Black Middle Schooler Slams Obama for Politicizing Charleston Shooting

Black Middle Schooler Slams Obama for Politicizing Charleston Shooting June 23, 2015

CJ Pearson

A middle schooler knows the Second Amendment better than our President. 

CJ Pearson took Obama to task for using the tragedy that happened in Charleston to promote his own agenda on gun control. He described how Obama took advantage of the situation and dishonored those who have lost loved ones:

“He took to the podium and talked about how this couldn’t have happened –or shouldn’t have happened — if we would have had gun control … That things like this only happen because people carry guns.

“And you’re (Obama) going to sit there and walk up to the podium and talk about how the Second Amendment doesn’t matter! And how you have a solution to this by taking their guns away?

“Unlike you President Obama, I realize that criminals, they don’t abide by the law. It’s one of the reasons they’re criminals. And they don’t care, President Obama, because they just don’t. If they really did care they wouldn’t be criminals in the first place.

“Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. Stupid people kill people. And that’s how you be objective, President Obama.”

CJ is very well spoken and knows what he’s talking about. Someone has taught him well to be a patriot!

Watch the video on page two. I love the passion!

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