Join My Family in Arizona This Weekend As My Sister Graduates!

Willow is graduating from cosmetology school! This weekend, my whole family is going to Arizona for her graduation and I couldn’t be more proud of her.  (I take partial credit, because I was her guinea pig for so many years!)

In honor of my sister, my family’s going to gather near her school in Arizona and walking in the Hope & A Future’s Strikeout Child Abuse Walk this Saturday at 3pm in Phoenix. (And not a second too soon, because it’s been sooo cold up here.)  According to the organization’s website:

The walk is designed to combat child abuse through public awareness and financial support of programs that benefit Arizona foster children.

The event kicks off with a brief 1-mile family walk through downtown Phoenix and ends at Chase Field in time for participants to watch the Arizona Diamondbacks take on the Los Angeles Dodgers

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, so what a great way to bring awareness to this issue. Do you want to come out and walk?  Learn more and register here.

Make sure you wave if you see me!

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  • Kirstin Fitzgerald

    Congrats to Willow!! I remember watching the show when she decided on the school.

  • CJ

    How wondeful! CONGRATULATIONS Willow! :) YOU DID IT! :)
    Wish I could join you all during this very special time. OXO

  • TrueBlue

    Willow is absolutely gorgeous. She said once that she didn’t like liberals, but here’s one liberal who likes her moxie. Congrats on the graduation.

  • Thotocv

    Trueblue, willow is probably just repeating her moms words. She probably doesn’t even know what liberals are all about and could very well end up being one herself if she gets out from under her parents’ purse springs. As for the graduation, I didn’t realize they actually have them for cosmetology certificates but good for Willow to at least get that bit of post secondary education.

    • liberty

      Oh very brainy one do tell what are “purse springs”

  • AlphaOmega

    Bristol, my wife and I love you. You’re a good hearted person and a blessing to those in your life. Don’t ever get discouraged by negative people. Keep living an honest, upright, Godly life and He will take care of the rest

    Married 20 years next month :)

  • apostle paul w.f.

    I think that is great! God bless the entire Palin family. My inlaws live in Phx and it’s going to be great weather this weekend for you.

  • michael

    God bless you Willow.

    Congratulations on your graduation.

    It is so great you and your family support the Hope & A Future’s Strikeout Child Abuse Walk.

    Sarah Palin 2016!

  • Thotocv

    Oh too funny! Sarah Palin had her write take up FZbyo write some drivel about choosing vocational school over college. Like Willow had any desire for college…. or even high school. She, like Bristol and Track didnt even finish at her high school. But rather dropped out and was ” homeschooled”. Right…… And to make things more ridiculous, ” Sarah” repeats claims Bristol made last year that Willow graduated high school early. Bill. Willow was born July 1994 so ” early”
    is not last June. It’s just normal. But maybe normal is early for a Palin when it comes to graduation? That’s the only explanation for the claim.

  • dcbelleonwheels

    Wow, Thotocv… must you be so nasty? You might want to go get some therapy to deal with whatever hurt it is that causes you to choose to focus on bringing up “facts” and skewing them to be something ugly instead of choosing to celebrate Willow’s achievement. She’s doing something with her life. What are YOU doing (besides being nasty, I mean)?

    Bristol, please pass along our family’s heartfelt congratulations to Willow for this accomplishment! She’s going to be amazing in the field of as, Steel Magnolias puts it, “Personal Beauty Technician”. May God give her a listening ear and gentle spirit to those He will guide to her chair.

    Blessings to the entire Palin family!

  • michael

    Don’t feed the trolls.