I Can’t Believe I Agree with Richard Dawkins, But His Tweets on Clock Boy Were Right On

Richard Dawkins’ tweets about the Clock Boy couldn’t be more spot-on:

After moving back to Qatar, Ahmed Mohamed and his family are suing the school and city of Irving, Texas $15 million for accusing their son of bringing a home-made bomb to school.  As if the invitation from the White House wasn’t enough, he has even received internship offers from Reddit and Twitter.

Dawkins perfectly tweeted the reality of the so-called ‘home-made’ clock: 

This is just another example of our media-crazed culture making a mountain out of a molehill. His family is exploiting this situation, and the media is graciously helping them.  (By the way, his dad ran for President of Sudan… twice.)

In the best interest and safety of the students, the school had every right to question a person who may or may not have posed a threat.  The Irving teachers and city officials took the proper course of action when presented with the home-made clock. But in light of the politically incorrect nature of the situation, the media punishes these teachers and officials for doing their job. 

Would you really prefer that our school system let such things slip past for fear of criticism? I will always err on the side of caution when it comes to my children.  

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