Happy Birthday, Trig!!

Five years ago today, God sent our family an angel! Happy fifth birthday Trig Paxson Van Palin!!

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  • Grace

    He’s so cute! Happy birthday little dude!

  • kristen peterson

    happy happy birthday big guy!!! :D thanks for sharing such wonderful pictures Bristol :)

  • Grace

    by the way, those pictures are great! Thanks, Bristol! :)

  • Whitney

    Happy Birthday Trig!! Him and my angel are less than a month apart. Jewel turned 5 March 20th.

  • Barbara

    Happy Birthday Trig! You are a beautiful member of your family. God Bless you!

  • Caroline Jenkins

    Happy Birthday, Trig! ‘Hope you get lots of birthday love today.

  • ph

    Happy Birthday Trig!

  • Shaunika Dearman

    Happy Birthday Trig! Oh my…he’s so adorable!

  • Kirstin Fitzgerald

    Happy Birthday, Trig!!

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