Guess Who Turned 19?

Willow! And our roommate Julie had a birthday a few days later too! Glad Tripp is old enough to come on our girl dates with my family! See a photo of him that I snapped that night here.

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  • Pat

    Get rid of the maternity size t-shirt Brissie. It makes you look pregnant & will start rumors – again. Plus those skin tight camo thingies does nothing for your thighs. Stay out of your mamma’s closet!

  • Pat

    Happy birthday willow! Do yourself a favor this year & not follow in your sister’s footsteps!

    • Melissa Kelly

      So Bristol and Willow should take advice from an unhinged, obsessive, irrational, insulting flake like you? Every day you do nothing but post nasty comments on conservative sites according to your profile, is that your job?

  • bellagrazi

    Awe, Tripp was your date? So adorable. Happy Birthday to the girls! Love your camo pants, Bristol. So awesome.

  • Melinda

    Another sibling for Tripp?

  • Guest

    Stay cute Willow! We love you!