Enough is Enough

Young Americans,  please beware.

We’re losing liberty faster than you can imagine, and too many citizens bury their heads in the sand as we head into a very frightening place… much like George Orwell’s “1984.” (Please read that book, if you haven’t!)  The government is snooping and spying on innocent citizens, often without a warrant and without any cause to do so! ALL of your communications can be an open book for government to search and potentially use against you.

Yet many of you are just shrugging your shoulders and waiting for someone else to defend your freedom. But fighting anti-Constitutional acts like this requires all of us to join arms and say: “Government, enough is enough! You work for us! We don’t work for you. And don’t tread on me! You expect my generation to be sent to war to defend America against foreign threats? Yet our greatest threats may be coming from within our own government!”

Please read this article about how our President is blatantly deceiving you. The media usually covers for him because so many reporters are personally and emotionally invested in the Obama Administration. They can’t admit he’s failed us. So, when truth comes out about Big Brother government infringing on your privacy and obviously lying about it, we can appreciate truthful reports like this.

Guys, it’s up to each of us to defend freedom. Don’t wait for politicians like our President to do it.  He’s forced Obamacare on us, put us further and further in debt with no plan to halt America’s bankruptcy, lied about snooping on our communications, and proven his loyalty is not to our liberty.

Wake up!

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  • Louis Arnold

    I hate English teachers… my US Border Patrol Father who was a Colonel in Yuma, AZ as their Commander became a College English teacher. He is absolutely hated by me.

    I will write on the Internet any damn way I wish to express myself… punctuation fail included.

    Hint: As for my daughter… she is my daughter regardless of society’s stupid labels.

    As for the birther thing… This guy is willing to step forward for a 2nd revolution; are you? It is hardly over. I am willing to die over it. Are you?

    Alvin L Arnold, MSgt, USAF (Ret.)

  • Bob T

    The surveillance started under Bush. Why don’t you attack him, too?

    • Bob

      Again, Bob T….who gives a damn about who started it? That is a weak argument. I don’t give a damn if Calvin Coolidge started it. It’s wrong.

      • Jack Roscigno

        Blaming Bush is the only argument they have…..

      • ragarth

        I think the point was that it’s disingenuous to point out that Obama is expanding the surveillance state while ignoring that it was also significantly expanded under Bush. Indeed, looking at the rhetoric coming from the right then and now leads one to think that this criticism isn’t so much about a dislike or surveillance, but rather a reaction to the fact that Obama is a democrat. Liberals have been criticizing Obama pretty much from the first few months: http://freethoughtblogs.com/dispatches

        The only thing Obama has going for him is that it’s general agreement on the left that the opponents put up by the Republicans in the last two elections would have been worse. We’ve had poor options for the presidency from both parties for a very long time now, let’s hope we get some good candidates next cycle.

        • Bob

          Interesting points…HOWEVER…there is no way in hell that Mitt Romney was a worse candidate than obama. I will concede that John McCain was the absolute weakest available name for the 2008 ticket…and Romney was NOT the strongest available for 2012, but Romney would have been infinitely superior to re-electing the current ass wipe.

          • ragarth

            Now on that note, we’re going to differ a fair bit because I suspect we have different views on such things as gay marriage, universal healthcare, fiscal policy, education, climate change, etc. This is why I stipulated ‘on the left’ because the opinions on these things are generally different on the right.

            To keep from idealizing Romney as a candidate, let me remind you of his reputation as an excessive flip flopper (within the same campaign season, based entirely on the group he was talking to), his gaffs about talking about not caring for the poor, etc. Even though I did give Romney consideration for my vote, I still felt that if he were willing to change his position on major topics (climate change, the poor, fiscal issues) within the same campaign season merely because he was talking to different groups then there would be no guarantee that what I vote for him for is actually what he’ll do.

            Obama was much more consistent (though not entirely) and had a better track record for supporting my issues. Obama has been poor on carrying through with certain policies, but the thought on the left at the time was that since he didn’t have to worry about re-election, and therefore cow-towing to the right as much, he might shift leftward and manage to fulfill some of his campaign promises that we would have liked to see.

            In my personal opinion, the reason we haven’t had a candidate who is for the people in a very long time is because corporations hold far too much sway on the election process. Almost every candidate for the past several years (Bush, McCain, Romney, Obama) has been squarely corporate-centric. We haven’t had a candidate with a snowball’s chance in hell of winning who is for the people for a long time. I remember virtually nothing about Al Gore and that probably says a lot about him as a candidate.

  • http://www.jonathangullible.com/mmedia/PoL.English.The.Philosophy.of.Liberty.swf AnyOldNameWillDo

    You know what’s wrong with you Leftists?
    You come here NOT trying to get us to switch sides but to stop your own bleeding.
    Conservatives and Libertarians will never switch to your side.
    You Leftists offer nothing but pain and suffering and scraps of garbage.


    • Guest

      And you guys want a one party nation only.

      • http://www.jonathangullible.com/mmedia/PoL.English.The.Philosophy.of.Liberty.swf AnyOldNameWillDo

        Nope. We want a centered nation.
        The Leftist, like you, want authoritarian rule.
        Look at your platform, everything is designed around that sole purpose.

  • Jeff

    So Barbara Bush wants the “unbelievably accomplished” Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2016. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.

    And yes I know its the daughter.

  • brian barton

    obama is the trator

  • suzeb1964

    My question is, where was all this outrage when Dubya, Darth Cheney, Rummy and the gang first shoved the Patriot Act down our throats? Why is government spying only wrong when a Democrat is the president? You all gave the government the power to spy when you didn’t try to stop the passing of the Patriot Act. Now suck it up and accept the consequences.

    • Jack Roscigno

      I believe that the first Patriot act was enacted because of a little terrorist attack that the left and you subzeb have FORGOTTEN about…remember there was something in New York, DC and a field in Pa…..does that ring a bell……????? World Trade Center…….almost 3000 innocent Americans slaughtered…..or was that Americas’ fault…..we deserved it….You leftys are so enamored with this teleprompter in cheef that you forget what the world was like in those days following the terrorist slaughters….
      We were at war……we needed something…….and then the teleprompter in cheef could have let the Patriot Act expire but he didn’t because it was something that he needed to help him destroy America….
      I know I know there are facts here and they are inconvenient little things like truth and stuff but sometimes you have to take your head out of the sand and READ and learn….. You leftists / communists are in for a rude awakening,,,courtesy of the teleprompter in cheef and his destructive agenda…..look how weak and limp dick he has been with Syria, Iran, Egypt……the economy, the world stage….Putin(Russian premier) is playing the teleprompter in cheef for a fool and the idiot doesn’t get it….and neither do the obamazombies…….it’s a shame what you people have done to this country…….a shame…..

      • suzeb1964

        First of all, it is spelled chief you putz. Secondly, 9/11 was merely the excuse for enacting the Patriot Act, and it granted the federal government the ability to spy on Americans. You are completely naive if you believe it was never going to be utilized in the manner to which it has. Secondly, of course it was reaffirmed into perpetuity. The authors of the act are probably thrilled that it was. They can continue to use these powers regardless of who is in the white house. Besides, how often have conservatives called Obama “soft on terrorism”? I can only imagine the outrage that would have occurred if it had not been extended.