UPDATE: Ivy League Jerk Intentionally Hits Cyclist, Didn’t Realize it Was Caught on Camera

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UPDATE: If Marshall Grant Neely III is convicted of the federal charges, he will face a lot of time behind bars:

  • 2-12 years in prison on the reckless aggravated assault charge
  • up to 5 years in prison for lying to a federal agent
  • up to 20 years in prison for obstructing justice

Also, Neely said he “was a good man” and described the hit as a “soft hit.”  What?  Watch the video and imagine how that felt to the cyclist!


Two Tennessee men were riding their bikes down the historic Natchez Trace, which is a designated bicycle route.  (There are even signs warning motorists that cyclists can take up the whole lane, so they must make room.)  On Saturday morning, Greg Goodman — who does mortgages — and his friend Tyler Noe were riding their bikes down this beautiful road.  It was the first time Tyler had ridden a bike since he was a kid.

But what started out as a gorgeous day turned into almost-tragedy when a black Volvo sped by and intentionally hit Tyler.  The car honked as it approached, then swerved over into the cyclist.  A witness said that he’d seen the same car try to hit cyclists before on that road.  But — surprise, surprise — Greg had a GoPro camera on his helmet.  Recorded the whole thing.

Watch the video by clicking CONTINUE.  It’s now been seen millions of times…  much to the chagrin of Mr. Neely.

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