Retire the Word

Mom linked to this on her Facebook page, and I agree.  It hurts my heart to think about people using this word to describe my brother.  Let’s just quit using it too:

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  • otlset

    If there was only a way to retire Maher, or at least retard his output of hateful rantings he and the trained seals in his audience consider ‘humor’.

  • HuntingMoose

    there is nothing wrong with the word. look up the dictionary -something that is behind or late.

    it has nothing to do with those with an handicap because they are not late or behind, they are the ones with extra obstacles to overcome with more limted resources.

    it is easier to make the case that maher is not only hateful but he is also a moronic idiot who is retarded, retarded in knowing what the word means, retarded in his emphathy towards others, retarded in his whole liberal think in a knot make no sense idiocacy.

    liberals are the ones that make themselves retards by not educating themselves.

    but just for the fun of it, take a sports analogy. by mahers thinking, those in the little league are retards as well compared those in the big one. “comedians” who are not funny because they have’t figured out yet what even a 2 years old know what is funny or not, yes, they are retards.

    and your little brother, with his handicaps but with his family, pretty sure he is way ahead in common sense. Compared with him, Maher is way behind in common sense, compared with him, maher is the retard. perfect word. just need to be applied it to the right person.

    O, and did I mention that Trig is a genius when it comes to his mental capabilities to give people joy?

    • 1MiddleRoader

      I get your general point, but I disagree that the r-word has nothing to do with those who have a handicap. In a strictly medical sense, it perfectly describes children like Trig, who have mild DS. They are perfectly capable of learning; it just takes them longer to get there. (as opposed to those with learning disabilities, who are of normal IQ, but process information differently than those who don’t have a learning disability.) But if you’re going to “retire the r-word,” then you need to do it across the board–you can’t pick and choose to whom you apply it.

  • Liberalgirl

    I love how it’s okay for conservatives to say it as “satire” but when a liberal does it it’s bad. Conservative hypocrisy at it’s finest.

  • jessica

    Mental Retardation is in the DSM-IV. It was taken out of the DMS-V and renamed “Intellectual Disability”. The DSM-V is not officially “out” yet so today Mental Retardation is still a real, clinical diagnosis. The words “Queer”, “Faggot”, and “Raghead”, all used by Willow, are far more offensive.

    • 1MiddleRoader

      In fairness, Willow was 16 when she used those words (and I could be wrong about this, but I think it was her then-boyfriend, not her, who used the raghead term), so I’d cut her some slack. We all did things as teenagers that we regret later (Luckily, there was no Facebook when I was a teen!) However, I did find it interesting that when Palin defended her daughter (in 2010), she said Willow “used a bad word,” leaving it up to the viewers to decide whether the bad word referred to obscenities or gay slurs, since both were in the FB comments. Palin said she advised Willow that there’s “no justice here and you just have to zip your lip and let’s move forward.” She could have still been the Mama Grizzly and defended her child while noting that the gay slur is offensive. But she didn’t.

    • otlset

      I’ll call the word police. Willow must be punished for such offenses.

      • otlset

        Dang, I keep getting Media Matters, must have the wrong number. Or else the rines are crossed. Uh-oh, another offense!

  • Kevin Lawson

    I agree — it’s just not the word to use. There are pastors that I know that have used it before when preaching… it’s become engrained in many American’s vocabularies. A lot of times, when that happens, words lose their meaning to those that just throw them around and forget how hurtful it can be to those around them.

  • Michael Cummings

    My mother’s name is gay…(there was) nothing wrong with that word until it became slang for homosexual and sodomite. Though THAT OTHER WORD doesn’t bother me still the Palins and I never would think it describes their youngest. He is most always photographed happy…thank goodness he wouldn’t want to watch Bill Scar and surely wouldn’t be old enough. Bill sure is a drama queen. Making fun at Conservatives because he’s a liberal (douchbag) should never be about a sweet loving 5 year old. What a monster. HBO needs to tell him to…well I will keep it PG.