New Footage: Cowardly ‘King Of Instagram’ Begs Vegas Cops While They Deal with Active Shooter

After the horrific shooting in Las Vegas, stories emerged of heroism.

Concert goer Kristal Goddard said a stranger covered her and her roommate with his body, taking an unknown number of bullets to protect them — even though they didn’t know him. As he bled out, he told them that he didn’t think he was going to make it.  The women didn’t know his name and — in their shock — they can’t remember what he even looked like.  His condition is unknown.

A Paris, Tennessee man covered his wife’s body with his own, to save her life.  She posted this on her Facebook page immediately after the attack:

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 2.01.49 PM

These men were just regular guys with a lot of honor and courage.  Men who wouldn’t sit by and let others get shot right in front of them without them at least trying to do something.

Dan Bilzerian, a professional poker player who has a big following on Instagram, was also in Las Vegas that night.  If you only judge by his social media posts, he’s the biggest badass that ever was.  Here is one (rare) photo he managed to post without bikini-clad women in it:

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 2.44.15 PM

But when the bullets started flying in Las Vegas on that fateful night, he didn’t hesitate…  to flip out his phone and make an Instagram video. “Holy f—, this girl just got shot in the f—ing head,” Bilzerian said while running away from the sound of the gunfire. “This is so f—ing crazy.”  My husband, Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer, called him out:

“This is why children shouldn’t classify heroes by their followers or their photos. @danbilzerian this is what kills me about people like you. Always playing ‘operator dress up’ and so so tough when the cameras are on. A woman just got shot in the head and you are running away filming that’s not what operators do. Please stop trying to be someone your not. People are dying, you’re running away not helping them and pretending it’s worthy of a video is disgusting.”

Bilzerian, in response, called Dakota a “retard.”  (Classy.)

Today, however, this video emerged, showing Bilzerian actually impeded the police work of Las Vegas officers.  While the shooter rained bullets down on the crowd, Bilzerian showed the cop his carry permit and asked for his weapon.  On what planet would a police officer give a random stranger his weapon… during an active shooter scenario? The cop wasn’t impressed by Bilzerian’s social media following.  “No, get the f— away from me right now, I don’t know who the f— you are.”

Watch the video below:

In Bilzerian’s mind, everyone should know who he is because he lives online and desperately wants the world to see him as a hero. But, when the moment arose, he wasn’t prepared.  When someone was killed right before his eyes, his immediate response was to promote himself.  This is, of course, the exact opposite of the way real men act during a tragedy.

Dakota posted this today, and I wanted to share it with you.  It represents the way real men view sacrifice, patriotism, and — yes — love.  (Note to Bilzerian: love is more powerful when it’s not directed at yourself.) 

I agree with Dakota.

The nation needs more people willing to lay down their lives for others…  not more men impotently striking a pose in front of a cell phone.

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