Prof Who Called Hurricane Harvey ‘Karma’ for Texas, Is Now In the Eye of Irma

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A now-former assistant professor at the University of Tampa, Kenneth Storey, said something pretty horrible about people in Texas as Hurricane Harvey barreled down on them.  See, he was angry at Texans because they voted for Donald Trump, which handed him the victory over their beloved Hillary Clinton.  Unbelievably, this professor tweeted out the following message on Twitter, indicating he thought that the residents of Texas deserved the death and destruction coming their way, since many of them are Republicans.

“I dont believe in instant karma but this kinda feels like it for Texas,” he tweeted.  “Hopefully this will help them realize the GOP doesnt care about them.”

Of course, he deleted the tweet, but not before someone took a screen shot of it.

According to IJR, Storey is about to get a dose of his own medicine:

Storey told the Orlando Sentinel that the tweet was supposed to be about the “GOP’s resistance to funding climate-change research.” He said the tweet ended up being “extremely poorly worded.”

It turns out he might be right about the instant karma. As shown by the tweet — that later got him fired — he lives in Winter Park, Florida.

I can’t even believe another hurricane is headed our way.  Hurricane Irma has been described as the “most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean. The storm is just as big as Florida itself and is already a Category 5.”  So sad!  I hope NO ONE in Florida — or anywhere else — is hurt by this storm.  I hope no one — no matter who they voted for — suffers.

It’s sad that Democrats hate Republicans so much that some of them can’t even find a shred of decency.

Image Credit: United States Air Force

Hat Tip: Independent Journal Review


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