a comedian either…although I have a feeling he thinks he is…..and if you don’t like what “we” Republican’s have to say, “why are you trolling our websites??” Just sayin!!

          • Sue

            Um… Rush is a radio host/ entertainer that talks politics. Maher is an entertainer(debatable) that also talks politics. Bristol doesn’t really want a call from Maobama, she is just pointing out the double standard.

          • Scott Rawlings

            Same here Bill “Hatemonger” Maher isn’t a comedian either…he got into Politics along time ago…now he’s equal to RUSH, but RUSH LIMBAUGH is smarter about politics than Obama and Bill maher put together…RUSH is a conservative and spewed out Liberal hatred speech which was just out of character for RUSH and that’s why he apoligized. Us Conservatives can’t fall to the Liberals lowest level of society

      • Livia B.

        Canadian Observer: please go back and carefully read the first sentence in Bristol’s open letter and maybe you will understand why she’s writing to the President. The parallel between Sandra Fluke/Rush Limbaugh and Bristol Palin/Bill Maher mean nothing to you?

        Bristol, great statement! I have never been a supporter or admirer, for no specific reason, but now I think I will check what you have to say more often.

        • Not that poster, but to me, I see the parallel as meaning absolutely nothing.

          • HopeIsNotRequired

            Adam: Of course you dont see any parallels with it. You probably don’t see any problem with the POTUS requiring Religious Institution violating thier 1st amendment rights, the appointment of department positions without the approval and consent of the house, or a littany of other crucial issues. No you don’t see any parallel. Truth is, you never will and are incapable of it. Same goes with the Canadian Hack blogger….

          • Hahaha

            “[T]he appointment of department positions without the approval and consent of the house”? That must be part of the new Sarah Palin Constitution, right next to the Free Exercise But No Free Contraception Clause.

          • Connie

            We know, Adam. It’s hard for you to see anything with your head so far up your *ss. We understand.

      • Real Reagan Conservative

        Canadian Observer – if you’re really trying to be as your monicker indicates then you really should pay attention. I didn’t read anything from Bristol that says she requires an apology from the hypocrit-in-chief; she’s wondering when she’ll receive her “Fluke call.” That I’m aware of, Obama didn’t insult Fluke either. Yet he felt compelled to call her expressing support and outrage for the way she was treated by a conservative talk show host.
        As for Bristol and her family (ex-her Mom) being “public figures” – are you suggesting that relatives are now “fair game” by virtue of the parents entering the public arena? Because the Palin children have been attacked since Day 1! Does it follow then – in your opinion – that Obama’s daughters should be the subject of ridicule? Obama is a hypocrit – and so are all those who feign outrage for comments hurtful to Sandra Fluke – a public activist – yet somehow manage to justify vicious attacks on conservatives and/or their families. Anyone who thinks differently is simply a pathological partisan!

        • Canadian Observer

          –” are you suggesting that relatives are now “fair game” by virtue of the parents entering the public arena?”

          Of course not, and if you recall, the President said during the 2008 election that the Palin children should be off limits, also.

          I think, perhaps, the parents of the Palin children are now regretting their decision to introduce their family into the public arena through their reality TV program, People Magazine, DWTS, and the like, as it has made them targets of hateful rhetoric. It would have been more prudent for them to keep their children out of the public eye, as many other Politicians have done in order to protect their families from such as what we see happening with the Palin family.

          It is a sad reflection on society but this is what we have to live with today.

          • soggy01

            “It is a sad reflection on society but this is what we have to live with today.”

            Really? why do we have to live with vile, degrading and sexist comments by people who transmit their message on the public’s airways…I know HBO is subscription service but it still transmitts its broadcasting to its subscribers via satilites using publically owned and government licensed airways. I am not advocating sensorship but rather if the president of the USA is going to enter the fray let him do so as the president of all americans, not just the ones who contribute to his campaign or with whom he shares a political ideology.

          • Real Reagan Conservative

            You’re obviously not really an “observer” since your timeline is way off. The hateful comments didn’t occur AFTER the “reality TV program, People Magazine, DWTS, and the like…” it occurred BEFORE. So please explain why Obama feels the need to call the very public person of Sandra Fluke – activist – to offer support because his daughters might someday enter the public discourse without offering the very same support to other women (public or private)?

          • Carena

            I’m sorry, but I very much disagree with the notion that public servants are permitted to be the subjects of horrible, dispicable jokes. I admire the Palins for having the desire and courage to step up and serve the American people. Although I do not agree with the policies of our current President and do not trust his motives, I do not believe that being a public servant automatically makes him “fair game” for offensive jokes. No person (public or private) should be degraded by another. I really wish everyone who justifies the crass statements made by people in the media as “fair game” would take a stand and say “no” to anyone who speaks like that about another human being.

          • Gwen

            “I think, perhaps, the parents of the Palin children are now regretting their decision to introduce their family into the public arena through their reality TV program, People Magazine, DWTS, and the like, as it has made them targets of hateful rhetoric. It would have been more prudent for them to keep their children out of the public eye, as many other Politicians have done in order to protect their families from such as what we see happening with the Palin family.

            It is a sad reflection on society but this is what we have to live with today.”

            It is a sad reflection on society but it is what it is. As for the Palins regretting putting their children in the public eye? I’d like to believe it but everything I’ve seen in the last 4 years tells me they don’t regret it one bit. If it wasn’t for the attention they get from the media, they wouldn’t make the money and live the lifestyles they do.

            What person, who desires a private existence, produces and stars in a reality show? As much as they claim to hate the attention, it’s made them filthy rich.

          • Billy

            If your moniker is correct -What earthly difference would it make to anyone NOT a US citizen-watch if you must but keep your mouth out of OUR affairs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Sue

            Obama hasn’t kept his children out of the public eye, they have been in magazines, etc- yet they are not attacked in such a manner. No politician keeps their family hidden away, so why the double-standard? Palin’s kids were targets before SP’s Alaska- in fact they were targets from the beginning.

      • Tourbillon

        It was not President Obama who insulted Ms. Fluke either. Yet he called her. But not Bristol. Clear now?

        • pol

          Your willful misunderstanding of the circumstances is truly mind boggling. Sandra Fluke was slandered for three days by Rush Limbaugh because she spoke up about a classmate’s need for birth control medicine. Three days, non stop bullying, belittling, insulting. And he encouraged others to do the same. And he was lying the whole time.

          • fergie

            Yet, the Left began to slander the Palin family from day one of the 2008 campaign and continues to do so without impunity . . . three days of slander DOES NOT equal four plus years of hell, now does it?

          • Stan

            It was blather and nonsense, we all know it. It was a press conference of the Obama campaign of a woman at a school that is probably 80k a year complaining about birth control!

            It truly deserves sarcasm and belittling, crude words? No. Sarcasm, yes.

          • JFSanders

            Pol, A complete and utter gutter ball you have rolled my friend. Everything you wrote is wrong.

            There is no one so blind as those who refuse to see. Your abject hatred of those who do not believe as you, makes you just a bigot and a true believer. Sad really…

          • Loder

            Oh my, three days is a long time, so is 4 years! Great post Bristol!

            I am posting this because it is 100% true! I want the President to protect my Daughters from Misogynists whether they turn out to be Liberal or Conservative young Women. Being a Mom, I hope they will be brave enough to speak their minds and shape the future, so stand up for all Women Mr. President!!

          • soggy01

            That is just a flat out lie…I hate Rush because he is boring and predictable…but he did no such thing. I listened to his entire commentary on the women including the apology…which was unnecessary…but all combined. every minute of tape from Rush on Fluke is less than 20 minutes long.

          • rosetta

            And the Palin family has been slandered, stalked, harassed, threatened, and prevented from even being able to work due to the harassment for 4 years now…. not really a parallel is it? Also there is a huge difference between being blunt and crass, and truly bullying, You want a bully look at the ones who has actually gotten in the face of the Palin’s threatening, how about the one that actually hacked her private information?

            Double standards gotta love em right?

        • Clark

          Obama stuck up for Palin–during the 2008 election. When questioned about Bristol’s pregnancy, Obama said:

          “Let me be a clear as possible…” “I have said before and I will repeat again, I think people’s families are off limits and people’s children are especially off limits. This shouldn’t be part of our politics. It has no relevance to Gov. Palin’s performance as governor or her potential performance as a vice president. So I would strongly urge people to back off these kinds of stories. You know my mother had me when she was 18 and, you know, how a family deals with issues and you know teenage children, that shouldn’t be the topic of our politics and I hope that anybody who’s supporting me understands that’s off limits.”

          • Chan

            Exactly the point. So that means, to be consistent he must follow up. He needs to chide Bill Maher and return his donation of 1,000,000.

            The means that BO is only talk and no action. The examples must be found on the right and ignored on the left.

          • Connie

            It sounds like Obama said this to deny that it was his campaign that were starting the rumors. You know, saving his political rear as usual.

      • Pablo

        Hey, isn’t testifying on camera before a mock Congressional hearing “presenting yourself in the public arena”? That’s what Sandra Fluke did, and Limbaugh’s shot at her evoked President Obama’s very public concern and condemnation. I fail to see a meaningful distinction between the two.

        Truth to power, Bristol. You go, Girl.

        • RRD

          “Hey, isn’t testifying on camera before a mock Congressional hearing “presenting yourself in the public arena”? ”

          An excellent point that has been ignored by the media in all this – Fluke is a self-described activist who put herself in the public eye.

        • SanDiegoJulygem

          Great comment, Pablo…

      • Emma Lora

        She was referring to his response to Ms. Fluke/Rush L. He however did not support her against Bill Maher. Her comments to him are excellent.

      • Judy Hopson

        This man is a user. He stands above the frey and allows his surrogates to demonize and destroy. You bet he condones it, all the while standing back claiming “I didn’t do it, I didn’t say it.” Good for her and keep it coming.

      • Truth Detector

        Hey moron, Obama didn’t insult Fluke either, but he sure did call her.

        • dyz

          I’m so in love with your moniker, truth detector.

          • Pablo

            Every time you see a handle containing “Truth” you’re about to be bamboozled. 🙂

          • Truth Detector

            Hey Pablo, that’s true only when the person is a libtard…lol

      • LibtardsMustGo

        So Obama didn’t insult Sandra Fluke either but felt a need to interject himself there and call her. Your logic is flawed.

        • Bixby

          I’m curious about your use of the word “Libtard” as part of your screen name. Since it’s a mashup of “liberal” and “retard” and is clearly meant to be an insult, it’s odd that you’re using it while commenting on Ms. Palin’s blog.

          In 2010 Mrs. Palin publicly criticized Rahm Emanuel’s use of the word “retard” (which he did in private) but excused Rush Limbaugh’s frequent and insulting use of it as “satire.” So no doubt you are also a satirist, rather like Bill Maher, and we’re not meant to take you seriously, either? Or wait–your use of it is demeaning and horrible, and you owe an apology to the Palins and other people who have loved ones with special needs? Either way, your moral stance is wobbly, and your sanctimony is laughable.

          • rosetta

            Actually she never condoned the word, (which is actually not a bad word it is a medical term called retardation, which only means a disease which slows connotative growth) but she said there was a huge difference between a commentator using the word and someone calling her child that who is suppose to be a representative of the government. A commentator much like a comedian will often say things to expressly be offensive, but someone in a public office should try to act with class and a lack of partison attacks.

            Clear enough?

      • Juan

        You freaking idiot, do you not get what she is trying to convey to our president?, do you not see the hypocracy that exist in the MSM and you?. The president only does things that is going to get him re-elected and not stand up for all of us.

        • dyz

          I can see that you’re an idiot…..

          • Stan

            Nice dyz! You’re Shooter McGavin and Juan is Happy Gilmore!

      • harkin

        Another clueless lib. Bristol clearly explains why she is expecting a call from Obama (who called Fluke to grandstand). At least Canuck realizes Chairman Zero accepted $1mil from a despicable person (and shows no intention of returning it).

      • anon

        President Obama did not insult Sandra Fluke, either, yet he still felt compelled to give her a call. What exactly is your point? Because it is not apparent from your post.

      • Average Joe

        Hey Canadian…
        Obama called Sandra Fluke and put his nose squarely into this arena. His hypocrisy is crying out as he was using Rush’s poor words in an attempt to continue the “Republican war on women” narrative his campaign is espousing.

        What Ms. Palin is pointing out is obvious…Obama doesn’t give a wit about women or what is said about them. He cares about a liberal mantra that the right is against women. He’s happy to accept 1 million from one of the biggest misogynists out there and keep his mouth shut while he does it… As usual, Obama has shown his true colors… do and say anything to get elected.

      • Econ101lab

        Obama didn’t insult Fluke either. And Fluke deliberately put herself in the public arena with her voluntary testimony before Pelosi’s little confab.

        Finally, although he has no control over donates to the PAC, he can control whose money it keeps.

        How about a little consistency.

        • dyz

          No, dear, the President has absolutely no control over the PAC money. At all. None. Nada.

          That would be illegal. Wrong. Against the law? Get it?

          • JFSanders

            And yet another misconstruction proffered by the true believers among us. As head of the Democratic Party he is most assuredly in control of where and when that money will be spent. He may not actually sign the checks but he does set the meme for the true believers to follow.

          • emmayche

            While dyz is technically correct, that there must be an arm’s-length separation between a candidate and any PAC, Obama could at least publicly call on “anyone who supports him, or any decent candidate” – the distinction is important – to refuse to accept, or to return, any donations from anyone who stoops to this kind of tactic. His failure to do so, even in the most general terms, typifies his leadership style – that is, nonexistent. His lack of such a call strongly implies endorsement of such donations and, by implications, the attacks made by the donors.

          • Harley Webber

            Obama has control over anything he elects to have control. All he had to do was say he wants the money returned publicly. Whether or not the PAC would return it, is up to them.
            There is no law that says he can’t do this. Are you saying Romney and Gingrich broke the law by addressing their PAC’s in the debate?

          • Gwen

            Sadly, no, I don’t think they will get it. It’s logic. Not easy to come by around these parts, it would seem.

      • DocinPA

        Oh, stop. The man is a hypocrite. Embrace the suck already.

        • ConchordsFan

          Love it!

          Yes, he has been despicable.

      • Carla

        Canadian Observer, are you kidding us or what? Obama apologized to Fluke after someone else’s comment, not his own. Bristol’s response is entirely consistent and right on target.

      • Josh

        First, the point of this post is that President Obama called Sandra Fluke personally because of what Rush Limbaugh said. So why would he not do the same when much worse was said of Bristol by Maher?

        Not to mention, Obama may not have control over who donates, but he can decide to give the money back, which you know he would demand of Romney, Santorum, et al, should they be given money by, say, Fred Phelps.

        • Canadian Observer

          Josh, the President can’t return the money that Maher, or anyone else, donates to this SuperPAC. The money is spent by those who support him; he, nor his campaign, have any access to it. Even if he wanted to, he could not give any donated monies back. I’m surprised you wouldn’t know this.

          • e Bonita Ledzius

            However…this fraud of a president could call for his SuperPac to return it, but he won’t because he has no moral character at all!
            Canadian Observer…why don’t you open your eyes and take a real look at the truth which you don’t seem to be observing. Brainwashing is such a detriment to the left, because it makes you all sound like brainless robots programmed to say the same lies over and over. Get some common sense…oh that’s right you all have knowledge from books published by the left that are so full of lies you wouldn’t know the truth, and since most of you don’t believe in God, you have no common sense, because that is where common sense comes from.

      • Mike

        You are joking, right? First of all, Obama called Fluke because of what someone else said, not anything he said. Second, of course Obama can control who gives money to his PAC. All he has to do is direct them to return it.

        • Elizabeth

          Has everyone forgotten the hateful rhetoric that her mother started when she was running for VP. Palin
          stirred crowds into a frenzy with with her terrorist
          accusations against President Obama, and she liked it. Now she is crying foul. Please just make them go away. I just watched Game Change, absolutely terrifying.

          • Connie

            Obama should know that if you hang out with terrorists (BFF Bill Ayers) you’ll be compared with terrorists. It’s quite simple, really.
            Also, not comparable with the topic being discussed here today.
            What’s terrifying is that you apparently eat up everything you are spoon fed by your leftist friends and you are still allowed to vote.

          • Elizabeth, You really do need to do some research on ‘Game Change’ to see that what you saw is a pack of lies designed to exonerate those who helped McCain loose in ’08 and once again portray Sarah Palin and conservatives just like you saw it to make you come away from watching it with a word like, “terrifying,” and much worse. You can begin with the link below that I am providing for your easy access to the truth.
            “Stacy Drake: Thanks HBO! Your Time Stamps in “Game Change” Help Us Prove Your Lies

            You have been duped into believing the lie that IS ‘Game Change.’
            “Top 10 Lies of HBO’s “Game Change”

            While you are seeking the truth, please go watch, “The Undefeated.”

          • Elizabeth,
            Here is more for your information regarding “Game Change,” and just like you, “Cal Thomas Buys Into, Repeats HBO’s ‘Game Change’ Lies”

      • Tonetel

        “Yes, a bold statement indeed, Bristol, but since it was not President Obama who insulted you, don’t you think your letter should have been addressed to the person who did?”

        Why did he inject himself and his children into the conversation in the first place then?

        It speaks volumes about the character of those who are willing to equivocate about this. Either misogyny is unacceptable, or its not. Calling a woman a c*** is not comedy, and attacking her children is not remotely funny. Obviously you, the President and David Axelrod disagree, my Canadian friend.

      • huang

        Her response is appropriately directed to the President of all Americans in response to his defense of speech against liberal women from his base but, silence for the rest of us.
        It has nothing to do with protection of women but, rather his agenda.
        Whether his daughters are able to do well in life is yet unknown but, I pray they live up to every advantage they’ve been given and live well and happy and fulfilling lives.
        I too choose life over abortion as a teenager and I’m glad I did and proud of Ms. Palin for making the best of her situation.
        It isn’t my place to judge anyone else’s choices and I wish the government would get out of it too because I feel their investment is actually population control.

      • Rip Anderson

        Canadian: “it was not President Obama who insulted” Sandra Fluke either.

        But Obama called Sandra Fluke. Why not Bristol Palin?

      • Chris

        RE: Canadian Observer

        “Bristol, . . . since it was not President Obama who insulted you, don’t you think your letter should have been addressed to the person who did?”

        It was not President Obama who insulted Sandra Fluke, either, but he wasted no time calling her to make sure she was okay. Bristol is, as she writes, just asking for a little consistency.

      • Cynthia

        Dear Canadian Observer,

        Obviously, you have just fallen off the turnip truck and didn’t get what Ms Palin was talking about. The point was that Mr. President called Ms. Sandra Fluke and gave her condolences when she was denigrated on air by Mr. Rush Limbaugh. However, he conveniently has ignored any and all denigration of other women (main conservative and/or Republicans) because they are called names by Bill Maher and other of his supporters. And we’re not talking about the 0ver-inflated importance and wickedness of Mr. Limbaugh calling Ms. Fluke a slut. We are talking works like c**t, twat, and other equally repulsive nouns. Then we get to the accusations containing numerous verbs describing other acts effectively making women vessels for the sexual fantasies of the aforesaid Mr. Maher. The double standard is Mr. President obviously thinks it’s not okay for a conservative, but definitely okay for a liberal to denigrate women with words that are past mysoginistic into just plain reprehensible.

      • You missed the entire point of her letter. Well done.

      • Bob&hisjob

        Canadian Observer- are you really so naive or is your sense or irony so ultimately subtle that one can’t discern it? President Obama insulted all the Palins by selectively defending one woman one insult and ignoring his supporters vast number of insults on a vast number of conservative women, especially Bristol Palin. I suspect Obama is privately guilty of like insults towards the Palins himself- birds of a feather type of thing.

        If you think Obama has no control over his PAC, I have some investment opportunities you really need to hear!

      • Chris

        Obama didn’t insult Bristol.

        Nor did he insult Fluke.

        But only one warranted a courtesy call out of concern for his daughters.

        It’s only difficult to understand if you’re in deep, genuflection with blood rushing to your head.

        If it’s too hard, you may want to wrap your head around something a little more apparent to the naked eye:

        This entire episode is ANOTHER Potemkin village of phony outrage.

        • SanDiegoJulygem

          I love the truth, wrapped in your sarcasm! 🙂

          • Kat

            Well said, Chris.

      • Barbara

        Mr. Canadian, the president certainly has control over his SuperPac. If he told them to return the money they would. But he won’t tell them to return it because he likes what Mr. Maher does and says since he can’t (or shouldn’t) do and say them. Yet he personally took offense to Rush. It’s a double standard and not attractive for a President of the formerly most powerful country to do.

        • SanDiegoJulygem

          And that says it all, Barbara…

      • Great Satans Neighbour

        You progressives can’t logic, it’s been bred out of you.
        Fact: Fluke, in the public arena, suddenly gets a call from the stuttering clusterf***k of a miserable failure because she was called a slut for wanting everybody to pay for her sexcapades protection, even the Catholic church. Freedom of Religion. Anybody? Progressives? I can’t hear you.
        Fact: Conservative women, in the public arena, are called far worse, unprintable and Bammi is silent. Oh yeah, he’s selective. He can get anything by progressives because they can’t logic. They can’t even see that he weighed in on it all by himself for his own gain. He disgraces the office.

        • Great Satans Neighbour

          Oh and Mr. Canadian progressive, stop disgracing Canadians.

        • Freedom of Religion does not extend to what our taxes cover. Taxes pay for things that violate peoples moral values, ethics, religious values, etc all day, every day, for hundreds of years.

          It is not, never has been, and never will be, a violation of your rights, the churches or any other type of rights, to have this happen.

          Another words, moral objections are not a violation of anyones rights.

          • rosetta

            Except her testimony was about the government FORCING a religious institution to supply students with something they are morally opposed to, your argument is pure lies.

          • @rosetta Nothing I stated has or can be related to her or what she said…. rather odd twist, but whatever.

            Do you realize you just stated what I did, then called my argument a lie?

            Being “morally opposed” as you said, or as I said “moral objections” – is the same thing, these things have nothing to do with anyones rights… but personal values, which are not protected under the Constitution.


          • emmayche

            @MadMadder, whether you call them “personal values” or “religious beliefs,” they’re the same thing, and they are indeed protected by the 1st Amendment. Yours is a typical liberal tactic – call what you want to attack by a different name, assume that everyone will accept your distinction-without-a-difference, and blithely attach the underpinnings of our country.

            You’re fooling no one.

          • @emmayche Have you actually read the 1st amendment? The values you have from the beliefs you follow, are not protected…. they are yours, keep them to yourself!

            However, it does say, they can not make laws based on religion. That does not mean they can’t make laws that govern a religious org – it is not the religion…. Now, I would support that ideal if they are willing to give up the non-profit tax free corporation status granted to them by laws put in by the Gov.


            The rest of the amendment doesn’t relate to your argument.

          • rosetta

            Actually the first amendment directly says congress cannot make a law inhibiting the free exercise of someone’s religion, and forcing a religious institution to buy things for someone else THAT VIOLATES their core beliefs does do exactly that.

            You said her argument had nothing to do with religious rights, and that is a lie, call it what you want but all you have to do is listen to her speech, and see the videos that she posted to know that is directly untrue.

            So it’s either a lie, or you have no idea what you are talking about, take your pick.

            I don’t mind a good debate, but stop misrepresenting what was said.

            ****Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.****

            GOVERNMENT SHALL NOT PROHIBIT THE FREE EXERCISE OF RELIGION!!! Get it? Forcing a religious institution or a church to support something they are morally opposed to is just that!!!!

          • @rosetta No, that’s not what the first amendment says, at all, not even in some made up world.

            I never said anything about her religious rights.

            So it is impossible that I lied.

            Please take your own advice.

            Let me clear up your Constituional confustion.

            “The establishment clause prohibits the government from passing legislation to establish an official religion or preferring one religion over another.”

            “The free exercise clause prohibits the government, in most instances, from interfering with a person’s practice of their religion.”


            Nice and clear, impossible to confuse…

            Sorry, that last giant block of text isn’t in the Amendment… you seem to do that a lot. Anyway, being so your interpretation is incorrect.

          • tisTrue

            @MacMadder, you do not quote from the Constitution, yet represent yourself to! You do quote from progressive interpretations of The Constitution which denigrate and demean The Constitution. In this simple act you open your specific agenda for all to see, who will. The specific wording, unambiguous in it’s intent, from the First Amendment of The Bill of Rights of The Constitution of The United States of America states EXACTLY:
            “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;…”
            Therefore you are WRONG, which probably upsets you and therefore you will find another reinterpretation of the Amendment to better satisfy what you WISH the Amendment said….as do all progressives, liberals, anarchists, occupiers, etc.

          • rosetta

            Again you LIE. You choose your path, that is not from the constitution? REALLY? First of all I carry one on me how about you?

            Amendment I

            Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


   Stop lying for once in your pathetic little life.

          • @tisTrue I simply quoted the actual legal interpretation from lawyers…. so really you’re saying a bunch of Constitutional lawyers and Congress are wrong. Which is funny.

            “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;…”

            This does not mean no laws will be made… it means no laws will define religion, or prohibit it, or restrict your practice of it.

            Related to the subject at hand, this has not taken place at all.

          • What did I lie about, confused one?

            Correct, you posted the big block of text, which is NOT in the constituion. It’s odd that you say I lie, but then confirm (which you even appoligzie for) what I said at the bottom of your post, but I lie…. Lol, okay.

            Yep, that’s what it says, which is what I said… again, not sure how that’s a lie, but you can keep trying if you like.

            Either way, it doesn’t say “Forcing a religious institution or a church to support something they are morally opposed to is just that!!!!”

            Your understanding of the Constitution is flat out wrong.

        • Kris

          Slander eh? I also remember the targets and bulls-eyes plastered on democratic candidates and politicians in Sarah’s political ads. I don’t think I’ve seen more misinformed, “Yes, I drank the koolaid” comments. The President said that the children should be off limits, period. Totally agree, whether it’s Ms. Fluke, Ms. Palin, Chelsea, or the Obama youngsters.

          We know you Palin fans are a certain breed, but come one, there are very few parallels between an unwed, underage Palin pregnancy at the height of her mom’s run for V.P. and a young woman giving heartfelt testimony on the medical use of hormonal birth control. And actually the dems are the last folks to judge other folks’ sexual lives. That is totally the Repubs purview. We wonder why someone wasn’t charged with Statutory rape in Bristol’s case (but I haven’t kept up with the age of legal consent in Alaska I admit).

          Lastly, if I want to hear Maher’s musings and rants, I have to PAY to see his show. I’m not going to stumble upon him scanning the dial. I imagine it’s pretty uncomfortable to have your kids in the car and have to explain to your little girl exactly what Rush meant by saying those awful things on our public airwaves…

          • cinder

            obviously you don’t have to pay to hear Maher’s comments, because I definitely don’t have HBO and I certainly didn’t go looking for them, but hear them I did. Same with Letterman’s B.S. It all found its way to me even so. So your argument that Fluke’s situation was more public than Palin’s and therefore more deserving of Obama’s concern is pretty much crap. What I really don’t understand is how anyone can think either of these situations is in any way shape or form acceptable!! It shouldn’t be a matter of who’s on the right or who’s on the left, it should be a matter of right and wrong, and I believe that’s what Bristol was saying.

          • tisTrue

            You are going with- “…We know you Palin fans are a certain breed, but come one, there are very few parallels between an unwed, underage Palin pregnancy at the height of her mom’s run for V.P. and a young woman giving heartfelt testimony…”???

            In a single sentence; you insult, demean, accuse an underage child of a candidate and then anoint an adamant activist seeking visibility for her radical cause?

          • Connie

            What a load of drivel. It was DEMOCRATS who first started using targets on congressional maps – that was all over the news. I guess you missed it.

            Ms. Fluke IS NOT A CHILD! She is a 30 year old political activist who inserted herself into this debate, with a circus performance, of her own free will. She deserves what she gets for trying to trample the First Amendment rights of Americans everywhere.

            Your third paragraph seems to say that anyone who would support the Palin’s are inter-bred, uneducated freaks. Very nice – classy like your president.

            The fact is that we don’t judge Bristol either and we only judge Ms. Fluke because she’s not an inexperienced teenager who happened to get herself into trouble. Ms. Fluke is an adult shill for the democrat party who has no respect for our Constitution or our religious freedom. We don’t care about her sex life, but her ‘friend’ who needed the pill for medical reasons was, according to officials at Georgetown U, always covered for such a use. Ms. Fluke used that story to gain your sympathy, not to give you the truth. Either way, the pill is available for less than $10 per month, without the benefit of health insurance. This fight with the Catholic Church is stupid and unnecessary. It was also started by the Obama administration.

            Lastly, Bill Mahar can frequently be found on CNN and ABC in addition to his HBO gig. No one is asking to silence the man (like they/you are trying to do to Rush), we are only looking to stop the hypocrisy that emanates from the left and their media minions.

      • ME

        President Obama didn’t insult Sandra Fluke either, yet felt the need to call her in the midst of a highly charged political debate. Plus, do you really think Bill Maher’s going to respond in a constructive way to Bristol’s sentiments when he’s spent a fair amount of time making excuses for his “approach?”

        I think Bristol’s making the observation that politics is coloring the opinions of people in regard to this sort of vulgar speech, and too many on the left are making excuses for their guys, while condemning those on the right. Limbaugh said some stupid things and was right to apologize. The Palins are still waiting for Maher’s apology.

        Excusing vulgar attacks on the children of politicians because their family is in the public eye is simply excusing vulgar attacks on children. If someone said something like that about the President’s daughters, at whatever age, they’d be way out of line.

        And while the President can’t control Super PAC donations, he can publicly state that he thinks donations from people who engage in such vulgarities should be off limits.

        • Hope

          Yet, during the height of the 2008 campaign when he was basically being called a terrorist by Sarah Palin, he publicly disavowed any attacks against Bristol Palin and declared that she was off limits as a campaign target. Yet, I’ve yet to see Sarah Palin or her daughter take a stand on the many occasions when Michelle Obama has been attacked by the right wing. And this argument is ridiculous considering the fact that neither Sarah Palin or her daughter have said one negative word to or about Rush Limbaugh for his attack against Ms. Fluke, so I’m assuming that they agree with his attack. So, the question is if they find this type of speech so offensive where is their criticism of Rush? Right, it’s nonexistent because this is nothing more than Bristol and her mother trying to score political points. As soon as Bristol and her mother take a stand for the racist and hateful rhetoric spewed by the right wing against Obama they can take their political ploys back to Alaska.

          • Gwen

            Thank you, Hope. Very well said!

          • DebateRight

            Actually, Obama’s ties to Ayers are well-documented, although Obama has tried to cover them up. Palin was simply calling for Obama to own up. Also, your knee-jerk use of the term “racist” when referring to any attack on Obama shows a lack of substance, and is in fact, racist itself.

          • Eric

            Conservatives don’t hold up their own values? Show me a single example of the left showing tolerance to any person or group that do not share their Marxist beliefs! The left preaches tolerance yet shows none. What hypocrisy!!!

          • Bixby

            Exactly right! Although I think Mrs. Palin and her daughter are beyond merely trying to score political points at this point. It’s just a ruse for their pathological need for attention, which is usually wrapped in this exact sort of pathetic self-victimization.

            Generally this is driven by some kind of money-generating enterprise–in this case, Bristol’s upcoming exploitation of her son’s privacy for a reality show. I can’t wait to hear the whining that will ensue when someone criticizes the show or her, thus violating the Palins’ precious, precious privacy.

            Leave them alone, America!!!!

      • Lynne

        “I don’t think the President has any control over who donates to his SuperPAC.”

        – True – but he does have control over keeping or returning the money. In the very least I would think he could make a public statement calling Maher & others out by name condemning their words.
        He won’t though – he obeys his handlers…those with the big deep pockets. He is just the puppet & does not have the Rod of a backbone that Biden speaks of. He has the same morals & beliefs that Maher has.

        • Craig

          No, he does not. By law, the candidates cannot coordinate with the Superpacs. That includes telling them what to do with their OWN money.

          • soggy01

            Are you really that out of touch…if Obama said he thought the PAC should return it…even if he just said, in general, that PACs that support him should not take money from people who make sexiest and degrading comments to young women…the money would be returned. Nobody thinks Obama can draft a check on the PACs account and send it back to Maher. But the President certainly can make it happen…legally.

          • Stan

            um….he can’t send his cabinet members to coordinate donations either, but he has…multiple times…

      • David P. Schwarz

        I declare you a TROLL! Move along, everybody. Nothing to see or respond to here.

      • Claudio

        No, but he sure as shit doesn’t have to keep the $$$$$$

      • Victoria M.

        It wasn’t President Obama who insulted Sandra Fluke either, but he still called her. I believe that was one of the main points Bristol was trying to make. Likewise, Sandra Fluke also presented herself in the public arena….

      • magicbeans

        The president could give the money back, couldn’t he? He has the ultimate control. But the truth is Bill Maher has been making inkind contributions to Obama everytime he makes a filthy mysoginist attack against any woman who gets in Obama’s way. He did it during the primary to Hillary Clinton first and then moved on to Plin and Bchman. And the President accepts this help silently. And he is taking this money publically. He must support this kind of behavior or he would speak out against it as he did with Fluke.

      • Tom

        It wasn’t the president who insulted Ms. Fluke either, yet he felt a need to call her. Fairness seen very differently by this president depending on political leanings. Hmmm…

      • Peterk

        if I follow your line of reasoning the Obama should not have called Sandra Fluke

      • clarity rising

        Canadian, I guess you missed the point entirely. Obama did not insult Fluk, either, yet he took it apon himself to call her and feel sorry for her, yet not for more vilely attacked conservative women. THAT is the thrust of the letter, THAT is why it is addressed to comrade President.

      • Dee Hall

        That million dollars should be and could be returned thats a cop out to say Obama doesn’t haven any control over it. I’m so sick and tired of you lefties and your double standard. You go Bristol you have every right to express your opinion.

      • Harley2002

        How about you Canadians just STFU. Your opinions are meaningless. You already bend over for the Sharia. If not for us your useless country would just fade away. Next time you feel the urge to open your Pie Hole stuff it with that ham you call “Canadian Bacon”. Stay out of our politics. In fact stay out of our country you all drive like idiots.

        • Canadian Observer

          Harley, your kind & gentle remarks warm my heart. The Christian tone of your words make me blush. I’m sure Bristol and all those good folks who follow the teachings of Jesus would approve.

          • Free4Now

            Alinsky Rule # 4, huh, Canada?

            “4. Make the enemy live up to his/her own book of rules. ”

            Doesn’t work any more. We’re on to you.
            The leftists do and say what they want with impunity so don’t come here and spout insincere piety.

          • myj

            LOL…. If I wasn’t a Christian, they sure would have kept me from becoming one… What you said is true, but you are not dealing with the average American and True Christian. That why I love President Obama so much, he show us how a True Christian act and response to those who disagree with him… He take so much attacks from the Palin and never say a word back. He took a stand for Bristol back 2008, and Bristol never thank for rebuking those who were to condemn her…

          • Chris

            Dang. Must’ve missed the part where Harley declared him or herself to be “Christian.”

          • rosetta

            MYJ Obama lives as a true Christian? OMG THAT IS SO UNTRUE!!!

            He and his croonies have done nothing but slander and degrade anyone who claims to disagree, he doesn’t believe in biblical principles at all, and he mocks people who love their faith.

        • Terri

          I don’t agree at all with the opinion of our Canadian Observer neighbor but I do defend his right to his opinion and last I heard, that was at the core of Conservatism. I can only hope you’re a liberal in a very poor disguise. If not, what sets you apart from Bill Maher or any other hate-filled basement blogger for that matter?

      • MsJake

        No, but the President didn’t insult Sandra Fluke either, and yet she got the Presidential phone call.

      • Obama was not the one who called Sandra Fluke a slut, but Obama called Sandra Fluke to cheer her up or whatever, so right there your whole premise falls flat.

      • Why would you say that? Did OBAMA or did he not MAKE THAT CALL?

        Bristol is 100% right on, its up to OBAMA… and he is too scared to call.

        He is an empty suit.

      • The Schaef

        Obama had nothing to do with the Fluke nonsense either, and yet he called and inserted himself into that situation.

        So, quite simply, if the things matter to him that he says matter, should he not call Bristol also?

      • RPaulRitz

        I’ve learned from these sites that most people get a pain in their head when they have to think rational. Because we have become a feel good society, “if it feels good, do it” we have disengaged our ability to think things through and produce a rational product because of the pain it brings. The president has shown his inability to support conservative women in his behavior continually. Calling a liberal after the TV grand comments is very different than a general watered down statement for a conservative women. Here’s how you gather some thoughts on this issue….

        Liberal women’s treatment by the president, (1) Strong defense on TV of just the woman; (2) personal telephone call to the woman (3) let the whole world know his support for the liberal woman, while giving the world the impression of how tender his heart is towards the issue.

        Conservative women treatment by the president, (1) A general statement more focused on his girls or another distraction. He trys to bring all women into the arena of thought during this approach and not address the insult of the conservative woman.

        • Ohiochristian

          In defence of Bristol Palin in 2008 from President Obama

          How a family deals with issues and teenage children, that shouldn’t be the topic of our politics, and I hope that anybody who is supporting me understands that’s off-limits.”
          Bristol Palin, a senior in high school, is about five months pregnant, according to an aide to Sen. John McCain who asked not to be named. Were you married at a young age?The aide said the Palins and the McCain campaign decided to reveal the information now because of rampant Internet rumors that Sarah Palin’s 4-month-old baby, who has Down syndrome, was actually Bristol’s.
          Obama became annoyed when asked about a Reuters news service report that quoted an unnamed senior McCain aide saying that Obama’s name appears in liberal blogs speculating about Trig’s parentage “in a way that certainly juxtaposes themselves against their ‘campaign of change.’ ”
          “I am offended by that statement,” the Illinois senator retorted, not letting the reporter finish his question. “There is no evidence at all that any of this involved us.
          “We don’t go after people’s families; we don’t get them involved in the politics. It’s not appropriate, and it’s not relevant,” he added. “Our people were not involved in any way in this, and they will not be. And if I ever thought that there was somebody in my campaign that was involved in something like that, they’d be fired”

      • Natasha

        You’ve missed the point of her entire letter. She wants to know where her phone call is for all the insults she received — just like the one Fluke got. Obama wasn’t the one who said Fluke was a slut, so why did he call her then?

        But the main point is, Obama feels some Americans are more equal than others.

        • RPaulRitz

          Liberal women’s treatment by the president, (1) Strong defense on TV of just the woman; (2) personal telephone call to the woman (3) let the whole world know his support for the liberal woman, while giving the world the impression of how tender his heart is towards the issue.

          Conservative women treatment by the president, (1) A general statement more focused on his girls or another distraction. He trys to bring all women into the arena of thought during this approach and not address the insult of the conservative woman.

        • B Taylor

          very well stated…

      • rosetta

        She didn’t present herself to the open public, nor have Obama’s daughter. She was a teenager when all this happened and she was dragged in very derogatory ways through the abyss of mud, because she dared to be the child of a politician. The comments that many on the left have said about Trigg makes my skin crawl, I don’t care their politics there is NEVER an excuse to make vile threatening and disgusting comments about a disabled child.

        The double standard is obvious and shows just how low this “president” really is.

        • Franc

          I got a better question….. Why doesn’t $ARAH PALIN return all the money donated to her super PAC by racist who think Obama is a Muslim from Kenya? She’s not doing anything positive with that money anyways, just taking vacations on her big bus!

      • Zeke McGuffey

        Uh … you are totally missing the analogy, how is that possible?

      • Chief568


        Well, since President Obama did not insult Fluke, yet called her anyway to give her support…it would seem the President should give equal time to Sarah and Bristol.

        However, I won’t hold my breath waiting for it to happen.

      • Leslie

        I believe the point of this post is to point out that Limbaugh (an extreme conservative), insulted a woman but the President felt the need to call her and show her support. Bill Maher, who is a HUGE supporter to Obama has repeatedly insulted the Palin Family, particularly Bristol, but there has been no phone call to show her support. You are missing the point of the post if you think she needs to write a letter to Bill Maher.

      • conservativemama

        blah, blah, blah

        He’s the president. He could take a stand for all women. He could be a gentleman. He could rise above all of the ugliness. His choice. Let’s see who he is.

      • Rebecca

        And it wasn’t Obama who made the comment about Sandra Fluke but it WAS the President who called her and made it a point to tell the country that he did so at a press conference. You have no point in what you say. Ms Fluke is a liberal activist who aggressively pursued her cause (as we all have the right to stand up and speak out on something we feel passionately about) and, like it or not, put herself in the public arena. No one forced her to do this. After she had gotten the attention of one of our members of Congress, why did she not ask to retain anonymity with her testimony and put it in writing where Minority Leader Pelosi could have presented it to the Congress with their full attention? Ms Fluke is 30 yrs old and obviously an intelligent young woman (Georgetown Law School doesn’t accept those who are not) and no one believes that she is that naive to think that she would go completely unnoticed while wading into a controversial issue. Bristol was only a teenager when she was made the target of even more disparaging comments and she didn’t say a word. As a 29 yr old woman myself, I know there is quite a bit of maturing that one goes through in their 20s.
        Also, I take quite a bit of offense at the classification of Bill Maher as a “comedian”. A comedian is someone that is funny and entertaining. By granting him that title, you are qualifying the comments he makes as being just that, funny and entertaining, which I find just as disturbing as he is.

      • Butchie

        1. President Obama had nothing to do with the Limbaugh/Fluke thing, but he interjected himself into the middle of that scrap.

        2. He doesn’t have control who donates, but he certainly could return money once donated.

      • Tofu

        “Yes, a bold statement indeed, Bristol, but since it was not President Obama who insulted you, don’t you think your letter should have been addressed to the person who did?”

        You’re not paying attention. Obama apologized for Limbaugh’s behavior, even though he obviously had no control over that, either. That’s the whole point.

      • Kelly Smith

        @CO, You may have missed her point, Pres. Obama did call Ms. Fluke, whom he had not spoken against – to support her when she had been maligned and speak against those who would say such things… While NOT speaking against the language a million dollar donater used against others. Hers was a call for equal treatment.

      • just sayin

        YOu must be a liberal troll. The reason she was asking for a call was because Sandra Fluke got a call from him and he was not the one insulting her. But since it fits your need to vent your vile Liberal BS, we will just assume you cannot see such a simple correlation due to your idiocy or your Liberal bias. Which is it. Foolish statement you just made.

      • Jon

        So a comedian makes fun of a chick who is on Dancing with the Stars, publishes a “life story,” is a regular in People Magazine and writes political opinion pieces on political websites such as this and the President of the United States should monitor this?

        • Everett

          a LIBERAL commentator (lets face it, Bill Mahr makes his money from his political shows, not from his comedy) and major Obama supporter makes many disparaging remarks about the daughter of a conservative politician and writer. The President keep quiet.

          A CONSERVATIVE commentator makes a disparaging remark about a liberal activist who testifies before Congress. The President calls said activist to apologize.

      • JS

        But you’re from Canada?

      • K M Scane

        Barry can let his PAC {that he previously said he would not use} know that he wants the money returned and it surely would be. And,…. yet he does not. All those running this PAC are former W H staffers and I’m reasonably sure Barry’s got their numbers on speed dial. But curiously, no call is yet apparent. To accept this dough is to condone the speech, by not speaking out against it. {Progressives use this ploy so often that it becomes S O P.} She is calling him out and your first sentence just skips right on over This Fact.

      • Oh! I didn’t realize it was Obama who insulted Sandra Fluke, as you infer in your comment. Here I thought it was Rush Limbaugh and Obama was apologizing for HIM. But if that’s true, why shouldn’t Obama apologize for Bill Maher? Oh! That’s right…it’s okay for Bill Maher to make crude and degrading comments because: 1) he’s a comedian (?), and 2) because the Palins were in the “public arena”.

        Sounds like your morals and sense of fairness is in the same “arena” as Obama and the rest of the nasties.

      • steamboat

        Your attempt at the defence of those who attack women because of their political beliefs is beyond pathetic, even if you call him dispicable to make your defense palpable. I suggest you go back to watching Sponge Bob in your Mommy’s basement while the adults talk.

      • Millie

        Oh, please! Of course he has control over the money has pac accepts!

      • JAL

        He didn’t call Sandra Fluke any names either, but it appears that, since she was testifying on behalf of something Obama supports, she got presidential support. Liberals are calling for the head of Limbaugh for what he said. Obama called Fluke for what LIMBAUGH said and has publicly criticized him for saying it. He’s completely silent on what has been said about conservative women. Liberals believe in”freedom of speech” provided they say what they think they should be allowed to say.
        Bristol Palin is only in the public lime light because her mom ran for public office. She doesn’t deserve those kind of comments. And what about a little boy with Down’s Syndrome? What did HE do wrong?

      • Paul L Separk

        To Canadian Observer: You show your biased views so bad. First, Bristol should address this to President Obama since he stepped into the Sandra Fluke issue. Second, he stepped in it only for Political purposes to hype is base and the women vote. Third, Sandra Fluke put herself in the public areana to be used by Nancy Pelosi. Later, it was found out that she was thirty something and a political activist and not a active student.
        Fourth, you say Maher may have been exercising his free speech but you will deny that Rush has that same free speech right. Just for the record, Rush did not call her a slut. He ask a question to his audience about whether her actions of sleeping around with everyone would be considered a slut.
        Fifth, entertainers on the left have used the C–t word concerning Sarah Palin. Maher, made fun of Trig for having Down’s syndrome. Further, he insulted Bristol because he said she had been f–k-d so hard a baby fell out. Sixth, liberal women groups only exist for liberal women. They never defend women as a whole. What a pity.

        I think Bristol addressed her letter to the right person. He could atleast ask the Super Pac to send the money back if he truly was thinking of his daughters but he will not because he quite frankly is playing politics to his liberal base and Bristol Palin has called him out as she should have. You know what, Bristol knows what all of the Republicans know and that President Obama is only President for half of America. Thanks Bristol for your letter.

      • lynn

        R U Kidding or just pretending to be???? Why would any GOOD President accept money from such a moron!! He is lacking in any morals and for him to talk that way about ANY female is disgusting and he should not be allowed to keep his job!! I don’t care what your feelings are about the Palins but how could anyone defend or take any money from this so called man?????

        • steve mcgirk

          This “so-called-man” has enough sense to call the Republican party out for its antics on national TV. What have YOU done to change things? He tells it like it is in plain english, no matter how vulgar. If you don’t want him talking poorly about your party, make sure they don’t do the things that deserve comments like that. Simple.

      • Tim Donlon

        Wow. It seems like “Canadian observer’ just doesn’t get it.
        Obama called Fluck about a comment made by someone other than himself.

        Should he not also call Bristol about a comment made by someone else other than himself and did not Rush also exercise his right to free speach??

        I don’t understand you reasoning.

      • NAS

        Bristol Palin never said it was the President who insulted her. What she is saying is that if he believes it appropriate to speak out when someone on the right insults a woman, then it is just as appropriate for the President to speak out when someone on the left also insults a woman.

        Ms. Fluke was insulted by a conservative personality and the President felt compelled to come to her defense. Ms. Palin, and other conservative women have been insulted by liberal personalities and the President does not feel compelled to do likewise. That is her point and she is spot on with her assertion.

        As for the President having no control over who donates to his Super Pac, that is correct. However, if the President of the United States indicated he believed such a donation was inappropriate and he is not comfortable with it being made in his name, that donation would be returned in a heartbeat.

        • steve mcgirk

          Right… then let Mr. Romney and Mr. Santorum do the same for the billions they have received as well. Oh wait, that’s different, right?… C’mon.

      • steve mcgirk

        I love all the ignorant republicans saying “a ‘good president’ wouldn’t accept money from people like Bill Maher”. Oh excuse ME but have you looked lately at who is funding YOUR candidates?! And how much MORE money they have than the democrats? You people can bury your heads in the sand all you want and pretend that Democrats are the ones responsible for screwing things up, but the FACTS are that they are the ones fixing the mess left by YOU and your last beloved president. Your party has refused bi-partisan tactics from day one and the bottom line is, former republicans like myself who actually staty up-to-date on the ACTUAL facts can’t stand by and support a party that serves its own best interests over the interests of the entire country. It’s despicable at best. Shame on all of you for your arrogance and ignorance. Grow up.

        • myj

          I wish there was a agree and disagree button… I Agree… or fan LOL

      • Mark Ottwell

        Canadian Observer,
        Your posting doesn’t make logical sense.. Barak Obama called Sandra Fluke because he felt she was unjustly insulted. Why would Ms. Palin be out of line for wondering why no conservative women/herself, who have been subjected to vicious and prolonged personal attacks, has not received a similar call from the President? Was his call about being supportive of women, or just Ms. Fluke?

        Secondly, you point out that going into the public eye to openly state what you believe you will subject yourself to scrutiny and attack. That is true, so should Sandra Fluke be excused from that rule? Ms. Fluke is women’s rights activist and her name is well known. She cannot be construed to be a “private” citizen if you knew of her activities, organzition memberships and public speeches.

        It could be easily argued that Bristol Palin was, at the time of her mother’s vice-presidential campaign, a private citizen. Unless, you want to believe that President Obama’s daughters and their sexual beliefs and habits should be open to public attack and questioning.

        In the end, Canadian Observer, it is okay not the like Republicans, conservatives, the Palins or Rush Limbaugh, just do let it affect your logical thinking. What is socially moral, ethical or right is that way for everyone, not just liberals.

      • Karen Naylor

        In response to Canadian Observer, Barack Obama wasn’t the one who said those things about Sandra Fluke, either, yet he personally called her. Why the double standard? Oh, and I think that the president has the power and authority to refuse any money.

      • Marilii

        It wasn’t Obama who insulted Fluke, either, but he took it upon himself to get himself involved by calling her anyways to let her know he was in her corner.

        It’s only fair he do the same thing for Bristol Palin.

        Sauce for the goose and all that stuff.

      • doc

        So by your own logic, what you’re saying here is that because Obama called Fluke, he, Obama, not Rush, was the one who “insulted” Fluke, but because he didn’t insult Palin she shouldn’t expect a call, right? Pick one way or the other, because you can not have it both ways. You are beyond ridiculous. Did you even think about what you where saying before you hit post? Seems you and he both need to take ownership of your stupidity. And the fact that he called Fluke, and together they made the call a publicity stunt is all the proof you should need “that he is actually encouraging this type of behavior against Republicans…”

        On a side note, you think maybe Cee Lo dedicated his F U song at the Obama fundraiser to Obama’s daughters? Yeah, the double standards just keep getting piled on. Think about it carefully, hopefully the sick irony of it all will hit you.

      • Tammie Sue

        Yes she addressed it to the RIGHT person because Rush Limbaugh didn’t insult his family yet he called Sarah. He called to say it was wrong. So if it is wrong for her, it should be wrong for Bill. It’s classic case of “its fine to bash republicans but not liberals” Good for you Bristol! It is about time more people hold this President accountable to ALL. And no one can control who donates…but you CAN control what you accept!

      • Cyraneau

        It is true that Barack Obama cannot control who donates but he can control whether those funds are kept and being the moral conscience (his own appointment) of the country, he could make a statement, taking a position on the issue.

      • Light Onlibs

        Bristol’s brave point was that Obama, and other liberals, only come to the defense of certain women, with a certain political point of view.

        Obama chose to make a Presidential phone call to Fluke, but not to Bristol Palin.

        As another poster said, he was elected as the President of the United States, not the President of United Liberals.

      • Mary Anne

        Canadian Observer: If you are unaware, Rush Limbaugh made the remark about Sandra Fluke but our esteemed president felt the need to reply to that remark that he didn’t make. So, I agree, that if he is going to defend one women, he absolutely should speak out and defend ALL women, Republicans and Liberals! So, if Sandra Fluke decided to put herself in the public arena, then she should be about to get ridiculed as well, if I am understanding you correctly. It shouldn’t just be the Palins! AND, I’m sure the president could return the money…he just needs it!

      • john

        Canadian, EH ? Apparently you cannot read, the Kings language, or cannot understand it. He called someone to sooth their feelings from someone comments.

      • Canadian Observer:

        You are missing the point. Obama telephoned Sandra Fluke to express his sympathy for her having been insulted by Rush Limbaugh. Bristol Palin is pointing out Obama’s extreme hypocrisy in standing up for liberal women who are insulted while saying nothing when conservative women are routinely insulted by his supporters – with even more vile language than was used against Fluke.

        Palin admits in her statement that the PAC will not refund Maher’s money but, again, that is not the point.

        As far as your comment about being a public person, did not Fluke make herself a public person? Are you saying that it is permissible to say reprehensible things about women who happen to be public figures? If so, then I can let loose with some pretty vile comments about Obama’s angry racist wife and his sham marriage to hide his bisexual proclivities.

      • KennesawJack

        You are a blithering idiot. Obamarx didn’t insult Fluke either, but he called her. Your premise is absurd in the extreme.

      • Sandra Fluke did not address herself to the President either and it was Rush Limbaugh that called Sandra a slut. But it was the President who called Sandra to tell her that he supported her and stood up for her. He has control over what money comes in for his campaigne. He is not obligated to accept money and should not accept money from Bill Maher, when he condemned Rush for using the same kind of language against another woman. As President, he needs to set standards. He has set his…it is wrong to call a liberal woman a slut, but not a Republican.

      • Kurt Moehler

        So by that same reasoning, Obama could be called a lying half breed since he is in the public eye? Makes zero sense.

      • Jim Smith

        He does however have control over who’s money he keeps. I am sure if he got a donation from Syria President Bashar al-Assad he would return the money immediately. At least I hope he would.

      • Bill

        Stay in Canada …we have enough liberal idiots here

      • dana

        obama is bold enough to comment when rush makes comments how about when his supporters insult women reguardless of political party…Obamas problem is he is mad with power…wants to control everything and thinks he can say what he or his representatives want without repercussion..well he may get away with that chicken shit now but his day will come…i believe its in november…however should he happen to win his day will come when he meets the lord….i can only imagine what he would do if anyone talked about his family that way

      • Bella

        Are you stupid? The President put himself in the middle of Rush and Sandra, why not in the middle of Mahr and Bristol.
        And yes the President does. He is supposedly the most powerful man on the planet. Is he too weak to return a donation?
        Oh, and Sandra presented herself into the public arena, so why is she not fair game.
        You, Observer, need to rethink this, or look really stupid.

      • Ted Mecker

        Canadian Observer. Her comments were very appropriately directed to the President. He was the one who siad he called the other woman, and he was the one who siad it was unfair to treat her this way. Where is his concern for ALL women? Very Well stated, and correctly directed. Methinks thuo doth speaketh out of turn. Try Canadian Politics.

      • Morgan

        your not up on what s happening Im afraid..You see we have a radio talkshow comedian tha made a comment about a woman and our President called the woman.. Bristol was called names by Bill Maher and she just wants teh commom courtesy extended to her. Im glad I could enlighten you.

      • No, she addressed this to the right individual.
        It was Obama, after all, who called Fluke after someone else ‘insulted’ her, so why should he not call here? Sadly, most on the left don’t understand just how bitter and meanspirited, and vulgar, they can be. Maher himself explained that it was alright for him to call Palin a C**t, for she had called others “unAmerican” and terrorists”…? and that shows the typical mindest of the bunch. It’s perfectly okay to talk about BushHitler, openly talk about killing him and others on the right, and hang Sarah Palin in effegy, but refer to them in a darogatory manner and they raise heck. Just look at the term ‘teabagger’ which they constantly spew toward anybody on the right. The left is an ugly bunch who can dish it out, but can rarely take it when it rarely comes back at them.
        No, she addressed this to the right person.

      • Vicki

        Just to point out…it wasn’t Obama that insulted Fluke either and yet he called her to apologize.

      • Joe Curry

        He has time to call liberals who have been maligned and I believe that he does have control over whose money he accepts.

      • wiserbud

        >>>Yes, a bold statement indeed, Bristol, but since it was not President Obama who insulted you, don’t you think your letter should have been addressed to the person who did?

        I’m sorry, was it Obama who called Sandra Fluke a slut?

      • G

        I don’t think you read the article or you would have realized she was well aware Obama didn’t make the comment but he did call Sandra to apologize for the way she was treated by Rush.
        Perhaps you should go back and read it again.

      • Dave Heckman

        Why don’t you Canadians butt out and mind your own damn business !!!

      • Patient reader

        Dear Canadian Observer-

        The president did not call Ms. Fluke a slut either but he felt the need to call her and apologize for this awful person (A republican) making such a comment so offensive to women. Yet he accepts a million dollars from Mr. Maher (A liberal) with no comment about the poor statements he has made. It wasnt really about the phone call. It was get off the fence and stand behind your statement. You can not comment on some ones race or religion in this country but it is still ok to to degrade women publicly.

      • mry

        I think you missed the point. Obama personally called Sandra Fluke when Rush Limbaugh called her a dirty name to tell her how proud he was of her needing someone else to pay for her ridiculously expensive BC, which she specifically needed for sex in law school. BUT when the tables were turned and it was a teenage girl who chose life being called dirty names, that was ok and not worth a personal phone call from Obama telling her how courageous she was.

      • cat

        dear canadian observer, you were not very observant in reading what bristol was talking about. she was referring to obama’s decission to make personal contact and apologies to one woman who was verbally attacked for standing up for her opinion yet he was lacking extending her personal contact for the same thing when verbally attacked for standing up for her opinion. he is lacking in consistancy. bill mahr and rush limbaugh are both lacking in class but that is besides the point. they will continue to make attacks as they see fit no matter if the victim is a public personia or not. if obama can feel so compailed to pick up a phone to call sarah and commend her on standing on her principles then he can do the same with bristol for standing on hers.

      • venicementor

        Canadian server with a Canadian State of mind, you need to understand that President Obama contacted the “young woman” who was so, insulted to apologize/support, what ever.

        Your condescending comment to Ms. Palin does not get a pass – hypocrisy, I am sure is probably your best quality…so please spare us.

      • Dee

        Obama apologized to Fluke for what Maher said — why not to Bristol??????? What Maher SAYS all the time is so wrong it’s pathetic!

      • Kathy

        She is talking about the apology that our president made to a college student by Rush and comparing it to the fact he does nothing when his largest contributor calls other women much worse.

      • Sam

        It wasn’t Obama who insulted Fluke either, so why do you think Bristol is wrong. Oh yes, she is a conservitave. I have to remember, the rules only run one way for liberals.

      • Bret

        Bristol didn’t give testimony in front of a government panel complaining that she had to pay for birth control and expected someone else to pay for it.

        Sandra is just as much a ‘public’ figure as Bristol is and certainly Trig is not a public figure, what did he do that made it acceptable to be attacked by Maher?

        obama is a snake, he doesn’t care what people think about Fluke, he is just trying to use her for his gain, he doesn’t care what a liberal democrat says about a kid with downs syndrome as long as he gets what he wants which is money, guess that makes obama a prostitute.

      • Rick

        It is people like you, intellectually bankrupt, that could only explain it in that way.

      • Gina

        WOW! You are a very confused Canadian. Keep your opinion there please, thank you!

      • Merrill Bryant

        He certainly can refuse the monies Bill Mahr sent to him, and he most definitely should have done so. It has usually been the practice of media to protect the innocent when reporting, but they have no conscience or morals anymore.

      • Stephanie

        Obama didn’t insult the other girl either, but he apologized to her. He’s more responsible for what’s been said against Bristol since it was said in his name…whether he chose the words or not, he didn’t deny them. He had nothing to do with Sandra Fluke at all…but he got involved.

        Obama’s all about fairness as long as it’s fairness for liberals. Conservatives are on their own…he’s never been a president of all of us…he left half of us out from the beginning.

      • Kelly

        You’ve missed the point…Obama called Sandra Fluke to apologize for Rush Limbaughs remark…He NEVER did the same thing for Bristol when Mahr made his remarks….I think you need to re-read the first paragraph where it clearly explains this.

      • ewm2

        You’re missing the point. President Obama called Sandra Fluke, a liberal, was insulted by Rush Limbaugh, a conservative. Bristol is wondering why she, a conservative, doesn’t get the same call after being insulted by Bill Maher, a liberal. Addressing the president is both proper and fitting since he decided to inject himself into the debate by calling Ms. Fluke. Not calling Bristol Palin suggests, just as she points out, that the president is only willing to defend the liberal women and not the conservative women of this country.

      • clifford deal

        Yes, the Prez has the ability to control super pacs from his side. it’s called management, and he should have booted them out already.
        Go get ’em, girl..

      • Ronald

        Dear Canadian Observer. Please note that it wasn’t Obama who insulted Ms. Fluke, either, yet Obama called her to apologize for Mr. Limbaugh’s comment. The situation to which Ms. Palin is a perfect parallel. I think you are incorrect in your comments to Ms. Palin. I suggest you think through your reply thoroughly before you display your obviously biased opinion.

      • Rich

        And it wasn’t the president who made the comments obout the Fluke woman but he called her anyway. Oh wait it was a conservative radio person. That’s so different…Not

      • Kamelia

        In the case that Bristol is talking about, President Obama defended a woman who Rush Limbaugh had made some distasteful comment about.

        I think what Bristol is saying is Bill Maher did the same thing to her, and President Obama did not step out in respect of her position and defend her choices/mistakes or personal/political grounds.

        No, President Obama did not make the offensive statements, but if he is going to step out and personally apologize for one he should for the other. The situations are exactly the same.


      • laaryd

        He sure as hell does have control. It was a despicable move by a low despicable man.

      • @Pete…Obama did not insult Sandra Fluke either yet felt compelled to call her about what 1 broadcaster said about her. She presented herself in the public arena as well. I am REALLY tired of the double standard that I am seeing so much of…None of the women deserved the comments made about them but to select 1 (Sandra Fluke) and celebrate her with a phone call from the president seems absurd. As Bristol so eloquently suggested, let’s make all comments denigrating women off limits. Imagine the uproar if this had been a race issue…

      • Danny

        Obama wasn’t the one who insulted Fluke, yet he called her anyhow, which is Bristol’s point. She is totally consistent here. Obama ought to call her and he ought to condemn Maher’s remarks since Maher is such a large donor to Obama’s campaign.

      • former democrap

        Nor was it Obama who insulted Ms. Fluke. He still found time to apologize. I guess if you are a woman and don’t agree with Obama it’s OK to be called vile names.
        Maybe it’s time to bring Michelle, Malia and Sasha into the fray.

      • Marde Sherea

        Mr Obama did not “insult” Ms. Fluke, either- yet he called her to be sure the evil words spoken did not damage her 30 yr. old activist “student” sensibilities. Perhaps you might read the post, not just the replies, before you spout off.

      • J.Hall

        HE certainly has dozens of times….. but I guess since YOU were not injured personally, YOU should not be making comments

      • DALE


      • monica mimier

        Canadian Observer,did you ‘observe’the fact that Obama is not the one who insulted Fluke,either,but she received a phone call,never-the- less?

      • JB

        Canadian Observer: It wasn’t President Obama who insulted Sandra Fluke either, yet he called her. Plus trying to talk to Bill Maher is like talking to the wall. You won’t get anywhere. He will just have more lude things to say, so what’s the point. He will have to answer to his Maker eventually.

        I do agree with you on Maher exercising his right to free speech and that he is a dispicable person. Also, I agree that the President doesn’t have control over who donates, but he doesn’t have contol to accept the money or not on grounds of trying to set a good example for higher moral principles.

        If Obama had any backbone and morals, he would either give the money back. Or better yet he could give the money to a charity like ARC or March of Dimes or something along those lines. But we all know that would never happen!

      • Concerned

        I do believe that Sandra Fluke inserted herself into the public arena…. just saying…

      • Leslie D. Martin

        “…since it was not President Obama who insulted you, don’t you think your letter should have been addressed to the person who did?”

        Since it was not Barry 0 who “insulted” a woman who was a self-admited slut, shouldn’t Barry 0 have called Rush? The point that you deliberately chose to ignore is that Barry 0 will rush to “support” women who are rightly called on their behavior while ignoring those who are deliberately insulted and belittled. Are you really that stupid, or do you just like to act like you are?

        “…when you present yourself in the public arena you become a target…” Then Fluke was a fair target. So why was she given special consideration by Barry 0?

        “I don’t think the President has any control over who donates to his SuperPAC.”

        Wrong. It’s called returning the money. Lib’s love to demand that conservatives do it but just can’t seem to give the money back when it’s in their pocket.

      • Doug

        Canadian, your statement illogical. If the president is going to stand up to one bully to protect a woman, then he should stand up to them all. His pandering to his liberal base is as disgusting as the insults slung by Maher and Limbaugh.

      • Craig

        It wasnt obama that insulted Fluke either, but he called her, but Like obama asked I will judge him by his friends, including those that make million dollar donations, that obama could tell the pac to give back, but wont. He is the president of double standards.

      • Sandi

        Nobody insult Sandra Fluke yet he called her to say how brave he thought she was for being a women that wanted me to pay for her birth control pills! Bristol isn’t asking anyone to pay for anything for herself or her son!

        I don’t want to pay for anyone’s birth control pills and/or abortions! Let them go to the free Health Clinics, etc… to recieve them – they ARE available there right now and not costing Sandra Fluke a penny or me!!

      • Phd

        Obama wasn’t the person who insulted Fluke, either. He took up the mantle of the protector of the insulted. Shouldn’t he step up to protect a person insulted by a major contributor to his campaign?

      • Sarah

        Canadian Observer, to be fair, it was Sarah Palin who put her family into the spotlight. . .Bristol and everyone else were just kind of along for the ride.

      • SadPatriot

        Canadian Observer, it seems you were so quick to find fault with Bristol that you completely missed the point. See, President Obama didn’t call Sandra Fluke a slut, either, did he? Yet he felt the need to phone her and offer a generic apology. That’s all Bristol is asking for here, and HER point is that if he’s going to call for civility toward one person – who incidentally put herself into the public eye on purpose, whereas Bristol had no choice about being Sara Palin’s daughter – he should be extending it toward all who have been similarly insulted. I don’t know, maybe you didn’t really read her blog, but only saw what you wanted to see. How silly. I know a lot of Canadians, and none of them are THAT blind. Gotta wonder if you have some kind of agenda, or just don’t know how to read very well.

      • micki

        I have to agree-go attack Bill Maher..your anger is misguided.

      • Elizabeth On LI

        BHO called Fluke to apologize and he wasn’t the one who denigrated her. Ms. Fluke, also, presented herself in the public arena. I don’t see any difference between the two situations, whatsoever. Except, that one is a liberal woman, the other is the daughter of a conservative Republican.

      • As always – liberals don’t think; they emote.

      • Lesra

        You missed the point dude.

      • Lydia Fowler

        @ Canadian Observer, we will be glad to give Obummer to you. He will be looking for a new home in November. I am sure you will accept him with open arms even if he is not an US citizen. Once you take him don’t try to give him back to us, we don’t want him!!

      • Joni

        Bristol is not asking or blaming the president anything other than to treat each woman equal. You can’t get all up in arms about Rush calling a woman a slut and yet turn a blind eye to what Mahr has been doing to conservative women for years. Just as Ms. Fluke presented herself to the public she then is also target for these folks you seem to be defending. Works both way. Yeah Bristol amazing piece! I’ve shared with everyone. All of God’s love, mercy and grace to you and your entire family. Thank you for being a light in a very dark world.

      • Steve

        Canadian Observer: Are you kidding me? Then the same could be said for the woman called a slut by Limbaugh who “presented herself in public” as you state, would be fair game to the “free speech” you talk of? I love how Liberals (all but dead political party in Canada) define free speech “Anything they agree with”.

        Your comment and logic are moronic. Please stick to CBC and leave the unbiased news to the adults.

      • KDCH

        I thought this was a great post by Ms. Palin & very appropriate. President Obama called Ms. Fluke even though he wasn’t the one who insulted her, and he has no connections with the person who DID insult her. I would think that, if he felt that strongly about calling Ms. Fluke, he would feel an even stronger need to call Ms. Palin, in order to be an example by supporting her against one of his own financial backers.

      • Caroll B

        You’ve missed the point, Canadian Observer. You’re right, President Obama didn’t make those comments himself. But he also didn’t call Sandra Fluke a slut, yet he took the opportunity to use that situation to his advantage by calling her and making it very public. Why won’t he call Bristol and tell her the same thing he told Ms. Fluke? Why won’t he stand up and be a man? Tell the world that it is unacceptable to speak disrespectfully of ANY woman, regardless of her political or social status? Seems like a pretty simple thing to do under the circumstances.

      • Ron Boto

        Sure he has control over who contributes to his Super PAC. If it’s objectionable, then just send the money back. Show everybody you can’t be bought or your name denigrated. It’s that easy.

      • Debi Page

        He may not have said it but a major contributor of his said it, and he does not speak out against him..he condones it..

      • Bear Thompson

        I’m sure the breeze did not even disturb you hair in the least as it passed very far over your head!Obama made the statment about Limbaugh to show his daughters his humanitarian side,and his appreciation of women,but will not stand for equality in all women!He is two faced,and a liar!People with no concept of other intelligent live outside your little world is responsible for the slow distruction of our Glorious Nation!Please,Please,get a clue before it is too late!

      • Brenda Hugo

        Pete, you made a very compelling response to Bristol, but in doing so, you validated her issue. You state that it wasn’t President Obama who insulted. Well, it wasn’t President Obama who insulted Sandra Fluke, but he still called her didn’t he? He felt the comments made by Rush Limbaugh were uncalled for and called her to apologize to her. Then why not do the same thing when comments were made by another political commentator, Bill Maher? He may want to pass himself off as a “comedian”, but that dog won’t hunt. Sandra Fluke presented herself in the “public arena” when she appeared before Congress. Just seeing a double standard here is the point I am trying to make. I didn’t appreciate the comments made by Limbaugh, but I sure don’t need MY president getting involved with deciding who is going to be insulted and who isn’t.

      • Kevin Johnson

        Canadian Observer, you don’t seem to have been paying attention to what has been going on so let me set you straight on a couple things, first off, it was not Obama that insulted Ms. Fluke either but still Obama felt it his duty as a father, as well as president to give her a call, he did not however feel compelled to call Bristol even though the comments about her were more numerous and much worse in nature and were made by a major contributer to his campain. I’d also like to point out that Ms. Fluke also presented herself to the public, so using your logic she should have expected such comments and should not be offended by what Rush said but should have accepted such comment. As for your thinking that maybe Obama has no control over who donates to his campain, he certainly has the authority to except a donation or not, Obama seems to do just about anything he wants even if it means ignoring a fedral judges rulling or going against the constitution of the United States. If he was genuinely concerned about such comments, he could still return the million bucks, I suspect Obama would do just about anything for a million bucks to help him get reelected. One last thought,let us Americans worry about our own affairs, you worry about what goes on in Canada.

        • S S

          Bravo!!! well said!!

      • James Felix

        “…since it was not President Obama who insulted you, don’t you think your letter should have been addressed to the person who did?”

        No, because at the moment the issue isn’t the insult itself, it’s the reprehensible (and transparent) double-standard that the President is employing.

        “….sad fact is when you present yourself in the public arena you become a target for these folks”

        Now here’s a funny thing about that: Bristol Palin never presented herself as a public figure, it was her mother who governed Alaska and ran for Vice President. By contrast Ms. Fluke is a full grown adult and seasoned political activist who very much did make herself a public figure by agreeing to star in that little bit of performance art and pretending to speak before Congress.

        So by either of the standards you offer Bristol was wronged more severely and by parties closer to the President than Fluke was by Limbaugh. But Obama won’t be calling any of the Palins because Bristol’s basic point is correct: Obama only considers himself to be President of the people who support him. The rest of us are enemies to be fought by all means fair or foul.

      • Ruthie3

        Canadian Observer…it wasn’t President Obama that insulted S. Fluke, but yet he saw a political moment and he called her! Your reasoning/logic (?) would mean that Rush would’ve called Fluke, ergo Mahr should call Bristol. Do you Canadians reason differently or is it a liberal thing?

      • Canadian observer, President Obama didn’t insult Miss Fluke either. Yet, he called her because Limbaugh called her a slut. Bristol Palin’s point, which you do not seem to get, is that Mr. Maher made far more grievous insults toward Bristol Palin, her mother and her family. If President Obama is the president of us all, should he not also be moved to action by Mr. Maher’s behavior?

        • Dena

          Bristol’s point has been explained over and over and over again on this page. If the libs don’t get it by now they never will. When will we learn that you cannot and never will be able to reason with them. They listen to what is fed them and just repeat it over and over without an original thought of their own.

      • Elizabeth Mullins

        The President didn’t insult Sandra Fluke either, but he called her.

      • Janet Fabiano

        You have completely missed the whole point of Bristol’s dialog. Intentionally so?

      • Ben

        Fluke put herself in the public eye, too. But somehow, I guess since she’s liberal, we weren’t supposed to act like it.

      • Barbara Mardock

        I’m not sure you understood what was going on here, so I’ll explain it to you. someone called in on a radio show, and the host called the caller something bad, and the president called the caller. So, the president should call anyone who gets called something bad by a comedian or radio host or what ever …. Get it now. It isn’t about BM … Really, you canadians should learn to keep up.

      • Nancycap

        With complacent friends like you, who needs enemies?

      • Barb

        He didn’t make the statement to the woman who wanted 15 min of fame either. Get rid of this man now.

      • Did you even read the first part of this letter? And, yes, Mr. Obama could return the money. He is, after all, the man in charge. Right?

      • Robert Morgan

        Oh Geez, Canadian Observer. Way to miss the point of the entire post. You know…the cell phone picture at the top of this post.

      • Patriot1970

        Wait, you obviously didn’t get the gist of what she was saying. Her point is Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a ‘slut,’ and President Obama called her personally to tell her he stood behind her and made a public statement regarding the issue. Yet when Bill Maher made his disgusting remarks about Bristol Palin, the President was silent, and still has been, no phone call, no public statement condemning Maher’s remarks. So basically, either Obama should be consistent and call Bristol, too, or stay silent and not get involved in Sandra Fluke’s issue with Rush Limbaugh.

      • Kelly

        It wasn’t Obama that insulted Fluk either but Obama made the call. And Fluk put herself in the public light when she agreed to the public show Nancy and company put on. And she’s 30 years old, hardly a teenager.

      • montanaconserv

        Try reading the open letter again. She never said the President insulted her.. She is saying that if the President feels the need to call Fluke for remarks made about her from a Conservative Talk Show Host, then why hasn’t he called Bristol over remarks made about her from a Liberal Talk Show host… She’s asking for consistency… And if he asked the SuperPac to return the money, they would.

      • Kevin Johnson

        Canadian Observer, You don’t seem to have been paying attention, let me set you straight on a couple of things, first, it was not Obama that insulted Ms. Fluke either, yet Obama felt it his duty as a father as well as president to give her a call, however he did not feel the same compulsion to call Bristol even though the comments about her were worse, more numerous and made by a major contributer to his campain. I’d also like to point out that Ms. Fluke also presented herself to the public arena, so using your logic she not only should have expected such comments but accepted them as part of her public envolvement, knowing she was making herself a target. As for your idea that Obama has no control over who donates to his campain, that is nonsense, he has no problem any other time doing whatever he desires, even if it means ignoring the ruling of a federal judge or even the constitution of the United States if it gets in his way, he certainly could refuse to accept the million dollars from Bill Maher or could still give it back if he is truly offended by such talk. I suspect Obama would do just about anything for 1 million dollars to help him get re-elected. One last thought, let us Americans worry about our own affairs, you worry about what goes on in Canada!

      • Norman R

        Did you even read the letter? She makes it pretty clear why the letter is addressed to the President.

        And, when you agree to appear before a charade Congressional hearing (because it wasn’t an actual Congressional hearing) with the cameras rolling, doesn’t that make you a participant in the public arena?

        Please, man, use some sense.

      • S S

        Canadian observer…you need to read what you wrote again and may be, just maybe you can identify the “double standard.”

      • Kathy

        Dear Canadian Observer – While part of your statment is true, Bristol’s comment points out that the President called Sandra Fluke based on what Rush Limbaugh said and why? He didn’t say it? So if he’s going to respond to that, why is he not apologizing for what Bill Mahr said about her and her family? Why is he only apologizing to liberals for what conservatives say? Is he afraid if he does the right thing and apologizes to a conservative for what a liberal says that Bill Mahr will take back his over the top contribution? Her point being – he should stand up for all women not based on their party affiliation, but because it’s the right thing to do.

      • Jim

        It wasn’t the president that insulted the other girl either, but it was the president who called her publicly to defend her against Rush’s insulting remarks to her. CONSISTENCY!

      • Jeff RIley

        I think you missed her point, why did the POTUS call Sandra Fluke? Why does he say one thing and do another like call for civility when it is an attack against a Democrat and play golf while the Republicans are under attack by the Unions? Oh, I think I answered my own question. Like she said, we need a President for all Americans not just the Super Pac, the Unions and his lemmings! Wake up, he IS the worst of the worst we have ever had! Oh he speaks eloquently, but so do used car salesmen. The difference between a used car salesman and Candidate Obama? Like Sarah Palin, the salesman is far more qualified for the job. But his mentor Sal Alinsky is laughing wherever he may be.

      • Kathy

        You didnt pay attention to what she said. She said that Maher could talk because he is a fan of OBAMA. But that when someone who was NOT a fan of OBAMA or his beliefs spoke out in the same manner, it was not ok .. Seemed pretty simple and well thought out to me. Thats politics I guess, and ignorance…..

      • Eric

        Bristol’s article was directed to the right person. Obama and the Democrats are hypocrits, and they use any means necessary to ruthlessly attack those who do not share their marxists beliefs. You are correct one on point…Obama does not have control over donors, but he does have control over sending donations back once received.

      • Mr. Canadian Observer:

        I think you miss the whole point of what Bristol is saying. She is appealing to him as the father he is FIRST, and then to the office he holds. You may not realize this, but in this country we view our President a little differently than you do your Prime Minister; our President is, in many ways, our standard-bearer (for better or worse), our linchpin, etc. And, yes, a symbol of the country’s morality as well (again, for better or worse). So it was in those veins that Bristol is writing (if I may presume to try to speak for her in this instance). So we think her letter is entirely justified, well-thought out, and consistent with what we expect and ask of our Presidents.

        And Barack Obama’s lack of any meaningful response is just one of the many reasons we’re going to have a new President in several months.

        Bristol, I’m very proud of you as a fellow American, and I want you to know that I gave your post to my sisters (one older, and two younger) … and I told them that “this is the type of person I want them to strive to be; someone who is strong, and understands her flaws without giving in to them.”

        Thank you .. I admire you and your family very much!

      • CKos

        Bristol did not accuse the president of insulting her. As a young woman, she is asking for the same outrage afforded to Ms. Fluke in response to insults from others. The liberals and their media have very selective sensitivities.

      • Jim

        But that is not her point. Her point is that Obama called Sandra Fluke after Rush Limbaugh’s comment. Why can’t he call Bristol Palin after Maher’s many. They are identical situations. But Obama has not been consistent in his response. The fact that his phone call to Fluke was so widely publicized seems to indicate that he either, A. only cares about liberals, or B. is thinking politically and not with his principles.

      • Linda O.

        Yes, but he has the power to refuse it, but no liberal Democrat would refuse it , ya think.
        Bill Maher is not an entertainer , he is another idiot of the media slime.
        Obama never said anything about what he said about the Palins, which is pretty damn nasty. He is a vile, evil person as is the one who is trying to destroy this great country. But, you can’t teach an old dirty dog with no class, bent on eating us alive. 🙁

      • Bill

        I think the letter was addressed to President Obama, because he apologized to Sandra Fluke – although it wasn’t he who insulted her. I believe her point was that, exactly; and in fact stated in the first paragraphs of her letter.

        I understand that the money won’t be returned – as POTUS has no real power when it comes to SuperPACs (not to mention the legality of returning the money – inasmuch as, what would the legality be?).

        I agree with you, however, that Ms. Palin should also address this letter to Maher. And Limbaugh, and every other talking head who thinks that it’s okay to denigrate ANYONE who disagrees with them.

        To paraphrase: I may think you’re (the Royal ‘you’) a doody-head, but I will defend to the death your right to suck.

      • taumart

        Canadian Observer,

        You and I both know she is not asking the President for an apology. She simply points to the hypocrisy that dominates the political arena. Common decency and civility are a long ago notion that once existed in a gentleman’s world. The world we live in now can justify the vile things that are said, about a candidates daughter, just like it can justify lewd remarks made about an activist.

        I admire you Bristol for your fortitude and perseverance. You had a very public misstep, you could have gone away, but you chose to stand up and do what is right. The world could learn something from a girl like you. Your child is very lucky to have you as a mother. God Bless you.

      • Bubba

        The president does not have control over who donates, but he certainly has control over returning it! And for you, Canadian Observer, to hint that her blog is directed to the wrong person simply shows you are completely missing the point of Bristol outing the double standard the president lives in. If he felt it necessary to call Miss Fluke because of what was said about her, he should call the women of the Palin family.

      • C. Greene

        Somebody’s confused, and I don’t believe it’s me. Rush Limbaugh said those comments about Sandra Fluke, not Mr. Obama, BUT, Mr. Obama called Sandra Fluke, so, the opinion you expressed defending Mr. Obama’s reason for not calling Bristol doesn’t make sense. If he can call someone because Rush Limbaugh was inappropirate, he could certainly call someone when Bill (nastier than a piece vermon) Maher was and is horribly inappropriate.

      • Rick Caird

        What a silly argument you have made. Here Obama has apologized to Fluke for something Rush Limbaugh said, but you have missed that whole point and believe it is Maher that should have been addressed in the letter.

        Please go back and reread the letter to see if you can improve your reading comprehension. So far you have earned an “F” in English.

      • JC

        Dear Canadian observer:
        The President didn’t insult Ms. Fluke either BUT she got a phone call from him….ONLY because she was a Liberal plant for his cause….shame on him for being such a hypocrite!

      • butch tremonti

        bomba boomba has always been a complete asshole and will continue to do so

      • Diana Finch

        It wasn’t Obama who insulted Fluke either.

      • Gg Alli

        Yes, Dear, your circumstance is far different than that of Ms. Flukes. Ms. Fluke went before Congress to speak on behalf of Women’s Rights to fair Healthcare. You went on Dancing with the Stars and sought the limelight of fame – not that there’s anything wrong with that. Rush Limbaugh attacked a student exercising her rights and going beyond her civic duty. You wrote a book to glorify your “journey” thus far, and became fodder for every comedian’s banter – and not just Bill Maher. Several other comedians took their pot shots at you, and given your “celebrity” by choice you became fair game. And since you and your family are representative of the Conservative Movement, you have further opened the door for public ridicule by not exemplifying the “chaste” standards that the Conservatives preach.

        I’m not excusing Bill Maher, or Dave Letterman or Leno or any other comedian that lowers the bar for cheap shots, but they are comedians. They are NOT public commentators that incite hatred through the public airwaves in a very serious manner.

        I think it is admirable that the President has stood for civility publicly. You should as well. Because even though you personally did not receive, nor deserve, a personal phone call from Mr. Obama, he none-the-less spoke on your behalf. Mine, too. Even you mother’s, because what he did was symbolic for ALL WOMEN. Thank you, Mr. President.

      • Laura

        Obama didn’t insult Ms. Fluke either, but he called her and was public about it. I think that’s part of the point.

      • David

        Apparently you’re not quite up to speed; Bristol Palin’s commentary was made after President Obama leaped to the defense of a woman who testified before congress, complaining that she had to purchase her own birth control and who was subsequently attacked by Rush Limbaugh. Obama called her in support, and roundly, and rightly, condemned Limbaugh and his nasty comments.Perhaps you missed it…it was all in the news here on earth. When “comedian” Maher attacked Bristol Palin in far more obscene ways, Obama was completely silent, exposing his hypocrisy. That, Canadian Observer, is why she directed her comments to Obama. I have no doubt that Obama will ignore her open letter, just as he ignores all attacks on all but the ultraliberal women who constitute his base.

        I’m not a particular fan of Sarah Palin, but Maher’s treatment of her and especially of her daughter is inexcusable. Why does the left have such a hard time condemning this sort of hate when it is directed at conservative women?

      • PrayerGator

        You posted – “Yes, a bold statement indeed, Bristol, but since it was not President Obama who insulted you, don’t you think your letter should have been addressed to the person who did?”

        You missed the whole point, she is calling for the President to be consistent in his support of verbally attacked women, not just those who appeal to his political base.

        “I don’t think the President has any control over who donates to his SuperPAC.”

        He may not control who gives, but he doesn’t have to keep it.

      • Marcella Rose

        I always felt pain for you and your sibblings because children should never be the pawns in any politcal arena…That includes sick so-called comediennes who choose to “pick on children” to try to bolster their political agendas. My only sorrow for you is that you happened to choose such a low-life to fall in love with. Better luck, next time.

      • Melissa

        The president called Sandra Fluke after Limbaugh attacked her; what is the difference? If he can call Sandra Fluke after she was attacked by a conservative, he should be able to pick up the phone and call Bristol Palin after she has been attacked in the VERY same manner by a liberal. That’s why her letter was addressed to the President; addressing it to Maher would be pointless. I’ve never seen a more disrespectful, arrogant human being than what he has become. Except maybe Michael Moore.

      • Kitty

        Hello Canadian Observer,
        I think ,tho I have no way of knowing for sure, Bristol would like a call from the president just as Sandra Fluke received a call from the president. But of course, he will not call Bristol since there seems to be a double standard in our country, Liberals are off limits but Conservatives are fair game.
        Great job Bristol!

      • David Hunt

        President Obama didn’t insult Sandra Fluke, but he gave her a call. (Only because she supports the same Socialist program he does or he wasn’t thinking of Malia and Sasha at the time.)

      • Chris B

        Canadian Fool

        He called Sandra Fluke even thou he didn’t insult her.

        True he can not control who donates to his superpac but he can denounce the masogynist who made the donation.

        Get with the program A

      • brwneyedgurl

        It wasn’t President Obama that insulted Sandra Fluke but yet he called her anyway!! I don’t see your point, what’s the difference??
        You “GO Bristol!!” You’re your Momma’s daughter all the way!!! Good for you!! Loved reading your blog, honey!! Keep up the great work!!

      • Anisa

        You are far mislead. She mentioned that it was Limbaugh who had insulted the college student begging for thousands of dollars in birth control. But the president apologized. Therefore, why is she not receiving an apology?? Silly, isn’t it??

      • Clint

        Great point Canada person, but why did the lDemocrat party stand up for Flukes? Why did Obama call HER? Rush is not an elected official. He is an entertainer just llike Bill Maher. And Obama’s SuperPAC is run by one of his staffers. Do you really think he has no control over it?

      • Yankee

        I think you missed Bristol’s point. She just wants to know when or if Obama will speak out on her behalf–defending her as an American woman who has been disrespected by a biased media figure. But we all know the answer–even Bristol as young as she is knows–he will NEVER speak out to defend the shameless talk against her because it does not advance his case with his base. Obama exploited Sandra Fluke in typical fashion–he used what happened to her as a political opportunity to score points.

      • Derek

        Obama should have time to apologize. As everyone should now realize, apologizing for bad America is one of his favorite things to do. I agree he needs to apologize to Bristol. Then he can move on to apologizing to the nation for being the worst president ever.

      • Steve Takacs

        What about moral character ? Do you think the Pres could do the right thing? Maby he could reach way down and find some.

      • MamaV3

        Canadian Observer,

        You seem not to understand the basis for Obama’s involvement. Just a few weeks ago, Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a “slut” on his radio show. As a result, President Obama gave Sandra a special phone call (!?!) and Rush is still being crucified for making such a statement. Logically, if Obama could specially sympathize with Sandra and make her feel special while making sure that Rush pays for what he said, why not do the same for conservative women too? After all, Obama is “our” president (liberal, conservative, independent, etc. – i.e. ALL AMERICANS!!!). Instead, Obama seems to be giving Maher a pat on the back by not cautioning him and accepting his $1million donation.

      • Linda

        Then why was it so bad for Limbaugh to say it? Obama didn’t accept Limbaugh’s remarks, did he? He didn’t want someone to say something about his daughters like that but it’s ok for them to say it about Sarah’s daughter and her family?? What were you thinking when you even remarked on this??

      • Patrick Carroll

        Hr certainly can return the money, especially when it’s very publicly donated by a very public misogynist.

      • Thomas

        You’re so indoctrinated you’re BEYOND stupid.

      • Gayle

        he didn’t insult Sandra Fluke either, but he called her..doesn’t anyone understand double standards & hypocrisy any more?

      • WhiteSquare

        Obama didn’t insult Ms. Fluke, either, yet he called her to apologize.

        The point remains, and by your post you agree, that Maher’s behavior was reprehensible. But it is accepted, even encouraged, by the same liberals that scream when Rush made his horrible remarks. The same behavior that you seem to be defending now.

        You’re right, the POTUS doesn’t have control over who gives. He does have control over whether or not he keeps it.

      • Mac Mobile

        You wrote”Yes, a bold statement indeed, Bristol, but since it was not President Obama who insulted you, don’t you think your letter should have been addressed to the person who did?
        Obama didn’t insult Fluke either, but the point is he called her after someone else supposedly did. (I was listening to the radio show and what I heard was the host ask, paraphrased, what do you call someone who has sex so many times she need $3,000 a year to pay for protection and expects someone to pay for it?) Admittedly I have to work for a living, so I could not sit on my Maher and listen to the whole show.

      • Soledad O’Brien

        For a ‘Canadian Observer’ you’re not very observant, or intelligent. In the case that Bristol is referring to the ‘President’ was not the one who insulted the woman, he’s the one who apologized.

      • I, I , IIIIIIIIIIIIII liked it.

      • Samantha

        That is the problem is that you don’t think. Obama has a way of acting as if he is supporting women, middle class, etc.. but then acting the exact opposite… what a trend, makes me just feel so secure that this is our President.

      • ELDorado57

        Two comments….

        First, “In the moment”….Obama DID chastise commentators at the moment when they unfairly and grossly attacked the Palin family…hard enough? A matter of judgement.
        Me, I can’t stand Bill Mahr, so I deny him my viewership.

        Second, About the Main issue at the heart of Rush’s comments…he was wrong about the Church’s right to deny coverage for contraceptives in the situation as posed by Ms. Fluke’s friend. The Church has every right to hold an opinion against contraceptives….but NOT to deny URGENTLY medically-needed contraceptives TO THEIR EMPLOYEES when prescribed by a Doctor. They are in that case acting as EMPLOYERS, and they cannot say they will ONLY cover medical treatment that agrees with their Beliefs. That would lead to them denying an abortion in cases where carrying a baby to term might kill BOTH mother and baby.
        THAT ABORTION SITUATION ACTUALLY HAPPENED! A Nun who approved a medically needed abortion to save the mother….was Ex-Communicated.

      • Hope Stewart

        I think that you’re missing the point of this letter. President Obama wasn’t the one who insulted Ms. Fluke, either, but he did make the time call her.
        Bravo Bristol! Great letter!

      • Dakota

        When the PAC was formed by 2 people who were in his Administration, yes he does have control.

        You, apparently miss the point. It wasn’t Obama that Rush insulted yet he chose to come to the defense of Fluke, the congered up Activist with affiliations to Pelosi’s PR Company. With that said, there is clearly a different set of standards by the left and Obama has chosen sides.

      • a.f.

        President Obama felt compelled to contact Ms.Fluke after a 3rd party insulted her, so it is completely logical for Bristol to assume President Obama would contact her, as well.
        Well done, Bristol!

      • Florida’s Fortunate Son

        You are exactly right Canadian Observer! Bristol even admitted in her own blog that President Obama defended her when the left was attacking her and her mom in ’08. How can he defend you and your mom from harsh political attacks from his own base and be a hypocrite at the same time? Please explain that one to me? Bristol, and I say this with much respect to you and your mom, but you both still sound like sore losers. Obama is too smart. Just move on.

      • Noel

        You do not get it. Get your head out of the sand. If you have so much sex that you spend a thousand dollars a year on rubbers. What king of woman are you? Obama would support her why other ladies as well. Selective anger.

      • John Andeson

        You guys with the “Obama didn’t insult you…..” line just aren’t paying attention.

        Bill O’Reilly insulted Fluke after she demanded we all pay for her contraception. In a giant display of manufactured outrage, the professional left tried to crucify O’Reilly. Obama did his part in whipping up more fake outrage by calling Fluke to tell her, “everything is going to be all right. That mean man won’t bother you anymore. My attack dogs are after him now.”

        Now, why hasn’t Obama done the same thing for Bristol? Where is the left’s outrage for those who make absolutely disgusting comments about Bristol? Oh, yeah, it’s not there, and Obama won’t be calling to tell her everything is going to be all right because liberals only manufacture outrage whenever they can turn it into a usable crisis.

        So, those of you who are saying that Obama didn’t insult Bristol are absolutely correct, but also absolutely out of the argument. There’s just no way you guys can honestly say you are so lost that you don’t even understand the argument. It’s pretty cut and dried.

      • Noneofyourbusiness

        @Canadian Observer……..

        Yours is also “a bold statement” indeed, since you seem unlikely to be directly involved in much of anything that takes place “south of the border” from y0ur own country of residence. In fact, “….It doesn’t seem fair….” for YOU to even HAVE an opinion on a matter concerning a foreign nation, any more than WE might have an opinion regarding your country’s seemingly inferior public healthcare plan.

        Oh, and BTW, if Mr. Maher is merely “…exercising his right to free speech…making disparaging remarks” as you propose, wasn’t Mr. Limbaugh doing the same regarding Ms. Fluke? It even appears that BOTH were equally as harsh in the level of their criticizm of the target. After all, THAT is what prompted the call from Mr. Obama. Also, like Ms. Palin, isn’t Ms. Fluke “….present(ing) (her)self in the public arena….” just as you suggest Ms. Palin did?

        In short, for all the reasons indicated above, your comment here appears totally inappropriate, and without merit whatsoever.

      • Patty

        Mr. Obama did not make the remarks about Sandra Fluke, either, but he felt he needed to speak up. Bristol makes an excellent point, which you side-stepped. Sandra Fluke’s denigrator apologized, but will Maher? Not yet, and he’s had a long time to do so. Shame on you!

      • Sarah Munoz

        I think you totally missed the point of her letter. Obama wasn’t the one who called a slut, Rush Limbaugh did, but yet Obama saw fit to call her with an apology on his behalf! But, for some ‘reason’ (e hem) when a radical Liberal like Bill Maher says despicable comments about her and her family – including her little brother who has Down Syndrome – there’s no phone call from Obama. Not even the courtecy of a measly voice mail even! The point Bristol is trying to get across here is that, I guess it’s okay for a man to put down women if their a “liberal”, just not a republican. PATHETIC!!!!!

        • Sarah Munoz

          “Fluke a slut”
          Sorry…left her name out of my first statement above.

      • Come And Take It

        You obviously missed the point of her statement. Come back when you have a clue.

      • John Smith

        Maybe it is the facts that you are missing.

        Obama called Sandra Fluke because she was “insulted” by Rush Limbaugh, but he would not call Bristol or Sarah when they are insulted day and night by his goons, Liberal mouthpieces and other creeps.
        Do you see the double standards here?

        And yes, he controls who donates to his campaign. He should have returned the donation telling Maher that he would not accept it unless Maher apologizes for his offensive and unacceptable remarks. But it seems that Obama favors money over principles.

      • Believe1

        @canadian observer: She (Bristol) knows that she will not get an apology from the pig himself, but she is speaking about the double-standard that exists. The one where Obama will call a liberal young woman who has been attacked (to do the right thing, so the right people will see) but not call the conservative young woman who was also attacked. You also say, you put yourself out there, so therefore, take it like a man. Well, why don’t you try it instead of hiding behind your computer and sending trite emails. Bristol and the Palin family show courage and speak out against things that they believe are wrong and they have been mocked, belittled and attacked. Yet, they still continue to fight! What do you do???
        Good for you BRISTOL!!!

      • Chuck Long

        Bristol’s post went right over your head, didn’t it? You do know that President Obama called Sandra Fluke to console her over Rush’s statement, right? He called her, he said, because he hoped that his daughters would never have to endure such slurs if they ever took a stand on some issue. So Bristol Palin is correct to ask where the consistency is in Mr. Obama’s desire to console women who have been slurred by public figures in the media.

        But you knew all that. You just wanted to change the subject to protect your crappy President man-crush. Nice try.

      • Fran Lerro

        I would have to disagree there. He (Obama) stood up for Sandra Fluke (I think I have the name correct) and he had nothing to do with Rush’s comment on her.

      • Scott Rawlings

        Wow Canadian Observer you called Bill “I’m NOT FUNNY” a Comedian. Wake up maybe it’s that snow and cold weather that is fogging your head. Bill Maher is a Hatemonger NOT a comedian…he stopped that a long time ago when he got messed up with Politics and his LEFTWING crude. He is supposedly for Socialism why doesnt he give that money to poor people instead of some superpac that puts the money back in rich peoples hands. He’s making money in a Country that is a REPUBLIC and NOT a Democracy.

      • Chuck Long

        “SO while I ‘m sure this post will be deleted…”

        This isn’t the Daily Kos, Little Green Footballs or Wonkette, Joey. The standards here are obviously higher than you’re used to.

      • nina

        duh! what a comment…

      • Larry Sheldon

        It wasn’t Bammy that called Fluke a slut. Did you have a point that you forgot to mention?

      • rukidding

        Obama didn’t insult Sandra Fluke either, but he called her to apologize for having to hear what Limbaugh said. This is the same exact situation.

      • Norma Earls

        @Canadian Observer – The president wasn’t the one who called Sandra Fluke a “slut” for shilling for tax-payers to pay for her to have sex. BUT in a campaign/publicity stunt, he called Fluke, whom is represented by his former communications director’s publicity firm, personally to “apologize” for the name-caller.
        THAT is the point of Miss Palin’s letter. She is pointing out the fact, in a nice and genteel way, that this president’s actions are a demonstration of two-faced misogyny.

      • Todd

        You argument is illogical. Obama didn’t insult Fluke either, but in that case he felt it necessary to personally call her in order to further his own political agenda. Bristol makes a very valid point: if this is all about a “war on women” then all women should be protected from such hateful, sexist rhetoric regardless of political affiliation.

      • Thanks for the article. Honest and from the heart. We are thankful for you and your family Glad you have found forgiveness. Speaking the truth in love is a lost art. Keep them honest and use the platform you have been given.

      • David Garrett

        Obama wasn’t the one who insulted Sandra Fluke but he called her anyway. So why did he console Fluke? I know you are probably smart enough to see the double standard here. Especially after using his daughter as the reason he called. I want people to get involved in politic regardless of which party they support. Why was there so much reaction made by the media and a personal consoling from the President for Ms. Fluke while conservative women both in Politics and the media are routinely called vile names with barely a comment from the media. It is a wonder women, especially conservative women, get into politics which is the real reason this is done. Has anyone publicly said anything vile toward the President’s children. I don’t know of any. I mean it was bad enough to direct the vile language to Sarah Palin and her older daughter but they even went after the small kids. This made up moral outage expressed by the left is backfiring big time because the American people can see the hypocrisy. And this hypocrisy will continue to be exploited for what is.

        And you seem to imply that once the President’s daughters do get involved to the public arena they can be called vile names with no outage. Somehow I don’t think so.

      • Robyn

        It wasn’t Obama who insulted Fluke either, but he still called her to apologize… He’s the king of apologies, tho. He apologizes for the US and Americans all the time. Gotta go with your strengths, I guess.

      • njoriole

        Did you REALLY miss the entire point of the post, or are you just being provocative? Obama, very publicly, and with great fanfare, placed a call to Ms. Fluke to express his support. This, after she was insulted by someone else (not Obama), but he felt the need to call her nevertheless. So, a call to Bristol (and to her Mom, and to Michelle Bachman, etc, etc) would be right in line with that same attitude. Of course, the point is well made by Bristol that “you’re only willing to defend certain women. You’re only willing to take a moral stand when you know your liberal supporters will stand behind you.” IOW, the same old liberal hypocrisy. As to the SuperPAC, no, he has no control over who gives, but he sure can decide whether to keep the cash or not. Believe me, if it were a Republican being asked to return a donation from a low-life like Maher, you wouldn’t have to ask twice.

      • Lon Mead

        “…the sad fact is when you present yourself in the public arena you become a target for these folks.”

        You mean, kinda like Ms. Fluke did? She knew perfectly well what she was getting into (as did Palin).

      • Henry

        Canadian, it was Bristol’s idea to illustrate obama’s hypocracy. Bill maher is not worth wasting any words on.

      • Bob

        Your wrong. Obama is the one who said that the kids including his own and families of politicians should be off base. He was right to do so.

        When Limbaugh, not a politician by any stretch of the imagination, criticized Fluke’s sexual habits, Obama called her to see if her feelings were hurt!

        When Mahar, not a politician by any stretch of the imagination, criticized Bristol and her child, Obama didn’t call her to see if her feelings were hurt.

        Bottom line: Obama treats Conservative women differently from Liberals. He’s a hypocrite any way you call it! He’s supposed to represent all Americans equally. As a black man and a child born out of wedlock, he should know better! Bristol was right to call him out on his hypocrisy.

      • inventormiss

        Well then how is that different from comedian and radio show talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, demeaning Sandra Fluke? and how exactly did Bristol Palin present herself in the public arena when she was attacked by Maher? Her mother was in the public arena–not her. Is it then ok to attack Malia and Sasha since their father is in the public arena? I didn’t think so. You are completely confused.

      • ton66

        You have the right to freedom of speech, however you do NOT LIVE IN THE US NOR DO YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS PRESIDENT! And do not think for a moment that they do not have any control over their sup pak!!

        That is just plain niaeve!!

      • John C. Randolph

        ” don’t you think your letter should have been addressed to the person who did?”

        It was addressed to the politician who has benefitted from a million-d0llar donation from the creep in question.


      • LaDonna Jackson

        “Yes, a bold statement indeed, Bristol, but since it was not President Obama who insulted you, don’t you think your letter should have been addressed to the person who did?

        It doesn’t seem fair for you & your family to be attacked by stand-up comedians but the sad fact is when you present yourself in the public arena you become a target for these folks. Maher might be exercising his right to free speech, however, making disparaging remarks about Trig shows him to be a truly dispicable person.”

        I agree whole heart with this comment. Bc Bristol has already stated that he told the press that she should be off limit. So don’t expect the man to keep stand up for you everytime you get slamed. Because that would be a full time job to filled. If you chose to be a public figure in the world then expect to be a target for it. Simply as that. So i honestly don’t see a need for this letter Except to get press for it. Again put yourself out there to be judge by millions. Then expect good and bad criticism.

      • Crib

        I am glad to see ignorance and diva syndrome run in the family. No he will not call you; he is not responsible for what others say. Fluke was doing her civic duty by testifying before congress. What risks have you taken for your country? I mean outside of your mother running for VP. From where I stand if the President did call you he’d verbally destroy your straw man argument (constitutional professor’s are apt to do that. Come back when you’re really ready to have a substantive conversation.

      • Kelly Kafir

        And so following your “logic”… then WHY did Obummer apologize for something Rush said?

        To quote the DNC, “The hypocrisy is breathtaking.”

      • momsaid

        Obama didn’t have anything to do w/Limbaugh, yet he called the ‘victim of the week’ Fluke, anyway. Your argument has a false premise AND makes no sense. BTW, someone who wants others to pay for her ‘extra-curricular activities’ is far less sympathetic than a young lady who works to live with her mistakes and overcome them. Bristol has a job. She supports herself and her son. She didn’t give up when boyfriend ran away. Sandra, however, can’t seem to locate a Planned Parenthood clinic in a phone book, shop for discounted pills, or budget well (Spain???). What kind of a lawyer will she turn out to be, with those research skills?

      • joe

        no it should not she stated why ….Obama called Fluke because and evil republican called her a bad name….Maher has said much worse to Bristol….why can’t Obama condem him?????

      • Terri

        Canadian Observer,
        Saying that Bristol Palin presented herself in the public arena thereby opening herself up for attack is tantamount to saying Sasha and Malia have presented themselves in the public arena. Kids are off limits. Period. All of them, yes, even Conservative kids.
        Make no mistake, I defend Maher’s right to free speech. Although I cannot for the life of me, figure out the entertainment or enlightenment value in his loathesome format while he cowardly hides behind the apronstrings of “comedy”.
        And as far as the President weighing in on this Fluke episode, in his own immortal words, “he behaved stupidly”.
        If President Hypocrite doesn’t have any control over who donates, he clearly should just stop opining on leading by example and calling for civility. Walk the walk or don’t talk the talk.
        BTW, Bristol, brilliantly and articulately spoken. You have a lot of your mother in you.

      • Jim Roberson

        Observer – are you kidding?! Using your own backward logic – Was it Emperor Obama insulted Ms. Fluke? Why would it be appropriate for him to call her? His call was to deflect the current political discussion away from his TOTAL failure on the economy and fuel the fake issue of a “war on women”. By your logic the person who “insulted” her did in fact apologize even though according to the Left his apology was not “good enough” since his radio program has not missed a beat with advertisers and listeners. Everyone understands that the SuperPAC is not directly controlled by the Emperor, but would not do anything without his agreement or even someone from his campaign staff suggesting it. To think anything else is extremely stupid.

      • STL guy

        Canadian Observer – with all due respect, you may want to work on your reading comprehension and then re-read the article, with a more open mind. After all, the point of the post was that BO called Ms. F after someone (else) insulted (insluted ?!) her.

      • Bill in CR

        It was not the President who insulted Ms. Fluke, either. But he thought insult worthy of personally calling her. Since Bristol has endured far more and worse insults than Ms. Fluke, yes it is appropriate to expect and ask for consistent behavior. She’s not going to get it, of course, since she is not a liberal activist, but this was a fantastic way to expose the double standard.

        I assume your statement on what happens when you present yourself to the public stands for anything that might have been said about Ms. Fluke as well.

      • Bill V

        He may not have any control over ho donates but he surely has the right to accept it. If he had any integrity he would return it.

      • Bill V

        He may not have any control over who donates but he surely has the right to deny acceptance of it. If he had any integrity and meant what he said he would return it with a thanks but no thanks.

      • cyh045

        you just don’t get it.

      • Larry

        Canadian Observer: While the potus did not make the comment, he is inconsistent in his actions. He came to the aid of Sandra Fluke when Limbaugh made comments about her, but did not do the same for Bristol when maher made slanders and hurtful comments of Bristol (as a teenager). Note, he did not make either comment, but he is (imho) politically motivated to come to the aid of a liberal college student that appears to have a attitude of entitlement, but not a young lady who is willing to admit her mistakes and is conservative… Do you think this this is politically motivated?

      • radicaltruth

        you miss the point.. Pres Obama’s hypocrisy is typical of the political left and the fact that he’d play the victim card for Fluke and call her to ‘see how she is’, yet ignore much harsher vile language and actions towards other female public figures belies the fact that it’s political, phony, and feigned integrity.

      • Paula

        “Yes, a bold statement indeed, Bristol, but since it was not President Obama who insulted you, don’t you think your letter should have been addressed to the person who did?”

        Are you completely clueless of the context of this letter or what?

        Barak Obama stuck up for some girl who was made a public figure by his own stupid party, a girl who made a fool of herself making a nonsensical argument geared toward advancing government power over every aspect of our lives.

        Bristol Palin was simply on the sidelines of her mother’s campaign, wasn’t perfect, and tried to do the right thing after making some very public bad choices in her personal life.

        If Barak Obama is going to stick up for one he ought to stick up for the other, unless he’s a bigot. But then, that’s exactly why he hasn’t stuck up for anyone but Sandra Fluke, because she’s essentially exactly what Rush described, being pimped by the Democrats. Of course the head pimp is going to stick up for his workers… until they talk back to him.

      • Mark Ward

        The President wasn’t the one who insulted Sandra Fluke yet he felt compelled to call her. I think Bristol does a nice job of showing what a hypocrite and political opportunist Obama is here. I’m sure she’s not waiting for his call.

      • len

        President Obama is not the one who insulted Sandra Fluke either, but he still saw fit to apologize. Who did He apologize for? Seems he just the President for Liberals as Ms Palin states.

      • Judith M

        The Canadian Observer has obviously missed a good part of this story. He or she needs to revisit and see if he or she gets the point. The president already has a bad reputation from his first campaign of taking tainted money, nothing new there. He has been hanging out with undesirables for many years. He does, however, need to put his money where his mouth is. In case Canada doesn’t know what that statement means it means if he is broadcasting to the public that he believes in protecting and uplifting women that means all women, not just a selective few….

      • Tommy

        C’mon fella! Don’t be such an ignoble ass! Anyone who speaks out both sides of one’s mouth has the power to do anything one pleases. Obama could easily return the donation and taken a stand for decency as well. Sure, Palin perhaps should have directed her sentiments to Maher, however, Obama opened the door when he spoke about denigrating women (plural), which can be construed to include ALL women, not just those from whom he can benefit for his political gain.

      • Dee

        Hmm.. but it wasn’t the president who insulted the other lady either, but he called her anyway. Consistency… is that too much to ask of the President of the United States?????

      • Jason

        Listen to the absurdity of your statement. ” the letter should be addressed to the one who insulted her? REALLY? The president decided to include himself in this controversy. HE called Sandra Fluke and apologized, HE DIDN’T INSULT HER!!! what Bristol is pointing out for all, including you to see, is the ” selective outrage” that is a liberal consistancy… You can call a woman, or a black man like myself anything you want.. after all, those conservatives are not REALLY women or REALLY black, how could they be, after all, “they are right wingers!!” They are evil and do not deserve our respect, and who cares if you call Laura Ingraham a slut or Larry Elder or Herman Kane ‘Oreos” or Idiot monkeys” or “Uncle Toms”.. that’s different!!!. The funny thing is, I do not want an apolo0gy from Bill Maher or anybody else. I REALLY believe in free expression, and let the market or the people dictate who is on the air and who is not.. I just, unlike you, decide to reserve my anger for people wiyh who I disagree with.

      • MichaelS

        Puh-lease. The Palins are the Kardashians of politics.

      • Disgusted with libs

        I believe Sandra Fluck put herself in the public arena also. So I guess she is fair game too.

    • Joey Dartilian

      When should you expect a phone call from the POTUS: 1. Research the word hubris. 2. I guess seeking Media coverage is a full time job up in Wasilla 3. Pushing negative energy, even while it runs in the DNA, means mostly that one is self-absorbed, egotistical, and has no regards for the feelings of others.
      SO while I ‘m sure this post will be deleted, the answer to your question is NEVER as your whole point was to be a negative and sarcastic person.

      • Mike Finley

        Joey–I looked up the word hubris…the dictionary had Barack Obama’s picture next to it.

        • SanDiegoJulygem

          HAHAHA!!! Love it, Joey!

          Your comments are such a joke, they are almost as funny as Canadian’s!

          As you are also now guilty of the same standards, by not seeing that Sandra Fluke, by putting herself in this position to begin with, is the one who was seeking the media coverage, knowing full well that the talking heads in the left wing lamestream of what passes for media would just eat it up, and do EXACTLY AS THEY HAVE DONE.

        • Love it, Joey!!!

        • Marilii

          That is so funny!

        • myj

          Agree, Joey

        • ton66

          Nice One!

      • ME

        “Pushing negative energy…”

        Joey has no sense of irony whatsoever.

        I also suspect he didn’t bother to read the post before unloading his righteous diatribe. All too typical.

      • Peterk

        “SO while I ‘m sure this post will be deleted”

        bzzzzzz we have a loser! like many on the left you assumed that the blogger would do something that many leftwing bloggers do which is to remove postings that present opposition povs. BUT conservatives relish the opportunity to hear/read alt-povs

      • rosetta

        No the whole point was a blatant double standard that is practiced daily and has severe ramifications against conservative women. Getting pregnant once as a teen does not mean someone is lascivious, or sleeping around and the things being said about her are completely out of line.

        The Palin’s are fine people not “egotistical” as you want to claim, I believe it was Obama that declared himself one of the “best presidents of all time.” Hum just who is the megalomaniac?

        It’s the most common and abecedarian thing that the left wing can do, you have no real argument, the letter has a valid point, so instead of argue on its merits you will just cry foul like a two year old.

        Very vacuous, get a new line.

        • nina


      • Mary Anne

        And your comment as well! Very negative indeed. Obviously, cannot reply without malicious intent!

        • SadPatriot

          Because your accusation of “malicious intent” about someone you’ve never met and therefore know nothing about is so positive, right?

      • Kurt Moehler

        Standard dumb ass comment from kool aid drinking nobama lovers.

        • Debi Page

          I agree!

        • Patriot1970

          @ Kurt Moehler — the only Kool-Aid drinkers in this country reside on the left, the one’s that deny there is a double standard when it comes to negative comments from the left (allowed) and negative comments from the right (speaker should be condemned and shut down).

        • Eric

          Kurt, thank you for skillfully demonstrating the intolerant hypocrisy of the left.

      • Ben

        And your entire post was negative, so I guess you are self-absorbed, egotistical, and have no regard for the feelings of others. Especially if they disagree with you politically, apparently. Only misogynists could really be ok with a lot of the stuff said about Bristol over the last few years. People defending that sort of talk while attacking Rush are hypocrites of the worst sort.

      • C. Greene

        She was and rightly so, pointing out his hypocrisy

      • Marcella Rose

        Joey, once again you jsut proved my point. Mean-mouthing a young woman who has used her first amendment right.

      • Scott Rawlings

        Oh JOEY, you must mean Negative and Sarcastic and a total HATEMONGER like Bill “I’m NOT FUNNY” Maher and he’s ugly and stupid like David Letterman who spoke down to women also. $3000 a year for contraceptives when this lady is 36 years old…..fluke was just that a fluke and you people fell for it. RUSH LIMBAUGH is way smarter than the President…that is why OBAMA doesn’t like RUSH he wouldn’t be able to debate him.

        • ton66

          I totally agree with you!! Obama will not speak to anyone who he things can out speak him. He thinks he is smarter than everyone, except for the people he wont talk to! He know they would put him in his place. And Obama doesnt like that. You know he’s the smartest man, and probably even thought that before he became president. He is errogent and out of control!!

    • Kent

      Just a thought, doesn’t Bill Mahr look like an illegimate son of Hugh Hefner? Think about it.

      • just sayin

        very funny! I will never be able to get that picture out of my mind now!

      • myj

        He do favor you, is he your lost twin? LOL

    • Marcia Stoker

      the only phone call i would want from the so called president would be sorry but i am resigning as the world can go back to being america….he is a piece of s— and i dont believe he is sincere in anything he says and i dont care what he says….

      • ton66

        Now that I could have not said better!!

    • Kevin

      Obama stuck up for Palin during the 2008 election when the media was questioning Bristol’s pregnancy, Obama said:

      “Let me be a clear as possible…” “I have said before and I will repeat again, I think people’s families are off limits and people’s children are especially off limits. This shouldn’t be part of our politics. It has no relevance to Gov. Palin’s performance as governor or her potential performance as a vice president. So I would strongly urge people to back off these kinds of stories. You know my mother had me when she was 18 and, you know, how a family deals with issues and you know teenage children, that shouldn’t be the topic of our politics and I hope that anybody who’s supporting me understands that’s off limits.”

      People have said terrible things about the Palins, but Obama has spoken out about this issue three and a half years ago.

      • Reader

        He spoke out once, in a politically expedience situation. His absolute refusal to speak out when the target is a conservative woman or member of her family SINCE being President shows his true stripes. Speaking out once to defend Bristol from public attacks three and a half years ago, during a campaign, when such demonstrations are politically expedient, and never again speaking to defend a conservative woman since the election demonstrates exactly how much appropriate treatment of women really means to him.

        This article is challenging him to hold up the same standards today for all women that he always holds for liberal women and only holds for conservatives when it is politically expedient. Even more, what people like you seem to ignore in this message is that Bristol clearly addresses his action during the campaign, which she appreciated, but was very short-lived. He gives no consideration to things said by his supporters (and people he supports) that are as bad, in some cases even worse, than what Limbaugh said. At the same time, he inserted himself into the situation to publicly defend Fluke, but will not publicly defend a conservative woman outside occasions where it is politically expedient.

        One politically-expedient outburst means nothing if he remains silent the rest of the time, which he has.

        • Elizabeth

          Why isn’t Bristol Palin condemning Rush Limbaugh?
          His apology was completely disingenuous. If a person is truly sorry for something that they believe
          to be wrong, they don’t start making excuses and pointing fingers. They are remorseful and take full blame and responsibility . All I have heard from the conservatives is what Bill Maher has done. Stop blaming and admit you were wrong. I don’t believe they think he said anything wrong.

          • Scott Rawlings

            The only reason this made the news which Bill maher’s didnt is because OBAMA knows Rush is smarter about politics and everything else and that he sees Rush as a threat , this isnt the first time Obama has said anything towards RUSH who in a debate would put Obama to shame. Grow up Liz, She already said this is about Republicans apoligizing and Liberals never have to…you just feel right in line with that….HELLO LIZ ANYBODY HOME?

          • Paula

            He shouldn’t have apologized at all, you’re right.

    • ashley mays

      me too pete! great seeing you here! 😉

    • Bristol,
      Great Question!!! I applaud your comments and your courage! Wonderful job! It is absolutely not too much to ask for our President to be the President of all the people. There is no doubt, the left puts their blinders on when it comes to a conservative woman.

      I have kept you and your family in my prayers over the past few years and will continue to do so.

      Thank you for allowing your very private life to be used for a Greater Good.
      Cindy Lawson

    • nancy

      CANNOT STAND BRTISTOL OR HER MOTHER!!! Bristol did things backass words got pregnant then goes out and preaches abstinence LOL!! Only stayed on Dancing with the Stars because of who she is, and she was a horrible dancer.

      I am conservative believe it or not, BUT Bristol has made an interesting point with the statement. I must admit

      • Sarah

        So, Nancy. . .you commented on this posting, ultimately to say that Bristol made an interesting point. . .but felt the need to preface it all by saying how awful you think she is?

        What’s the point?

      • Thomas

        Liberal Fascism 101: hate, attack, blame, lie, deny

      • Paula

        What in the world are you talking about? You’ve never made a mistake and learned from it?

        You’re conservative? I doubt it.

    • Tim in MN

      Bristol doesn’t understand that President Obama cannot refund Bill Maher’s million dollar contribution to a pro-Obama Super Pac, any more than Rick Santorum can refund Foster Freiss’s contributions to a pro-Santorum Super Pac because of his “aspirin held between the knees” prescription for birth control. Candidates must maintain a hands-off approach when it comes to these “independent” Super Pacs. It seems Ms. Palin should be railing against our method of funding election campaigns in the wake of the Supreme Court’s “Citizens United” ruling. Maher, Freiss and other wealthy Super Pac donors are merely symptoms of a broken campaign finance system. In 2012 we will be deluged with distortions and untruths from the Super Pacs on both sides. Think of “Swift Boats Veterans for Truth” times twenty. (I have acquaintances who became convinced that a highly decorated veteran served dishonorably in war.)

      • Linda O.

        Do your aquaintances really believe that. I think you should change aquaintances as you will never learn anything from them nor teach them anything. 🙂

      • Paula

        Um, her main point is not the million dollar donation being returned. Doh. It’s about Obummer’s inconsistent defense only of women that support his political agenda to have the government take over every aspect of our lives. You liberals better start paying attention. If you are worried about the government intruding into your personal lives, THIS is how it is done.

    • Greg

      It occurs to me that part of the liberal agenda is to keep us all fighting among ourselves, as long as we are in disagreement with each other we never quite get to see what is really going on. We are all targets of the political elite and we are just not bright enough to see it. These political hacks know they are finished if we as a people ever come together on an issue, this scares them. So people like Bill Maher and Rush Limbaugh and the rest are just tools in the arsenal of the political elite, with their constant cat fighting and insults on individuals they will always keeps us from understanding what is really going on.

      • Linda O.

        Please do not put Rush Limbaugh in the same category as Bill Maher. If you truly listened to RL, you might just learn something. Better yet , listen to Mark Levine, he really tells it like it is. However, you can not fix stupid.
        Fight, I am watching this ideologic moron Obama closer than you. Why did he skirt the pipeline issue. He sent all the oil from Canada into the hands of China. Great and now he wants to tap into our reserves. Real intelligent , ya think. When that is gone and we can not drill, where the hell do you think we are going to get our oil. I am sick and tired of idiots thinking this guy is the second coming of Christ. He is Nostradomis for sure. Not fighting , just saying it like it is. Your freedom you can thank a vet . If you do not think the armies are not already in place, just google Falon Gong. They come here under the guise of persecution. I live in a town that has them and takes big chunks of land off the tax rolls and call themselves Buddists. Just a play on words to get their way, just like the rest and we sit and conjure up BS about the Palins .
        I would walk beside any of the Palins any time any where. They are the real deal!

      • Thomas

        Rush is nothing like Bill Markowitz. Not even close. There’s nothing to compare. Also, there’s the fact that Media Matters has been working for years in smearing Rush, like with the so-called “racism” when he sought to purchase a football team. The Liberal Fascist media read from the script and spammed the airwaves with propaganda, just like they did against the Palins.

        There is absolutely nothing to compare between Maher and Rush except to show how they’re they’re the exact opposite.

    • RPaulRitz

      Does this work?

      Liberal women’s treatment by the president, (1) Strong defense on TV of just the woman; (2) personal telephone call to the woman (3) let the whole world know his support for the liberal woman, while giving the world the impression of how tender his heart is towards the issue.

      Conservative women treatment by the president, (1) A general statement more focused on his girls or another distraction. He trys to bring all women into the arena of thought during this approach and not address the insult of the conservative woman.

    • coco

      Dear Bristol, do keep waiting for Obama’s call. I believe it will come on 3:35 Am Tuesday, October 15, 2089.

      In the meantime, get some aspirins and put it between your legs so that you can concentrate on raising ONE child and make him the center of your world. The way GOP is at it, you might not be able to get your contraception freely covered by your insuruance company.

      • Thomas

        Liberal Fascism 101: hate, attack, blame, lie, deny

        Just can’t help yourself can you “coco”? You’re so indoctrinated you NEED to hate. You’re programmed to hate and attack. You’re a good Little Eichmann.

        • Ken

          And like Eichmann, in the end we will end his life, and that of all the other Eichmanns like him. Civil war is right around the corner.

      • Paula

        It is funny to watch one person come in here and blame Bristol for now promoting abstinence even though she violated that principle previously. And now we have a another Palin hater in here promoting abstinence for Bristol. huh. Irrational much? Girl can’t do anything right. Essentially she’s told to be abstinent, and then told she’s a hypocrite if she agrees with abstinence.

    • Farmer’s Daughter

      The President and his media pals were also able to quickly snuff out the damaging evidence of his own ‘war on women’ as revealed in a book by columnist/Pulitzer Prize winner, Ron Suskind, “Confidence Men: Wall Street, Washington & the Education of a President” released in Sept. ’11. Suskind gathered recorded tapes of women working in Obama’s Cabinet and on his staff during his interviews which make disputing their comments impossible, yet the WH and the MSM did a good job of it. Anita Dunn (yes, of Ms. Fluke fame) is quoted as saying, “This place would be in court for a hostile work place, because it actually fit all the classic legal requirements for a general hostile work place for women.” Christina Romer reportedly had several conflicts with Larry Summers, claiming he ‘boxed her in’ during meetings and that she ‘felt like a piece of red meat’. Check out Suskind’s dust-up with Mika on a Sept. 2011 episode of MSNBC’s Morning Joe:
      When Suskind was writing negative columns and books on George W. Bush, he was admired by the Left, but when he put this book out, backed up with over 700 pieces of documented research materials including the tapes, he was trashed and called a liar. During the Morning Joe interview, he even reveals he shared the contents of the interviews with WH staff before the book went to print so there would be no surprises. Still, the Obama WH tried to cover up and quiet the noise about women that believed they were not being treated fairly once the book caused a stir. Dunn, in particular, tried to walk back her comments. Mr. Suskind should get back on the book tour circuit right about now since the ‘war on women’ is in full swing. Maybe Anita Dunn would like to explain in better detail her comments in the book in contrast to her support now of Sandra Fluke and the false accusations against Republicans. If its a little political football Ms. Dunn and her pals want to play with women voters, let’s take the field.

    • Berni brown

      Bill Mahar is radically evil…thanks for getting the truth out!

    • Lets Regain Our Dignity

      I believe that no one deserves to be called names, liberals or conservatives or inbetween. As far as I’m concerned, when name calling becomes part of the argument, the argument has been lost by the name caller. I’ve lost all respect for a person who resorts to names. Obviously, they have not intelligently thought through why they think the way they do. Let’s get on track people and work on solutions and show the world we can work together. Respect & Compromise = Solutions

    • Rastis

      Fuck off Bristol, you waste of oxygen.

      • sodakhic

        Is that you, Barack?

    • Kathy

      Dear Diana, I couldn’t of put it better myself. Thank you! Obama was the worst choice in the entire history of our country having presidents, with the exception of Nixon, they rank about the same. And before anyone tries to label me as a racist, Let me make myself perfectly clear, I see us all as God’s Children, and I don’t care what color a person’s skin is, as long as they are truthful, and have our best interests at heart, and not just a select few’s interests. I am a single mother, and there are a lot of us out here, but my 5 yr old son was born with a rare condition that caused him to be completely blind in his left eye, and gradually losing his sight in his right eye also. I worked hard for 28 years of my life, 60% of that working 2 or more jobs at any given time. By the way, none of my children were born on welfare! I was diagnosed at 28 with lupus,and diabetes at 32, I also suffer from Degenerative Disc Disease, and have severe arthritis that is deforming my spine, and crippling my knees. It took over 5 years of blood, sweat, and a lot of tears to finally get my disability benefits, that I paid into, and deserved. My son being blind, and not to mention his other serious disabilities was also denied several times for SSI. But if I would of had a mild learning disability, but physically capable of working, I would have qualified for disability right away. What’s wrong with this picture? I would also like to mention that I had a son that did his tour in Iraq. He came home but wasn’t the same boy, and he took his own life within his 1st year home. He would wake up screaming, drenched in sweat, shaking and crying hysterically. Now because of all of Obama’s changes, and cutbacks, I don’t get enough money monthly to pay my bills or feed my child healthy, good for him food, or keep a roof over his head. And our health insurance sucks because of his reforms. I’m not looking for pity, just understanding. He’s made it so the rich stay rich, and while they live in mansions, drive fancy cars, buy expensive clothes, and constantly take trips to the bahamas, and Europe. The rest of us lay awake at night praying for another day without being evicted, and having food to feed our children. My only dream was to have a modest home of our own with a yard for my son to play in, and a fridge full of healthy food to feed my son, proper medical and dental insurance. It seems to me that because we are poor, we have no value as human beings, and not even on Obama’s list of priorities. It isn’t fair, and I feel needs immediate action! Wake up Obama and do the right thing already!

    • Brooke

      George Bush… “miss me yet?”

    • Hank

      They (the liberal left) are trying to force certain entities like the Catholic Church to supply birth control even when their religion does not support it. I think we should send all the condoms to the White House because Obama has been screwing America since he has been in office. So, Bristol, don’t expect that phone call. Obama only cares about what benefits him the most.

  • cjk09

    Absolutely superb! Well said. So grateful to you, your mom and your family for all you do to speak truth to power and help restore this great nation.

  • Sue Lynn

    Great post Bristol!!! It makes me sick. I agree 100%!!!! God bless the Palin family….

  • Lynda Armstrong

    Bristol my respect for you great..I have must say as I read your book my heart broke for you at time….laughted with you….could feel you heart beating as you went home…but rejoyed with you as you found the gates. Wide Open…as they were welcoming you home…..the things you wrote about with such a true heart….so many young girls are faced with everyday ….I gave the book to my grandaughter I wantedvher to read it…I pray that moms and dads talk with kids a good way to start would be reading your nook….God Bless You And Trip….

  • Nate Rhoades

    Bill Maher is a fairly adult comic. Don’t really like his stuff or think he is very funny or even care for the guy. However Im not sure if it is right to censor a standup act because you don’t like the material. Many things which are completely inappropriate to say in normal conversation such as jokes about racism or religion can be found to be humorous by people. If Rush marketed himself as a comedian who makes jokes he should absolutely not be held responsible for his remarks but he instead markets himself as news. If a democrat newsperson made the exact same remarks as Bill Maher did in a more serious context they would absolutely have faced the same scrutiny as Rush has. It is not about party lines as much as the fact that comedy has a different discourse from normal speech.

    • Jean

      I don’t think it is a joke or even funny to be called a cunt.

      • I agree Jean…..

      • Amen. No one should be making remarks like that, comedien or not. Bill Maher is never remorsful for his remarks. I heard Rush make his comments(which I did not like) and I heard him apologize. He has lost advertisers and gained some new ones( per Rush, he says he has a waiting list) but the media won’t let this go as he is a conservative Republican. If he was a Democrat, he’d be treated like all those on the left who demean woman, hero of the year. Other than Kirsten Powers, who on the left had condemned Bill Maher, David Letterman, Chris Matthews, Keith Olberman, et al? Again, all heroes of the year to the left. Something is wrong here as all foul names and language should not be condoned by anyone.
        Our President not only owes Bristol a phone call but her sister,Willow, and her Mom as well.

    • sybilll

      Nate, Bristol is not calling for the censoring of Maher. He is well within his 1st amendment rights to speak freely, whilst being a 1st class hypocrite.

    • The comments made by Maher and others on the left are most certainly not made in a comedic text, and when it comes to Sarah Palin and her family the left has been EXTREMELY rude and vile. If Rush is being held accountable for calling a woman a slut, then Maher should be held accountable for calling Sarah Palin a “cunt” and a “dumb twat”.

      • Nova

        Nate is here from the liberal damage control team, they now know they got set up by Rush.

        Both Rush and Maher does comedy and politics.

        They try to obfuscated that. Rush set a trap for them.

        • Lol, setup by Rush…. worst, most expensive, trap, ever. At that, a trap ‘most’ dems/libs have no idea about, because they don’t watch Maher.

          I listen to Rush all the time, I’ve never heard him go into his Comedy bit. Could you reference one?

          • You are kidding right? I am 66 and get a big laugh just over his arrogant remarks. I know he is kidding and take his sarcasm as a joke as well. If he didn’t inject humor once in awhile, he couldn’t hold his audience for 3 hrs everyday. He is brilliant and humerous at the same time. So MadMatter, when he is arrogant or scarastic, look at it as humor and pay close attention to the tone of his voice when he talks as it is all there.

          • @Eileen Steller Aye, those are traits that most public entertainers hold… but that doesn’t make them a comedian, even a tiny bit.

            As well, Limbaugh preaches a moral standard, a right from wrong (or left), and so on… vs. Maher, which well, couldn’t define a moral, or a value, if he tried.

        • DennisCTC

          Regardless of how libs play this, Rush IS NOT the “defacto” head of the Republican Party, he is an entertainer and bills himself as such!

          • I don’t recall ever hearing anyone say he was…. other than some folks on the right.

            On the flip side, he without question dishes out his take on how things should be, who is good/bad, what is right/wrong, related to the Republicans, ideals of the Reps, and so on…. so even if he isn’t the defacto head, he puts the hat on either way.

          • gremlin

            Which is why Newt had to apologize for calling him “and entertainer.” Ooopsie!

          • rosetta


            better learn to read, Axlerod called him that.

          • @rosett Lol – I stand corrected, looks like at least one Democrat has said this, of course it’s not all libs playing this or a liberal at all, but it is at least one non-republican.

            “I, El Rushbo, am -once again- back to being the de facto head of the Republican Party. ” ~Rush

    • Shadow

      Comedians can share their humor any way they like, but to use a specific persons name is not the same as just telling the joke with a generic person. It is purposefully done to slander the specific person named.

    • Travis

      I don’t really listen to Limbaugh (or Maher for that matter) but my understanding is that Limbaugh markets himself as an entertainer not a journalist. There have been plenty of supposed left-wing “Journalists” (but I repeat myself) who have said very nasty things about women and have suffered no repercussions.

      • Chuck

        Limbaugh is NOT merely an “entertainer”. It is true that he is an entertaining educator and political analyst who surpasses nearly all self proclaimed “journalists” (many of whom are liberal propagandists). Think back to the great teachers you have had (if you had any). Didn’t they also have an engaging and entertaining style? You need to listen to Rush, rather than you reading or hearing ABOUT Rush from those who don’t have a clue.

        • rosetta

          Limbaugh is no more news than any of the left wing satire news shows with asshats like stewart, stop excusing obvious double standards.

    • Why don’t Maher call his mother, sister or Sandra Fluke the same names he calls the Palins…..could be he is a hypocrite and it could be because these statements are not funny to say about anybody.

      • Tammy Shourds

        Maher doesn’t have a mother – he crawled out from under some rock.

    • CapitalG

      So… it all comes down to what you call yourself and how you market yourself? If Rush markets himself as a comedian then he has carte blanche?

      That is just completely idiotic. What about Hank Williams Jr? He is a singer. If he called himself a comedian then it was OK to compare Obama to Hitler (which he didn’t, BTW)? How about Michael Richards saying the ‘n-word’? Oh he’s a white comic he can’t use a racial epithet. Chris Rock can call white people crackers and honkeys and that’s OK because he is black.

      This is a typical liberal tactic of issuing ‘free passes’ on a case by case basis but the free passes only go to one side of the debate. Ed Schulz and the ladies on ‘The View’ can say what they want about the Palin’s because the media elite think they are icky. Free passes issued! Rush is just a big right wing meanie. No free pass and no NFL ownership. J-Lo sings the n-word but that’s OK she can own part of an NFL team.

    • Robert Johnson

      Nate wrote:

      “If Rush marketed himself as a comedian who makes jokes he should absolutely not be held responsible for his remarks but he instead markets himself as news.”

      Nate you are either ignorant or a liar, no other choices. Rush does not “market” himself as “news”. Never has. His is an opinion show with large doses of comedy and satire.

      And by the way who called for “censoring” Maher? Hmmmm? Certainly Bristol Palin didn’t.

    • Rocky

      I call BS on this guy!

      1) Rush markets himself as an entertainer. If you ever listened to his show you’d hear him say it often!
      2) Bill Maher IS as much if not more the political activist than Rush, his million dollar donation proves that
      3) I wonder how quickly you would have yelled racists if Maher had said something like…”let’s not re-nig by re-electing Obama”…would you simply say that’s just not funny or go off the deep end screaming racists?

      All Bristol (and most conservatives) ask here is that Liberals, especially the President, end their double standards! I’m tired of watching liberals pull out the victum card…Tea Partiers are racists…Rush and anyone who stands against abortion are mysoginist…Evangelicals are homophobes…

      In my experience people resort to name calling when they haven’t got a real argument…

    • Truth Detector

      Um…so in your opinion, it’s OK to demean women as long as you’re ‘joking’? Typical libtard remark.

    • Nate Rhoades

      I am not a liberal nor do I have anything against the Palins. I don’t like Bill Maher or think he is very funny. However Rush does not advertise himself in a comedic fashion. If you go to his website it doesn’t say don’t take me seriously I am saying this all satirically. If you go to watch a comedian there is an expectation of exactly that. If you go to see a comedian known to be offensive and there are lots of them you expect that. Nobody gives comedian “free passes” if a comedian is offensive enough they are effected. Nor is this a party attribute either BOTH parties let slide comments which everyone should find terrible. If you look at it from a non partisan standpoint I just don’t see how the comparison holds up.

      • Mike

        Rush says constantly that he illustrates absurdity by being absurd. He has acknowledged that hr went too far in the Sandra Fluke affair and apologized. That makes him far more of a class act than Bill Maher or Keith Olbermann, neither of whom have apologized to the conservative women they have insulted. Throw in Ed Schults, who has called both Palin and Laura Ingraham “slutty.”

    • Getrright

      There are no special rights for comedians outlined in the 1st Amendment. In fact comedians have always self censored their materials. We no longer hear jokes about American Indians, African Americans (unless done by an African American), the Irish or the Polish people. The only people not off limits it seems are conservatives, both male and female, and white men of all political persuasions.
      As for your statement about normal language permissibility and the difference in comedy, I find this abhorable. What you are saying is that I would never say that, but I will laugh when someone else says it is nothing more than an excuse. What you laugh at is a clear indication of your true beliefs. The PC police would be very disappointed.

    • Peterk

      saying he is a ‘comedian’ absolves him of any wrong doing is but another example of moral relativism.

      besides saying the c word or any other scatological terms offer nothing more than shock value. listen to the old time comedians they didn’t need to use such language

    • huang

      When a comedian is on stage as a comedian we give him the right to insult whomever he wishes…one would hope it would be done in a funny way that is more than just insulting rants about people who differ from you but, whatever.
      Does that right extend when said comedian isn’t onstage?
      Like bill maher, Jon Stewart, Colbert?
      Are the only people allowed this right liberals?
      Bcos if it’s only extended to comedians, on or off the stage I think we will all just claim to be comedians rather than citizens with free speech rights.

    • rosetta

      Maher is a political commentator, the difference is Rush is on radio and Maher peddles his bigotry to people on TV. They are both Comedian based political discussions, and absolutely should be held to the same standards.

    • Eric

      Nate, for argument sake I will accept your premiss. With that said please explain he following. Ed Schultz called Laura Ingraham a “slut” on his radio show. MSNBC suspended him for a week, but none of Schultz’s advertisers dropped his show and no Democrat called for the advertisers to abandon Schultz’s show. Ed apologized as did Rush, yet the Democrats only called for the advertisers of Rush’s show to pull out.

      Fellow MSNBC host Mike Malloy said that he hoped Sarah Palin “drives herself into madness” and insisted Michele Bachmann is an “evil b*tch from H*ll” who would have gladly supervised the Holocaust. No calls by Democrats for apologies or for advertisers to leave his show.

      Montel Williams rooted on Air America for Bachmann to slit her own wrist or throat. Again no calls for apologies by the left.

      Limbaugh was singled out and condemned on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, NPR, PBS, Associated Press, The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, and USA Today. Yet none of these “main stream” media outlets condemned the above examples of the left’s hatred for conservative women.

    • Thomas

      You’re so indoctrinated you can’t even read. You’re blathering on about something that no one is calling for except the Left – censorship. Only Leftists want to censor others. Only Leftists are calling for censorship. It’s the Left that created “Hate Speech” laws. It’s the Left that called for the censorship of Rush Limbaugh. It’s the Left that is pushing censorship. You’re so indoctrinated you can’t even read.

      You’re on the wrong page son. Go to ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, NPR, PBS, Media Matters, Daily Kos, The Huffington Post, or HBO and post your censorship concerns there. They’re the ones who need to hear it.

  • ron

    Don’t expect Obama’s call Bristol. You have all our support. Stay strong and beautiful always.

  • Jean

    The First Lady will be on the Letterman Show. That is all you need to know.

    Don’t think for a second that Obama cares for women. Candidate Obama publicly said that families were off base but privately he told the corrupt MSM, Hollywood, and TV shows to take you and your family a part and it won’t end until that man is voted out of office.

    He is a Chicago thug.

  • Tim Randle

    Well played. Just don’t wait up for that call.

  • Lynda Armstrong

    Bristol my respect for you great..I have must say as I read your book my heart broke for you at time….laughted with you….could feel you heart beating as you went home…but rejoyed with you as you found the gates. Wide Open…as they were welcoming you home…..the things you wrote about with such a true heart….so many young girls are faced with everyday ….I gave the book to my grandaughter I wantedvher to read it…I pray that moms and dads talk with kids a good way to start would be reading your nook….God Bless You And Trip….

    It will post…

  • Kinigget

    Nate’s got a point. I would add that personal insults, as mean-spirited as they may be, don’t quite compare to the kinds of allegations Limbaugh leveled at Sandra Fluke. Naturally I don’t really want to defend statements like Mahers, but context and intent are absolutely crucial in cases like these.

    • Shadow

      Any woman, single, who puts herself out in from of millions to say she wants others to pay for her sex….is a slut.

      • Melvin Richardson

        @Shadow-How dare you call a slut a slut. We all know that is not done in polite society.

      • Suez

        She wanted her Catholic college to pay for her sex.

    • Kalena

      I do believe that the context and intent of Bill Maher’s remarks were deliberately meant to be demeaning and vulgar and nasty. His show is very political in nature, thus he can’t hide behind the comedian cover story. Anyone who tries that excuse for him is lying to themselves, and they are also hypocrites.

      • Nate Rhoades

        That makes no sense. So if a guy has a political TV show and then goes off air and goes to do standup at a club the rules of what he can say outside the atmosphere of his TV show change? How far does that go? If I see Rush Limbaugh in the store and strike up a conversation should any of his remarks be then held to the same standard as if he were on the radio?

        • Garym

          You do know he said all of these things on his POLITICAL show on HBO, don’t you?

          • Nate Rhoades

            That is false. He was considerably more racy during his stand up rountine not in front of a national audience than on his political show. I have seen it implied that all of his remarks were on his show but it is not based in fact. Had he used the far more offensive language on his political show I agree that he should be held more accountable. Also if people find him too offensive comedy or not the sponsors should leave his show.

            If Rush Limbaugh left his job went down to a local club and performed a stand up routine I would not have any issues with anything he said. Also, regardless of the fact Rush said terrible things I think he should be allowed to say those things. However, should people find it offensive and cause sponsors to leave his show he should probably stop saying them.

            I understand if you find vulgar comics obscene. I understand if you find racy magazines obscene. I understand if you find racist groups materials obscene or television or movies or any other number of things. I however do not agree that you should be telling other people that if they do not agree with your moral values they should be attacked for it.

            Plus if I recall conservatives claim they hold the moral high ground when it comes to vulgar stuff. That is one of the biggest reasons I have trouble supporting the conservative party when I myself am a conservative person. They don’t uphold their own values.

      • lynn

        Yes! He is so vulgar! I don’t understand how anyone could have laughed at what he said about the Palins! EVEN if you don’t support their party what and how he talked about them was like listening to some terrible evil porn!! How does he get away with this????? AND WHY???

    • JR

      Maher is making political statement, hiding behind “comedic license”. One has to love the excuses people come up with to justify it’s okay for some and not others. Make no mistake about it, Maher’s donation to Obama proves he is now a political mouthpiece. As such, he needs to learn and abide by the standards of decency applicable (or should be applicable) in that realm if he really wants to play in that space. People see inconsistency for what it is. Bristol asks relevant and pertinent questions that the public would like the President to answer. So far….crickets! Although his press secretary has just made excuses why it’s okay sometimes….BZZZZT wrong answer.

    • Chase

      Why does President Obama owe Bristol a call? He reached out to someone he felt was wronged. He publically defended Bristol during his campaign. Now he has to make a phone call and beg for her forgiveness? Come on, this is partisan BS and Ms. Palin knows it.

    • Pablo

      Also crucial? Party affiliation. Of primary importance, even.

    • Truth Detector

      So you’re saying being called a ‘slut’ is worse than being called a ‘c—‘? More liberal idiocy on parade…

    • Laura in Maryland

      So in what alternate universe is there a context where the c-word and other insults hurled at a woman okay? I’m very curious to see this list.

    • inspectorudy

      What is your definition of a slut? Mine is a person who makes their sex life public and doesn’t care if people know what she does or whom she does it with. Ms. Fluke, (Rhymes with duck), did exactly that BEFORE Congress! She told the world that her sex bill was at least $1000 per year and that she felt that you and I should pay for it. No since of modesty or concern for her parents or school but only her needs. Maybe the first thing we need to do is define the word slut! BTW, this is a diversion away from Obama’s attack on religious freedom and Ms. Fluke, (Rhymes with duck), was more than happy to assist him. Is this not one more example of a personality trait of a person of low moral character? A person who will sell their soul for moment in the spotlight?

      • SanDiegoJulygem

        Amen, amen and AMEN.

      • arthur ashe

        I think you need to go back and read Ms. Fluke’s testimony. She NEVER said a thing about her sex life. Bristol Palin, on the other hand, has told the public more than we ever want to know about her sex life in tents.

        • emmayche

          The fact that Ms. Fluke unashamedly admits in public that she needs ongoing use of birth control pills tells the public far more than we ever need to know not only about her sex life, but about her morals. Bristol Palin, on the other hand, has effectively publicly confessed and renounced her bad behavior.

          Essentially, one is embracing the bad behavior, glorifying it, and demanding that we pay for it; the other is holding her own behavior up as a bad example, apologizing for it, and shamefacedly encouraging us to learn from her mistakes.

          Are you capable of comprehending the difference?

          • myj

            No, she didn’t, she talk about birth control need to be available. She used her friend who needed BC for a medical situation and for sex….

          • dyz

            did you even view the actual video or read the transcript? She was not advocating for herself!

        • Eric

          So, based upon your comment when Ms. Fluke spoke about the money she spent on contraceptives she was not talking about her sex life??? Is there another use for contraceptives?

      • Kathy

        Well said!

      • Scott Rawlings

        Very well said

  • Stephenwv

    A liberal apologist. Denying the issues. Maybe you should consider all the name calling of Sarah and her family done 4 years ago as a start. The Point IS that Obama does EVERYTHING only for political considerations. Especially when it comes to law enforcement. Like suing Arizona and ignoring the immigration laws on the books.
    I agree with Hillary Clinton on such issues.
    December 28, 2010 | Associated Press
    U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton led a chorus of political figures in the United States and Europe in condemning the ruling, saying that it raised “serious questions about selective prosecution and about the rule of law being overshadowed by political considerations.”

  • blueniner

    Way to go Bristol, you have inherited the same common sense that your Mom has. Way to callout the verbal bully Bill Maher. You bring it all back home on the President by referencing his Mother and his words. We have had it with this hypocritical President. Nice blog and keep up the good work. We all have your Moms back and we have yours as well!

  • Linda

    Bristol-You are beautiful, bold, and wise! I have great admiration for you! God has blessed you with that beautiful son, and he is blessed to have you! “Be strong and courageous…”. Thank you for sharing your heart!

  • This is pretty much what I posted on the SarahNet Radio Facebook page and one of your other posts, so needless to say I completely agree. Once again Obama shows his true colors and hypocrisy is displayed at its finest. He fears your mother and what she has to say, the truth she brings to every thing she says and he is a coward, plain and simple.

  • Cynthia

    Great blog, Bristol! I’m very proud of you!

  • Cathy York

    Bristol, you struck exactly the right tone with this post; GREAT job. You called out the President on his obvious double standard and left the door open for him to do the right thing. I hope he proves you wrong in not expecting him to be consistent, but I’m not holding my breath, either.

    How sad it is that we have such low expectations for our President.

    • Aaron Levitt

      And what are your expectations of yourself? Did you “call out” Rush Limbaugh? Did Bristol? Did Sarah? I agree that Maher’s comments about Bristol were offensive. Vice-Presidential candidates, howevere, especially those slinging as much mud and talking as much trash as Palin did, are fair game.

      • Garym

        Fair game to be called a c**t, riiiiight. Our side usually lets this stuff roll off our backs. You see, no matter how much we can’t stand progressive intolerence for us, we don’t try to silence people, because we actually believe in the 1st amendment.

        • arthur ashe

          You are hilarious!

      • retlaw

        What mud did the Governor sling? What trash did she talk? I remember in 2008 she poured scorn on Senator Obama’s thin resume – pretty much par for the course in politics.

        Obama got personal: “You can’t put lipstick on a pig!”

        Show us the slurs and the mud from Palin, or shut up.

  • Juli

    Go get em tiger you tell him. I feel more like your Mom is my leader anyway title or no title. Tell Piper happy Birthday. You are so right.

  • hispanicmom


    You are a class act. Thank you for speaking up on behalf of women who would like to say what you say here but don’t have a platform. You give a voice to those who don’t have one, in some respects.

    I especially appreciate your graciousness. In a time when discourse has become so abrasive and vulgar, your words are a balm…your ideas, healing.

    I have a favorite Scripture that have printed on my business card. It helps to remind me of whose I am and who I am: “…whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.” –Phillipians 4:8.

    (p.s. the rest of the verse is good, too! “Whatever you have learned or received from me, or seen in me–put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.” Love that! Looking at your baby boy will probably do wonders, too. :D)

  • Carol Cumbie

    Bristol,you are definitely your mother’s daughter. Don’t let a man keep you down. Obama has only been half a president. The liberal president at the same time turn his back on the rest of americans. Stand proud. Your mom must be so proud of you. We are proud of both of you. WE are lucky we have your mom for the military. The military are really getting a raw deal from President Obama. Men and woman of our military have died and are dying for our country and President Obama cares nothing about them and they all know it. President Obama doesn’t care for america or it people I find it hard to call him president. To me he is a con man just like someone in the mafia. He cares more about Peta and HSUSA they use most of their money is use to pay high executives instead of the animals. It is just like AL Gore and his global warming. The environmental Nazis who do more to pollute the planet then protect it. It just has to be things they believe in.Great post keep up the great work.

  • Oh that is an excellent blog, Bristol! Your Mom must be so proud of you! WAY TO GO, taking a bold stand for the truth! You are a true inspiration to women everywhere! SARAH PALIN definitely raised lovely young strong independent women!

  • aaron krohn

    Bristol the Pistol fires away!!!

    And boy, did you ever HIT the bullseye on this one!!!

    (Both the written and the video’d parts!!)

    Bristol, I hate to repeat myself (See my initial comment on your blog!!), but replacing this President with your mother is the ONLY way we’ll see ANY progress towards a more decent and less inhumane government in this country!!

    As you so intimately know, your mother is THE most beautiful person, with an infinite amount of honesty and integrity!!

    Plus, she has that Fight Like A Girl spirit (As YOU do too!!) that’s needed to both eradicate the misogyny and redefine what it means to be a feminist in today’s “mucked up” world!!

    She could do SO VERY MUCH to set a NEW standard for women and girls, and how to treat them, that only a woman as President could do!!

    Remember that speech she gave during the 2008 campaign, when she called for civility and grace, and protection from the evil horrors facing millions of young girls worldwide, horrors far worse, in their own way, than anything your family has faced!!

    As President of the United States, your mother would be one that not only women and girls would look up to and want to emulate, but men and boys as well!!

    We men could learn a new respect and breed a new form of dignity toward ALL females from her shining example!!

    Please, for your sake, and for Willow’s and Piper’s (as well as Malia’s and Sasha’s), please URGE your mother to get in there……

    and FIGHT LIKE A GIRL!!!

    Bless you for all YOU are doing, and Happy Trails to you and Tripp!!

  • Lakerfanalways

    Your absolutely right Bristol!! I can see that you have that mama grizzly in you..BRAVO for speaking out, but don’t expect that phone call from Obama it’s never going to happen, Obama only makes a fuss when something is said about liberals because it helps him with his far left base..Liberals always make excuses for the garbage that comes out of their mouths, the best one is “She’s a public figure” yeah, well Sandra Fluke made herself a public figure putting herself in front of congress, what Rush said should not have been said, but I just love calling out the liberals for their hypocrisy.
    Bill Maher is a disgusting piece of garbage. He has mommy issues for sure. I know liberals who think he is disgusting piece of Vermin, and the ones who sit in his audience and laugh at the stuff that comes out of his mouth, well what do you expect, they are progressive loons just like he is, of course they applaud that trash.
    You just keep doing what your doing Bristol, your an amazing woman, you have matured so much and are someone that I am proud to say that I look up to. Baby Tripp is so lucky to have you for a mother. God Bless you and your entire family

    • talk about hypocrisy. you blame miss fluke for speaking in public. talking about spewing garbage rush did it for nine hrs on over 600 hundred radio stations. a whole paragraph about bill maher two words about your boy rush who is the hypocrite

  • Michael D. Wiley

    I have utter contempt for any man who plays political posturing games to curry favor in support of a manufactured “war on women.”

  • Classy, bold, and intelligent. You make all real Americans proud, Bristol. God bless you.

  • Drew Kurtz

    Great blog!!!
    It give’s me much delight to know that you, and your mother stand up for our individual right’s, and decry the media bias.
    Your a ray of light in a storm of tyranny threatening our nation.
    Thank you and may God bless you and your family,

  • Miguel G

    As a father, I definitely would feel that it would show absolute moral clarity if President Obama were to either call you and apologize for the treatment that you’ve suffered over time thanks to some of his biggest donors, or if he would just simply make the best gesture possible and make a show of having his PAC return the now infamous million dollar check.
    Either way, I beam with pride in knowing that my daughter loves your mom, you, your son, and most especially, your little brother Trig. She thinks he’s the most adorable little angel and squeals in delight every time she sees him on TV for anything.
    God bless you and the family and take care.

    • Well said, logical, compelling! A person of integrity would, as you suggest, not merely defend liberals… but our President is not a person of integrity.

  • Cian M

    I think its funny that you ask president Obama: “What if you did something radical and wildly unpopular with your base and took a stand against the denigration of all women… even if they’re just single moms? Even if they’re Republicans?”
    And don’t get me wrong something be done about this but not JUST for women. There are people out there that get abused regardless of their sex. But for being all different shapes and sizes, things that they were born with that they cant change, and STILL for the color of their skin including the current campaign against Mr. Obama the “Don’t Re-NIG In 2012” a personal shot like that hasn’t been dealt with. We know the reason that President Obama reached out to Sandra Fluke is because he has taken shots from the very same Racist/Sexist Republican Radio show host. But to compare the ridicule that your family has gone through being in the public eye and your mother running with Mr. McCain to be honest it kinda comes with the territory. But we are talking about a college student who was trying to speak her mind,not someone trying in the public eye, I mean seriously he has over 20 million radio listeners and to publicly abuse someone like that is a little different that jokes in a comedy bit.

    • Cian M

      the aside where it says “not someone trying in the public eye”… trying isn’t supposed to be in there.

  • Nova

    Brilliant Bristol , bring the hammer down on the community organizer.

    Force them to live up to their “standards”.

  • Very well-spoken, Bristol. Keep callin’ ’em out.

    I think you know as well as we all do, though, that Obummer would never step outside of the radical Left to do the right thing. I mean, after all, he’s not here to police *all* uncivilized speech, right?

  • cookboy

    Nicely done, congrats on the blogging. If it comes to mind, think it through and write. You’ll do very well!

  • Clifford

    I am very impressed by this – all the way from New Zealand! Well done Bristol – an excellent article and thought provoking video.

  • Dale Ann Rhinesmith

    Bristol – spot on!! So proud of you and your family!!

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  • Donna in NY

    Well said Bristol. I want you to know that everytime something negative is said about you or anyone in your family, it only makes me want to work harder to get these people out of office. I am positive that I am not the only one who feels this way.

  • Katie DiFrancesco

    Even though Obama is never going to call me, I’d love to give him a piece of my mind too as a young conservative Christian who won’t compromise her principles. Bill Mahar is a dirty man in both word and deed and I can’t understand why anyone would show up to listen to his really sick “comedy.”

    • where is your criticism about rush limbaugh. surely you must be offended by what he said

  • Anita Neducashon

    Wow, that evil Bill Maher should’t be making jokes about such a great family like the Palins. They are so real and down to earth, not like the snooty Law student Sandra Fluke. I just love them! I’ve watched Bristol on DWTS, read her book, and seen all her interviews on E!, Access Hollywood, Jay Leno, and ET! I loved her and Sarah on their TLC reality show, and read all their beautiful color photoshoots in Us Weekly, People Magazine, and my favorite was Sarah and Bristol posing for In Touch magazine stating “We Chose Life”. Bristol, I eagerly await your new reality show for Lifetime, too! Who needs Snooki when we got the beautiful, talented Bristol Palin!!!

    • bucketloader

      snide and snotty! who are you to judge? i suppose your just the perfect specimen of what a woman should be. you and your family are just the perfect american image. comparing Bristol to Snooki is just another liberal, oh i’m sorry (progressive), snide remarks that is supposed to be very funny. hahahaha lmao oh lord (oopps) i said lord. sorry progressives, i know bringing the lords name you know JESUS! is a no no. sorry hope i didn’t hurt anybody’s little delicate feelings. your so silly. I’ll just blame George Bush, that’ll make you progressives happy, especially your president! That’s his go to Blame name! I stubbed my toe this morning, I blamed Bush, it gets catchy after awhile. (that was Facetious) watch O’reilly you might learn a big ole word or 2. cuz u no us peoples out here in the middle of the u.s.a. we luvs to cling to r guns and r religion! yes we do u bet ur sweet buns! In all seriousness, Bristol your a wonderful young lady, you have a strong family! Can’t wait until your mother is a sitting congress woman! 🙂 Just a guess.

  • Johnny

    I find it interesting that Bill Maher’s comments are so easily dismissed because he’s a comedian. Does that change the fact that the left exhibits selective “moral” outrage? No. Bristol, I’m proud of you. Tell your mom that Johnny in Georgia says hi!

    • Because logically people aren’t going to hold every comedian accountable for everything they’ve ever said… that is why they’re a comedian.

      I know several republican women that find what Limbaugh said to be absolutely pathetic. And those same women don’t care about Maher’s words, or any other comedians, because they don’t find them funny…. because they’re only comedians.

      If a comedians words upset you, you have a problem… not the comedian.

      • Johnny

        So? Doesn’t change the double standard. Why the moral outrage over comments about Fluke and not Bristol Palin? You might actually see the forest if it weren’t for all the trees in your way.

        • Maybe it has to do with the fact Rush said “Women” and the other people, named a person?

          That might be why Republican women had an issue with his statements as well.

          I see the forest of women perfectly fine, but I admit it is hard to focus on one single tree…..

  • Thanks for your post! Mahalo and Aloha!
    The double standard President Obama allows to continue as “civility” is hypocrisy at its best. All our best wishes and Aloha to you, your child, and your family.
    God Bless!

  • CapitalG

    Liberal ‘tolerance’ only applies to those who agree with them. If you disagree with liberals then it is acceptable for them to use sexist and racist smears towards you.

    Thanks for stepping up to get this message out! This is an important issue. We have half the country getting their political opinion from pop culture. People vote for who Jon Stewart and the Black Eyed Peas tell them to vote for. That way when they turn on the TV they are pelted with reassuring messages about how right they were to support the pop culture candidate. Ignore the oppression, inflation and the ever expanding government control over your daily life. It’s for a good cause!

  • Joe (1_Eagle)

    This is an excellent point, and very well said. Obama and all liberals are hypocrites of the worst kind. Only Democrat women should have free speech? Great point, Bristol! God Bless you and your family forever.

  • Michelle McManus

    WTG Bristol! So proud of you!

  • Deb

    Bristol…you are one CLASS ACT! You have taken a ‘not so perfect’ situation that you found yourself in and turned it into a lesson for so many young women. At the same time, you realize that Tripp was God’s plan for you all along. I was blessed with a granddaughter just recently. In fact, she arrived on your mom’s birthday. The circumstances couldn’t be much less inviting for this tiny little bundle, and yet each time I look at her I am reminded of God’s perfect plan in our lives!

    Your post here is spot on, and shows a maturity beyond your young years. I know when your mom read it, she was grinning from ear to ear. May God bless you and Tripp abundantly!

  • bellagrazi

    Daaaaang! Hahaha I was not expecting this! Right on, Bristol! Obama seems to have selective outrage. Thank you for calling him out on this. Because if we don’t start defending all women, this bs will continue. Bill Maher is still defending the fact that he called your mom a “c”. Obama needs to put his money where his mouth is. He needs to return the million dollars he received from Maher. But I have a feeling his reelection campaign is more important than his own daughters. It’s a sad fact.

  • Dan

    Sorry Bristol…in your case, it’s skank begets skank.

    • So let’s not forget, all, that the “war on women” moves right-to-left only. . . .

  • Huseyin

    Unfortunately, you are not part of the group he wants to appease.
    But I will apologize for all inconsiderate fools like that Maher.
    Glad to see you are a “grounded” young lady.
    Best to you!

  • E.F. Taylor

    Conservative women are c*&nts and sluts but Democrat women are to be protected? What kind of president is this who only calls foul for his own team?

  • Ummm, Maher is a foul mouth comedian…. most comedians say something, at some point, we don’t like, agree with, etc… the point is to laugh, even if Maher doesn’t give us much to laugh about.

    Limbaugh on the other hand, is not a comedian, people listen to him like the evening news, to get information on recent news, events, etc.

    So yes, Maher is excused, unless we’re going to hold every comedian accountable for everything they’ve ever said.

    Limbaugh is not excused, because what he said, to his listeners, was never and has never been for comical value.

    It is funny watching women justify and defend Limbaugh’s words, through attacking Maher words. Politics makes peoples logic flip upside down, at least it’s funny to watch.

    • Sharon

      So what you are saying is that it would be okay with you for Bill Maher to call Michelle Obama a c*nt because he’s a comedian. I don’t think it would.

      And if comedian Louis CK said this about Michelle Obama and her child: “her f*** retard making c***” and “the baby that just came out of her f**** disgusting c***.”, you would be fine with him being invited to entertain at the Radio and Television Correspondents dinner? Really?

      • What I’m saying is it’s not okay to excuse what Limbaugh said, simply because you don’t like what Maher said or think what Maher said is worse, thus the other is forgiven. Even more so, when they are vastly different ‘entertainers.’

        A sport athlete is an entertainer too, being an entertainer doesn’t give you the right to spew garbage from your mouth.

        With that, holding them both to the same standard is utterly stupid. Maher does not play or act the moral high ground, he has always been foul, even towards politics.

        Limbaugh on the other hand is part of the ‘moral values’ crowd. He preaches his standards, his line of thought, reasoning, is the ‘right’ way, the American way, the way it should be, Gods way, the way the majority of Americans want it…… which is vastly different than Maher.

        I would prob laugh if Louis CK said that, about anyone, as the way he says things, brings it up, and twists it, is what makes him, funny.

        Recap, excusing Limbaugh to focus on Maher, is exactly what the right is complaining that the left is doing… which is truly funny, they ignore one, to focus on the other, then call them out on it for being hypocrites…. Lol.

        • lynn

          I don’t think that is the case at all. No One thinks that Rush Limbaugh was right for what he said. I have never heard that BUT I think that the left gets passes all the time and not so for the right. Try comparing what Maher said about the Palins and their children compared to what Rush said??? There is a hugh difference!!!! The Right gets fired from their jobs for saying inapproriate things the left gets a pass. That is the real reality!!!! Own up to it!

          • Then they should focus on the man that called all women this…. rather than ignoring him to focus on a guy that’s on hbo, a subscription channel with an adult warning on it.

            I would understand the outrage if Jon Stewart said this, while being serious of course, even though he’s on a comedy channel.

            Why? Because Jon is who the left/dems align with – who they actually listen to, not Maher.

            I’ve never heard someone say, wow that Maher last night nailed it…. on the flip, that’s all you get with Jon.

      • SanDiegoJulygem

        Amen, Sharon… another perfect example of liberal double-standards.

        • @SanDiegoJulygem What about the Republican Women that don’t like what Limbaugh said, but don’t care with Maher said?

          Are they liberals with double-standards too?

    • gremlin

      I love the folks who start their posts with “Um….” You might as well say, gee you’re machure.

      • Fesofee

        You meant “mature”…right? ; )

      • Lol, with the spelling mistake too, that’s some funny stuff.

  • osmunda

    It’s not as if this is the first time Limbaugh (or Maher for that matter) hassaid something offensive. If people really think that Bill Maher is as bad as Limbaugh, raise the objection when he actually says it, try to rally people around the cause and have people call HBO about cancelling their subscription.
    If it does stir the same kind of response, there are a few possibilities. 1 Bill Maher’s comments aren’t as offensive. 2 Consumers (of HBO and all the companies that withdrew from Limbaugh’s show) have a liberal bias.

  • Tim

    Well said Bristol. Though I’m not a fan of your Mom’s political views, attacking or insulting a politicians children is and should remain off limits. And just because we may disagree with someone on issues, does that make it acceptable to degrade them personally? Bring back some civility please!

  • Jan Page

    Absolutely awesome, Bristol! We now have two Mama Grizzlies.

  • dyz

    Wow, Bristol, great comment. I think it would be even more powerful if you hadn’t made any money due to your situation. You got pregnant when you were 16 and unmarried. Wrote a book about it; I’m sure that advance was substantial. And now you have a Lifetime show about being an unmarried mother. I’m sure you’re not doing that for free. Maher used you as fodder for his schtick because you preach abstinence but you’re earning a good bit of cash because you had a baby out of wedlock. Lots of young women have it much harder than you do.

  • Levi Sowers

    This guy is a comic…. Rush limbaugh is the voice of the republican party…. There are alot of comics who say this stuff all of the time… It is two completely different things we are comparing here.

    • Little Mommy

      Keep telling yourself that Levi–

    • Sharon

      So what you are saying is that it would be okay with you for Bill Maher to call Michelle Obama a c*nt because he’s a comedian. I don’t think it would.

      Do you think that Obama would put up with a PAC that supports him taking a donation from Maher if he had called his wife a c*nt even if it was in a comedy show? I don’t.

      And if comedian Louis CK said this about Michelle Obama and her child: “her f*** retard making c***” and “the baby that just came out of her f**** disgusting c***.”, you would be fine with him being invited to entertain at the Radio and Television Correspondents dinner? Really?

    • Connie

      “Rush limbaugh is the voice of the republican party”

      This statement proves that you have never listened to Rush Limbaugh and are relying on the media to mold your opinion of him. I have listened to both of these men. Rush is more of a comedian than Maher is – his online commercials are hysterical! Maher? Insulting – not so funny at it.

  • Lynn Niemeier

    Bill Maher is a pig.

    • Nova

      Now YOU will apologize to pigs!

  • Bristol,
    This is a fantastic post! You are so right to call to attention the double standard the libs live by! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said “I wish Todd would go show Bill Maher what it means to be a real man and what happens when little punks talk bad about his wife!”

    Keep up the great work, Bristol!
    God bless you:)

  • Annon.

    Very well said. Excellent points. Thanks for your courage.

  • Awesome! You go, girl!

  • Vod Kanockers

    Maher had to spend a lot of time on his knees to get to where he is. Check for the dirty fingerprints on his ears an you’ll know how he has made it this far

    Vod.. :o)

  • James Watson

    An incredibly mature response to the events of the past two weeks, Bristol, thanks for posting. Your personal experience makes this all the more poignant. As you suggest, we need an America where women are not afraid to speak up for their point of view without being subjected to sexist attacks. After all, it’s the future of our children at stake. Who cares more — than a mother?

  • Mike W

    Well played, Bristol. Well played indeed.

  • JoBu

    A Palin playing the victim card.

    Imagine that!

  • MrsD

    I don’t see why everybody keeps jumping on Bill Maher. Didn’t you see that he had his clown nose on? That’s what made it so funny when he called those women foul names. hahahaha.

    Now, Rush, on the other hand, forgot to put on his clown nose, or even his funny big rubber ears. So, naturally, he can’t be allowed to say anything that is not life-giving. It’s no wonder everyone jumped on HIM.

    I bet Rush won’t forget to don his clown nose next time.

    /sarc off

  • Sanmon

    You are making Americans proud of you. You have been forgiven as you know. Preserver and Endure, it is likely to get much worse for all of the faithful.

  • Jim1904

    Rush summed it up in his apology; “I stooped to their level, they live there”.

  • julie branom

    I think people seem to be missing the difference here. Sarah Palin is a public celebrity and in comedy and in law the bar is set very high as far as what is slander. You can say its classless, you can say its horrible, but Sarah Palin elevated herself to that position and should expect nothing less from her critics. She is not exactly mild on what she calls people and some is worse than what Maher called her..its simple name games. What Rush Limbaugh did was attack a private citizen not only calling her a slut but also calling her a prostitute. Not only is that a civil issue of slander against private citizen in the State of Florida its a criminal charge of a misdemeanor punishable up to a year in Prison. When Sarah Palin stops calling people names then maybe she can expect the same. If you want to talk about hypocrisy, its your family that are hypocrits.

    • Stevie

      Wrong!! Sarah agreed to be in a position that once held great honor and respect before liberals trashed all that was holy and good through the media!! The position she accepted was of servanthood to this country and if you know anything REAL about Sarah, you at least have to know that she has a tremendous love for this country!! She did nothing to deserve Obama’s vicious attacks on her from day one sending 30 lawyers into Alaska to dig up dirt on her (which of course they couldn’t find) but they did manage to cost her and Alaska millions in phony charges…Sandra Fluke on the other hand put herself wide open in the public by announcing to Congress and the media that she was having so much sex that she couldn’t afford her birth control….she flounted her sin in public blatantly, and then said she expected to be paid for it….maybe no one should have commented on it, but it’s obvious what any decent person would be thinking of her…Rush just has a tendency to be totally honest, right or wrong…he wasn’t being malicious and vile like Bill Maher purposely tries to be…he was just being honest about what the girl said herself…he realized what he said was not called for and he apologized!! I as many others accept his apology…but no one has a right to viciously attack another and if Obama is going to apologize to one, then surely he should show more respect and apologize to all the problems he and the media caused Sarah Palin!! Go Bristol!! What a good job!!

      • where is your criticism of rush limbaugh. i can see russia from my house

        • Wildfire

          You are unaware of it, but you’re quoting a comedy show: Saturday Night Live.

          Those too stupid to think for themselves, often confuse Saturday Night Live with actual news events: “I can see Russia from my house!” was NOT said by Palin, but was instead spoken by Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live.

          Palin’s actual statement, speaking of Russia was: “They’re our next-door neighbors and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska.”
          She was of course correct.

          Yet the same people who can’t tell SNL from reality enjoy mocking Palin, but easily accept the words of Harvard Law School Graduate Obama:
          “It is wonderful to be back in Oregon. Over the last 15 months, we’ve traveled to every corner of the United States. I’ve now been in 57 states? I think one left to go. Alaska and Hawaii, I was not allowed to go to even though I really wanted to visit, but my staff would not justify it.”

          Just so you know: There are only 50 States, NOT “57”.

      • Mikelvr

        Sandra Fluke said nothing whatsoever about her own sex life. She told the story of a classmate who needed hormonal birth control, which also is used to treat polycystic ovary syndrome; when she couldn’t obtain it, she lost an ovary.

        Like Rush, you seem to believe that the more sex a woman has, the more birth control she needs. That is true only for single-use over-the-counter methods. A woman who takes birth control pills needs them every single day in order to be protected even if she has sex once in a blue moon.

        Speaking of “blue,” you and Rush seem to have birth control pills mixed up in your minds with Viagra. Which is covered.

        • Connie

          “Speaking of “blue,” you and Rush seem to have birth control pills mixed up in your minds with Viagra. Which is covered.”

          Lie! Viagra isn’t covered on every insurance policy, just as birth control pills aren’t. In fact, if you aren’t covered for your birth control, you can get it for $10 a month almost anywhere. If you aren’t covered for Viagra, those pills are like $30 each.
          Also, in most cases, birth control isn’t used to fix a medical problem (like viagra does). In case you aren’t aware, pregnancy isn’t a disease!

          • Jules

            In fact, if you aren’t covered for your birth control, you can get it for $10 a month almost anywhere…. In case you aren’t aware, pregnancy isn’t a disease!

            1. Actually if you are not interested in having a child Pregnancy is very much like a disease. One you can even die from it…still. One that can make you incredibly ill (I know I was) and one that is dangerous. Women who use BC pills are being responsible. As a consumer of a health insurance policy that I pay for I expect my BC RX to be covered just like maternity is covered.

            2. Only SOME women can use those $10 BC pills. Not everyone’s chemical makeup likes them. Some of us have to use a much more expensive type. If only they all came in generics.

    • Go ahead and say the exact same words Bill Maher said about Sarah Palin about any Democratic woman and see how strong that fig leaf of “it’s comedy” works when calling someone something completely vulgar purely to rev up the base with red meat insults.

      Sarah Palin may be a public figure, but no one, NO ONE, deserves the vulgar treatment she and her family even now continue to receive by those who think political opposition justifies everything.

    • Sharon

      So what you are saying is that it would be okay with you for Bill Maher to call Michelle Obama a c*nt because he’s a comedian. I don’t think it would. It’s not okay just because you are a public person like Michelle Obama.

      Do you think that Obama would put up with a PAC that supports him taking a donation from Maher if he had called his wife a c*nt even if it was in a comedy show? I don’t. No man who loved his wife would be okay with that.

      And if comedian Louis CK said this about Michelle Obama and her child: “her f*** retard making c***” and “the baby that just came out of her f**** disgusting c***.”, you would be fine with him being invited to entertain at the Radio and Television Correspondents dinner? Really?

      There’s a hypocrite here alright, and it’s you.

    • RRD

      No Julie, you are the one who is missing the difference. Fluke is an activist who has put herself in the public eye through editorials and leading protests long before the congressional testimony. Moreover, her presence before the committee was volutary and did not require her to offer her personal life as an arguement in favor of her cause. fluke is the public figure here – a role she chose for herself.

      Bristol Palin is the child of a public figure who was subject to leftwing attacks before she was even an adult. While she has since also chosen to be in the public eye, many of the worst of the attacks on her date back to the campaign. Even Obama claimed to know that the children of his opponents were off-limits; how is it that you have missed this important point?

    • myj

      You’re right, I don’t watch Bill and refuse to listen to Rush…. But I have read and watch Sarah Palin attack President Obama every chance she get. He have never response, even when the media try to get him to response, that is what I love about him. President Obama is Sarah number one target, why should he call Bristol?…. He stood up for Bristol back in 2008 to the point no one else came to him to tear Bristol down. Did Bristol or Sarah thank Obama, by calling him, writing him and sending a public thank?

  • Vod Kanockers

    On second thought, I think Todd Palin should ask maher to meet him somewhere on neutral ground, an then proceed to beat maher’s ass into the dirt an then take a leak on him.

    I’d pay to see that, and I bet a lot of others would too.

    To tell the truth, I’d bet Sarah could do the job also. You Go Girl!


    • Jeff

      Yes, violence is always the answer for conservatives. Because they are Christians, and that’s what Jesus taught.

      • SanDiegoJulygem

        Because he supports Bristol does not automatically equate to his being a Christian…

      • e Bonita Ledzius

        You are truly an fool. You might try to read a Bible page by page, from front cover to back before you try to say what Jesus taught.
        How about this…”For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life. Jesus did not come into the world to condemn the world, but that through him all might be saved.” Can you tell me where that is from? How about this one…”If we confess our sins he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness?” Know where that verse is? How about “Love your neighbor as yourself?” Tell me what Psalm 23 says. If you can’t answer these, then you know nothing about the Bible at all and should just shut up. “It is better to be quiet and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!” I won’t tell you where that quote came from either, but I will tell you that you have removed all doubt about the fool you are.

  • Tracy

    Obama won’t call because he is every bit as stupid as Maher.

  • Brian


    The President did defend you during the campaign…However, since the campaign has ended you have become part of the public culture. You have become very wealthy off of the fame that the campaign brought you and you are officially a public figure. Evidenced by the publication of your post even though you are no more qualified to discuss politics than any other single mom. It is your right to do so but the President CAN NOT come to the defense of every public figure attacked. I didn’t see any Republicans coming to Nancy Pelosi’s defense in 2010 or to Chelsea Clinton’s in the mid 1990’s.

    I do regret the primordial ooze to which public discourse has sunk but it is not the Presidents responsibility to apologize or admonish every single person. Ms. Fluke is putting herself into the public record more frequently and when public speaking becomes her main source of income as it is for Bristol then she will be a legitimate public target.

    It is incumbent upon the people to tone down the discourse and Bristol’s mother did nothing to dampen the rhetoric during the 2008 campaign or any day since. We reap what we sow. Jon Huntsman was right about the dysfunction! Republicans would have been wise to nominate him. He could have brought civility back to politics.

    • SanDiegoJulygem

      Absurd… again, another prime illustration of the double standard of liberal progressives…

      Then what is it, exactly that leftist progressive activist and former president of the LSRJ, Sandra Fluke did?? Yet SHE garnered a phone call from the President for what amounted to political grandstanding.

      Her entire reason for enrolling at Georgetown Law was specifically to JUST such an end; she was there at the special invitation of Nancy Pelosi.

      Keep drinking the Obamade…

      • gremlin

        You’re actually saying that she enrolled at Georgetown so she could bear the brunt of all of the sexist vitriol the right can vomit up? Really? What planet do you live on?

        • Connie

          No, she enrolled at Georgetown University for the explicit task of pushing them to offer contraceptives in their insurance policies.

          “Prior to commencing her legal studies at Georgetown Law School in 2009, Fluke researched the Jesuit university’s health plans for students and found, to her dismay, that they did not cover birth control, abortifacients, or medical abortion procedures. Resolving that “I was absolutely not willing to compromise the quality of my education in exchange for my health care,” Fluke enrolled at Georgetown and then spent the next three years lobbying the school’s administration to change its policy on the issue.”


    • myj

      Thanks…. President did not apologized to Ms. Fluke, he encourage dher to continue to take a stand. When he explain why he called her, it wasn’t so much about Ms. Fluke or his daughters, it was about ALL women (incuding you, Bristol) taking a stand in what they believe, even if he disagree. Rush wanted to bring fear and shut up all women to keep them in their place. President Obama encourage women to speak out and take a stand in what they believe.

  • Tita Angie

    My son recently won the geography bee contest at their school. When I asked him what was the winning question, he responded by…” Mom remember when Bristol Palin dances at Dancing with the star, you told me she was name after Bristol bay in Alaska.” So when the question was asked” Bristol bay is located in what State, a place where you can catch lots of salmon fish?… I know exactly what the answer was”… Bristol you became a lucky charm to my son who love you at Dancing with the star, he is eleven years old…Thank you for keeping your life straight after a youthful mistakes….using your head as you mature…a great role model for the youth who could easily make the same mistake. A decision that could be delayed or plan.

    • myj

      That’s so cute, smart kid!

  • Gary Allan

    The only thing that was wrong in this article is where I will correct , Obama is President only for the Liberals. Biden has even said if you don’t vote Democrat, don’t expect any help from him and his party(and I don’t want to hear about taking him out of context). That is a liberal tactic. Read their past and apply it to the present and future. Too many liberals did not vet Obama.

    • dyz

      Hi, Gary. Can I call you Gary? Why don’t you learn the definition of “vetting” then post again. Mkay?

      • R. McGadden

        Hey Dyzzy! Why don’t YOU learn the definition fo “vetting”, as Gary used it correctly. Oh, and while you’re at it, learn the difference between the letter “o” and the letter “m”. (hint “Mkay” is not a word . . . )

  • mredder4

    Why should Bill Maher be punished for the truth? Bristol Palin is a money-hungry parasite like her mother, and I pity the fools who send her support and money. There are literally thousands of causes more worthy than the Palins, and in more serious need of money and support. People who are being crushed by medical bills from cancer strike me as just one example. So maybe stop feeding this narcissistic girl’s personality disorder and try helping people who need it for a change. The Palins are millionaires now, and they don’t need pity, much less any more undeserved attention.

    • SanDiegoJulygem

      Who is sending money to the Palins? I didn’t know they became a charitable organization…

      As to truth, mredder, try reading something called the Bible… you WILL find truth in that!

      “For ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God”… yet, those who accept that gift of forgiveness, freely given, are redeemed and their slate is wiped clean. I’m not perfect, just forgiven. So is Bristol Palin.

      I doubt the same could be said of a Maher supporter and the rest of the progressive liberal ilk.

    • e Bonita Ledzius

      You seriously need a psychiatrist! Your pent up anger towards the Palins is not a pretty look on you, mredder4, and the unconnected thoughts that you put together in a sentence are really a bunch of drivel, and lies. Frankly she isn’t asking for money by her statements, and none of the Palins have begged for money. People like you really are deranged.

  • fblaze

    Politicians and their families have a right to some degree of privacy. This is true especially for a teen age out of wedlock mother. The Governor made a big mistake forcing her family into the limelight under the circumstances. Bristol has resisted privacy from time to time, “Dancing with the stars” and other publicity stunts. I choose to give her privacy by ignoring her, for her sake.

  • I don’t think the Mainstream Media will feature this, unless it’s to attack- though they’re very likely aware of this and seething in rage that you would dare speak against the One.

  • garygnfp

    The idea that Maher is a comedian and NOT a political pundit like Rush is bullfeathers. Watch his show if you can stomach it – all of his guests are politicos

  • Paul Cummings


    I am amazed at the victim stance of you, and your mother. Your mother used your family to market herself politically, and expecting then that no one would examine, critique, and or parody your family (I am not condoning the latter; especially Bill Maher). You have consistently used your 15 minutes of fame to enrich yourself, not the public discourse. So I am not surprised to see you jump into this fray to keep yourself in the public eye.

    Paul C

    • SanDiegoJulygem

      Pathetic, absolutely pathetic… what’s your favorite flavor of Obamade, and how much do you want them to sweeten it with false promises and lies?

      Bristol’s blog is spotlighting the hypocrisy of the leftwing Communist in Chief, nothing more. She’s not asking for your pity, nor anyone else’s!

  • Joe

    Good for you, Bristol! But I wouldn’t sit by the phone waiting for Obama to call, if I were you.

  • Andy

    Well said Bristol. I’d like to hear from you more often.

  • wake up ameruca

    Hit it out of the park! The hypocrisy of Obama should make women aware that he is using them. His call to Sandra was to pander Yo women because his numbers were going down. For those of you women that think he’s got your back. No the only thing he needs is your vote. This man plays the groups he needs in order to get reelected. His people make the point that Mahr is a comidian Then if all men put clown noses on can they call women anything they want?

  • Well said, Bristol.

  • Brava, Bristol, BRAVA!!!

    This post is absolutely brilliant!

    The Democrats’ double standard is sickening, and for them to claim that Republicans are waging a “war on women” is the epitome of PROJECTION! They are acusing Republicans of doing that of which they themselves are guilty!

    • SanDiegoJulygem

      BINGO, RP….

    • Imagine for a moment Rush Limbaugh calling Michelle Obama “slutty” and joked about Sasha Obama getting “knocked up” by Alex Rodriguez.

      And then imagine former First Lady Laura Bush going on Rush Limbaugh’s show.


      That is the flip of what is actually happening tonight, as Michelle Obama goes on a show where the host called Sarah Palin “slutty” and joked about Willow Palin getting “knocked up” by Alex Rodriguez.

      Letterman said those things, and Michelle Obama is on Letterman’s show tonight.

      Classy. (NOT!)

  • B. Devich

    We need a “Swift Boat” campaign. Perhaps, Larry Sinclair, Rev. Manning, Sheriff Joe, Trump, the Pope?

  • Independent

    Bristol, it is a very interesting letter to the President. However, there is one thing you conveniently forgot in this whole narrative. You never mentioned how your mother spewed her venom against Mr. Obama by saying for example ‘he is not one among us’ ‘he was paling with terrorists’ . Those are not very nice things to say on a public forum esp. when she is planning to occupy #2 office of the land. On the other hand, Mr. Obama defended your family by saying you and your siblings are off limits for political attacks. He never counter attacked your mother, in spite of her assassination of his character. I am sure, Mr. Obama would have arranged to convey to Bill Mahar to tone down his attacks on you or your family, had your mother behaved in a classy, decent and polished way. Candidate Obama never uttered any disrespectful words criticizing your mother. Alas! she never returned that courtesy to candidate Obama. Even now she doesn’t respect him as the President of USA. Don’t try to garner public sympathy with your blogs and rants. Any rational human being can see through all this smoke screen.

    • RefudiateObama2012

      Independent (yeah, we’re gonna believe you’re an Indie), you seem to suffer from a severe brain fog. I suggest you see a doctor to see if you can get it cleared up.

      • SanDiegoJulygem

        It’s that Obamade-induced haze (y’know, the stuff that they spike with all the artificial sweeteners which are actually poison *aka promises which are actually lies*)

        That’s something, like mercury, which builds up in body, I think… it would take something drastic to purge their bodies of it.

    • Sharon

      And we all know that Obama has never said inflammatory and hateful things about people he disagrees with either, right? wink wink.
      google is your friend.

      Since we all know that he has, by your definition conservatives can call Michelle and his daughters all kinds of vile names and it’s OKAY!

    • myj

      I couldn’t say it better!!! You’re so right!

    • Jules

      It is amazing that when one points out that the President defended Bristol and her family you get nothing but crickets from conservatives.

      If you point out that the President called SF to encourage her to stand-up up to the intimidation of the Right and not to apologize you get nothing but crickets.

      Of course if you point out that SF was not discussing her own sex life you hear nothing but crickets.

  • Suzie

    Very valid point. I wouldn’t expect your phone to ring, but how could he not see your point?

  • Kimberly Lindsey

    Love it!!!!! Very well written. The money should be returned, all women should be treated the same regardless of their political affiliation. I hope you DO get that call. But, I won’t hold my breathe.

  • Marilyn Kaye Gilfoy

    I have never thought, “He’s not my president!” and thought those words were quite silly. But he has proved that he is a divider, only choosing to call for civility to his side. Another failed presidential promise. His stand causes me to move away from him, and not towards him. He is our President and pray for him, and respect the office. I will defend you Bristol, and your family. I will respect you Bristol and your family. Thanks so much for all you do and when you speak out!

  • jill newsom

    bravo Bristol! Love it!! Speak the truth my friend!

  • Carley

    You go girl! It takes great courage to admit mistakes. That is why our president is a coward. I look forward to reading more of your writing.
    God be with you…

  • I don’t want to see Obama return the $1 Million to Bill Maher.

    I want to see Obama put his money where his mouth is… and since Obama claims that he is a Christian and he claims to care so much about young women, then let Obama publicly ask for his Super PAC to donate Maher’s $1 Million to Mercy Ministries.

  • Gord

    I would think that by now, it has become painfully obvious that Mr. Obama is not president for every American. He doesn’t represent all women. His failure to call out Maher over the reprehensible descritive devices used in Maher’s political comentary. oops, pardon me, his “comedy” routine. Yet he’d commiserate with that poor 30 year old child who was so “viley Attacked” by Rush Limbaugh.
    In my entire life, I have never seen a president so hell bent on destroying a country like Mr. Obama has/is and continues to do.
    Bristol, thank you for calling him out. America needs more citizens such as yourself and your parents.
    To Gov.Palin and Todd Palin, you have every right to be proud of your daughter. Actually, all your children.
    God bless you all and keep poking at them
    Bristol, don’t ever let them forget that every citizenhas the right and deserves to be represented fairly and equally by their leader.

  • Robert Johnson

    Want a call from President Obama? Give your number or email to one of his campaign sites. You’ll get call after call asking for money. Can’t get them to stop. And no, I won’t give them $25 for a chance for dinner with the president.

  • potvin

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for that call, Bristol. Obama only plays the race and selective outrage cards when it benefits him.

  • this was really funny… good for you for standing up for yourself and being smart and funny!! i’m so glad you got a blog, it will be very interesting to see what you post next.

  • Bristol, it’s great that you’re taking a stand against Obama’s hypocrisy. Keep it up! You have people behind you, even people who aren’t your mother’s fans.

  • gwhh

    Berry will call you right after you become a flaming liberal that makes Nancey P. look like Rush L. !!

  • Another Palin airing her family issues to get some attention. You people are no better than the Osbournes.

  • kevin

    Comedy vs talk show. Why don’t people understand the difference? If Obama (or anyone) called every woman a comedian insulted he wouldnt have time for anything else.

  • cloey

    You go girl! Just don’t sit by the phone waiting.

  • Richard

    From one Canadian observer to another. Give your head a shake when you get it out of the sand. If Obama has no control over who donates to his cause, he sure can return it. Liberals in Canada are singing from the same Liberal American song sheet. That’s why the Canadian Liberals go your butts kicked in the last Canadian election.

  • Tracy McCallister

    Well said Bristol! I wonder what all these men are afraid of? Women with opinions and strong convictions? This isn’t the 1950’s, we have voices now! I think it is interesting how the Left act like they love everyone and except everyone but yet their actions and words are full of hate. Also, since they won’t be able to use racism as a political platform, what really needs to be discussed is the sexism that still exist even in 2012. Bristol, I am a single mom of 3, I have always done it alone with out a man to make decisions for me or tell me how to think, in fact there aren’t a lot of quality men out there. Good for you calling out the Prez, you got that gumption gene, same as your momma. You go girl!

  • Terri

    Sandra Fluke is a private citizen. Bristol, you and your family are no longer private citizens, the price you pay for being famous is that jokes and bad things are said about you. Stop being so sensitive! You are rich and famous, so why do you care so much about what some comedian says!

    • WM

      @Terri — Sandra Fluke is a public figure, who willingly threw herself into the limelight. I’d call her a publicity whore but that would be uncharitable.

  • carpenter

    Do you all really think Bristol Palin wrote this?

    • Nova

      Trying to flee from the message little troll , dont’ya.

      • gremlin

        Hey Nora! Can I call you Nora?

        Bristol didn’t write this, honey. Sorry.

        Next up: There is no Tooth Fairy!

  • WM

    Bravo. The man is a flaming hypocrite and complete disgrace.

  • Joan Steinhoff

    Bill Maher is DESPICABLE!

    • Jeff

      I think you mean hilarious!

  • TexazEric

    Canadian Observer,

    First of all change your name, An Observer observes and does not interject their unwanted nor needed opinion into matters for which they have absolutely no vested interest. You are a Canadian focus on your own Canadian politics and keep your liberal quasi-socialist nose out of ours!

    Everyone, Please just ignore this ‘non-US American” as their opinion is moot in this situation. We are all well aware of our presidents love for Saul Alinsky type tactics. President Obama has vehemently supported Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals which specifically talks about getting your ilk to marginalize and then demonize your enemies, to discredit them no matter what the cost. He has shown his contempt for all Americans who do not share his hard core socialistic view for the U.S. That anyone thinks Mr. Obama is a “decent” man is completely uninformed on who he is. He is a very savvy and vicious man who will stop at nothing to destroy his opponents. He uses his radical Alinsky training to take aim at private American citizens. This is not what a “decent” man does much less a “decent” president. This president has been anything but accommodating to those that disagree with him. Even though the American people spoke in 2010 to stop his implementation of his policies, he has continued to forge forward full steam ahead against the will of the American people. 67% still want Obamacare repealed, He will not repeal nor accommodate it. This man is not decent in any way whatsoever!

    • Jeff

      What flavor was that koolaid they were handing out at the KKK rally you apparently went to?

      • TexazEric

        What kookaid would that be. Truth? Are you really so fleeced by the media to believe the bilge that they spew daily in defense of an indefensible president? Have you ever even tried to understand that people are influenced and act on the way that they are raised or trained? Do you really believe that Mr Obama is a center right president? Are you really that foolish? Who is drinking the KoolAid here? Have you not studied Mr. Obamas own words and actions? Did he not say that the constitution was “fundamementally flawed”? When you say stuff like that are you not saying the the founding document of our nation was wrong from its very fundamentals? Did he not say that he desires to “fundamentally change” the U.S.? Did he not say that he wants to “remake” the U.S.? When you have this world view that the U.S. Is flawed all the way back to its very basis of creation and that the “constitution… is a set of negative liberties”. that limit the government and that this is what is wrong with the constitution. Is it drinking Koolaid to take a man at his word when he says that he “sought out Marxist Professors” That he wants to “spread the wealth” or when he touts class warfare rhetoric at every turn actually creating an atmosphere of hate, anger and violence against those who are either somewhat wealthy “250K “a year or more or when he encourages his Obamatons to get in the faces of those who disgree with his quasi-socialist philosophies and to bring a “gun to a knife fight”? Does this really show you are the President of all the people? So I should just ignore his past and how he was raised and mentored by prominent, socialists, communists and radicals as people whose radical views have had absolutely no effect on Mr. Obamas world view? I should just listen to Keith Olbermann and MSNBC, CBS, NBC and ABC to tell me how clearly centrist Mr. Obama is even though every one of his actions indicate he is not even remotely centrist but a hard left radical who desires to nationalize large portions of the economy? I don’t believe it is I who is drinking any Koolaid, I have done my homework to vet this man and I do not like what I found.

      • e Bonita Ledzius

        Jeff, the KKK was started by democrats, and the fact that you don’t realize that you don’t have a clue about American History shows who is drinking the kool-aid. I would make a bet you don’t even know what “drinking the kool-aid” came from.

        • dyz


          The Southern racists in the Democratic party in the 60’s found a new home in the Republican party. They were expressly courted by Richard Nixon.

      • Wildfire

        I can’t speak for anyone else, but I wouldn’t know what flavor Koolaid was served at a Ku Klux Klan rally; I don’t attend Democrat functions.

    • Canadian Observer

      “That anyone thinks Mr. Obama is a “decent” man is completely uninformed on who he is. He is a very savvy and vicious man who will stop at nothing to destroy his opponents.”

      So, does that mean, Eric, that Mr. Obama will destroy whomever wins the Republican nomination, thus assuring for himself another four years at POTUS and Leader of the Free World?

  • Jordan

    Ummmmm… Obama has said numerous times that families should not be attacked, he can’t help that Bill Maher is hilarious and Bristol Palin and her gem of a mom continue to do things that are laced with idiocy. Rush Limbaugh called a woman a slut who was supporting birth control, not cool, not funny and he lost his advertising base. Bill Maher calls Bristol Palin, stupid and said Levi Johnson f****d her until a baby came out, well this is a true statement even if it is said a bit crassly. He made a disparaging comment about Sarah Palin talking to FOX news and saying he should be well versed because she has to explain things to a child with Down’s …. I disagree with this, Sarah Palin is well versed to talk to FOX News because she is a flaming idiot. Bill Maher is a comedian, his show is on HBO, not a ‘news’ station he doesn’t tout his words as anything other than his opinion, rush on the other hand touts his rhetoric as truth, and fair and balanced …. BS. Quit being whiny, he got a million dollars from a comedian who says not nice things, he didn’t get a million dollars from a big business leaders who want to keep their tax breaks.

    • Connie

      Hard to believe the number of ridiculous statements you made in that one comment.

      The fact that you believe Maher to be ‘hilarious’ pretty much says all there is to say about you.

  • Richard

    From one Canadian observer to another. Give your head a shake when you get it out of the sand. If Obama has no control over who donates to his cause, he sure can return it. Liberals in Canada are singing from the same Liberal American song sheet. That’s why the Canadian Liberals got your butts kicked in the last Canadian election.

    • Ohiochristian

      Do you have any idea about laws around Super Pacs.
      If you did you would know that one of the problems with them is that the candidate has absolutely no control over who donates to them. Infact the law forbids them from having any contact or say in the Super Pac. I thought that is what the conservatives wanted. – unlimited donations from whoever without candidate consent.
      And now you blame Obama for something that he has always spoken out against.

  • Taylor

    Wow!! This is so powerful!!!!! Obama is such a tool, along with all the others mentioned above. There are tons more that weren’t named, and I have no respect for any of them. You go Bristol!!! I just had a baby 3 weeks ago, I found out I was pregnant this summer (I was 18 at the time now I’m 19) we got married in August and it has been amazing. Although I do wish it had occurred a few years down the road when we would be a little more stable in our lives. But god has a reason and plan for everything! 🙂 Bristol you are such an inspiration. Funny how god works things out… I bought your book 2 days before I found out… (June 28 changed me forever) I read your book in 6 hours… And I needed that inspiration before taking this journey. Thank you for that:) keep it up girl!! Your whole family has impacted my life and many others in such a positive way!!!!!!

  • Jeff

    Ah yes, the poor Palins. Perhaps, Bristol, if you’d take some time to do some critical thinking, you might see why you’re not getting a call from the President. One: You are not a private citizen any longer. You have put yourself in the public eye through a reality show, Dancing With The Stars, a book, and another failed reality show. Mr. Maher’s criticism of your mother/family was not due to her testifying before a committee. It was due to her fanning the flames of racial hatred at one of her rallies when people started shouting things about the President. Bill Maher is also not the de facto head of the Democratic party. Rush Limbaugh is. For all the talk about how much more Limbaugh’s show is listened to than Maher’s show is watched, a lot of conservatives like to draw a false equivalency when it suits them. All you did to get famous was have sex with a lunkhead and have a mom get nominated for VP. If you truly wanted to play the ‘poor me’ card, you would have stayed out of the public eye and not gone running to US Weekly or Star or People. Or DWTS, or wrote a book. You have more advantages than most single mothers out there by virtue of having a wealthy family who pretends to care about you. But like your mom, you wanted more fame. Your fake outrage is really just an excuse to have more publicity.

    • Nova

      Wow , she really hit a nerve , that was a desperate flood of DNC talking points.

    • Tim

      “Bill Maher is also not the de facto head of the Democratic party. Rush Limbaugh is.”

      Limbaugh is the head of the Democrat (not Democratic) party????

      Good indication of your lack of comprehension and reasoning ability. Don’t expect anyone to take you seriously.

      • Nova


    • Molly

      Spot on Jeff.

    • myj

      Bino!!! You hit it on the head

  • True Patriot

    Way to go Bristol. Throwing it right back at this Illegal Usurper Hypocrite.

    There is a reason why Flukes are parasites, and yes they are also lefties. 🙂

  • Zeek

    The problem is the utter chick-ification of America, for want of a better word.

    In an ideal world, Todd Palin and Bill Maher would go out behind the gym and Bill would discover that his alligator mouth was only good for getting his hummingbird ass kicked. He would look disconsolately at his splendid teeth lying in his quickly-congealing blood and snot on the hot blacktop. He would look in vain for a sympathetic face among the crowd of onlookers. And find none. He would look at Sarah and her daughters. He would hear Todd yelling “Take it back, or I will put your head back in the toilet!” he would snivel, “I take it back.”

    “Who’s a ‘t**t?” “Bill Maher is a t**t.”
    “Who’s c**t?” “Bill Maher is a c**t.”

    He would wait in the cafeteria dumpster until the crowd got tired of laughing at him, and he would sneak off to the ignominy he deserved.

    The “C” word would be gone forever from his vocabulary except for the times in the morning in front of his mirror when he got a good look at what was left of his face before he put his dentures in and finished getting ready for the afternoon shift at the video rental store.

  • blueniner

    Right On, Bristol the Pistol, Bullseye!

  • Maggie

    Bravo. How much has Letterman donated? How about Jon Stewart?

  • Justine

    Obama is a hypocrite who immediately phoned Ms. Fluke for the terrible comments about her by Rush but totally ignored far worse, really vile unprintable, names he called Republican women (like Bristol Palin) made by his millionaire leftist supporters. Is that clear enough proof for you dim bulb Obamabots? If you only keep up with the main stream media you’re getting less than half the truth. Search it on the internet and you’ll quickly see the proof about Obama’s unequal treatment of conservative women and their abuse by leftists. Obama didn’t call Bristol names, that’s not the point. Get your head out of the sand. The point is he only cares about the abuse of liberal women like Fluke who by the way was not the innocent she claimed to be but a shill for Pelosi and her minion. Libs are all about lies and painting false pictures for gullible Americans to swallow.

  • Very well said! You’re bold just like your mom.

  • janetjump

    I just love u and your family!!!! YOU ROCK!!!

  • Debra

    I just can’t help myself…Jordan you are a perfect example of a liberal idiot! I have never called names before, but you cannot even see the hypocrisy that oozes from your statement.

  • Rachel Ray Bell

    This really bothers me. I don’t understand how he can get away with that when anyone else would be slaughtered. Praying for you and your family as always. Even if you don’t agree with someone’s views, it doesn’t mean you talk about them like that!

  • Jordan

    Bill Maher being a comedian absolves him of nothing, if u don’t like his JOKES then don’t listen to them, and to the guy who said we don’t make jokes about minorities anymore; Do you listen to standup? I hear white guys doing black jokes, str8’s doing gay jokes, Jews doing Jew jokes… Comedy is just as blue as it always has been…. If you don’t like what is said, don’t listen.

  • WM

    Hey Bristol — You have no moral or legal obligation to publish the hateful comments of the left. In fact, I argue that you might have a moral obligation not to publish simply to teach them that freedom of speech is not free. To be sure, why should you pay for the bandwidth that so that others may abuse you?

  • Bristol, you did this in a way only you could. So many of us come to the defense of folks like you who are under attack from the Left; it’s a great thing to see you stand up for yourself with clarity, sense, and irrefutable reason.

    You’ve gained a new follower.

  • janetjump


  • Ron

    The hypocrisy of the left is laughable. Obama is the leader of the Hypocratic Party, and he wants so badly to be the Dictator of the United States. Any of you weak minded people on here defending him, are as bad as him, and the low life comedian who spews the typical left hatred. At least the comedian is being honest about his hatred, while Otraitor hides his.
    Double standards are the norm from the left. No one should be surprised.

  • jana

    Just Maybe, President Obama doesn’t see either Ms Palin as a good role model for his daughters. I certainly don’t wish for my grand daughter to grow lemon trees, then expect public adoration for making lemonade.

    • Sharon

      But apparently he thought it was a good idea to have a racist, anti-semitic pastor marry him and Michelle and baptise his daughters. And then as his daughters grew to continue to let that racist anti-semitic pastor be a role model for them.

  • sarah

    Well put Bristol you did an amazing job without attacking and it shows how much class you have praying for you and your family

  • Wild Bill

    Oh, how cute! She thinks she’s relevant.

    • Fesofee

      You took the time to respond didn’t you?

      • gremlin

        Because it’s fun. 😉

  • Eunice Myers

    Bristol, you are doing great! It’s a joy to watch you mature and grow into the
    dynamic woman you are destined to be.
    God Bless you, Sweetie…

  • sfgirl

    Wow, really? Maher is a comedian who made comments about a celebrity who has profited off of her illegitimate child. Limbaugh is a political commentator who made comments about a private citizen speaking up for what she believes is right. There is a huge difference. And President Obama does not control who contributes to the PAC. Additionally, Bristol’s mother, Sarah defended Rush and supported his first amendment right to speak out.

    • Thinkdifferently

      The president said he was going to lead by example on this matter, that there is not room for this type of discourse in our political banter. Well?

      If he was a principled man he would call Bristol and return the money to Maher. It’s true, he doesn’t have control over who contributes to the Super PAC but he has control over what monies are returned. I’m sure he is afraid to stand up to Maher since Maher is a needed foot soldier.

      The problem with a liberal argument is it’s not rooted in principles it just a counter to a principled statement. That is why Maher’s and Limbaugh’s professions were added to the argument.

      I wonder if a liberal would be offended if a political comedian aimed a socially unacceptable derogatory word at the black conservative speak out what he believes (example Alan Keyes, I’ve heard what they call him). Probably not. Need principles for an liberal to find outrage in that example.

    • Jeannette

      The other difference of course is that EVERYONE fully expects a liberal to behave in a vile manner. It isn’t news, it isn’t shocking, it isn’t anywhere near missing the bar of public expectations. He and you are liberals, therefore no one expects the slightest hint of decent human behavior from you. One thing that Americans of all kinds agree on, is that are just too many liberals in this country: we’d like you to change your minds and hearts, but you insist on exterminating yourselves through every social program you can come up with (ESCR, so many contraceptives that you can’t even afford them so you have to violate Catholics’ First Amendment rights, abortion, gay marriage, euthanasia). Even the President, during the 2008 election season, pointed out that if his daughters became pregnant, he wouldn’t want to punish them (and us!) with another Obama.

      Rush, on the other hand, is a conservative. Therefore, we have expectations of him that he failed to meet, so he apologized.

      Bristol, one quibble: you’ll do best if you remember the difference between “mistakes” and “sins”. It will help you raise your son if you’re honest with yourself and others about which is which. I thank God for your beautiful son; my own father was an “unplanned pregnancy” too.

    • Diane


      Sarah defended free speech. Good on her! She has never called for any of the people who have insulted/slimed/slurred/belittled/humiliated her or her kids to be stripped of their 1st amendment rights.

      Sarah did point out the hypocrisy of all the political talking heads and politicians who were outraged by Rush’s comments but who don’t care about Letterman, Maher, Shultz, Olberman….. calling women twats, bimbos, sluts, whores, cunts, mashed up bags of meat, not to mention the top ten conservative women you would want to “hate fuck” (rape?)….classy group you liberals.

      Rush got bit in the pocket book. I’m glad! He deserves the wrath of the media, his advertisers and his listeners.

      I wish liberal idiots who spewed their contempt for women were treated the same.

  • Donna Seele

    Bristol,ever hear the saying “You cant make a silk purse with a sows ear”? barry the fake prez is a lying scumbag and does not care who or what gets in his way. Tell em to go to hell.

    • another one. by fake president you are saying im a racist bigot no black man should be president. i bet you go to church every sunday also.

      • Wildfire

        Maybe a little clarity is in order:
        No UNQUALIFIED Black (or White or Yellow, or Red) man should be President.

  • speppers69

    Well said, Bristol…very well said.

  • Jewell Satterfield

    None of us have control over what someone else says about us. However, there should be limits as to what we have to listen to/ be exposed to/ have to defend ourselves from such idiocy; i.e. bringing such garbage into our homes and pollution into our heads. After all,were this happening to a male, what would be their comments?

    And as for Bristol. I do believe that she should have the same rights as these other twits.

    The best attack for these types of rants is WOMEN, DON’T VOTE TO REELECT OBAMA and don’t listen to such misogynists. Someone will always agree with what they say–regardless of how idiotic it is. And men, consider your moms, daughters, sisters, etc. When a person comments about all women, he is talking about all of us. I don’t listen to such ridicule targeting women or anyone else for that matter. Boycott!

    • myj

      Are you crazy? President have great respect for women and have always supported women… Mrs. Obama is so blessed to have such a caring, loving husband. He has everything a woman want in a man. Not one Republican candidate, comes close to supporting women as much as President Obama…. He will receive majority of the women votes.

      Obama/Biden 2012

  • Carpenter Dave

    Great letter! Exposes Obumer for the hypocrite he is. As a father and husband I wonder how Todd keeps from paying Maher a personal visit.

  • Susie Dove

    I’m with you on this 100%. You have my prayers & support.

  • Slaqueur

    Yep, there goes Bristol, taking a situation that has nothing to do with her, and making it ALL about her.

  • Dawn Elle

    Right ON Sista!

  • Lol.

  • cb1837

    Now where is the Bristol Palin blog post denouncing Rush Limabugh for calling Sandra Fluke a slut? Couldn’t find it. Sandra Fluke is waiting for your blog post, Bristol…

  • Bristol, finish your education and get a job.

  • AZ Granny

    Brilliant letter, Bristol!

  • joseph

    May God bless you Bristol.You made the liberals looks like the idiots that they are.

  • Diane

    The first lady is set to appear on David Letterman.

    Would she appear on his show if he had suggested that Sasha had gotten “knocked up by Alex Rodriguez during the 7th inning stretch” and then snarkily “apologized” by saying he was referring to the Obama’s older daughter Malia????

    No! No mother would. But, hey, as long as it wasn’t her girls, why not.

    I hope team Obama is rewarded with all the votes of people who laugh at jokes about middle aged men knocking up young girls…we will do just fine with the votes from the people who weren’t amused.

    • dyz

      Michelle Obama would not use her daughters as props to gain political leverage. Sarah Palin has pimped her children from day one. Those poor kids didn’t have a chance.

    • Ohiochristian

      You know Sarah Palin went on Conan. Google what he said about her.
      Its only expediant to bash other people but people fail to see how much of hypocrits the Palins are. Bristol is a single mother have you hear what Rick Santorium or what Ann Coulter said about single mothers. Where is Bristol`s post on her phone call from them. When Her mother attacks Mrs Obama who has never attacked Sarah Palin none of you `fair`conservatives ever say anything. But now you want the President who came out strongly in support of Bristol to do what you want. You are so blind to you own hypocracy. And the truth nothing absolutely nothing good the President does will ever satisfy your hatred

  • JayKay

    I am a fairly liberal person, but I actually enjoyed reading this and I believe it raises a valid point. That being said, I think we should be clear on the SuperPac thing. All candidates receive money from despicable people, and if we were to analyse the majority of donors, I think we would find that most of them have said horrible, horrible things about people from all walks of life. Sadly, this is what we can expect from politics in general. Obama giving back the money is absurd, as it would be with most candidates from most donors. Until the system changes, this is what we can expect from the ethics of our political circus.

    However, despite the fact that I am not a Palin supporter, I do think that the Palin family was treated very unfairly, specifically the kids. There is no reason that the Palin kids needed to be the centre of any of the dirty jabs and equally I believe the Obama kids don’t deserve any of that negativity.

    We should also keep this in context though as well. Most of the negative attacks were occurring during campaigning and not while Obama was president. There were some pretty horrific things that were said from both sides about both families.

    This is not a “left vs right” thing. This is about how effed of a system we have that allows this kind of slander. Nobody deserves to have their innocent families personally attacked in the media, and I appreciate being reminded of that.

    • Rebecca

      I agree with most of what you say with the exception of our political campaigns. When do we start to demand a more respectful dialogue that tackles the issues and offers solutions? After all, the system won’t be changed by those benefiting from it, so it is up to us to demand that things change. Also, the superPAC aspect is irrelevant since Bristol clearly stated that she does not expect the money to be returned but, for some reason, all women that posses a conservative ideology are tied to Rush Limbaugh, in what way, I am not sure.

  • Tim

    Very well said Bristol!

    Great ShePAC video; the video is exposing Obama’s willingness to look the other way.

  • Jorge

    Did your mom apologize for saying he was pallin around with terrorists?

    • Rebecca

      since when does one apologize for telling the truth? I will never understand why liberals are so enamored with seeking out online articles and posts that have already decided they disagree with, even before reading, just so that they can make a nuisance comment. There must be some sort of dysfunction in communication skills that goes back to childhood. Normal people prefer to engage in conversation with like-minded individuals and even debate issues on the merits with those who have opposing views. There is some mental defect in a large number of liberals where they, for some reason, never developed healthy communication skills that make me almost feel sorry for them, almost but not quite.

    • Diane

      1. The Weather Underground was a terror group.

      2. William Charles “Bill” Ayers was a member of Weather Underground.

      3. Barrack Obama launched his first political campaign in the home of Bill Ayers.

      • gremlin

        Wrong, dear. The first person to hold a “coffee” for Barack Obama was a rabbi in the neighborhood. But don’t let facts get in the way of your little reality.

      • Ted

        Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve seen someone pull out the throwback ’08 election scare-phrases. There’s no helping people like you.

        • Bete

          wow, so now speaking the truth is a scare tactic?

          • joe

            wow… (just to be one of the cool kids)

            You’re wrong. But don’t let that stop you from not voting in November.

  • Tiffany

    Honestly, I’m not surprised that “President” Obama hasn’t followed through with ANYTHING he has promised to do…………unless it personally benefits him. As a single mom myself, I have found great inspiration in you and in your mother as women who have been put through the ringer and still come out rosy! I love your determination to take what’s coming at you and still make your children top priority. The world needs more women like the Palin’s! God bless!!!

  • Great article, Bristol. That last sentence hits the nail on the head. Check out my article on the subject at my column at The Washington Times Communities – “Satire and Sandra Fluke: Was Rush Limbaugh really wrong?”

    ~ Amanda

    • David

      So what you’re saying is that Bill Maher was just using satire?

      lol Thanks for completely destroying Bristol Palin’s entire post – couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • basedinreality


      In light of the context, however, Limbaugh arguably used the terminology correctly. After all, contraception is something an unmarried woman would want to have covered in her health insurance plan if she happens to be sexually promiscuous.

      What do you define as sexually promiscuous? Um….if I’m unmarried but in a long term stable monogamous relationship….BUT I want my health insurance that I PAY for to cover contraception (because I don’t want a baby right now…at this stage in my career…out of wedlock) then I’m sexually promiscuous?

      You really don’t think much of your audience do you? But maybe that says more about them than you……..

    • basedinreality

      Oh crap…your article gets worse…I think I just vomited a little in my mouth…I’m so sorry….for….you….really…..

  • basedinreality

    Reading these replies is hilarious….someone call the Palin’s a Wahhhmbulance….talk about holding a grudge….making a punchline sexist joke about a Palin….vs 9 hours of NON STOP disgusting slandering and maligning and name calling……asking for Sandra Fluke to post videos of herself having sex and saying she can barely walk for all the sex she is having and talking on and on and on about what a slutty sex obsessed feminist she is (AND lying to his audience about her testimony, her agenda, the whole issue in general – whoop whoop keep em uninformed Rush!)….yep….the two are definitely on par….oh and how many people LISTEN to Rush Limbaugh vs Bill Maher? Come now surely you people know how to google? Get some commonsense (not the Palin type)……. 9 HOURS in one week…he spewed VILE nastiness…..I don’t hear conservatives condemning him one bit….instead you’re just pointing to Maher…”But But But Bill did it!” NO BILL DID NOT….he made sexist jokes at Palin’s expense…wah wah…..the Sandra Fluke controversy was all over the news and Rush was STILL pumping out the poison to this MILLIONS of listeners…..I thought it was just kind of the President to call her and say “Hey don’t let this get you down, don’t make this think you can’t stand up for what you believe in…..” and look at the silly shallow Palins….so desperate for some attention ANY attention lol….keep it up….this post and that video just shows how sad and pathetic and thin skinned you really are….

    • Evaluator

      Obviously you failed to notice after her campaign speech for Obama-care, she later started recanting her supposed “testimony” and the $3000 cost of birth control ($9 month for birth control pills equals 27.777 years worth) must make her the oldest student an the college. “Well, I was talking about friends.” Yea, right. She is nothing less than a shill for the liberal left and the Obummer’s propaganda machine. “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with BULLS$#T”. I stand by Rush’s evaluation according to the testimony–(that we now know was purgery) that she provided to the panel.

      • basedinreality

        Ah see there…I am based in reality and you are espousing opinion and fiction…she never recanted (or started to?)…she had to defend herself from Rush saying she was having so much sex…she never talked about herself…she testified about women’s health needs….and she explained that (explaining to simple people isn’t recanting….)
        You just said you STAND by Rush…and you called the President Obummer….you’ve negated yourself from having an intelligent conversation right there…..
        ps *perjury….there are online dictionaries…maybe you should spend a little time there….
        pps Evaluator? Hi MamaGrizzly 🙂 I should’ve known it was you…makin up words an all…..

      • Ted

        I get to call you an idiot now, because clearly you’re getting all of your information from Rush, the Palins, or even worse: FOX News. The reason I say this is because Fluke never recanted, nor began to recant, nor contradicted herself. Yet on Fox & Friends, they talk about her inconsistent testimony. They’re LYING. Don’t the idiots that watch Fox News realize that everything on that channel is spin? Even Bill-O’s “no-spin zone” is spin. An independent study released at the end of 2011 found that people who get their news from FOX are technically less informed than people who watch no news at all. Just think for yourself, people.

        • basedinreality

          Amen Ted 🙂

        • myj


  • Mark

    Um. Bristol, I realize that being a dunce “reality show” personality means it’s hard for you to grasp the discrepancy here – but Bill Maher is a COMEDIAN. Rush Limbaugh is the VOICE OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, whom Congressional Republicans consistently APOLOGIZE to if they criticize him, and who’s entire existence is dedicated to politics. Bill Maher – is a C-O-M-E-D-I-A-N – in the same way that George Carlin was a C-O-M-E-D-I-A-N. Again – I realize this is difficult for a spoiled little reality show star to understand, but try to push your one brain cell to the point of bursting to attempt to grasp this simple and obvious distinction – unless you’re willing to call Rush Limbaugh a COMEDIAN? Naw, didn’t think so. Then you’d have to apologize to him.

    • Rebecca

      I don’t recall Rush being chosen as voice of the Republican Party. Can you refresh my memory please? I would assume that the Republican National Committee would be the voice of the party and Rush does not have a role there. In fact, the only people that call him the voice of the party are the liberals.
      “Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”
      – President Reagan

    • Evaluator

      Hey Mark,
      Obummer is a C-O-M-E-D-I-A-N. I laugh at him every day. The only problem is, He’s not F-U-N-N-Y

    • e Bonita Ledzius

      Mark…”It is better to keep one’s mouth shut and be thought a fool, than to open it up and remove all doubt.” You just removed all doubt as to the fact you are indeed a fool. A comedienne quits being just a purveyor of comedy when he begins to take his anger towards politicians to attack them. His comments towards Bristol and her mom had no humor about them, nor were they in anyway comedy. You really have shown you have no good taste, nor any sense of true humor. But you do however show you have a demented mind, and a real need for psychiatric help.

  • Gena

    Atta girl Bristol! BIG love from Michigan! Thank you for speaking out against the hypocrisy that constantly fires at us from the left!

    • dyz

      I’m always surprised when people post stupid stuff like this comment and include their photo and personal information!

      • e Bonita Ledzius

        I’m really surprised at the idiots that hide behind a psuedonym to spew hate and lies. It shows they aren’t real men and women, nor have the maturity to be considered an adult. Hiding in your mom’s basement, dressed in your pajamas all day, spewing hate is a real mature way to act…not. But it is what people who don’t have the intelligence to get a job, serve in the military, or for that matter do anything constructive with their lives usually do. Hiding behind that fake name doesn’t make you intelligent or mature. It makes you look like the whimp you are. Personally, I would rather be the type of person who will say on here what I would say to your face, using my own name. Why? Because I don’t fear you at all!

        • dyz

          OMG! You just said “real mature way to act”!!!!!

          Plus you misspelled wimp!

          Thank you for proving my theory of conservative pro-Palin blogging!

  • David

    Yeah, when your mom apologizes to the President of the United States for the OUTRAGEOUS things she’s called him, maybe he’ll consider calling you – to explain the difference between what a COMEDIAN says – and what the VOICE OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY says – in terms of its importance.

    • Evaluator

      In your progressive mind, you somehow rationalize that the word “comedian” is a blanket justification to slander. If your memory is any longer than your manhood, Rush apologized to the woman. Maher has not,
      so Fluke you!!

  • Cathy

    Your family has been walked upon one to many times! I think it is a disgrace and the mere fact that it is okay to degrade conservative women, but come to the aid of liberal ones is thoroughly disgusting. That just further extends the obvious division in this country. While being called a “slut” is not very nice…I find the “c” and “t” words to be absolutely gross. It should not matter…shame on President Obama – “wants to lead by example” – hhhhmmmm WOW – not a great one, for sure!! Very articulate blog Bristol…you have a lot to proud of.

  • B. Dewayne Brown

    Bristol and Sarah Palin should shut the hell up. This has nothing to about women and a lot to do with the Palin family’s quickly dwindling 15 minutes of fame. Anyone with half a brain could see that the Limbaugh situation is totally different from Bill Mahr.

    If Bristol cant stand the heat in the public eye then get out of it. It was Sarah who prostituted her out in front of the public as a paragon of virtue because she was an unwed teen who decided to keep her kid at the same time chiding many others about their values. The blatant hypocrisy from the Palins is why they draw the constant ire of comedians.

    Considering the hate mongering that Sarah Palin did in the last campaign and continues to do on Fox News Show. It is President Obama and the country who should be expecting a call from the Palins apologizing for the outright lies they have told to polarized this country and bring out the worst in the Republican party and the country.

    • Evaluator

      B. Dwayne Brown,
      You are a living testimonial of the right of liberals to birth control and abortion.

  • David

    Funny, Bristol – I don’t see a single statement in your post condemning Rush Limbaugh for what he said…and yet you’re trying to make a comparison with Maher – a COMEDIAN – and Limbaugh, who is not one. So – Bristol – are you saying that what Limbaugh said is wrong, then? I take it that’s the takeaway from your post? That you condemn Limbaugh for saying what he did?

    • CR

      Limbaugh did not issue obscene attacks on Bristol and her family. Maher did so repeatedly. Try to process that…if you are capable.

    • Minerva

      Maher is a Comedian – Limbaugh “is not one”. Anyone notice this argument never defines what Limbaugh is? He’s a radio DJ. An entertainer.

      Limbaugh went too far. Once.

      Maher needs a new writer he’s bashed Conservative women so often. Name a conservative woman and I can find him using the tired old attacks, I mean ‘jokes’. I’m tired of being told I’m a stoopid hypocrite c*nt because I’m a conservative. And, Maher isn’t the only one. Furthermore, these vile attacks started when Bristol was a *minor* and never asked to be in the public eye – because people like Maher (and those who laugh at his jokes) are pigs.

      Another difference is that Conservatives don’t support blacklisting (yes, it was started by Dems in the 1940s).

      Canadian Observer – you want some proof? When did he apologize to Palin, Bachman, and countless other conservative women?

      Thank you so much Bristol. It’s clear you were brought up right and blessed with a baby (not punished with one, like he must feel he and Michelle were, 2x, though I think the girls are lovely.)

    • Evaluator

      Is what your espousing if I consider myself a comedian, I get a free pass to say anything I want to regarding Obama’s girls and wife? Or your wife and kids for that matter?

  • Chris in Ottumwa

    Seems rather odd that anyone could misunderstand the point Bristol is making! Its pretty clear what the President has done concerning LIBERAL women and what he is not doing for CONSERVATIVE women…

    Sure wish the President had 1% of the common sense Bristol has shown in this posting!

  • David



  • susan

    Beginning with the 2008 campaign, Sarah Palin and her family have been subjected to vicious personal attacks and smears. These attacks exemplify the double standard of those on the left and this President, who can make the time to phone Ms. Fluke, offering support, while other women, like Bristol (and tens of thousands more) are nothing more that ‘political fodder’ undeserving of common decency. Bristol hit the nail on the head! You go girl and God Bless.

  • Diana

    Well, President Obama, if you are hoping that Sasha and Malia are treated with civility when they speak their minds….it will only be so if they say things that are approved of by the liberals/progressives. If Sasha and Malia were to step off of the liberal plantation…all hell would break lose toward their right to speak their mind. Just ask Carrie Prejean.

    • pol

      Like when the Free Republic posted a picture of Malia and commenters “went there” with the n word and just about every racial slur imaginable? Calling the young lady ghetto trash? Yeah, that was totally freaking awesome!!! Made me proud to be an American.

      • susan

        never happened . . . liar

    • Elizabeth

      You didn’t just say plantation.

  • Right on target. 🙂 All American women should be treated equally by a president of the USA regardless of their views. Of course Obama is not really a president, more like a nonstop golfer.

  • Why does it take so long to get a comment approved and posted?

    • bettie

      dear jesus please keep temptation at bay

  • moderately

    I’d say you should expect a call about the same time the President of the USA starts calling Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton. You are the same person, aren’t you, that said on national TV that winning DWTS would have let you “give a big middle finger” to cetain viewers, and if I remember you are the same person who was in a bar in West Hollywood, with a camera in tow, that approached a heckler to accuse him of being gay? Really, I think sticking up for a citizen that testifies before congress is just a little different.

  • Soopercali

    I must have missed the outrage when Rush Limbaugh referred to Chelsea Clinton as a dog. Because I see how protective conservatives are of women and children.

    Seriously, the difference is, Bill Maher really is just a comedian. (So is Louis C.K.) People pay money to watch them perform their routines. They don’t control votes, they don’t actually influence people, and elected Democrats aren’t afraid of ignoring either of them or contradicting what they say. So if they make yet another tasteless, misogynist comment in passing, people either ignore them or denounce them – without fear of being piled on by that comedian’s fans.

    Now compare and contrast this with what happens when Rush Limbaugh, the “entertainer”, decides to spend THREE DAYS attacking an individual woman, deliberately misconstrues what she says, calls her a slut, and demands that she presents video of her sex life for his perusal. It differs from Bill Maher in both intent and scale. You can’t reasonably compare one of Maher’s throwaway shock comments, however mean or tasteless, with what Rush does. Rush is, after all, the unacknowledged spokesman for the Republican Party; GOP politicians are extremely reluctant to incur his wrath. (Just imagine if Anthony Weiner had been the one caught in a country known for its sex tourism with a pocketful of illegally obtained Viagra.)

    That said, sexism and misogyny is a real problem in the public arena. Louis C.K.’s comments about your mother and brother were indeed awful.

    And many of us female Democrats did, in fact, defend your mother from that kind of treatment during the 2008 primary campaign. We even pointed out that we were only inviting that kind of treatment for Hillary Clinton if we let the attacks on Sarah Palin go unanswered. (And yes, we were ignored or attacked in some rather nasty ways as a result. Sexism does cross party lines, after all.)

    So this is a problem that goes beyond individuals, or parties. People tend to look the other way when someone to whom they’re sympathetic crosses a line. But since bad behavior is amplified and repeated when it’s encouraged, perhaps we can all agree that we should speak up about such behavior, regardless of the target. (For instance, my black friends are very offended when Republicans openly use racist terms to describe the president, or refer to him as “the Kenyan.”)

    “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.”

  • Amazing Post Bristol, and right to the point. Not that this imposter in the White House would really care, all he cares about (and you said that in your post perfectly) is his liberal followers but you have my support.

    Blessings to you young Lady

    best regards

  • the presidet does a nice thing and calls miss fluke and you have the nerve to say he only calls liberals or a certain women. apparently its ok for rush limbaugh to call somebody a slut there was no mention of this in your blog so you must agree with him as long as she is a liberal a certain women,

    • keith barry

      the president USED miss fluke to garner support from women. he used fluke, limbaugh, his own daughters, and the american women, to try pushing his healthcare mandate through against the constitutional 1st amendment rights of people of faith.he didnt “do a nice thing”. and sandra fluke also USED women, and georgetown university, and the american people, to advance her agenda of being the next elana kagan wannabe. hey liberals..were on to you..and were not being quiet this very afraid 😉

  • Angela

    Hi Bristol,

    I am a 32 year old mother of 2. I saw the link to your blog on Facebook and decided to check it out…with really low expectations. I have to tell you that I am impressed! I have not read your book or really followed you much at all because I was pretty turned off with the way you were portrayed in the media (as I am with just about everyone they thrust into the spotlight). But now, after reading your very well-spoken, thoughtful, and truthful blog, I will get your book. I look forward to reading about your life-transforming faith and how you have embraced motherhood.

    And for the record, I’m not crazy about Rush Limbaugh or Bill Maher, but I think the things Maher said about you and your family are utterly disgusting and reprehensible. It’s a shame that these men, who talk for a living, cannot come up with more important or worthwhile things to say. It always amazes me how someone has the nerve to rip on someone else’s character (or their perception of it) while clearly degrading their own by using such cheap tactics to get attention.

    Best of luck to you and your little guy! I’ll be following you (the real you, not the one who pops up occasionally in US Weekly or People) from now on and now have great expectations that I’ll continue to enjoy what you write.

  • I think this open letter comes across a little partisan, when you could have addressed so much more. Why not actually say what you think of Rush Limbaugh’s comments, since you and your family have received similarly unfair attacks? Why not even talk about SuperPACs in general, since they are leading to a more toxic political landscape than ever?

    As a moderate, I keep hoping someone will step up and say the things that need to be said, and I don’t think you did that here. You stuck too closely to conservative talking points, when I would have much rather read your own thoughts.

    • keith barry

      im laughing @”as a moderate” come off as a slick do you know those WERE NOT her thoughts..? they are not YOUR thoughts, so OF COURSE they CANT be her thoughts..which is typical liberal mentality. how about you start up a blog of your own, and say “the things that need to be said”, and lets not demean and condescend that miss palin doesnt know what shes talking about..mkay pumkin?

  • Mark

    Fantastic letter!

  • Frank

    Dont worry Bristol, BO will not call you, but I’d be more than happy to give you a call !!! : ) XOXOXOXO

    I wish you and your family nothing but the best.

  • I would LOVE to see Tripp grow up to be President !!!
    (after Sarah and maybe Bristol)

  • keith barry

    barack obama is not going to apologise to you..and he doesnt care that rush limbaugh insulted sandra fluke or that bill maher insulted you, or anyone else. and he certainly doesnt care about womens rights, or feelings other than how it effects which way they vote. his mission is the mission of any sociopath..that is that he is ANGRY..he intends to destroy what he is angry at..and will use anything and anyONE to achieve his goals.if he cant achieve them, he will do as much damage to those he hates while in power,using sandra fluke, rush limbaugh, bill mahers money, his own daughters, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, and you name it. yeah…sociopaths roll like that.

  • SMB

    E-mail sent to HBO:

    “Not that I condone Rush Limbaugh’s comments, but when Bill Mahr was mocking the situation and attempting to justify his behavior because “I don’t have advertisers”, yes, that is true. HBO does not have advertisers. But you do have subscribers. After several years as an HBO subscriber, I am no longer.”

  • mary

    OMG, are you really comparing you and your family to Sandra Fluke. You and your family have made millions upon millions of dollars being in the public eye.
    You see the contract America has with famous/rich people (that we made famous by the way), we can say anything we want, (freedom of speech), Rich Famous people realize this, thats why they always say, we have money and fame I really cant complain when some people say nasty things thats the trade off. You and your family just want it all, the money, fame, and everyone just saying nice things about you. Well you dont get to have you cake and eat it too. Sandra Fluke on the other hand is just a private citizen, so President Obama called her. You and your family say nasty things about the President of the United States and his family every single day, how dare you expect an apology,
    you and your family should apologize asap.

    • The only “nasty things” I ever hear from the Palin family is the Truth about failed policies … and Bristol is only asking that ALL women be respected …
      But Liberals, Progressives, and Socialists never let the Truth get in the way of a good Lie …
      Seems that the only purpose of the Palin family is serving the nation by encouraging good behavior … oh, wait a minute … THAT is the problem you have with them … I see …

    • Fluke ceased to be a private citizen when she came forward for a dog-and-pony show to make a name for herself. She is now fair game.

      • rudy

        Fair game for what? I served on a jury. Does that make me fair game as well, since the trial was publicized?

        Don’t be an idiot.

  • Reggie

    These rank comments from the left aren’t new but the fact is now with the internet there words are coming back to haunt them. Obama did what is expected to protect his campaign donors by standing mute when conservative women are made fun by those on the left.
    What Limbaugh was terrible but he apologized while Maher continues with his vile rants against anyone who disagrees with him or his party, you know the party of love, compassion and caring.
    The excuse many liberals make is that those women are “fair game” because they are in the political arena, what if someone was to call Mr. and Mrs. Obama the “N” word, hey they’re “fair game” right, only problem is the double standard spoken by the left, “do as I say not as I do.”

  • Thank you for this posting, Ms. Palin.

    My only caveat about is that trained Marxists are inherently trained to lie, especially when they are appealing to the people during such times as their electoral campaigns.

    • arthur ashe


  • Clark

    President Obama did stick up for Bristol Palin–during the 2008 election. When questioned about Bristol’s pregnancy, Obama said:

    “Let me be a clear as possible…” “I have said before and I will repeat again, I think people’s families are off limits and people’s children are especially off limits. This shouldn’t be part of our politics. It has no relevance to Gov. Palin’s performance as governor or her potential performance as a vice president. So I would strongly urge people to back off these kinds of stories. You know my mother had me when she was 18 and, you know, how a family deals with issues and you know teenage children, that shouldn’t be the topic of our politics and I hope that anybody who’s supporting me understands that’s off limits.”

    To read the article:

  • brigette

    This from the girl who wanted to win DWTS so that she could give a big middle finger to all the haters out there.

    This from the girl who got drunk on winecoolers, had consensual sex with Levi Johnston and then wrote a book about it basically accusing Levi of rape, until she had to walk it back.

    This from the girl who preached abstinence while hauling around her baby trying to make money off of him.

    This from the girl whose own mother called journalists and writers limp, impotent and gutless, and insinuated that others were pedophiles.

    This from the girl whose own mother defended Rush Limbaugh’s horrific comments about Sandra Fluke and said that an apology was unnessary.

    You, Bristol Palin, are no Sandra Fluke.

    • More Slander just proving the point …
      Thank GOD that Bristol is no Sandra Fluke
      (not created by media organizations in league with the White House)
      No, Britsol is FAR better than Sandra Fluke will EVER be !!!
      Honest, Genuine, not asking us to pay her for anything …

      • Flying Spaghetti Monster

        not asking us to pay her for anything? except to buy her crappy ghost-written book full of lies. or bankroll her sad attempts to be a reality TV star.

    • Polly Anna

      You are right, Bridget. Bristol is no Fluke. She is much better.

  • Jack

    Great letter – of course, Obama will never apologizes to conservatives.

    Shame on the WOMEN of the left who won’t stand up against the men on the left for this kind of thing, just because they are aligned politically.

  • mary

    OMG, are you really comparing yourself to Sandra Fluke. America has a contract with famous/rich people, they make all the money and we get to say anything we want, since we are the ones that made them rich and famous. You and your family have made millions and millions of dollars being in the public eye, you dont get to complain about some nasty things people say, just suck it up. Every rich/famous person in interview will always say, I can’t complain I have just been so blessed. But not the Palins they are greedy that want, money,fame and people only saying nice things. Your family says nasty things all the time about the President of the United States and his family, I believe it is you that owe the President and his family a huge apology, not the other way around. Sandra Fluke on the other hand is a private citizen, nothing about the Palins is private.

  • Rebecca


    You know that you must be doing something right when the left calls out their attack dogs!! I didn’t read every comment on here but skimmed over all of them and I’ve seen that they fall into 3 categories: conservatives that support you and your family, the attack dogs with the same talking points (Rush is the “voice of the GOP”, Fluke is a private citizen, claiming that Maher is a “comedian”, etc) and there are some that are from women who admit to not agreeing with you or your mother politically, but have enough integrity to see the issue at hand, ignore partisanship and agree that regardless of whose mouth those words come from, they are unacceptable and should be pointed out and the speaker of them should be shamed. I applaud those of you that fall into the last group and if the roles were all completely reversed, I would do the same and stand up for you!! Personally, I get a sick feeling whenever anyone attempts to justify Bill Maher as being a “comedian” when he is most known for saying things that aren’t funny or entertaining and in any logical definition of the word, he is not a comedian. I’m glad that you have started a blog and I’ll have to check in from time to time since I, a 29 yr old woman, appreciate your point of view and find it refreshing when compared to the daughter of your mother’s running mate, most recently featured in “Playboy”. Stay classy and I wish you and your son all the best!!


  • Any Mouse

    Bristol, I agree that there is a larger issue of vile attacks on females regardless of where it comes from that needs to be addressed. Having President Obama address the issue, given the bully pulpit he enjoys, would be a start but it may be unrealistic given that it’s an election year and he could be seen as pandering to female voters. Politics often gets in the way of sensible conversations on salient issues regrettably. Misogynistic attitudes have long been tolerated in public civil discourse and it needs to stop.

  • Ron

    When hell freezes over.

  • Meg

    So the primary goal of your new website it to attack the President and defend your mother? Very transparent. It’s also very revealing that you don’t allow dissenting opinions to be posted. Don’t worry though, they are all being compiled at the site set up for just that purpose. And clever readers know how to make the patheos sites show ALL comments publicly, even those in moderation.

  • R. S.

    Dear Bristol –
    By way of your brilliant piece you have succeeded in exposing the current occupant of the WH for what he is:
    Nothing but an arrogant, narcissistic hypocrite!!

  • Any one know Bill M.’s address? would love to drop him a stink bomb.

  • Bill M. sure has gotten alot of free publiciy outa this one!!! His donation is partly because he is supported by a certain type of people that pay astronomical wages to him. Stop his income and he wouldn’t be able to do it. Money and power are all this type of person believe in so stop viewing and stop repeating what he says and his popularity will drop. Hurt him in his pocket that’s all he will understand. He WILL get his just reward in the here after-How “HOT” does that make you feel Mr. Bill??

  • Jack

    Sarah Palin … she’s the one who repeatedly has called the President a terrorist, right? She’s the one who has repeatedly suggested he’s not American, right?

    Palin … she’s the one who, during her campaign for Vice President, led mobs that were calling for violence against then-candidate Obama, mobs shouted “kill him!!!” when Palin mentioned his name.

    Palin … isn’t she the one whose husband belonged to an anti-American secessionist party? And isn’t she the one who has embraced the John Birch Society?

    What right does she have to demand civility when her whole role in politics has been to poison the national dialogue?

    • Hi Jack,

      Disregarding your multiple incorrect statements, I will simply ask this:

      You do know the difference between the names “Sarah” and “Bristol”, right?

    • WOW !!!
      This level of Slander just PROVES the point …

    • Tim

      No , Sarah Palin didn’t repeatedly has called the President a terrorist and she didn’t led mobs that were calling for violence against then-candidate Obama, mobs shouted “kill him!!!”

      Secret Service: ‘Kill Him’ Allegation Unfounded

      “SCRANTON — The agent in charge of the Secret Service field office in Scranton said allegations that someone yelled “kill him” when presidential hopeful Barack Obama’s name was mentioned during Tuesday’s Sarah Palin rally are unfounded.”
      By the way,

      1. The Weather Underground was a terror group.

      2. William Charles “Bill” Ayers was a member of Weather Underground.

      3. Barrack Obama launched his first political campaign in the home of Bill Ayers.

  • Peter L. Ruden

    Dear Bristol:

    Sorry that Bill Maher said horrid things, but Barack Obama did not nor did he encourage Maher to say them. In addition, when said, the things Maher said were not nearly as “out there” and publicized as what Mr. Limbaugh said. So, forgive Mr. Obama for not monitoring every utterance of every person that may support him and forgive him for not calling everyone, but I think he does have a few things on his plate.

    Let’s face it, what Maher said was ridiculous, but it is also rather disingenuous to call for some response by Mr. Obama to everything that is said. This one caught his attention; it was all over even a busy guy couldn’t miss it. So, with all due respect, I think your statement is a bit over the top and a calculated political pose.

    Best regards,


  • Bfloguy

    Proof? Listen to any number of Obama’s speeches the past three years. He denigrates the Right constantly. He attacks individual citizens who disagree with his policies, which no President before him has ever done publicly. He plays one group of citizens against another, further splitting this nation’s people, rather than uniting us as he promised. He is the single most polarizing President in our lifetime. For those of you who think he’s charming and intelligent when speaking, listen more carefully. He has called out those who disagree with him as terrorists. He refers to Tea Party supporters as Tea Baggers, knowing full well the sexual inuendo contained within the term. But for months he called them that term. This is just another example of his partisan values, scolding the right and permitting the left. November is coming!

  • Alberta Brett

    We all knew Pres Obama’s true colors would come out eventually..He is a POS in my book. Always will be.

    Bristol – You are awesome! You keep it up!

    • Peter L. Ruden

      Calling Obama a POS while responding about crude comments is perhaps a bit hypocritical?

  • Loder

    I am posting this because it is 100% true! I want the President to protect my Daughters from Misogynists whether they turn out to be Liberal or Conservative young Women. Being a Mom, I hope they will be brave enough to speak their minds and shape the future, so stand up for all Women Mr. President!!

    • Peter L. Ruden

      I think the Mr. Obama exudes respect for women from the way he treats his wife and daughters, to appointing two female Supreme Court Justices, to trying to ensure that a woman’s health care needs are protected. You might disagree with Mr. Obama politically, and that is your right, but I think it is disingenuous to try to cast him as anything like the people that have said horrid things about women of any political stripe.

      • PWSusan

        Obama appears to only “respect” women who are Pro-Abortion. We pro-Life women have been placed on the back of his little bus.

      • amen to your statement. In some eyes our president can’t say or do anything right because of the hatered in their hearts. He has done a lot of things right and I do feel he does try to stand up for women.

  • Mike D.

    Outstanding! You kept it classy and to the point. The vicious and vulgar rhetoric of the left MUST be highlighted at every opportunity we get. Shine that big spotlight on them every time they open their low class mouths to spew their venom. Had Bill Maher said about any female member of my family what he said about your mom or her children, he would have been dealt with swiftly in a manner that only someone from Brooklyn could appreciate. Keep blogging, kid! America needs more youngsters who understand what this country is supposed to look like and at the rate we’re going, it’s starting to look worse every day thanks to the infestation known as liberalism.

  • bill

    Tom Brokaw said in a recent interview “that in my over 50 years of covering the news I have never seen the country this divided.” Only one reason for that and it’s the Blamer and Chief.

    • rudy


  • Carrie

    Bristol, this is so well put! I hope your phone rings, but as you stated I doubt it will. What Bill Mahr has said about your family, especially your brother, is horrific and I cant believe he is even still on the air. I agree that it looks like the presidents only concen is for any liberal under attack. I would hate for anyone to ever take a cheap shot at his family, the way ignorant people have done to yours. I hope your letter stings a little bit when he reads it, and he thinks about what is said and not about the money or what party you vote for.

    Carrie P.

  • Allen From Kansas

    Wow! Mistakes aside, (human) it seems Sarah and Todd did a pretty good job here.

  • Angela

    Way to go, Bristol! Don’t let the haters keep you down! Barack Obama is a hypocrite of the highest order! So proud of you and your family.

  • wannahug

    Actually, Bristol, I think that you are wasting your breath or writing, which ever it be for Obama doesn’t give a damn about anyone – or anything when it comes to common sense.

  • Tonya

    Why does the “President” have to stick up for every woman that has been critized……really people???!!!!

  • Amie

    That written so well and to the point! Good for you Bristol!

    • pannich

      Gosh, she learned how to use spell check and everything! (Great job on the copying and pasting too!)

  • e Bonita Ledzius

    Bristol, I’m proud of you for standing up to those who treated you like dirt, and for calling this fraud of a President on his hypocrisy. You are going to get lots of critiques in this God-forsaken world where the left lives by the teachings of Satan rather than the truth of God. Just remember when their attacks continue to come…like David, God is on your side, and he is mightier than Satan or anyone else in this world. As for your brainless, foul critiques…as Jesus said, “Ye who are without sin, cast the first stone.” Oh that’s right, you live lives of sin and call it socially acceptable. You will be held accountable one day when you face the God you don’t believe in. As the Bible says…”Only a fool says there is no God.”

  • Carol

    Good Job Bristol! Stand strong!

  • e Bonita Ledzius

    By the way for you who are defending Obama…He didn’t offend Fluke either, but he called Fluke. So he proves himself to be two-faced, speaking with a forked-tongue, and a hypocrite above all, by not having called Bristol after her attacks from the left, especially his moronic buddy and campaign contributor, Bill “hatemonger” Mayer. Just goes to show Obama isn’t trying to unite this country, but destroy it.
    If Obama cared about all women and children, why doesn’t he stand up against “honor killings’ that are prevelant in the Muslim communities around the world? Why doesn’t he stand up for the rights of unborn children, who with the proof of sonogram are indeed living and viable in the womb? Why doesn’t he do something about the children being forced into slavery by Koni, in Africa?

    • Molly

      Maybe because he’s trying to fix America first?

      • e Bonita Ledzius

        Prove it…what has he fixed? We have a higher unemployment rate than ever since the great depression, and our deficit has gone up 15 trillion dollars since he was elected. He is sending jobs overseas all the time, and destroying our military step by step. He is using racial division to split this country, and you say he is fixing this country! He is having secret meetings with terrorists groups and countries who support them, and not through the proper channels. He is overstepping the Constitution of this country, causing religious hatred, and oppressing the expression of patriotism and of Christianity. What is he fixing? NOTHING! Are you too blinded by his looks to see the truth? Molly do some research…find out what news sources in other countries are reporting. Heck, go to Al Jeezerah and see them report about his secret meetings with the terrorists, which the lame stream media isn’t even investigating. Smarten up, child, because you can’t be so stupid not to search for the truth yourself. If you are, and just continue to buy what you see from the frontman, you won’t be able to see what he is doing in secret and how it will affect you and this country!

        • bettie

          You’re wrong, you know. Everything you typed in that paragraph is simply not true. It’s really a shame that you believe all this crap and that it is upsetting you.

          Perhaps you should turn off Fox News and Right Wing talk radio. Oh, and stay away from those multi-colored e-mails with the crazy font sizes and misplaced capitalization.

          You’ll feel a lot better.

  • Maher is a pig and yes, Obama does have control over his super PAC. He can tell them to return the money. He doesn’t want to because he is losing in the polls and needs every dime he can get his hands on.

  • CADem

    there are plenty of democrats who are equally disgusted by Maher (and Michael Moore for that matter)… just as I’m disgusted by Limbaugh who spew hate to get attention… These people – on both sides of the political divide – have nothing of value to add to the discussion…. We should ignore them all. There are many good discussions to be had about the direction this country is headed – but there is too much noise!


    Good for you, Bristol, calling out this hypocritical president on his double standards.

  • e Bonita Ledzius

    Clark, your proof mistated when Obama made that remark. It was after someone said something about his wife. Then he stood up and said they should be left out of it. But he never addressed it after many attacks on Palin and her family. Also Obama, himself, made a remark about “putting lipstick on a pig and it is still a pig”. That was an insult aimed at Sarah Palin, and was never apologized for. Maybe you should start getting your news from a reputable source and stop drinking the kool-aid of the left.

    • Ohiochristian

      No it wasnt. Using Google it clear states that an ABC reporter asked Obama to comment on Bristol Pregnancy and he lashed out at the media and reporter defending Bristol.

      See some of you people call yourselves christians but your hearts are so full of hate you have lost all objectivity. Despite what Sarah Palin had said about Mrs Obama and the hate she espoused at her rallies. The
      president was always gracious towards her family.
      In defence of Bristol Palin in 2008 from President Obama

      “How a family deals with issues and teenage children, that shouldn’t be the topic of our politics, and I hope that anybody who is supporting me understands that’s off-limits.”
      Bristol Palin, a senior in high school, is about five months pregnant, according to an aide to Sen. John McCain who asked not to be named. Were you married at a young age?The aide said the Palins and the McCain campaign decided to reveal the information now because of rampant Internet rumors that Sarah Palin’s 4-month-old baby, who has Down syndrome, was actually Bristol’s.
      Obama became annoyed when asked about a Reuters news service report that quoted an unnamed senior McCain aide saying that Obama’s name appears in liberal blogs speculating about Trig’s parentage “in a way that certainly juxtaposes themselves against their ‘campaign of change.’ ”
      “I am offended by that statement,” the Illinois senator retorted, not letting the reporter finish his question. “There is no evidence at all that any of this involved us.
      “We don’t go after people’s families; we don’t get them involved in the politics. It’s not appropriate, and it’s not relevant,” he added. “Our people were not involved in any way in this, and they will not be. And if I ever thought that there was somebody in my campaign that was involved in something like that, they’d be fired”

  • riograndevalleygirl

    I fail to understand why Canadians (and the British) feel so entitled to comment on the American political process. Who cares what they think of Obama? If they like him so much, they are quite welcome to him.

  • Michael Kious

    You want “game change”? THIS is a game changer.


    Maybe if she had aspirin betwen her knees she wouldn’t be crying now. #GOPhypocrites

  • Jeanne

    I like what Bristol said and she makes a great point. But my question is, why isn’t Bristol calling out her fellow republicans who have either condoned these sexist talks, ie Rush Limbaugh’s words, or her fellow republicans who have not spoke out against them.

    • rudy

      ’cause it’s not about her. duh!

  • John Castle

    Who Gives A Flying F**K… Get me a fuc*(ng job A**holes…

  • haha

    Me me me me me me me me me me – everything’s all about me! It’s all about memememememememe! I see Mommy taught you well.

    • kim baker

      shame on you

  • Donna

    The one issue I’ve not heard addressed is the sexist paternalism of Obama telling Fluke, a 30-year old woman, “Your mommy and daddy must be so proud of you.” Really? Why is that? I can’t imagine Obama implying that a MAN’s parents would be proud of him for claiming that, at the age of 30, he was incapable of either practicing self-control, buying birth control or finding his own way to the nearest free birth control clinic. Can you imagine Obama patting a grown man on the head and saying, “What a good little boy. Mommy and daddy must be so proud.” It’s condescending.

    What’s also condescending is the Left’s willingness to believe that, at the age of 30, a woman is incapable of finding her way to the nearest free birth control clinic.

  • e Bonita Ledzius

    As for Sandra Fluke…rich girl paid by the left to be their pitchman for unlimited sex paid for by the taxpayer, I don’t think she even has the right to lick a Palins’ foot. If she can’t afford the $300 a year it actually cost for birth control, and expects us to give her $3000 dollars a year…what is she planning to do with the other $2700 a year…pay for abortions when she forgets her birth control? She is nothing more than a paid fake, a lobbyist for the left and planned parenthood.
    Also for those who don’t think Obama is a fake…you need to do some research. Even before he was elected I did my research on him, and I knew he was a fraud, even before Palin was a V.P. candidate. Now with the undeniable proof that his birth certificate and selective service registration were both fakes…computer generated false documents, thank you to Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Cold Case Squad, you look like idiots still believing he is legit. Funny that Arpaio is indeed finding thing out that I had already been able to figure out and research myself. Maybe you should watch the videos showing how they proved they were false documents, or maybe you should look at your parents’ or grandparents’ original birth certificates against Obama’s posted one to see how fake it is. I know because my husband’s, 2 of my brothers’, and my own birth certificates are from around the same frame of time as Obama’s…different states but all similar, except personal info, and hospital info. What does that say about Obama? Fraud and fake. Add to that his claim to be a Christian, another false statement. I could ask him one question, that would allow me to prove by the Bible that he is not a true Christian. Open your eyes people!

  • pannich

    Wow, this demonstrates just how out of touch you are with reality.

    President Obama called a young woman who testified before congress about reproductive rights. She took a principled stand in the face of opposition knowing that she’d be attacked by those who disagreed.

    She didn’t expect the attacks to be so personal, or disgusting. She certainly never expected to be 9 hours worth of ranting from Rush Limbaugh and to be publicly called a slut and asked to make sexual video tapes for his personal pleasure.

    That is why the President made the call.

    Bill Maher is a comedian and satirist. He didn’t make comments about you, your family, your mother, your brother or anyone else in front of congress or as part of a principled stand on a policy issue.

    See the difference?

    • CrazyHungarian

      This just shows how effective political propaganda is. Sandra Fluke was nominated to appear before a Congressional hearing about first amendment effects of the contraception mandate. When it was found out that she had zero qualifications to discuss the subject, a fake hearing was set up attended by just the Democrats and liberal journalists to make it seem that she actually testified before Congress. That is why no one confronted her on her claim that contraception for a college student costs $3,000. The news media was complicit in making this seem just like a real hearing with real questions and real risk of perjury if caught lying. When the President made the call, he knowingly participated in this political ruse. We would expect this type of falsehood from USSR in the Soviet days but for now, it is just shameful.

  • God Bless and protect you and yours Bristol! You stand strong, the ones making the biggest noise are the smallest percentage in America (about 8% not 99%)

    Your whole family is anointed of the Lord to proceed boldly and stand firm as scripture clearly says.

    Any of your family are free to call us anytime for anything. Remember that fear is the antithesis of faith. “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”2Tim 1:7

    And yes, Obama should most certainly call you Bristol.

    Warmest Blessings,
    @daveorts @pushabcknow
    (305) 814-7874

  • Buddy

    “We” can speak of failed presidencies and ideologues; no one can sound the trumpet of personal failure like that of an unethical man.

  • Beth Manthey

    Our country continues to go down the tubes with idiots like Bill Maher..And he is paid to say those things…Anyone see anything wrong with that picture. The last word will be had by God. So watch out Maher…

  • Larry Maskell

    Get a life. Maher is on cable and has already been penalized once before for this. Limbaugh is on the public airwaves. I don’t think either is funny.
    Your mother brought your family onto the public stage and used you all in her public appearances. Obama did not use his children.

    • Ed

      Larry Maskell, Obama specifically DID “use” his children by mentioning them as a reason for calling Fluke. He also very deliberately put out a Family photo with the girls in it when kicking off his campaign. So now that Obama has placed the girls on the public stage should we assume Malia and Sasha are fair game for this War on Women that Obama has started to distract the electorate from his dismal record?

      I think your desperate rationalization shows that deep down you understand and fear that Bristol has pointed out Obama’s inconsistency and why this “War on Women” is an Alinsky move that has backfired right in Obama’s face!!

      The heat will keep growing until Obama apologizes, returns the dirty money and sets a tone of civility that he whines about but won’t observe himself. This issue is not going away!

      CREEP = Campaign to RE-Elect the President

  • Nick

    Maybe if your mother had one time stood up to those poeple calling the President a terrorist in 2008 (oh wait she was calling him that too), or if she wasn’t constantly on television talking about the First Lady (thought families were off limits) then you would get hour phone call.

  • vincent S

    i dont understand how people can defend bill maher or even listen to him, dont you people know that he dosent believe in god he dosent give a @#$@ about our savior jesus christ he his the devil himself a pig is to good of a word for him, i try with passion not to hate anybody, but i have to get this out there and off my chest, i cant stand bill maher he is an atheist ass, he has no business being in my country that so many of my brother and sisters defend each and everyday, he should be banished from our country, he is nothing but a terrorist and any body that dosent believe in god should have no rights in our country, i say this cause our entire country is based on god and religious values and were losing all that because of people who dont believe in god , after all in god we trust, its written on our very money that we use each and everyday, think of this country with out god with out values now picture this country as bill marer as president, dosent this senerio sound familiar………………….. soon this country is gonna be a nother nazi germany bill maher equals hitler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lauren

    Get a grip, Maher is a comedian. He makes comments to boost his viewership. He shouldn’t be categorized in the same vain as news correspondents much less our Mr President.

  • Mike D.

    For all you liberals who have had your ability to reason clouded by your partisanship, let me attempt to explain the difference between what Rush Limbaugh said and what Bill Maher said. Rush is a political commentator whose job it is to comment on political issues in the news. Although I disagree with the words he used in discussing Sandra Fluke’s desire to basically get $3,000 worth of free birth control, he CONTINUED THE DISCUSSION ON THAT ISSUE. What Bill Maher did was to make an out of the blue vulgarity laced rant that was totally unprovoked by Sarah Palin. Maher deserves a beating, yes a physical beating to the point where he is hurting for a very long time. And he should take that time to think about what he did and why he did it. I know he wouldn’t have the stones to use those words with Todd Palin in the same room. Maher is an ugly little troll who will probably get himself into serious trouble someday because of his mouth. And when and if he does, Sarah Palin should call him on the phone to see how he’s doing.

    • Kris Oneto

      I so agree with you…..and cannot believe that Bill Maher is still around……He is a pig. He and Obama deserve each other and we, the citizens of the United States of America deserve a whole lot better than Barry Hussein as president……PLEASE VOTE HIM OUT!!!!!!!

    • Just Another Mike

      I had no idea calling someone slut multiple times over the course of three days (plus requesting a sex tape) now qualified as political commentary.

      Also, Fluke wasn’t going to give testimony about how she needed birth control coverage, but instead speak to real world, concrete harms the Georgetown policies were causing (unless you think a women getting an ovary removed isn’t a concrete harm).

      At the end of the day Rush heard somethingsomethingsomething woman testifying about birth control and went on a three day binge of slut shaming that wasn’t even tangentially related to the political issue at hand.

      But then again this was a radio perosnality who was pro-Kony before it was cool (Rush really is a hipster).

      • Mike D.

        You do hopefully see the connection between $3,000 worth of birth control and the strong likelihood that multiple sex partners (I take that back, a MULTITUDE of sex partners) are getting into Ms. Fluke’s pants? If you do the math you’d see strong support for the notion that anyone getting it on that many times daily could quite possibly be a prostitute. Rush still should have worded it differently to convey the same idea without personalizing it as much. But then again I find it funny that the same idiots applauding Maher are the ones raising the roof when the shoe is on the other foot. Maher’s comments are much worse because there was no reason to make them other than all that hatred bundled up inside that fat ugly little head.

        • basedinreality

          Haha…Mike…you’re clearly uneducated on how birth control works…..Maher didn’t make anything up except for jokes…if the Palin’s had any class/sense/humility then they wouldn’t be the butt of jokes left RIGHT and centre 🙂

  • Renee99503

    Bristol, you are not even a blip on President Obama’s radar. You chose to profit from your mother’s infamy and her failure to teach you anything about contraception and morality. You chose to make a fast buck off of exploiting yourself and your children in every possible way and continue to embarrass Alaskans with your actions. You asked for and became a public figure. Ms. Fluke is a private citizen who has accomplished a great deal in her life by becoming a well-spoken, college educated woman. She wrote her own Congressional testimony in order to stand up for all women in this country, even you, although you’re not mature enough to see that. It is a false equivalence to suggest that you and Ms. Fluke are on par, or that Maher and Limbaugh have the same occupations. It is also crazy-making to suggest that somehow you are Christian and conservative when your lifelong behaviors are the antithesis. I have kids your age who know all about your behavior in Wasilla, Juneau and Anchorage. Conservative values, yeah right. The day you actually accomplish something meaningful instead of you and your family tearing this country apart with your hateful and immature divisiveness and using your money to have people ghost write your entire life for you, then maybe someone of importance will notice you. But until that time, don’t hold your breath.

  • syteron

    Bristol says of President Obama “That’s why you stood up for me when you were campaigning against Sen. McCain and my mom — you said vicious attacks on me should be off limits.” Whoa! the President Obama said that?

    I was overseas and missed most of the news the week that a certain Congressman, Sensenbrener I believe, said Michelle Obama’s posterior was too large. I have no doubt Gov. Palin must have stood up for women, if not for Mrs. Obama. Any link?

  • Jack

    Thanks Bristol for exposing Obama’s hypocrisy.
    You are a class act!

    • Kris Oneto


  • liberals, ugh.


    DNC fear is funny.

  • Jeanne Gonzales

    Bristol, you have come up to your own. I totally stew with you. This has happened once before with Rush, and like the other, all of a sudden, thus strong vibrant goal seeking female becomes helpless and frail. Yet once again the media proves itself.

    You go girl. May our Lord and Jesus Christ be with you in all your endeavors.

  • Vaun

    Good article, too bad Obama won’t read it and view the video; mostly too honest for him, I think.

  • Kristin Weight

    Absolutely perfectly stated!!!!!

  • Maureen

    Well said, Bristol! The double standard is indeed disgusting!

  • vickie

    i applaude you for speaking the truth and showing how the “president” flip flops like a fish out of water……..

  • christy

    Good for you Bristol! You and your Mom have more brains in your pinkies than these two idiots combined. Maher is just shoing what an ass he is. And don’t get me started on Obama. He is a Hitler in the making. It is sad my 9 yr old says, ” OMG stands for Obama must go.” Just wish your Mom would run. She would do this country great.

  • Flora Conover

    In my opinion Bill Maher stinks. He has the most vile mouth I have ever heard in my life and I am 79 years old. If anyone should be taken off of the air it is him.

  • Carla

    I am so proud of you and your own accomplishments. Some people are just plain idiots. And we all know who they are. Our so called president is very insolent and arrogant. He thinks everything is his way or no way. He really does have a great deal to learn and not just how to lead a nation, but also how to act like a human being and stop thinking he is some kind of god. Have faith…he will be voted out!

  • kim baker

    Bristol, Brave woman, speak on! Freedom is under attack. God bless America

    • Larry Maskell


  • Cindy Peak

    Well said, Bristol.

  • Lou

    Well said.. It definatly shows the double standard between how a liberal and a conservative is treated.

  • Bobby Lee Funshine

    OMG Bristol! I love you. You rock girl!!! AWE to the SOME! and then some!

  • Pat

    Bristol, don’t be surprised if your phone and internet services are interrupted. I really hope something positive comes out of this. I respect you and your family. May God bless all of you.

  • MarCya

    Well said Bristol!
    I can’t even imagine the suffering you and your family have had to endure because of politics, and even though you will probably never get an apology from Obama – I am going to tell you, “I’m sincerely sorry for all that you’ve been through!” I pray that you live the rest of your life in the grace and favor of the Lord and that your darling baby never has to endure this kind of political bias.

    • Larry Maskell

      I can’t believe your response. Sarah Palin put her family out their on the public stage

      • retlaw

        She put her kids out there on the public stage? So did Obama, so do all candidates! You Dems are dirt, that’s the difference. You try to make sure Republicans are too afraid for their families to stand for office.

  • Janie Barrera

    Good for you Bristol! 🙂

  • Excellent Bristol! Would be proud if I was your Mom:)

    Looked for a tweet button, did I miss it?

  • Bristol, you are as beautiful inside and outside as your mother, and Reason #83 why she “is so freaking awesome” ( 🙂

    Thank you both for Choosing Life and loving America; may God bless and protect your entire family

  • James Castle

    You are an amazing gifted young woman!! Your maturity surpapsses so many people much older than you. I support and agree 100% with with your post. I pray for your family ….you have one of the best mom’s in the world. If only there were more Palins in this world, it would be a beautiful place!!!… blessed we are for you!!

  • Oops, my bad:) Tweeted. Keep up the good work, love to have you in the blogosphere.

  • Jim Weger

    I agree with almost all of you comments…
    NOW try to get the republicans to open their hearts and do what right for all of the American people…. not just the wealthy!

  • Morgan

    OK… Before you criticize the President’s integrity, maybe you should start at home first–and by that I mean all of the negative things YOUR MOTHER has stated about President Obama. For example:

    – YOUR MOTHER questioned both the President’s and the First Lady’s patriotism:;

    – Those patriotism attacks subsequently led to the Secret Service blaming YOUR MOTHER for increased threats against the President during the campaign;

    – YOUR MOTHER questioned whether our President’s birth certificate was authentic–something that was never done for his 43 White predecessors

    I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for that phone call.


    A Guy That Likes For Things To Make Sense

    • Bristol’s mother is doing the job of the DNC-controlled state-run media, and vetting Obama. And everything that Sarah or Bristol has said is NOTHING compared to the utter filth — including actual death threats — that your “tolerant” side has said about the Palins, George W., Herman Cain, or anyone on the right

    • Jack

      1. The Weather Underground was a terror group.

      2. William Charles “Bill” Ayers was a member of Weather Underground.

      3. Barrack Obama launched his first political campaign in the home of Bill Ayers.

    • e Bonita Ledzius

      Morgan, you can use any leftist propaganda proof you want, but Obama’s birth certificate has been proven a fraud by a criminal investigation…an official one. You are just too blind and foolish to see the truth. Isn’t your mommy calling you for dinner yet?

    • Jack

      Not only was Obama a member of the hate mongering, racist Jeremiah Wright’s church for 20 years, soaking up all the hate like a sponge. The Obama’s chose Wright to baptize their daughters.

      • L3

        I actually take offense that our President identifies as christian as I would be more comfortable with a leader that has no religious affiliation. I find all religions to be equally abhorrent. That is my main beef with Obama and his religion leads me to question his strength of conviction and mindfulness. However, he has proven himself to be strong in other areas so I do forgive him his faith, but in the future, after his second term is over, I sincerely hope that we can elect an official that is a true separation of church and state. Only then can we deal with the important issues of our time. There aren’t many people that I will forgive for having faith but I do forgive Obama for his one weakness.

  • Shellie Martin

    Obama says he is going to lead by example….hmmm did he give the 1 mil back? I think not, so it is okay to call women the “c” word (a word that is reprehensible) as long as it is not his wife and daughters? Nice example there Mr. President. For those of you who think he is a good man, you have NO clue as to his true character.

  • Well said Bristol. Very good and relevant question.

    I too am still waiting for my phone to ring. I mean, if Sandra Fluke “everyone she hears from on a daily basis” can only make ends meet if the government steps in and pays for her personal habits then perhaps my request would not be out of line. Perhaps I too would be justified in petitioning the President and Nancy Pelosi in a Senate hearing. Maybe, just maybe, I could expect some relief from the burdensome weight of having to pay for my own habits. I like to fly. I love to fly. But the cost of plane rentals places quite a burden on middle-class tax-payers such as myself. I hear from fellow pilots quite regularly that they too are burdened with having to pay their own way. So, I asked when I might expect an intervention and some relief.

    Still waiting for that phone to ring… or even a response to my emails.

  • Ted Watson

    Ever notice that Bill Mahers nose seems to be getting bigger??Seems like everytime I see him his nose gets bigger. Guess we found out what happened to Pinocio after he grew up. He didn’t lose his ability make his nose grow by telling lies.

  • Peggy

    Bristol, so proud of you.

  • Flavy

    Well said! Well done!

  • Ann Chamblee

    Let’s just say there are people who know how to be decent and treat women decent and then there are people who are despicable and do not care how they treat people or what they say and think their opinions are worth something ,I think they greatly exaggerate their worth but they do show disgusting manners. Their mouths spew trash. They should not be listened to or given any thought to except they are poor pitiful beings that seem to think they are important and should be listened to because they have some money but are very confused about decency and what it means. I pity them and their poor j udgenments for they will
    be accountable to God I hope they will relent and change ,it is between them and their Maker. god bless those that can go on and hold their heads up high and ignore these bozose

  • Ken

    Bristol, you could give “GOPCRYBABIES” and Renee99503 second thoughts about posting hate if you would simply post their IP addresses.

    • Molly

      Oh yeah. Way to go. Typical GOP tactics.

      • Ken

        I wish. The GOP likes to play nice while you perverted trash push old ladies down steps. Keep in mind, though, before you push too far, that many of us are armed. We have the right to self-defense against murderers and rapists like you.

  • Laura Horn

    It is such a shame that everyone who is responding to Bristol’s Blog isn’t as articulate and CIVIL in their comments as Bristol was. People, we can express ourselves without resorting to name calling. I totally get Bristol’s point. The President didn’t make the comments to either Bristol or Ms. Fluke. However, it would appear political points were to be made by calling Ms. Fluke and making sure we all knew he called her. Now I believe it was the Presidents Press Secretary who let the world know the phone call had been made, I’m not positive though. But IF it were a sincere act of a “decent” man, the President would have called her, said what he wanted to say and that would have been that. I have no idea if President Obama is a decent man or not, we only know of him what his handlers and advisors want us to know. But he is, for the time, my President as he is yours and Bristols last points were spot on.

    Bristol, I am very impressed with the way in which you stated your points. You ROCK young lady!

    • MJM

      You mean as articulate and civil as her ghost writer?

      If you think anyone with the last name “Palin” composed this, I have a bridge to nowhere to sell you…

  • James Rodden

    Bristol, that was a very well written and thought out letter. Good for you. Let me know if he calls you back. Tell your mom we true conservative Americans miss her.

  • LD

    Free speech may now be a “felony”. Welcome to communism!
    And yet another ‘bill’ signed into law IN SECRET! HR 347. Obama does it again. This time the attack is against the First Amendment and free speech. This new law make ‘No Free Speech” Zones wherever the Secret Service says so. Bye bye Protests. Bye bye Free Speech. Bye bye Constitution.

  • rick

    We have never been this divided as a country and Obama is a big reason why we are and to only defend liberal women and not all women proves that point.
    Romney 2012!

    • Jack Charles

      You are delusional.

  • Jim Weger

    How about HEALTH CARE… my issue is very simple! Let ALL Americans have the same benefits that Congress have… Why not!
    or let congress have the same benefits that the American people have!
    I personally am tired of hearing from Politicians that are so out of touch with the American people. That they can’t see beyond their own nose! The party that is the most guilty of this, is the Republican Party!

  • Jeff Moore

    Keep up the good work

  • KO

    bill maher is a comedian
    He tells JOKES for a living
    Rush is a political commentator,
    ther IS a difference
    Your ignorant mother will never be president, so just stop trying,OK?

    • Mike D.

      You are the ignorant one. Imagine if another comedian did a skit and called the 0bama children the N word? Would you be OK with that just because it was said by a “comedian”? I know 0bama wouldn’t take too kindly to that either nor would his lap dogs in Congress. Surely there would be calls for his head.

  • Shellie Martin

    Obama says he is going to lead by example….hmmm did he give the 1 mil back? I think not, so it is okay to call women the “c” word (a word that is reprehensible) as long as it is not his wife and daughters? Nice example there Mr. President.

  • Daron

    Great Job Bristol for sticking up for yourself and your Mom.

  • Elisabeth

    Ha! If he gave you a call then he would actually be doing Something more than just spending our money!

  • Actually, the comment Bill Maher made was even worse then what Ms. Palin wrote in her letter. The awful Bill Maher said “She got “f***ed over and over until a baby fell out”.
    Bill Maher is calling Ms. Palin exactly the same thing Rush called Ms. Fluke. Mr. Obama needs to publicly ask his Super-Pac to return the funds Bill Maher gave them.

  • Answer: never. Obama did not say anything bad about you…Bill Maher did though. Take it up with him!

    • Michael

      Exactly. Neither she nor her mother criticized Rush yet she expects Obama to call every woman who has been verbally attacked? He’d have to call millions of women every day because Rush insults millions of women every day with his “Femi-Nazi” name calling.

  • amen johnson

    Outstanding point, well made, and admirably restrained!

  • Bill Lavin

    Welcome to free speach people..!! You want it, you got it…!! as much as it hurts to hear the most horrific material being spoken, that’s the other side of free speach… but what’s more important here is I wish Sara would teach her children that the hipocracy is in both parties big time..!! Any intellegent person in tuned to reality knows this.. So making a big issue on behalf of one side, is in itself hipocracy…

  • Jack Charles

    Hey Bristol, I’m sorry ignorance seems to run in your family. And since you’ve become a public figure I don’t mind telling you that you are a fucking idiot, just like your Mom.

  • tocelp

    Question to President Obama:
    Mr. President, tell us how your everyday Presidential decisions are affected by the teachings of Saul Alinsky?

    • B. Obama

      Well, tocelp —

      Each day I get up and wash and shave. Did you know that shaving is an Alinsky tactic? It’s on page 117 or Rules for Radicals.

      Then I eat breakfast (another Alinskyism, page 101) and chat with my family about family matters. (Saul Alinsky was BIG into family communication. See pps. 79, 81-83 and 97.)

      I let Bo out to play (socialism at its finest — not solely an Alinskyism but it’s always good to spread the dog poo) and then I walk to work. (Alinsky specifically stated that driving to work was against the cause. See the foreword for details.)

      Hope that helps!

  • Lcpinco

    Excellent! Great job! But will the libs listen? Most likely not but we must always point out their double standards.

  • Liberal women are also women! When Bill Maher speaks to some women like this he is also including ALL women. Think about it.

  • featuredplayer

    so very touching and heartfelt.. I am amazed what a beautiful woman you’ve become.. you’ve grown in more ways.. Congratulations on all your successes!

  • Donna

    You go girl. Very wise beyond your years. May Yahweh bless you as you take a stand for righteousness. Very proud of your life and the path you are taking. I have a 19 year old and You are a great role model when mistakes are made you get up turn and take the best path. God bless. I hope Obama calls. I really do tho I dont have much hope he will.

  • EstherG

    Is this blog a joke? It must be because it is so juvenile and ridiculous.
    How immature to expect a call from the President.
    I really am embarrassed to be a conservative lately. The comments on this blog are hardly Christian or even polite. Keep ruining our chances for election this year by being full of vile hatred. And get out your Bible and you will see that your words and your behavior are reprehensible.

    Bristol, maybe you should really get a job and stop attention seeking for your mother and participating in this disgusting behavior. You really haven’t done any praying to God to be a better person, have you? This blog doesn’t indicate a good prayerful human being. It doesn’t matter what others do. Stop complaining about the President or Levi or whomever and do good for others.

    Your mother might learn from reading the Bible and so could the readers who are filled with hatred towards the President. I don’t like his politics and I won’t vote for him, but he is a good person and a Christian. And to say otherwise, is just immoral. You all embarrass yourselves, conservatives and Christians everywhere in this country.

    • Todd Beaucoudray

      Esther, Conservatives like you give me hope. We not agree politically, but when you see through the playing the media BS, I applaud that.

    • Whatever

      Finally! After over 600 comments: a voice of reason. Nicely put and thank you for ever-so-slightly restoring my faith in humanity.

    • e Bonita Ledzius

      Esther G, Embarrassed is what you should be for not seeing the truth. As a Christian, what is the one statute that Jesus stated himself is the way to the Father. Can you quote it? A true Christian can, and will hold to it no matter what. Obama couldn’t quote it during the campaign of 2008, when asked directly the question, that to me is proof he is not of God.

    • myj


  • Todd Beaucoudray

    The Palins whore themselves before the media, then bite the hand that feeds them. Talk about being thin-skinned. They can’t let any comedian joke about them without playing the victim card. Whether it’s Maher, Letterman, Griffin, Lampanelli, etc. And no, Bill Maher never made fun of an innocent child, he made fun of his mother talking to Fox News the way she would likely talk to Trig. Nuance! Comedians are there to be edgy, provoke, and make people laugh. Does Obama need to call and cuddle the Palins whenever other comedians diss them? By the way, asking to be called while insulting someone as Bristol did by insinuating Obama will need every dime shows you how petty she is, just like her mother. Agree with Sarah’s politics or not, but she is as smug as they come, and sadly, Bristol is acting the part. I doubt Palin calls Obama when her PAC donors diss Obama. Lastly, Obama called Fluke because this is a present political issue and Rush spent three days attacking a private citizen for voicing an opinion different than his own.

    • So private citizens defending the lies spewed about them by your DNC-controlled state-run media is now considered “whoring oneself”? God you lefties are such hypocritical assholes; so pathetic and transparent too, anything to take the focuss of your massively FAILing chocolate-king

      • bettie

        The Palins are celebrities, not private citizens.

        • No Palin is a current public officer, therefore they are private citizens who happen to be well-known

          But following your lefty “logic,” that means Sandra Fukks is also a celebrity and fair game; and according to Webster’s definition also a slut (sleeps around) and a whore (expects others to pay for it)

      • L3

        What the hell is “chocolate king” supposed to mean? Race-bait much?

  • Whatever

    No matter what the issue, the Palins love making it all about them. It’s attention-seeking nonsense and everyone who posted here (myself included) fell for it.

    How is the Fluke thing related to the Palins WHATSOEVER? Because they happen to be women who were insulted? So now Obama is supposed to call every woman who was ever insulted? Are you people serious? Of course you are. Because you still believe that a half-term governor who couldn’t find her a$$ if you drew her a map is somehow the messiah that will right all the nation’s problems. Despite the fact that she quit her job as a public servant to hawk ghost-written books and make millions in the process.

    You’ll also notice that neither Sarah nor Bristol has commented on Rush’s comments. And it would be as simple as saying, “We think what Rush said and did was disgusting, and we should know because similar things have happened to us.” They complain of a double-standard, but are at the same time guilty of that double-standard by not defending Ms. Fluke.

    And the more you play their games – pitting one side against the other – nothing will get accomplished. Reading the comments here, it’s so sad how some people see things as “us vs. them”, “liberal vs. conservative.” This isn’t Star Wars. We’re all Americans. Grow up.

    • Todd Beaucoudray


    • e Bonita Ledzius

      And you notice not one of Obama’s cronies, nor Obama have commented on how wrong Bill Maher, Rachel Maddow, Rosie O’Donnell, or the many other leftists entertainment idiots’ comments were when they attacked, insulted and called the Palin women names. Funny how you all play the “victim” when it comes to leftist feminists, but can’t handle the “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander” when it comes to your Messiah being wrong. Grow up and start using your brain before you find out just how stupid you are. You know…I didn’t see Rush hang Fluke from a noose like the left did of Sarah Palin. Nor have I seen anyone on the right outright wish for a woman on the left to be gang raped or murdered. You are all just such fools. You support and defend these people who are making such threats on a conservative female, yet decrying Rush for calling Fluke a name. Talk about hypocrisy! Buy a mirror and take a good look in it. There you will see the definition of FOOL!

      • Whatever

        Lots of “us vs. them” BS in your post. You assume I am a liberal, when I made it clear in my post that I view those who define themselves by those labels as mindless zombies.

        But to address your points, let’s start with what Obama said about Bristol during the election:

        “Let me be a clear as possible…” “I have said before and I will repeat again, I think people’s families are off limits and people’s children are especially off limits. This shouldn’t be part of our politics. It has no relevance to Gov. Palin’s performance as governor or her potential performance as a vice president. So I would strongly urge people to back off these kinds of stories. You know my mother had me when she was 18 and, you know, how a family deals with issues and you know teenage children, that shouldn’t be the topic of our politics and I hope that anybody who’s supporting me understands that’s off limits.”

        You also said Obama is my “messiah”. Obama is a man, nothing more, nothing less. I don’t agree with much of what he says and does. But then, I don’t buy into any politician wholesale. Why? See my above comment about mindless zombie-ism.

        Regarding the treatment of Palin during the campaign, please don’t pretend that Tea Partiers and other right wing folk didn’t say terrible things about Obama. There’s no way you’re that ignorant. But, because you dislike him, you chose to ignore it, right? I’m not saying either is correct. I’m saying it’s always wrong, no matter which side of the spectrum you’re on.

        And finally, you say that I support the people who treat the Palins with gross disrespect. What evidence do you have of that?

        My position is, once again, that those who divide us as Americans are the ones who do us the greatest disservice. Whether it’s a candidate calling certain people “real Americans” or voters calling for violence against those with views they oppose. And until the level of discourse can be raised from “Nah nah-na boo-boo, stick your head in doo-doo”, nothing will ever get solved. And that includes telling some stranger on a message board to “grow up and start using your brain before you find out just how stupid you are.”

        Just sayin’…

        • Kansas momma

          Wow thank you. I am conservative divorcee and let me tell you that I too have found myself moving toward non affiliation I am appalled by this kind of bickering. I feel that this blog did a diservice to an opportunity to address the issue of mysoginistic males in media. Instead it took a one sided snide path. Really intergrity is lost when she says that its not enough thatright from get go the president defended her when no-one else did. Thats just so basic and non political. But that is the problem with money in politics even decent people end up being indecent to make the quick buck or get attention. Sarah Palin keeps exposing her daughter to this game of politics and its not healthy at all

        • myj

          Whatever and Kansas Momma, I couldn’t say it better, so true.

      • Whatever

        Well, I guess I should’ve read your other posts before responding. There’s obviously no reasoning with you.

        Enjoy the revolution!

  • My prayers are with you. I know God can use you in great ways. Everyone will make mistakes in their lives the key is learning from them. My prayers are with you Bristol.

  • Endangered American Species (Free man)

    Good for you Bristol. So glad too see you following in your beautiful mom’s footsteps. America’s future is so dependent upon young independent/conservative Americans as yourself. Your’s is a tough classy family among crude, tasteless egotistical asses that wouldn’t know class if it bit them on the butt. As for Bill Maher, don’t worry. He has said enough against our Heavenly Father too burn in Hell for eternity.

  • Boom! Taste my nightstick….

    Well played, young lady – well played. What a wonderful post; I look forward to more posts by you.

    It’s nice to know that there are young people like you out there fighting the good fight for conservatism.

    It’s also nice to know that now there are 2 generations of Palin women who are taking up the fight!

    • EMC

      Your first sentence…hallmark of a disciple of the monstrous Rebecca Mansour.

  • jharp

    Ms. Palin,

    Your head is as empty as your mothers.

    Obama has nothing to do with the PAC that Bill Maher donated to. Nothing. He can’t do anything about it.

    But your family has been quite clear that it has no interest in the truth.

    • Mike

      Did you even read it? She said she didn’t expect him to return the money.

      • jharp

        Yes Mike. I read it. And I quote.

        “Your $1,000,000 donor Bill Maher”

        Bill Maher is not Obama’s $1,000,000 donor. That is a lie.

        And that would make Bristol Palin a liar. Yet that shouldn’t surprise anyone as she was raised by a serial liar.

        • otlset

          You parse words and dodge the reality of the “superpac” Maher donated to when you know this “superpac” works only on Obama’s behalf. This is dishonest of you to thus call her a liar when Maher’s filthy lucre will in effect work for the liar-in-chief in the White House.

          Despite the best coverup efforts of the media, the DNC, the entertainment industry, the unions, and socialists everywhere, your guy Obama will go down to defeat come election time. You can depend on it.

          • jharp

            “You parse words and dodge the reality of the “superpac” Maher donated to when you know this “superpac” works only on Obama’s behalf”

            No. I called out Bristol being a liar. For publishing this “Your $1,000,000 donor Bill Maher”

            And it clearly is a lie. Maher donated to a PAC that by law Obama can have nothing to do with.

            Maher is not Obama’s $1,000,000 donor.

    • e Bonita Ledzius

      jharp…your brain is fried, and from your attack on Bristol and her family, and your lack of common sense, you obviously have a smaller brain than the hummingbird and what was once in it has been fried away by your use of stupidity as your proof for everything.

      • jharp

        “jharp…your brain is fried, and from your attack on Bristol and her family,”

        Got it.

        Bristol Palin publishes a lie. I call her out on it.

        And that means my brain is fried.

        Good grief you people are stupid.

        • otlset

          “you people”

          The substance of her claim is true.

          • jharp

            “The substance of her claim is true.”

            No it is not. It is false.

            Bristol the liar published “Your $1,000,000 donor Bill Maher” to mislead you rubes.

            Maher is not Obama’s $1,000,000 donor.

  • C. Sense

    Just what the world needs: A political blog by an uneducated, unwed, teenage mother hitching a ride on the Palin gravy train. I look forward to reading these. I’m sure your posts will be as insightful and thought provoking as every thought your mother cobbles together.

    • e Bonita Ledzius

      Freedom of speech, you don’t like it, go away! For someone who uses the moniker of C. Sense…you sure don’t have any. Common Sense says she has the right. Of course you are probably more for Communistic Sense that says that everyone must repeat the party line.

    • otlset

      Geez what haughty arrogant condescension! Typical liberal troll, just comes on a blog to insult and name-call, offering nothing of merit.

  • Debbie Frith

    Definitely your mother’s daughter……well said!!!!

    • EMC

      I agree with your first 4 words.

  • Michelle

    Why is Obama going to call and apologize to ANYONE in the Palin household? have they ever called him to apologize? If you don’t want mud slinging, don’t throw mud to start with. I suspect the real reason he apologized to this other woman, is because the whole reason she was there to begin with was by invitation of the political party. Anything the Palin’s have gotten have gotten is because they are in the political blood bath that they created. Has anyone from the conservative party or the tea party called to apologize for t-shirts worn at their conventions with Obama’s head on a MONKEY? implying racial hate? Why not just go on TV and call the man a “porch monkey” and get it over with, NO we have to make t-shirts to give a physical description. Where is his apology from the conservatives who don’t insist on the recall of the new bumper stickers that say “Don’t Re-Nig” this is 2012 PEOPLE, grow up. Why do we need to go after his racial status? I am a parent of a special needs child, who is 8, he has what they call hydrocephalus (among LOTS of other things) which is also called “water on the brain” or “water head” but when Ron White goes on the stage making jokes on a televised stand up show talking about “water heads” and making fun, should I expect a phone call to MY son? of course not….children in this world with disabilities are the only minority group where it is still acceptable for people to be discriminatory. Happens every day..if I sat around and waited for every politician to write me a letter or call me on the phone for discontinuing funding to important programs to help special needs children, I’d be doing nothing BUT waiting. Bristol, my dear sweet innocent child, maybe your mother should be the one apologizing to you, for putting you in this position to begin with. If you don’t want your children attacked, then don’t get in to politics…everyone knows that. But, in case you forgot, let me send you this nice little link… . Go back to school honey…and move on, cause you sure didn’t turn down the fame that all this controversy afforded you did you? OR the money.

  • Chazz

    Bristol, that is awesome, too bad he won’t even read it. I wish I could have to poise, dignity, and restraint that your entire family has shown.

  • Whatever

    The fact that everybody here is ignoring – including the Palins – is that Obama has nothing to do with his SuperPAC. He can’t return the money. It’s not his. But of course, that one simple fact doesn’t matter when it comes to unconditionally hating your enemy. Better to stoke the flames of ignorance.

    • e Bonita Ledzius

      Again, Obama can disassociate himself publicly from Bill Maher and his SuperPac, just by saying he doesn’t want that filthy money, and thinks Bill Maher should apologize as well. But he won’t, because he is as dirty as a worm sliding around in the sewer.

      • Whatever

        And again I ask: What does the Fluke situation have to do with the Palins? Is Obama supposed to go around apologize to every woman who was ever insulted by one of his supporters? It’s nonsense. Yet somehow, once again, the Palins have made an unrelated issue all about them due to their overwhelming narcissism and perverse need to be in the public eye.

        Until Sarah decides to actually DO something like run for office and hold that position for more than five minutes before she sees dollar signs elsewhere, she should shut her yap.

        • scout

          We need to type very slowly and explain to “Whatever” what a double-standard is. I’m just going to put it succinctly: until Obama can actually abide by what he professes to care about, (regarding women,) he should shut his yap. Hopefully, the worst president in recent memory will be FIRED by the American people in Nov.

          • Ohiochristian

            Double standard is going after the one man in Politics that stood up for you when people were spreading scathing rumours about your family and you. Double standard is you mother defend mysoginistic comments but turning around and complaining that the person who has defended you is to blame. Worst still that one family has all together avoided attacking your family and yet your mother has called the terrorist, and all sorts of things. Now that is a double standard. The Obamas have never attacked the Palins but yet consistantly the Palins especially Sarah has said some really hateful things toward the President and his family. Its really sad.

  • Tucson Jerry

    “A real conservative would realize off the bat that Maher is solely responsible for what Maher says.” Then why of who did Obama call Ms. Flute, but not Ms. Palin.

  • Carol from Virginia

    The Palins are upstanding family people who LOVE OUR COUNTRY!! Everyone makes mistakes, but that is no cause for the filth & degradation that comes out of the mouths of some of the “Hollywood Elite”, like Bill Maher. I would hate to have to go before the Lord and confess to Him how I made my millions, if it were like Bill Maher made his. Comedian or not, it is wrong. There are many comedians who make you laugh without uttering a single profane word. And the president needs to stand up for ALL Americans, not just his liberal, left-winged NUTS! What goes around, comes around!

  • Yvonne


    • Whatever

      Wow…I’m surprised you were able to cobble a sentence together. Very dignified and well thought-out…

      Because you apparently can’t read beyond a second-grade level, let me spell this out for you:

      1) I am not a liberal.
      2) I am not a conservative.
      3) I find those who divide themselves by those labels represent what’s really wrong with our country.
      4) “Obummer”? Really. Again: grow up.

      Am I a “real American”? You took that one right out of Palin’s playbook, didn’t you? Again: those who divide are the ones creating the problems.

      PS: The Caps-Lock button is over there on your left. Please become acquainted with it if you want to be taken seriously.

  • Daliwood


    • Linda C

      @ Daliwood – TU ERES LA PUTA OR PUTO!!!

  • Steve Hollar

    Bravo Bristol. I’m following your mom on facebook and got your web site that way. Seeing those liberal fools say what they did all on one video was breathtaking to say the least. I’m with you, Obama, put up or shut up. You can’t defend one woman without defending all.

  • Ray Velleco

    Bristol…that was absolutely perfect!!!!

  • Todd Beaucoudray

    Well, Maher is a Jew, so he’d burn in Hell in your mind anyway. God is so loving and forgiving of His enemies with that eternal Auschwitz awaiting them. Not even Hitler could accomplish eternal Holocaust.

  • lv

    (Sandra Fluke) – (Congressional testimony) – (Education) + (Baby) = Bristol Palin

    • Michelle

      I need a “like” button here

    • myj


  • Freddie B

    Bravo to Bristol Palin for her heartfelt open letter to the President. Women who do not stick together will always be the targets of Men Pigs. We cannot only speak out because a Democrat liberal woman was insulted, we have to be non party specific or womens voices as a whole will never make a real difference.

    I am an old lady but I have always admired Bristol Palin for always wanting to walk the talk. She says the truth without being mean and at her age and with her money, she could care less but I am glad she speaks out for some of us who feel the same.

  • Sophie Biggens

    Some things all of you should consider.. Bill Maher is an actor, he is a paid troll.
    He is paid to say vile things, to keep his job, and because he has become incredibly wealthy, he really has no need to worry whether the country goes to hell in a handbasket .
    Esther a few comments up is an unpaid troll.. you can tell, by the way she phrases her sentence structure.. Most of the comments here are by trolls to make you angry, so you can entertain them with your replies..

    • Todd Beaucoudray

      Real American. I love it! Typical Right-wing Nationalist. They equate patriotism with ones standing with God, as if He is a respecter of nations, much less people.

  • The Palin family is the best family in this country. Bristol is a thousand times more of a woman than Michelle Obama. Bristol loves people, Michelle is a snob who thinks she’s smarter than everyone. Bristol’s beautiful, Sara’s beautiful and Michelle has a gigantic butt. Youa re the queen of the Tea Partiers, sweetheart!

    • Michelle

      This is the problem with most conservatives who want to throw mud….you just make yourselves look like losers…”Michelle has a gigantic butt”? for REAL? are we in kindergarten? OH wait…maybe 4th grade, I am not sure a kindergartener knows what “gigantic” is.

      • Just Another Mike

        Honestly, I can’t tell if that was sarcasm or not from Hack Wilson (Poe’s Law and all that)

    • Dude…until Bristol had “work” she had a big butt and a big nose. Remember?

  • msjFinn23

    I am sorry about the horrible things celebrities are saying about you. Funny how they made a television show about becoming a teen mom, but you so it and people trash you and your family. Bravo!


    Bristol, I just want to thank you for the inspiration you are to young women everywhere, empowering them to have babies with the pride that motherhood engenders! I and the country have you to thank for my very own daughter becoming a mother at the age of 18, and like yourself unwed, by a do-nothing father. There is no health insurance that will cover this child other than Medicaid, which of course we proud Texans will not accept from the evil big government (H/T to Governor Perry!). The baby almost died shortly after birth but thanks to the wonderful American medical system he is now thriving, and my daughter is blessed with over a million dollars in medical bills. God Bless!

    • bettie


  • Cborand

    I am SURE that there will be an apology coming from Mr. Maher. After all, Mr. Limbaugh did apologize for the term used on his show. SO…when are we going to hear Maher’s apologies for all the even trashier things he has said!?!?!? NOT!!!!! I agree with someone further up in the comments. Mr. Obama was so outraged over what Rush said, but has not said ONE WORD about Maher’s comments…AND he didn’t have any problem accepting his money!!! By not saying a word, he is condoning what Maher and others like him have said. An ethical man would have called him on it and told him to keep his money!!

  • toon

    One has an illegitimate kid and one doesn’t.

  • Linda C

    @ Canadian Observer – Are you kidding me? Rush Limbaugh insulted Fluke, not Obama, so why did Obama get involved then?

  • Gary Howe

    He wouldn’t dare talk like that in front of my girls.I would have supported your mom in a run for president.

  • How about the people he hires for Czars? How about his friends that enabled him to buy his house? How about the 20 some Senators who are admitted Socialists? How about, who is funded in part by G. Soros, who made several trips to see Mr. Obama? These people all hate Republicans, because most of them stand for the Constitution, and the “NOW”, Socialist party-(former Democrat party) are for a Marxist/Socialist type party who follow the tactics of Carl Marx, and Saul Alinsly. Since the Dem’s all follow those “Alinsky” tactics, which are to “destroy”, and lie about your opponents, till it is the lies become ‘truth’, to those who don’t know any better. You are much like the friends with whom you associate with.. and I can not tell you, ONE, friend he has that is “moral”, is a friend to this country. What a shame, that we are sitting at the feet of our new dictator, trying to play by rules that they shred! What a difference in character between those who won’t lie, and those who lie, so they can gain full control of this country, in order to destroy the Constitution and what we are all about as a country. Well, Obama will have a fight on his hands, with anyone that has LOVE for this country and doesn’t live by a DOUBLE standard. THAT is HOW he is encouraging this against Republicans! OPEN your eyes!

    • Whatever

      I think maybe your tinfoil hat is on too tight.

    • Todd Beaucoudray

      Saul Alinsky. Haha! Christ, what conspiracy theories won’t you believe?

  • Michelle

    Carol from Virginia…I expect an apology…I am a liberal…you just called me a NUT….WAHHH I am gonna go tell my mommy, then go write a blog about it. Let me post this ONE more time… Obama did extend the olive branch to the Palin’s…YEARS ago…and again, I don’t see Bristol turning down money from interviews or other media, since this all went down…if Obama should be giving Maher’s money back, so should Bristol…and Sarah, for all the comforts this controversy has afforded them.

  • Cyndie Ulrich

    Thank you, Bristol, for your most eloquent and accurate analysis…it is an analysis with which I agree completely.

  • Jennifer

    I want to start by saying that Maher’s comments about your family, and about other women in general, are reprehensible. I’ll even give you that calling on President Obama to denounce his speech is appropriate. What I cannot give you is the hypocrisy.

    Where is the petition to your fellow conservatives, to your mother, calling for them to decry the likes of Rush Limbaugh? Where is the letter to Ann Coulter asking her to retract her endorsement of Mitt Romney in light of her attacks on John Edwards (calling him a “faggot”)? Where is the outrage at Foster Friess, or the request that he retract his million dollar donations to Santorum’s super pac for his disparaging remarks about women’s birth control?

    The fact is that integrity is integrity. To demand it, we must also exhibit it. And that goes both ways, in both parties. I’ll be waiting on your aforementioned letters.

    • Whatever


  • toon


  • C. Sense

    Just when I thought the Palins were uniformed fame junkies….I give you Bonita, queen of the idiots.

  • THE mine game u are playing will not work, I hoped u where not as sick as yr much for that u make excuses for yr behavior but when someone else dose the same thing u do u are often merciless. Like your mother A very sick person.GOD’ S ways works, man’ ways don’t

  • Davy

    Most people do not understand that the excuse of this championing behavior for woman’s rights by President Obama is just his way of controlling the political fight. A strategy of the left is to become the victim first and then the champion next. Fact is Obama should not have called anyone in the first place and if he did why go public with the phone call its propaganda on that issue they need a victim once again. The left needs victims that is their life line.Lets control the debates from here on out lets not allow a populist President turn this nation into his self centered reality show with the help of the liberal media. Bill Maher who the hell is that and who cares, wash up, thats all!

    • Todd Beaucoudray

      Who is he? Bristol is bitching about him. No one plays the victim card more egregiously than the Palins.

      • Davy

        is this your profession? so, Obama did create at least one job!

  • Shannon Lucas

    Way to go Bristol! I will be sharing this.

  • b


    • Whatever

      You’re right. Rush is an absolute jerk.

      • Debi Page

        At least he’s honest and makes sense..

        • Just Another Mike

          I’d be interested to know how he is so knowledgeable about Sandra Fluke’s sex life then (since it wasn’t in any of her public testimony).

          So what exactly was he being honest about? Inquiring minds want to know.

          • EMC


  • Mike

    Maybe it was because Sandra Fluke was attacked for testifying to Congress about very important health care issues that affect all women while you were attacked for trying to make money off of your trainwreck life decisions. Try doing something besides trying to make a buck off of your life situations and aspiring to be the reality star daughter of an opportunist political clown and you might get a call. Let’s all stop pretending everything here is equal.

    • David Kramer

      You have your leftist talking points down pretty good. Imply that Bristol is a gold digger and then imply there is a false equivalency. Go back to your MediaMutters and get better talking points.

      • joe

        you can call them leftist talking points, but as Stephen Colbert once stated, “Reality has a well known liberal bias.”

    • Loder

      I want the President to protect my Daughters from Misogynists, whether they turn out to be Liberal, Conservative young Women or somewhere in between. Being a Mom, I hope they will be brave enough to speak their minds and shape the future, so stand up for all Women Mr. President!!
      I worry that you simply don’t have the capacity to be anything other than a Serial Partisan. Misogynist need to be stopped and Liberals are only standing up for Liberal Women. Besides, President Obama was pandering when he called Ms. Fluke. He was furthering his agenda and not trying to protect Women from Misogynists. What President Obama doesn’t do speaks volumes and arrogance has it’s blind spots!

  • David Kramer

    Wow, a little feisty there Bristol. I like it.

    Seems like Todd and Sarah imparted a little Alaskan spine in you. Keep up the great work and do not let the leftist attacks bother you. You are a mirror to their hate and vileness. The more they attack you the better you should feel.

    We are all Breitbart!

    • Todd Beaucoudray

      He’s dead.

      • David Kramer

        I am a mirror, see your hate.

  • Maggie May

    This is nothing more than a cry for publicity for your latest reality show.
    The President of the United States owes no apology to someone who has put themselves in the public eye again and again and again with Reality Television. You are attempting to grow your celebrity and do so by verbally attacking a man of honor and valor. You should be ashamed of yourself.
    I find your disrespect for the office of the Presidency to be appalling.
    Your mother owes our brave President an apology for constantly sowing hatred and divisiveness.

    • mrojas

      Maggie you’re a Hypocrite like your Prez you dumb C@#T. Does that sound disgusting and hurt your Fewings. That’s Because it is disgusting, IDIOT.

      • Todd Beaucoudray

        Is that you, Bill?

        • EMC

          Whoever he is, he lisps.

    • SMB

      “…a man of honor and valor?” Are you kidding me? Surely you’re not speaking about this media creation in the White House? “Honor and Valor”. He has neither.

    • Republican_Warrior

      Oh please Maggie, if Maher said anything like that about Obama during his campaign, or if they trashed his wife, (and believe me, I know plenty of black jokes that are offensive) you would demand Bush or anyone else to apologize. Obama isn’t brave, he’s a communist, his wife is ugly and will have the same sour puss face as her mother when she get’s older. I can disrespect Obama all I want. I don’t disrespect the office, I have NO respect for the man. You need to grow up Maggie.
      Obama hasn’t done anything to earn respect and he has NO honor. He’s a weak kneed coward who never worked a day in his life. Cripes, his wife supported him. Let’s not forget he’s also a liar. He never tried to lower taxes in Illinois as a Senator, he tried to raise them.

      • EMC

        Nice of you to drag Bristol’s blog down into the gutter, Republican_Warrior. Maybe you ought to save your guttersniping for your own blog.

  • linda howell

    Bristol, I find your BLOG ver interesting and plan to read and re-read every comment. I admire and respect your mom! I will wrire more later as the dr has me on some strong med. Keep up the good work and who knows where your polical career might take you.

    • Debi Page

      Ditto! You go girl!

  • sandra

    Bristol this is a great blog. It will be great to read about issues from your perspective. I believe that the Sandra Fluke issue
    was trumped up to take the attention off of some of the really terrible things that are happening by Executive Order.
    Your family was attacked by the national media from the day that your mother was chosen to be the Vice Presidential
    candidate by John McCain. Bill Maher is one of the most despicable people on earth. The fact that he has a program
    tells us all we need to know about the media. He’s a regular guest on Jay Leno – spewing his hateful venom. Now we
    see almost every program has a liberal political slant written into the story line. I have loved you and your courage
    from day one. Keep your sense of humor and all will be well. Your pictures are beautiful. Most people have no
    concept of the fortitude, honor and adventure of our people who live in Alaska.

  • Atkins

    It’s interesting how on Cartoon Network on 3/18/12, there was a show about anti bullying and it featured an opening speech from Obama. From what he said, I truly do not think he believes the words that he spoke. Bullying is not ok either when you allow others to bully for you and Bill Maher has bullied conservatives and republicans while giving his dirty money to Obama’s superpac.

    Here’s a link to the Cartoon Network’s Stop Bullying show aired on 3/18/12

  • mrojas

    You obamunists are just as F!@#$ed up as mahr and your idol muslum two faced prez. He and you can call conservative women these disgusting names and it’s just your Fewings coming out. Then you get your Fewings hurt and get Butt hurt when you get called a name. You Liberals are just maggots.

    • Todd Beaucoudray

      Aren’t you being hypocritical? Complaining of name-calling while doing it. I’m not surprised, you are a Palin supporter. Do as I say, not as I do has always been one of their best attributes.

    • L3

      Nice. I’m sure that your post will be one of the first that is used to represent what this blog really means and who the people that support it are.

  • Frank Gwartney

    The $1,000,000 Maher donated was not to Obama’s campaign fund but to a PAC fund, which he has no control over. There is a big difference. In the interest of discourse it is important to be factual no matter how angry you feel.

    • Nova

      If Obama tells them to return the money they will. Fact.

      • IAMWOMAN

        Fact. He is NOT ALLOWED to tell them what to do. By LAW.

  • Jim

    Why won’t you and your family of grifters go away?

  • Kris

    Here’s the thing – I have to PAY to listen to or watch Mr. Maher. I won’t just randomly hear him while scanning the dial on public airwaves. I can imagine a parent driving her kids around, stops in for a little Mr. Limbaugh “insight” and then having to explain to her little girl exactly what those words mean, who he is calling names, and WHY would a man say such horrible things about a woman he doesn’t know.

    And the President is right – politicians kids should be off limits, period.

  • The Palin’s are nothing more than a bunch of money grubbing media whores!

  • Republican_Warrior

    Dear Bristol, like you I was a teen mother, back in the day when we were hidden away. We were not allowed to attend public school while we were pregnant, but rather we had to go to either family services where they had a room set aside for us or in the basement of a maternity home that is hidden away from society. It had everything you needed, including a hospital where the girls gave birth and a church.
    When my daughter was 1 year, 1 month and 1 day old, I married her father. The marriage lasted long enough for me to give birth to our second child. I commend you for not rushing into marriage and I know how hard it is to be a single parent.
    Maher’s comments are not made only toward you and your family, but to all teen mothers. If I had the chance to do my life over again, I would have done things differently. I might have given my daughter up for adoption so she could have had a better life. I could have had the financial help of my parents like you did, but my daughter was not their responsibility, she was mine and I was determined to raise her without asking anyone for help. I might have been 18, but back then no one would hire a pregnant woman in case something happened and she miscarried. Believe me, I tried so I wouldn’t have to be on welfare while living in a maternity home, but back then you didn’t have a choice. They automatically put you on welfare benefits. As I grew older and would see many of these teens who would get pregnant and keep their babies because their parents make it easy for them, I want to smack them along side the head….the parents, as well as the teens.
    Let me give you a good example. I went to my son’s high school to pick up him after school. My husband and I were going to surprise him by taking him out to dinner before we head for home. While waiting for him in the hall way, a 14 year old showed up with her 6 month old baby. Yes, 14 years old. When the bell rang, kids came out and girls surrounded the young mom and baby, some as young as 13 were saying, “I can’t wait until I have a baby.” I almost gave this girl and ear full when an older teen asked the mom, “is hard to have a baby?” the teen mom said not really, if you don’t mind the 3 o’clock feedings. The older teen said “no, that’s not what I mean. I mean, isn’t it expensive?”
    I thought the teen mom would say something like, you wouldn’t believe how expensive it is, but no. Instead she said, “Oh, I haven’t had to buy anything except for one can of formula. Both sets of grandparents buy everything, diapers, formula clothes. It’s been great.”
    I think if the grandparents didn’t “help” so much, these girls wouldn’t feel so entitled to everything and the deserve to get what they want for free.
    I never asked my parents to babysit my kids, I never asked them for money, I never asked them to buy formula or diapers or if we could live with them. Life is hard, it isn’t suppose to be easy.
    With Obama, don’t forget that he thinks if his daughters get pregnant out of wedlock or still in high school, the child they are carrying is considered a punishment and they should be able to abort the baby. A punishment, really? How about turning that “punishment” into a gift for a couple who can’t have children? Was he is mother’s punishment? Did she tell him that getting pregnant with him was a punishment? Was I my biological mom’s punishment? No, I was a gift to a couple who couldn’t have their own children. Was my daughter a punishment? No, she was a gift because I never thought I would ever become a wife and mother.
    The only person who thinks Bill Maher is Bill Maher. It’s too bad HBO uses the “laugh” button because if there was an actual audience, I don’t think they would think he was being funny.

  • rosetta

    Does anyone care that the left had a list of conservative women they wanted to “hate F***” which is a disturbing and violent extreme version of rape. Did the president say a word when Ob said that SE Cups was prove that abortion should have been done to her with her mother? Did the left care one bit when a man moved in NEXT door to Palin to spy on her kids and harass them in their own yard? Did the president care one bit that his supports are Constantly calling people who oppose to his views very nasty hate terms?

    Of course not, he himself called tea partiers “tea Baggers” He himself called white men “worthless cigar smoking krackers” in his book.

    HE IS A COMPLETE hypocrite he supports vile and harassing tone to people in political discourse, as long as they are conservative or libertarian.

    • akasha

      Actually, the Tea Partiers did began with the name; Tea Baggers. that was their name was before someone pointed out to them what that means. Do some fact checking.

  • L3

    Ms. Fluke was testifying before Congress as a private citizen. She was exercising her right to be heard and participating in the political process, once again, as a private citizen. She was making her voice heard regarding legislation that she was opposed to, as a private citizen. She was engaging in dialogue with our elected officials as a private citizen.

    There is no legal parallel between Ms. Flukes testimony and the subsequent slanderous comments made by Rush Limbaugh against a private citizen engaging in civic testimony, and the slanderous comments made regarding Sarah Palin or Bristol Palin, public figures by choice, by comedians.

    There are legal protections in place regarding private citizens as opposed to public figures. It is much more difficult for those who have exposed and profited from aspects of their private lives to seek damages from claiming libel or slander. It is often said that fame comes with a price. The price is having to weather the criticisms that often accompany the public presentation of facets of ones life that the general public, ie, private citizens keep private.

    Proving harm after being a public figure and recognizing cash rewards for public appearances is a very difficult legal battle. One could choose to recognize the rewards from being a public figure and choose to ignore the publicity that results from a public life, or retire from public life and no longer expect apologies from the media comments that one does not agree with.

  • Jerry Robertson

    Bravo, Bristol, Bravo !!

  • SiameseCatLady

    I see it differently from you Wingnuts & Teabaggers. The entire Palin family owes American a HUGE apology for inflicting themselves on the rest of this country. Who cares about any of the Palins, especially Bristol? Yet she continues to force herself on the media – Dancing with the Stars, a reality show – WHO CARES? Bristol, just GO AWAY and live your life. You have nothing of any value to teach or show anyone. You just continue to embarrass yourself. Like mother like daughter, I guess.

    • Kelly Ann Gray

      I think Mrs. Palin and Bristol have shown the world that it is o.k. to have an opinion and be heard. The person I would like to see go away is you. How inappropriate your remarks were, spoken like a true lib.

      • akasha

        So, than by your logic, if it is ok for the Palins to speak out then so it is for all those who disagree / and dislike them.
        I read vile comment from repubs, toward the Prez and other dems. I assume that is just fine by u?

    • Republican_Warrior

      Wow, and if the Palin’s were Democrats, you would be saying the exact opposite. Thank goodness the Palins have more supporters than Obama. Anyone who still supports Obama and plans to vote for him are ignorant and easily brain washed.
      Do you really want the Government to come into your home and tell you how to raise your children? How to feed them, what to feed them? Do you really want to give your hard earned money to those who refuse to work because you owe them for sitting on their butts all day? Unless you are one of those who expect everything to be given to you for doing nothing. Kind of like Obama. He didn’t do anything and yet just by reading from teleprompters, he brainwashed the lot of you. In case you haven’t noticed, his poll numbers are dropping faster than his head can spin. We can’t afford 4 more years of his mess or his mistakes or his apologies to our enemies or allowing our enemies to dictate to our President.

      • Todd Beaucoudray

        Teleprompters, apologizing to enemies– straight from Palin’s handbook. This is the woman who read from her hand.

        Tell the Republicans to stay out of the private lives of individuals, especially when it comes to sex, if they want to be consistent.

      • akasha

        The Palins have more supporters than Obama? LMOF.
        The Palin followers are nothing more than a click. Dream on.

    • John Frank

      Sad that people come here to post insulting comments.

      Bill Maher made a very misogynistic and insulting comment towards Bristol Palin.

      Her post raises a number of legitimate questions. The video that she has posted raises even more.

      Why is the President only concerned when someone makes a misogynistic comment towards Sandra Fluke, a young woman who is supportive of his policies?

      Why are the President’s supporters only concerned when someone makes a misogynistic comment towards someone who is supportive of his policies?

      Some of the posted comments raise legitimate questions about those making them.

    • Grammii

      Your arm was not twisted to watch Dancing With The Stars or to read this blog but you want to control what others might want to see or read. If you don’t like what you see or read try something else and leave my rights alone! Love the blog, Bristol! Keep it up.

      • Grammii

        This was in reply to Siamese Cat Lady

  • Jim whitney

    Forget civility …you call my sister/daughter /mom. A slut your going to get a punch in the face…it’s just not done around these parts.

    • L3

      Absolutely! I’ll fly you to Rush Limbaugh’s studio if you would punch him in the face for me, for calling Sandra Fluke a slut!

  • Angie

    Very well said. Your a great mom Bristol and I’m looking forward to seeing the great things you will do with the life you have been blessed with.

  • Kathy Berden

    Hey Bristol! Your Zamboni friend from Prince Albert,Saskatchewan, here. I’m so proud of this letter! I’ve posted it to my Facebook page. No one deserves such ignorance from a “man”. It takes a strong woman to stand her ground after decimation of character. Salutes to your mom and yourself for such poise in the eye of a storm. Hugs!

    • Jilli

      Strong women don’t whine and claim they’re victims. Bristol is a huckster just like her mother – (badly) playing the victim card. I guess there’s rubes that will buy her schtick.

  • Tim

    Way to go Bristol!

    This is Obama’s double standard which is what Bristol is addressing here.

    Where is Obama’s phone call to Bristol for taking a million dollars from someone who’s said much worse things about women than Rush Limbaugh?

    When should Bristol expect Obama’s call?
    Since the left always gives free passes to their own, it’s likely to arrive the day after never.

    • Todd Beaucoudray

      Why did Sarah defend Rush’s use of the word retard?

  • Kathy D

    Bill Mahr is dispicable! Great video!

    • akasha

      And I guess for you Rush is a hero of some sort?

  • Lisa Hunt Strisko

    Abuse is just that Abuse; Whether it is verbal, emotional, or physical. Pain is pain no matter who delivers. Verbal attacks or no more or less painful if done by or received by someone of political or financial or your husband, wife, or friend. Pain is pain. However as much as I would like Bristol to receive an apology, if it isn’t heart felt with an effort to change then it is no better than the hurtful words used is the insults that hurt so bad. You also have to be careful of asking someone for an apology, they may agree to apologize but is for for closure, forgiveness, sorrow or to regain control?
    You may never get your phone call but is that such a bad thing? Being the Christian you are, forgive and move on. Is that really the kind of people you want to let that close to your life. They have hurt you and been verbally abusive don’t let them have anymore control over your feelings or take anymore pleasure in your hurt….

  • Liberty76

    Well said Bristol! Obama is a two faced lying idiot!

  • You go girl!!! Why do we as women have to repetly fight for equality?

  • Excellent post Bristol. If Obama has and sincerity in his body, hewould give Maher back the million and soundly condemn him and call you.

    Study hard Bristol, you are a voice for what is right. Your mom is the best.

  • I CANNOT believe this lunacy is allowed on TV – free speech or not!

    No woman deserves to be called derogatory names…

  • alysa

    I am a liberal and I love this! Great post! 🙂

  • Kelly Ann Gray

    Well said! I agree with everything you said Bristol. The decent people of the world are behind you and your family. There is such a double standard with the media and the left. What was said about Fluke was much milder than what was said about you. I am a teacher and a mother. What has been done to you at a delicate stage in your life is horrid and unforgivable. What has our society come to when we spend millions to rehabilitate poor inner city drug attacks, and the left stomps the living life out of an innocent girl who followed her heart and was betrayed… Mr. President should return that money, he should make a public apology for Mrs. Obama going on David Letterman also. Keep trucking Bristol.

  • Kevin

    Did you ask you mother the same question after she defended Rush’s use of “retard” as an insult for Democrats?

  • Kathy

    Was also so surprised Obama didnt throw in cigarettes Beer n Wine with the Birth control Abortion pkg he so promotes……Sandra is such a fluke! OBAMA IS So not needed in this country NOBAMA 2012!

  • Kathy

    God Bless You and Your Family!
    Was also so surprised Obama didnt throw in cigarettes Beer n Wine with the Birth control Abortion pkg he so promotes……Sandra is such a fluke! OBAMA IS So not needed in this country NOBAMA 2012!

  • Todd Beaucoudray

    I seem to remember when Sarah bitched about Rahm Emanuel, but defended Rush Limbaugh over the use of the word retard. If that isn’t enough for lack of consistency, consider what others on the Right have said about Sandra Fluke:

    -Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin denounced Fluke as a “femme-agogue tool.”

    -The right-wing site Jawa Report illustrated a post about Fluke with a picture of a tattoo that reads “Semen Demon.”

    -Pam Geller wrote that Fluke is “banging it five times a day” and that “calling this whore a slut was a softball.”

    -Accuracy in Media’s Don Irvine called her a “skank.”

    -Former CPAC Blogger of The Year, Ace of Spades, called Fluke a “shiftless rent-a-cooch from East Whoreville.”

    -Michelle Malkin guest blogger Doug Ross used “Got Slut?” in a headline and suggested Fluke suffered from “nymphomania.”

    Conservatives aren’t about civility or taking the high road. They’re just as nasty, if not more.

  • salvage

    It’s really sad the way your mom is using you for her endless campaign to be… whatever it is she’s trying to be.


  • Kristin

    You’ll get that call right around the time that you and your family stand up for Sandra Fluke the way Obama stood up for you during the 2008 campaign. In other words, right around… never.

    I know you think you found your clever “gotcha” moment, but just remember that for every finger you point, there are three pointing back at you.

  • Drxcog

    Bold? More like idiotic. What, every time some media blowhard insults a woman, the President has to call that woman and apologize? This is just of the sort of lame-brained, narcissistic b.s. so typical of the Palins and their ilk.

  • Grace York


    All I can say is wow. I never thought the media would resort to such nasty tactics. Why anyone would continue to stand behind these people is unbelievable. I think you are doing an amazing job raising your son! I come from a family who has kids very young too. That didn’t stop my mom from raising my sister while still in high school and going on to get two master degrees! So keep up the good work.

  • Philip Alu

    Always Proud
    Always Truthful

  • A fool for Christ

    Dear Bristol;
    I agree that Bill Maher is a jerk, but darlin’ your mama gives passes to way to many mean on the other side too. She has been known to be quite the hate monger herself.
    When your mom was a national candidate, Then Senator Obama stood up for you. Thank you for acknowledging his kindness.
    You’re a big girl now and have put YOURSELF in the public eye. Ridicule and satire comes to everyone who takes a political stand and puts themselves out there.
    Bill Maher and Rush Limbaugh are just proof that if you go to far in either direction you end up in the same disgusting place.
    But sweetie, if you want cover from public ridicule, quit the reality shows, and quit putting yourself out there. If your faith is real, be humble and repentant, above reproach. Take the Grace God has given you, and share it. Us it to extinguish the fires of hate that have been planted in your life by a fundamentalist movement that has lost sight of Jesus’ mission.
    Don’t worry about a message from the President, open your heart to the message of love and forgiveness that is the very core of what your faith is supposed to be all about. That’s the message you really should be waiting for.

  • Raffaela V. DiBella

    Kudos to you Bristol! Your Mom should be very proud of You! You expressed yourself very well and brought out excellent points and spoke from the heart! As far as I am concerned Bill Maher and the likes of him are the filth of the earth. I was brought up to believe that anyone who talks such filth does so because they are lacking intellect and class. And Bill Maher is proof thatAA this is very true! As for Obama, Hypocrite is as Hypocrite does!

    • Todd Beaucoudray

      Using profanity has nothing to do with intellect. What’s profane is a cultural opinion, not a standard. Being able to write and speak well are far more indicative of intellect than using profanity, as many esteemed authors have used it in classic literature.

  • Excellent post, Bristol! Keep up the good fight! We’re behind you 100%.

  • Bacon IsTasty

    So… Rush Limbaugh = Bill Maher? Is this what we’ve come to? Acting like serious political commentators and stand-up comedians should be treated the same way? I mean, I think Limbaugh’s show is a joke, but guys, don’t be so literal.

  • Becky

    Go girl stick up for yourself and your family love your mom and very proud to say I’m an Alaskan

  • Kevin Burke from Canada

    How about after your mother calls over 50% of Americans and apologizes for telling them that they weren’t real Americans.

    Please don’t compare yourself to a Law student who stood up for women’s rights. You have a reality TV show. Your mother put you and your family in the public eye with the intent of becoming a celebrity family. You may as well be a Kardashian.

    There’s no justification for what Bill Maher said, but the President certainly doesn’t owe you an apology. Ask your mom for one.

    • Whatever

      Oh yeah!! Spot on!

  • Ralph Cummings

    Go! Bristol Go! You and your family don’t have to stand about silently while the liberal left and slugs like Maher do their dirty deeds. I can’t wait for someone to begin to go public with vile attacks against Obama and his family. Then we will see where they really stand as well as the low-lifes on here that stick up for them.
    Keep up the good work and keep blogging about how you feel. It is your right to do so. It is clear that you don’t intend to pander just to gain publicity as guys like Maher do. For eight years all the comedians could go on a stage and say, “I hate George Bush”, and just about get a standing ovation. They didn’t have any worthy material so they could spew that kind of venom and get laughs by pandering to the audience. In order to be cool, you had to hate Bush and republicans. None of the people like that are really cool. They are just followers who are too lazy to really put the effort in to develop their own independent thoughts on issues. For them it is better to “go along” than to form personal and informed opinions. It is always easier to let someone else tell you what you are thinking and what you should believe. Mental midgets do that often. I applaud your efforts to defend yourself and your family.

    • Todd Beaucoudray

      It is clear that you don’t intend to pander just to gain publicity as guys like Maher do. — LMAO! I suppose you’re one of the first for the moon colony.

  • DeAnna Kennedy

    Well said Bristol…..The political sarcasm/humor presented by some comedians these days are meant to make their political point, veiling their intent with humor. Personal slams are hurtful to their targets…humor or no humor. They know what they’re doing….so do we.

    Here’s my opinion:
    Politicians, musicians, actors/actresses, comedians,TV personalities want ALL the ATTENTION they can get, it’s how they make their living. Ratings, Box Office, Chart Hits, Votes…”Bad publicity is better than no publicity!” They need for everyone to “buy” their product, it’s really as simple as that! The celebs who go for the gossip, using their celebrity status to slam what’s popular to slam ( mostly dictated by the press) want attention . They want to appear to be the MOST GIVING so that everyone pays attention to them!! GIVE to all the political causes, GIVE to the poor, give, give, give!! Why not? A Giver is mostly seen as “SELFLESS” and gets a lot of attention, right? That’s really what’s at the bottom of this ….it’s ATTENTION! “All Eyes On Me”!! It’s very close to how our society loves to wear “designer” clothes…it’s all about how we’re seen!
    Case in point: Mr Bill Mayer, if you want to contribute to Pres Obama’s cause….do so. Why is it that you need to make sure you’re SEEN as a million dollar contributor?

    Bristol, your statement is heartfelt and well said…you don’t/didn’t deserve to be the butt of public joke making. Your brother certainly didn’t either. Just as I wouldn’t find it ok to poke fun at Pres Obama’s daughters, justified by the fact that he put his family into the public arena…I don’t find it ok to have targeted your family.

  • gman

    Bristol he won’t call you because Liberals like him hate strong women who can think on their own and make their own choices. Quite frankly they are afraid of women such as your Mother because they threaten their liberal women base and their platform of abortion and morals I should say lack of morals. Stay strong!

  • Sarah Royston

    God Bless you now & always.

  • Will James

    The president isn’t going to call you because he is, in fact, a partisan, and is probably not concerned with the hurt feelings of his opponents (Kind of like how Republicans are unconcerned with the physical discomfort of trans-vaginal ultrasounds or anti-gay beatings). The President probably also recognizes the difference between insults delivered by a comedian who considers women his equals and insults delivered by an unfunny commentator who considers women subordinate trash. But since you’re on this righteous feminist track and demand equal, fair treatment for women, Bristol, how about using your blog to pressure state legislators to stop from singling women out for restrictions on birth control options?

  • Dale

    I’m constantly amazed at the number of people who are supporting the trashing the Palin family receives. To all of you who have said something like ‘Families of politicians should expect attacks like this’, I ask you… do you also expect Pres. Obama’s children to be the target of vicious attacks?

    Ms. Palin, you struck exactly the right tone in this post… Mr. President, please demand the same level of respect for conservatives as you do for liberals. Well done, I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    • EMC

      Well, the President’s family HAVE been the targets of vicious attacks from the kind of people who have taken the time to repeat over and over and over again in this comment thread this line of thinking: “Obama wasn’t the one who insulted Fluke, yet he called her anyhow, which is Bristol’s point. She is totally consistent here. Obama ought to call her and he ought to condemn Maher’s remarks since Maher is such a large donor to Obama’s campaign.”

      I guess when President Obama gets an apology from each and every one of the RWNJs who’ve insulted him, his FLOTUS Michelle, and the two daughters, then he might find time to call poor Bristol.

      Don’t hold your breath.

    • Michelle

      I’m constantly amazed at how many people are shocked at the way the Palin’s are treated, since the only time THEY complain themselves is when they need more money….Obama never called poor little Bristol to apologize, but he sure did stand up and tell the whole nation to leave Sarah’s family out of politics, but yet NO one cares about that…and that was BEFORE he was president. When the mud slinging is the worst….during an election. Poor, poor Bristol….she didn’t get any benefit to any of it did she?

  • Carlito

    Why should el Preisdente have to acknowledge the distasteful comments made by Bill Maher again. He’s already defended her once. #PalinPublicityStunt

  • Carlito

    Why should el Preisdente have to acknowledge the distasteful comments made by Bill Maher again? He’s already defended her once. #PalinPublicityStunt

  • Varecia

    Bristol, Rick Santorum thinks women having children out of wedlock like you are animalistic breeders of criminals. I think you’re barking up the wrong tree, little Grizzly Momma.

  • shane

    There are so many differences between the situations here, it is really hard to know where to begin! Do you really think that getting accidentally pregnant and speaking before Congress about birth control are equally worthy of a President’s support? If you do, you are fooling yourself. And, let’s put aside the fact that President Obama wasn’t even president when the comments were made about you, so he couldn’t have made the gesture of a “presidential phone call.” Instead, he discussed the issue IN A PUBLIC SPEECH. So, he DID support you. Both of you. But, I guess that’s not good enough for you. Your (fake) plea that he call you NOW doesn’t even make any sense. Why would he call you now?
    I guess the only defense to Rush’s comments is distraction and finger-pointing at Mahr about stuff he did years ago. Fine. It’s so obviously a tactic of distraction, but fine. But, now you want to drag the President down in response to Rush’s slander? Again and again, the right tries to take someone’s strength (record of defending women (Obama); service in the military (Kerry), etc. etc.) and falsely turn it into a weakness. Seeing as the President has actually defended you before, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    • John Frank

      Misogyny is misogyny, whether it is done by Rush Limbaugh or Bill Maher.

      Limbaugh, upon realizing that what he said was wrong had the decency to apologize.

      Bill Maher has tried to explain away his crude and demeaning remarks.

      • Hope

        When are the Palins’ going to disavow Limbaugh’s remarks?

      • Kate1230

        That was not an apology. Limbaugh said he was sorry he used the words “prostitute & slut” and then went on for several minutes about how Fluke shouldn’t have said this or that and how she was so wrong and how he was right. It was anything but a sincere apology.

  • Wasilla

    How strange that so many here can’t see that when the president sticks up for Sandra Fluke, he sticks up for the rights and well-being of all women, even those like Bristol who are too irresponsible to use birth control when passing out drunk in tents with the local meth dealer’s son. (Let’s hope Miss Palin is using it now, in which case Obama and Democrats are supporting her ability to get it through her insurance.) Access to contraception is part of access to healthcare, and no, contrary to y’all’s confusion, taxpayers are not paying for other people’s private insurance. Ninety-eight percent of Americans use contraception, including most of the people running their mouths here — and a huge number of you are getting it through your employers. Without help from you, we are fighting to keep that option open for you. We hope not to hear you scream about how victimized you are if we lose that fight because you thought it was more important to oppose Obama than to look out for your own interests.

    • retlaw

      Fluke’s a public figure for going on TV to influence the political debate, and you deplore Limbaugh calling her a slut. Miss Palin’s a public figure for accepting a lucrative TV gig, true. But you feel justified sliming her thusly: “…passing out drunk in tents with the local meth dealer’s son”.

      So it’s only okay to slam sluts if they disagree with your politics.

      You’re just another Democrat hater. Black guys who vote your way are African-Americans, but if they vote GOP, they’re Uncle Toms and House N-words. You’re dirt.

      • akasha

        Fluke is not the one who ended up being prego as a teenager. Bristol is. Do look up the definition of a slut.

  • A fool for Christ

    Dale, President Obama’s children are not on reality TV shows and to my knowledge, don’t have a blog.

  • Sandy Ottum

    First, I want to thank Bristol for the opportunity to write about this topic. Bristol, speaking as a long time teacher, you communicate your thoughts well and with assertiveness.

    Can we all agree that we are looking for someone who believes in the Oath of Office that Congressional members and the President swear by? If you believe that Obama is supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States as he promised in his oath that he would, then support him. If you believe that he is mangling the U. S. Constitution, then support someone else.

    If a person believes that the ends justifies the means, i.e., that it is okay to lie about defending the Constitution, in order to initiate “hope and change,” then what else will he feel comfortable lying about? Please help me out; it seems to me that he started out with a whopper of a lie. Other than how much he loves his family, I have trouble listening to anything else he says.

  • Sandy Ottum

    please do ot publish my whole name thanks

  • Just Me, an American

    I am not the top political person anywhere. But I listen, I watch, I dig to find out things for myself. Our media is all on fire for Mr Obama. I am NOT. I am scared for my children and family if this man gets 4 more years.

    What does this President do that is different. Well, he sent a drone(?) into another country to kill someone that was doing wrong things(not taking up for this man) but instead of killing him, killed the whole family. Why is this bad?? This man should have been taken to trial with a jury of his peers. Murder is murder. This man was in another country, but don’t American’s follow American rules? We have a court system for a reason, they tie it up with other BS, why not this man.??
    He just signed into law, last week, that if we were to have an uprising of Americans against the government, He can shut down everything. No communication of any kind, electricity, transportation. Did congress pass this NO, HE made this order into law. Look up Executive Orders Obama has passed. What you fine may surprise you.
    He is appointing people, not following steps set in place by our Forefathers. Does whatever he wants to do.
    If you in America want to see Socialism, give him 4 more years.
    I think all these that have done wrong by name calling should give phone calls. I believe that he should be the President of ALL.
    Here is what to look for in Socialism….
    1. They take your land
    2. Only Government run business. No more Mom and Pop, Small. Everything is government.
    3. Healthcare for all.
    4. You can not own a Gun. If you are found with one, Prison for you!!
    5. No more(if you do) Worshiping God, they are God, no one or nothing above them.
    6. Food is handed out by Government.

    In all speeches I hear what “The Government is going to do.” That my friends is what the Government CAN NOT DO!!! Wake up AMERICA!! It’s not just about a hand out, Get off your butts, think about your own business. FORGET THE GOVERNMENTS HELP, We need them to stop helping.

    • Hope

      Another nominee for the tinfoil hall of fame. Obama has been President for three years and none of your fears have come to fruition. He has not tampered with anyone’s freedom and has not initiated any law that would take away one constitutionally guaranteed right. If you are afraid then you need to look into your heart about what is stoking that fear because I assure you it is not reality.

    • EMC

      JustMeAnAmerican said, Here is what to look for in Socialism…. 1. They take your land

      If you want an example of that, which has very little to do with the federal government, there’s this: “In Texas, landowners are locking arms to fight would-be pipeline builder TransCanada over eminent domain cases that may determine where the 1700-mile project will be built.”

  • TheEagle

    Bristol, Did you get an apology from your Mom for appearing on Conan and Leno’s shows after they made these jokes?

    “You know who is really, really happy that John McCain did not win last night? The boyfriend of Sarah Palin’s daughter. He doesn’t have to get married now. ‘Whew, thank God!'” –Jay Leno

    “Sarah Palin is going to drop the first puck at the Philadelphia Flyers’ hockey game. Then Palin will spend the rest of the game trying to keep the hockey players out of her daughter’s penalty box.” –Conan O’Brien

    “You know, they’re watching this interview, this is the first time she’s really sat down and talked. Political experts say that during the interview, she did a pretty good job convincing voters that she’s qualified. Yeah, Palin says she has plenty of experience, and that her daughter has a little too much experience.” –Conan O’Brien

    “Did you see Governor Sarah Palin on the cover of Newsweek? Look, she’s holding a shotgun. Holding a shotgun. This picture was taken right after she announced that guy would be marrying her pregnant daughter.” –Jay Leno

    “Experts say — this is interesting — that since Sarah Palin became the vice presidential nominee, there’s been an actual spike in the sales of her style of eyeglasses. Gone way up. Yeah. Yeah, with Palin’s glasses, you’ll be able to see everything, except what the hell your teenage daughter’s up to.” –Conan O’Brien

    “The Republican Convention is under way. The theme for tonight’s Republican Convention is, ‘Who is John McCain?’ Tomorrow night’s theme is, ‘Who forgot to check if the Vice President’s daughter is pregnant?'” –Conan O’Brien

    “It’s true, John McCain’s running mate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, has revealed that her 17-year-old daughter is pregnant. Palin said, ‘We should never have introduced her to John Edwards.'” –Conan O’Brien

    “Governor Palin announced over the weekend that her 17-year-old unmarried daughter is five months pregnant. Oh, boy, you thought John Edwards was in trouble before, now he’s really done it!” –Jay Leno

    And did you ever get an apology from these conservatives and republicans who appeared on Maher’s show:

    Ron Paul – 2/20/09
    Andrew Breitbart – 3/13/09, 9/24/10, 4/29/11
    Joe the Plumber – 4/3/09
    Amy Holmes – 5/15/09, 3/12/10, 9/24/10
    Joe Scarborough – 7/17/09
    Darrell Issa – 8/7/09, 11/5/10, 11/4/11
    Bill Frist – 10/9/09, 6/11/10
    S. E. Cupp – 5/14/10, 10/8/10
    Dana Loesch – 10/15/10, 3/11/11
    Nicolle Wallace -10/22/10
    Bill O’Reilly- 11/5/10
    Mike Huckabee – 11/12/10
    Michael Steele – 1/28/11, 4/15/11
    Jack Kingston -1/28/11
    Ann Coulter – 7/8/11
    Grover Norquist – 10/28/11
    Buddy Roemer – 1/20/12
    Dana Rohrabacher – 1/27/12

    • ManxMamma

      Excellent points.

  • JJK

    First of all, Malia and Sasha aren’t adults. Comparing them to yourself isn’t quite apples-to-apples. I know very little about Bill Maher but recently read an article about him in the The Hollywood Reporter, which really made me decide I don’t like the guy. In the article, he did say that children of politicians should be off-limits, which I mostly agree with. I think the sensible exception here is that you aren’t standing under the wing of a political parent, trying to stay out of the spotlight. You are a celebrity and have sought fame through endeavors such as “Dancing with the Stars” and acting. Therefore, you should no longer have the same expectation of privacy and the right to be left alone as the average citizen.

    As unfortunate/dumb as Maher’s comments may be, you also shouldn’t expect President Obama to step in, just because the two of them are both Democrats. Why the President would bother his paid staff with the task of searching high and low for your phone number is beyond me. Next time, when someone embarrasses you, rather than taking to a blog, it would likely be much more wise to optimize the services of a publicist. Such a person can make more of a coherent, sensible statement on your behalf.

    • TheEagle

      Maher is an independent, not a democrat.

  • Paul Price

    I think you’re right on the money with your analysis of mister Obama. His moral outrage is on a par with his religous principles, they both are only there to further his career. I enjoy and agree with your mothers outlook on life and also admire your fathers restraint. I;m afaid if someone spoke about my wife the way maher spoke about your mom I would be inclined to “stomp a mudhole in him”. Plese give them both my regards—very well written piece


    Waiting for that call apologizing to all women for standing by the anti-birth control movement.

  • Flying Spaghetti Monster

    The president does not call liars on the phone. Bill Maher never once made fun of your brother because of his medical condition. He made fun of your mother for dragging him around like a political prop. Stop lying. Lies make your baby jesus cry.

    • retlaw

      I’ll bet you’re the loon who shot his TV when Bristol was on “Dancing”. Get a life, hater.

      • Flying Spaghetti Monster

        As if. Only rednecks shoot their TV. What some unwed mother does on some reality show does not affect me. My life is quite fulfilling.

  • CAmomof3

    Beautifully said, Ms. Palin!

  • Non Prophet

    One can not wait to hear him utter the words “Et tu Binden” when he sends troops in to Iran without asking Congress first. Go Uncle Joe don’t let us down a second time please!

  • Mark

    You are so right on girl! Thank you for sharing this excellent post! Blessings to you and your family!

  • Victoria

    I think the point here is that by accepting the money and not saying that he does not support or condone the words of Bill Mareh the president is sending a clear message that it is OK with him if people degrade women as long as it is women of no use to him. What one thinks of the Palins is neither here nor there. Bristal is just pointing out Mr. Obama’s double standard.

    • Kate1230

      Are you not aware that President Obama cannot dictate what is done with the money sent to a PAC for his campaign? That would be ILLEGAL! You’d think that Palin would know this since she has her own PAC but then she’s always had different rules for herself than for others.

      There is no double standard. However, Sarah defends Rush Limbaugh despite his derogatory comments about retarded individuals or women in general. That’s hypocrisy at its finest.

  • Free4Now

    Dang, Bristol Girl, better stock up on firesticks and acidblocks. I hear that those are the only things which completely rid one of trolls and you sure overturned a large rockful of them, didn’t you?

    Your well thought-out post does you great credit.

    God Bless you and your wonderful family.

  • Bev M.

    Well said, Ms. Palin! Of course, we all know that when one of his daughters makes a mistake and gets pregnant, he doesn’t want to ‘punish’ her by asking her to choose to let that baby live.

    • EMC

      “We all know” …nothing!

      That comment ranks right up there with the “Boom! Taste my nightstick” some C4P flying monkey posted a few hours ago.

    • akasha

      Really? You all know? By what authority? You can see into future?
      Those are some bold statements lady.
      Obama has two little girls. Not teenagers.

  • Charles Forbes

    Obama injected himself into this controversy by making the comments by Limbaugh political when he publicly called luke. Just like when he ran his trap over the issue with the Harvard professor by saying the police ‘acted stupidly’ before he (admittedly) knew all the details. Obama is driving that wedge into Americans to divde everyone. Do your own research…historically, community organizers will use this division and controversy to force changes regardless of whether or not the changes are good for all or not.

  • Daina Kennedy

    The demize of our country is that people keep moving the line of what’s right and wrong. Everything is acceptable! If the President dos’nt appalogize…I will…I am truly sorry for the way you and your family have been treated! Please do not loos faith! We need faithful conservatives to stand strong!

    “How terrible it will be for people who call good things bad and bad things good,
    who think darkness is light and light is darkness,
    who think sour is sweet and sweet is sour.” (Isaiah 5:20 NCV)

    “I have told you these things to keep you from giving up. People will put you out of their synagogues. Yes, the time is coming when those who kill you will think they are offering service to God. They will do this because they have not known the Father and they have not known me. I have told you these things now so that when the time comes you will remember that I warned you.

    “I did not tell you these things at the beginning, because I was with you then. (John 16:1-4 NCV)

  • J Gearity

    Obama is a Bigot!

  • Forgive the self promotion but, I tackle this subject on my online show often. You (Bristol) don’t exist to liberals because you are pro-life, believe in less government and most importantly, your mother is Sarah Palin.

    YOU can be talked about and mistreated in any way because only a liberal woman is worth the chivalry most of these liberals claim to champion. Remember the comments made by Sandra Bernhard about your mother? (

    What I found inexcusable was the fact that the vent where Ms. Berhard spewed that fowl rhetoric was attended by women who cheered the idea of another woman being RAPED! Which makes my point exactly.

    Stay well and all the best to you and your son.

    Reese On The Radio

  • Ilene

    How about this, Ms. Bristol –better your Mom should consider apologizing for the disgusting, racist, disrespectful and vile things she has said about our President. You Palins seem to have the victim thing down pat.

  • LJ Bleil

    Good for you Palin. The proof you seek is in the president’s lack of action not what he has done, and the maxim in Latin is “qui tacet consentiere”–silence gives consent. Maher is acting on Obama’s behalf by being one of his surrogates. He wouldn’t attack her personally, but he’ll let one of his supporters do it for him.

    • Kate1230

      I guess you haven’t heard the dozens of times Sarah Palin and now her daughter attack the President with lies and innuendo? If you want to be treated with respect, you need to give it to others. Sarah hasn’t treated the President with any sign of respect since day one. She’ll get what she gives and she’ll just have to live with it!

  • Donald L Murphy

    “I believe the President is a decent human being but if you have proof that he is actually encouraging this type of behavior against Republicans, I wouldn’t be adverse to seeing it.”

    Everybody doesn’t recall the President giving the finger to Hillary when running for office? He also did it again later, but I forget now to whom that was directed. Leftists want us to believe that both times it was strictly an inadvertent scratch which just happened to incite adolescent glee from the audiences, but most of us aren’t that stupid. YES, the President is ENTIRELY the reason there is so much vitriol in the nation today. Polls have shown him to be the most polarizing politician who has ever held office. The man is quite naive with many things, but the one area where he excels is cranking up the charisma and manipulating his cult-like flock to do his bidding. Jim Jones would be exceedingly proud.

    • Kate1230

      Actually, polls show Sarah Palin to be far more divisive than any other politician in history, NOT President Obama. She’s the one who said that only some of us are ” real Americans”. The President stood up for her and her family when she first began campaigning saying children and family were off limits. How did she repay him? To insult him every chance she got. She deserves nothing but scorn from President Obama. Thankfully, we’ll NEVER call her Madame President.

  • Anna

    President Obama can’t control what idiot comedians say about you or anyone else. He spoke publicly about your situation, telling people to back off and leave families alone. You are in no way analogous to Ms. Fluke. You’ve personally profited off your situation, haven’t you dear?

    Where’s your outrage toward Rush Limbaugh and the people who are calling a woman a whore because she’s advocating for health insurance to cover birth control? Have you called Limbaugh? Have you called Ms. Fluke?

  • larry

    President Obama needs to return to the obscurity of his former life. The one where no one knew who he was nor ever wanted to know. Do this wonderful country a favor and step down and leave this beautiful country to people that respect the honor of the ones that made it. Never apologize for the country as it has never done anything to apologize for. Ask the millions of immigrants that are over running the borders is this country like their own or is it a dream to become a citizen of the greatest country in the world.

  • Kerry Givens

    If any one needs to use an aspirin contraception its this one sorry! lol. Your going to be a loose one just like your whack job mom Sarah I see. # Team Levi!

  • use your brain

    Ditto to what Shane says.

  • Daina Kennedy

    The demize of our country is that people keep moving the line of what’s right and wrong. Everything is acceptable! If the President dos’nt appalogize…I will…I am truly sorry for the way you and your family have been treated! Please do not loos faith! We need faithful conservatives to stand strong! (ps…I know this is being filtered so please delete my late post and use this one)

    “How terrible it will be for people who call good things bad and bad things good,
    who think darkness is light and light is darkness,
    who think sour is sweet and sweet is sour.” (Isaiah 5:20 NCV)

    “I have told you these things to keep you from giving up. People will put you out of their synagogues. Yes, the time is coming when those who (attack) you will think they are offering service to God. They will do this because they have not known the Father and they have not known me. I have told you these things now so that when the time comes you will remember that I warned you.

    “I did not tell you these things at the beginning, because I was with you then. (John 16:1-4 NCV)

  • Peggy Yuna

    Great post Bristol! Your comments right on

  • Heisabully

    I have not read all the postings but I feel that Bristol has a very good point. I would like to add one other thought. If BILL Mahar, was in a school and said all this he would be considered a BULLY, he would be expelled from school not to mention the other people who have been saying these terrible hurtful thing about women.

    Why is Bill Mahar not being called what he is… a Bully of the little people. He is no comedian… so he has to be a Bully.

  • Pat Mcdonough

    Isn’t Bill Mahr’s money free speech? Why do you want to deny anyone their free speech rights? Bill Mahr insults you and the President has to give money back? How does that make sense? Have you come out and denounced what Rush has said?

    • Whatever

      Good points!

  • Heidi Clyde

    …Yes, he is going to call you after your mom calls Gabby Gifford and apologizes for putting a target on her back.

    • Susan

      Oh, now you’re in trouble…

  • Liberal dumbass Mahr and for Obama not to give his money back is in excusable but tippical. I can not believe what he said about your Mother and your Brother and you he is truely scum of the eart. I applause you for your comment and love your family and you I am stand behind you all!

  • Buck Manly

    When your mother, Sarah Palin, called our President a terrorist sympathizer and a traitor that hates America, did you call Obama to apologize to him for your mother’s hateful comments? If not, why not? Aren’t you and your family more “moral” than heathens like Bill Mahar!

    • retlaw

      Yeah, Governor Palin never said that, Buck. (She did say the stuff about “death panels”, though – and she was right.)

  • Raven

    This is narcissism at it’s finest. Have you been out championing our elected officials on matters concerning anything that you don’t get paid for? Unless the next civic testimonial is being held on Dancing with the Stars or some other ridiculous unreality show, please sit the eff down, you silly girl.

    • retlaw

      What a snob! “Dancing” is beneath you, huh? Do you write mean letters to all the contestants?

      “… sit the eff down, you silly girl.” Ha, you’re all for women’s rights, until a woman disagrees with you, then it’s shut up, girlie!

      What’s it to you if she has a blog and she talks? I’ll bet you cheered Breitbart’s death, you totalitarian troll. Learn Spanish and move to Cuba if you want to have your political opponents tortured in prison.

  • c4Logic

    This website is a watering hole for the most brain dead souls I have ever read on the internet. I feel like Virgil wading into the deepest center of hell. Bristol Palin is a pawn in a sick, sick game of misinformation served up to trogolodytes. Sarah Palin your soul is dog excrement for using your children to promote your unenlightened political agenda.

    • retlaw

      The title character in the Aeneid descended to the Underworld to check things out, but Virgil pretty much hung around Rome.

      But gee, you spelled Virgil right, as well as excrement. You must have gone to grad school!

  • The attacks on Sarah Palin and her family were extremely unfair
    and reprehensible. It is not civilized or democratic, that Sarah, Bristol or
    anyone in the family was lied about, belittled, marginalized. Yes, it would help to have some leadership stand up and demand that it stop. Since the insults were coming from the liberal camp, it was necessary to have liberal leadership that had integrity enough to demand an end to this abuse.
    Good for Bristol in writing the blog!

    • Jilli

      Ah…Karen…did you hear all the slurs – the factless slurs – Ms. Palin lobbed at Mr. Obama during the course of the campaign? Of course you didn’t.

      Ms. Palin was pretty cutting in her remarks directed to Mr Obama – it was sophomoric and totally uncalled for. If she wants to play that game, she can’t play the victim. Her family was no more “lied about, belittled, marginalized” than Ms. Palin herself had done to the Obamas.

      • retlaw

        Ah…Jilli…can you cite any slurs – the factless slurs – Governor Palin “lobbed”? I recall her pouring scorn on Obama’s thin resume – “community organizer”. Is that what hurt your feelings? Cuz that’s just politics – not at all personal.

        “You can’t put lipstick on a pig,” that was personal. Schmoozing with rapper Ludicris after he’d called Hillary a “b**ch”, that wasn’t nice, either.

        Did anybody suggest Obama hadn’t fathered his daughters? No. But a blogger, Andrew Sullivan, led some crazy investigation of how Gov. Palin hadn’t fathered her youngest son. During the height of Sullivan’s crazy campaign, Obama said he was his favorite blogger.

        • retlaw

          Oops…hadn’t BORNE her youngest son. Of course she hadn’t fathered him.

  • Jan

    Excellent job showing those video clips with THEIR words, actions, and donations. TRUTH hurts the ones trying to deceive. You are a brave soul, Bristol. God Bless You.

  • Lynne

    Really Bristol? When will your mother apologize for the hateful demonic lies she continues to spew? When will you apologize for getting drunk and getting knocked up at 17 and pretending like you and that muskrat hair boy were going to get married when everybody with a brain knew that was a lie? You should still be apologizing as well as the rest of the Palin grifters for making “dumb” somehow chic to the unsuspecting dullards.

    • retlaw

      What a hater you are, Lynne. It’s Democrat women like you who spit on the first black high school girls to break segregation in the 1950s.

      • EMC

        Everybody knows the 1965 Civil Rights legislation turned southern Democrats in the 1950s into southern Republicans. They had the same political mindset, they just changed their affiliation.

        So it was actually conservatives-turned-Republicans who spit on those children.

        • Flying Spaghetti Monster

          You can’t tell “retlaw” about facts or history, his mind is closed and he only knows one word “hater” – he must have learned it recently because he’s quite fond of tossing it around.

  • hurihawk

    You seem to drastically be seeking more public attention. Not to mention that we have bigger issues to worry about than who he does and doesn’t call and apologize on behalf of the jerks out there. I’m more worried about gas prices and Afghanistan than your feelings. Not being rude, but seriously? I would think you would run from the lime light and you even admitted you have made many public mistakes. Should Obama apologize for those too? Or are those not within your realm of needing him to apologize for you.

    Either way, grow up a little, preferably a lot though, and know that there is always going to be a hater when your in the public spot light.

    If you need the president to call you, you need therapy first.

    • retlaw

      You’re a half-wit. Therapy won’t help.

    • meric

      hurlhawk ~ this blog would have never been written if BO were concentrating on Afghanistan & gas prices. BO called Fluke because he thought it would be good publicity for his campaign. BO has proven that he is very good at campaigning. He has also proven that he knows absolutely nothing about actually being the President. Bristol was correct in her statement that he is SUPPOSED to be President to ALL Americans, but then again, he knows that only stupid liberals such as you & Lynne will eat up his lies. Instead of reading blogs about common decency, the two of you should be reading true facts about the need for the Keystone pipeline, and how BO has decimated America’s oil industry. As long as stupid people like you swallow his garbage, gas prices will only get higher.

  • Dana

    Okay, I’m going to play devil’s advocate and throw this out there: In defense of Obama (and no, I’m not a Liberal), who are we to dictate who he calls to console? He told Fluke one of the reasons why he did – because of his daughters – but that doesn’t automatically qualify everyone else’s daughters who have been berated and verbally-abuse by a media personality for a personal apology by him because duh! He wasn’t the one who doled out the vitriol. It’s not his *job* to go around making sympathy calls in the aftermath of every potty-mouthed jerk’s comments. It could be that because Obama is a lawyer (like virtually every other president this country’s had for the last 100 years) and Fluke is a law *student*. Speaking as a long-time legal professional, I can vouch that there is strong camaraderie amongst those who study and practice law. I’m not saying that is WHY he called, rather, it could be reason why he felt inclined to do so. It could also be that he personally likes Ms. Fluke and respects what it is that she was trying to accomplish in her efforts. Whatever the reason, it’s just as much NOT our business as it is just as much NOT our business what Bristol Palin (or her mother or anyone else in her family) does. However, what I’m curious about isif high-profile entertainers like Tom Hanks (and a myriad of others who all admire and love) can somehow manage to keep EVERYTHING about his personal life private, then why is it that the Palin’s can’t manage to do the same? Because that funny little thing called Common Sense tells us when you put yourself out there to be scrutinized by THE ENTIRE PLANET in the manner the Palin’s have (magazines, t.v. shows, etc.), dragging all their dramas across the media stage, this kind of crap is expected. No one is going to give you a break, and that’s just the way it is. I’m sorry the world rolls that way, but if you *really* want to keep your private life private, there are more than enough options that help you do just that. Put your Big Girl Panties on, Bristol, and chalk this one up as a growing experience. Besides, don’t even give Bill Maher the time of day. Of COURSE, he’s a mysogynist! He practically lives at the Playboy mansion, a place where low-self-esteem in young girls runs rampant. Why else would they live with a crusty old lech in silk pajamas and sleep with whomever he tells them to? Blech!

    • Jilli

      The President made the call because he’s a decent human being that wouldn’t want his own daughters abused in that way. No need for a doctoral dissertation – Limbaugh offended the Presidents sense of civility and common decency – it’s not that complicated.

    • retlaw

      Don’t they teach paragraphing in law school, Dana?

  • Kimberleymtl

    He’s going to call you after your mom calls Gabby Gifford and apologizes for putting a target on her back.

    • retlaw

      Gifford was shot by a nutball kid of Democrats. Mommy and Daddy were bureaucrats, so that idiot (Democrat) sheriff let the homicidal little drip walk after making death threats at his community college. Then he guns down Gabby’s constituents, so the Dem sheriff demagogues and Obama pitches in.

      Democrat Congressmen routinely put “crosshairs” on district maps to show which Reps are “targeted”. It was nothing new, Kimby.

  • Jinky

    Keep your CHIN up B!!!
    Good luck on the new blog to you and Nancy..

  • Bristol, I commend you on a well-written letter. It’s subtle, ironic, and graciously argumentative. It doesn’t point any fingers but demands answers based on one’s spoken words. Thank you very much for standing up for yourself and in turn standing up for all women; specifically conservative minded women.

  • Fake American

    You Palins are something….the Kardashians of American Politics.

    I’m still waiting for your mother to apologize to those of us who live in the “fake America” she so uneloquently defined in the 2008 Presidential race. To paraphrase your words “she ran for Vice President of all Americans, not just the petulant conservative America.”

    • retlaw

      “uneloquent” isn’t a very eloquent word, Fake. Sounds clumsy.

      I apologize for Governor Palin hurting your feelings. It must feel as if somebody f**ked you so hard that a baby fell out.

  • Pappyvic

    Bill Maher is a scumbag midget and Obama should be ashamed of himself for excepting money from a mistake. Guess what,he’ll take the money because he’s just like Maher.

    • L3

      You do realize that Maher donated to a SuperPac over which Obama has no control? Much like the new ShePac which supports causes that Sarah Palin endorses without her having any actual control or voice over how the money is spent. You can thank Citizens v. United for allowing dollars to be spent in this manner. It has nothing to do with the Executive Branch or any other politician, or wanna-be politician in regards to the distribution of funds. It’s a free-for-all money pot that was endorsed by our Supreme Court.

  • Whatever

    Oh BTW, when will your mother apologize to Americans for her divisiveness, racists, and hateful rants? When will she apologize to President Obama for creating a toxic environment in which he receives 400 death threats a day? When will your mother apologize to Christina Green, Gabby Griffords, & others who were killed in Tuscon, AZ? We are still waiting!

    • rosetta

      Palin is not racist you lying idiot. She has never once said anything against someone for their race, and she is part of a mix race marriage. Once again someone on the left lying to call someone racist cause they cannot stand opposing points of view.

      • Jilli

        No rosetta – she’s not a racist, she’s a race baiter. It’s just as bad, but there is a difference. Ol’ Sarah likes to stir it all up and when it’s time for the backlash, she throws up her hands and claims innocence.

        • retlaw

          Jilli hates giving examples, she just asserts and sneers.

          Who knows race-baiting better than the Party of Slavery, the Party of the KKK, the Party of Eugenics, and the Party of Jim Crow? Did you know the AFL didn’t accept blacks till the mid 60s?

          And now every time we disagree with the president, it’s because of his skin color, yawn. Where’s the uniter, the racial healer we were promised? Nope, just another Democrat.

          The KKK likes him because he keeps those inner-city abortion mills humming.

    • rosetta

      Palin had NOTHING to do with a lone whacko shooting people on arizona, and your trying to imply that is DIRECTLY slander you are a coward!

  • mob

    Obama didn’t call Ms. Fluke to apologize but to offer her support. If you want an apology, you are requesting it from the wrong person.

    As far as support, you are obviously getting plenty from your mother, a former governor, and your fan club.

  • STFU


    Sorry, Bristol, but you aren’t relevant. You never were. Your mom trotted you out on stage as a prop for her campaign. That made you a celebrity and gave late night comics the right to poke fun at you.

    Sandra Fluke is a private citizen using her freedom of expression to redress her grievances with her government by attempting to testify before Congress. That’s exactly how a private citizen is supposed to behave.

    She didn’t give up her anonymity by signing up with Dancing with the Stars. Her anonymity was taken from her — first by the republicans who refused to allow her to speak, and then by Rush Limbotomy, who doesn’t seem to know how birth control works.

    See the difference? You stood on a stage in front of millions of people while your mother pointed out what a great “role model” you were for young women, because you decided to have your boyfriend’s baby, all while advocating taking away that same decision from everyone else. Sandra Fluke didn’t do that, and if the GOP had let her testify, no one would even know her name today.

    • inafishinsea

      1. Maher’s show is on a pay-cable channel at 10PM while Rush’s show is carried over public airways regulated by the FCC.
      2. Why would he call? It’s obvious you don’t use birth control, now isn’t it? Why would he want you to serve as an example for his children?
      3. Remember how much McCain’s campaign paid you to make those appearance?
      4. How many single moms without a college degree earn $300k+ per year job being an advocate for any pet-cause- not to mention abstinence?

      go learn meaning of ‘false equivalence’.

  • BarryB.

    This tid- bit of nausea is what is destroying America. I have a 22 yr. old down syndrome son. His name is Gideon. His worth is far more precious than Jewell’s. He has 10 more times anything than maher.

  • Bubba

    Excellent way to rise above it all Bristol!

    • Whatever

      No she’s not. If she had risen above it all, this post wouldn’t exist. Duh!

  • GodBlessAmerica

    GO ROMNEY!!!!!!!!!

  • R. Martin

    This is such a bizarre blog post. I think the “victim” card has been played so heavily by the Palin family it is hard to find them on record taking responsibility for anything. First of all, Bristol, you know that President Obama cannot return PAC money. It is not his to return and it would be against the law for him to ask the PAC to do so. Your mom could have filled you in on this detail….oh, wait, she is telling that lie as well. Have you checked on the followers of this page? There are some serious racists on here. I mean it is sickening. They don’t even hide it. Your mom was a VP candidate. She put herself in the public arena and said nasty things about a lot of people. She got that same treatment back at her. Whining about it now is simply that, “Whining.” Didn’t your mom talk about Hillary Clinton’s “Perceived whine” in the media but now blames EVERYTHING on the “Liberal media?” Also, the President is not responsible for the behavior of everyone on the left. He does not have time to correct every wrong. Conservative women are picked on because they spout off about govt. control yet want govt between every women’s legs. It’s called having inconsistent positions. Have you ever seen the treatment of the FLOTUS on the Internet, Bristol? I would hope your next blog post would explore the horror out there. It is absolutely disgraceful what is said about her. Truly sick stuff. Next time you feel a whine coming on about how hard you have it, keep it to yourself. I realize you are trying to use Mommy’s/Ann Colter’s strategy for selling books. Take advantage of every situation to make more money. You can do this by inserting yourself in the conversation and saying something scandalous. The President came to your defense once and you gave him no credit. I am not surprised.

    • Dina

      Bravo!!! Well said. These people always playing the victims. They sure can dish it. I’m still waiting for SP to call out Ann Coulter for calling her a charlatan.

  • Jilli

    Oh, well done Bristol. You’re a proud graduate of the Sarah Palin School of Victimology.

    Perhaps if your mother wouldn’t have paraded you around like a stage prop, your shame would not have been on public display. Call your mother for that apology, she’s the one that opened you up to public scrutiny. Stupidity, pure and simple.

    Here’s some advice, grow a pair and try to make a success of yourself using your brains, not victimhood, not your looks, and not your mothers coattails. It would be a more respectable way to make a living.

    • retlaw

      What’s this repeated nonsense about “stage props”? Should a candidate lock her children at home in a closet? Obama didn’t.

  • Bob

    Good for you Ms. Palin.

  • Dana

    After looking at so many spellings errors made by over half the commentors on here, I’m cringing….and wanting to kick whatever English teacher whoever may have had — especially at the high school level – in their collective shins for turning out unprepared graduates onto the masses. Errgghhh!

  • Rowan

    Bristol, as soon as your Mother apologizes for calling Obama a Terrorist, you might have a point.
    Bill Maher is a comedian, not a Political Commentator like Rush.

    Your 15 minutes of fame are over, go back to the obscurity that you came from and take your mother with you.
    The President doesn’t owe you a damn thing.

    • Borat

      Sarah Palin didn’t “calling Obama a Terrorist” . She was talking about Ayers.

      1. The Weather Underground was a terror group.

      2. William Charles “Bill” Ayers was a member of Weather Underground.

      3. Barrack Obama launched his first political campaign in the home of Bill Ayers.

      So, Sarah Palin was speaking the truth.

      • Whatever

        For the love of Gawd, the President did not launch his political career in Bill Ayers home. Please check the facts.

  • Borat

    Obama is a very deficient thinker, or at least a very blatant liar. A guy like Clinton would at least have the chops at thinking, or at justifying hypocrisy, to spin some kind of distinction-without-a-difference to try to explain why he would comment on one but not the other.

    Obama doesn’t even try. He simply completely contradicts himself within, literally, seconds.
    Like a child would.

    By the way, Michelle Obama has no problem appearing on Letterman who made the rape joke about Willow.
    Obama’s handlers and cheerleaders are out full force defending Bill Maher and David Letterman for their disgusting misogynist statements because those hateful statements came from the mouths of leftist comedians.
    so it’s all good.

    • Kansas momma

      Sarah Palin appeared on Conan do you have any idea what he said about Sarah Palin

  • Matt

    Here are Obama’s comments when asked about your pregnancy back in ’08

    “Let me be a clear as possible: I have said before and I will repeat again, I think people’s families are off limits,” Obama said, “and people’s children are especially off limits.
    “This shouldn’t be part of our politics,” he continued, “It has no relevance to Gov. Palin’s performance as governor, or her potential performance as a vice president.
    “And so I would strongly urge people to back off these kinds of stories,” he said. “You know my mother had me when she was 18, and how a family deals with issues and, you know, teenage children, that shouldn’t be the topic of our politics and I hope that anybody who is supporting me understands that’s off limits.”

    He has already gotten your back and connected himself to you in a personal way. He says directly here that people should consider you off-limits for discussion. (three days later of course your mother used her address at the RNC to attack Mr. Obama on a very personal level)

  • Ronald F Crader

    Young Lady I am an EX Marine, Retired Deputy Sheriff From Clackamas , County, Ore, Mr Obama Is Just so bad, Being Two face an On On It Goes But I Pray For Him an His Family
    As For U an Your Mother am Father, I Give High Praise,, Never Heard One Nasty Word about Any One Who Came After Yall They Just Make ME SICK , I Do NOt Listen To NBC, CBS CNN, ABC, An So They are Just So One Way ,, I Listen To Fox Always fair That Does Not Mean I Go Along With Bill O, Or The Rest Of Them BUT THEY ARE Fair U Get To Hear Both Sides Make Up U Own Mind ,,

    Stay Strong Bristol Love To U All Big Ron In Damascus ORE,

    • EMC

      They say that people who depend on Fox “News” for their information are less informed than people who don’t watch TV news in any form (they read newspapers, newsmagazines, read online).

      • Dexter360

        And those people would be wrong EMC. At times I compare Foxnews to other news outlets and I go right back to watching FoxNews because they ARE fair and balanced AND FoxNews reports what the Obama lovers don’t. I also do my own research on candidates. Long before McCaine announced Mrs. Palin was going to be his running mate, I researched all of the potential running mates and I KNEW she was his going to be his choice.

        I also knew Obama was wrong for our Country, even IF he had enough experience, which he didn’t, I knew we couldn’t afford him.

  • JohnnyMc

    Wow!! Do Americans realise that the rest of the world can see you? You guys know that the ‘net, TV and other media have reached other shores and carry the words of Bill Maher and the like beyond your own backyard. Don’t you??

    But then again, Bill Maher is a really nice guy isn’t he? Not… The nature of democracy is such that those who truly believe in it are tolerant of those who abuse it. That’s how it should be. But this guy is a festering sore. No redeeming qualities- none. His show was on TV here downunder for a while until it was relegated to some obscure cable channel.

    I’m an Aussie. My Grandma was born in Illinois. She was proud of America. She disagreed a lot with various things but she always said that was the reason she loved it. Fools like Maher (and Obama) would make her turn in her grave. Our political spectrum here is currently over run with intolerant progressives also. They can dish it, but are indignant at the thought of others doing so. Gutless.

    Up ’em for the rent Ms Palin! I admire your family. Your Mum has more class and courage than any I have seen. Go with God,


  • Dear Bristol the Pistol: You became a public figure that day in 2008 when your mommy paraded you and your brother and sisters in front of America, declaring you the darling of the nation, despite your drunken past filled with teenage sex, drugs, alcohol, and racist/homophobic rants on Facebook.

    Ms. Fluke is a private citizen who wished to speak in behalf of her friend who was dying of ovarian cancer. Following attacks by the right wing media, she became a victim. You will never be that, sweetie!

    The funny thing is that all of this is over contraception and it’s availability. Perhaps you should have tried that a few years ago, huh Ms. Abstinenance?

    • akasha

      High five B!


    Bristol honey, get a brain.

    President Obama isn’t responsible for Bill Maher’s comments about you. Your dumber than dirt hypocritical bitch of a mother is the one who put herself and her family in the public eye, flaunting her rampant hypocrisy and your pregnancy and trailer trash boyfriend like a source of pride. Your mother the media whore is the reason the masses found out you had unprotected sex right under her roof with said trailer trash boyfriend despite the”morals” she supposedly instilled in you that didn’t take. Your moronic mother is a public figure who is all about herself and used and continues to use her children as pawns. If you want to whine and moan at someone for the fallout stemming from your bad decisions, start with the backward, uneducated hick trash who made the unwise decision to spawn and raise you and your siblings. The criticism you’ve been subjected to is their fault and yours, not Obama’s or Maher’s.

    • DinaSanchez

      Great post. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • JeanneRobin

    Sorry your blog has brought out so many hateful comments from the far-left. There are plenty of good people left in America who are sick and tired of the ugly turn our country has taken. Our voices will be heard loudly and clearly in November.

    Keep up the good work with your blog Bristol. Very well written.

    • EMC

      Tell that to your RWNJ friends who continue to attack, attack, attack, even in these comments.

  • Liberty76

    Rowan – you are such a liberal idiot! How much is Obama paying you? And Jilli – sounds like you are and will always be a victim!

  • L3

    Ah, yes, quoting the “esteemed” words of a racist Tennessee loudmouth hater. “Let’s stomp a mudhole in them”, referring to those transgender people that wanted to use the bathrooms or dressing rooms of their same sex. A thing that would freak out the very, um, yeah, um, wait a second, godlike folks and christians (that was the word I was looking for….godlike, jesus-like, christian in name only, perhaps?–haters in Jesus’s name?)

    With friends like you to carry the torch the Palins will surely be respected the world over. Good job my friend, good job.

  • Justin

    Is this serious? Your mother blatantly attacks President Obama at any turn DESPITE the fact that he defended YOU while he was campaigning against her. Now your mad because he called Sandra Fluke and not you, when your situations are totally different. Bill Maher is a comedian, Rush Limbaugh is a political radio host who acts as the spokesman for the entire Republican party. Rush Limbaugh sways opinions, Bill Maher does not.

    This entire blog post is laughable. Whats even funnier is you and your mother calling for Obama to return a campaign donation from Maher because he attacked you and your mother, two people who attack Obama on almost a daily basis. Seriously, get over yourself.

    • Tim

      So, now you are saying that it is not allowed for Sarah Palin to criticize Obama’s policies?

      Obama never defended Sarah Palin; he never called back his bloodhounds in the media (and Hollywood) who attacked Sarah Palin and her family almost on a daily basis.

      By the way, Bristol’s letter is exposing Obama’s hypocrisy.

      Feminists, if they were consistent, should be much much more outraged at Maher.

      Maher used a degrading term completely irrespective of its meaning simply to degrade and sexualize a woman.

  • ASDMom

    Bristol, I applaud you for being such an articulate young woman. Very well put! Yes, Obama did stand up for you while your mother was running for VPOTUS, but it seems that is where it ended. Liberal politics is all about fostering and encouraging NEGATIVIY and POLARITY. You cross the line with a liberal and you’re going to be called out for it, yet when they cross the line with a conservative it’s a sport. When it is a political advantage to do so, you see decent behavior…otherwise they busy themselves stocking their arsenal with vile insults. Whatever happened to being President of the UNITED States…not just President of the LIBERAL States?

  • JanneMyrdal

    Way to go Bristol. Spot on! Keep calling out the truth! Keep on “dancing”! Cudos from North Dakota!

  • John Browne

    “Hey Bristol, the president didn’t call Sandra Fluke to console her. He called her to thank her for fighting for the rights of women, which is something that your mother would love to see taken away. The president just might give you a call if you actually accomplish something yourself. Being a hypocrite by taking up the lecture circuit to preach about the dangers of sex before marriage and getting paid for it doesn’t count. Do as I say, but not as I do. You are a class act.”

    • Lisa M. Bortman Walline

      It is never wrong to admit that one has made an error in judgement and to then warn others of the repercussions. The only shameful act is one that is repeated. Being paid for it is not a crime.

  • Chris

    Awesome job Bristol!!

  • Android

    “That’s why you stood up for me when you were campaigning against Sen. McCain and my mom — you said vicious attacks on me should be off limits.”

    Okay, so he DID do (stand up for you) what you’re ultimately trying to say he didn’t do (stand up for you)?

    This blog post is a huge reach.

    I’m sorry, it was unfair for people to criticize your pregnancy out of wedlock, as the PRESIDENT pointed out in his DEFENSE of YOU, but when your mother and political party pretend to be the champions of chastity, it should be expected.

    Because you’ve chosen to be part of a holier-than-thou political movement, you get twice the scrutiny. That’s how it works. Either you grow up, for real, or you continue to pretend that because you’re a mom now, that automatically means you’ve matured beyond your years. I’m not seeing it.

  • Mag Pie

    It is observed that a Statist (Liberal) is dissatisfied with the condition of his own existance. He condemns his fellow man, surroundings, and society itself for denying him the fulfillment, success, and adulation he believes he deserves. He is angry, resentful, petulant, and jealous. He is incapable of honest self-assessment and rejects the honest assessment by others of himself, thereby evading responsibility for his own miserable condition. The Statist (Liberal) searches for significance and even glory in a utopian fiction of his mind’s making, the earthly attainment of which, he believes, is frustrated by those who do not share it. Therefore, he must destroy the civil society (Conservative sound founding principles of America), piece by piece.

    Qouted from Liberty and Tyranny by Mark R. Levin…..VOTE SMART 2012

  • TA Rice

    Excellent comment Shane. So why aren’t any of you republicans demanding that Pres. Obama call Chelsea Clinton too?! That pill popping drug addict, rush, called Chelsea the White House dog back in 1993, when she was about 12 years old. Politicians’ families when left in the background, should be left alone by the media. But in Palin, you had an abstinence only candidate, with an unwed, pregnant, teenage daughter. Kind of hard for Bristol not to become a campaign issue when her mother is advocating a policy that would lead to many other unwed, teenage girls. It’s all about context.

  • Right on here we need more of this on the mainstream media good job

  • Heather

    I do beleave that we should have the right to speak our minds In a public view. But we should do it in a tastful manner. If he is going to defend women, he should do the same for all. An let me tell you a thing about him being presedent of the united states. He is a fake, a phoney, a dud. He said all he could say to Get where he is right know but really what has he done. Killed many friends and family members of our military. He even said in his speach to the american public at first” I have kill osoma benladin” that was quickly retracted when he relized what he said. We need a true presedent one for the better of the united states, one like sarah, one for conservation, one for oil preservation and one for the people. One that is not fake.

  • Abbey

    Sorry Bristol – you’re wanting to create a false equivalency where none exists….gaining your education would help you to understand the concept vs. trying to score cheap points by calling out the President. Your blog makes you seem cheap and whiny.

    Sandra Fluke was a private citizen who did nothing more than testify before a congressional hearing. Limbaugh decided to deride, debase and completely mischaracterize her testimony, not for one line or one portion of his show but for 9 hours over 3 days. Why did he go after a private citizen?

    You and your family were and are not private citizens, having given up that role when you were paraded all over the country during the McCain/Palin campaign. You and the rest of your siblings took it a step further each time you appeared on TV shows trying to capitalize on your 15 minutes of fame. Ms. Fluke didn’t do any appearances until after Limbaugh libeled & slandered her, so there’s no equivalent comparison you can make between the two scenarios.

    What Bill Maher said is inexcusable and I don’t know of anyone who cheered on his nasty comments the way people are championing Limbaugh’s hate speech and further degrading Ms. Fluke. However, Maher is on a privately owned network with no sponsors, so it would be up to his network, HBO, to punish him. Maher is also a political comedian and not running on the public airwaves as is Limbaugh – but none of these things excuse the things he said. I do think you’re a little overly sensitive about his comments about you – isn’t claiming virtue after having had a child out of wedlock rather hypocritical? You flaunted your pregnancy, baby photos and all that – so now wanting to be the poster child of abstinence is like closing the barn door after the animals have escaped; why are you so sensitive now?

    I know you don’t have all the knowledge about campaign finance rules but the President can’t do a damn thing about the contribution that Bill Maher made to the PAC; he doesn’t coordinate the PAC nor is he allowed to direct how the funds within the PAC are used – the rules are the same across the political parties. So, again – while trying to score cheap points is fun and it gets your name back out in public, you’re off base.

    Get some education about things you’re going to blog about – you’ll come across as a little less bitter, better informed and then maybe you might have a salient point to discuss.


      Bristol’s blog makes her seem cheap and whiny because she IS cheap and whiny.

      Like mother, like daughter.

  • Lisa M. Bortman Walline

    Hmmmmmm lets see here. Sorry if there is a duplication for I do not have the time to read all comments but it doesn’t hurt to duplicate this post. is

  • Jeff

    Sandra Fluke….smart, independent, articulate, not pregnant because she uses birth control. Gets smeared on the public airways by a guy who has a zillion dittoheads who take him seriously.
    Bristol Palin…gets preggers while in high school (because NICE girls don’t use birth control) and is exploited by her Mama for it throughout the 2008 campaign. Bill Maher talks real trash about her Mama on his pay TV comedy show that airs late at night.

    Why, they are identical situations!

  • Dan

    Well this hits the nail on the head! What says you now Mr. Obama? I am really curious as to what your thoughts are sir because she raises some very valid points here.

  • jillian

    Maybe he’ll call you after your mother calls him and apologizes to the President of the United States for calling him a terrorist and for constantly telling lies about him just to get attention.

  • Albert Anston

    When you Bristol Palin testifies in front of Congress and then Bill Maher rips into her with personal attacks because he disagrees with her positions, then maybe we’ll have apples to compare to apples.

    There is no moral equivalency. You appear to have missed the part where the President of the country apologized because this happened to somebody who stuck her neck out to be heard by the politicians who represent her. He didn’t like the idea tha