A Sneak Peak for Tonight’s “Wife Swap!”

Tonight at 8 p.m. is the season premiere of “Celebrity Wife Swap” on ABC, and I’m going to be on it!  Here’s a description from ABC:

Bristol and Willow Palin, daughters of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, trade lives with one of TV’s most popular mother-daughter duos, Joan and Melissa Rivers.

Watch below for a sneak peak.  Also, tune in tonight and let me know what you think of the episode in the comments below!

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  • David

    Bristol, will you and Willow be on the show next Sunday?
    Sorry, I missed the show last night.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • bellagrazi

    So awesome! So proud of you, Bristol. Gracious, as always. My favorite part was when Joan got so emotional talking about how much she adored you. And then you got emotional. Very sweet moment. A very real moment. You have a good heart, Bristol. Even Joan Rivers couldn’t ignore that fact. She deserves a lot of credit for being honest.

  • guest

    Really, What kind of mother has to tell her 4 yr old “no cussing”

    • mj58

      A mother who cuss in front of her 4 yr old.

    • Trueblood33

      A normal one. Go visit youtube and type in kids cussing. Kids pick up things from everywhere. And unless you’ve NEVER dropped one swear word in your life (right), you’re hypocritical for judging.

    • Susan

      Any child who attends even a Christian preschool, with children who have older siblings, unfortunately picks up swear words at school. You must really be out of the loop.

  • otlset

    I can’t figure out why it’s called “Wife Swap”. Where are the wives?

  • Erin

    I enjoyed the episode and liked seeing the lessons that Bristol and Melissa implemented! While this question may be irrelevant- it’s about fashion. I’ve never been able to find cute, functional boots like the ones Bristol is wearing during the opening with Tripp and Willow. So after many failed searches on Google I am reaching out on here. Bristol, what type of boots are you wearing? :o)

  • Ron Gilmer

    I tuned in on this by accident! Bristol, you have come such a long way! The remarks at the end by Joan Rivers were way out of line but you, your character, which to me is the most important, absolutely ruled the time! I know you were a credit to your family and your sister would not go past the point that she felt comfortable with; smart and sincere move! I felt that River’s daughter, alone, was not a piranha like her mother and you both, you and River’s daughter, walked the line tight but successful! I think and believe if you were picked to go up against River’s for any reason that was totally ethical you were perfect! If the reason was to try and embarrass you or your family in anyway the other side will be licking their wounds and I saw a lady fielding every move with dignity! Well Done!

  • Melinda

    Does no one here see the disconnect when Bristol tried to claim she’s not into politics when asked about homosexuality at Joan’s dinner party. Ahem…. There was quite an opinionated piece on this blog against gay marriage. Sorry, but that’s cowardly of Bristol. If Bristol really feels that way and speaks up about it from the safety of this blog, she should do the same when asked face- to-face instead of running away. And as an aside…. Hurray for the SCOTUS ruling today! Now hopefully the White House will make sure these federal changes apply in all states

    • otlset

      What you call cowardly, others might call discretion being the better part of valor, depending on the circumstances when trying to be cooperative and friendly in other respects.

    • 1MiddleRoader

      I only caught the tail end of the episode, so I didn’t see the part you’re talking about, but I agree–She has every right to choose not to discuss it at a dinner party, but to claim she’s not into politics is a bit disingenuous when the description of this blog says it’s about how “faith, fame and politics influence her life as she seeks to inspire others.” However, she was probably wise not to get into a heated argument in which probably no minds would be changed, and it would have detracted from the premise of the show, which (I think) was about parenting styles.

  • Jthom26837

    This just goes to show everybody, Pro- Sarah Palin, and Anti- Sarah Palin alike: The Palin Girls, Bristol and Willow have both follow the key advice from their mom, Sarah: ‘Get out of your comfort zone and have fun.’ They accomplished that feet with a smile and ease. We fellow Palinistas have both of your backs. Get’em!

    I Stand with Sarah Palin!!!