News Flash: Twitter is Full of Haters

Remember when I didn’t want to be on Twitter?   (Read Why I’m Not on Twitter as a refresher!) Later, I caved and put this blog on Twitter, so I could communicate better with you guys, and it’s been interesting so far.  The reason I didn’t initially want to join was because Twitter seems to be so full of haters.  Recently, a study showed that my gut feeling was true:

The survey tank’s latest findings sum up a year’s worth of comparisons between the reactions of the general public to breaking-news events and the tenor of the reactions on Twitter. The main takeaway isn’t surprising, but it’s worth noting nonetheless: As much as the media leans on Twitter as an instant public-opinion barometer, the microblogging site’s users really aren’t representative of the nation at large.

Twitter users skew young and left—they leaned hard toward Barack Obama during the election and for gay rights in California. But the most consistent bias that Pew found was not toward liberals or conservatives. It was a bias against, well, almost everything. For instance, the Twitterati were heavily against Obama’s nomination of John Kerry for Secretary of State, and they thought the president’s 2012 State of the Union speech was a stinker. (In both cases, Pew found the public as a whole generally supportive.) And while they evinced more hate for Romney than Obama overall, negative comments toward both “exceeded positive comments by a wide margin throughout the fall campaign season.” In Pew’s words:

At times the Twitter conversation is more liberal than survey responses, while at other times it is more conservative. Often it is the overall negativity that stands out.

So, what do you think?  Do you guys who are on Twitter love it or hate it?  This blog is on there… for now, though we get lots of mean Tweets from people.  If you’d like to follow me there, please go here… and show me some Twitter love instead of hate!

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  • David

    Bristol, just ignore the Palin Haters – most of what they say is stupid and/or filthy.
    It is easy to Block anyone on Twitter if you don’t like their Tweets.
    I like Twitter since I got the hang of it, and use it more than I do Facebook.

  • Cheyenne

    I would follow you on Twitter but like you said to much hate so why bother even joining in the first place. So I will just read your blog which presents the real you better than Twitter ever could.

  • Sarah2016

    The article itself is skewed when it places blame on both the Left & Right. The Right may voice criticism on socialist-leaning Dem issues, but the Left dominates twitter w/ it’s vile ad hominem attacks. Just check the immediate, knee-jerk responses to a Sarah Palin tweet…they are pure scum, including death threats to a very honorable woman & patriot.

    Like Andrew Breitbart said, this hate is the Left’s main objective…smear a person’s charachter in an Ainsky fashion so you won’t pay attention to what they say. So, Bristol, please keep fighting & stay on twitter…your voice resonates w/ many who still have individual critical thought divorce from the Lib-Obama-worshiping groupthink. While the Left always controls the MSM, they should not have a monopoly on twitter, too.

    • LMA

      “The article itself is skewed when it places blame on both the Left & Right.”

      And you’ve done your own scientifically sound investigating, Sarah2016, to disprove the article? The rest of your comment is purely subjective.

    • Dawn

      I didn’t know ann coulter, rush limbaugh, michelle malkin, ted nugent, and the majority of fox news people, to name a few, were lefties. They smear peoples character all the time. I guess these people are Obama worshipers too, right Sarah 2016?

      • melory

        Do you listen to Rush and read Michelle’s blog or are you just repeating what the LSM feeds you about them? The real Rush and Michelle are just truth-tellers. Check and double-check what they are saying – and if you are honest, you will agree with me.

        • Dawn

          Such loyalty to such hateful people. I don’t understand how anyone with half a brain could get sucked into the conservative entertainment complex. I wouldn’t waste my breath on you listing some of the hateful, vile things these people have said on radio, on twitter and on their websites. How anyone could defend a six time married, lowlife druggie who makes millions of dollars off of suckers like you is beyond me. I bet you love ted nugent too. A pant crapping, draft dodging pedophile and conservatives love him.

          • melory

            I take it then you never listen to them – you just repeat the media lies about them.

            I asked you a question and you in turn wrote me a nasty post – Bristol is right about you guys!

        • Dawn

          Tell me what is a lie melory. And no, I don’t listen to people like that. I have a mind of my own. Some people need to be told how to think, I’m not one of them. Charles Manson had followers like that. So do most televangelists.

          • melory

            So you hate and have a very strong opinion about people that you have never even listened to, just based on what other people and the media/Democrats are telling you about them? And you believe you are actually doing your own thinking?

  • NanaJ

    I am on Twitter & FB but do not have it hooked up to my phone. I rarely text. I do use Twitter to receive news instantly but verify it. I enjoy communicating with friends and family but try to remain positive online. I do not expect everyone to be positive. I am not in the public limelight so it’s easier for this conservative online. As nasty as many twitter posts are, I still believe in freedom of speech for everyone.

  • Nicole

    Bristol, just a word of advice: putting the contact information (twitter handle) for someone who has said negative things about you on your blog, where many of your supporters will read it, is opening that person to potential online abuse. You may want to consider the respectful action of removing identifying information from a post before you show it here.

  • kayla

    im not sure i would be on twitter to save my life. life is better tweet-free!

  • CrustyB

    I quit Twitter just over a year ago because I was it’s where stupid goes to thrive. Liberals seems to split their time evenly between preaching against hatred and engaging in hatred.

    Like an old boss told me, if you’re not pissing someone off, you’re not doing your job!

  • Keith Sparbanie

    Bristol, Yeah, there are haters on Twitter, but the comments section of liberal blogs are the worst. I do mu best to counter the nonsense with the TRUTH about your Mom but some people just won’t read and comprehend facts.

  • Tootie

    It is Biblical. No one was hated like Jesus. If you want to get a reaction today, just call homoscxuality a sin. I was so proud of Kirk Cameron. He is not hateful but refused to back down on his comments that it was a sin. By contrast, Stephen Baldwin went on Rosie’s program!! There he told her pretty much what she wanted to hear. He didn’t make Jesus happy. How are people in bondage ever going to be delivered if they are told they are fine just as they are or that there is nothing to be done for them?

    • Dawn

      How about just minding your own business. What gives YOU the right to tell ANYONE who they can or cannot love. Most of the bigots will be long gone in the next 30 years and the world will be a better place. P.S. you don’t make Jesus happy.

  • Tawny Jones

    We love beautiful Bristol and the precious, proud, patriotic Palin family.