How I Got Over My Very Public Mistakes

How I Got Over My Very Public Mistakes March 27, 2012

Last week, I was amazed at all the people who read my posts and left comments. (This post about expecting a call from the President got almost 2,800 comments and was shared 131,000 times on this site alone… And, no, my phone didn’t ring.)

Most of the comments were wonderful and supportive. (I’ve addressed some of the not-so-nice comments here.)  But there’s one constant criticism I didn’t talk about:  some of you insist on calling me a hypocrite. After all, I became a mother before I walked down the aisle – how can I talk about waiting until marriage for sex?

I find it strange that the culture rightfully applauds former drug addicts who warn children of the dangers of drug use. They are happy to listen to former alcoholics talk about how they finally are living a clean life. But when it comes to me talking about waiting until marriage for sex, it’s almost like people want me to slink away in shame… unable to show my face in public again because of my past mistakes.

I want this blog to be a place where we can all be honest, so let me start. I’ve struggled with feelings of guilt and shame. I know (judging from my inbox) many of you have too. A Christian counselor named Ed Welch helpfully writes about what to do after you’ve made a huge mistake:

It feels so right – so spiritual – to live with regrets. It means you feel bad for the wrong things you have done or think you have done, and that sounds like a good thing. If you forget those wrongs, you are acting like they were no big deal.

We live with regrets because we think we should. We think it’s the right thing to do—that it is our duty before God. But…
The Kingdom of Heaven is regret-free. The truth is that the triune God liberates us from past regrets. His will is being done. Bank on it. Neither your human limitations nor your sins hinder the good plans of your sovereign Father.
Let’s go one important step further. It is God’s will that you jettison past regrets.

So what does that mean?


Stop living under a cloud of guilt, stop wondering what life could have been like had you made better decisions, and stop beating yourself up over that thing you’ve done.

Read the rest of his post here, and get over the regret you’ve been carrying for far too long.

I have.


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  • Deborah

    There is complete healing in God’s grace and mercy. The word of God is full of people that made mistakes repented and then GOT UP and went forth. You can’t move ahead when you’re always looking back. It’s a choice to receive HIS forgiveness and be set free to live the life He has planned for you.

  • Michelle

    a friend and I had this discussion yesterday…does the guilt ever go away? It doesnt, but eventually you kinda find a place for it. Thanks for this blog Bristol. It is beautiful.

    • Emma Lora

      Reminders of our weakness/mistakes is humbling and HUMBLE is good. Humble and guilt are not the same. Jesus took our guilt and left a humble, teachable and grateful heart. It is all about what God can/will do for us. We can go forward w/ enthusiam and confidence in that, regardless of our mistakes.

  • Laurie

    Once again- good job. Ed is right- don’t live with regrets. Love your life, and all that God has planned for you. Keep on keeping on!!

  • Debbie Bowman

    Good point! I think about what might have been if I had followed the path of what my family wanted me to do in 1973…..sure my life would have been so differant without the stuff that went on during my daughters’ growing up years, things we had to endure because of her drug use , running away, dealing with drug rehab and then the ultimate her running away again at the age of 17 when her grandfather was asking for her on his deathbed….You bet it would have been differant………….would I change a thing? Sometimes I wonder……….but I agree living with regrets is stupid. Hey in there!

  • Julie Balcom

    Bristol, I hope you take all of the positive comment and feel loved and empowered. I take forever to read books, but I read yours in 2 days! I admire your strength. You have a lot of people on your side regardless of the past. We love you through it!

  • Brett&Kyle’sMom

    Someone once told me that the best psychiatrists are the ones who were once the patient on the couch. Following that reason, who better to talk to young people about what can happen when you are in a hurry to engage in adult behaviors. Yours was an extreme situation- most of us don’t have a mom in the spotlight and have the whole world knowing our most private business- but it qualified you to be one to pass along your experiences in hopes of helping others avoid that kind of pain, frustration and humiliation. My mother found herself in that situation- minus the fishbowl- but never really moved past that event. To this day she is still in many ways socially and emotionally 16, pregnant and stuck. I was the product of that event, the only one who could not be held accountable but still was made to carry the burden. PLEASE get your voice out there Bristol! If my mother had had someone like you to help her, things would have been very different….for both of us. Oh, and thanks for your blog- keep it coming!

  • Tim Curtin

    I believe there are far more of those that understand and agree with you than those that do not.
    It is an unfortunate trait of human nature that we are far more motivated by a desire to spread negative thoughts and criticize that with which we disagree than to promote uplifting thoughts and that with which we agree.
    IMHO, that’s why your critics are expending so much hot air (with the help of the media) to try and belittle your efforts to use your life experiences to move forward in a positive way. They cannot see the proverbial forest for the trees.
    But you likely already know that, what with the vicious way you and your family have been treated by so many since your mother was thrust into the national spotlight nearly four years ago.
    We’ve got your back.
    You’re doing fine.
    Keep it up.
    Tim, Jamie, Andy, Emily, Jonathan and Robert Curtin

  • darla bulthuis

    You have a voice. Keep up the good work. You are on the right track. Blessings to you and your family.

  • Brittany

    I really needed this today…thank you!

  • Christopher

    There’s a quote by Oscar Wilde that really helps me live with my past mistakes. I’m sure you’ve heard it before. “Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.”

    Bristol, I’ve followed you for quite some time on Facebook because I admire you for many reasons. I truly hope you never let those who call you a hypocrite get under your skin. Who better to help an alcoholic than a recovering alcoholic? Who better to help a drug addict than one who has shaken the habit? Who better to help a sinner than one who has committed those sins and found redemption?

    You should be admired and praised for your actions. Of course you will never regret the end result of your pregnancy, that beautiful child you hold in your arms. But you are the perfect spokesperson for abstinence, and I applaud you for doing so.

    I suppose those who call you a hypocrite would rather their children be taught by “virgin prudes” who have no idea what they are talking about. The kids are smart, they know when someone is talking out their … well, you know.

    God bless you and your family, and thank you for standing up to ignorance!

  • virginia metheny

    Bristol, I’m so glad we serve a God who forgives out mistakes and failures, and it’s all because of Grace, Jesus took our sins for the past and present and future Praise God for his love, I love your mom and would love to see her in person one day, you are a good person and and Gods child, God Bless You Awalys, virginia

  • Page

    Well said, Bristol! You are a strong woman, and I am so proud of you for not letting others steal your joy in life.

  • We often forget that we all are sinners and we all fall short of the glory and if it wasn’t for Gods mercy, we all would be consumed. Because He casts all of our (repented)sins into the sea of forgetfulness, never to remember them again, we are encouraged to press on toward the mark and to put all our past where God has cast it. The key to life is what we do with our sins of the past . We can either make them our stepping stones or our tombstones. Bristol, I am so glad that you have chosen to make them your stepping stones and are getting on with your life. Please know, that there are thousands of us who admire your choice and are here to back you up in prayer and kind thoughts.

  • Kelly

    Bristol your blog gives me a warm feeling inside when I read it. To see a young woman with so much wisdom is amazing and wonderful. Keep it up. The lord will bless those that help themselves.

  • Michelle C.

    Well done and beautifully stated Bristol…my favorite name of God is “Redeemer” because He takes our sin and failure and turns it around completely and uses it for our good and His glory! Remember that JESUS was despised and rejected by men too. Keep on keepin on! You are bringing hope and healing to many young women’s lives and your testimony is powerful!

  • Juan

    Living with regrets stops you from living. You loose sight of the good things around you, such as the people that love you. I have too lived in regret of things I have done, but I have realized that the only way to snap out of it is to realize what things you did wrong, what steps you took to get there and how to prevent it from happening in the future. This is called maturity and just like learning, you never stop learning, or in this case, becoming more mature.

  • julie

    I want to applaud you you were and are a young girl who took responsibility for creating a child when some your age wouldnot your bright person with a future a head of you good luck

  • Chris

    I found this extremely helpful, thank you so much for sharing. I have a friend who recently went through a break up with a guy who basically played her and took her virginity. Now that she’s realized what happened she’s in this spiral of guilt and shame. I keep trying to tell her that when she finds true love it won’t matter, that he’ll accept and love her for everything she is. The only problem is that this friend doesn’t know that I still love her. But maybe I can at least help her through this hard time so that when she finds someone she loves, she can realize that her past doesn’t matter in the arms of the one she loves.

  • Daina Kennedy

    How could anyone have anything bad to say about you after this…thank you for sharing your heart! It’s not easy to be in the spotlight, having your every moment critiqued…stand strong and don’t back down! There are many that stand with you in support..and many more that need to hear what you have learned!

  • Charlote Hodge

    Thank you so much for sharing this! Just what I needed to hear today.

  • Awesome post Bristol. Truly there is hope and healing in Christ, but even more than that, our God is a God of restoration. Your convictions about premarital sexual relationships are part of that restoration. We all make mistakes, we have all sinned, we all live with the results of our choices. Your beautiful son is not a mistake, he is a perfect creation of God. He is evidence that God will take what the enemy of our souls means for evil and bring good from it. Your blog, book and activism are evidence of the same. Beyond politics, beyond publicity and far beyond the comments from people, good or bad, what matters is your relationship with our Lord. That relationship, leading to your convictions, your walk and your love of God is all that really matters in light of eternity. Keep up the good work. I may never know your family personally, but I have to tell you, I admire all things Palin. Not because it is a perfect family, but because you are honest and sincere, hard working and willing to be who you are, no matter who is looking or lurking. God bless you.

  • Robbi

    You are an amazing person. I became a teen mother the same time you did. When you say wait until marriage, you speak from experience and want others to make a different desicion. I don’t regret my daughter in any way, nor do I think you regret Tripp. I think you just want people to understand that not everyone is blessed with the opportunity you have and having a child so young can be detrimental to the child and parent. I’d much rather preach abstinence than abortion. I appreciate you, Bristol. You are genuine and deserve better treatment by others than what you’re given. I don’t know why people dislike or even hate you. All I can promise to you, is I will always speak kindly of you. By the way, I voted for you on DTWS! 😉 Bless you and your family.

  • Rick Sachen

    Bristol, thank you so much for your comments on this matter. I was born of a high school girl in the 1940’s, when such things as dropping out of school to give birth and (heaven forbid!) keeping and raising the child were totally unheard of in our community. But, keep me she did, and raised me to be a relevant cog in society’s wheel with children of my own. Throughout her life she did whatever was needed to care for me, and keep me on the “straight and narrow,” but the one thing she was never able to do was bring herself to tell me anything about my father or the circumstances of my conception, and she spent her entire life carrying that guilt with her, even to closing it off from her own son. It is only after her death that I was able to find bits and pieces of the truth, and it pains me that she had to live with “that incident” weighing on her. People have changed, times have changed, and even the general morality of our nation has changed, but my mother was never able to benefit from the changes, and she carried the shame and an perceived infamy of my birth for all her time. Hopefully, your posts of this nature can alleviate such perceived feelings from others. Thank you, and your family… Again.

  • Maleena

    Bristol we are all sinners and have to ask for forgiveness everyday. I am so thankful that we have a forgiving God.

    You are so right. Who is better to talk of teen pregnancy and motherhood? Someone who can only talk talking points or someone who is actually living it? You are doing a great job. Keep up the goodwork.

    Keep your faith and God close all else will fall into place.

  • EMSoliDeoGloria

    Way to go, Bristol. Ed Welch’s writing has helped me too. Forgiveness and redemption and Spirit empowered change are freely available to all of us because of what Christ has done. We don’t have to live perfectly because He did – and we are fully accepted based on Jesus perfection.

    You aren’t a hypocrite because you did something you don’t want others to do. You aren’t a hypocrite for seeking to be a good mom now.

    Hypocrisy says “it’s okay for me but not for you.” Repentance says, “I was wrong and I don’t want you to make the same mistake, but if you have, the same grace I’ve received is there for you too.” The hypocrite seeks to draw other people’s attention to his or her own “good life” as an example (when behind closed doors their life is as flawed as anyone’s – even doing the things they condemn). The ambassador says, “I’m just like you and I mess up all the time, but I have a Savior who is both able to understand my weaknesses because he experienced all the normal temptations I do and able to help me with them, because he never gave in.”

  • Wow, I totally agree with you. It’s amazing how our culture, especially the younger generations, play victim and like to point fingers at others without accepting their own faults. Everybody makes mistakes and lives with regrets. The burden can be too heavy to carry alone, so we need help. We need a Savior who can carry the burden for us. It’s not only about faith, but forgiveness of ourselves. Once weak does not mean always weak. I am proud of you Bristol, because you are so brave. You are an amazing role model for young women, because you took responsibility for your life at such a young age. Unfortunately, you had to live a trying time out in front of the media, but you did it, and you’re surviving. I think you’re a great example of Christ’s love, mercy, grace, and forgiveness.

    I’m so thankful I have your blog to look forward too! Thank you for your inspiration! 🙂

    P.S. I accidentally placed this message on Ed Welch’s post. Woops!

  • CindyLou

    Bristol, thank God in this country you had the choice to deal with your circumstances the way you did. Will you ever stand up for women who want the choice to use birth control or to decide what to do with their own lives and bodies?

  • Jeanie

    You know…you don’t have a monopoly on messing up and feeling guilty. 🙂 I came along before you. Ha! Same mistake. ;-( I can tell you that God does forgive and he does set your feet on the right track if you let him. All we have to do is listen to him and follow him. It’s too bad that those that talk about us don’t know the same God we know!!!
    We might have made a mistake but it’s what you do after the mistake that counts. Having an abortion would have been a further mistake. There is nothing wrong with having a child and raising that child to be a descent (above all odds) adult. My daughter graduated high school and college, married a great man, is a leader in City Government and volunteers her time working with teens at a local high school while being a mother to two of the most wonderful grandchildren alive. 😉 So…I would like anyone to argue that God can’t turn any mistake around.
    I am proud of you and your stand for young women and for the Lord. Better yet… your stand against the leaders of our nation that needs an education on how to deal with social issues…and a few other things 😉 But…we won’t go there. God Bless You!

  • Bristol, I am so proud of your courage and the message that you’re communicating to people who have in the past or may in the future walk a similar road as you. I believe your family to be a true representation of what an American family is in all it’s imperfections, all it joys and overcoming of life’s bumpy roads and how to deal with regrets and triumphs. I believe that our families could become fast friends. I support you in you message, I admire you for taking it public, and I applaud you for your accomplishments. We’re praying for you and your family.

  • Sam Adams

    Very inspiring and good for you, Bristol. You know, the Bible’s most prominent characters were flawed & failed in big ways somewhere in their lives. And then along came perfection who preached what? Forgiveness. When I think of you, I think of the women who touched Christ in the Gospel and how he forgave them and then blessed them. It was their sin that brought them to him and it was their desire for change that earned His forgiveness. And that is a key point not always understood. Levi is a good-looking boy; not hard to imagine this event for you. And your son is an angel; expensive, but an angel. Hang in there and thanks for setting an example.

  • Diana

    Love reading your posts.

    • too bad its not bristol writing them….

  • Kim Huffman

    Thanks for your post Bristol. It is so hard to imagine the love and forgiveness that God so freely grants us! This is a great reminder to move on and know that we are forgiven.

  • Henry Avery

    Not a single person on earth can go a day without either a mistake an error or a sin. But with the grace of God we don’t have to suffer from these things. Remember before salvation how you had no body to answer to or feel the guilt of sin. And afterward you always had that nagging feeling that you have done something wrong and should not do it again? Those who don’t believe in God and or his son don’t have that and what they do gets worse every day till they do find what you have. Remember to never let it slip away. And feel sorry for those who don’t have it because their fate is sealed in eternity just as yours is. Only they will not like theirs.

  • Sweet Bristol,
    What a message of hope and inspiration. God is in the redemption business and He doesn’t want anyone to live in shame and regret!
    Keep true to yourself and to God and thanks for letting us see how you deal with your struggles.

  • vincent s

    its such a sad thing that here we pride our selves on having the best country in the world ( and i love my country with all my heart) but when it comes time to forgive someone for something we dont, i dont care what it is, we all make mistakes and we all have regrets for making them, people need to realize that if we cant forgive someone else for thier mistakes, whos gonna forgive your own mistakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christian

    I’m just glad you’re not on 16 and pregnant or whatever those shows are being called glorifying having kids so young and living off the taxpayers. You have a wonderful son and at least you admit your past wasn’t ideal and have dealt with issues that have arising in a positive way.

  • Shannon Dyer

    These mean comments make me wonder where in the world “their” Mother’s are! I would be ashamed if my son ever spoke to another woman like that!

  • Jan Page

    Bristol you are wise beyond your years. It is like your mom said on one of her Sarah Palin’s Alaska shows “we all make mistakes.” It is amazing how you have been thrown into the national spot light and have been able to deal with everything in such a positive way. Keep up the good work and God bless you and your family.

  • Amen to your post and to Ed’s words of wisdom! I used to mourn over my past mistakes and live with so much regret over it. God showed me that Jesus paid it ALL… not some… not just one time. He paid it all and once and for all…. never to be remembered no more. God uses our past mistakes to minister to others. With you being in the public eye this can be hard. It HIS voice you must listen to and not the world’s. And you are doing that and I admire you very much for doing so. In the midst of your past mistakes, despite all, you did receive something wonderful from it… your child. You are not a hypocrite. To the public eye who don’t know the blessings of forgiveness from Jesus Christ, it is all they see. But those who know the power of the cross such as you do, understand where you are coming from. God’s Word says the cross of Christ is FOOLISHNESS to those who are perishing. It is our job to forgive and allow God to use us as He sees fit. Keep living your life for Jesus Christ. The world may never understand and may see you as a hypocrite, but praise God your identity is IN CHRIST and you are forgiven… by HIS BLOOD.

  • Mary

    It would be interesting just to know…of ALL those who have been so critical of you, because of what your wrong choice (or better stated: your unwise choice at the wrong time)…how many of them are innocent of having sex before marriage or committing adultery, either of which did not end in pregnancy or abortion! Surely none are guilty of making a similiar mistake as you that are being so critical! Our mistakes from which we’ve been forgiven are supposed to make us understanding and compassionate and forgiving of others when they fall into the same kinds of temptations!

    • Linda Barbee

      It doesn’t matter whether they have done those things or not, their hateful comments are their sin.

  • As a public person, the whole world seems to be watching when we fail and fall. I lived with regrets for years and was extremely helped by Beth Moore’s book, “When Godly People Do Ungodly Things.” Check it out. Blessings on you for your vulnerability.

  • philip moon

    WE all have made mistakes. The point is to learn from them and not repeat them.

  • Paul Becker

    Bristol…I never learned anything, that I didn’t make a mistake first. I must be the smartest guy in the world!

  • Lisa Andrus

    I too started off on the wrong foot (with regret) when I was in teens. It wasn’t unitl I discovered God’s forgiveness and letting go and letting God that I could truely recieve His life and love for me. Thanks for posting Bristol. I pray that many others recieve a message of great hope because of your efforts and trasparency. I was 30 years old before I truely understood living with or without regret. May God Himself let this message fall on the ears of those who keep beating themselves up.

  • Jesse Martinez

    Bristol, I am sorry I missed this post earlier, but I want to say that you should not be ashamed!!! You made a bad decision, but you are going forward. You need to give your guilt to God and go forward. Can you imagine if we beat up congress and the President for all their mistakes!!! They would be in the news daily!! I am surprised how some of them go on with their guilt. I am proud of your hard work and determination. Now go out and be the Blessing to the world!!!
    Love and Hugs!!!

  • Laura

    Kudos to you Bristol! I became pregnant twice out of wedlock (and I was a lot older than you were…both times!) I did regret it but I stopped because I don’t regret my children–a 16 year old son and twin daughters that will be 10 in August. I am talking to my son about abstinence and he says he is very convicted and will be waiting because he doesn’t want kids or diseases. I hope he keeps that conviction through high school, college, or wherever the good Lord sends him. I don’t know why people are so hateful towards an unwed mother when she expresses to others to wait to have kids. Like you said…they applaud former addicts or alcoholics when they are sharing their story so others may not end up in the same predicament. How is our story different?

    Keep up the great work Bristol! Praying for you and your beautiful baby and the rest of the Palin family!

  • Tonya Tompkins

    I think the media stinks most the time. And the way they drug your family threw the mud SHAMEFULLLLL. I say let the first one without sin toss the first stone. They all have bolders all around them most likely. God is the only one to judge us but for some reason us humans think we should and its very wrong. I like your mom and thought she did a good job. You keep doing whats right and it will pay off don’t listen to stupid people they have nothing better to do I guess but stick their noses in other people business. Bet they wouldnt like it a bit. God Bless your family and take care. LETS ALL VOTE and get OBAMA OUT. He’s so bad for our country.

    • myj

      Sorry, but President Obama will not be voted out, he will be re-elected as our President.

  • Jan

    Excellent advice from the counselor.
    The people that call you the hypocrite are the hypocrites. They embrace sexual activity among unmarried people all the time. They judge you because they hate what you, your family, and decent people stand for. They want you to quit speaking up for what is good. Keep speaking up, Bristol. You are in our prayers.

    • “they embrace sexual activity among unmarried people all the time” what is wrong with you? and what is wrong with having sex if you are unmarried? if Bristol used birth control we would never of known that she was having sex in the first place. ps she isn’t the only palin to have sex before marriage… her older brother just married a girl and had a baby a few months later… ohhh no pre-marital sex shame shame on them…

  • Tonya Tompkins

    Remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible, BUT in the end they always Fall. Think of it always. What goes around comes around.

  • 1_Eagle (Joe)

    Another great post. They don’t call Grace amazing for no reason. God is just amazing.

    Our “adversaries” job is to make us trip and fall, and then take that fall and stomp us into the ground with it until we give up all hope, which leads down the path to Hell.

    The Holy Spirit does not condemn us, but convicts us of our trespasses for the purpose of Redemption so that we may be Saved.

    Unbelieving atheists practicing Alinskys Rules for Radicals, however, leap on our failures with glee using the rule: “make them play by their own rules.” The idea being “character doesn’t matter” when its Democrat Bill Clinton, but a Conservative mistake must be used as weapon against them until Christians vote them out.

    This is hypocritical, but that’s why they are radicals. Its all a political game about keeping power.

    Ill bet 99% of those who posted hateful comments about this mistake had no real feelings about it, they just did it to win the game.

    Its like Pelosi going to the Vatican to try to convince the Pope about “the political practicality” of the abortion issue. Personally, she may actually even be against abortion, but the “political practicality” means she must use it to win the political game.

    It is also a “political practicality” that they must slander, defame, and destroy those who hold the most promise to be the next Reagan, namely, your Mom, because if she ever gets elected President, they know its going to be “game over” for many many years.

    God bless you all for staying strong. You are all much loved, appreciated, respected, and admired by so many people.

    I hope you continue in the strength and joy of our Lord, and continue to lead us. The country desperately needs true leadership.


  • Daron

    Bristol, God has a very special plan for your life. Keeping trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ. Philippians 4:13 says You can do all things through Christ strengthens you. God Bless You, Your Mom ,Dad, Willow Piper, Trig and Tripp. Psalm 91:10 says There shall no evil befall you and your family.

  • Daron

    Bristol, just a reminder God forgets our regrets we need to forget our regrets. Bristol keep your eyes focus upon Jesus. Live your life for him and serve him all the days of your life.

  • Gerald Jacobs

    If you have no regrets, you have had no life.

  • Molly

    Way 2 go!! We support you!

  • janet

    u rock!!

  • Elizabeth

    Your post is wonderfully written. As a young mother, you have a unique perspective to share with other young women. Perhaps they can make appropriate choices for their lives after listening to your story. Those who are criticizing you are the hypocrits. Christ promises us that our forgiven sins are as far as the East is from the West. To not forgive ourselves is to deny Christ’s forgiveness. Forgiveness also means that we learn from our mistakes, and with God’s help, will not make them again. Remember, the Holy Spirit corrects where humans criticize.

  • Steve

    Chip off the old block, and that’s a good thing!!!

    • Justanothermom

      Indeed it is!

  • Justanothermom

    Excellent post again kiddo! Let the naysayers talk, most likely they are not puritans either! Live your life sweetheart and realize they are most likely jealous as well. Tripp is a beautiful little boy, you have a wonderful family, and you support yourself. It’s probably eating libs alive lol! Be strong honey, you deserve the best!

  • ceil

    good post. We all make mistakes. It is owning up to them, which you did beautifully, and then living your life. Negative people will always be with us. Ignore them.

  • Clela Compton

    Isn’t it wonderful that we have a loving God that forgives and forgets. HIs mercy is new each morning Bristol. You don’t have to please anyone but him.

  • cw

    Your Mother got knocked up with you, you got knocked up, your brother knocked up his girlfriend, what is your mistake? This is the Palin way!

    • You, my friend, is what abortion is all about. Too bad your mom didn’t take advantage of Planned Parenthood.

      • cw

        nothing but the truth

      • cw

        Hate. is what you are about. Truth is the truth.

    • WJ

      CW you are sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • cw

        it is the truth, so whyfault me

        • Did you or anyone in your family ever have unmarried sex, if you did you are a hypocrite.

    • Michael Teuber

      cw says: March 27, 2012 at 5:17 pm

      “Your Mother got knocked up with you…”

      “Bristol Sheeran Marie Palin (born October 18, 1990) is the second child and oldest daughter of former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin and her husband, Todd.”

      “In 1988, Palin married his high school sweetheart, Sarah Heath.”

      If you are going to use the “Truth” defense while slandering someone you should probably not tell lies that can be documented as such in mere seconds using Google.

      • Kate1230

        Bristol’s mother and grandmother both were pregnant when they were married, the same can be said for her brother Track. It’s quite obvious that nobody in this family has learned anything from anyone else’s mistakes. Bristol and Track are the third generation in this family to be repeating this behavior, that’s being truthful, nothing more.

        • Tina

          Bristol’s grandmother? And you know this how?

    • Sue

      Hate? You are the one so consumed that you are spending time on the blog of someone that you don’t like.

  • bellagrazi

    Beautifully said, Bristol. You are loved by so many, because you always speak from your heart. That’s why your blog resonates with so many people. We admire how you live your life with grace. How deeply you love your beautiful little boy. And how protective you are of your family. Keep on keepin’ on, Bristol Palin. You have a great future ahead of you.

  • Bristol….take a look at that little boy in your arms. A mistake? I think not. An error in judgment by a young girl, yes. Your son is a gift from God Himself. Never a mistake! Love him like he was planned from the beginning. God looks at him that way! God loves you and so do I. Mike

  • Kelly McIntosh

    Dear Bristol,
    My heart breaks when I read some of the hateful things people say to you. But the truth is, that’s all they have. They can’t argue the merit’s of God’s forgiveness, they don’t know what it is. They certainly don’t understand repentance and mercy, obviously. But thankfully, you do. You are a gift from the Lord, as is your precious son. Remember, we’ve read the Book, we know how this all end’s!
    Blessing’s, Kelly

    • I have to second what Kelly said! My heart breaks when I hear all of the awful things people say about you.

      There’s something to be said for the old adage, “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

  • Tracy Yates

    Hi Bristol, I don’t believe we have ever met although I have seen you shopping now and then. I appreciate your honesty about raising a child. Also about teaching abstinence. It (sex) is always so hyped up and at such a young age. Its like wait , find Mr. Right, then still wait til you get that ring on your finger. Then you will have the next fifty in a loving relationship hopefully disease free. anyway You ROCK!!!!!!! Keep the Faith always.

  • Linda

    Very good! And thank you for sharing.

  • Sweetheart we all make mistakes. I like to think of them as retakes. I understand oh so well after raising 3 girls of my own. It is those lessons that make us stronger and I think closer to Peace. That is what we are promissed and we can make our own lives misserable. You have some great roll models who will help you along the way. What a blessing you are keep it coming I am enjoying your sharring.

  • Christy Ridenour

    Hi Bristol,

    As someone stated earlier, it breaks my heart that people have such hatred for you and your family. I have met your parents numerous times and I can’t think of one bad thing to say about them. I have also been blessed to visit Alaska several times and truly enjoyed visting with your grandparents and Bo 😉 Your family is awesome. Getting pregnant at such a young age was not ideal, you didn’t make a mistake, you made a bad choice. But you chose life and you have been blessed with a beautiful little boy! All of us make bad choices, and we shouldn’t dwell on the past. We can’t change the past but we can change the future. And thank you for posting the picture of Trig. He is such cutie. Stay strong and keep standing up for what is right!

  • Phoebe Ivers

    How blessed we are, Bristol, to know that God always offers forgiveness and love. The people who don’t know about God and his love are so miserable. They write the hateful emails to you out of their lostness.
    Thank you for reminding the youth that there is only one way to live in peace and that is to know God loves and forgives.

  • Izzy

    Bristol… God’s love is amazing. He does not remember the wrongs when we confess them to him, he promises. He is faithful even when we are not. It is his nature and character. What a LOVE! We love you and what you stand for. And you have the best parents.

    Dear Lord help the haters see the light and truth of your forgiveness.

  • Kat

    As many parents can tell you, the most profound things you can teach your children come from personal experience. You are doing that (big applause). We have ALL fallen, no matter what those who are spitting venom at you may say. One of the best things we can do is learn from our mistakes and try to teach others through them.
    *Seeing beauty in all life…
    *Learning through the storms…
    *Standing for what many may not understand because it is NOT of this world…
    All beauty that you have been sharing. Thank you…

  • Nicole

    Thank you so much for sharing this. It just gave me a whole new perspective on
    dealing with past mistakes. Basically, encouraging me to let go and move on.
    Thankfully we have a Father has so much grace and is forgiving. This really helped me. Thanks Bristol!!!! God Bless you!

  • ally

    i so admire your faith and your strength. i think you are a wonderful mother and you are a great voice out there for teens that are thinking about having sex before marriage. i dont think you are a hypocrite at all. i especially admire your decision to keep tripp, who by the way is one of the most adorable kids i’ve ever laid eyes on. all we can do is learn from mistakes we’ve made and you have. Tripp is a blessing and so is your brother Trig and dont let anyone ever tell you different. keep spreading your positive message. I just love your whole family, especially your mom who is a wonderful voice in the republican party… i voted for her and senator mccain in 2008. and i also loved your book as well. keep smiling and stay the strong person i know you are

  • Sue Lynn

    God bless you Bristol….You are brave and a wonderful mom…you Rock!!!

  • Misti

    Thank you for posting this. You are an amazing person. My son just turned 16 this month. I am 32 and had him when I was 16. It’s amazing how society treats teen pregnancy or sex before marriage as a stigma. Sometimes, people still look down on me for being a teen mom and it hurts my feelings. Thank you for being you! You have been such an inspiration to me. I look forward to your next post. 🙂

  • gene Trower

    Love ya gal! I love your honesty and I know our precious Savior is giving you strength despite the difficulty and oppression you face.

    Many adults lack your maturity – and I know from experience it’s difficult going from being a teenage kid to having adult responsibilities almost overnight, I can’t imagine being thrown into the public eye like a lamb being tossed in a wolf’s den.

    You have my love and support, but I expect great things of you through the power of Jesus Christ.

  • Lauren

    Your “mistake,” if any, was not having sex while unmarried, it was not using contraception if you didn’t want to get pregnant. Marriage is highly overrated, as anyone in or around one can plainly see – how miserable to be guilted into marriage as a precondition of sex.

  • blackbird

    Thanks Bristol for sharing this post with us.


    A stone-age hunter tracked a set of paw prints through the grass lands. He eventually came upon the largest and most ferocious looking saber-toothed tiger he had ever seen. The animal was recently killed and a small man stood beside it.

    Amazed, he asked: “Did you kill that?”


    “How could a little guy like you put down a huge beast like that?”

    “I killed it with my club,” the man replied.

    “Wow!” the astonished hunter exclaimed. “How big is your club?”

    The man thought for a moment. “I guess there are about 30 of us.”

    We may not be hunting saber-toothed tiger, but we all need some help to get through this life. We need people who are ready to assist. People who will encourage, teach, challenge, support and watch out for us. One of the best metaphors I know for such people comes from Charlie Plumb, a public speaker and retired naval officer.

    After Plumb graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy, he flew jets in Vietnam. He was shot down by a surface-to-air missile after 75 combat missions. He ejected and parachuted into the jungle. The Vietcong captured him and held him prisoner for six years in North Vietnam. Today, Plumb lectures on lessons learned from that experience.

    He likes to tell the story of a day when he and his wife were sitting in a restaurant and a man at another table approached them. “You’re Plumb!” the man said. “You flew jet fighters in Vietnam from the aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk. You were shot down!”

    “How in the world did you know that?” asked the former pilot.

    “I packed your parachute!” he said. Plumb gasped in surprise. The man pumped his hand and continued, “I guess it worked!”

    Plumb assured him it did. “If your chute hadn’t worked, I wouldn’t be here today.”

    The pilot couldn’t sleep that night, thinking about the stranger. He wondered how many times he might have seen him on the ship and not spoken because he was a fighter pilot and the man who packed his chute was “just a sailor.” He thought of the many hours the sailor had spent on a long wooden table in the bowels of the carrier, carefully weaving the shrouds and folding the silks of each chute, holding in his hands each time the fate of someone he didn’t know.

    When Plumb lectures, he often asks his audience, “Who’s packing your parachute?” He is asking: who is watching out for you? Can you identify the people who have packed your parachute over the years and those who are packing it today?

    I think of a music teacher who taught me that it was not enough for me to learn the instrument. I must also have fun with it. Ever since, music has been a source of supreme joy for me.

    I think of a school teacher who, after listening to a reading of a short story I performed before the class, described the impact of that story on him. That day I fell in love with story-telling and understood the important role stories can play in a person’s life.

    I think of a young woman who believed in me and instilled within me a life-long belief in myself.

    I can think of many people who have packed my parachute. In their own way, each helped me land a little more safely. Some have been true teachers for me, some have been compassionate healers, and some have put me in touch with deep, spiritual values. They influenced me more than they ever knew.

    Who is packing your parachute? And just as important, whose parachutes are you packing? Who looks up to you? Who may depend on you for courage or encouragement? For understanding or guidance?

    To those who have packed my parachute over the years, I am indebted.

    For those who are packing it yet today, I give thanks.

    And to those whose parachutes I am packing, I promise to do my best.

    By Steve Goodier: lifesupportsystem (dot com)

  • Leona

    Psalm 103:12 ” As far as the east is from the west, So far has He removed our transgressions from us.” 2 Corinthians 5:17 ” Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.

    Bristol, always remember that God’s love is greater than all sins put together. He loved us so much that He gave His only beloved Son Jesus Christ to died for our sins once and for. And if God is no longer wanting to remember any of these sins, then we needs to do likewise.

    God bless you Bristol and only God can change hearts. Bible teaches us to pray for our enemies and pray for those who have not come to know Him yet, He will take it from there because with God all things are possible.

  • Bristol, You are a beautiful person, insifde and out. Don’t let others ever discourage you. You keep on keeping on. Don’t ever feel ashamed to keep doing what you are doing. I think you hit it on the head when you said that alcoholics can teach others, but you can’t? Come on people, this girl is awesome and she is anointed of God, just like her mother. Bristol, you will do great things in this life. God has great things ahead for you. Just stay humble and may God richly bless you and your baby and your whole family.

    Thanks for letting me be a part of your life through your facebook!

  • You go girl!! I am proud of your attitude.

  • CrustyB

    Rational people know the difference between a hypocrite and someone who passes on the lessons they’ve learned from their mistakes. Liberals do not know the difference because they are not rational people. Their beliefs are based on their hatred rather than rational thought.

  • nichelle

    Love reading your blog bristol!

  • Thank You.

    At this point in my life, that is EXACTLY what I needed to hear.

    Thank You.

  • Skipper

    Well said, Bristol. In addition to stopping the regrets, hopefully we will also stop the actions that led to the regrets – as a result of Christ working through us.

  • Anonymous

    Drug addicts usually have sordid tales to tell of how they hit rock bottom before they changed their lives, in order to warn others of the drastic consequences of their actions. What were the drastic consequences of your actions Bristol? When was the moment you hit rock bottom? When you were dancing with the stars?

    • Sue


  • BA


    I’m one of those that wants to say, I deeply respect you. It must be a type of living hell to have people turn their hateful words against you, your Mom, your brother and the rest of your family. I am glad that you have the strength of character & the courage to stick with your beliefs, to stand up and say, “This is wrong,” and to continue to take the heat when it would be so much easier to quietly fade out of the limelight. You go girl! I don’t believe in earning one’s salvation, it is a free gift given by a loving God for a world of people who desperately need Him! Thanks for doing the right thing and taking the high road, not to earn your favor with God, but to show the world what victory in Jesus looks like! Please continue to speak up…don’t let the world squeeze you into it’s mold!

    A fan : )

  • Kim

    Thank you for your integrity and honesty, Bristol. I just read your book and what touched me most was how transparent you were willing to be. Thank you for being willing to make yourself vulnerable and sharing your heart with us in your book and on your blog.

  • Georgia

    Bristol, your blog is beyond wonderful. It is evident that you have found your stride. Never change. The world will one day be yours. God bless you and your amazing family.

  • Douglas Bates

    Hold your head up and keep on keep on. You steped up and are makeing a home for you and your son. You are not the first and wellnot be the last to make a mistake . God loves you. You and your mother are strong woman and you well rise to the top.

  • Ashley

    I just want to say that I fully support you. I took notice of you when you become shoved into public view during the presidential race, and it was discovered that you were a pregnant teen. Let me just say that I felt so bad for you over how the media scrutinized you. I loved you on Dancing with the Stars, and voted for you and Mark all the way. Now…I stumbled upon your blog a while back…and I have an even bigger respect for you. I love the stand you are taking. And…in reading your blog, I will be soon going out to purchase your book! The reason I am commenting on this particular blog is because I am 30 years old, and have worked with my church’s youth group for the last 10 years now. Over the course of the last 5 years, I have created an all-girls class on Sunday nights. In this class, we cover the topic of abstinence. I use two books for my class. One is “Wait For You” by Rebecca St. James, and the other is “Technical Virgin” by Hayley DiMarco. The first book covers the spiritual/emotional aspect of waiting until marriage. The second covers the physical aspect of it. Anyhow…I am not a mother…I have not even been married yet…and I have never been pregnant. However…in my life (and my youth girls know this), I, too, have made mistakes. I have regrets. However…I tell the girls in my class all the time that Jesus has taken the bad decision I made in my life and turned them into something beautiful for HIM. I use my mistakes and regrets to show them WHY they should wait. I feel like you are doing the same thing in your life. I have made the same comparison regarding why it’s OK for a former drug addict to encourage others to stay away from drugs, but it’s not OK for us to do the same regarding sex before marriage. I am telling you all of this to say, I FULLY SUPPORT YOU!!! Forget the negative things people say!!! There are people here who admire you, and will back you 100%. Like I said, I cannot WAIT to read your book. I will be using things you’ve said in your blog alone in my class. I hope to be able to do the same with your book! I want these girls in my class to see another example of what a beautiful testimony Jesus has created. You are just that. You are a beautiful testimony to millions of girls out there…no matter what anyone else says!!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for standing for the same thing that I talk about every Sunday night in my Girls Class. I thank GOD for public figures like yourself. GOD BLESS!!!!!

  • Ashley

    And also-I’d just like to say that the real hypocrites in YOUR story are those who have publicly scrutinized you. We all preach against bullying…but isn’t that what the media has done?? Isn’t that what those negative people are doing?? They should take a step back and re-think what they are doing and saying. I’m just sayin’… 🙂

  • Ken Scott

    Remember Bristol, you will not be judged by the people who send you negitive mails, You will be judged by a higher power then them, and of course they will also be judged. I have to snicker at these people and I have to say “not all the clows are in the circus. Bless you……….Say hi to your mom from the Big Sky Country. Ken

  • We all have made mistakes and we must live with them. The media that loves to pounce on mistakes made by others are still commiting these same mistakes over and over. I wonder if they have any self respect left?

  • Fran

    Bristol…isn’t it strange, how often hateful people, (who are ashamed of what they’re writing) hide under the name title “Anonymous” ???? We have ALL made mistakes…no one is perfect ! We make mistakes at any age, talk to a person in their 40’s,50’s,60’s ! ANY age., we would like to turn back the clock, and make that choice over ! Ok we make wrong choices but we must dust off the dirty remarks of others and say, “I have to live my life the best I can, God gave me life and I answer to Him.” Bristol, do what YOU feel you should do or say, God will give you strength, you are His ! (Yes, I know I will get bashed for speaking of God)…but that’s fine, I know who my Father is, and I wish everyone a good day…Bristol you and your family are in my prayers. Everyday is a gift to us from God…girl, enjoy your many gifts from God !

  • aangela smith

    people have all made mistakes, some bigger than others. people need to remember that before they start throwing stones

  • JoAnne Roberts

    Perhaps those folks who send out all of the negative words an thoughts have never heard the saying–“people who live in glass houses should not throw stones” and we ALL live in glass houses!

  • vera

    Bristol, you are more mature than many 30y olds……Keep doing what you doing and keep your head up. Nothing to be ashame about. We all make mistakes in our life, but the real difference is life after the mistake. You have learned your lesson and grew up faster, you have cute little boy to care for.
    Your supportive family and your faith will lead the way. Your own character is to be admired. Attacks on you are because you are on conservative side. If you were 20y old on drugs, few arrests for DUI, and scandalous behavior, an rabbid liberal with record of violence and multiple abortions – you would be celebrated in liberal media as hero and “woman rights activist”, kind of like ms Fluke. But don’t worry… are loved and aprecciated on “our side”.

  • Hey Bristol, Ed is right – we don’t need to live under a veil of guilt and depression about our past mistakes; if we did, there isn’t one of us who could look at ourselves in the mirror – God separates us from our sins as far as east is from west. He is the compassionate and loving God who knows and sees all. He is able to discern what is in our hearts and minds. He knew what was going to happen to us (including you and your son) from the time we were conceived in the womb. Seems you have become a loving mother and a young woman who has the voice of the positive and encouragement. Keep up the good work. I am enjoying the blogs. Thanks, K

  • speppers69

    First of all….I am NOT perfect. I have made mistakes. The most important thing is to own up to them and then not repeat those mistakes. If you use your mistakes as a learning experience then it makes you a smarter person. You are learning to live with your mistakes….just like I am…and the next commenter is. Don’t ever regret those mistakes because they make us who and what we are. If God did not feel you were able to handle your mistakes then they wouldn’t have happened. I am a firm believer in “things happen for a reason.” We may not always know what that reason is….but sometimes we do find out. Also keep in mind that those that are calling you names are very small people. They, too, have made mistakes and usually the most vocal are those that have made the worst. YOUR life is being lived out in public. Imagine what THEY are hiding behind an anonymous name in cyber space. It’s often not very pretty.

  • Floridian

    As the old Catholic saying goes, every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future. This sinner wishes you the best of futures.

  • Julian

    Beautiful words and solid, unchanging principles. You are a blessing to so many, and in so many ways. Thank you for letting your light shine. Stay strong and God bless you.

  • Penny

    How do we learn if we don’t make mistakes? I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I hadn’t messed up a few times along the way. We all do, we just don’t all have to do it as publicly as you.

  • Robin

    I bought your book. Read it. Loved it. And if I ever have a grand daughter I will pass it on to her. We all make mistakes. Only one person walked this earth perfect and they crucified him. Bristol keep your head up. You are an awesome young lady.

  • Bristol, you are such a brave and strong young woman. I am amazed how you have overcome the negative experiences that have tried to destroy you and yet you keep moving forward. God bless you. I’ve lived quite a few years and there’s something very simple that I do that has helped me when I remember a mistake from my past (and I have made plenty of mistakes) and start to feel guilt and shame overwhelm me. I say, “Thank you, Jesus.” I keep repeating that phrase and it’s amazing how quickly the negative thoughts and remembrance of a past sin disappear. Those few words remind me that He has already forgiven me and my sins are forgotten in His eyes. I hope this helps as you go through life. Like I said, God bless you…and Thank You, Jesus.

  • Glenn Briggs

    You’re such an inspiration to so many of us who pay attention to your marvelous wisdom and clearly, you love us all – believe me, it’s reciprocated. God bless you and yours.

  • Curt Wilson

    You’ve written words of wisdom. All of us have made mistakes, some big, some not so big. We can accept the forgiveness Jesus offers and that’s what counts.

  • Bristol, you are an amazing young woman. As Speppers69 said here….”.I am NOT perfect. I have made mistakes. The most important thing is to own up to them and then not repeat those mistakes.” I have made so many mistakes in my 57 years, but they DO form us into the persons we are today. You are a great mom to your son….and I am so proud that you had the courage to not take the easy road when you became pregnant so young. Your son is already changing you in ways you never dreamed and he will continue to do so.


    At Some Point EVERYONE Will Need Forgiveness And Only God Can Give it To You . Bristol I Think You And Your Family Have Had Enough Strife For Two Lifetimes , If Can Handle That Everthing Else Is Easy God Bless !

  • Michael

    Don’t be hard on yourself. You were thrown into a political situation where a small mistake that is common to so many young people was amplified into something that looked a lot bigger. Just continue to be upfront and truthful and you will grow and learn from your mistakes.

  • Cindy E

    I don’t remember where I read it, but I love this definition of “hypocrisy.”

    “Hypocrisy is NOT failing to practice what you preach. (We’re all sinners who fall short periodically.) Hypocrisy is PRETENDING to have beliefs you don’t actually have.”

    Thank you for your honesty and openness, Bristol. Please be bold for the Truth and keep speaking out!

  • Steve Smith

    It seems to me that in your case, the media type people are going to always use their maGniFying glass on your pass.
    So I believe it would be good that you can do something positive so that the next time that magnifying glass shows up, they will have a hard time seeing your past.
    Everyone makes mistakes but it should not rule their live forever.

  • Steve Smith

    It seems to me that in your case, the media type people are going to always use their maGniFying glass on your past.
    So I believe it would be good that you can do something positive so that the next time that magnifying glass shows up, they will have a hard time seeing your past.
    Everyone makes mistakes but it should not rule their live forever.

  • Thanks, Bristol. This was a post I needed to read, and a message I needed to hear. Thanks for reminding us who really controls the universe, and what He wants for us.

    And, no matter what kind of negativity you get here or anywhere else, know that you’ve made friends here. Keep on truckin’, girl!

  • Ruth

    I was raised in a Christian home, and at 17 made the mistake of having sex with my boyfriend that resulted in a pregnancy. That was 27 years ago. I know that God forgave me and I could never regret any of my children they are all precious gifts from God. I will say to you it is a difficult road you take because though as I said it was 27 years ago, people still bring it up, as if i personally did something to them. You have been in my thoughts and prayers and close to my heart since I first saw you standing with your family. Tale care and I love the blog.

  • Barbara Landi

    For crying out loud, your “terrible mistake” is probably the most commonly committed terrible mistake there ever was. At least something wonderful came out of it, your beautiful little boy. You are a good young woman and you have your whole life ahead to do good & positive things…which you are already doing. Your critics aren’t worth a thought, clearly they have their own problems.

    • June Trieb

      Exactly what I thought. The vast majority of people, Christians and non-Christians, are engaging in some form of premarital sex. Horrors if someone gets pregnant, and is “caught” doing what so many are doing. Good for you, Bristol, for admitting that it is not the right way, even though you messed up. Praise God that you chose life for your little boy. How much easier it would have been for you to deny your faith and beliefs, and to choose the path of least resistance–like the majority of folks out there. You have chosen the more challenging path, but by far, the best path!

  • Tom Lehner

    for starters, I love your new post as follow up for the “Pres. to Call me” blog.”. I just try to give you a little my 2 cents worth of thought based on my own experience.

    You are an amazing wonderful woman, true lovable and you are right with every word you say, people listen to former alkies, or drugies etcetera. Here is the sad thing in your case:

    Those people who attack you actually dont attack YOU – they attack your mom over you, using you as tool, and coletaral damage. I know this is sick, but this is how the left works.

    I am truly sorry you have to go through all this and I, from the bottom of my heart, wish I could protect you, but nobody really can. All I can say is this: YOU ARE NOT ALONE – you have so many supporters like me who stand tall shoulder on shoulder with you adn I pray you go through this

    Blessings young Lady


  • Ed

    The only way go get away from liberal criticism is to become one of them. Had you been a liberal then the media would think it was wonderful to have a child without the “shackles” of marriage. However, we know you are way smarter than any liberal critic. You and your family are people we should be, and are, proud of. The Palin family ranks among my highest in my list of Great average American families. God Bless you and your family! When the liberal media is kicking you around you know you are doing something good.

  • Joseph Thomas

    I’m sorry you have to get hurt mail from those who call you names, especially assumed religious ones who call you a hypocrite. Being in the public eye there will always be evil ones who just want to hurt you for various reasons like they do your mom. For the religious who stoop that low, they have a name too: Christian-in-name-only, or babies in the faith, or heathern.

  • Lynda Armstrong

    Young one I pray that young girls are reading your blog…maybe with your words a baby will live not be aborted …she will see that hope and joy are still there and feeling guilty is not going help her… it just going to take her joy….I feel it is wonderful that you stand up and say “think before you play” … you know there that will always be those that are going to knock you … for what you do …how you do ….what you say….so you might as well dance…because if we don’t have pain …make mistakes in life then will have missed the Dance….God Bless

  • Suzanne K.

    Probably the best mistake you will ever make. You were granted a beautiful little boy!!

  • chuck quinn

    It’s great that you have learned more in your young life,what took me most of my lifetime to learn. I’m 71, so you go girl !! You are so far ahead of your critics and those of your woderful family. That they could not touch you . Keep up the great work!!

  • Tash

    Christ paid the price for ALL our sins, so once we confess them to GOD, and heal our broken fellowship, we don’t have to feel guilty anymore. He knows our frame, and knows that we are just dust.

    You have the right and responsibility to encourage others not to make the mistakes that you did. Great column!!

  • Olga Rodriguez-Archilla

    Right on, Bristol. Glad to know you are doing well. Let us know about your college plans. Were you not supposed to register at a university in Arizona?

  • Sometimes we are harder on ourselves than God is. He is full of mercy and unconditional love. He is always ready to wipe the slate clean when we ask for forgiveness and truly repent of what we have done against His will.

  • Onlyhope77

    Bristol here’s something that I’ve remembered again after being a believer for a long time “condemnation kills but the Spirit (Holy) brings life”.
    Jesus died to bring us life. Period. He knew we’d be making mistakes and sinning and failing, but that’s why He hung on the tree for us. He took our sins so we can be forgiven and get on with it. We forget that we are the righteousness of God in Christ (2Cor 5:21) so when Poppa God looks at us He sees His lovely Son.

    That’s the gift I give you tonight. That reminder of who you are in Him! You do not have to live in your past mistakes. Gods not counting them against you so who cares what those deceived folks think? I heard Rosie say on her show “forgive them they don’t know what they’re doing” as she quoted Jesus.
    Love you honey!

  • David Dempsey

    About all anyone can do is try to learn from their mistakes, forgive themselves for making those mistakes, and move on with their lives. Bristol, it is good to see you have done that. Just ignore the negative comments, and keep doing what you are doing.

  • Dale Johnson

    Bristol, there are many people that love to hurt others, not because they don’t like the ones they hurt but because they love to be the center of attention. If the truth was known, they have way to much guilt within there hearts. They thrive on putting people down. It is so disturbing to realize people are so cruel,but this has happened since the beginning of time.
    We have all done things that haven’t been pleasing to God, and I ponder about my mistakes, but then I know He is a forgiving Lord. Hold tight and keep your chin up. You have a precious baby and your brother is so special. Enjoy your post. Keep up the good work.

  • Luke Cymbal

    Wow. So true! Thank you so much for that encouraging post. EXACTLY what I needed to hear at this moment in my life. God has gifted you with such an amazing opportunity to be such a role model to teens like me. Thanks!

  • Pamela Masterson

    Thank you Bristol for being honest and sharing your life with us. Keep your life on the path you have selected for yourself and that adorable son of your’s. God love’s a person that ask for his forgiveness and reaches out to others. He is touching your honesty with his love.


  • Alana

    Aloha Bristol darling, you are wise beyond your years, beautiful inside and out…when a person radiates love, laughter and kindness as you do the world listens. You go girl and God bless your every footprint in the sand.

  • dan

    Throw the past and regrets away, live today ,thank G-d everyday for the outcome. What might of looked like a mistake at the moment turned into a beautiful blessing from G-D ,He gave you YOUR SON. How can you ever regret that . Change that “I AM SORRY ” blackboard with “A PICTURE OF YOUR SON “.

  • Denise

    Bristol– He loves us. Mistakes or wrong turns bring us to him–he allows this….so how can it be a mistake. Grace, Grace , Grace…his never ending gift to us. Without mistakes grace would not be necessary. I am going to bet that beautiful little curly headed boy is the sparkle of your eye.. just like you are in God’s eyes. Love the Blog !

  • Ah, but without the mistakes made, and the lessons learned, our growth in wisdom and faith would take far longer…and if we truly believe that God has forgiven us for our sin, who are we to not accept that forgiveness?

    Your point about alcoholics in recovery who then use their story to help other alcoholics is a good analogy to your advising young women to wait until marriage to have their children. And what they do is honorable and life saving.

    And, dear Bristol, if your story and advice has put only one persons life on the right path, I contend that is worth being called a hypocrite a thousand times over by the “hyenas of hate”.

  • Tina Marie

    You’re an amazingly strong girl for standing up for yourself. Keep it up and don’t let them get you down. 😉 If only society offered everyone a little grace…

  • Donna

    Bristol, thank you for that post. We ALL can use it. I always wondered how people thought you were a hypocrite for talking to other young people about waiting. You were informing them of what it was like to be young with a baby. They needed to hear that from someone who had been through it. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have listened. Keep on keepin’ on, Bristol, and God Bless you!

  • Mariah

    “Laugh when you can, apologize when you should, and let go of what you cant change, kiss slowly, play hard, forgive quickly, take chances, give everything, and have no regrets, Life is too short to be anything but Happy”~unknown

  • Robin

    One of my favorite books is My Decent Into Heaven by Howard Storm. I have read it three times and just ordered it on cassette (its not available on CD). Pastor Storm says something to the effect of when we ask Jesus to forgive us he does and if we keep bringing that sin back up and feeling guilty its almost like saying Jesus lied and didn’t really forgive me. Hearing that has helped me alot not carrying around old guilt. Those sins are forgiven and gone I just need to remember not to ever repeat them.

  • dan

    Throw the past and regrets away, live today ,thank G-d everyday for the outcome. What might of looked like a mistake at the moment turned into a beautiful blessing from G-D ,He gave you YOUR SON. How can you ever regret that . Change that “I AM SORRY ” blackboard with “A PICTURE OF YOUR SON “.
    And make sure that you let all the garbage talk about you and your family ” roll of your back like water on a duck’s back” as your Mom wisely said

  • Loren Wright

    Bristol, everyone makes mistakes in life including myself. Just deal with it, it isn’t the end of the world. I once worked with a guy that seemed to have the feeling that if he made one mistake life would be over for him. He eventually left our place of employment and got another job out west. I understand he did advance in our profession. You can do it too, don’t hang on to the negative mistake, deal with it. Believe me, you aren’t the first lady to make that mistake. I will keep you in my prayers, I think you are a good person, one that should be kept a good person and a person that is positive and always looking upward and forward. Trust God, he will see you trough the most difficult of times, he is there for you and so am I.

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  • Evelina Sanchez

    Hi Britol,
    I enjoy reading your blogs. I think you are an inspiration to a lot of women, young and old. I too had a daughter outside of Marriage and can relate to you on a lot of issues. Thank you for not being afraid to be you. You just keep on being you.

    God bless you

  • Gayle Ann Swanson (Past President of the Valley Republican Women’s Club)

    Hi Bristol,
    I just want you to know that I have always admired you. It takes a lot to make the decision to live the life that God has meant for you to live, even in the face of the haters that have been so horrible to you and your family. I totally understand making mistakes. But YOUR little boy was never a mistake…God KNEW before he was formed in your womb, that He was going to gift you with a son….What a precious gift. I am proud of you for advocating Abstinence and I agree with you about warning others. God says that it’s by the Blood of the Lamb and the power of our testimony that others will come to know Him. So keep it up girl….You rock…and I am proud to read anything you write. I learned when your mom ran, that the media NEVER tells the truth. So I would rather read it from you, than from them! God Bless you dear girl….

    • ^^You are^^

      You are an agent, no one would say this crap. This really doesn’t make sense your advocating abstinence and then praising her for bringing this precious gift into the world. She’s basically a textbook example of hypocrisy and endorsing her and saying in the same breath abstinence is the way… but it wasn’t a mistake- it was god’s plan? You’re beyond hypocritical into some religious la la land.

  • len gane

    So the Apostle Paul: For I am the least of all the apostles—I do not even deserve to be called an apostle, because I persecuted God’s church.
    (1 Corinthians 15:9 GNB). So all of us. That’s is what forgiveness is. He is who forgiven much, loves much. Thanks for the post.

  • Bristol You know what I admire about You..?. You are a normal Girl Who got thrown at the whole Country so many people are so offended by Gods grace they will take anything down they can. As a Christian i have so many mistakes i can’t count on my fingers & tows. If i had been but in front of everyone durng one of them, i would not have come out of it as well as you have. You are strong You are your Mothers Daughter. & are so amazing at what you are doing hear with this blog, we need more Young Women like You.. Your Book is Amazing i am 30 & it gave me tears @ times, Just Amazing..

  • Julie

    You did an absolutely wonderful job on Dancing with the Stars!!!

  • Tom Wiley

    You’re an inspiration, don’t ever shut up or go away. People need to hear the message you have, not the lies they’re being told daily by The Media and Hollywood. Don’t listen to “The Accuser of our Brethren” Rev 12:10 Having conscious is different from being judged for past mistakes that you’ve already accounted for.

  • Angela

    This is an awesome article. God bless the Palins.

  • Kathi

    I was an unwed mother 36 years ago. I learned that it is not so much the Christians who are so quick to judge, but the non-Christians. The Christians understand forgiveness. I also disagree with the term “mistake” but prefer “poor choices” . I made poor choices, but God allowed me to make my own choices (just as He does all humans) and I had to accept the consequences of those choices. Fortunately, He is a loving God and blessed me with a beautiful baby boy. I am so proud of you, Bristol, that you are so much wiser than I was at your very young age. I gave in to public opinion and “hid my candle under a bushel”. I raised my son but very seldom and selectively shared my story or God’s forgiveness. You have a very special mission in this life and I pray that you will continue to serve Your Lord as you seem to presently be doing. It is so very much worth it. He will continue to bless you and your beautiful baby boy.

  • Sheila

    I guess I just don’t understand how you can change your mind (now – waiting for marriage) but you in a more recent blog post, criticize Obama for changing his mind. It seems a little backwards. Good for you – to turn over a new leaf – and be allowed to learn from your past. But, then you need to give the same respect to others who perhaps learn, grow and change. I wish every person had all the opportunities and respect that you have been given. Its just too bad that is not the case – because we live in a time where equality isn’t offered.

  • Cindy

    Thank you for taking a stand on premarital sex. There are not many people now-a-days that would agree with you, but you are right. I really enjoy your writing and I’m proud of you for being so brave. Keep up the good work. Oh, and BTW, your son is adorable.

  • It’s a good message for us all. Learning from the past and sharing our experiences to help others IS A GOOD THING. Bristol Palin, YOU ARE A GOOD THING!!!

  • SingleMom2TheBestGiftGodEverGaveMe

    Bristol, I have to applaud you for making this point! I too am a single mom, never married, and never happier in life. My sister is a recovered drug addict, attending college to become a drug and rehab counselor. What is it that makes her more capable than a college graduate who has never had her experiences? Just that! Experience.
    We’ve all heard the expression, “Easy for you to say… You’ve never been through what I’m going through now.” It is that same ingredient (experience) that affords a single mother that same level of worth in doling out advice on the topic. WAY TO GO!!! Don’t regret; learn and grow.

  • clarissa roberts

    Bristol, you are such an amazing person, I love being able to keep up with you and see that you can make a difference even if you made a mistake. Thank you for being a positive role model for so many!! You show young girls how even in difficult times you can thrive! Much love! -clarissa Roberts-{Psalms 45:11}

  • Charli Chad

    Beautifully written. I was once in your shoes, then God brought me an awesome man. You need to forgive yourself so you can move on and grow in life and help others, just like you are now. Keep on truckin. Love you!

  • Melissa

    I think the people who bash Bristol and the entire Palin family have no idea about the God that they serve. He is an awesome, loving, forgiving Father. A Father who will allow you to reap the consequences of your sins. Not because he wants you to suffer, but like any great Father, he wants us to learn from our mistakes in the hopes that we won’t repeat them. Bristol has reaped the consequences of her past decisions in a way that none of us have ever had to. The whole world watched her reap those consequences. The media salivated at the chance to humiliate Bristol and the Palin family. And through all that she has stood her ground and like her mom, has not compromised her beliefs. I honestly believe that she has truly and genuinely repented and it’s obvious that God has called her to do the work she is doing. When God is with you, who can be against you? So Bristol keep doing what your doing, the only approval that is necessary is the approval of God and I think you have that!

  • Gayla Hein

    That is a wonderful post and so true!

  • Samantha

    This is My own personal belief… You shouldn’t regret a damn thing. People will find something to hate about you whether it’s your hypocrisy or your hair. (just so wer’e clear I don’t think it is hypocritical) I too am a teen mom take it I don’t advertise it to the world I am proud of my decision to keep my baby and be a single mother. I am the daughter of a well known family in my small to and the news spread like wild fire. My father told me not to be ashamed. I was the first and I won’t be the last. My child is a blessing not a mistake. In time he will realize my mistakes and I hope to be an example for him! Like you seem to be wih Tripp. Also, all children learn a cuss word one way or another so don’t think it’s uncommon. Just be glad you are the type of parent that frowns upon it and doesnt encourage it!!!


  • Abby

    Bristol, I just wanted to thank you so much for your bravery and for your willingness to help other young girls! I’m 21 years old and I just found out a month ago that I am 9 weeks pregnant. I am a Christian and I was raised in a Christian home so I understand first hand the guilt and shame . I’ve already asked God for forgiveness so now I’m pretty much trying to forgive myself. I also am learning that unless I let go of that guilt and shame the Lord cannot heal me. This post is so incredible and has really brought a new light to my situation! Thank you for sharing ! I would love to talk to you and seek advice from you maybe through email or Facebook (if that’s even possible) haha my email address is Hope to hear from you soon! 🙂

  • i

    No, you shouldn’t regret your decisions… but, always remember who you are as a person. You tend to talk as if you’re better than most people who don’t go along with traditional value. It’s another thing to tell people about your traditional values and what you believe it right, but it’s another to talk down on people who don’t believe in them. And, you’re in no place to do that, esp. seeing your decision to have a baby out of wedlock. So, go on, inform people about traditional values, but don’t go on stomping on them, when you’re no different!

  • RogueStatus726


  • Beth Duffy

    What a great way to explain to young girls that make mistakes! This was so well thought ought. Thank you Bristol! Only you could turn this into a positive!

  • Joseph Ritter

    I’m proud of you, Bristol!

  • Sharon Jarrett Spikes

    Thanks, Bristol! As a Christian counselor I have to give a shout out for Ed Welch! He has done so much to help people get past their past. His book on Addictions is also fantastic. Thank you for taking a stand for Christ. Blessing on you and your family!

  • Maggie Hammerle

    Good work Bristol, and good blogging!

  • Miss Palin,

    I first want to laud your efforts to put at ease the minds of all God’s children upon their darkest hours experienced due to a regrettable act that would render scorn and derision from those of within the private sectors’ contemporaries. For you, your pregnancy served as the source of ostracism from an unscrupulous socialist left-wing fringe that truthfully opposed this news due to its desire to control who has the right to live. Having adopted a perspective of the world that only God may judge us upon the appropriate point in time, it is not anyone else’s place to apply the same in kind to you, to ridicule you or even to support me, or to follow suit with respect to the rest of our society.

    We reside today in a world where the heaviest premium is placed always upon the concept that if someone is arrested for a felony like armed robbery, rape or capital murder, those guilty of committing crimes automatically are victims of the establishment which espouse that piety and its visions of only the best within each individual, but instead is a prejudiced institution. If you eat any meat, you will doubtlessly be declared a murderer of animals by rabid PETA activists, that essentially you are complicit of being a solo contributor to the eventual extinction of all animals, or in the words of George Orwell from Animal Farm:

    “All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others.”

    When special interests are allowed to dominate polity, it stands to reason how the majority of our elected officials, inclusive too the ones we so champion, are accepting bribes and possibly are accomplices or directly responsible for illegal participation in money laundering schemes with organized crime. Most of these special interests lean in support to those of abortions. Planned Parenthood is most pervasive in my mind in how the organization has declared war on the male establishment, declaring it to be generally a demographic of chauvinists; and those among the nation’s women who are devout followers of Jesus Christ and believe in the sanctity of all human life. Unfortunately, as history’s lessons are all but completely lost upon yours and my generation thanks to our inherently flawed system of public education and will only grow worse under Common Core, few have ever been taught of the evil that was the organization’s founder, Margaret Sanger, and her designs upon birth control as a tool for sterilization of society’s undesirables, or the infamous practice she introduced to the world in earnest pre-Hitler known as eugenics. And the figures we may use to evaluate Ms. Sanger’s evil are most frightening (Courtesy of The Washington Times, May 4, 2014; available at

    1. Her views and those of her peers in the movement contributed to compulsory sterilization laws in 30 U.S. states that resulted in more than 60,000 sterilizations of vulnerable people, including people she considered “feeble-minded,” “idiots” and “morons.”

    2. In a letter to Clarence Gable in 1939, Sanger wrote: “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members” (Margaret Sanger commenting on the ‘Negro Project’ in a letter to Gamble, Dec. 10, 1939).

    3. Stated Ms. Sanger further, “While I personally believe in the sterilization of the feeble-minded, the insane and syphilitic, I have not been able to discover that these measures are more than superficial deterrents when applied to the constantly growing stream of the unfit. They are excellent means of meeting a certain phase of the situation, but I believe in regard to these, as in regard to other eugenic means, that they do not go to the bottom of the matter.” (“Birth Control and Racial Betterment,” Feb. 1919, The Birth Control Review). Further still, “Eugenics without birth control seems to us a house builded upon the sands. It is at the mercy of the rising stream of the unfit” (“Birth Control and Racial Betterment,” Feb. 1919, The Birth Control Review). Also, “Stop our national habit of human waste.” (“Woman and the New Race,” 1920, Chapter 6).

    4. In support for a regulatory body for controlling the world’s population, she stated, “The main objects of the Population Congress would be to apply a stern and rigid policy of sterilization and segregation to that grade of population whose progeny is tainted, or whose inheritance is such that objectionable traits may be transmitted to offspring[;] to give certain dysgenic groups in our population their choice of segregation or sterilization.” (“A Plan for Peace,” 1932).

    5. To me, her most offensive comment she made from the perspective of my being the older brother of soon-to-be 30 year old autistic woman could only be this: “I think the greatest sin in the world is bringing children into the world — that have disease from their parents, that have no chance in the world to be a human being practically. Delinquents, prisoners, all sorts of things just marked when they’re born. That to me is the greatest sin — that people can — can commit.”

    6. For the socialist far-left to declare itself the lone platform that can secure for all a just and viable peace and tranquility, it can only be achieve through dictating terms behind who and how the population will live, as well as how many. An estimated 79 percent of Planned Parenthood’s surgical abortion facilities are located within walking distance of black or Hispanic communities.

    6. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Abortion Surveillance report revealed that between 2007 and 2010, nearly 36 percent of all abortions in the United States were performed on black children, even though black Americans make up only 13 percent of our population. A further 21 percent of abortions were performed on Hispanics, and 7 percent more on other minority groups, for a total of 64 percent of U.S. abortions tragically performed on minority groups.

    The socialist far-left relishes its self-proclamation as the platform with the moral mandate to care for the poor and to provide social sanctuary for the role of absolute feminist equity, but at the cost of 54 million abortions domestically since World War II, Ms. Sanger was responsible for the deaths of more people by eugenics by some 54 times over the total accumulation of war casualties our military has incurred throughout its history. They might call it “trimming the branches of our nation’s tree,” but I am only willing to declare this vile institution to be genocide. Institutionally, the principle of our society’s public demagogues with its moral imperative is abundantly clear: the unapologetic slaughtering of millions of unborn children leans very heavily in the highest percentage (64 percent) comprise of our minority racial demographics, our brothers and sisters in God regardless of their religion. They were also those who spoke in opposition to your mother and, as a result, indirectly to you as if due to your status still as an adolescent, you were not competent enough, Miss Palin, to listen to their harangues. If Planned Parenthood today remains true before its founding tenets, your brother Trigg would have never been born. You were criticized not because you are a Christian, but because you stand for something; socialists stand for nothing other than to sell their souls to acquire the next vote, only to take even that right away. You stand for one and all to have the God-begotten rights to the Founding Fathers’ concept of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Through you and your mother, the rest of America’s women with the faith to believe this now-very radical notion that we have the right to simply be born continue to be chastised and will always be under attack by an immoral intelligentsia. They may be Christian or Jewish, Hindu or Buddhist, Muslim or Sikh, or simply a humanist, but the matter of adherence to a chosen faith is a mere impediment of the mind for the conceived ovums guilty only of being born to a person with a true sense of the moral imperative; it makes no difference even if the mother and father are both atheists. A person can be upstanding morally and still be irreligious. If our children are likely to be taught good virtue and moral principles, they stand to be the future enemies of the state who well may topple a corrupt regime. Socialists do not want that, nor any other variety of independent thought processing in which they do not have direct control in harvesting. And if socialists have it their way, we will have no legal right at all granted to the free exercises of any other faith but to serve as pawns to worship our statist rulers.

    Thank you again for being a lady of excellent scruples and intellect, Miss Palin, and for upholding the Jeffersonian principle of building an “aristocracy of virtue.” I pray for the day when the conservative establishment finally realizes how much it owes your mother and the entire Palin family for providing the hard echo from those of us residing in Middle America who vote, but possess no other realistic measure for lending our voices in dissent without being ignored or ridiculed as extremists as opposed to serving as the sycophants for the president. More importantly, I wish you and your family well in continuing to return the role of conviction statesmanship to the party that once stood for principle over any absolute compliance to the state. Upon the setting of the final sun’s conflict with a corrupt order, a patriot will always shine his brightest as he serves the role of the polemicist to the establishment he intends to achieve unbridled liberty from the shackles of slavery. And as “mankind” is mutually inclusive for both men and women, so too is your role as one of America’s greatest patriots born into a family of many others.

    Yours in Spirit,
    Jonathan Henderson, (aka. “The Son of Liberty”)