Name This Dog: And the Winner Is…

Name This Dog: And the Winner Is… June 13, 2012

Thank you for all of your advice on what to name the Newfoundland puppy!

As I mentioned, we took your comments and narrowed it down to three names:




Well, the winning name was….

(Drumroll, please….)


I think it’s a perfect name for a beautiful puppy!  Thanks for all the comments!

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  • You are beautiful Bristol!

  • Susie

    What a cute name! Looks like a very cuddly pooper. iCal mydogtrigger pooper scoop as a nickname. His real name is Trigger.

  • Excellent choice! =:o]

  • Ed

    Cool,,, I bet he will be.

  • Martha

    Such a cute dog he looks like he’s going to be huge! I hope he and Charlie will get along! I bet Tripp loves his new dog. You will have to post pictures of Riot and Tripp together…a boy and his dog!

  • blueniner

    Good name, when he gets unruley, you can say ‘Theres a Riot Going On” from the old Coasters song “Riot In Cell Block Number 9………..LOL…

  • sally

    Bristol, such a cute name. You are such a great young lady. Even though you got knock up, you have not let that hold you back. A new show next week, cannot wait. You are going places & I know you will do great things.

  • sally

    When are you going to follow in Kim & Paris path on the road to fame & film your own sex tape? You could call it how I did Levi!

    • Patty

      Evidently you were behind the door when it was time to grow up!

    • kelly young

      what a sad excuse for a human you are sally. to not have any thing better to do than with your time than HATE is really a shame, and I do fill sorry for you. I’m going to pray for you to shake off the demons that you have pickeed up along the path you have taken, ad that you get the peace that most people enjoy in life

      • lilly

        learn how to write properly, please. plus spelling correctly would be a plus.

  • Don’tEatTheDog

    Getting a pet is one of the best experiences I’ve shared with my kids, Bristol. You are going to have your hands full with Riot. He is going to dwarf you soon – I bet he dwarfs little Trip already. Congratulations on the new show. You are a strong young woman. Don’t ever forget you have A LOT of good people who are praying for you as you navigate this culture of hate that seems to permeate every level of our society now. Your story is similar to “every girl’s” story, only on display. Stay strong and you WILL inspire people. You already have. That’s why you make the haters so angry. Remember, Palinoia is a mental disorder so we’ll pray for those pathetic souls as well.

  • A good name just arrives by happenstance…keep on truckin…

  • sue

    I am writing to try to help Bristol get at least 10 comments. 10 out of 7.019 billion people in the world is not too much to ask for.

    • sue

      WOW Bristol now has 20 comments!!! Boy is she going to places. Love you Bristol!!

  • henry

    I still like “bear” because of what he will one day look like. Riot works too, the one I had was like a riot while in the house, I won’t say he was clumsey and knocked things over a lot because I don’t want to scare you, what I will say is when a 140 pound dog runs through the house think “CHILD PROOF” your house X 10. LOL

  • Michael

    Hey Sally, Why don’t you learn some respect. That is not how you speak to a lady. Bristol I for one respect you that you stand up for what is right and Godly. Sally, we all will pray for you that you will find truth.

  • Thomas Hubbard

    What is this, did not the Lord say to Adam, go about the earth and name all the creatures. I thought when he came upon this cute black fuzzy creature he said DOG. Now I am confussed. It looks we have a bunch of Riots running.

  • Joseph

    Very cute! I did pick Raider before, but, you’re right, Riot does fit better; it’s cuter! 🙂

  • bellagrazi

    Awesome! That was my pick out of the 3. Enjoy your beautiful new puppy, Bristol. They’re a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. Now, is it Riot Palin or Riot Paoletti? : )

  • Rick

    Great looking Newfy! I had two growing up, Rocko and Buddy. How old is he? Just wait until the drool starts. We had to get ours bibs to wear to wipe it up. Best of luck to you, your family and Riot!

  • Georgia

    It wasn’t my first pick but it is a very cute name and rather suits him. Good choice, Bristol.

  • Diane Knuth

    Love your puppies new name. I hope he brings you and your family much love, laughter & cuddles. 🙂

  • Frank

    Pretty lady, cute puppy, riot is great puppy name.

  • otlset

    Noooooooo……..oh all right.

  • Dennis McHale

    He should have been your “Prince” – Valent!

  • Kevin Vita

    That is a great name!!!!

  • David Dempsey

    Good choice, Bristol. He looks like he will be a Riot and maybe a Raider, too. (ha)

  • Love the name, Bristol…………..and GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS AND USE YOU AND YOUR DEAR FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I have a cat.

  • blackbird

    Bristol, I have a felling about Riot, first move your shoes off the floor and if you have one of those comfortable cushion sofas and chairs sell them for a hard bench or before Riot is 2 you are going to be in debt to the furniture store.

  • blackbird

    Tripp’s new best friend Riot, they’re going to have a lot of adventures together.

  • kevin walston

    riot?seriously?id call him puffy

  • CJ

    “RIOT”……….I love it Bristol!! It was my fav of the 3 too, and I’ll bet he’s already living up to it 🙂 They are so much FUN!!

  • lilly

    Bristol, just another uneducated teen mom.

    • Joan McClure

      Lilly…just another uneducated person who doesn’t know how to capitolize.

      • lilly

        Well Joan we can tell how educated you are. you do not even know how to spell correctly.

        • Llliy waht do we crae waht poelpe lkie yuo tihnk…(We don’t) hpoe yuo lkie my sepllnig …ahahah!!.. here’s a quarter …go way…just because you feel unloved no reason to put others down to make yourself feel better about yourself…ESPECIALLY on a thread about a PUPPY of all things!!! wow you people do not let up. very jr high Lilly…people with low self esteem in jr high used to be mean to others to be like by the group.

          • stfu


      • Michele W.

        Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

    • Joan McClure

      I’m certain she is much more educated than you.

    • Lilly just another mean liberal put down artist-get a life- Bristol has more poise, grace, and charm than most ladies with PHd’s …love the dog!!…but i would have went with “Boo”!

    • Emma Lora

      Oh Lilly,

      I am so sorry that a post about a dog’s name has lead you to make snarky, insecure comments. Surely another blog site would not have touched a nerve. Bristol seems to be a happy adjusted young person who has learned lessons and making good choices. Hang in there Lilly, strive to be positive and gracious.. you can do it girl… give it a try!!

  • Randy

    Bo Riot looks like obama dog

  • Andy Sandoval

    You’re the BEST, Bristol! Keep Blogging!

  • blackbird

    Oh my what big paws you have.
    All the better to scratch you beautiful hardwood floors.

    He is such a cute feller.

  • Rosali Elzig

    Good choice Bristol! Riot is a good name and Hillary my daughter thought it really fit this kind of breed. Maybe some day Hillary can meet your puppy.

  • Robert Folino

    Bristol..I hope u read this message…I just read about the lawsuit being formulated against you bt that homosexual u encountered in that bar…you, my dear are an inspiration to all single moms out there.You are a sexy, very attractive aduly lady who is articulate and should be very proud of yourself…As for your mom, Sarah, she was the perfect female choice to run for vice president..It’s a shame it didn’t work out…I actually think McCain brought down hos own campaign by not being as energetic as your mother..but that aside…the father of your beautiful child.(his name is not even worth mentioning) is a loer of a man and deserves all the STD’S he gets after leaving your zsweetness and now tryinh to make $$$ off of just having sex with you..You are above all of that and keep going forwward..the Good Lord had a plan for you and and maybe uou will meet the right partner, as I am surely trying to find….Anyway, I just wanyed to reach out anf touc u somehow..may u be at peace, and good luck to you , your mom and to all your dreams..NEVER GIVE UP..Sincerely, Robert Folino–if you want email me at u do not.. at least I hope u read this letter..See ya’ cutie-pie…

  • Gary Ernsthausen

    Riot will grow to be a very BIG dog. Tripp and Trig will have fun with him!

  • Amanda

    Hi Bristol,
    You and your family are amazing, not to mention your cute fluffy puppy riot! Please drop me an email if you get a chance, i dont want to post on public comments, im sure you understand why. hope to hear from you soon!

  • Robert Hall

    How about Britol?

  • Laura Rada

    I voted for Clifford but I think Riot will suit him just fine, too! Looking forward to watching your show!!! P.S. If you would leave a comment on my blog you would TOTALLY make my day!!! I’ve been working hard on it for over 3 years:) I’m a big fan! You know those crazy awesome things that you just can’t imagine happening—well that would be one for me! It’s We share the same values and faith and I admire you lots! I shouldn’t be begging but guess I am aren’t I? From one small town girl to another;0) And no more begging, I promise!

  • Lindsay

    Lovr you and love your new puppy!! What kind is he??

  • You know you are marking Riot, ha, he’ll be a riot now. My sister named her Bulldog, Rowdy and he well lived up to his name, but come to think of it, Riot might not be as disastrous as Rowdy. Enjoy!

  • well i am still disappointed,, I still think Dog Biscuit would have been better,,, lol,,

  • Michele Bango

    Just wondering if the puppy is as big as you yet?? (or bigger) 🙂