A Mom’s Love for Her Blind Son, One Paper at a Time

A Mom’s Love for Her Blind Son, One Paper at a Time May 12, 2012

Well, there’s been a lot of action on my blog this week!  I welcome all my new readers… even you guys who don’t agree with me on my recent post.  Today, I’m posting something uplifting…  something we can all agree on.  This Mother’s Day weekend, as you run around town looking for a gift for Mom, this video will inspire you. It’s a mother telling the story of her blind son’s birth and life, one piece of paper at a time.  I love the different emotions she shows on her face between the papers…  you can tell she’s been through a lot, but she’s not broken and is not in despair.

Anyway, if there are any struggling mothers out there this weekend, you might find inspiration in this mom’s determination and love.

And for the rest of you — here’s a hint: all Moms love chocolate!


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  • Jean

    Happy Mother’s Day to you and your family!

    • Jean

      Bristol, You now how to bring people back to what matters (most anyway).

      Happy Mother’s Day to that woman and her beautiful son!

  • PamelaDeville

    Thanks for sharing this video, Bristol. To think they could have aborted that beautiful baby! I’m sure it was suggested to them!

    I enjoy your blog very much and hope you don’t take anything unkind to heart.

    What did you get your mom for Mother’s Day? 🙂

  • Katie DiFrancesco

    I’ve watched this movie a lot and I never tire of it. God Bless, Bristol and a Happy Mother’s Day to you and your family!

  • Noe Gorrochoteguu

    Thank you for sharing this very inspirational video. I hope all is well with you and your baby and the rest of your admirable family

  • Sue Lynn

    God bless you Bristol!!! Very moving!

  • sap

    I think all unwed single mom’s should abort. Happy Mother’s day…..

  • cromagnon82

    “even you guys who don’t agree with me on my recent post.”

    You mean everyone who commented on that thread (all 2500+)? That is except for the same 3 commenters who posted in support over and over? 2 of which are no doubt you and your grifter mom $arah. Since as we all know $arah has a habit of posting comments to her ghost-written facebook posts under other names

    Have a happy Mother’s day! And don’t forget, Father’s Day is just around the corner

    • ceil

      I can see November (and the BIG change) from my living room window!!!

    • CIP

      She’s a MOTHER all right. She’ll pay for it later, too.

    • RefudiateObama2012

      Cromagnon82, there’s a special corner in hell reserved just for haters like you.

    • sue

      Ha one of the crazy Trig-truthers is back. Get some help- obsessing about people that you do not like is mentally unhealthy. Following stories around the internet to spew filth is deranged.

    • section9

      Jesus tap-dancing Christmas.
      Part of the problem with you canine, rabid Palin haters, besides the fact that you have a Strict Mommy Obsession with Sarah Palin, is the fact that you can’t count, and you think that in a time of 15% unemployment (yes, my left wing friend, working people know that the Bureau of Labor Statistics is lying to them) that Obama is still as popular as he was in 2008.
      Well, he is, with the gullible and easily led. That describes most liberals these days.

  • bellagrazi

    Oh my gosh, I love this video, Bristol! I was actually going to post it on your FB page the other day when I first saw it. I’m so glad you’re posting it now. This woman is such an inspiration. I literally cried during the whole thing, because I was so touched by the love she has for her child. She’s been through a lot. You can see it in her eyes. But she is blessed with this beautiful baby boy. Just as you are blessed with your beautiful son, Tripp. Happy Mother’s Day, Bristol! (and a Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s in your family – especially Mama Grizzly!) I hope you get lots of chocolate!

  • Kathleen

    Doggone you Bristol, you keep finding the videos that make me cry. God bless you. Ignore the haters; God will be the judge of them as to the intent of their hearts. The only one you should be the most concerned about pleasing is Him, and if you are living in His will you will come out fine. May you, your mom and your grandmas all have a blessed and happy Mother’s Day.

  • Such a beautiful video and I needed it today as I sit praying for my lovely daughter-in-law who is laying in the hospital hoping that her 27 week pregnancy will last just a few more weeks! Have a wonderful Mother’s Day all.

  • Laura

    Happy Mother’s Day to someone I admire very much! Bristol, I also with your awesome mom and your beautiful grandmas a Happy Mother’s Day! They and your dad did a good job raising YOU and your siblings, that’s for sure!

  • Laura

    I mean “wish”! Ignore the “with” typo!

  • Huntingmoose

    Keep writing Bristol. The more the better.

  • cromagnon82,
    I am not a member of the Palin family and liv

  • Mary

    I’m wishing all Mothers and Grandmothers a very happy Mother’s Day. Bristol, you are an inspiration to all women, young and old, and I thank you for your good judgements on life. Your family has taught you well hun! Wish your Mom a happy Mother’s Day from Mary in Minnesota, your mom’s a Keeper!

    I just watched the video above and I had to grab tissues to catch my tears. What an inspiration that young mother is. I wish I knew Christian’s mom’s name. Christian will have a difficult time growing up, but with such a wonderful, gentle, loving mom that he has, his burdens shall be small. God bless her and her child, and God bless Bristol and her child, and God bless Momma cougar Palin!

  • Raffaela V. DiBella

    Beautiful video. And the Beauty within the Mom cannot be surpassed! We love our children….unconditionally! This Mom proves it! God does know what He is doing and she chose God’s Will! What is more beautiful than that!

  • Hyam


  • Dennis McHale

    First, Happy Mother’s Day! Bristol. Tripp was born the same day as me, 51 years later. He is very lucky to have you as a MOM. With your Facebook Page, you are not holding back in having any shortage of emotional heartstrings to be pulled. You have learned well from your Mom to bring important messages, by simply expressing REAL LIFE. Your video above expresses how some may see a burden while another is having their dream come true. I like to repeat often Paul McCartney’s words: “The love you take is equal to the love you make.” Your Page is becoming one not to be missed, because your message is one that matters to most.

  • Two Mama Grizzley’s are better then one SP And AW 2012… All roads lead to Tampa… ~ !

  • Tim

    Beautiful video. Happy Mother’s Day!

  • michael

    OMG…the haters even post comments about this blog entry. geez Louise get a life people because hate is unhealthy.

    • Yes it is unhealthy Michael – VOTE OBAMA! 2012

      • TEX

        If you get your moronic head out of Obama’s a$$ and breath some air your IQ will go up,
        all the way to 60,who knows you might hit 70!

        You will be still an imbecile,incurable moron and cretin,but that’s as far you and the rest
        of hateful psychopaths will get!

      • section9

        Dude, there’s a reason why Bristol left your response below up and didn’t delete it. You’re an embarrassment to the gay community.

  • Kirstin

    Bought the book about daily devotion for single parents. Thanks for recommending!

  • Susan Williams

    Bristol, what a wonderful message for Mother’s Day! Your posts are always full of substance and what matters most, not like the liberal superficial garbage. I can tell you, with this video, I can’t stop crying with emotion, both happy and sad. I wish Christian a happy life and hope a miracle can happen with his eyes.

  • Michelle McManus

    Keep it up Bristol! Love your blog. Don’t let the haters define or dictate to you. Speak clear and loud. Many more people agree with you than disagree. Love your tenacity!

  • Misty

    Thank you Bristol for sharing this with us. Very inspiring. Have a great Mother’s Day!

  • Tom Murphy

    I’m an old man, but the video of Christian’s mother caused tears in my eyes and a swelling in my heart and I am so proud of her and women like her who don’t dance to other people’s tunes. Mothers like her, and you, are the heart of this country and are to be praised not berated. God bless you both and thanks for sharing.

  • I am shocked because I didn’t think white trash like you could even write let alone read! Amazing. So you think it’s great that gay people fight for America, work hard and pay their taxes but they should not have the same rights you do to fuck anyone they want? Let me get that straight because you fucked a lot of people and had a baby out of wedlock and then your mother tried to run for VEEP with McCain and stood up for “family values”! Laughable really the hypocritical bs runs so deep in your family, in you, in the Insane Tea Party Republicans that I think when there is another Civil War in American I will seek you out, Bristol, and show you exactly how gay people fuck. but I’m sure you already have had a dick up your ass in the past and loved it.

    You are a media seeking and money loving whore worst than any Kardashian and that is saying a lot. I have to tell you, this is the one and only time I will write to you and on this blog. I detest conservative republicans, rich people – even rich white trash like you and your family. Your brother who is disabled well that’s sad but sadder still is the fact that you are all disabled mentally. Your entire family is twisted and has no idea what the words “family values” are because you have none.

    Here is my blog – and I’ve written about you, Bristol and it’s the one and only time believe me. You are not worth any more of my time.

    Hope your life is short – we need smart caring people on planet earth.

    Bonju Patten

    • NorCon

      Its just so fitting that such a super-hater like “Bonju” almost on the verge of lethal illegal threats against Bristol even including the wish for genocide on people he don’t like and then he concludes by commenting:

      Bonju Patten: “VOTE OBAMA! 2012”

      Is this the standard of Obama supporters? Are they this devilish in their minds? Can other Obama-supporters here comment and denounce this sick individual? How about you Mr. Gryphen and your friends over at hater-central, are these feelings shared by all you “people”?


    • TEX


      You low life scum!
      You are insanely jealous and envious of smart,beautiful and very successful young lady

      At 21 years of age she accomplished more than a stupid,hateful moron like you ever will,
      even if you waste oxygen for the next 100 years.

      You and the rest of sick,demented and deranged Lib-tards,eat your rancid stinking hearts
      out,BRISTOL PALIN has more brain,morality,human decency in her little finger than
      all of you psychotic Lib-tard scum put together.

    • Kathryn Donaldson

      Bristol, there’s an old saying that beauty is only skin deep, but ugly is all the way to the bone! I think I understand more and more what that means! You and your family are beautiful, inside and out! When “ugly” attacks you, just stay focused on the truth that it’s not you they are attacking, they don’t even know you! It’s what you stand for and Christ in you that they hate! Just understand…. the more viscous and vile the attack, it’s great confirmation that you’ve most certainly hit the nerve center! GREAT JOB!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT FOR WHAT’S RIGHT!!!

    • blueniner

      Hey Bon Jovi you should be locked up with that other Homo that harrassed Bristol in West Hollyweird, you two are classic Psychos, that arent fit to be living in the civilized world. Yor hate for Bristol Palin drips from the page of your post. Scumbag is too good a word for you, you are a worthless piece of sh#t!

  • 56Survivor

    Happy Mother’s Day to you Bristol, and to all of the moms who are reading this.

    Bristol, this is a very inspirational post. Thank you for posting it. Both of my kids are far away and I was feeling blue. This post really lifted my spirits. Keep up the good work. I love reading your blog!

  • ole

    This individual story is sweet, I guess, but it’s also being used as anti-choice propaganda by so many sources. It’s disingenuous to claim it’s something “we can all agree on.” There’s nothing wrong with a mother learning her fetus has this disorder and then aborting it. There’s also nothing wrong with a mother learning her fetus has this disorder choosing to have it.

  • Vanessa Stockwell

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful story Bristol. Christian’s mom is an amazing woman, truly inspiring and beautiful!

  • kate

    Very nice Miss Bristol. Thank you. Bless you and Tripp.

  • Joseph

    Wow! That is an amazing story! I pray for the best in Christian’s life, and Happy Mother’s Day to Christian’s mom! Thank you sharing this, Bristol. And I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day as well; you’re a great mom to Tripp! 🙂

  • Brett&Kyle’sMom

    All I can after watching this video is “WOW!” I’m in the group who wonders how anyone could consider abortion let alone criticize someone for NOT having one. There are some seriously disturbed people in this world but this gal has her head on right and is moving in the right direction. Christian is a lucky and much-loved little boy!

  • joycebwi

    This is beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for posting Bristol.

  • CJ

    Bristol, this is truly beautiful and had me in tears 🙂 Bless you for sharing this as we celebrate the joys of MOTHERHOOD and pay a special tribute to our own moms and grandmothers. Christian’s mom said it all without uttering a word…….AGAPE LOVE…….TO LOVE OTHERS AS CHRIST LOVES US :} The LORD has a special plan and purpose for this precious baby. MAY GOD BLESS THEM ABUNDANTLY <3

  • That is an amazing story! And praying for Christian and his Mother. Wishing her a wonderful
    Mother’s day. Bristol I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s day to. You are a wonderful mom
    and Tripp is a very lucky little boy.

  • Asian Gal

    Some people do have the guts and the heart to do what is right, like Christian’s mom, no matter what others may say. Such an inspiring story!

    Happy Mother’s Day to you Bristol, your mom and grandmas and to all moms in the world.

  • sybilll

    Thank you Bristol, that was just the perspective wake-up call I needed. God Bless Christian and his precious mother.

    • Debra

      God Bless Christian and his mother. Happy Mother’s Day to his mother.
      This is truly an inspiring story. Thank you for sharing.

  • Sharon

    Bristol, I thank you for allowing all comments, no matter how inappropriate to the content of the post at hand or how digusting they show their authors to be. This was an incredible post for a mom who exemplifies the best mom in all of us. Thank you.

  • Bill Sr.

    Jesus made it very clear to Thomas and us that “believing” is in spirit seeing for it is “by faith” that the Spirit of God enters our hearts and reveals the kingdom of God to us. This is why he came and offered himself in the flesh to heal, forgive, teach, and ignite the living Word of God for all ages. The gospels are not dried up parchment and ink. They are like living windows of words for our souls. God reveals himself to us through these words. Jesus and his teachings in the gospels and the church through the apostles and their successors guided by the Holy Spirit give us the vision and understanding of the mystery of God.
    Do you recall the story of Helen Keller? She appeared to be unable to see, hear, or communicate with anyone. At first thought one would wonder why God had created this child and put her into such a situation. Yet when we marvel at her life’s accomplishments are we not also inspired and amazed when we think of the dedication and undaunted respect for her life which Ms. Sullivan, her teacher and friend, had for Helen? This is a glowing example of love, compassion, and perseverance in doing God’s will as well as an obvious acknowledgement of the divinely inspired potential in every soul He has created. Many would call the results a miracle. The truth is it was the will of God in action for both of them. Love, compassion, and perseverance came together in service.
    Fear and doubt could have stopped this “miracle” of turning what seemed to be a hopeless situation into a wonderful life of accomplishment. But fear of failure and the doubt that it could be done took a backseat to the willful spirit of service to God. If we are to do God’s will on earth fear and doubt must be cast aside.

  • John

    WOW! Thank you and Happy Mother’s Day

  • Wonderful Video Bristol …. To all you Mamma Grizzlies out there “Happy Mothers Day”…. 😉

  • Izzy

    Happy Mothers Day Bristol and your mother of course, Sarah.

    • Bruce Best

      Love your kind comment.

  • Penn

    Happy Mother’s Day, Bristol!

  • Kim Floyd

    I love the video! What a great mom and precious little gift from God! Christian will go on to do many great things for the Lord Jesus! Happy Mothers Day to all!

  • Patricia Gonzalez

    wonderful story. God bless Christian and his family. Big things are coming to Christan. Thank you Bristol for sharing it. God bless you!!

  • Helen Marie Weinar

    What a testimony of Mother’s love! Happy Mother’s day Bristol!

  • Pippa

    Who paid for Christian’s medical care? Does this young couple have health insurance, or did they rely on Medicaid? Who will pay for Christian’s special education, and provide his disability payments for his entire life?

    • 56Survivor

      Pippa, do you really care about the answers to your questions or are you really just pissed that Christian’s parents chose NOT to abort him? Come on……that is really what you are upset about. Right???

  • Lynda Armstrong

    What a beautiful Gift from God…not just the child but the mom and dad who gave him life…

  • Danny Noble

    Tell Sally Happy Mother’s Day for me. I’m a 1958 Richland Bomber too.

  • Donna Stewart

    Thank you so very much for posting this inspirational video. Tears flowed throughout the story of this precious mother and her son. The love of God so permeated His presence throughout the entire video. What a blessed mother and son. Have a happy Mother’s Day Bristol. God bless you.

  • Hi Bristol! I hope you, your mom, your grandmas and all the moms in your family had a great day yesterday!

  • Steve

    I can’t get the video to play is it because I’m on my I phone?

  • Jordan


    Thanks for posting this video. Please continue to highlight these amazing, loving families. We support you and your family always!