Retire the Word

Mom linked to this on her Facebook page, and I agree.  It hurts my heart to think about people using this word to describe my brother.  Let’s just quit using it too:

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  • hibiscus72

    when have you ever not agreed with your mom? good show tonight btw but Tripp really does need some discipline. It’s hard at his age and given how young you were when you had him I fully understand … if you don’t mind a few words of advice though.. nip it in the bud now before he gets to the age you were when you got impregnated.

    • hibiscus72

      time flies, Bristol. you hit 20 and before you know it you’re 30. Get a grip on Tripp before it’s too late. He is adorable and oh so boyish now but think of the consequences if you don’t set some boundaries.

      • hibiscus72

        good luck to you. FYI I was a mere 2 years older than you when I had my son.

        • Trueblood33

          she knows this, as she said 🙂 At the end it said the chart has continued to work. Just look at how easily he goes to sleep. Smart boy.

    • mj58

      No excuse, it is not hard to handle a four years old… He need a good spanking. He hit Willow throughout the show. He don’t listen to her.

      • Trueblood33

        And mj58, you apparently have no children. WOW.

        At the beginning of the show, when Willow told him to sit down, he actually did so with little fight. So,he does listen. She just learned to be less a buddy than “boss” so to speak so he listens all the time. At least he does understand the good side of behavior. Many kids are much worse and have zero understanding.

        At the beginning when he kissed mommy bye (picture), you could tell he was going through that preschool behavior of “mommy dont leave,” but actually he progressed well and showed throughout the show he is a good boy who, when not provoked out of fun, knows manners.

        Life is learning. All parents know that behavior and all face the same issues.

        • Trueblood33


  • hibiscus72

    definition of retardation: Occurring or developing later than desired or expected; delayed.
    does that not describe Trig?

    nothing wrong with that only now, we as a society have become so politically correct we’re forced to use a different word with the same definition.

    It’s just a word, Bristol, don’t get so up in arms about it. Your mom uses many politically and biblical incorrect words on a daily basis.

    • ha ha

      Yeah…. you’re opening a can of worms there hibiscus. Tell me, what’s the dictionary definition of nigger?

      • True Conservative

        ha ha,
        You and the palin clan have no class, and you don’t hide the fact that you are ALL racists. Thank you for reinforcing your TRUE colors. Quiet honest of you…

    • hrh40

      Maher ABSOLUTELY was not using the word in that way.

      He was ABSOLUTELY using it in a derogatory way. He has done it before.

      That’s the point.

      Stop ignoring the point.

    • mj58

      Do you have proof he actually said the retarded… because nobody heard him, except one lying crazy person who was kick off his show.

    • Trueblood33

      You just gave people justification for identifying people with words that mock something they can’t control. Let’s just all call gays the f word, black people the n word, natives red skins, and ….

      Yes, many people were born with developmental difficulties. Let’s not make their lives worse by describing them with words that focus on that. It’s hurtful. The point of her post is that people are people. We should all be treated equally and not have areas highlighted.

    • HuntingMoose

      according to that definition, it is Maher and many leftists that are the retards.

      they are way behind in common sense, they are retarded in common sense.

      and no, it does not describe trig. Trig is handicapped and for the same reason you would not call a cripple that because he walks slow.

      And by the way, when it comes to the ability to giving joy, pretty sure that Trig is the genious,

      For Maher, I don’t think making jokes at others expense is a form of genius but more a form of retardation in Maher’s mental development to know what makes people happy and what is funny.

      • 1MiddleRoader

        “Crippled” is a very good analogy. When I was a kid, it was a perfectly acceptable word. There was an institution near me called “Home for Crippled Children” (obviously it’s been since renamed). Somewhere along the way, “cripple” acquired a negative connotation (although not as negative as the r-word), was replaced with “physically handicapped,” which also became kind of negative, and now more acceptable terms are “physically challenged” or “disabled”. As I said in another comment, I personally think disabled is the most negative, but my personal opinion doesn’t really matter- it’s what society as a whole rejects or accepts.

  • SueB

    I agree with you, Bristol. It’s always used in a very derogatory way. What if instead people used “You’re such a radical muslim” in the same derogatory way – do you think that would acceptable? I’m sure the word police would want to stamp that out immediately. By the way, your Mom had a great post on immigration today on Facebook.

  • CJ Hill

    There’s a wonderful organization aimed at promoting awareness:

    It’s time to retire the word and the attitude.

  • 1MiddleRoader

    I agree with CJ that we need to retire the word AND the attitude. The word itself (with the -ed at the end) is really a definition of the condition. It’s not inherently derogatory, but it is often used in a derogatory way. I’m old enough to remember when it was the politically correct word (replacing the cringe-worthy “Mongoloid”). In the medical/educational word, the term is still acceptable, but it is gradually being replaced with “intellectually disabled (ID).” Frankly, on the sheer face of it, I think ID is a more negative term. It implies non-functioning. (If you’re computer is disabled, it doesn’t work.) “Retarded” means slow, and that is actually a better, more positive description. But once a word gets a negative connotation, it’s hard to put the toothpaste back in the bottle. So yes, retire the word. But it’s only a matter of time before ID becomes a derogatory word. While I’m on the subject, why it is OK to call people crazy? Mental illness is a real disease also. Remember a few years ago, when people would jokingly ask if a person was dropped on the head as a baby? That’s traumatic brain injury, not a joking matter. Is it OK to call a joke “lame”?
    Is it OK to call people stupid, or ugly, or morons, or idiots?. As someone who’s a shade under 5 ft tall, should I take umbrage at Palin calling Maher “little” Bill, who needs to feel “big”? My point is, yes, certain words should be retired, but the underlying attitude is the larger problem. And people with disabilities need to develop strategies to handle situations when they are called names. Sometimes a simple “That’s unkind” will do. Sometimes something along the lines of “Yes, I’m a slow learner, but at least I’ve learned not to call people names.” might work.

    • BestHalf

      I agree … your assessment is 100% correct!!

  • David

    Yeah, that word should be retired along with a few other words.
    Most of the time, Comedians should not be taken seriously. They often say whatever comes to their minds during their act without thinking about what they are saying … who might be offended or whatever … they probably don’t really care … they are used to saying just about anything … and most of the time they can get away with it.
    But … comedians like Bill Maher and David Lettermen are trying to Upset your Mother when they talk about your Family.
    I’m glad that your Mom did not let Maher get away with what he said.

  • VL123

    that’s retarded… I have to be politically correct b/c you take it personally? LOL

  • bellagrazi

    Hurts my heart, too, Bristol. Great video. Indefensible word.

  • guest

    But Sarah said Rush was ok to say it cause it was “satire”

    Seriously, you girls and your son have used slurs about gay people. You don’t like it when its directed at you instead. How about you be an example and change yourself instead of a acting like the town hypocrite.

    • Trueblood33

      Bristol’s never used that term. And Willow’s never been heard saying it. She did apologize to that young gay man last year when he confronted her (in DC at CPAC). Why don’t you not judge? Yes, the term ‘gay’ is used widely in high schools etc.

    • donalddump

      Don’t forget Ann Coulter. Sarah didn’t make a peep about her using the word to describe people.
      Sarah also defended that wacko radio host, what’s her name, Laura something, going on a gay slur filled rant. I believe sarah talked about liberals getting their PC panties all wadded up. Lesson here, it only matters if liberals say it.

      • 1MiddleRoader

        I agree that there’s hypocrisy here, but that doesn’t change the fact that the r-word is hurtful to people with DS and other intellectual disabilities. And I think Sarah Palin should have publicly denounced Coulter’s use of the word. The fact that Coulter is called out in this video at least a step in the right direction. And Palin’s calling for Rahm Emanuel’s resignation for using the word in a private meeting was laughable and politically motivated. Also interesting is that in Palin’s FB post on this, she mentioned Obama’s Special Olympics remark on Leno, failing to mention that Obama apologized to the head of the Special Olympics immediately after his appearance (on Air Force 1). And years later, Palin was on Fox and mentioned it again, adding that she “didn’t think” he apologized, when she knew (or should have known) full well that he did. If she cared that much about those “mocking words” she’d have remembered that he apologized (also interesting that Hannity didn’t correct her.)

        So yeah, lots of hypocrisy from Sarah P., but still, how hard is it to just not use that word?? I myself was partial to the phrase
        “Anyone with half a brain…” until I saw a documentary on a child who, due to epilepsy, literally had half her brain removed and is doing remarkably well. I still slip up sometimes, but I try not to use that phrase any more (just a personal choice on my part, not b/c anyone has told me if was offensive.) The fact is our vocabulary is full of colorful expressions that often have dubious histories. Look up “cakewalk” in Wikipedia for an example- I was shocked when I learned its origins, but I still use it, b/c I don’t think it has retained its derogatory connotation. But the r-word obviously has, as the movement to retire it shows. And Ann Coulter is wrong that that word is just a general insult meaning “loser”.

  • mj58

    Out of all the people present, only one person heard him called Trig retarded, and that was after he got kick out.

    • Trueblood33

      People use that term daily. And obviously, it’s always hurt families who have DS relatives. The Palins are no exception. They all just want people to be more cognizant of words and how those words are taken by certain people. Trig has never not been a loved boy, cherished by all.

  • otlset

    If there was only a way to retire Maher, or at least retard his output of hateful rantings he and the trained seals in his audience consider ‘humor’.

  • HuntingMoose

    there is nothing wrong with the word. look up the dictionary -something that is behind or late.

    it has nothing to do with those with an handicap because they are not late or behind, they are the ones with extra obstacles to overcome with more limted resources.

    it is easier to make the case that maher is not only hateful but he is also a moronic idiot who is retarded, retarded in knowing what the word means, retarded in his emphathy towards others, retarded in his whole liberal think in a knot make no sense idiocacy.

    liberals are the ones that make themselves retards by not educating themselves.

    but just for the fun of it, take a sports analogy. by mahers thinking, those in the little league are retards as well compared those in the big one. “comedians” who are not funny because they have’t figured out yet what even a 2 years old know what is funny or not, yes, they are retards.

    and your little brother, with his handicaps but with his family, pretty sure he is way ahead in common sense. Compared with him, Maher is way behind in common sense, compared with him, maher is the retard. perfect word. just need to be applied it to the right person.

    O, and did I mention that Trig is a genius when it comes to his mental capabilities to give people joy?

    • 1MiddleRoader

      I get your general point, but I disagree that the r-word has nothing to do with those who have a handicap. In a strictly medical sense, it perfectly describes children like Trig, who have mild DS. They are perfectly capable of learning; it just takes them longer to get there. (as opposed to those with learning disabilities, who are of normal IQ, but process information differently than those who don’t have a learning disability.) But if you’re going to “retire the r-word,” then you need to do it across the board–you can’t pick and choose to whom you apply it.

  • Liberalgirl

    I love how it’s okay for conservatives to say it as “satire” but when a liberal does it it’s bad. Conservative hypocrisy at it’s finest.

  • jessica

    Mental Retardation is in the DSM-IV. It was taken out of the DMS-V and renamed “Intellectual Disability”. The DSM-V is not officially “out” yet so today Mental Retardation is still a real, clinical diagnosis. The words “Queer”, “Faggot”, and “Raghead”, all used by Willow, are far more offensive.

    • 1MiddleRoader

      In fairness, Willow was 16 when she used those words (and I could be wrong about this, but I think it was her then-boyfriend, not her, who used the raghead term), so I’d cut her some slack. We all did things as teenagers that we regret later (Luckily, there was no Facebook when I was a teen!) However, I did find it interesting that when Palin defended her daughter (in 2010), she said Willow “used a bad word,” leaving it up to the viewers to decide whether the bad word referred to obscenities or gay slurs, since both were in the FB comments. Palin said she advised Willow that there’s “no justice here and you just have to zip your lip and let’s move forward.” She could have still been the Mama Grizzly and defended her child while noting that the gay slur is offensive. But she didn’t.

    • otlset

      I’ll call the word police. Willow must be punished for such offenses.

      • otlset

        Dang, I keep getting Media Matters, must have the wrong number. Or else the rines are crossed. Uh-oh, another offense!

  • I agree — it’s just not the word to use. There are pastors that I know that have used it before when preaching… it’s become engrained in many American’s vocabularies. A lot of times, when that happens, words lose their meaning to those that just throw them around and forget how hurtful it can be to those around them.

  • Michael Cummings

    My mother’s name is gay…(there was) nothing wrong with that word until it became slang for homosexual and sodomite. Though THAT OTHER WORD doesn’t bother me still the Palins and I never would think it describes their youngest. He is most always photographed happy…thank goodness he wouldn’t want to watch Bill Scar and surely wouldn’t be old enough. Bill sure is a drama queen. Making fun at Conservatives because he’s a liberal (douchbag) should never be about a sweet loving 5 year old. What a monster. HBO needs to tell him to…well I will keep it PG.