Actress Tweets About Gun Safety – Loses Half Twitter Audience

Can you believe this? You may remember the awesome actress who played Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica — Katee Sackhoff.  Well, recently, she has some drama of her own — in the social media world.  When she tweeted to her 100,000 followers a message about gun safety, she lost half her followers.  Here’s the story:

Sackhoff’s original gun safety tweet was in response to a story CNN carried about a 4-year old Arizona boy who fatally shot his father by accident. The boy apparently found a handgun lying in a home he and his father were visiting, picked it up and pulled the trigger. 

Sackhoff tweeted: “Please practice gun safety! This is horrible!”

After this, one of Sackhoff’s followers tweeted for more and more gun control. The actress responded: “Never going to happen in the U.S. Proper gun safety is a necessity though.”

As reports, after a couple of hours Sackhoff had lost approximately 100,000 followers, but she did not give in. Instead she tweeted: “Well I guess just learned talking about #GunSafety inspires a massive debate. Pro-gun or Anti-gun SAFETY should be unanimous!”

Way to go!  If you believe in gun safety, maybe you should follow Katee! @kateesackhoff

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  • Fred Marsico

    Those of us who have weapons know that safety is primary.
    Always assume a gun is loaded
    Always be aware of you and your surroundings
    Never point a gun unless you are acquiring a target that you intend to shoot.
    Never put your finger on the trigger until you are going to fire.

    Teach your children well!

  • Patriot

    Bristol spins the wheel of outrage again! She was probably hoping it would land on abortion or gay marriage but I’m sure is still happy with gun control. Whatever can keep the chip-on-their-shoulder masses happy and full of self-righteous indignation! Good job Bristol!!!

    • Mary Kilbride

      Leave Bristol alone. You all have picked on her enough. We all know you don’t like class…..

      • Patriot

        It has nothing to do with class. And its a valid criticism. Bristol has posted things before that are either flat out wrong or certainly intended to incite and enrage her legions of fans 🙂 And she does this not to highlight or bring awareness but to simply draw more attention to herself and her family. Grow up and stop pandering to this child.

        • JoJo

          And that is different than every other blogger, editorialist, and msm “journalist”? She isn’t doing anything here that NBC or msnbc doesn’t do on a pretty regular basis.

    • Bree Merr

      Parrot and Blue Blood… oh sorry Patriot… your concern about her post is admirable. It must be the most important concern of your day huh? My goodness, what shall we do??

      • donalddump

        She could post an update to her whine, but she won’t.

  • donalddump

    The updated story says she was joking about losing half her followers. But…keep up the outrage BP. Anything to rile up the palin cultists. Lol

  • 1MiddleRoader

    I don’t quite get the point of this post. First, it happened almost a month ago. Second, and most important, the link in the post has a update that Katee did NOT lose any net followers. (I suspect Bristol had this post in the works for a while and when she read the original article the update was not there.) Third, Bristol presents Katee as for gun safety and against gun control. I don’t pretend to know(or care about) her full views on the matter, but her “never going to happen” was in response to a tweet advocating for NO guns, which is a pretty extreme gun control position. Frankly, both of Katee’s tweets were no-brainers – not wrong, but no great insight either. What I found interesting about the case in Arizona was that no charges were filed, since the father and the little boy apparently dropped by without advance notice (although I’d like to know if any phone records were checked), and the household had no children. Part of me thinks that there should be some kind of safety or child endangerment charge, but on the other hand, most parents are not charged when their child is accidentally poisoned (by household cleaning products, etc.) So I’m a little undecided on this. However, there was a well-publicized case back in May where a 5-year-old boy accidentally shot his younger sister (with the “My 1st Rifle”). The prosecutor did not bring charges against the parents b/c the family did not know the gun was loaded. However, the gun was kept in a corner (not locked up). While I feel for the family, and the little boy, who will have to live with this his whole life, I think this does constitute some form of negligence. To use the poison cleaning product analogy, if I had 2 little kids in the house, and, as a matter of routine, leave an open bottle of some poisonous cleaner in the corner, I would be a negligent mother. And if I stepped away from the room even for a few minutes, and one of the kids ingested it, I think I would be found liable. (If not, I should be.)

    • TrueBlue

      Yes, one can only hope that your suspicion is true about this post possibly being “queued up” before the update was made. I’ll assume that Bristol’s intentions were not to misinform. Otherwise, there’s no excuse for a post like this.

    • Bree Merr

      This is a long response for someone “who doesn’t get this post” lol I did not bother to read it.

      • donalddump

        Snorrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeee! Can you breath with your nose so far up the palin butt.

      • 1MiddleRoader

        Yes, I probably need to work on “keeping it pithy”. Odd that you would bother to reply to a comment you didn’t read, but whatever…

      • LMA

        Nice try at snarkiness, Bree, but you’ve come up a little short. No wonder you’re named after cheese…

  • Joseph White

    Thanks! Just gave her a follow.

  • TF

    Katee, the people you seem to lose are the anti gun group. No loss. Your statement, “Never going to happen in the U.S.”, sent them running. I hope everyone knows gun safety is very important, and accidents will still happen.

  • windsong

    Thank you Bristol. This story about the 4yr old AZ boy had escaped our attention and it’s a good reminder for parents to learn as much as possible about the homes our children visit.

  • bellagrazi

    Sounds like a reasonable request. Unfortunately, a lot of her followers on Twitter sound pretty unreasonable. Maybe I’ll follow her just for the heck of it. Need to support those with common sense. And she’s pretty funny in her appearances on The Big Bang Theory, my favorite show. Thanks, Bristol.

  • M Lynn MacLean

    If ‘gun safety’ actually meant being responsible and safe with your gun, then I totally agree with it. However, most of the time that’s not what the liberals mean when they say ‘gun safety’. They mean….outlaw guns…

  • David

    Good post, Bristol. I think that everyone should post their opinions on any subject without worrying about whether or not other people agree or disagree with them. I support the Second Amendment. I think that Gun Control means “use both hands”.
    Everyone should learn and use Gun Safety.

  • ksSunflower

    Good on Katee for sticking to her guns. Safety is key for adults and kids!

  • Melinda

    Truth of the matter is, a gun in the house is more likely to be used against a loved one intentionally or by accident than in self defense.

    The safest thing is to not have one in the first place. But if you do keep it locked up, unloaded and inaccessible to children. Far too many Americans do not.

  • True Conservative

    What exactly is Bristol trying to convey or to be outraged about?
    Does she even comprehend what the twit was about. Her reading comprehension and ability to communicate really show her education level. I feel bad for people who are so uneducated. poor poor woman.