RUDE Notre Dame Students Walk Out of Pence’s Graduation Speech


I am so sick of people being rude to Republicans, feeling that whatever they do is fine…  as long as liberals applaud them.  The latest is when the President of Notre Dame invited Vice President Mike Pence to speak at gradation: [Read more…]

President George W. Bush Photobombs Reporter

Presidential photobombs are the best kind. [Read more…]

The White House Just Did Something to Honor Police that Obama Refused to Do


To honor National Police Week, President Trump just did something that his predecessor, Police-Hater-in-Chief Barack Obama refused to do: he lit up the White House in blue lights to recognize law enforcement officers.   [Read more…]

Chelsea Manning walks free from prison after 7 years – tell me what YOU think!


Can you believe this?!?! [Read more…]

In 1991, Obama wrote an essay saying THIS about Donald Trump!

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 8.39.12 AM

LOL!  This is amazing.  Apparently while former President Obama was at Harvard Law, he co-authored an essay which mentioned Donald Trump…  in a positive way! [Read more…]