Iceland on Pace to Virtually Eliminate People with Down Syndrome through Abortion


This is horrible!  CBS News reports on this terrifying and gruesome trend in Iceland:

With the rise of prenatal screening tests across Europe and the United States, the number of babies born with Down syndrome has significantly decreased, but few countries have come as close to eradicating Down syndrome births as Iceland.

Since prenatal screening tests were introduced in Iceland in the early 2000s, the vast majority of women — close to 100 percent — who received a positive test for Down syndrome terminated their pregnancy.

While the tests are optional, the government states that all expectant mothers must be informed about availability of screening tests, which reveal the likelihood of a child being born with Down syndrome. Around 80 to 85 percent of pregnant women choose to take the prenatal screening test, according to Landspitali University Hospital in Reykjavik.

Of course, CBS News doesn’t report on this as the tragedy that it is. Check out this tweet, which Matt Walsh quickly corrected:

Nice, Matt — thank you for speaking the truth.  As you know, my brother Trig has Down syndrome and he is the best!  I feel sorry for all of those families that are being robbed of the joys of knowing a person with Down syndrome.  But mostly, I feel sorry for all of those lovely people being killed because of gross misconceptions and way-too-eager abortion doctors.

And, by the way, Iceland isn’t the only place where this is happening. CBS News reports that the trend is happening everywhere:

According to the most recent data available, the United States has an estimated termination rate for Down syndrome of 67 percent (1995-2011); in France it’s 77 percent (2015); and Denmark, 98 percent (2015). The law in Iceland permits abortion after 16 weeks if the fetus has a deformity — and Down syndrome is included in this category.

Moms and Dads who may have found out their baby has Downs, I understand that it must be very very scary.  However, don’t follow the trend.  The child you have created has worth and value — and will be one of the biggest blessings of your life!  Don’t abort your blessing.

Image Credit: Andreas-photography on Flickr

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