News Flash: Twitter is Full of Haters

Remember when I didn’t want to be on Twitter?   (Read Why I’m Not on Twitter as a refresher!) Later, I caved and put this blog on Twitter, so I could communicate better with you guys, and it’s been interesting so far.  The reason I didn’t initially want to join was because Twitter seems to be so full of haters.  Recently, a study showed that my gut feeling was true:

The survey tank’s latest findings sum up a year’s worth of comparisons between the reactions of the general public to breaking-news events and the tenor of the reactions on Twitter. The main takeaway isn’t surprising, but it’s worth noting nonetheless: As much as the media leans on Twitter as an instant public-opinion barometer, the microblogging site’s users really aren’t representative of the nation at large.

Twitter users skew young and left—they leaned hard toward Barack Obama during the election and for gay rights in California. But the most consistent bias that Pew found was not toward liberals or conservatives. It was a bias against, well, almost everything. For instance, the Twitterati were heavily against Obama’s nomination of John Kerry for Secretary of State, and they thought the president’s 2012 State of the Union speech was a stinker. (In both cases, Pew found the public as a whole generally supportive.) And while they evinced more hate for Romney than Obama overall, negative comments toward both “exceeded positive comments by a wide margin throughout the fall campaign season.” In Pew’s words:

At times the Twitter conversation is more liberal than survey responses, while at other times it is more conservative. Often it is the overall negativity that stands out.

So, what do you think?  Do you guys who are on Twitter love it or hate it?  This blog is on there… for now, though we get lots of mean Tweets from people.  If you’d like to follow me there, please go here… and show me some Twitter love instead of hate!

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  • Joanne

    I’m not a HATER but agree with the comment on why does anyone care about bristol palin and her oversized family with their undersized values—-get real.

    • Lynne

      Joanne, you might want to look up the definition of a hater. You just came on her blog to spread hate, so yeah you are a hater. So dear, you might want to “get real”,

    • nohype

      And yet you, who professes not to care about Bristol Plain, not only came to this site but spent time to leave a disparaging comment that is off topic. But you are not a HATER.

    • Bryan

      Sounds like you are a hater, Joanne. This is her bog if you dont like her opinion, politics on things then don’t read what she has to say. I’m not on as twitter as much either, but would love to put my blogs on twitter (but havn’t figured it out yet) . Bristol Palin is a great and amazing patriot and so is here family. They tell it like it is aren’t part of the political realm they are part of the average american people. And to Bristol if you’re mom ever runs for the President she’d get my vote i am a huge supporter of both of you and your mom. And to Bristol i’ve seen hate anti-palin hate on my pro-palin facebook and blogs too. It’s plain silly how liberas spread so much hate, and it just shows that your family is a threat to the liberal agenda. Keep up the good work, they more they try to bring you down means you are doing the right thing keep up the good work and that goes with your mom too. I am grateful you are in the public view now. And we need more people like the Palins in politics i hope someday you’re mom becomes President and then if ever you’d decide to run yourself i’d definantely vote for you too.

    • RebFan

      Then stop following her!

  • Jill Newsom

    Dislike twitter! Love you and your family! True Americans!!!

  • Renny

    There are many conservatives on Twitter. What you have to do is find them and build your following and followers with them. Block the haters. Haters are everywhere, but so are normal people. It’s easier for kids to be stupid on twitter etc. Do not run away.

  • Rira

    Twitter is crap. Full of hate. Full of bs. Either left or right…Just bs.

  • Sue Lynn

    I think Bristol Palin is Brave,Truthful and Inspiring!!!!! God Bless the Palin and Heath Families!!! Give Trig and Trip a kiss for me!

  • David Cochran

    I don’t doubt you receive hateful responses, based on what I read on your mom’s twitter page. They ridicule and spew hateful vitriol at her every post. They talk about how irrelevant she is, but they rush to their computers every time she tweets something. I find it despicable that some people actually go to a social network site and, oftentimes under anonymity, wish death and suffering on a Christian lady and her family, simply because they disagree with her political views. They apparently feel this justifies their pathetic and useless existence. These are people who take what they can and give nothing in return. Many of them probably belong locked up in prison or a mental institution.

  • Ron Devito

    It’s been a long time since I commented here. I hope you’re well. I respectfully disagree that Twitter has a larger problem with haters than other venues – such Facebook or website comment boards. Facebook has a long-running page hate page referencing your mom. They refuse to take it down and it’s made major news. Facebook is full of “pretty women seeking men” who are actually men posing as women. We all get “friend” requests from these.
    The issue isn’t about Twitter or Facebook or some site. The Internet as a whole allows people to be anonymous and use fictitious identities. Some people build fictitious personalities around some moniker. These anonymous cowards say things they would never say if their real identities were known.
    I know on my own site, I don’t permit anonymous comments for that reason. Period. I’m not interested in the words of a person who cannot be forthright about who he or she is, and that rule has worked very well for me.
    David Cochran’s observations are spot on, but it’s not just Twitter. Everything he described happens on Facebook, and happens on comment boards of news sites across the country every day. Twitter is only a small microcosm of what’s out there, which is actually a darker picture unfortunately.
    Many of your supporters, such as me are on Twitter too, so it cuts both ways.
    Send my regards to Trig, and to the entire family.

  • Luciana

    Not everything is a liberal conspiracy. Stop playing the victim card. Accept the fact that some of the hate you’ve received is due to your own actions (ex. appearing on Dancing with the Stars and starring in reality shows despite hating the media and repeatedly claiming you’re not a celebrity, bashing gay marriage despite being an unwed teen mom, bashing Obama’s daughters despite hating when people bash you, etc…).

    • LMA

      This is true, Luciana. One thing that amazes me about people who participate in online social media is that they’re constantly complaining about being the subject of hate. The Internet is the “great equalizer.” That means, anyone can be who they really are or who they wish to be under the cloak of anonymity. If a usually meek person wants to be a bloviating bully on the Internet, well, they can. It’s cowardly, for sure, but that’s the risk we take when we participate — we never know who we’re really interacting with. It’s one of the reasons I’m not on Twitter or Facebook. I understand Bristol’s apprehension to participate, and I feel that in-person communication is so much more satisfying, as the conversations I have with friends and family are respectful.

      That said, what we send out into cyberspace is what we get back. The blowback Bristol gets is not totally uncalled for. While I agree that we should be more open to differing opinions, she’s quite outspoken and should expect that others will not agree with her. Kate’s response to you is a good example. Because you disagree that Bristol is an innocent “victim” of hate (and again, she definitely doesn’t deserve all the hate that’s thrown her way), Kate has accused you of “not having a lot going on” and said that “nobody gives two shits what you think.” She’s slammed you. So really, you have more in common with Bristol’s POV, as proven by the rude, angry, hateful Kate, who you probably don’t even know.

  • Brooke

    Leave Twitter and stay on Facebook! I love hearing about you and your family and love seeing pictures . I also loved your show…extremely disappointed it was cancelled!!!

  • Kate

    @Lucinana.. Doesn’t say very much about you, coming on to a persons blog who you clearly don’t like, and commenting about how you don’t like them. For the future, you should know that no body on here gives two shits what you think. If you don’t like Bristol, why don’t you go find something better to do with your time than hate on her on her blog. I feel like you probably don’t have a lot going on.

    • Dawn

      Hate much Kate?

    • Diggertoo

      Everything Luciana said is true. If it was your child whining like Bristol does on this post what advise would you give? Buck it up and grow a thicker skin – words are just words. If you can’t handle the heat get out of the kitchen.