Guess Who Turned 19?

Willow! And our roommate Julie had a birthday a few days later too! Glad Tripp is old enough to come on our girl dates with my family! See a photo of him that I snapped that night here.

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  • summerelizabethball

    Tripp is such a cutie!

  • summerelizabethball

    Lookin’ good girls! Happy Birthday Willow & roommate Julie!



    • KatieDyd

      She’s a beautiful girl who doesn’t need makeup. Most people would be envious.

      • Melinda

        And yet she gets plastic surgery?

        • MountainClimber

          Melinda, jaw realignment is NOT plastic surgery.

          Jealousy is a terrible waste of time, get a life.

          • melinda

            Jealousy? Where do you get jealousy? I am happy with my looks. Why would I be jealous of someone who isn’t?

            Mountain Climber, Bristol obviously had liposucion on her neck and under chin and likely a chin implant. She didn’t have an overbite or underbite warranting “jaw realignment”. What she did have was a double chin and and not the straight, definined one she ended up with. Sure she lost some weight after strangely packing on pounds during her first DWTS, but her chin and jawline are different then ever before the weight gain. Jaw realignment? Hahahahaha!

  • melory3

    Happy Birthday Willow. I love your hairdo and the color. Sarah will also look great in that hairstyle, the much shorter version that you had on Wifeswap ( not the color), perhaps she will try it out?

    May the Lord continue to bless you and your family.

  • keith bacon

    Happy Birthday Willow, and Bristol you are gorgeous

  • c4pfan

    Looking great!

  • iizthatiiz

    Best Birthday greetings to your sister Willow.

    The comments these trolls make are truly nauseating, yet I encourage you not to delete them as difficult as that may be. Their words are a doorway into the darkness of their soul, and I think a greater purpose may be served by allowing them to be seen for who and what they are.

  • ernst1776

    Happy Birthday,,, your future is bright!

  • Surly Curmudgen

    Happy birthday Willow . Just think only eight more years and Piper can run for congress.

  • Christy

    Bristol and Willow congrats! Your appearance on “Celebrity Wife Swap” attracted 4 & 1/2 million viewers and beat NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” CBS’s “Elementary” and FOX in the ratings. In fact, CWS had the highest number of total viewers in prime time (9PM-11PM) for the night.
    Happy Birthday Julie and Willow!

    • Patriot

      Kate Gosselin got 7 million viewers in Feb. Is this really an accomplishment to be proud of Crissy?

      • NJC

        Yes it IS an excellent result Paty-rot, because for that particular summer Sunday evening, Bristol’s appearance was #1, the Winner, the MOST Watched, the HIGHEST RATED, capiche?

        • Christy

          Poor PatiRot, nothing better to do than comb old Nielsen ratings to search for comparisons, while all I had to do was ask one of the Nielsens who lives here in Winnetka. Such a pity, PatiRot just can’t win.

      • Christy

        PatiRot, the snowbound/stay-at-home February crowd tuned in to watch notorious Kendra Wilkinson, not Kate G., but still “Celeb Wife Swap” was a ratings loser because CWS only received 1/3 of the viewers that “NCIS” did, in the same time slot.

        “NCIS” beat “Celeb Wife Swap” by a total of 21 million viewers, 14 million more than Kate&Kendra’s CWS! Even CBS’s “Golden Boy” that night beat CWS with over 10 million viewers, so you see Kate & Kendra aren’t the rating winners that Bristol and Willow are.

        • Patriot

          OMG what a pathetic fan boy you are! Geez do you have Bristol and Willow posters in your room? And FYI you are leaving out the fact that JOAN RIVERS is an comedic LEGEND with a huge following…and any ratings bonanza had a lot more to do with her than a dental office worker and a beauty school graduate.

        • Patriot

          And I think I will trust the Entertainment authority known as Entertainment Weekly than some loser on a loser’s “RELIGIOUS” (cough) website.

          • Patriot

            BTW the name of the article is:

            ‘Celebrity Wife Swap’ gets biggest ratings ever with Kate Gosselin.

            Also Joan Rivers has a 5 decade long career and is known as the “Queen of Comedy”. But sure go ahead and think the ratings had everything to do with Bristol and Willow. LOL!

          • Christy

            On that cold February Tuesday night, 21 million watched “NCIS” while only 7 million viewed Kate&Kendra’s program. Imagine if Bristol and Willow would have been on CWS in February, the ratings for CWS would have gone through the roof!

          • Guest

            But it did not so why even post about it?
            Live in the REAL world and not in a “what if…” world.

          • NJC

            The truth hurts doesn’t it Caribou?

          • Christy

            PatiRot you can’t dispute facts with “lib-fiction” and since you aren’t a very resourceful researcher, here are all the ratings for 2/26, comparing Kate & Kendra’s low rated CWS with the other programs that evening >

            Sorry Joan Rivers, but most peeps won’t tune in to watch an 80 yr old corny, rude, mean-spirited comedian. My friends had never even heard of Rivers until CWS.

          • Patriot

            That your friends have never heard of Joan Rivers says an awful lot about you. Lets are a conservative so the only thing you really understand is money…that being said shall we compare the “washed up comedian’s” wealth to Bristols? In fact I will even let you expand it to include her reality show and quitter Mom and gay faced Dad. Joan is worth enough to buy the whole f’ing town they live in actually.

          • Christy

            We’re young! Where would we have ever seen Joan Rivers? I only read about her being on QVC.
            Glad Joan has so much money, because Obamacare isn’t going to pay for all that plastic surgery. Joan & Bristol agreed on what’s truly important which is family and friends, hope you agree with them.

          • Patriot

            Then why are you watching CWS? Don’t have anything better to do? Maybe listen to some Taylor Swift and when your MOm and Dad leave practice twerking?

          • Christy

            We didn’t watch CWS because of the banal comedy of Rivers that’s for sure! We like Bristol, especially since seeing Bristol and Mark on DWTS last fall.

            Why do you troll? No need to answer, I really don’t care and unlike you, who are on here day & night, I can’t waste anymore time. Have a good night, and stay cool wherever you are!

          • Patriot

            Oh please….like a young person uses the word banal. Yes please run…a Pretty Little Liars marathon must be on…spoiler alert..”A” is the twin sister!