Game Change

Game Change March 15, 2012

I didn’t watch the HBO film Game Change, but it seems that reasonable people of all political stripes can see how terrible our family was treated by the political staffers who were supposed to be helping us. (Have you ever considered Mom could tell that the people surrounding her were exactly the type of people who would betray her?)

Whatever happened to loyalty?

And, by the way, Mom… I think you’re more beautiful than any of your impersonators!

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  • Michelle

    nice to see you blogging, Bristol. I met your Mom when she came to maine, with my daughter who also has Down syndrome. Im a pretty good judge of character, and i LIKED her. she seems so real and genuine. Good for you standing up for your mom. 🙂

    • Crib

      I actually saw the movie and it showed Palin is a moron who should not be near the white house. And if this was slanderous and full of lies, how come no law suit? Steve Schmidt validated the facts and the book/movie was written by people who were there. What is it, everyone lies but Palin? Palin does not wrong? Palin is a saint? No, Palin was exposed for what she is–a pretty face and empty head.

      • Faron

        And you don’t think we have a moron in the White House now?? ha! He doesn’t have a clue what anything means in this country! He is a MUSLIM! Sarah Palin was told to say butt loads of stuff that she didn’t want to so she went blank, because she didn’t know to say that or what she believes in saying FOR the good of The United States of America!

        • notafan

          lol ok ya right wing christian redneck

  • I love your mom too.
    That whole thing was just really mean but your mom is one hell of a strong WOMAN.

  • Julian

    I like The Undefeated on Reelz showed some good footage of her speeches when she was on the campaign trail.

  • Deborah Corkins

    I wont watch this piece of garbage! I have too much respect for the TRUTH and for your Mom/Family! God bless Bristol.

    • Faron


  • Kery

    There’s a lot of people in this country that have it all backwards, and I think this movie is a good example. Glad to hear you’re doing well and staying strong! Best wishes to you and your family, and God Bless! 🙂

  • Angela

    Your family is a threat. They are scared and only know how to react by bully your family. This persecution means your family is doing something right. Love your family!!!

    • notafan

      not a threat at all! bring on the palins mommy wouldn’t dare run she and the rest of these palins love to play the victims. if you cant see that then you are BLIND…

  • Michele

    Bristol…I love your mom too…and am so glad you’re standing up for her! My daughter is 23 and it feels awesome when she backs me on something…makes me proud, as I’m sure your mom is of you!

  • Kelly

    Ignorance of Liberal crap is bliss :o) Stay Beautiful!

  • Laura

    I didn’t (and won’t) watch it. It’s obvious to anyone with a brain and who thinks for themselves that it nothing but a bunch of lies and smears. EVERYONE involved in making it should be ashamed of themselves.

    I did finally get to see The Undefeated and while I enjoyed it, it left me feeling overwhelmingly sad. Sad for what could have/should have been. But you and your mom are both a tremendous inspiration. Keep up the good fight!

  • Angela

    Your family is a threat. The people who are making it their mission to destroy you all are scared and only know how to react by being a bully to your family. This persecution means your family is doing something right. I love your family.

    • Kim A

      I agree totally!!

  • Catherine

    I could honestly say that I used to be one of those people mocking your mom and thinking she was what the media portrayed her to be as well as your family. It wasn’t until I saw Game Change that I saw her and you guys in a different light. I actually feel sorry for the way she was treated and you were too. Maybe she needs to have her own authorized film to come out to show how you guys were truly treated.

    • Sue

      “The Undefeated” documentary by Steve Bannon covers Gov. Palin’s career. It is a documentary mostly about her political rise, not a drama- but it reveals the truth with actual footage and has the Palin’s blessing.

    • Joe

      So you now feel sorry for them BECAUSE of this movie, but you don’t think it was a true depiction? That makes no since. It makes about as much since as hating a movie you haven’t seen, or claiming that the people whose job it was to help SP get elected were out to get her from the start. Nicole Wallace and Steve Schmidt put their careers on the line to help McCain/ Palin win. What possible good would it do these life long Republicans to lie about what they saw? Why can’t we admit that Sarah Palin wasn’t ready for the responsibility of knowing everything a president needs to know? Why is that so slanderous? Why is that so bias? Nicole Wallace worked in the Bush White House, and she would have had a prominent job in a McCain Administration had they won. But come election day she couldn’t even bring herself to vote for McCain because of what she saw (working everyday in close proximity) from Palin? Maybe it is disloyal for her to go public with that, but that doesn’t make it untrue. And before you go calling me a liberal lefty, you should know I have voted Republican many more times than I have voted Democratic, I am independent, and I am always looking for the truth. Is Game Change all fact? Of course not, but I would guess that it’s tone is a lot closer to the truth than the Palin’s would want you to believe. And Why would The Undefeated be less biased? Bias is Bias, and Truth is truth.

  • Brian Fox

    No reasonable or objective person actually buys the BS that political hacks like Mark Halprin & co are peddling. The film/book are merely their contribution to the larger Obama propaganda machine.

    • Joe

      Nicole Wallace and Steve Schmidt (two of the key sources for the Book) put their careers on the line to help McCain/ Palin win. What possible good would it do these life long Republicans to lie about what they saw? Why can’t we admit that Sarah Palin wasn’t ready for the responsibility of knowing everything a president needs to know? Why is that so slanderous? Why is that so bias? Nicole Wallace worked in the Bush White House, and she would have had a prominent job in a McCain Administration had they won. But come election day she couldn’t even bring herself to vote for McCain because of what she saw (working everyday in close proximity) from Palin? Maybe it is disloyal for her to go public with that, but that doesn’t make it untrue. And before you go calling me a liberal lefty, you should know I have voted Republican many more times than I have voted Democratic, I am independent, and I am always looking for the truth. Is Game Change all fact? Of course not, but I would guess that it’s tone is a lot closer to the truth than the Palin’s would want you to believe. And Why would The Undefeated be less biased? Bias is Bias, and Truth is truth.

      • Crib

        You hit the nail on the head. Great job.

  • Janice Allyson

    You got all my votes on DWTS, it takes a lot of guts to do that. I am very proud of you.
    PS Also love your mom.

  • Shari in Texas

    I completely agree with you, Bristol. I didn’t watch the movie either because of what I heard about it, and I will NEVER watch another Tom Hanks, Ed Harris, or Julianne Moore (or those of any other Hollyweird liberals) movies again. BTW, you look great, and your son is absolutely adorable!! Blessings to you and your family!!!

  • Karry

    I watched the interviews on the talk shows leading up to the show. In every one of them Julianne Moore swore that this was not a “hatchet job” on Sarah Palin, but just a look at how the McCain candicy went down. I knew right then it would be nothing but a big hatchet job on Sarah Palin. Sure enough, it was. I’ll bet only 10% of the entire movie delt with John McCain. The other 90% was a put down of Sarah Palin and her family. It was sickening! I’m sure that with the Hollywood crowd being who and what they are, it will win all kinds of awards. I hope they choke on those awards.

  • Jean Alvarez

    It is sad how the media threw everything but the kitchen sink at her when they saw she and Mccain had a 7 point lead over Obama. You and your mom are very beautiful!

    • Joe

      I think the economy crashing had more to do with that drop in polls. But keep looking for the truth.

  • Kalena

    Kudos Bristol, glad you are near your family again. Did you decide to sell your house in Arizona since you have your “fixer upper” in Alaska, as you called it in your first blog post?

    Once the election season is over, ask your mom to do a 2nd season of Sarah Palin’s Alaska. It would be fun to watch another season, especially if they devote an episode to the Iron Dog next February.

    Actually, I am keeping my fingers crossed for a brokered convention and the GOP wises up and drafts your mom to run for President this fall. I want to see her debate Obama. She will wax him, right?!!!!

  • Jess

    Dont mind the haters or that awful movie! Your mom rocks. I saw her in Va and she is very inspirational.

  • Millie

    I agree with Laura….I would never watch that liberal fantasy, “game change.” But, I did watch “The Undefeated” and was left with such a deep feeling of sadness for what could have been if not for the dishonest and manipulative media. Your mother would have taken her VP job seriously and been such an inspiring mover and shaker.

  • Ed Fiskeaux

    I’ve never watched Game Change and probably never will from what I’ve heard of it, but I’ve seen The Undefeated several times and have it on dvd that your Mom’s PAC sent me. I absolutely loved it and will still keep sharing it. Your Mom kicks butt and takes names later. I’d love to vote for her for POTUS.

  • Andrea Broussard

    So glad things are going well for you and your little man Tripp. Thank the entire family for putting it all on the line for us the last four years. I would have folded like a cheap suit under all that pressure. We love your mom and know she got a raw deal with the McCain camp. She was the only reason why we voted in 08. Keep on keepin on and God Bless….

    PS My mom and I enjoyed watching you on DWTS.

  • Maleena

    I did not watch Game Change either. I felt no need to. I have seen”The Undefeated” and read your moms books, and read your books. So I think I have a pretty good udea of the truth and Game Change just was not truth! BTW, I think your mom is more beautiful, on the inside and out, than anyone who impersonates her also 🙂

  • Savanah

    Excited about your new blog, Bristol!!! You’re definitely an inspiration 🙂

  • Kristy

    SarahPac had a brilliant take down of “Game Change”. It’s unfortunate that there were some in the McCain/Palin camp who chose to sell their soul to save their reputation in politics. But your mom does have people who are still very loyal to her, Bristol. And they’ve been doing their best to get the truth out. As have her loyal supporters. The biggest lie being that your mom did not want to return to Alaska. She lives and breathes Alaska. And only the people with the most severe case of PDS would believe that line. Most people are decent. They know that this film is built on lies. And, yes, your mom is absolutely gorgeous, Bristol! Tina Fey and Julianne Moore can’t hold a candle to her beauty. And her daughters are just as beautiful.

  • Jean

    Hi Bristol,

    I canceled HBO the minute I heard about the hit job movie they were going to do on your mom for that whiner in the WH.

  • Laurie

    I am so proud of you and your family. Thanks for sharing with us. Can’t wait to see your new show!!

    • Faron

      They have a new show coming out like the last or what? I loved there show, but I totally understand not wanting another for privacy sake.

  • Laurie

    By the way, I refused to watch Game Change, too. Of course I saw The Undefeated in the theater, and have bought the DVD, and watched it last weekend. Next air date is March 25, if I recall correctly.

  • Stephanie Abbot

    Hi Bristol,
    Great to see you blogging! Your mother has been such an inspiration to me, but there is just one thing I would like you to know. Part of why she inspires me is for being so much more than the people surrounding my mother when she got pregnant with me as a teenager. When so many people would have wanted you to take an easier route, she stood up and reminded the world that life is beautiful, even if not the most ideal of times for it occurrence.

    My mother chose to give me life the same way you chose for Tripp and I’m now the youngest member of a city council and the only female college student to have ever served on the body. Both you and your mother are part of the reason why I was able to realize my own potential. Even though I am a few months younger than you, I cannot help but let you know how much of an inspiration you are for people across all generations. I can tell you, from first hand experience, that Tripp will be more proud of you every day of his adult life than any child whose parents didn’t have to work in quite the same way to raise them. God Bless!

  • J-daddy

    The movie was extremely sympathetic to Sarah Palin, it made me like her. Before people comment on it, they should probably watch it. And why doesn’t Bristol’s Blog have posts by Bristol?

    • Guest

      I also thought the movie was very favorable to your mother, Bristol! You should watch it for yourself and make up your own mind!

    • bellagrazi

      J-daddy, “Game Change” is based on lies. Why the hell would we want to watch it? And your second comment is just asinine.

      • kimmah

        If it were based on lies, you can’t possibly think that someone NOT on Palin’s payroll wouldn’t have sought publicity by now, really?

        I saw it and I thought it painted a very sympathetic portrait of Palin (and I’m no fan). She came across as someone who wanted to do what she thought was right and didn’t want to let those who needed her down. There are very, very few people who could have held their own in VP race and the fact that she had about zero time to prepare shouldn’t be an indictment of her personally. It is an indictment of the campaign.

        McCain and Co. came out very poorly, IMO. They knew exactly what Palin was in for and did nothing to prepare her or vet her thoroughly or even counsel her mid-race. I was surprised at how hands-off McCain was. I voted for him in 2000 and that was NOT the man I thought I was voting for.

  • I absolutely refuse to watch that Game Change garbage. A relative of mine recently posted on Facebook that Moore’s portrayl of your mom was “spot on” and that she(Moore) “should just be handed her Emmy now”. I promptly wrote on there that in no way or fashion did Julianne Moore accurately portray Sarah Palin but it didnt really matter, because as much as the left hates her and fears her, they will find truth in anything, even garbage like that film. Moore, Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, Cher, etc….they are all joining my big list of politcal big mouth wanna-be’s that I boycott….never will any of their films or projects ever get a dime of my hard earned money.

    The Undefeated on the other hand was an excellent film and I am glad that so many people recently saw it on the Reelz channel, especially in light of the recent incident with Rush Limbaugh. You and your mother have been called some vile, disgusting things by the left and it’s okay because they dont like you…yet Rush makes a statement about a woman who says she spends thousands of dollars on birth control and is hung out to dry. The blatant hypocrisy is disgusting. I didnt see Obama calling you or your mom when the disgusting “c” word was used by Bill Maher and others, yet he needs to call up this woman and apologize for what Rush said for “his daughters sake”. What a load of crap.

    • kimmah

      If you didn’t see it, how do you know if she portrayed her accurately? There were scenes that I watched where I was shocked at how dead-on she was. Was she a clone? No. That’s not what a portrayal should be. Her voice was a bit more strident than Palin’s and she was too skinny, IMO. But she carried herself like Palin in the critical moments very, very well.

  • Jan Page

    I am enjoying your blog. You Palin’s are such an inspiration. Don’t let the haters get you down.

  • Game Change….hmmmm, didn’t see it. Cancelled HBO instead. 😉

    Enjoy your blog!

  • BOB

    Bristol Pl. watch the movie before you and your family whine.
    BTW time for you, Willow and your bro to enroll in college and get a degree instead of making $ out of reality TV shows, gigs or ghost written books.

    • Michele W.

      It’s none of your business! They aren’t whining, just warning all of us not to believe the lies that Hollywood enjoys telling and making money off of.

      • Canadian Observer

        Bristol, do you think your Mom would consider taking legal action against the makers of Game Change? It might put a stop to others who want to lie about her. There just seems to be so many of them now. It is truly puzzling why these folks, professional people who have worked closely with her, come away with negative feelings toward her. The list of haters appears to grow longer with each passing day. Those who previously supported her no longer do so. Strange.

        • EMC

          YES! Sarah should sue Jay Roach and Danny Strong, maybe even those 25 campaign workers who were interviewed before the script was written and the actors cast. Sue HBO too.

          Sarah can prove everything she was accused of was wrong, can’t she? About Trig, about her mental stability, about Todd’s membership in AIP, about “going rogue”, about how far along you were when you walked on that stage at the RNC (at first they said it was more than 7 months??)??

          • Sue

            Oh please a looney Trig truther

    • BOB why don’t you go write a book about how to run other people’s lives and see how many people buy it?

    • JJ in SarahSota

      Oh right Bob. Because indoctrination, er, a degree from our leftist universities staffed by liberal “professors” would serve them so well. Go stick your head back in D’ohbama’s rear end and inhale his accomplishments.

      HBO sucks.
      Tom Hanks sucks.
      Campaign destroying backstabbers Schmidt & Wallace suck.

      Breitbart is here.

      This is war.

    • Sue

      Her brother is overseas serving in the military. And exactly who gave you the authority to tell people how to live their lives?

    • bellagrazi

      Bob, aren’t you the pleasant one. Why don’t you stop harassing a 21-year-old girl on her blog. Creeper.

  • Michele W.

    Hi Sweetie.
    I had no desire to see Hollywood’s take on reality regarding your mom and the campaign. You are so right–no impersonator comes close to the real deal! I’m sorry for how badly she was treated during that time, but I know she learned a lot from it all, and thankfully we all got to get acquainted with her as a result! Her example, trials, and courage have given me strength during the last few years, which have been the most difficult of my life. I am truly grateful to have been able to borrow from her strength. Whether or not she ever speaks or appears publicly again, she has made a difference. I know that you are doing the same. I appreciate your courage and acceptance of great responsibility, both in being a mother and in doing what you can to positively affect the lives of others. You are supported and loved by so many. Never forget it! Love you!

  • Ron

    Game change was a really great movie. So was the book. Have you ever considered that where there’s smoke, there’s fire?

    • Traci

      Well, Couldn’t the same thing be said about our own president?Where there is smoke there is fire? Election fraud, birth certificate, selling his senate seat, ties with a bigot pastor, his dislike of America-etc! That is a sorry excuse for enjoying the smear campaign about a decent, smart, strong, god loving, family woman! Even her children have been persecuted by the media and hollywood elite! Shame on anyone who would support such a project.

      • kimmah

        If Sarah Palin sues any of them I will be stunned beyond words. She would have to go to deposition about the campaign and that? Is never, ever, EVER going to happen.

    • JJ in SarahSota

      Game Change has already been fully discredited as a work of fiction, a pack of lies. Here’s another work of fiction…Obama’s background.

      Let the vetting begin.

      We are ALL Breitbart now.

    • Sue

      Um- I think she knows her mother better than you. By the way Bristol, think how terrible it must be for your mom’s impersonators to realize that your mama is not only better looking than them, but is twice the woman they are. I’m thinking it could be a career killer in looks-obsessed Hollyweird to not be as good-looking as your role.

    • bellagrazi

      Yeah, it was a really great fantasy, Ron. Bristol knows her own family. She knows that “Game Change” is based on lies. Nothing for her to consider.

  • Welcome to the Patheos blogger family, Bristol.

  • Ruth M

    I just watched the documentary about your mom, The Undefeated, last night…I don’t have HBO so won’t be watching the other…Will be looking forward to peeking in on your life with your adorable little boy now and then. I had the privilege of meeting your mom at the Chugiak Fire Dept. when she came out to sign a Bill for out Great State of Alaska a few years ago. And at that meeting, I told your mom that she was a “breath of fresh air”..and to this day I feel the same. I wish she was running for President!

  • Mike


    Keep up the good work! Really enjoyed your book. The entire chapter that you wrote about your youngest brother was one of the most moving and touching things I ever read. It also gave me a new perspective on a family that has a child with down syndrome. You are awesome and you come from a great family too and you should be VERY proud! Kudos to you!

  • speppers69

    I saw part of Lame Change and that was enough. Schmidt and Wallace have shown their stripes and they are not honest people. With ALL the photos and video of Sarah Palin that was taken during that time period does NOT show a second of what these two “staffers” claimed as fact. If these “un-named sources” are not even willing to come forward and provide any proof of their claims then I will judge by the proof I have seen and the NAMED people that have come forward to dispute the movie’s claims.

  • peter

    Hi Bristol– I wouldn’t watch that movie if somebody paid me!
    The truth is… we’re all family and we’re all in this together. And our country needs your mom to lead us out of this situtation we’re in. Please help her find a way… for the sake of us all…. and for the future of babies everywhere.

  • sharon

    I totally agree on all points! Still hoping to see your mom as President.

    • MrsB


      • bellagrazi

        We would be blessed to have Sarah Palin as our President. I “shudder” whenever I think of who is occupying the white house at this moment, MrsB. Obama is making our country weaker. Sarah knows how to make it stronger. She’s got a proven record of success as Gov. of Alaska. Obama’s got a proven record of failure.

  • Tina Marie

    Well said, Bristol. I most definitely concur. 😉

  • lynn

    Love ya Bristol. You are the only person that I voted for on DWTS. You did a great job. You are a beautiful young women and you have a beautiful little boy. You should be very proud of yourself and your family. We are!!!

  • Shawn

    Hey Bristol…love ur family. Glad there’s good conservatives that stand up for their beliefs in this country. Anyhow…gotta admit..I’ve got a crush on ya. 🙂

  • Nova

    “Whatever happened to loyalty?”

    Washington DC has never been about loyalty. Sociopaths , power , not loyalty.

    It’s richer than ever , while the nation is more broke than ever.

  • Jamie Neighbarger

    Game change is just another way for Hollywierd and the Lamestream media to smear your mom. I give you so many kudos for everything you all do. Your mom is my hero…..and so are you. I’m in the military and both of you…..with your strength to overcome all the obstacles you’ve faced….you’ve motivated and inspired me. Coming from a Soldier….I think thats a big deal. Not many civilians motivate me….but you and your mom do.

    • Jan

      Thank your for serving our country. We salute you.

    • Kel

      Are you the Jaime Neighbarger I knew at Fort Bliss?

      Kelly Marks

  • I didn’t (and won’t) watch Game Change. It seems to be tailor made for people who dislike Sarah Palin and want to wallow in dislike by being told falsehoods about her. That’s the last thing I want to spend my time on.

    As for loyalty, we should be loyal to principles, not follow people blindly. Respect for others is a very good principle to have, and judging from the trailer, “Game Change” fails miserably on that one.

    Glad to see you at Patheos, Bristol. May God bless you on your journey. Good for you for sticking up for you mom.

  • Martha

    “Game Change” didn’t watch it because I ‘m too busy reading your book:) Also watched “Undefeated” a while back. Have fun writing your blog! I’m sure I will read it every chance I get. Enjoy your new life, fixing up your “Fixer upper”! I love decorating too!

  • Hi Bristol,
    Stand tall, you are a wonderful young lady. Your mom in an inspiration to me and my family. I hope Sarah knows how much support she has out there. Maybe you can convince her to run. She is our only hope.God Bless you and your family

  • Glad to see you are blogging Bristol. Hope to see a lot more.

    Do worry, we all have you and your mother’s back. There is a great evil in this world and we know Sarah is fighting it. We all stand with her as she does.

    Take care.

  • Happy to see another blogger in the world! Game Change is like junk science: Create a narrative and then try to support it with twisted, unsupported so-called “facts” that aren’t. Stacy Drake demolished it yesterday on Breitbart. Anyway, welcome to the blogosphere, and thanks!

  • I can’t stand backstabbers. The only good thing about Game Change is that is shows how awful HBO & Hollywood are.

  • Leroy Whitby

    Stay strong always Bristol. Many, many people that have looked at all this fairly have a lot of respect for you and your family.

  • Chris

    I know most if not all of us do not know you personally, or anyone in your family personally, but we all feel a connection to your family! Just wanted to thank you for standing strong when almost all others would have crumbled under the same circumstances!

    You and your family are special and are in our prayers!

  • I refuse to see “Game Change” and will not give HBO the ratings numbers. Sadly, I must now boycott Tom Hanks (one of the producers) for his involvement.

    I strongly urge all people to purchase the DVD of Stephen Bannon’s “The Undefeated.”

  • mistah charley, ph.d.

    Hi Bristol. Like many people, you are asking “whatever happened to loyalty?” There is a famous saying among people in politics, I recall hearing that it goes back to the time of Harry Truman, who was President at the end of World War II and re-elected in 1948, “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.” I wonder if you will get Tripp a dog at some point.

    I did not see ‘Game Change’ – wasn’t even tempted to, because I don’t have HBO. I didn’t realize Tom Hanks was one of the producers until reading it here. I just wish more people knew the truth about your mother instead of believing the lies they have been told.

  • buddo

    Wow, how exciting, please post pictures of the home you are fixing up. I think the readers would love to see the progress.. will this be part of your reality show?

  • Dan Q, Chicago

    Hi Bristol,

    I would be more interested in your opinion about “Game Change” after actually seeing the film. I really believe that they tried their best to balance their portrayal; it is not an “imitation” like Tina Fey’s, but an attempt to treat everyone involved as complicated human beings with emotional lives.

    You are of course entitled to your opinion, but it’s hard for me to agree with you that this is a “betrayal.” As a book, it was an attempt to come to terms with a loss in the election and the poor decisions that led up to it by all parties (such as not finding your mom -earlier- and preparing her better for what was to come). As this movie, it is an attempt to humanize people who were larger than life to me. My own politics are way left, but I came away with an understanding of how difficult the media’s crush on all of you must have been, and with a level of respect for your family and what you all went through.

    See the movie. You might be surprised.

    You can see it here using the “sockshare” link:

    • Helen

      Why did the movie not focus on Hillary, Obama and John Edwards, hmmm? That is where the real scandals are. Why make up scandals about clean as the wind-driven snow Sarah Palin? (25 000 emails to back up my statement.)

      People wisely decided not to waste their time and money on that movie. Let the haters watch it and be proud of themselves.

      • kimmah

        The book was too long for that. Also, since Obama is currently in an election, that would have somewhat unethical, certainly unfair. If they portrayed him in a positive light, GOP would have screamed that it was unpaid propaganda. If in a negative light, then the D’s would have been in a tizzy. Palin is out of politics (allegedly) and McCain isn’t running for president again. Their story is intriguing.

        Honestly, people can’t talk about what a vital and important role Palin played in the election in one breath, then complain that she is the focus in another. Edwards was a jackass, but the dirt on him didn’t come out until later. His wife is dead. Highlighting her shrewish, harpy ways probably wouldn’t draw in many viewers this early after her death. There is FAR more to be written about Hilary in the future and I expect there will be some docudramas about her the minute she is out of politics.

        Palin’s VP run was a dynamic and interesting story. It screamed for a movie to be made. I expect that once there isn’t a campaign underway, there will be more Game Change material used for movies to cover the other aspects; it was hard enough to get the storyline they had covered in just two hours, so there should be plenty of material for future projects. I, for one, will watch them all.

    • Nova

      It’s attack propaganda. Why else would Obama supporters put millions in the film and exclude all stories about democrats.

  • Denise

    I will not watch this sick movie. The lack of civility and fairness in our political discussions is a symptom of deeper problems in this country that we cannot fix with a few elections. We need to work on our culture, and fundamental virtues, like hard work, honesty, integrity. We need to act and speak with malice toward none. I’m glad you are strong and won’t let the mean folks get you down.

  • Hello Bristol! Welcome to the world of blogging. Good to have your voice at patheos. I’ll be following your posts closely.

  • I love how some people try so hard to defend “Game Change” by saying it made them feel sorry for the grotesque, mentally unstable version of Sarah Palin it depicted, as if the only way it could possibly be criticized is if the viewer didn’t end up feeling sorry for the grotesque, mentally unstable version of Sarah Palin it depicted.

  • Gary Ogletree

    Anyone paying attentions knows your mother nearly won the election for McCain. This smear project has backfired. She inspires people. They don’t like that. All the best…

  • I’m torn about this (as I am about Meryl Streep’s Iron Lady). On the one hand, I don’t like to be ignorant of what the other side is saying. On the other, I don’t like supporting these people financially. The Streep thing will probably be at my local library eventually, but I could wait a long time before seeing an HBO movie there.

  • twolaneflash

    You and your family have been in my prayers since I was directed to the “draft Governor Sarah Palin for VP” website long before she accepted the nomination. I became an instant and enduring fan. I’m sorry for all the evil and hurtful words that have been aimed at you, knowing how it would hurt your mother. With a child of your own, you know how it feels to have your child attacked as a proxy for you. Grizzly mom comes to mind. Your mother has been God’s and America’s Bright Candle in an America that has many hateful people with large baskets, and they want her Light to stop shining. Follow her example. Do right, and right will be done. Fight like a girl.

    My sister and husband will be in Wasilla this summer and will no doubt be enthusiastic visitors. They are leaving next month on a 4 month rv trip through British Columbia and The Yukon on their way to Alaska.

    God bless. Stay alert.

  • Lakerfanalways

    Bristol, so glad to see that your blogging. I will look forward to reading more of your blog posts. You know what they say about haters, they are jealous of your family..jealous that your family is happy, jealous that your family is successful, that is why they hate you. As far as “Game Change” is concerned, I don’t have HBO, was offered it once for free through Time Warner Cable, said NO, would rather watch paint dry then watch that far left garbage. Schmidt and Wallace are scum bags, they wanted a scapegoat, and they knew the media would fall in line with the BS that came out of their mouth. I think we all know who Wallace and Schmidt work for, and why they are doing what they are doing.
    Stay strong Bristol, your family is always in my thoughts and prayers. All the non-stop attacks that you guys get, will only make you stronger. Your family is absolutely amazing and an inspiration to me. Just keep fighting the good fight and we have your back! Give a hug and kiss to baby Tripp for me, he is absolutely ADORABLE, my has he grown!
    God Bless the Palin family!

  • Your mom was Breitbart’s vanguard into the media fray. Now she’s a field marshal in the battle for real hope for a real Freedom.

    God bless you and your mom, and your blog efforts!

  • twolaneflash

    The Undefeated was fabulous. I recorded and shared it with family. I read that Game Change, which HBO ran opposite The Undefeated on all 5 or 6 of its variants on cable back-to-back, only got 2 million viewers for premier and 3 1/2 million overall for the night. HBO continued to run it 24 hours a day on at least one of the variants for the next several days. Propaganda we much! I haven’t seen The Undefeated viewer numbers on the Reelz channel, but I bet it beat HBO. I also read that your mother’s reality show on Alaska premiered with 5 million viewers with very little promotion. Sarah doesn’t just draw a crowd – she galvanizes it. HBO is the loser. People will pay for entertainment by choice, but resent paying that charge only to have it diverted and perverted to pay for promotion of a political philosophy they abhor.

  • Alberta Brett

    Bristol – Your mom is one of the best people on this planet (next to mine of course). I absolutely support her 100%. I defend her daily. I post just about everything she posts. I absolutely support you and your son as well! I have been a single mom all of my life. I’m 43 now. You can make it. Never give up, never give in and always, always be true to yourself. Thanks for sharing with us!

    • cw

      Single Mom, never got married. Guess the Christian hope that a child should have both parents does not apply to you. Bristol went out & got knock up. The same thing her Mother did, if you read her book. Could you be in the same classcas them?

      • scout

        Um, Barack Obama’s mother went out and “got knock up” too. I guess in your eyes he’s in the same “classcas” as them? The Palins have a ton more class, (if that’s what you’re trying to say,) than any Dems I’ve come across lately.

      • kimmah

        That is uncalled for.

  • Alberta Brett

    Oh by the way… I have not seen this movie.. don’t ever want too, never plan too and never will!! I will however and have been converting people one by one for your mom. The Undefeated is an excellent film. I had a FB Subscriber after I kept posting on my page that The Undefeated would be on… over and over ask me, “Is it that good?” Well, lets just say she is a believer now. I saw the movie the first night it came out. I can’t wait for your mom to run for President. I will walk barefoot over snow to get the truth out about her.

  • Karen

    Your family is real and authentic and so very beautiful!! Your loved and supported out here! Love The Toons from Boston!!

  • I love it! Bristol hoisting her rhetorical sword and taking on the losers of Game Change.

    Check out this great article by John Nolte at Breitbart’s site: ‘Game Change’ Explained?: Bombshell ’08 Memo Details Plan to Save Steve Schmidt

    • bellagrazi

      Says it all, ReaganTMan. So for those who want to believe the lies in “Game Change”, check out this article on Breitbart. This is the truth. These are the facts.

  • section9

    Good to see you blogging, Bristol. Glad to see you survived the running of the Deers.

    Anyway, you’ll be fine. The truth will out. It always does in the end. Your mother is a good person and a skilled politician, and the lies used against her cannot stand. It’s that simple.

  • Sue Himel

    I have never actually met your mom, but I spent a lot of time and money organizing for her in IA. I believe in her and I believe your family is a wonderful model for the modern family. None of us are perfect, but many of us aspire to better things…as I believe you do.

  • Diane

    Bristol, this movie has me fuming. I really think your mom should sue the haters who made this movie and the idiot Steve Schmidt, I think that’s what his name was. I was familiar with your mom before she came on the scene with John McCain when she was on tv talking about Alaska’s energy with Maria Bartolomo and I knew she wasn’t anything the left portray her to be. It really breaks my heart to see these fools go out of their way to slander/libel your mom to the degree they do. It really is difficult even for someone like me to stomach. God Bless you and your family. You are all in our prayers. We KNOW the evil that is aimed at you right now. Hang in there.

  • Tara Savastano

    Our family loves your mom too Bristol!! We relate so much with your whole family and I would truly love to visit Alaska some day. Your mom is exactly the kind of lady I would love to hang out with. Stay strong and keep speaking out. You really do have tons of support from people that love your family and believe in your mom. God Bless, from our family to yours.

  • Kim A

    Wishing you many blessings

  • Evelyn Waugh

    Ayn Rand was a devout Atheist.
    I interviewed her. She had no respect for religion, especially Christianity.
    Her views should be examined in that light.

  • ron

    Stay beautiful Bristol. Wishing you all the best! Regards to your beautiful mom.

  • OregonLinda

    You’re right, Bristol – your mom is more beautiful than any of her impersonators – both inside and out! And it looks like you’re following in her foot steps. 🙂

  • cw

    Bristol, why not go to college & get an education. All you seem to want to do is make money off your Mother & your son. Yes, your son. If not, then why keep trying to get a reality show about him. You are messing up this little boy. Trash talking his Father, while trying to make a living off him.


      If Bristol had actually paid attention in English class instead of getting drunk and knocked up, she would realize that writing “how terrible our family was treated” makes her seem like illiterate white trash.

      Oh, wait… 😛

      She’d better be kissing the ground her ghost writers and idiotic supporters walk on, since they all enable her to sit on her fat ass and be the money-grubbing pathetic whiner her morally bankrupt parents taught her to be.

  • Ken

    Oh why oh why is poor Sarah Palin ALWAYS the victim??

    EVERYONE who has spoken publicly about the campaign says that she is a fraud and that her portrayal in Game Change is accurate. ALL of these people are lying? They are ALL out to victimize poor Sarah?

    Haha, right! 😀

  • cw

    Awaiting moderation? Just so you can delete it? I have copy this message so when you delete it, it can be made public how
    Bristol’s blog has nothing but everyone saying how wonderful she is. Otherwise they are deleted.

    • cw

      It is all printed out, so delete me now. Thanks

      • cw

        I have a dead line, can you just delete my messages, ( which I think are true about Bristol),it now?

        • cw

          Of course all this is being recorded in live time by camera.

  • DDonovan

    Interesting collection of comments featuring “I didn’t see it, but I already know what’s true and don’t need to clutter up my closed mind with something that might make me think!”. Best argument ever for the veracity of the film. And sorry, but anyone who decides to run for the second highest office in the country has a responsibility to show up with a basic understanding of the facts…or should decline the offer. Didn’t need to see Game Change because your mom – before, during and until today -continues to demonstrate that she isn’t overly burdened by facts or education. Accusing Obama of wanting to return the US to the days when slavery was legal was perhaps one of the most insane, absurd and, dare I say, stupid things ever uttered in public! Want a better family life? Find your mom a job she is qualified to do and get her hired.

  • e Bonita Ledzius

    I have to admit I watched “Game Change” and yelled at the television the whole time. It was nothing but a bunch of lies, and a great deal of bad acting. I should know I worked in theater for over 25 years of my life. It painted people like Bill Maher and Rachel Maddow as saints, while making your mom look like a psychotic, emotionally deranged woman who lacked any self confidence. The actress who played Sarah Palin, made her look like Tammy Faye Bakker on steroids. It was not, in any way, realistic. But that is how the left is. They live by…”If you can’t tell the truth, don’t know the truth, or afraid of the truth, then lie, and bash those who do know the truth.”
    I also watched “The Undefeated”, and I’m watching it again right now. It is a wonderful docudrama that truly shows your mom’s strength and patriotism. One day History will echo the truth that your mother is one of the greatest American Patriots of our time, and since our country’s founding. Be proud of her Bristol, and know that inside you lies the same fortitude and strength.

    • kimmah

      Where did it paint Rachel Maddow as a saint? Or Maher?????

      I can’t believe you watched the same movie–the ONE thing I never took away from it was that Sarah Palin is lacking self confidence. She also came across as a brilliant campaigner and charismatic personality.

      Tammy Faye Baker? You need to work on your similes. That isn’t even close.

    • John

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ahNot unless there is a global catastrophe that wipes out virtually all of the human race and after thousands of years of rebuilding, archaeologists descended from the first group of survivors find well preserved copies of “Going Rogue” and “The Undefeated”.

  • e Bonita Ledzius

    cw…quit harrassing from your mother’s basement, and get a real job! Obviously if you have the time to bash on Bristol all day long, you have nothing else to do. Maybe you should quit Occupying Wallstreet or wherever you have set up your tent, and start occupying your local MacDonalds as an employee. Pay some taxes, serve in the military, anything that will be useful, instead of showing your true stupidity.

  • Valley Local

    A Palin preaching (or in this instance, screeching) about “Loyalty”? Are you serious?

    Remind me again please why dear old Mom quit her elected position (ya know, betrayed those that voted for her) as Governor?

    Ah, yes, because the only loyalty that particular family has revolves around bank statements and prestige. These people would eat their own young publicly if there was money in it.

  • I have read a book or two of Sarah’s books and used to watch her show about Alaska.

    I really like her!

    And I think she has a great family…

    Don’t despair guys- the only one you REALLY have to please is God!

  • I’ve not watched it either and can honestly say that I have no plans to do so. It’s really a shame that they keep attacking your mom like this, and one of the weirdest things about it is the fact that she isn’t even running for office of any kind!

  • Diane

    Hi Bristol,
    I think that you should consider watching “Game Change.” I thought the portrayal of your mother caused a lot of empathy on my part, and the people who watched it with me, towards your mom. Truth in advertising, I supported President Obama in that campaign. I now have a profoundly new understanding of your mother, your family and the sacrifices and trauma associated with that campaign. Thought that you would like to know this.

  • John

    There is all this bashing of hollywood and yet, Bristol and Sarah have benefited so much from Hollywood, “Dancing With The Stars” and the Palin family reality show. Not to mention the numerous interviews and incalcuable hours of airtime that the Palin family has received. I fail to understand what is so bad about Hollywood. The Palins have grown wealthy and fat over all the media controversy they generate and yet they still insist that there is some big bad wolf of a media entity, looking to swallow them whole.

    And Bristol Palin, if you are going to write a blog, then I suggest you try to do better. These first few posts have been absolute rubbish. There is no analysis whatsoever, nothing. This is no better than the “blogs” of petulant thirteen and fourteen year olds that litter tumblr under that guise of making a difference. Blogs that post pictures of flowers and sparkly things. This is the big wide world Bristol and here you don’t little monsters running around, you have big bad beasties. Put a little more thought and effort behind your blog to indicate that it is a project, taken on by an adult.

    People would actually take you seriously if you wrote something that had thought in it. For instance, with the film the Game Change, I am sure people would be thrilled if you provided an indepth and detailed analysis from your perspective. Certainly people will criticize your analysis and even make fun of you. However, no one will despise you for putting in the effort. In fact you would probably gain some recognition as a serious blogger/ journalist/ socio-politico pundit. However saying you did not read it and then making some asinine comments suggests a lack of brain cells?

  • So you haven’t seen it but you are prepared to comment on it. I HAVE seen it and I thought it was in fact quite kind to your mother who sadly was unsuited for the job at hand. It was somewhat unsympathetic to the other key players though who were portrayed as either cynical asses or ineffectual idiots. It actually made me have a degree of sympathy for your mother which I had thought previously, an impossibility. I doubt that this comment will make the cut but I think not seeing it rather undermines any complaint you may have.

  • Faron

    Sarah Palin is a WONDERFUL, SMART, MATURE, STRONG, woman. She does wonderful with her speeches! Just NO ONE should tell her what to say, she has it all right there in her head! JUST leave her alone and let her do her thing! Bristol, I am sorry for the horrible things people have said about you, your family. They are just ignorant and fearing of losing to your mother is all. People show ignorance and stupidity when they fear someone or something. It makes them feel better and feel a high when all it does is dig a hole for them and in the end they all sufficate in that hole and die.

  • dsteen

    A perfect letter Bristol! You are a very strong young woman and have inspired me and my family to continue standing up for what we believe. You are truely leading through example to all people and we love you for it!

  • dsteen

    I have worked with movie stars, and they all were all dedicated to getting the character they portrayed right. History will prove that “game change” got it all wrong. Moore and company should have used “The Undefeated” for their research. They missed their opportunity and made a less than “B” movie instead.

  • James Witt

    I thought Republicans were the party of personal responsibility??? I guess not anymore. Sarah Palin clearly had no understanding of basic history, world events and current affairs. Then Sarah lacked the curiosity and aptitude to get up to speed(if even possible). Now you are blaming Steve Schmidt and Nicole Wallace for treating her horribly when the tried everything they could do to prepare her and Sarah still wouldn’t go with the script. You may call telling the truth betrayal but I call it simple tale to make sure the greatest country on earth will never nominate anyone for the executive branch without being properly vetted. I applaud Steve and Nicole for doing the right thing by giving us the facts to make sure Sarah Palin will never be a national politician.

  • Ed D’ennery

    Dear Bristol,

    Such a nice looking child. You can be happy.

    I am an old Great Grandparent and nonjudgmental, I hope. I have no reason to call you objectionable names. Your problems were manifest when your mother pushed abstinence only. I have no idea if you were rebelling because of her “Church Lady” attitudes or if your hormones had control, or perhaps a combination of factors.

    Never should the children of political personages be the object of political discourse– but your decisions linked with your mother’s religiously clouded and inept statements certainly made you fair game

    And, in the case of your mother, she knew she was bearing a Downs Syndrome fetus. She chose to continue the pregnancy. Yet, she would prevent other women from making a different choice. Then the unfortunate child was displayed at various campaign events.

    Your mother was remiss in accepting the bid to run for V.P.–she obviously was not ready for top level leadership. She came along as “ The Airhead From the North.” Abandoning the Alaska Governorship was not her best ploy.

    I wish you the best of everything.

  • michael

    Its time , Ms palin , you stop asking for answers from those you have always asked for them from an expand your comfort zone of political fuel . your mother catches the flack she does cause of 2 reason 1 what SHE said 2 shes a milf an the moment she said anything unreal untrue or misleading she then to the american public an her running mate became just a twit with a nice rack an face . pls pls pls if you care liek you say you do . look to peoples actions . not there words both sides of this war ur participating in are funded , organized , an scripted by those who dont dare claim it or show there face as a person in control . its not republican people its not democratic people , its not libs an neo cons , it one group with enough money to make it seem as if we are not capable of disagreeing an still doing right , or being able to see through this mallarky . i am not liberal or conservative , im not rep or dem . Im human , imperfect flawed , full of faults . An i know we dont know the answer on how to fix this country atm, but i know everysingle person in the game is a part of the problem , to that end i wondered …….. are you part of the problem …… if not , i think its time u stop …just stop spewing political jargen an dogma , stop being part of the problem , start being part of the solution . if u spend anymore of your time worried about sides your missing the point … were all americans cept for those who shall remain nameless here . that would sell our country down the drain in 2 s for another million on the pile of trillions . I know u love your mother i know you love this country. but now is not the time for any blind following of anyone or anything ….sometimes even our own .

    • michael

      God=love+Truth=knowledge=Power all this u see today going on between both sides use this calculation controlled info = disinformation = discent = un informed emotional decisions = anarchy

      • Chris Aitken


        Two reasons your post should be ignored.

        Reason 1 – You are clearly a troll and want your 15 minutes of fame, “Bill Maher-style.” Just because we are free to speak our minds does not necessarily mean that we always should. I, for example, take things much more seriously from people who come across as sincere and genuine.

        Reason 2 – If you want people to think you sound deep and profound, take a writing class.

        When did it become acceptable behavior to treat politicians and their family members with such disrespect? Be grateful that the citizens of the United States are not counting on you, Michael, for representative leadership. One thing that a movie such as Game Change reaffirms for me is how little I would ever want to be a part of politics. Privacy is not a thing I would be willing to compromise; mine or my family’s. Bless those who are strong enough to do so.

        I tried to watch the film. I made it as far as the first interview after being announced as running-mate. I had to turn it off from that point. It is funny to me that the cast are some of Hollywood’s most liberal personalities. Even more funny is the fact that the same network that aired the film employs and broadcasts Bill Maher.

        Ms. Palin,

        It is my belief that nobody deserves the amount of social torment or disrespect that has been directed at your family. I hope you and your family continue to stand your ground and do your best in spite of the adversities that have been perpetuated by Big Media and the “haters.”

  • Trish Krause

    I’m so glad you didn’t waste time watching that vile movie!!!! It just goes to prove how little the left really know about your mom. The movie was so disgraceful and untrue that it literally made me sick. My family and I have always supported your mom and admired the amount strength she has and the stronge intelligent woman she always has been. You are a strong woman like her and she has done an incredible job raising her children. I would like to say one thing though, NEVER ever apologize for “mistakes” in your past that are not mistakes at all!!! Everything happens for a reason and your son is truly your blessing from God.

    • Bobbi

      How can you call it vile when you haven’t seen it? I’ve seen it and it paints an honest picture. It shows the things that are verifiable from the campaign. If showing the truth is ‘vile’ then I guess you’re better off standing around in LaLa land where you won’t know and won’t understand the truth. I suppose you’re one of those who call the president a muslim. I would also suppose that you’re one of those Birthers from your comment. Grow up and educate yourself with more than one source of news because when you rely on one news source you will surely be very misinformed.

      • Demon-Crat

      • Frederick Lang

        Has Hollywood ever told the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

      • Jeanie

        “The movie was so disgraceful and untrue that it literally made me sick. ”

        Bobbi states”How can you call it vile when you haven’t seen it?”

        You should sharpen up on your reading skills Bobbi.

        • Emilee

          I agree completely with Bobbi! Sarah Palin never seemed quite right during that entire campaign. She let the possibility of VP go to her head. She didn’t invest the time necessary to learn the information she needed. She memorized and repeated what she was told too. She didn’t have any understanding of foreign policy and she lied time and time again. The movie was wonderful and I’m glad that I did watch it. So many things make sense now!

          • Denise

            Where you there?

  • Susan

    Hi Bristol,

    I wish you well with your future responsibilities and endeavors.

    I voted for your mom, and am glad that I did. I appreciate the strength your family exhibits in the midst of much media attention and over-analysis.

    Yes, many of us started out saying “Sarah Who??” when McCain asked her to run on the GOP ticket. I am now pleased to know “who” she is and that she has a voice to share and help influence our nation. She’s sharp, talented, and strong, but doesn’t go for the prevailing “group-think.” Such thinking is much of the reason we have arrived at many of our difficult circumstances as a nation. Be like your mom. That’s a good thing.

    Best wishes.

  • Bobbi

    Saw the movie. Remember many of the situations that took place. Even remember hearing in the press that Sarah wasn’t getting along with her staffers. I saw your mother at the republican convention and was very impressed. I liked her more than McCain and was intrigued. Then I saw her speeches around the country, her distortion of facts and the way she polarized her audience, making references that had the effect of inciting an audience to violence against Barack Obama. It was the beginning of a nasty rhetoric that has become so prominent in our country ever since. I have never known people to be so ugly over an election. And it continued beyond 2008, paralyzing our legislative system and creating damage to the republican party. I’ve known many republicans who didn’t vote for McCain because of the things your mother said and did on the campaign. I used to be a moderate, but the current ugliness that your mother is complicit in has turned me away from voting for any republicans because I don’t trust them any longer. Game Change only confirmed what I had thought all along, that McCain was the classy one in the room and that Sarah Palin took mud slinging and nastiness to a higher level.

    • Jmom

      You must live on another planet, as the things you say happened NEVER did! Game Change is not the truth, just fiction from the minds of biased libs. I realize you are hysterical due to the fact your side is imploding and will soon have lost all power, but that is no reason to loose your mind! Seriously get some help before it is too late!

      • Ditto

      • Sweetpea

        The book was written by two reporters, one of which is a Republican. Steve Schmidt, a REPUBLICAN and campaign manager for McCain, cooperated with it and verifies the truth of it, as do many other staffers. They all thought Sarah Palin was incredibly unstable and bizarre. If you have a problem with what all those people said is the truth, and they have, then you have a problem with reality. Don’t blame liberals for what your party is up to.

        • Denise

          And this was FULLY discredited by people that were actually there. So what makes them wrong and two GOP operatives right… two people trying to save their careers for being two faced ineffective backstabbing people. BTW McCain has been clear that this film was fiction. There was NO imput from anyone else BUT these campaign bitter losers. ” They ALL said this”. Really, Who is ” they” So yeah I can see your point a successful woman with 19 years in elected goverance , effective in ANY position she has taken, all of a sudden can not tie her shoes without help. ??

    • Jeanie

      Oh please, you never liked Sarah, nor were you ever impressed with her . You are a liar.

      “Then I saw her speeches around the country”…..if true, you would have been motivated and even more impressed, if you liked her to start with. But you didn’t.

      You used to be a moderate? What are you now? Commie, socialist?

      The ONLY reason we voted for McCain was BECAUSE of Sarah. She tried dragging that entire campaign across the finish line and were a few points ahead, until he decided to “stop the campaign” and go vote yes for a bailout. It was McCain that said barry would make a great President. Why didn’t they allow Sarah to go to MI? Why did they hold her back? Why didn’t they let her loose and do what she does best….motivate, inspire and lead.

      If not for Sarah, barry would have won in a landslide. Sarah kept him from that great embarrassment. She is a true gift to our country.

      • Sweetpea

        Why would you be impressed by a woman calling a man a terrorist, and having people at her rallies shouting “kill him!” You people are soulless.

    • myj

      Yes, Isaw it too and changed the way I vote…

  • Jeanie

    I would love to tell you about my experience w/ schmuck the schmitt @ the Hofstra Debate 08….but unlike some, I do not want to air dirty laundry.

    You have my email. If you get any time (I know your hands are full at the moment), you have my email.

    • Denise

      exactly – there are two sides to EVERY story.

  • Maria Romo

    Loved Game Change. Sara Palins arrogance really came through just like it does now.

  • Anonymous

    Did not need a movie to let us know what we knew about Sarah Palin all along. The thing that strikes me is that the American people almost bought it – they were so desperate, that they were –><– *this close* to putting this woman ignorant of all things NOT Alaska into a position "one heartbeat" away from the leader of the free world. I cringed every time she opened her mouth during the campaign and was disturbed at the mentality of an American people who found her engaging or intelligent in any way, shape or form. However, watching the movie was just comical, and you thinking that the criticism from the McCain staffers was unwarranted is just SAD. Get a grip.

    • Denise

      Use your name coward.

  • Kathy Berden

    I watched it and thought the portrayal of a strong willed woman was shown. This of course, is not a benefit if the person refuses to roll over and back down. That being said, Sarah Palin is a definition of a strong person who won’t back down or give in. I’m proud of her ambition. If politicians gave as much courage as she did, it would be a different race all together. But, society is hash tagged and trending the bad, the bullshit, lies and any dirt to make another look bad. None of this has anything to do with the real issues. It’s junior high school BS. And the public eats it up. There wouldn’t be anyone speaking if you left all the junk out… Except for Sarah Palin. Keep focused. Keep going!

  • Rosali Elzig

    Why do people have so much hate in their hearts today? What happened to “love others like you love yourself?” The Palin’s family are nice people and don’t deserve to be treated like criminals. Be tolerant people! nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. God have mercy on all of you whom are judging that family without really knowing them. Bristol,God bless you and your son.

  • Kathy

    Bristol !!! You ARE your Mother’s daughter !!! I would never watch game change… BUT…. I did watch the Undefeated ( with tears in my eyes for what could have been) 3 times on Reelz. I also purchased the DVD. Like some others, it left me VERY impressed with your Mom’s astounding career in Alaska. AND…. VERY sad that she is not our Vice President at this crucial time of our country. She is 100% MORE qualified than obama ever could think of being… and THAT is a FACT!! I am so VERY sorry for the way your entire family has been treated by some.

    LOVED your letter to obama !!! Boom – taste my nightstick !!! tee hee – Has he called you yet to apologize ?? Didn’t think so !!!

    Love your whole family !!! Keep up the GOOD fight !!!!

  • lee

    When I was a kid and someone seemed to hate me for no reason, my parents would tell me, “Oh, they’re just jealous.” Maybe they were right–and maybe that is one reason there is so much hate directed against Sarah Palin and her family.

    Here is a woman who is extremely attractive, married to a very attractive man, with whom she has a BEAUTIFUL family. She didn’t go to the “right schools” and yet she is very intelligent, very articulate and she got to be a governor, a well-respected political leader, and a vice-presidential nominee. She also is not exactly a “typical feminist”: she has a good-sized family, she is church-going, she can defend herself, she can take down and dress a deer, and she is pretty, and celebrates her prettiness. When life threw what others see as a curve ball to others–the birth of a child with Down’s Syndrome–she didn’t see it that way and welcomed her beautiful baby with as much love as ever. And she doesn’t come across as a woman who feels the way to be powerful over men is by emasculating them (like a few women leaders I can think of.) Plus, she is married to someone who is both manly and gentlemanly. And unlike some of the female political leaders from “the other side of the aisle,” she got to where she did ON HER OWN, not riding the coattails of her husband, father, uncle or brother…

    Maybe that is it–they are jealous! There’s a lot to be jealous of!

  • Herb

    Dear Bristol: Yes, the HBO special “Game Change” is a political “hit piece” against your mother. In American culture, at this juncture in time, your mother is the equivalent of a Joan of Arc — to rally the common folk against the intrigue and oppression of spreading tyranical power (tho’ its disguised as “giving us what is good for us” as determined by those who are determined to control us). Your mother, Sarah Palin, has been gifted by God with the ability to see through all the deception and subterfuge. Those involved in that deception hate anyone who dares to expose their charade and make it transparent to everyone. Those who want to believe the deception will hate anyone who can destoy the illusion they take such personal comfort from. Therefore, the deceivers will recive much help from those who are determined to believe the deception — it is composed of the lies they want to hear and believe. That is the dynamic at work. And its root cause is Spiritual: a rejection of the Truth of God and the God of Truth. They prefer the fantacies of their own emagination to that which is real & Eternal.
    {Many secretly anticipate that Israel is about to be destroyed in the near future – thus proving that the God of the Bible is a myth (and they can do whatever they please, with nio consequences). But, Israel will outlast all of its enemies, because it is the time of the promised 2nd regathering of Israel (Isaiah 11 v 11-14). Yes, Israel will be forced into serious war by those who hate her. But my Father has promised to deliver them for His own Name same. Read also Ezekiel 28 v 25-6. The enemies of Israel have no true idea of Who they are dealing with. But, soon they will find out in a most powerful way. His Grace to some is now fading away.

    • Cat C-B

      Is this response satire? Or inadvertent self-satire?

      Come to think of it, the same question could be asked of the post…

  • TammyChicago

    I subscribe to the policy that facts, not fiction, are imperative to forming political opinions. I am not the least bit interested in viewing HBO’s tabloid trash. That hit piece speaks volumes as to the level of desperation that the left is feeling.

    • Valo

      Yes. We are desperate. Booed Palin right out of politics, but boy we are hurting. 😉 Get a grip.

      • Denise

        Booed Palin out of politics? Seriously ?? You are kidding right? I can not type anymore– I am laughing too hard.

  • Junie B. Jones

    Yes, we can all see how terrible your family was treated…

  • LMA

    I think it’s clear that 1) Bristol should have watched the movie before blogging about it, because no, people of all political stripes aren’t thinking that the Palins were treated poorly; and 2) Sarah brought her own animosity to the campaign, which Bristol reveals in her statement, “Mom could tell that the people surrounding her were exactly the type of people who would betray her.” And I’m inclined to believe this, because — good Christian woman that she is — Sister Sarah said herself that there was no one in the campaign that she wanted to pray with before her debate with Biden.

    Sarah’s a beautiful woman, I agree, but her beauty may be only skin deep.

    • Denise

      And you know all of this from Game Change? Really ?

    • The Palins were treated badly. We saw how she was treated by the media. Unless you were on another planet you had to see. When Obama said leave my wife and kids out of it. They did what he said . They didn’t do that for the Palin’s. Sarah was accused of not having her own child. Bristol was attack like no kid that age should have been. She the joke of the late night comics. What she went through would have destroyed many a teenager.If Bristol had aborted they probably would have been okay with that. Bristol showed us she had the same kind of strength as her mother. What was the most disgusting was the remarks made of Sarah little boy. He has such a happy soul that he will never hear there stupid remarks. Those stupid people have no idea how much kids like him bring to this world. They know happiness more than most of will ever know.They will understand true happiness one that you get from pure love one that has not been tainted by this cruel world. His heart is made of gold while theirs are made from hard steel.When has there ever been a presidential election were the vice president was treated like they were the president. Never until Sarah Palin All of them running were left alone except for Palin. McCain people in his campaign who were trying to set Sarah up. Whether McCain knew about his people no one knows yet. I do not understand why he did not have a confidentiality agreement with his campaign people. I would have thought all campaigns had one. The Interview with Katie was a setup.Sarah knew she had not done well but Nicole insisted she did great. Nicole Wallace had worked with Katie set up the interview to be a week long so Katie could cut and splice to make it anything they wanted to.Nicole did not get a copy of the interview no one does this stuff except someone wanting something to go wrong. Nicole is now working for Obama camp they say Schmidt is also. They talked McCain into going to Washington when they had the crash happened. What did he think he was going to do. Obama stayed on campaign until he needed to vote. McCain could have done the same thing, They needed McCain gone to get Palin to agree to talk to Katie. Palin wanted to go talk to the people but McCain people would not let her. Nicole stated later that she voted for Obama and will vote for him this time. I seen the interview on that and Nicole claiming to going to the Obama Camp several times during the campaign. Nicole bought the clothes for the Palins then leaked it to the press how Sarah had spent so much of RNC money buying expensive clothes. Later when she was interview she said the men picked her to do the shopping and then stating that Sarah threw her under the bus about the clothes, I guess that was when Sarah told the press and the people she didn’t buy the expensive clothes that the tags had been taken off because they knew Sarah wouldn’t allow that kind of money to be spent. Sarah was a real treat to Obama and they knew they had to try to destroy her. So when they couldn’t find anything on her they made it up. Why did McCain’s people put out her record I have always wonder why McCain didn’t do that. Why did McCain bring up about Obama terrorist friends.Why Obama and his wife lost their license. Why Obama Boss Rezko was going to jail. He scaming money from the goverment to fix the houses for low income. They lived in them but nothing was fixed. Obama didn’t care about the poor then.When Sarah thought the first interview went so bad Nicole talk her into doing more saying that Katie thought the interview was going great. I hate to tell you but I bet money that Sarah has the ability to sense what people are like without even talking to them. It called intuition. I have the ability and the only time it was wrong was when I didn’t listen. Some people have the ability more than others. It is the little voice that tells you when you are in danger. I would bet Sarah went in the McCain camp thinking everything was right but it didn’t take her long to realize who the wolves were. Have you ever met someone and right away you like them. Why do you think that is.We do more communication without ever speaking a word. It is done with body language the face along gives all kind of expressions to tell when you are sick,sad happy.I look at part of the money game change it was pure garbage.I had to stop because it was so stupid. Did you ever ask why they went to the trouble of making that movie. It was because the Obama camp are afraid of Palin more than anyone. They know they will lose with her. All people have to know is she is going to be there and they have hugs crowds. Those people would not come to see Sarah time and time again unless they believed in her. They tried the tell the public that they came to see Sarah because she is a rock star. Well they have to believe in her for something. Since she doesn’t sing or dance there is no doubt it is her politics. We believe in her. The last politician close to her was Reagan. They came to see Obama because Hollywood sold them a bill of goods that turned out to be lies. Obama has more people booing now. Palin still bring in the huge crowds because we know she is the real deal. She has been watching over the USA since the election was over. She has been the only one calling out Obama on what he does wrong. We have her to be thankful for. If she had not been watching him God only know what he would have gotten away with.

  • Charles Wilson

    I would not watch the HBO version but I did watch the real version all through the 2008 election and I, like most American Patriots who where there, know the true story – your Mother was, by her electric personality THE Game Changer!!!

  • K Cooksey

    Heck yeah! Your mom is beautiful. I make a point of blacklisting any actor that gets hateful about conservative issues. I refuse to see any Hollywood actor or actress who spews their viral hatred at the majority of Americans. I could care less what they believe, but when a young DiCaprio begins to tell me what is right and wrong, with no moral standard of his own, then you lose my money at the box office. The list is getting bigger every day. Julianne Moore is definitely on that list. She crossed that line when she got personal. I love following you!!

  • I didn’t want to see it because I did not want to see your mother. But I saw a little coming attraction and something compelled me to watch “Game Change”. I saw it and I loved it! All that I can say is the Republicans brought this on themselves and I love it! They brought your mother and you out into the open and cannot seem to get rid of you. Don’t be critical of the people who speak poorly or are mean spirited towards you and your mother. Those people are Christians too like you and your mother. Now that you both seem to cannot stop making spectacles of yourselves, I truly believe that “This is God’s Will”.

    • Piscean Gal

      Jan927, I BOW to you! MOST excellent post!

  • didn’t want to see it because I did not want to see your mother. But I saw a little coming attraction and something compelled me to watch “Game Change”. I saw it and I loved it! All that I can say is the Republicans brought this on themselves and I love it! They brought your mother and you out into the open and cannot seem to get rid of you. Don’t be critical of the people who speak poorly or are mean spirited towards you and your mother. Those people are Christians too like you and your mother. Now that you both seem to cannot stop making spectacles of yourselves, I truly believe that “This is God’s Will”.

    • Millie

      I don’t know who your god is but the God I know would not will
      this kind of stuff. Lies and people setting out to destroy another
      person for their political differences. These people have taken
      another person and their family and used and abused them for
      their on profit and benefit. They seem to have no concept of what
      consequences will come with this

  • David Dempsey

    Game Change – A book about 2 Republican Candidates was written by a Democratic Author and a Movie based on the Book was made by Democratic Hollywood Producers, and the American People are expected to believe that the 2 Republican Candidates are portrayed Accurately in the Movie. — Only the Obama Brainwashed Democrats believe that is true.

    • Tami H.

      Amen! I couldn’t agree more David.

  • Bob

    I’m really glad to get a chance to respond. I love your mother and am still disappointed she didn’t run because with all of her many other attributes she has something none of the others have and that is the guts to take on the corruptors from either party. As for Game Change I wasn’t going to watch it but than decided to see how bad it was; ten minutes was all I could take. I’ve read both your mom’s books, and anything I find about her on Facebook, and I know the real Sarah. Julianne Moore’s portrayal of her repulsed me. Her make up people tried to make the actress something she isn’t…beautiful. When your mother smiles she is radiant because she’s beautiful inside as well as out. Every time Ms. Moore smiled it was like her mask fell off. From the little I saw of the rest of this disaster it reeked of phoniness and fakery with all the usual liberal sycophants on hand, namely Harrelson, Harris et al. Your family is one that should be held up as an example of what is good about our country and something to be emulated, not something held up to ridicule. When I read some of the horrible things these lowlifes write about your family it absolutely makes me ashamed that they’re actually products of this country. I will pray God keeps watch over your family and your safety. The patriots of this country know who the Palin’s are and we are proud to be aligned with you. God bless you.
    Bob McNesby

    • Mariah

      I to am a fan of Sarah. But I am glad she didnt run lol. :))

  • Tim Kelley

    Tina Fey and the ex-model who plays your Mom in this film …are dogs compared to your mom…she is beautiful inside and out. And of course the apple (you)didn’t fall far from the tree.:)

  • Tim Kelley

    I totally agree the handlers did NOT look out for Sarahs best interest…kind of like Timn Tebows coaches,,,,whenb they just let him” do his thing” he is awsome but when they micro manage his playing and try to squeeze him into their “mold” he doesn’t perform as well. It is almost as if they set people they do not like up for failure because they do not “fit the part”