Police Officer Pulls People Over to Give Out Christmas Presents


I LOVE this!!! It’s so good to see people just being nice. [Read more...]

21-Year-Old Sues Her Parents for College Tuition… and Wins?


Have you seen this story about a daughter suing her parents to make them pay for her college tuition?

Unbelievable. [Read more...]

Parents Furious after Public School Tells 13-year-olds They Can Have Sex, Choose Gender

genderbread chart

Planned Parenthood is telling 13-year-olds they can choose their genders and can have sex. [Read more...]

Man Survives 12 Days Lost at Sea to Reunite with His Son


It took a crisis to bring them back together, but father and son Ron and Zakary Ingraham will be reunited after not speaking for 20 years. [Read more...]

Ten Years Later, Mom Thanks Medical Staff that Saved Her Son’s Life

Kellie Thank You

Gratitude is a powerful thing. [Read more...]