J.K. Rowling Sick of Liberal Men’s Crudeness Toward Women: What About Their Treatment of Sarah Palin?


I have a newfound respect for Harry Potter’s creator J.K. Rowling, who isn’t afriad to call out people on her own side for being rude to women.  Here’s what happened:

followed by:

She’s totally right, an even extended her criticism to other women in the political world.

Here’s a question posed by M.J. Randolph over on Truth Revolt:

But what the way liberal men treated Sarah Palin?  Rarely in politics has a woman ever been treated more poorly that the former Governor of Alaska, and liberals were completely mum on the abuse liberal men heaped on her.

I saw it first hand, and I agree.  But it’s time that liberals to have a collective repentance for their treatment of my mom.  If liberals are really against sexism, they need to say so. It’s time.

Image Credit: Wikimedia

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