Armed Usher Takes Down Armed Sudanese Man Who Came Into Church and Killed a Woman, Wounded Six Others

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This is the most terrible story, going to church this morning and having this happen?

What is going on with our world?  The Daily Mail reports that the cops have released the identity of a Sudanese bodybuilder who walked into an Antioch, Tennessee church — this is near Nashville — and began firing.  The gunman, Emanuel Kidega Samson, shot and killed Melanie Crow Smith who was only 39 years old.  How sad that Melanie got up this morning and got ready for church, only for this to happen.  Praying for her family. This all happened at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ as services let out at 11.15 am.  Here’s more from The Daily Mail:

The attack only stopped thanks to the brave actions of an armed church usher.

Robert Engle, 22, identified by friends on social media, had ran up to confront Samson and despite being repeatedly pistol-whipped in the head, was able to force Samson to shoot himself in the leg.

‘There was a significant struggle between the two,’ he said. ‘During the struggle, the gunman shot himself, probably not intentionally.’

Engle then went to his car, grabbed his pistol, and returned to hold the shooter at gunpoint.

‘This particular church member has a handgun carry permit,’ Aaron added. ‘The usher went to his vehicle, got his gun, came back inside and made sure the gunman didn’t make anymore movements until the police department arrived.’

Thank you, Lord, for our Second Amendment! This tragedy could’ve been even more horrible – but was stopped because someone was using their rights and jumped in to protect the innocent.

Image Credit: Nashville Metro Police

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