Anti-Trump Witch Casts ‘Binding’ Hexes on the President

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You ever feel like the world is a little nuts?  Well, at least liberals who hate President Donald Trump seem to have lost their minds.  I’ve never seen anything more indicative of that than a Tucker Carlson interview last night.  Carlson interviewed a self-professing witch, “The Oracle of Los Angeles,” Amanda Yates Garcia.  In the rather strange interview, she revealed that she and her friends get together to cast spells on Trump, to “bind him.”

“Binding spells,” she helpfully explained, “are symbolic actions used to harness the powers of the imagination and achieve an intangible result.”

Carlson asked her why she casts spells instead of — I don’t know — calling potential voters and influencing their vote with logic or by discussing his position on various issues.

“Symbolic action is something that everybody participates in all the time, so you might think ‘that doesn’t really any meaning,’ but if that were true, why would people care about whether or not people saluted the flag, or sang the national anthem?” she asked.

Um… Okay.  So, singing the national anthem and casting spells are now the same thing?

I just think it’s interesting that people who love the occult hate Donald Trump.  Also, liberals who despise Christianity are just fine with self-described witches casting spells and pronouncing curses on people — like that’s a more legitimate form of spirituality.

I doubt the Secret Service can do anything about this…  And thankfully, it looks like the curses of  “The Oracle of Los Angeles” just aren’t working.  People love Trump more now than ever — and when we hear that witches are opposed to him, it only makes us love him more.

Watch the weird interview below:

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