Celebrate Life with Me Today

Celebrate Life with Me Today March 21, 2012

Thank you for all the kind words this week, especially the ones about Trig.  Did you know that today – March 21, 2012 – is actually World Down Syndrome Day? It’s a great day to take a moment and celebrate life. Children with  Down Syndrome are beautiful, and I’m so proud of my baby brother. I wouldn’t want him any other way!

Now, I dare you guys to watch this without crying:


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  • Sue Lynn

    God is about love and love is seen here!!!!

  • Don Bland

    Hi Bristol,
    Our prayers and thoughts are with you as you endure
    the utter stupidity of so many or todays stupid creatures.
    My wife and I have great respect for Gov. Sarah Palin, your
    father and entire family. Ours would be a greater country
    were we fortunate enough to have here as President of the
    USA. Keep the faith for God loves you and we do also. You
    are an uplifting example to all of us as you have admitted your
    error and sought and received Gods forgiveness and now
    diligently go on with your life raising your precious son.
    It blows my mind to see the attitude of so many whose own
    sins are horrendous and who will not seek to correct their own
    lives and yet harshly chriticize for things far less than what they
    are guilty of.
    God is real and He is alive and well. He is the victor and one day
    soon we shall see him solvc things in His own way and time.
    Keep up the good work and do not let evil men silence you.
    Don and Kathleen Bland

  • Claudia

    An absolutely wonderful, emotional video. With tears still in my eyes, I thank you for allowing me to view this video. May God Bless you all.

  • Ramona Long

    Thank you for the opportunity to view this video. Yes, I have tears in my eyes from the joy I feel seeing God’s greatest gifts. You are an awesome lady and do continue what you are doing!

  • Stacy

    I just want to commend Track and Britta Palin for being great parents and being the example that others should be looking to in regards to keeping their kids safe and protected from the tabloids and public consumption.

    Excellent Job! Track and Britta

  • Joseph

    Beautiful video, Bristol!!! May God bless your brother with a great future! 🙂

  • Grannie Annie

    Just look at the smiles on all those precious little ones. They give you unconditional love, and a smile every minute. They are amazing!! I have known and do know several special kids..Thank you for this program. Keep up the good work. Love Grannie Annie in Nikiski

  • Andrea Broussard

    Yup, cried like baby. I drove a bus for special needs children for five years and it gave me great joy. One of my favorite times of year was when we drove the kids to local Special Olympics. They would all get on the bus and show off the ribbons they had won that day.

  • Erin

    Thanks so much for your testimony Bristol-It’s truly inspiring to so many! (There are many more of us out here than you probably know because we don’t say much publically, but we are still a force, supporting you and your family.)

    Thanks for highlighting about today too. It’s pretty cool, all this attention that Down Syndrome has received, especially since your family came under the national spotlight. If you have time, check out this family’s blog about their experiences: http://www.noahsdad.com. They post about their little guy and what life with Noah is like.

    Take care!

    • @Erin,

      Thanks for sharing our website, that means a lot to us!

      And thanks Bristol for posting this. Our son Noah was born with Down syndrome and we have a website where we do a daily one minute video to show the world that Down syndrome is ok. We’ve been able to connect with thousands of people all across the World, it’s been amazing.

      If you get a chance you should stop by our Facebook page (over 13, 000 families!) and post a picture of Trig, everyone there loves seeing pictures!

      Thanks for showing the world a story of love. 🙂

      -Noah’s Dad

  • PWSusan

    Absolutely beautiful…and yes…it made me cry.
    Keep fighting the good fight, Bristol….your Pro-Life message is getting out there and IT IS MAKING A DIFFERENCE!!!

  • June Griffin

    Thank u for sharing Bristol, love u and your family! We need more people like you and your family in this world. Wish I could meet u <3

  • The longer I live, the more I believe that the Leftists and Progressives hate most forms of human life (except their own) because they are unable to create, anything. And that makes them rather jealous and spiteful.

    The darkness cannot overcome the Light.

    • Lisa

      Hmmm… I’m a “leftist” and have a child with Down Syndrome that I knew was going to have DS at my 20 week ultrasound. Strange post to celebrate such a wonderful day….

      • Yes, we crossposted. Both were inartful comments more in response to the vitriol that has been heaped on Trig by many people on the Left who are obviously threatened by his life, and by his value to those who love him.

        My sister’s daughter was severely oxygen-deprived at birth, my brother died from CP, and they are both a big part of my life. I meant no disrespect to the celebration or anyone on the Left who does not ascribe to the venomous hate they spew. You do well to admonish me.

      • ellen

        Are you a liberal or a ‘leftist?’

        It’s kind of like are you redneck or a racist?

        What do you want to own: the hate or the point of view?

        Do you have a certain point of view, or do hate people for having a different point of view.

        I bet you are a liberal, not a leftist.

    • Clarification: not to say the Leftists are barren, just that they have no creative ideas or productive contribution to human betterment and progress. They’ll soon have us worshiping fire and chanting, “might is right.”


        And of course conservatives have so many creative ideas, which is why they’re all obsessed with the issue of abortion. 😎

  • speppers69

    Thanks to you and your family and Trig….and other social media sites and groups….having a child with Downs and BEING a child with Downs is NOT the same experience as it was 30 or 40 years ago. Having a child with ANY challenges is not the same as it was and America and the world have changed for the better. I am very thankful that our society does not look down on children with special needs the way they used to…especially a “public family” like yours. It used to be that a politician had to hide away their children or siblings with special needs. We still as a people have a long way to go but we can’t minimize how far we have come in such a short time.

  • Laurie

    Thanks for sharing this video- it was wondeful! You and your whole family are wonderful examples of a loving family. Trig is a doll, and so adorable. God bless you all!!

  • Amanda

    This just shows us how truly special life is! Every Child is a Gift from God!

  • Liz

    WONDERFUL!!!!! May God continue to bless all the precious children and their families!

  • Nancy Kehrer

    I agree with Joan. Thanks Bristol for this video…it brought tears to my eyes thinking of how precious “life” is. God gave Trig to your mom because He knew she would love him and could handle it. What a wonderful example of God’s love that He has made to the world through Trig and your family. God bless the Palin family. ~Nancy in Texas

  • Thanks for sharing! Happy WDSD to you and your family! We are celebrating with you here in SLC, Utah. I have a 9 year old daughter with Down syndrome and feel so lucky and privileged to be her Mom!

  • Hi Bristol,

    Would love to share our ’21 Truths About Down Syndrome’ with you and your family!

    Happy World Down Syndrome Day! Is your little brother celebrating today? 🙂

  • I have 3 kids, my oldest is special needs. From the minute he was born 18 yrs ago, before we even knew about his issues, I knew that he was going to change my life profoundly and he has. Raising a child with special needs isnt always easy but like every child they bring a special light to your life and you learn things about yourself that you never knew as they show you what life is really about.

    Trig is an adorable little guy and in his pictures the pure joy and enjoyment of life always shines in his eyes. You are a very lucky girl to have such a wonderful brother!

  • glenn lester

    trig is a robot that is battery operated

    • Chris in Ottumwa

      Trig and the entire Palin family are better human beings than you could ever hope to be. I feel very sorry for you and your sad life of having to come to a site on your own only to leave vile comments.

    • speppers69

      What an awful person you are to say something like that about a 3 1/2 year old little boy. Does it make you feel BIG to say things about a special little boy? I feel sorry for you to have such feelings in your cold heart.

    • 56Survivor

      To Glenn Lester, are you older than say……..five? A small child would not know any better than to say such a thing, but anyone older would have hopefully been taught compassion for someone with special needs.

      I’ll bet you are the type who relishes pulling wings off butterflies.

      Shame on you. And shame on your parents.

    • mlynn

      Its so easy for you to hide behind your keyboard and make hatered comments toward a beautiful and innocent child….a child of God. You sure don’t have any clue about life and its beauty. I feel sorry for you because you have a major hate issue dwells in your poor and sad life.

    • Millie


      Get along little boy you are in the wrong place. Can’t imagine
      anyone saying anything that vileC!!!

    • barracuda43

      Hey Dufus!
      I have a Texas boot for your neck to hear you squel like the little piece of Liberal rubbish you are.

      • Gwen

        barracuda43 says:
        March 21, 2012 at 4:07 pm

        Hey Dufus!
        I have a Texas boot for your neck to hear you squel like the little piece of Liberal rubbish you are.”

        Wow, those liberals sure are a hateful, violent bunch, aren’t they?

    • IsraeliCojones

      Pure projection.

  • brwneyedgurl

    Thanks so much Bristol for posting such a wonderful video!! It did make me cry!! What a great reminder to us all of just how precious life is…..I sooo loved seeing the picture of Trig that you posted, too!! It totally made my day!! What a beautiful little boy!! That smile would capture anyone’s heart!! Stay strong honey and keep on writing…I am really enjoying your blog! You and your family are in my prayers!! Have a blessed day!!

  • Chris in Ottumwa

    I would also suggest anyone wanting to learn more about Downs Syndrome around the world check out Reece’s Rainbow!

  • Any adult who would attack, besmirch, or insult an innocent child is evil incarnate, whether that innocent child is named Trig Palin or Sasha or Malia Obama. Period. There is nothing else to say about it.

  • bellagrazi

    Oh my gosh, that was so beautiful, Bristol! I know what a joy Trig is in your lives. As your mom always says, Trig is perfect in God’s eyes. And that’s the only measure that matters. He’s such a sweet, happy little boy. He’s got a great future ahead of him.

    PS: I did get misty-eyed : )

  • blackbird

    Bristol, just looking at the idsc website welled me up inside and this from a grown man.

    • blackbird

      yup, could not hold back and now my nose is running after watching the idsc clip. thanks for sharing it with us Bristol.

  • Nina Cotton

    Precious video of precious children.

  • Bristol… Awesome video … There You Go … Fight Like A Girl… 🙂

  • Millie


    That was so moving!!! I have a Granddaughter with cerebral palsy since
    birth. She has been such a joy to us and has taught us more about life
    and unconditional love than anything. Your brother is a beautiful little
    boy and Tripp your son is also. Thank you for sharing that video with us.

  • My adopted son has autism. He is brilliant, and I am so lucky to have him teaching me new things. He writes songs using artificial speech in Japanese, records them and plays them for our family, and also does animation.

  • Leona

    The democrates and the liberals are the jihads and the talban of America today. This is nothing new, in the old days, the KKK were with the democrats and the liberals. They hated the Black American and anyone who associate with them just because they are different, nothing more nothing less. They are so shameful. Today, they don’t want to empower any minority group because they want to enslave them to their purpose and hide behind them using the race card all the times.

  • Bristol, Thank you so much for sharing our video and our site with your readers. We proudly stand with you, sharing with the world that every life is precious! Your brother is absolutely adorable. We can always using siblings involved in our work, if you would ever want to join our efforts. 🙂 We hope you will continue to follow us at least, and continue to share our message. Thank you so much for your kind words. We absolutely appreciated them, more than you can know.

    As well, I would like to thank your readers who wrote such sweet comments about our video and site. We are so grateful for the kind words.

    Warmest regards,
    From all of us at the IDSC for Life

  • Jan Page

    Bristol, that is an awesome video. Very enlightening! Thanks for everything that you are doing. Keep up the good fight!

  • Lindsay

    Beautiful !!! =)

  • Lisa

    Absolutely beautiful and yes, I cried.

  • Karen Ortiz

    Thank you for this! I’m the proud mom of a 2 1/2 year old amazin son who happens to have a extra Chromosome. He’s the BEST thing that ever happened to me. Thanks for getting me to cry at work! : )

  • Megan

    Great video! I am currently going to school to be a Special Education Teacher with a focus on Cognitive Impairments. I cannot wait to spend my days working with children like your brother and watching them learn and grow!

  • Janice Meek

    Great video. Bristol you are brave, honest, charismatic and don’t change one thing about you….you are beautiful.

  • Sue

    Thanks Bristol, that video was enlightening and thank you for sharing it and reminding us all of what to day is.. Trigg is a sweet heart and he reminds me of my sweet Chance who was six last November. Chance is also crazy about sports, right now he is turning out for T- ball after school two days a week and loving it, but his favorite is basket ball Or hoops as he calls it.. Down syndrome children are so lovable, you can’t help, but fall in love with them. because they have a way of getting you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside when you really get to know them.. Chance is my sunshine and my rock and I know that Trigg is your familys joy and that he has a special way of putting a smile on your face even when he isn’t around you.. That’s what Chance does for me too… Thanks again for sharing the video with us… May God bless the Children…. smile

  • Adriann

    Thank you so much for this. Your brother and other kids with Down’s are VERY special people and we’re very fortunate to have them in our world. They can teach us ALL how to treat other people.

  • Kim

    Thank you for your boldness and tenacity when it comes to standing up for and with your family. No one can truly know the highs and lows of living with a special needs child – unless they live with one – but the highs so out-weigh the lows. There is a reason they are called “SPECIAL.”

    Our son has epilepsy, which is one of those “hidden” special needs, but we must stand up for him nonetheless. Our goal is to make God famous and give Him glory for whatever He does through our son and our family; we feel privileged to be chosen to be this child’s parents. I am sure your parents feel the same about your brother.

    Please wear purple on Monday, March 26th, to emphasize Epilepsy Awareness Day. Education is imperative to alleviate the fear the public has toward special needs, and we are proud to wear our purple in honor of our hero, Zachary.

    Keep up the good work. You are a precious girl, whom God will use, for such a time as this.

    Mount Pleasant, TN

  • izzy

    We see the best in Trig… He is precious indeed.

  • Nicole

    Thank you for sharing this video!!!! Trig looks like a sweetheart and a lot of fun 🙂
    God bless you and your family.

  • Nicole

    Thank you for sharing this video!!!! Trig looks like a sweetheart and a lot of fun 🙂
    God bless you and your family.

  • Janice Duncan

    Thanks for letting me know Bristol! I am the Mother of and adult son with Down Syndrome and I didn’t even know it World Down Syndrome Day!! Thanks for the link; going to check it out now!

    Love your blog, keep up the good work!
    Janice from GA

  • Love your new blog and God bless the Palin family.

  • Rosali Elzig

    Very good video Bristol. Trig’s life will be blessed in many ways. He came to fulfill the Palin’s life with happiness and joy. Keep up with the good attitude that you always had through all the trouble from people’s bad attitude toward your family. God bless you.

  • I completely failed the challenge and started tearing up 3 seconds into the video.
    Beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.

  • TammyChicago

    What a wonderful message. Life is precious and those who cherish it are deeply rewarded.

  • Brett&Kyle’sMom

    I do not have a child with Down Syndrome but I do have one with Autism. Everything the parents in this video say is TRUE! Parents of “different” children are blessed, not burdened.

  • Megan M

    My cousin Michael had Down Syndrome and he had a heart attack at age 33 and died. Today is a day to remember him and to pray for all the Down Syndrome children and adults in the world :). May they all have a family like yours that loves them more than anything and will dedicate their lives to protecting and caring for them.

  • Julian

    Over my life I have known- and worked with – many parents who had children with Down’s Syndrome ranging from infants to young adults…. and these children are so special, it seems to me that the innocence of angels fills their hearts and spirits, and the undefiled love of God comes from their eyes. They are indeed both blessings, and blessed. Thanks for posting this. God bless you and all your beautiful family.

  • Today also happens to be the Birthday of my High Priestess, Lady Alexis of Warwick … I will inform her after posting this … Thank You for the info … Your brother, mother, and you remain inspirations to us all !!!
    (… and because of your prodigious posting I am now moved to get my act together and start posting more regularly on my blog as well … THX again)

  • Sweet Bristol – you are powerful and strong. God and love have made you that way. I’m so glad you’re blogging. 🙂 Also? I’m extremely proud of you.

  • I can’t believe how much Trig has grown!!!! I remember the cute baby from the campaign but he’s a big boy now! Hadn’t seen a pic of him in a while…so glad he’s blossoming and becoming the beautiful, PERFECT little boy he was created to be.

    With that said, nothing makes me more angry than when people make fun of Trig. There’s no excuse for it. No, I don’t agree with a lot of your mom’s politics, but I have so much respect for her, and you, as women and mothers. People who make fun of children with disabilities, or any innocent child at all, are just cruel. It has nothing to do with politics – it’s clear, reprehensible evil.

  • Curt Wilson

    Thanks for sharing this information. I have a new appreciation for Down Syndrome children.

  • Kathy

    Thank you for posting this. It brings back wonderful memories of my daughter when she was a child. She’s taught me so much about life and learning, about patience and finding the joy in everything. Now she’s grown up, has a job, and still blesses me beyond measure.

  • Michele W.

    Ok, I made it almost ten seconds without starting to cry, then lots of tears and lots of laughing came after! I feel a little sorry for those who do NOT have a perfect person like these in their lives. They are what I like to call “Sweeteners.” They put everything in its proper perspective and teach love and patience and joy with perfect clarity. You are a great big sister Bristol. 🙂

  • Thanks for trying to expand peoples minds. Children are precious, all of them. As a society we do not have to agree with all those around us, we just have to be willing to listen and treat others the way we want to be treated.

  • Eugenia

    What an inspiration you are. Thank you for your blog and your book. And thank you for speaking out for life. 🙂

  • Molly

    You were right – leaky eyes for sure! Thanks for the awesome video and for speaking for ALL life.

  • Ray

    Bristol, thanks for that video. You won the challenge. I cried like a big baby. It was SO beautiful and touching. I shared it with people at work. All admitted they cried.

  • Jose

    Thank you, Bristol. It was great! Things like that make the World seem a little better.

  • Mariah

    Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anonymous

    Bristol I hope you find this as inspirational as I do!


  • Ok, Bristol, I broke down and watched it and you were right
    … Thanks for letting me know I can still tear up …

  • Susan

    You are right! Kleenex needed and these children are so lovable….thank you!

  • Taylor

    BRISTOL, I just left the premier for OCTOBER BABY. Get your family together and go see it! This has the palins written all over it! It’s pro life and it’s heart wrenching! Please help get the word out there about this movie!!!!!!!! The cast and crew were there tonight and they are hoping this movie tops charts!!!! It’s life changing! Comes out tomorrow!!! Go see it! This goes for everyone :))

  • Dale Johnson

    Brystol, thanks for sharing the pictures. Yes the tears came. How could anyone say any thing but kind words to such lovely, special people. They are so precious. No one is perfect.
    Thanks again.

  • Bristol, thank you so much for sharing the IDSC’s World Down Syndrome Day video! It is AWESOME, if I must say so myself….we are in it at 3:53 holding our youngest son who happens to have Ds. We actually have 10 kiddo’s, with 5 of them sporting that magical extra 21st chromosome! Hope you and your family had a wonderful WDSD yesterday! I know we did!!!

    And yes, do check out ‘October Baby’ if you get a chance! It is a powerful, moving film affirming that EVERY life is beautiful and worth living.


  • Juanita

    Thank you, Bristol for sharing such a beautiful reminder of the sanctity of life! Downs syndrome children often have the sweetest personalities and bring so much joy into the people’s lives that have the honor and privilege of sharing their lives. Precious, priceless Treasures!!! May The Lord continue to use you, Bristol, to speak out for these children. Appreciate the fact that you are not afraid to speak out for what is right. Blessings!

  • My eyes were watering, I WAS NOT crying… 🙂
    I’ve always thought the Downs are the purest amongst us.
    Thanks for the video, Bristol.
    PS, God Bless Trig and his.

  • Bristol, I know you already know this but just wanted to share so others reading will know as well.

    People who have Down syndrome are people first. They are not ‘Downs kids’ or Downs babies. They are kids who have Down syndrome or babies who have Down syndrome. See the difference? It is also hurtful to say “They ARE downs.” Down syndrome is not who they are, it is what they have. Big difference. People first language is always the best way to go when talking about people who have differences or disabilities. As the mother to 5 children who have Down syndrome, language matters to me….and more importantly, to them.


  • mistah charley, ph.d.

    My nephew has a cognitive disability due to a genetic disorder, but it is not Down Syndrome, but due to Fragile X. It took much longer to get an accurate diagnosis. While recognizing the specific challenges that people with Down Syndrome and their families face, I hope some thought will be given to others who face situations and handicaps which have broad similarity, although they are not precisely the same. May peace be with us all.

  • Thank you so much for sharing our little video, Bristol! I am so proud to be a part of IDSC for Life and the proud Mom of a beautiful little girl with DS, Ciarra. We hope to have this video seen far and wide. It helps dispel so many of the negative, untruthful things said about our children. I was pressured to abort, told all the gloom and doom. she wont talk, she wont have friends, she will never read. she did all of that and more. I am SO proud of my daughter, and SO proud of the impact IDSC for Life is having. You should consider joining us formally. 😉

  • lynn

    Bristol, Thanks for sharing this video. You were right about the kleenex!!! We are all so proud of you! You need to know that you are supported by so many of us who have fallen in love with you from DWTS but have continued to follow you not because of that show but because of your HEART!!!

  • Morris Hahn

    Bristol—your mother is one fantastic absolutely fabulous lady and extremely intelligent in constitutional matters. I hope and pray that she would be president but I know the liberal press and far left won’t let that happen because she is so good and would be great for mainstream America and they are extremely afraid of her and her Ronald Reagan principals. May GOD continue to bless you and your family…From a dirt farmer in Southeast MO. who would like to meet your fabulous family !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Evelyn Waugh

    Trig isn’t for crying or sentimentalizing. He’s for getting his proper eyeglasses, hearing aids, and tutors to make him all that he can be. He’s not a puppy. He’s a human being who has real needs and demands.

    • Millie


      I really feel sorry for you!!!

      • Denice Hocott

        So do I, you just don’t get it! were crying because of how sweet this is and if you can’t see that then you just don’t have a heart!

    • Sue

      I’m quite sure that Trig’s FAMILY knows what he needs, much better than you do. Looks like he is getting exactly the love that he needs.

      • James Witt

        Wow, what an idiot. It doesn’t matter if it’s next week, 5 years or 30 years from now. The point is a $5K voucher will mean rationing will occur. Surely, you can’t expect a 70 year old to get quality health insurance through a private insurance company? I’m still waiting for Sarah Palin integrity to have some integrity and call this death panels??

  • Penny

    Beautiful video, thanks for sharing.

  • James Witt


    By the way your mom finally has her death panels! It’s called the Ryan budget. It leaves seniors with a $5000 voucher to purchase their own private health insurance. As a healthy young man of 36 whom purchases his own health insurance, I can tell you $5K wont get you much. Imagine how a sick 70 or 80 year old will get treated? I’m sure you and your mom will have some integrity and call this a death panel too right? Surely a sick person with only $5,000 a year to spend will get rationed care right? I can’t wait to see Sarah Palin call the Ryan budget a death panel. However, I wont hold my breath as I know honesty and integrity are not part of the Palin stock.

    • Doug

      55 and over arent affected moron.

      • Doug

        Sorry, I should be more civil…lol

        • dz

          lol…Lots of us will be 55 soon. It affects us now. Moron.

          • James Witt

            Wow, what an idiot. It doesn’t matter if it’s next week, 5 years or 30 years from now. The point is a $5K voucher will mean rationing will occur. Surely, you can’t expect a 70 year old to get quality health insurance through a private insurance company? I’m still waiting for Sarah Palin integrity to have some integrity and call this death panels??

  • Kristin T.

    The haters here probably sided with that couple in Washington State that just won $4 million dollars b/c the hospital told them their daughter would be born healthy and she was born with Down’s. Talk about the ultimate level of selfishness and greed. Every child is a gift from God and no matter what challenges they may face in life, any TRUE parent would cherish their child despite the challenges. I’m grateful Bristol that you and your Mom both could see the gifts that were given to you in the form of your children, despite the challenges you faced having them. You as a young, single mom and your Mom having a special needs child. It’s a pity more people in this world don’t open their hearts and their minds so wide to love so easily and unconditionally. Blessings to you!!! Look forward to your next blog post!

  • L3

    I’m sure that you spoke for your mother as well as yourself when putting out this heartfelt post regarding Trig and other children with Down Syndrome. I know that your mother has given $1000 to a charity that supports Down Syndrome children and I would assume that you would have given as well?

  • jharp

    I too have always had a soft spot for downs folks.

    They are the most kind hearted and sweetest beings on this earth.

    Your hate filled Mom could learn a lot from them. Say like treating homosexuals as equally as you would any other human being.

    • Denice Hocott

      I sure hope Sara changes her mind and runs for Pres. she could fix Obama’s screw ups!

      • Shelby Laswell

        Me to! I wish sarah was in office now we would be so much better off! and everybody who hates her and Bristol is just jealous! they are amazing and so are their children!

  • Chatzey

    Beautiful video from a beautiful Sister…thank you for sharing. Those who did not feel the joy and the pride for these “Special” children and their Loving Families have missed out on GOD’s gifts! None of us are “perfect”, it is our very imperfection that makes us whole and able to work on the things that need improving! Instead of applauding how much these beautiful children have done and the love they have for others….the goofs are poking fun or worse. These are the one’s who are in the most Need—not the Special Children!
    Thank you Bristol for this video and your love to share it with us.

  • CapitalG

    You guys rock!

  • Denice Hocott

    This was Beautiful, and yes I cried

  • Ashley Bobiles

    I wasn’t gonna cry. I totally did though.

  • Lynn

    No way I wouldn’t cry seeing such a sweet video.

    I just want you to know that even though we have never met, I love you and your
    mom very much. During the time she was campaigning I had this feeling of pride
    in her and although she wasn’t really mine, I called her “my girl”. I even cried
    when she was deplaning in Alaska after a hard week on the road because she
    looked a little tired. Can’t even begin to tell you how very proud I am of you
    and how much I love your intelligence, your spunk, and your writing. Your son
    is a lucky boy to have a mom as dedicated as you are.

    Thank your for writing the blog. It is wonderful to see and hear what you are

    All my best to you.



    What a beautiful family! You are doing so well an I am so glad. You certainly have two strong roll model, not to mention your grandparents! Loe your whole family and am praying for each of you!